Over 60, sick and tired. But ready to reboot my health

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Over 60, sick and tired. But ready to reboot my health

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  • Hi, I’m just starting the Fast a Diet.I am 61 years old and in poor health at the moment. I fasted Tuesday and it went ok. But exhausted today! Hoping to regularly fast Tuesdays and Thursdays. I weigh 210lb. I have struggled with my weight most of my life. I work full time but am finding it hard as I have gout and inflammatory arthritis which affects most of my joints and is very tiring and painful. I feel my life is shutting down and have tried many things to reduce the inflammation in my body. You could say I am feeling pretty desperate but today I feel strong and determined to follow this path. My hope is that if I can lose 10% of my body weight (21lbs) I will see an improvement in my gout, my arthritis and my blood pressure. So here goes 🙂 my first goal is 5lb for May. Then 5 lb for June and so on. Important milestones for me will be 14st 7lb, below 14stone etc.. This feels like a big ask weight wise but really I am doing this for my health so should motivate me. I am a vegetarian so need to choose my food carefully. I also have to be careful to keep very hydrated on my fast days as gout can get very bad otherwise. Please wish me luck anyone who chances upon this. I will weigh myself each week and report in cos that should help. If I succeed it will be so magical and renewing for me. Just writing that makes me smile 🙂 Here goes…..

    @tessy – Welcome to the forum! Intermittent fasting can be good for so many ailments. Have you read the book Eat, Fast and Live Longer? It is a great resource for sure.
    Or perhaps watched the BBC Horizon documentary that started this 5:2 diet? I only use the word diet to mean “the kinds of food that a person, animal, or community habitually eats” and not the restrictive elimination of foods. I call what I do a way of eating (WOE).
    Good luck and post your progress in a journal on the forum. 🙂

    Hi Tessy

    wrote a post last night, tablet battery went just as I posted.

    oh well.

    Just go let you know Im three years younger and started just 9lbs lighter – 30 lbs down after 4 months, loads of folk on tbe forum with similar stories.

    Join the threads, best thing about 5:2, uncritical, supportive and inspiring folk to share your journey, and for you to share theirs.

    Good luck!!!

    Thank you both for your kind and encouraging words. Milena your journey is inspiring and gives me great hope. VibeRadiant your wise words about making this a way of life are important and I shall take them on board. Yesterday my second fast day. I think I managed it quite well. I drank lots and lots and think maybe fast days are needing to be at home near the bathroom 🙂 so far I have not had a bad attack of gout. Gout can be precipitated by a diet. My gout is chronic and very bad. It is my intention to lose enough weight to try and manage it better. I don’t know if others here have got gout and hope to find some positive results on the forum. For now. I am determined and uplifted by this process. I have never really been able to say that before. During the last two years or more my life has been dogged by pain and the corrosive impact of joint disease. This is my time to change. I am hoping that my weigh in on Saturday might show a good start 🙂

    Tessy, I usually follow two or three other threads, but came across your initial posting and felt I wanted to offer my encouragement, and agreement with Milena and VR. This is the most wonderful thing that you can be doing for yourself. Not only will you lose weight, you will find improvement in your health in so many areas, but just as positive, you will find friends and guides who will offer help and support without criticism. You can complain when things don’t go right, and find others have faced the same situation, you can rejoice on your successes and not be accused of bragging. Welcome to this WOL (way of life). I will certainly be doing it for the rest of mine. 🙂 🙂

    Thanks so much for finding time to reply Barata. I feel I should join a thread but not sure which one. They all seem well established and I don’t want to clutter up the thread with my weekly weigh in and fasting day thoughts. Any advice?

    I’m not really qualified to offer advice, Tessy. I am in New Zealand, but having been inspired by both the Aussie Determination thread and Jojo’s Lose 2lb a Week, lurk and occasionally contribute to these, as well as Southern Hemisphere and Maintenance Chatbox (as I am pretty well at goal). I feel I can be part of the AD thread as my two younger children are in Sydney. Lurk around, get a feel for what people are saying and what strikes a chord with you. Any will welcome you, that’s the whole purpose of the forum. By looking at Recent Posts you can track the activity, or you can search for a topic that is meaningful to you in the searchbox at the top of the page.

    How are you going about your fasts? Protein seems to help, as well as lots of water, and herb teas. I started (eighteen months ago) having an omelette for breakfast, apple for lunch and salad for the evening meal, but now find I can happily skip the earlier meal and break my fast with a boiled egg in the middle of the day, with a raw carrot when I get home from work to keep me going until the salad or other option for the evening meal. It helps to go to bed on a fuller stomach. It will take time for you to learn what your body is telling you, and for your body to get accustomed to the new regime, but it is so worth it.

