September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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September 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Second post

    @rabbette – I love black cold brew also but I’m dying to try the ultimate Nitro cold brew 😋

    Day 12, Aus, NFD

    Good FD yesterday, but again the scales are showing an increase. I think I am replacing you on that plateau @daffodil2010! (And excellent news getting into last year’s clothes!) I’m going to ignore them [scales] for the next few weeks and see how I go.

    @flourbaby you’ve converted the PFDS (post FD smugness) into a PFDP (that’s post FD parade). Love it!

    Great news @lizzy Agatha. Now you’ve cracked that first FD, it does get easier. You KNOW you can do it now and that self-efficacy will help you next time. I promise!

    @neilithicman. Your story reminded me of one about a famous author (whose name escapes me) who was doing one of those book signing things in Australia. A woman approached the counter with a book, the author asked for her name, and enscribed “Emma Chisit” on the fly cover. However, the woman had actually asked “HOow much is it?”

    Day 12 FD country west Australia
    Day 11 NFD
    Goodness – stay away for one day and there is so much to catch up on!
    @neilithicman – what to say except WOW !!!! just WOW at those results. Spectacular and well done!!!😲
    @lizzy Agatha also congrats on the 5 cm waist loss.👏
    @flourbaby, I am kneeling and hands down in admiration at the loss.🤸‍♀️ ( couldn’t find a suitable emoji so doing mental cartwheels instead!!)
    @daffodil2010 I can just see your plateau tipping, bit like the Titanic just before it slid right away into the sea. 😃
    Alas still waiting for my plateau to start shifting. Think my scales were bought at the same place as @penz‘ scales, because despite being mindful and some good FDs the scales insist on heading up this week which is a tad annoying.
    ( I must admit to a piece of battered fish as dinner eaten on the run last night between a late finish at work, a hospital visit for my FiL and a meeting that didn’t finish until 9.15 pm …… excuses , excuses…..)
    BUT definitely staying around to keep on with 5:2. Have Miso soup ready for meal some time today.
    Busy day at work and no lunch hour usually helps Thursday’s FD.
    @dykask sorry to hear about the bad damage but glad you weren’t too badly affected.😧
    @michelinme and @jaifaim, still thinking of you both – difficult times hey.😔
    Yesterday was thinking about all those affected by 9/11. I can’t believe it has been so long. Remember it so vividly.🙏
    We were watching TV and initially thought it was a movie or something that had cut in to the usual programme until the terrible commentary and realisation that it was real, it was live and it was so unbelievable.
    What humans can do to one another…..😔
    On a somewhat brighter note my sister, who got married on September 11th some years earlier said that her husband ( who was always forgetting the date ! ) now had no excuse to forget their wedding anniversary.☺️
    Feeling a bit subdued this morning as a dear 94 year old friend passed away last night. She was so bright and happy and sparky and such a non- 94, 94 year old, she will be very sadly missed.
    But she had a good life well lived.🌹
    Hope everyone has the best day they can today, whatever their circumstances.
    ‘Persistence will get you there
    Consistency will keep you there’.😅

    Day 11 Ohio, US — NFD (62 bites)

    The NFD has gone well and I’ve stayed on track with eating throughout the day.

    @lilymartin So sorry on your loss! Dear friends are one of the greatest of life’s treasures.

    @neilithicman It’s amazing how a slightly different accent can throw one off even in the same language. When I first moved to where I used to live, there was one local plumber that I could never understand even a single word when he spoke. I had to rely on body language and context and lots of guesswork to communicate.

    @bellyblast It may take some experiments to get a comfortable routine for FD’s. When I first tried them, I followed the instructions in The Fast Diet and really had a hard time of it. Then I changed to keep the pattern that I usually eat in: five small meals a day. I just took the 500 calories and split it up among the 5 meals. There have been studies showing that doing that doesn’t change the effectiveness of the intermittent fasting. Since then FD’s have become a piece of cake (so to speak 😉 ). So keep trying things out. You’ll find a pattern that will suit you to a T!

