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  • Greetings All.
    I’m a newbie. I am about to embark on my 5:2 diet/lifestyle next week hopefully (in doing all the reading and mental prep first !).
    However I work as a paramedic and do alternative days and night shifts. Traditionally carbs are often seen as what gets you through/perks you up at 3am !!
    Therefore are there any other shiftworkers/nurses/police/ambo staff out there who can provide top tips on navigating nights with intermittent fasting ??
    Muchos graçias amigos.

    I used to be a radiographer so I understand exactly where you’re coming from!

    The simple answer is to prepare/buy something beforehand that you can take to work and have instead of the carbs.

    On fast days I would suggest a flask of soup which is filling and satisfying and something you can snack on such as hummus and carrot sticks and it will perk you up every bit as well as processed carbs and not give you cravings a couple of hours later.

    Do you have access to a kitchen anywhere? Can you nip into the A/E staff room to use their microwave?
    If you do, on non fast days you can either make something low carb or a healthy ready meal if you’re not a cook.
    If you don’t have kitchen access, it’ll have to be healthy salads, the occasional sandwich made with decent bread.

    Taking your own food with you will make it easier to stick with the plan and save you money.

    One last thing which is important: you probably already know that we get most of the fluid we need from what we eat rather than what we drink so you need to ensure you drink plenty of water.

    Good luck, it’ll be tough at first but if you really want to do it you’ll succeed and when you are wavering remind yourself that it is much easier than the job you are doing 😊

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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