    I just read your profile, and magical is the word I use too. 🙂

    Well done, you can do it, one tip that comes from Dr Mosley’s ‘Horizon Truth about exercise documentry’ Up your everyday activity. For instance: Set a stop watch (wind up style or smartphone) for 30 min, and every 30 minutes, every day stand up walk across the room for a couple of minutes, you will be amazed how ‘over time’ the positive impact this can have on your fitness strength and pain. Water along with movement can do wonders to flush out toxins, increase indorfins and lubricate your joints. Stay positive YOU CAN DO IT 🙂

    Wow, really helpful. Barata I am doing ok on my fast days. Drinking loads but that is good to flush toxins and stop uric acid concentrating in my blood and giving me fearsome pain. But also you are right. Protein works well. At lunch I have been having a miso soup then saving my calories mainly for good meal at night. I can be sleepless at night because of joint pain so I am keen to not add to that with the fasting sleeplessness which can affect some people. I love salad but found it not satisfying enough for me on the first fast so yesterday I measured my oil and did an oven roasted ratatouille with fresh peppers, onions, tomatoes etc. which I then left for my evening meal. Then for my evening meal I did a two egg omelette with herbs and filled it with ratatouille. It was really yummy and meant I had veggies galore but a hot meal. I think I am maybe a hot meal gal:-)
    GymJames. Thank you for wise advice. I think that is a brilliant idea and also will stop me sitting too long which is bad for my back. I’m setting my phone now and will see how that goes.
    I think I will lurk on threads and contribute when I can. But I shall just quietly plod along on this thread too as it may one day help someone if they can see me overcome my psoriatic arthritis and gout, or at least put them in a minor place in my life. I know how scary having inflammatory arthritis is, it rules your life. So I am on my own one woman experiment to tame it. I have about two months to make good progress before I have to go back to my consultant and get pressurised again to take even more strong medicines with severe side effects. I am not prepared to do this yet without fighting. So I shall hang on in here for a while and see how this diet, plus exercise can make a difference.

    Hi Tessy, I just came across your thread too and wanted to wish you luck. I have been doing 5:2 since Sept last year and have lost 26k (57.3lb) which has made an enormous difference to my aches and pains. I’m 64 and have the typical nurses back, and have an operation due soon, but not having to carry all that excess weight has been a fantastic “cure” for me. 🙂 Stick with 5:2 as it has so much to offer, not just weight loss but inner healing. I have found some of my medication I only need now on really bad days if I’ve over done things on my small farm. I have added magnesium to help with my problem sleeping on fast nights which has really helped too. I’m from AUSSIE DETERMINATION and you are more than welcome to join us or just visit if you wish. We all offer each other support and non judgemental suggestions because we all have diet/life issues which we share and try to help each other solve. As Barata said,, one of our team, you will find over time what suits you best. Personally I never have breakfast just a milky coffee, then a light lunch between 1-2.00 (soup now it is getting cold or tuna salad if weather is fine) then a stir fry for dinner with a bit of chicken. You find over time it doesn’t take much to fill you, your tastes alter and you see food in a different light. If the hungries hit mid arvo, a hard boiled egg or carrot straws seem to save the day too. But plenty of water is the key. Good luck on your journey, it can be daunting in the beginning, but we are all here to help you…take care Countrygal 🙂 xxx

    Hi, Tessy,

    I just started two weeks ago (have completed 5 fasts) and you are certainly welcome to join the thread that I started. I’ve had several other really supportive people drop in on it from all over the world, and they are really helping me. The thread is called “Mid-60s. Canadian. Monday & Thursday fasting. No excuses” (and that describes me). I too have osteoarthritis and am hoping that losing some weight will help put less pressure on my joints over the long run, and maybe also help reduce the inflammation.

    In the meantime, I’m not finding the fast diet too onerous two days a week, and I’ve lost 9 lbs in just over two weeks (which is amazing). I’ve been eating a 200 cal. breakfast, waiting 11-12 hours, then eating a 300 cal. supper. Due to some small surgical stuff, I haven’t been exercising for these two weeks, although I am feeling recovered now and plan to get back to the Y next week.

    Welcome from another over-60-er!