    Day 12, Melb Aust, CD

    Just checking in to comment on “sayings” – one that has thrown a couple of newcomers here that I know was “Macca’s”, which we use as a shorthand for McDonald’s. @FUNSHIP FREDDIE, I think our original lollies were actually lollipops on sticks, but then the name morphed to refer to all forms of candy-like sweets.

    One I laugh about is what we call “thongs” (a type of summer slip-on shoe), New Zealanders call “jandals”, and I’ve heard people in other countries call them “flip-flops”, and … other names? Interesting what can happen to the English language in different countries!

    Okay, a light moment amidst many sadnesses. Yet we persevere.

    Day 12. Emden Germany, NFD

    lovely weather, lovely life, as @daffodil2010 says: “all
    is truly well with my world right now”. It’s just easier to fast if DH is at work so I’ll try another FD tomorrow.

    @flourbaby well done, applause!

    @jaifaim what a difficult time, take care.

    @lilymartin I’m sorry for the loss of your dear friend.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Yay, only a quarter of a pound but I have teetered over the plateau and saw a weight on the scale that I haven’t seen since 5th December 2018! Ticker tape parade 😀😀😀💃💃💃💃

    It must be something to do with almost daily HIIT, as I haven’t done any this week (still doing crunches and stretches and dumbbell weights but no leaping about) and I am 6lbs down from Monday 😳

    And facing now into a long break away from it all. ☀️

    @penz and @lilymartin, I am still just under the precipice of Mount Plateau, see me waving, but trying to absail down as quickly as I can. Don’t stay too long up there now!

    Love all the talk about different meanings. Definitely a lolly here would mean an ice-lolly on a stick or a lollipop…so I had visions of @neilithicman doing a major Kojack that cards night (showing my age, anyone remember Kojack?).

    As for thongs 😀 Well, that’s a teeny tiny bit of underwear and certainly does not go on your feet…..they are flip-flops here!!!

    I know in Ireland there are certain accents that are almost impossible to decipher and me a native. The inner city Dublin accent is one. But a thick Kerry accent …..😄
    I know we have loads of different words with different meanings but can’t think of one ….except one rude one which probably is not suitable on this forum….having a “root”…..its to do with what we call having a search for something in a bag or a drawer and I believe it’s something entirely different in the Southern Hemisphere. Hope I haven’t made anyone blush 😳

    Have a good Thursday.

    Day 12 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Good weights session this morning, but has been a hectic day at work. Aiming for 650 cal FD, and on track to hitting it.

    Has been just almost two weeks since my last weigh in, but the body is feeling good, and have had a solid week food and exercise wise, so will jump on the scales to see where I’m at in the next day or two.

    @rabette great work pushing through a challenging FD, some days its not easy, and you seemed to conquer it!!
    @neilithicman what an impressing loss to date, and a great loss this week! Keep up the good work.
    @daffodil2010 sounds like you’ve built some muscle doing the shred…!
    @funshipfreddie artificial sweetner is terrible, I was shocked to read about the insulin response from the body being similar to that of sugar…eeek! Apparently stevia is a better option – I add some to my oats on NFD’s
    @flourbaby woooooooo! Now that’s what you call a solid FD. Great stuff.
    @yo-yofletch we’re all here to pull you back onto the wagon. Other people noticing weightloss is always a boost. Hang onto that to pull you through the FD.
    @daffodil2010 plateau buster!! Hallelujah!!

    Pocket List Day 12

    Day 12 NFD

    Hi all, @lilymartin i am so very sorry for your loss… sending you hugs!
    My parents 40th wedding anniversary was on 9/11 so I know exactly where I was when the news came on….and the party was quite a subdued affair as we knew people living in Manhattan at the time… they are 58 years in now and it’s becoming clear now that they are apart because of hospital that they are mad about each other still 💕
    @betsylee for us a thong is a very skimpy item of underwear so it’s always funny to hear you wearing them on your feet 😂
    I’m off home tonight after work for two nights so fasting and posting may take a backseat but I will be mindful and try to avoid the custard creams etc!
    Sending you all strength for the day ahead … thanks for sending it on to me ♥️
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 12 NFD Crete
    Just thought I’d pass on the comment my DH made about my (cough) slight extra padding since we’ve come to Greece. He said ‘don’t worry about your baby weight- you’ll soon lose it when we get home…’. It really made me laugh, but I could also have clocked him. Big wedding anniversary coming up next week. We might not make it…

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @neilithicman – pokies = poker machines, makes sense!

