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  • Day 30

    Yesterday was a somewhat successful fast day although not as successful as the water fasts that I usually do.

    I ate a biscuit with my coffee (70 cal) and I had some chopped raw veg for both lunch and dinner. I did research the calories on these veg and I don’t think they really amount to much. I ate about one cup of veg for lunch and another for dinner and google is telling me they are around 30kcal each but I will round both lunch and dinner up to 100kcal. I also had a mouthful of my partners chips! so I will say all in all I ate 200kcal yesterday.

    I will be lucky if I have lost weight this week but I have my fingers crossed and I will get weighed tomorrow so not long until I find out!

    Calories: 200
    Deficit: 1800
    Total deficit: 31940

    Day 31
    Thursday was the 31st day of this challenge and a fast day. It went fairly well although, again, I couldn’t avoid two biscuits, at 140kcal for both, with my coffee. I don’t regret having them as I felt a little bit light headed later in the evening and wouldn’t like to know how I would have felt without that sugar.

    Today I weighed in at 129.5lb so 1.5lb off and 1.5 more to lose before I lose a full stone. This new week I will only have 6 days – not 7 – to meet this target because I like to weigh myself on the same scales each week and I won’t have access to them next Friday so I need to weigh myself on Thursday.

    I would like to be more careful this weekend than last weekend but it will be a challenge. Tonight I am having a burrito and I have already planned my food for during the working day which adds up to 600kcal! I have packed a salad (300), some cheese (160) and a chocolate bar (130). Assuming the burrito (so hard to calculate) is, at worst, 1200 kcal, this means that I will have eaten around 1800 if I can avoid wine, gin, biscuits.

    Tomorrow I have nothing planned so I could maybe have a deficit then. Sunday I will be out for dinner/drinks in the evening so I don’t think it will be possible to be restrictive although I will try to make healthy choices when ordering. I will fast on Monday, low calories Tuesday, fast on Wednesday and then the last weigh-in of June will be on Thursday. Hopefully this will be enough to shift that last 1.5lb!

    Day 31 summary
    Calories 140
    Deficit 1860
    Total Deficit: 33800 – 38000 was my original target for this so I could possibly meet this by the end of next week but it will be difficult to do by Thursday!
    Weight at most recent weigh-in: 129.5lb (JUST under 130 by the skin of my teeth but happy to be going in the right direction).

    Day 32

    Friday went as expected. Pigged out on a burrito at dinner time and I assume I smashed the 2000 calories. Not going to go into details. Let’s just say there was no deficit although I dont want to say there was a surplus either. I had a bold food day but I only really had a salad and a burrito with a few snacky treats in between.

    I will check in regarding today tomorrow. I got up at 6.30am and had a bath and at the minute I am trying very hard not to put myself to bed after 3/4 glasses of red and a bbq so I am impressed with myself that I even remembered to check in here about day 32.

    Wont bother with a summary. No progress made yesterday. If I can stay awake past 8pm tonight I will be impressed.

    Day 33

    Quick one here while I’m in a taxi and remember to post. No deficit today made good food choices but bad drink choices. I’m Irish, don’t judge.

    Anyway…. fast 3 days this week.

    Check in tomorrow xxxxx

    Day 34

    Monday morning…. the less said about that weekend the better. I definitely didn’t overeat but I don’t imagine I had a deficit on any day really. Yesterday I had a 3-egg omelette with cheese, broccoli and mushrooms and also had some black pudding. I also had some crisps which were left over from a bbq we had on Saturday night. I was well behaved at the bbq – I had no carbs only veg, meat and cheese. I had one burger, one chicken thigh and some grilled halloumi. Earlier that day though I had half a panini and a VERY big tray bake. Back to yesterday though, we went out for dinner and drinks. I had soup which I ate about 1/3 of but it came with wheaten bread which I ate all of (with butter) and a small bowl of chips. I would guess I had about 6 gins. I drank them with water and lime cordial.
    Feeling very bloated, heavy and sluggish this morning and finding it difficult to see how it would be possible for me to undo the weekend and lose weight by the end of this week but I will give it my best shot.
    I have requested Thursday and Friday off work. I’m sure I will get Thursday but I am supposed to meet with my manager on Friday so she might just give me a half day then. I will have to weigh myself on different scales this week because I won’t have access to the scales on Friday and wont be in work on Thursday to use them…. definitely don’t want to look at the scales as early as Wednesday so I might actually wait til Saturday this week – giving me an extra day to pull the socks up and lose those final lb. I don’t have scales at home but there are a few things I need to pick up at the pharmacy and they have scales there. I don’t like to use them so publicly so I will be sure to get there early on Saturday when everyone else is in bed!
    I will fast today as long as I feel well enough to…. I have never fasted after drinking so I don’t know how I will hold up.