    Hi Tessy,

    I regularly post elsewhere but like the others above, felt I wanted to respond to your initial post. I am 62, started 5:2 last September at the same weight as you, also with arthritis (in both knees). Fasting has changed my life. I finally feel I have a tool to manage my weight and a rock solid belief in myself. I have lost 17kgs ( 37lbs ) in 7 months without too much difficulty. After being told by an orthopaedic surgeon last year that I needed “new knees” and taking enough anti inflammatory drugs to damage my gut, my weightloss has relieved the pressure on my knees to the point that I never need drugs and have not had a flare up or pain in either knee for 3 months. I have gone down 3 sizes in clothing and have even taken up swimming and am loving it (NEVER one for exercise). I have completely changed my relationship with food. I still love it, but am far more discerning about what I eat and really believe that this time I will stay slim. This belief did not happen overnight, but has been a gradual realization.

    Sensible exercise is good for arthritic joints as it keeps them lubricated, but dont overdo it until your weight comes off. Build up slowly or you will do more damage than good. You sound like you have a pretty good idea with the food part of the diet, just keep experimenting. Most of us found it takes a month or more to get a grip of fasting, so dont give up on hard weeks. I find the secret for me is to be busy. Hunger pangs come and go, but I am in far more control if out of the kitchen, so planning meals ahead, bulk cooking and freezing soups and such is really helpful.

    Sharing on the forums is also very useful, you will learn a lot. And dont let your doc bully you into taking any drugs you dont want to, it is your body! Good luck with your journey. Cheers.

    Nama, your response was so inspiring that I have made a screen-capture of it so I can read it again and again if/when my spirit starts to flag. Thank you.

    Oh goodness I am so grateful to you kind and wonderful women. You have completely inspired me. I did not think anyone would really get how I feel. That’s all part of being bound up with your own pain and fear for too long. You are each totally awesome. Country gal and Nama, Wow !!!!! What inspirational posts. I am so privileged that you took the time to encourage me. Now I feel like this may really be possible for me too. All I have heard for several years now is that post menopause it is very hard to lose weight, this coupled with my own personal diet failures had really knocked my confidence, but now I can read about women of my age losing weight and staying strong and steady. I am told my psoriatic arthritis will never go and I will soon be desperate for even more powerful drugs, but now I can see another path, one you have laid before me. Magical 🙂 That is a priceless gift. Thank you so much. Mary, thank you for reaching out to me too. I will drop by your thread and I feel I have a companion along the way, we can do this :-). How brilliant. I confess today my post fast day was a bit wayward. But I learnt a lot and as you all say it’s gonna take a while to settle. Tomorrow I weigh myself. I am not sure if I have done enough but I feel good about sticking to the two fasts. I wish you all, dear, kind new ‘fast’ friends an enjoyable weekend.

    Truly a pleasure Tessy and Mary. I have gained so much encouragement and knowledge from these forums, I am happy to share my experiences. Just both be patient with yourselves and even though the losses may be excellent at first, they will slow down. I am a lifetime dieter (Weightwatchers) but the difference with fasting is, you dont feel deprived – you can still indulge, there is no guilt and regret and thinking you are wasting your time. Life is to be lived, its just too hard dieting every day! And of course its a bit harder as we get older, but thinking of our health and independence into old age just makes it more worthwhile! Cheers. x

    Tessy to add to what Nama said, there is no banned food either on NFD, just portion control, you can eat whatever you want, but be conscious of portion control. I use and suggested to our team to use a smaller plate to begin with, we are all of the habit of filling our plates, get a small “Asian” bowl too….it all makes a difference, we usually eat with our eyes, so a full smaller plate looks just as good and you find you are still satisfied with the smaller portion. Good luck, enjoy your journey..it is full of discovery and we are all here to help each other no matter which thread you go too, we are all in the same boat….all the best..Countrygal xx

    Well is 4.45am here! I woke up and was so excited but anxious about my weightloss or not I got up and weighed myself. I’m 1 lb down. So right direction. I must confess to a little disappointment as I know that could just be a water retention change. But is in the right direction and does count as 1 lb towards my 5 lb target loss for May. I have also learned a lot about myself this week. First I CAN do fasts and not expire or give up. So far so good! Second, I must still think lovingly of myself on my non fast days and not be such a pig. Both days after my fast I have ended up eating rather grossly. This is in my hands. I need to realise that if I care enough about myself to go hungry for two days. I should care enough to stop pigging out on the other days 🙂
    So Thank you Nama and countrygal your comments and wise advice could not have come at a better time. I must be patient and I think using a smaller plate would be a very good idea. So my new motto for non fasting days ‘nothing off limits but everything within limits’ 🙂

    Hi Tessy, just wanted to add my words of encouragement. I’m 60 and have been doing this for about 20 months and have lost 35lbs going from 12 stone 13lb to 10 stone 6lb. The first stone or so came off relatively quickly but then it slowed down. Xmas, holidays etc. didn’t help as I put some back on but then lost it again too so I knew it could be done. And, just when I thought I’d never lose any more it started to come off again. I’ve only actually lost 4lb since Xmas but it’s still coming off and I’m encouraged by that.