    @rabbette, @gretta, @rafiki44, thanks for the advice re artificial sweeteners. I’ve gotten used to just one tablet in coffee/tea in just a couple of days. So I know I can wean myself off eventually. And no more diet soda!

    @daffodil2010 – who could forget Kojak?! ‘Who loves ya, baby?’ 😅

    Day 12 – Pocket List

    Day 12 – New Zealand – FD

    Successful fast day, I had a chicken salad for lunch and some chilli beans and salad for dinner as well as some nuts for snacking. I was really craving sugar but luckily my two sons had been raiding the baking tin and there was nothing left for me to raid.

    On the topic of multiple meanings. I had to change from using the word “hug” to “cuddle” because my wife is Fijian Indian and in their slang “hug” means “💩”. I was wondering why she was looking at me funny when I first offered to give her a nice warm hug 😂😂😂. We still laugh every time we see a soup company that has the tagline in their ads “your hug in a mug”

    Day 12, London UK, FD (3rd of B2B2B)

    I hear ya @neilithicman …………………… “I’ve struggled with my weight all my life and this has been the only thing that has worked to get it off” ………….. Having started in 2016, I marvel at how I haven’t permanently thrown myself from the wagon!!! Any and every other attempt to lose weight led to despair, self-loathing and self-doubt (WHY can’t I do this!!!) and ultimately giving up; yet here I am, not on a diet, nearly 3 years later, living THE only WOL that works, it isn’t perfect because it requires a certain amount of effort from me, but it really is the only thing that’s worked & that I could stick to without using the words “I can’t eat that, drink that, participate in that or go there, …………………… because I’m on a diet”!!! – Loving the hug in a mug!!!

    @michelinme and @jaifaim, I spent the hottest summer on record in the Isle of Wight!! I was there for a year building a sea defence wall (award winning!!) at The Duver, Seaview. It’s a beautiful wall, as far as walls go!!!

    September (at least the middle 3rd!) is proving far more successful in the fasting department, than July AND August, but I see quite a few of us are having trouble with the day/date …………………. could there be a link,?? ………………. although my brain freeze may have been booze & carb related!!!

    @lilymartin, I’m afraid it was ALL wishful thinking on my part, I’m dreaming about a 10lb whoosh!! The mind is a powerful tool, so I’m going to ‘think’ myself into a big whoosh!!! For your friend; it’s all we can ask for ……………. ‘A life well lived’

    @betsylee, to me your thong would be a flip-flop; but to you, my thong would be G-string knickers ………………. Or do you call them panties??!!!

    @daffodil2010, well NOW I have a valid excuse for NOT doing the 30 Day shred……………. Phew!!!

    @emma taylor, I would have clocked him – (I believe this comes from the phrase “to clean someone’s clock” – give them a damned good thrashing, which comes from Basil Fawlty ………….. maybe!!!) – then laughed about it, anniversary be damned!!!

    This one’s for me today, big meeting aiming for a good impression ………………… or am I??? …………………….

    You probably wouldn’t worry about what people think of you if you could know how seldom they do! – Olin Miller

    Day 12 UK NFD

    Hopefully back on track had a bit of a wobble Tuesday but good 500 cal fast yesterday and feeling good about it Strange to read how differently we all cope @matpi with 5 x 100 For me it’s save it up for one meal , just goes to show 😀

    Day 12 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD


    @songbirdme @rafiki44 @gretta – thank you for your kind words and encouragement.

    Relatively successful FD yesterday, couldn’t count exact cals but I am as sure as I can be I came in under 500 – amazing considering the stressful day I had, could easily have turned to food to make me feel better. Man oh man! family situations sure spiral needlessly out of control sometimes! He said, she said….give me strength!!!! I’m telling ye, there’s a few people I could have ‘clocked’ yesterday.