    Day 35

    A fast day by some standards but not 100% by my own standards.
    I had a meringue (90kcal) with my coffee, 100kcal of rice crackers with 50kcal of cheese on top. Thought that was me done but when I went to my parents’ house I ate an oatie biscuit (googling calories now… 67!) and then my partner came home with snacks from m&s…. I was doing well to avoid them but without asking he put 4 mac’n’cheese bites into a bowl for me and I ate those. They were AMAZING. I love mac and cheese but I avoid it like the plague because I can’t stop eating it once I start. Just googling those calories now… OK I can’t find them on the website but I found something similar at 85 calories per bite. I hade 4 of them so roughly 340.

    In total then I ate 600kcal. Not great for a fast day but not bad for a non-fast day.

    Deficit: 1400
    Total deficit: 35200

    Day 36

    Yesterday I had two squares of chocolate (140), half a bowl of soup (100) and 6 crackers (90 in total). I know this isn’t much but I am used to water fasting and so I think I need to be stricter about my fast days – particularly because today I made the mistake of a mid-week weigh which I haven’t done since I started this process. I have always waited seven days and I won’t make the same mistake again. The scales have showed me as +2. I have decided not to acknowledge my weight until Saturday and if I am still +2 by then I will accept it.

    On a more positive note, I read a forum post yesterday about “losing your trousers” being a down-side to this diet. I decided to try on a pair of trousers which fit pretty snug at a wedding I went to at Easter. They weren’t uncomfortable but they were tight and they looked tight – in fact it was easy to see the outline of my underwear they were so tight. I tried them on yesterday and found that, although I didn’t lose them, they fit a lot better in my opinion. In fact, my mum said they fit better before I lost weight and so +2lb or not, my body has changed in the way I wanted. I have also braved another pair of old trousers for work today. There is still some room for improvement in terms of fitting into them but I think they are back on the scene now for work-wear.

    The whole way through this process I have been using total deficit as a way to track my progress. Ultimately, I wanted to reach a deficit of 38000 – in other words the equivalent of 19 days water-fasting. I have nearly accumulated this and if 1 lb is 3500 then I would expect to lose around 10lb which I have achieved and so I need to remember that I am on track to meet my target. A few people have mentioned to me the TDEE since I can’t assume 2000 would be my maintenance level and I do agree although proportionally then I don’t need a deficit of 3500 to lose 1lb and so I feel that this is why it is working regardless of my TDEE. When I want to maintain, I will focus on TDEE although it changes every single day and so although it can give an indication of your maintenance level, I don’t agree that it is accurate. For now, an assumed 2000kcal is working for me and I will rethink this at the beginning of July.

    Calories yesterday: 330
    Deficit: 1670
    Total deficit: 36870

    Day 37

    Intended for this to be a fast day but y partner LOVES BBQing and was disappointed when I said I wouldn’t be eating. I decided to go low carb instead. I had 2x flat cap mushrooms with cheese, 2x chicken thighs, some tender stem brocolli and a corn on the cob. It was really nice to relax a little with food. I have just got off work for the next 3 weeks and the sun is out and I need to remind myself that I am allowed to enjoy myself. Being 5lb lighter than I am now isnt going to change my life.

    Speaking of low carb,… I have been tending toward these food options naturally. I have a low tolerance for bread and I actually would be worried about eating bread now since it has been so long. I don’t really miss it but if I do feel inclined to eat it in future I will try to limit it. I hope eventually I can go from water fasting to low-carb and TDEE eating to maintain my weight.

    Speaking of weight… I did say I would wait until saturday to acknowledge my weight but I was feeling a bit disappointed with the +2 that registered yesterday. My partner brought home analogue scales from work so that we can weigh our cases before travelling next week. I couldn’t resist the urge to step on. They showed that I’m the same weight as I logged last week (129lb). I am happy with this. I would like to eventually make it to 9 stone but I started this journey at just over 10 stone and now I am just over 9 stone and I feel that is good progress.

    Out for lunch today and I will either choose a salad or just have a milkshake and then I plan to water fast until Saturday. Friday will be my last fast day of June and probably until mid July because we are going to Croatia for a couple of weeks on Monday. We have a wedding there on Thursday. I am wearing the dress that I had to return and order in a smaller size and it fits like a glove although I will need to be careful not to over-indulge before Thursday. If I am eating bread, it wont be before then.

    BBQ calories really hard to add up. I will try. 300kcal for the chicken, 150 for the stuffed mushrooms, 150 for the veg. I also had half a chocolate bar at work. This was 90.

    Total: 700 (rougly)
    Deficit 1300
    Total deficit 38170! I made it to my target with a few days to spare! Maybe I can make it to 40000 by Sunday. Let’s see….

    Day 38

    1400 kcal yesterday. I had intended for it to be about half of this. But I had unexpected company and therefore two unexpected glasses of red which led to me eating the bbq left overs (just on chicken thigh, some brocolli and half corn on the cob.
    Earlier in the day I had a small low carb lunch,
    No movement on the scales yesterday but hoping after today’s fast I will see some progress tomorrow. I have been more relaxed with eating this week though and so I’m prepared for them to have stayed the same

    Deficit: 600
    Total deficit: 38770

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