    The others are right in what they say in that you need to change your relationship with food both in your portion sizes and in what you eat between meals. Don’t think that you can never eat your favourite food or snacks ever again but you will be surprised when you realise that you don’t actually want them in the same way.

    Some people find it easier than others but, in the long run, it can be done, and you can do it! Take time to get used to it and find out what works
    best for you. Personally I find it easier to go all day without food (just plenty of water) and then keep my evening meal simple – chicken, tuna or prawns with salad, soup and a couple of slices of bread, an omelette or eggs or beans on toast.

    I mustn’t forget that seeing yourself getting smaller and buying new clothes because your old ones are too big gives a massive confident boost and the health benefits will speak for themselves.

    Hope I haven’t waffled on too long and have been of some help. Linda

    have a look through buttonboots she has a really good journal ,encouraging brutelly honest and inspiring..

    Hi Tessy, I want to say that you and the others on this thread have inspired me to try again. I started fasting last November, lost four kilos and then fell off the wagon at Christmas. I am now inspired to try again. I am 60 years old and have battled my weight all my life. In the past three years I have had right and left total knee replacements and have just been diagnosed with high cholesterol, despite being vegetarian most of my life. My doctor’s face was a picture of consternation when I refused to take statins.

    So I came back to this website to find your thread and it reminded me of a possible way out of statins and/or heart disease. I fasted yesterday, had a good day but a sleepless night. Just had a normal breakfast and will soon go out for a walk. I am considering buying some valerian tablets to help me sleep because lack of sleep is another reason I fell off the wagon. Does anyone else have that problem?

    HI Linda thank you so much for your insight and story, very very encouraging indeed ! I cant wait to try on some new clothes, or even get in my old clothes, I can’t really imagine it but I am hoping like mad it will happen one day 🙂
    HI Carol – what a great tip, I read buttonboots all the way through and she is indeed a brilliant example and really gets to the heart of what it means to have the endurance and faith to keep going long term. Which is just what I need. So i have really gained by reading her thread. thank you.
    Hi there Anna, oh I know only too well the look on a doctors face when you say no to something 🙁 But I also know that it is so important to feel that you can take some control over your own health and you seem to be setting out on that path, I am really pleased if my own challenges have in any way helped you. Keep me posted on how you do. I do believe this can be done. Sleep wise some people have been helped by magnesium I think. If I cant sleep I have a herbal tea made of lime flowers and lemon balm. It works really well and does not taste quite as grim to me as valerian!
    Good luck to you all on your journeys, it is wonderful to be in such kind company.

    OK, so this morning I went to see my doctor, she is very supportive thank goodness. Unlike my consultant who is very dismissive of everything I am doing and just always wants me to take her medicine, which is strong and scary – the nuclear option !!!
    Anyway, saw my lovely GP for my regular monthly check and told her I was doing the fast diet and she was really pleased. She has ordered a battery of tests, some of which I already needed as I have some kidney disease and problems with my gout and inflammation etc. But she is also going to check other markers and we are going to see just how much I can change my health over the coming months.
    I found this so wonderfully supportive and encouraging. It has made me all the more determined, which is just as well as the teacup of soup I have just had is not really taming the tiger in my tummy!! Well maybe it was more than a teacup but you know what I mean…..
    So my third fasting day. I am coping so far. Got a very busy day at work and I think that is helping. I can do this ad if I ever get my weight down and start to feel well and free of some of this pain it will be sooooooooo brilliant.

    Yesterday was my third fast, it went well overall although I did struggle a bit at tea time, I had soup but did not like it and then was a bit stuck for alternatives. I need to give fasting days a fair bit of thought. I had a bad headache in the late afternoon through till I fell asleep. I read various reasons why, but I keep very hydrated and do not drink coffee etc so is not caffeine. IN the end I rubbed lavender oil on my neck and back of the skull and that eased it a bit. I did not have it when I woke up. But last week I did , so that may be improving. To be honest I was so worried last week when it happened that my arthritis had spread to my spine and neck that this week when I realised it was a fasting headache I felt quite upbeat about it! Next time I shall try having a hot drink with a bit of sugar in.

    Oh dear it is a non fast day and i have eaten loads of rubbish food, I just don’t seem able to stop. . I feel very disheartened as I am worried that my old disordered eating will undermine my new fasting practices. I need to do better. I must stop now…..