    Anyway, onwards….

    And hahaa! ‘hug in a mug’ 🙂 that’s given me a much needed laugh today!

    Happy FD Fasters!

    Day 12 – Pocket List

    Day 12 UK ?FD

    Struggling to eat atm so not sure about today’s FD. Poss just aim for being mindful rather than mindless eating

    @jaifaim thank you – thinking of you too. I went london-Lymington-Yarmouth… everything delayed, cancelled or missed so strange day, but lots of going with the flow.

    Regular email updates yesterday and today re my friend who is now in her last hours. Difficult to concentrate on anything else

    day 12 Holland NFD
    lost another KILO !!! yes! down to 61
    The best way for me to work it is to skip all meals till dinner time, I don’t like to eat before training anyway and I always train in the mornings, then if I can get past lunchtime I’m fine, so only a bit of self control needed at dinner NO snacking till the food is ready!

    good luck todays Fasters. have a great FD

    one of my favourite syaings is about food, “that’ll stick to your ribs” meaning it’s wholesome and filling…. not that I eat anything like that now of course, nor can I see my ribs…yet….

    Day 12 California FD

    Quick check in to add myself

    Day 12 – Pocket List

    @emma-taylor you have much more patience than I do. A snarky comment would have immediately flown out of my mouth.

    USA Day 12 FD

    I enjoyed the “language” discussion. I remember here in the states when we called sandals with a piece of leather between the toes thongs. Now they seem to be called flip flops and a thong is a flimsy underwear! I also enjoyed jaifaim (I think it was you) discussing accents. My family comes from Cork and while I never had trouble understanding my grandmother and never understood my grandfather. I just pretended I did! He had a brogue you could cut with a knife!! LOL

    Anyway, I am adding myself to the pocket list today:

    Day 12 – Pocket List

    Have a great day, everyone!

    2nd Post

    @ccco – I’m from Cork! where in Cork do your family come from? I grew up there but I have been settled in the UK for 30 years now. I was there just last weekend. I think I have a very soft accent – unless I’m angry/drunk or with fellow Irish folk….hahaa! 😉

    Day 11 – USA – FD

    Unexpected FD, but 724, not under 500. I’ll take it.

    USA Day 12 FD

    Hey, yo yo fletch! According to my papers, my father and his family lived in Kinneagh, Cork City. Even though I’ve been to Ireland, I would not be able to tell when section of Cork from another. Most of my relatives still live there. Except for my father, the few relatives that I had come here at that time did not have children, even though they married. Nevertheless, my father had 5 children. Since we all married and had children, my father was blessed with many grandchildren and great grandchildren. I wish he could have lived to see them all. It would seem my Irish clan in Cork was very prolific! My daughter was very amused to see my maiden name all over the place in Cork. I am a Crowley, so I am sure you know what I mean! LOL

    Hope everyone is doing well today! For me, so far so good! I haven’t eaten anything yet and am not hungry yet!! Amazing! Anyway, I carefully made my vegetarian lunch, so I hope I can stick to it.

    Day 12 – USA (Illinois) – FD

    Doing a genuine FD today. Still trying lose the 3-4 pounds that have stayed with me for a while above my goal weight. Can’t add myself to the Pocket List on my iPad (computer is being scanned and backed up by
    my service). The desktop fan is running loudly, so likely it’s on its way to the Computer Doctor in town to see what’s up. 😢 Hopefully repairable as the fan is quite loud! I’m extremely sound conscious. It’s often a pain.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13 (ohhhh Friday 13th) – New Zealand – semi fast

    Friday is normally the day I relax a bit and have a few drinks but since I’ve sworn off alcohol this month to try to get closer to my goal weight a bit faster I might as well make it a semi fast and do just under my normal 2,000 calorie non fast day. I’ve got some braised beef cheeks in the slow cooker at home for dinner because Friday is also our manic day.