    Hi Tessy, I’m sorry you are having a bad time on a non fast day. I found myself doing the same thing last time when I tried the 5:2 diet. This time I am taking a different approach by planning everything. I wonder if you too need to plan not only your fast days but the non fast ones as well? Maybe try working out your meals in advance according to your TDEE and get rid of any ‘rubbish food’ in the house. Try making your plans when you are not hungry.

    Hang in there.

    HI Anna, thank you for your message, you are right planning is the answer I am sure. I am really hoping to have a better day today, I stood on the scales this morning and I am heavier not lighter! But hopefully that is just water, who knows. I realise now that it is not the fast days it is the days in between that I need to plan and consider. It will be a long haul:-) I hope things are going well for you?

    Hi Tessy

    Sorry, I haven’t been ignoring you, have been having computer meltdowns so am on a brand new one, OH still transferring data so access has been limited.

    It’s great that you have gathered such support, and are benefiting from other threads. And so helpful that your doctor is encouraging too. What level of kidney disease do you have? I have stage 3, but would never have known about it if I hadn’t asked for the past few years’ records from tests from my doctor. So I am tracking all these too.

    You are finding the beginning of this wol challenging, but be assured that it will get better, and you will see the results. We have all done the compensatory eating on NF days, but over time learn to assess what goes in. Do you weigh daily, and track your weight? You will see there are many zigs with the zags, and the daily report encourages you to be more considered with what you eat on that day.

    B xx

    Hi Tessy, had another fast day yesterday and it went quite well. Slept better and did not feel as exhausted as before. Haven’t weighed myself yet, will do that once a week as I don’t want to get into the habit of checking the scales every two minutes. I found that making a soup with lots of vegetables, some chickpeas and quinoa did the trick last night and I had two small bowls a couple of hours apart as my evening meal. I did not eat at all during the day. Today I have my main meals planned and, although I won’t be counting every calorie, I have a pretty good idea what constitutes my TDEE.

    Everyone has to find their own system and yes, it’s early days for me, but I feel I am in better control this time because of planning everything. I just hope it works. I don’t know if this will help you but I sure hope so. I know how desperate I have felt in the past when nothing seems to work because I sabotage myself with food.

    Just take a deep breath and don’t give up. Sending you lots of good, positive energy.

    HI Barata, great you stopped by, thanks. My kidney disease is stage 3 like yours, so need to just keep an eye on it. Hope you are staying well with yours? I went for all my monitoring blood tests today so hopefully it is still at stage 3! I have never tried tracking my weight daily, it feels a bit scary but you are probably right it might help me think carefully about what I eat. Hmmm I will definitely think about this. Is there an app or something that helps track?
    Hi Anna, well done you:-) great your fast went well. Your soup sounds yummy! I hope you have a good day today. Yesterday was still pretty crazy for me, so i have really tried to plan my food as suggested for the NF days. I cant bear it if my disordered eating totally undermines all of my efforts. like you it has done so in the past. So today I did all of my measurements and had my monitoring bloods taken. I am still at the start of my journey so it feels exciting. I must get fitter too, so that I can walk and enjoy my garden more. Trouble is my joints can be so swollen and painful, especially my feet and ankles at times. But this WOE is intended to help with healing so I am hanging on for better times:-)

    Thank you both for dropping by it means such a lot X

    Hi Tessy,

    Be gentle on yourself and try to be patient. Your weight crept up very slowly I am sure, and it will be just as slow to get rid of it. Fasting is a new behaviour and it takes a while to get the hang of it. It took me a good month before I believed I could do it, but its taken another 6 months to have a firm belief that my weight loss is permanent and I can continue fasting for life. So many things affect our weight day to day, so even though I weigh daily, I record it daily and watch for patterns. Sometimes after a fast day I have dropped 600g the next day, sometimes I stay the same. And its a good idea to measure, at least just your waist. Often when weight stays the same, measurements reduce. With weight, think about something as simple as water. 100ml of water weighs 100g. So even just emptying your bladder can make 300 – 500 g difference. Also, food “in transit” will vary depending on what you have eaten in the past 24-36 hours, the type of food, how much water it holds etc. Its not an exact science. But if you fast 2 days a week you are reducing your intake considerably and if you can manage not to go crazy on non fast days, the weight will come off. I personally find keeping busy the best remedy on any day. And planning healthy snacks for the quiet times when you really feel you must have something. Just don’t expect to be an expert in the first few weeks. You will get there!

    Hello Nama. Thanks for your encouraging words. I will try and be patient and gentle with myself. As you say it took years to get to this point. I have had a good fasting day. Tonight I even went to my craft class and although I felt tired I really enjoyed it. As you say keep busy 🙂 I’m really pleased that I don’t have a headache today. So that’s an improvement on the last fasts. The only real trouble I had was that I felt so cold all day. As a big woman I am rarely cold so that was a bit quirky. So now I hope to sleep , although I feel a bit wired. Hopefully my new book will quieten my brain down a bit. Today was a good day! I must remember that and not let myself go wild tomorrow 🙂

    Hi Tessy, I just joined the forum. Glad to hear you have had a good day. I feel cold too on fast days, in bed with hot water bottle and a cup of decaffeinated Earl Gray. I have been on the diet for a year and feel so much better. I have only lost a stone, but I think that was enough, I am 9 stone now. The health benefits are the most important thing,as I have arteriosclerosis, so wishing you well, wrap up warm and enjoy your raising energy.

    Great work Tessy! We all forgot to mention the cold. Since the hot flushes finished I thought my thermostat had been reset and I would never feel cold again! I was so wrong! I feel the cold badly now, but when you think about it, it makes perfect sense if the layer of insulation is gone! Fast days are the worst as there is no ‘internal combustion’ with food being digested. I have lots of hot drinks and wear extra layers of clothes to compensate. Much preferable to being fat! Great news about the lack of headache and lovely you have a craft group to go to. Cheers!

    Good morning Tessy, your post touched my heart, and my admiration. With such difficult challenges that you have, you are in there being pro-active and seeking a way forward to better health and well being 🙂

    I have just turned 65 in March and joined the MaryWWriter forum as it had many similarities to my journey, the forum has been good. For myself on fast days, I find that if I eat early in the day, my body seems to crave food, whereas if I just have a miso soup at lunch time and save my cals for an evening meal that it is more successful. I also had a struggle with sleep initially. I had melatonin tabs prescribed before I finished work, so if I use one of those with a magnesium tab it seems to work a treat. I have not tried to go without them as I really love having my sleep. 🙂

    My husband has suffered with gout, so whilst I have not experienced its effects, I have watched his struggle at times. He has found that stress exacerbates it, and then of course, diet has an instant impact. I am sure as a sufferer of gout, you are more than familiar with all this stuff.

    Good luck Tessie with your goals, I hope you have a positive health outcome for your efforts. Best wishes 🙂

    Hi Tessy and all

    That’s why I was so cold yesterday, Nama – the combustion engine was in idle! Not just the dreadful weather, and the once-in-several decades rain, with the cancellation of all the trains here in Wellington. 🙂

    I have had problems getting back to sleep if I wake up in the night, which has been going on for years, since menopause or before. For the last week I have been taking Sleep Support tart cherry & magnesium, and Stress Zone adrenal support, and have had a wonderful week! Straight back to sleep when I do awaken, and a sleep-in this morning on my day off! 🙂 🙂

    Tessy, I was unaware of any issues with the kidneys until I started requesting my test results from the doctor, noticed the level and did a bit of research. Certainly I feel no ill-effects, I gather it’s as much age-related as anything.

    You will find your joints ease, both with the wol, and the weight reduction. As Nama said, gaining the weight was a long, slow process. Losing will also take time, but will be both quicker, and soooo much more satisfying.

    Cheers, B.

    Hi Yoga teacher, thank you for dropping by. Yes you are right it is the health benefits I am after. I hope the diet has been helping your condition. Have you noticed any changes?
    Hi Nama, oh yes the cold. I had not thought of no internal combustion on fast days. Good thinking 🙂 I am back warm again now on my NFDs. I will need to wrap up warmer next time.
    Hi there Sandi-Ann. What a kind post. Thank you. I am not sure I can get melatonin in the uk? I will see if I can get some magnesium though. Sleeplessness especially when you have a long work day the next day is pretty wearing 🙁 I’m having miso soup for lunch too. It seems to tide me over. I hope your husbands gout is under control. It is so miserable and very very painful. Poor chap. I cannot take any of the medications because they have milk in them and I am very allergic to milk. So another reason why this diet needs to work for me.
    Hi Barata, I love reading your posts and imagining a rainy Wellington! I think we Brits imagine it is always blissfully sunny in NZ:-) I’ve looked up the tart cherry and magnesium and it looks like can only get in NZ. I shall look at tart cherry over here as it is also supposed to be good for gout. Bananas are good for magnesium I wonder if I could fit one in on my fast day. But I imagine not as a lot of calories 🙁 I hope my joints ease with time. I feel patient and very committed. But also I’m in pain so would love a quick fix haha :-). No such thing though. Anyway. I’m of to weigh myself. Fingers crossed.
    Thank you all dear fasting friends for taking time to lift my spirits 🙂