    It consists of 6:45 get up, get dinner into the slow cooker ready for the evening, get the kids up and ready for school, 8:00am-4:30pm work, Pick up the oldest from my sister-in law’s house and my youngest from my parents house, 5:00pm drop the youngest boy out to Parkour then go and do the grocery shopping with the oldest boy, race home to put away the groceries and feed the oldest one dinner, 6:15 drop the oldest one to his youth group, 6:30 pick up the youngest from parkour and race him home to feed him, 7:30 drive out to pick up my wife from work, 8:00pm pick up my oldest from youth group then go home so my wife and I can eat dinner, then collapse on the couch with a couple of rum and cokes.

    The rum and cokes are going this month, but the rest is still very much still happening 🙁

    USA Day 12 FD

    FD over and went well with about 500 calories, all vegetarian meals. Going vegetarian has helped me. Nelithicman, your day exhausted me just reading about it. It is hard to see where eating actually fits in but it has to with the children!! LOL I can see why you would miss those rum and cokes.

    Hope everyone had a great day!

    Day 13, Aus, NFD

    Great discussions to catch up on this morning! I had an American school friend. I thought her name was “Terror” which I guessed was a nickname. It wasn’t until I saw her name written down that I realised she was in fact “Tara”.

    Like @ccco I felt exhausted reading your Friday routine too, @neilthicman.

    @lilymartin – our scales are in cahoots. I am going to threaten to feed mine to the dogs. Literally. We have a 14 week old puppy who, at the moment, will gnaw on anything. I think I would find some very smug satisfaction in watching that.

    I am giving you a huge mental shove off that plateau mountain @daffodil2010.

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 13 – AUS – NFD
    I saw Dr Mosely on TV last night! I just flicked on the TV in anticipation of The Bachelor and there he was on Channel 10’s The Project. There’s a tweet by Dr Mosley about it on this website. Apparently he’s touring Australia this month. I haven’t actually ever watched his original program on how he came to support 5:2 fasting. I only seen snippets. Maybe when I need some inspiration I find it on YouTube. Seeing him in person would be inspiring and I’d like to hear how he handles 5:2 on the road.
    Successful FD yesterday. Although I feel like I’m on a plateau, the overall trend for September is still downward.
    @matpi I was born in Columbus, Ohio.
    @neithisticman Good onion.
    @lizzyagatha Good onion to you too.
    @ccco I tried one of the recipes from the Vegetarian 5:2 cookbook this week which was yummy. I like that the author provides advice on foods to accompany the low-cal meal for the non-fasters. My children ate their broccoli, tofu and rice with enthusiasm while I abstained from the rice. I had to fight them for the last piece of broccoli.

    Day 13 CD country west Australia
    FINALLY!!!! I LOVE my scales!!!! They have become unstuck and heading south after a really good and sensible and mindful under 500 calorie FD. About time.
    It is the least I have weighed in 2 and a half months and I am very happy.
    @neilithicman , I feel exhausted just reading your post! I can see why you enjoy a rum and coke after that ( even a mental one this month)
    BTW I too LURVE a decent sausage roll or 3 ( possibly why I am now having to do 5:2 even more conscientiously!)
    @SingBIrdMe, good luck with the techno troubles. When technology works well it is a thing of joy; when it doesn’t …..😝
    @ccco, language can be tricky and one has to be careful. Yes we too refer to rubber footwear as thongs.
    Many years ago when I was very young and visiting the UK I went to a friend’s birthday. There were a lot of teenagers there and my gift had become unwrapped . I asked if anyone had some durex ( what we called sticky tape) handy so I could fix the wrapping.
    The boys fell about laughing and thought I was a very forward young girl. After much mirth they told me they thought that I was asking for condoms!!!! 😂
    @michelinme, thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend and families.🙏
    A sign in the physio office has a doctor explaining to a client ” Now Mrs Smith, resistance work is just as important as cardio. You have to learn to resist chocolate, chips, junk food…..”
    Have a Fab Friday if you can – and thinking of those for whom this Friday won’t be quite so Fab.

    Day 12 Ohio, US — MFD

    It’s been a good MFD.

    @lilymartin Congrats with the scales finally moving! Unlike in poker I can wish you: May it be the start of a great losing streak!