    Oh dear. I’ve weighed myself and I have not lost any weight. So that is just 1lb in two weeks! I know that I must be patient but it’s a bit disappointing. I feel like I must be doing something wrong. Maybe eating too much on NF days. I need to look at this. I’m finding the fast days pretty hard while coping with my health problems and still having to work full time. But I must keep going I’m convinced this is the answer for me. I have given myself 2 months to see if I make any progress so must just stay steady. It is strange because usually on any diet – and sadly I’ve been on loads – you lose a lot in the first two weeks, mainly water of course. But I suppose this may be quietly working away in the background and it’s the health benefits of the two fast days I really need as well. So….. Pick myself up and carry on 🙂

    Tessy, panic not! One lb is down!! There will be times on this journey when the scales are not your friend, but two other things are happening (at least) – you are likely to be losing inches, and the visceral fat around your organs will be moving. Did you measure yourself? I seem to remember that you did. Has there been any change with these figures?

    You may also find that the second day after a FD shows greater loss. This is what happened to me this week.

    You have the right attitude, though – up and onwards. 🙂 I find fasting is easier at work, more distractions.

    Unfortunately NZ is not a sunny paradise. Firstly it’s a long narrow country, so what goes on in the far north (where I come from) is not what you can expect in the southern regions, where there is snow on the ground in winter at times, like England. Then we sit across the Roaring Forties, where the wind is whipped up from below Australia, and flung across the Tasman straight at us. And is funnelled by land and mountains through the Cook Strait. My son once met a woman from Chicago (supposedly the Windy City), and asked her which was windier. Her response – ‘Wellington, by far’. But the rain on Thursday was not a normal fall. Look at http://www.stuff.co.nz for some Kiwi news, if you’re interested.

    Hi Barata, many thanks for dropping by. I’m just plugging away. Onwards and upwards as you say 🙂 well onwards at least. NZ sounds quirky and far more unpredictable than I imagined. So wishing you warmth and sunshine in the week ahead.
    Today my fifth fast day. I’m really hoping this week I can see some changes. I was worried that I started nibbling a bit today. But unlike the past I somehow managed to stop, instead of blowing it all and pretending that I will start again tomorrow!! So kinda pleased with myself. I want this to work so much. Today got one of my sons to take a picture of me sideways and face on so I can see changes when they come ( and I really hope they will). He was so lovely. Said I looked great anyway, kids they are very loving at times. Made me smile and feel not such a flop at life 🙂

    Oh dear a dreadful, dreadful day. I’ve eating crazily as if I WANT to destroy myself and undo all of my hard work in fasting. I’m ashamed to say I am 61 and have binged my way through the day. Awful.

    Tessy, we all sabotage our efforts sometime. I’m still fighting myself to stop grazing in the evenings. At least you were able to control yourself on Monday (? – timing differences). Binging is an instinctive response to denial, just needs to be accepted, understood and worked through. Think back to how long it has taken you to get to the current position, and know that any reverse is progress. The only failure is to not continue.

    Your children will be supportive of you, and their love will buoy you when times are tough. And your son will be awed by the changes when he takes the next photos.

    Crazy times, new computer, short-staffed at work, out socialising tonight, haircut tomorrow, training on Friday, feet not touching the ground. Must get to bed.

    All power to you, you can do this, Tessy.

    cheers, B. xx

    Tessy DO NOT give up! And try not to beat yourself up when you mess up. We all mess up, that is how we all ended up on 5:2! Stick with it as well as you can. Many, many people on here will tell you it took weeks for them to get the hang of fasting well. And many of us still struggle on non fast days. You would still have had binge days before you started this, you just didnt notice them as much. The successful people on this forum have accepted they are human and will occasionally blow it, but they choose to continue trying. The alternative doesnt work either! Just take a day at a time. You will make progress, however slow.

    Dear Barata and Nama you are so kind to drop by and support me. In my darkest times I read a reread your posts and they have sustained me. So thank you from my heart. Barata your Friday sounded very hectic!! I hope you have a lovely weekend. Full of joy and good company.
    Dear Nama, thank you, I have not given up, I am clinging on. Mainly thanks to the support from you and B. It is a precious thing. You are so righ, the alternative is not acceptable. I feel like this is my last throw of the dice. I must persist and see what is possible.

    New plans. Much more care on non fast days. I’ve got the fasts covered. I need to eat with more love and care when I am not fasting. I think I shall try no or very little sugar in the week and not eating between meals unless it is veggies or fruit. I need to eat well for my health and I have not sorted that yet. I will see how very low sugar will help me. Well I’m off to weigh myself. Feeling apprehensive after last week and my bad days this week 🙁

    Hooray!!!!! I’ve lost one pound:-) I’m so excited. Crazy really. I’ve been fasting for 3 weeks now and lost 2lbs. The sort of loss I would have expected and more in the first week of a calorie counting diet! Ah, but this is different and the health benefits are gonna be so worth while. Patience patience patience 🙂 three weeks of fasting. I never thought I could do it. Now to keep going and really start to make progress towards my first milestone – I think I shall miss out on my 5lb for May target. So have reset it to 6 lb by the end of June 🙂 🙂 small steps ……..

    Yee hah, Tessy! Absolutely spiffing. 🙂 We knew it would happen, you are so right about the patience, we are all different. Little goals, easy steps, you will get there.

    So happy for you.

    Barata xx

    Congratulations Tessy, I am so pleased for you! You are right, Patience is the key! The weight creeps on imperceptibly, so very, very gradually, so its only to be expected that it wont just fall off in one big chunk!
    Just keep doing what you can and remember you are worth it! Don’t be disheartened when the scales bounce up and down, keep a record and you will see a downward trend. I still record my weight in a notebook every day and when I look back over the weeks its very encouraging. Have a great weekend! x

    Hey many, many thanks Barata and Nama. Your encouragement and all the experiences of others have kept me going. I have been fasting today. This is my fourth week. It’s easier today, no headache, not quite so cold and hunger manageable. I can see how this could become a WOL!!
    When I fast it makes me reflective. I tend to crash on through life trying not to disappear under my pain or other challenges, but I don’t really tot up what I need to achieve. So today I tried to understand the way forward. I have asthma – hospitalised with it every winter 🙁 I have stage 3 kidney disease, not brilliant but not terrible either, just a background threat, I have bad gout and I have chronic progressive painful psoriatic arthritis. On top of all this – or perhaps underpinning all this – I have severe allergies to certain foods. There I’ve put it all down, yet I still feel determined to get as well as I can. I feel odd at the moment, like I am very ( very!!) slowly being rearranged. I am trying acupuncture and the fast diet. Both are starting to work for me, it will be very slow, but inside of me something good is stirring. Maybe that’s a bit dramatic but I am trying to be open with myself. Because one day I will read this back and I will have lost 10% of my body weight! I will be fitter and I am hoping in much less pain! stiffness and exhaustion. Then I will really be able to see what i have left to cope with, and hopefully my list will be different 🙂

    Hi Tessy,

    Great to read your latest post, with more than a glimmer of optimism! I can see you are really a strong person emotionally, you have probably just neglected yourself and your health issues have crept up on you. Allergies are a pain aren’t they? My oldest son (35) is anaphylactic with peanuts and that was such a scary thing when he was little. It must be really hard avoiding milk. Several people on this forum use almond milk in their tea/coffee, if only to save calories!

    I am certain your arthritis will improve with fasting and with weight loss. I have to pinch myself to remember how bad my knees were just 8 months ago, before losing 17.5 kg (and counting!) My husband refers to it as carrying a bag of cement around all the time (they weigh 20kg)! Its only logical that our joints will be relieved without all that downward pressure. I used to rely on anti inflammatories, then needed anti reflux drugs to counteract the effects on my gut from them. Now I take no medications at all and never have sore knees. My husband has recently retired and we walk 6 km (3.6miles) 3 times a week and I swim about 10 km twice a week. I simply could not have done this even 6 months ago. Hopefully your asthma may even improve.

    Keep up the great work with your fasting and try to remember to make time for yourself, it is so important. I think so many women spend years putting their families first that they get into the habit of neglecting themselves. OK speech over!! Cheers and warm wishes, xx

    Just popped by to see how you are making out, Tessy. This is such an inspirational thread: it’s great to see how much support you are getting from the others on this thread who are successful with the program. A friend of mine once said, It takes a month to make a habit. After a month of fasting, I am beginning to see that I can make fasting a habit. But the NF days are really hard for me too, still. So I need to work towards getting a month of good NF days under my belt without feeling deprived (because the whole idea of this for me is NOT to feel deprived 7 days a week — only 2 days). I just need to redefine “deprived,” I guess! I too have decided to cut back (cut out?) the sugar until I get to goal weight, but deciding is one thing, and doing is another.

    Good luck, and carry on…. 🙂

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