    @winsome waif Wow! That’s a big jump from Ohio to Australia!

    @penz When my dog was that age he gnawed up a whole vacuum cleaner! He never was afraid of loud noises — vacuum cleaners, trucks, thunder — nothing scared him. At least the scales would provide lots of fiber!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 13 – Japan – WFD #65

    65 water fasts doesn’t sound like that much. However I’ve missed over 200 meals this year so far. That sounds like a lot. Still overall I eat too much.

    Day 13, Emden Germany, FD

    @michelinme my thoughts and prayers are with you and your friend. Hugs x

    @daffodil2010 and @lilymartin well done, hope to follow you on this path soon!

    @at haven’t heard from you for a while. How are you?

    Pocket list day 13

    @dykask WFD

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 13, NFD Holland

    @lilymartin now that is completely hilariuos! Love the resitance training too! I shall chuckle about that all day
    @winsomewaif fighting over the broccoli? what kind of kids do you have?!
    everyone … specially all you on FD today have agreat day
    I’m of to a double lesson of yoga dance and yoga flow today.
    good luck

    Day 13 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Day before the big trip. Just one day in work, one more sleep, and we hit the road Jack 💃💃💃

    Still slightly under plateau weight, yay, but with a holiday looming I am taking measures….bringing the scales, try to do 16:8 and persuade DH to join me in the skipping breakfast and have a morning walk on the beach(I know, so hard 😀😀), and try to avoid white carbs as much as possible. There will be plenty of wine, seafood, steaks, fresh veg and salads…..loads and loads of water…..and I will check in daily here as much as possible for inspiration.

    @lilymartin I splurted my coffee at your durex story 😆

    @matpi that’s so funny about your dog gnawing a vacuum cleaner too!

    Have a great Friday. Is there anything nicer than a sunny Friday morning and the prospect of a 4 week holiday?????? Woo hoo!

    Day 13 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CD

    Successful FD yesterday, and I’ve even got some wriggle room coming back – just in time for the weekend 😳

    ‘Friday the 13th?!’ Maybe not a good day for a FD? I’m glad I got it out of the way yesterday. I tell myself I’m not superstitious, but after 3 decades of working in casinos, it’s not so easy! Gamblers are the most superstitious people on the planet 🎲

    @daffodil2010 – happy hols!

    Good luck if you’re fasting today 🍏

    Day 13 – 2nd Post

    @winsome-waif – I don’t think Michael Mosley’s documentary is available anymore on YouTube. But it’s still available on some sites. I tried to post a link – like 15 times 😡 – but this site won’t allow it. Well worth seeing!

    Day 13, London, UK, NFD

    I had a 2.5lb whoosh overnight which makes todays’ NFD easier to deal with, since I will NOT, repeat NOT, reverse the successes this weeks’ B2B2B brought!!!

    I’m pretty sure there was some leg crossing from our male members (I could have worded that differently!!!) when they realised exactly what could have happened if the Durex (sticky tape) and the Durex (condom) misunderstanding occured in reality ……………. Ouch!!!

    Preparing for my Pilates class with a cup of peppermint tea, then I’ll visit my mum and delay my return home until this evening so OMAD should be on the cards …………. unless my mum whips out the biscuit tin!!!

    Happy Friday fasting folks!!!

    Day 13 UK NFD

    Weekly weigh day shows me the same as last week – still down at ATL of 140lbs. Not eaten much this week but had a fair bit of homemade oat/seed bread. Weird to realise that eating bread is now an exception rather than a daily habit…

    @snowflake56 @lilymartin thank you. Sadly my friend died early this morning, now moving from the week of shock to the beginning of mourning, mingling loss, love and thanks

    Whatever today brings, go gently x

    Day 14 – New Zealand – NFD

    Just ticked over midnight here so officially day 14. Friday 13th may not be a good day for fasting, it seems that it was also not a good day for children doing Parkour. Just spent the evening in the hospital with my son and his nasty looking broken arm. They had to zonk him out on Ketamine and re-set it. 😞😞

    Day 13 UK NFD

    On a train so intermittent reception will read rest of posts tomorrow but feel for you @neilithicman I still have a very vivid memory of my eldest breaking his arm 15 years ago and us spending the night in hospital with him on morphine until they could reset it the next day – he’s a strapping 6’4 rugby player now and has no recollection but I still remember it ❤️

    2nd post

    @michelinme so very very sorry for your loss. Take care 😔

    Day 13 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Did well at 530calories on my FD yesterday. Today right at TDEE which is good for me on a DayAfterFastDay when I tend to really overeat, making up for lost calories from the FD. HA!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 13 California NFD

    @daffodil2010 A four week vacation, I’m so jealous! @flourbaby I totally bombed my fast day so I’m hoping your mojo will rub off on me.

    @neilithicman I hope your so is feeling better after his injuury.

    @michelinme I’m so sorry for the loss of your friend. What a shock.

    Day 14 Holland NFD
    @neilithicman Ouch! hope he feels better soon.

    @michelinme, sorry for you sweetheart, be strong

    weekend now, lots of gardening to do, including helping my aunt to fell a tree, that should burn some calories
    good luck everone

    Day 14, Emden Germany, NFD

    @michelinme I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope she left this world without pain, surrounded by the ones that loved her. Take care, hugs.

    @daffodil2010 have a great start in your extended holiday, hope to hear some travel news!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 14 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Interesting article from Michael Mosley re ‘a new programme to help you look & feel younger – & even stave off dementia…’ In the Daily Mail today and for the next couple of days.

    Wishing everyone a pleasant weekend ☀️🌈

    Day 14, London, UK, NFD,
    Yesterday may have been at TDEE, but there were a few too many sweet things, I think the fat fairy keeps sneaking them into the house!!!

    I’m so sorry to hear your news @michelinme, take care of yourself xx

    @neilithicman, your son won’t forget that Friday 13th is a day of rest for him in future!!!!

    @daffodil2010, have a great holiday, the scales WILL be kind …………….. ‘ cause you’re taking them on holiday too!!!

    Mindful is the word for today ………………………….. and housework!!!

    2nd post,

    I forgot to say …………….

    @songbird me, I think we forget that support is required at EVERY stage of this WOL, even for you as a longtime maintainer, I heard you on Day 12, but didn’t react!!! Those extra couple of pounds are nothing, you’ve got the tools to send them packing!!! Congrats on yesterdays’ ‘original’ FD, I’m going back to those 500cals too, since 800 tips me over into the overeating mind-set. You’ll be back in your ‘Maintenance Happy Place’ in no time!!! I hope @at is ok & hanging in here too, I guess maintenance is the next hurdle a lot of us will need to negotiate with care!!!! I’ll be knocking on your doors for advice …………… when I get there!!!

    Day 14 NI and you never know who is going to pop in!
    Lovely to see the challenges still going strong and nice to see familiar names along with some newbies.
    I will be back again soon to give you an update on things but really just wanted to let you know, in case you were wondering, I’m still alive and kicking.
    Love to all x

    Day 14 – USA – NFD

    Surprised myself with 2 FDs so far this month…still holding well under my original goal weight. So grateful for the 5:2 tools to kick whatever lbs. may creep up in time, and focusing this month on toning up. @neilithicman I hope your son heals fast after his injuury. @michelinme I’m sorry to hear about your friend. @coda, welcome back…glad to “see” you! Hey, what happened to @bert1802? I thought you were with us this month?

    Day 14 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Lost 2 of the 4 I wanted to with just one FD and exercise. Yeah for this WOL! MyFitnessPal sends me emails, and this article really pertains to us:

    There were others as well – I love MFP as my way to track calories. I started with that free app years ago and have several of my own recipes in the mix. Oh, and this one:

    @flourbaby – you are so wonderful in your support! Yeah, indeed, we need each other along this journey. I bet you will be at maintenance yourself soon, and I’ll be there for you then! Lord willing…. It’s been hard lately for me as DH has had to add weight, eating anything he wishes, and I do love to cook for both of us. Yes, those FD800’s aren’t for me either.

    Onward and downward.

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