Over 60? It's tough, or is it just me?

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  • Happy NY to all – Chub, you look absolutely terrific and a big encouragement to all of us starting this journey.

    For myself, I found December very trying and didn’t fast from 15 Dec. It was too difficult with the various functions/catch ups so I decided to begin again 1 Jan. I am in Melb Aust so am a day ahead of most of you and fasted yesterday (1 Jan), so today (2 Jan) I weighed myself to find I am 1.5 kgs up on my previous weigh-in (15 Dec). Not too discouraged as I intend to fast Tues & Thurs as normal this week which would make 3 FDs for the week and I believe I can quickly regain lost ground. Another lesson learned on this journey which I began in October and have lost around 7 kgs – no other diet/WOL has done this for me.

    My goals for 2017 are the same as NR & Curiouser – to continue this WOL, continue with aqua fitness, walk the dogs, all aimed at a better, healthier me.

    Great that you can do 3 FDFs wall! Good luck this week then!
    Today is the day I start a whole new way of eating!
    I am feeling very positive this morning – weighed myself first thing and I am 15 stone 2 ¾ pounds. Today and tomorrow will be Fast Days and I have made a root vegetable soup and have it simmering on the hob though I don’t plan to eat anything at all today – just to drink lots of water and have herbal teas if I get cold as it’s a really frosty day today. If I get stupidly full of food-wanting,then I will reach for the soup. I have emptied my cupboards and the fridge of all sweet biscuits, cakes and chocolates and I plan to eat nothing sweet all this week then to review my plan for next week. I would find it very interesting to know how you all eat when you are not on a FD. Your experience is so valuable and I read this thread with great interest. Good Luck to all and let’s keep going together!

    I counted calories on a NFD, too. In fact, I soon found it impossible to reach my TDEE. Having lots of drinks is an excellent strategy. For months , I didn’t allow myself any chocolate at all. While on holiday in the USA, I did have the occasional wine, as we wanted to keep up 5:2 on the quiet.

    Thanks Pollypenny – useful info – I can well imagine how easy it might be to just let rip on a NFD so will approach those cautiously and plan, plan, plan!

    @LAChubster – you are looking so great. Thanks for posting the inspirational pics. Good at this time of year to have a reminder of what can be done with this WOL. This my first FD since Christmas. Quite tough today but much needed. I am not yet 60, approaching fast at 57, but really enjoy keeping an eye on this thread and a couple of others for the focus and the tips. Happy new year everyone.

    Hi Sarah57
    Happy New Year to you too.
    Have almost completed my first FD and have just eaten a bowl of homemade root vegetable soup, one apple, herbal tea without milk and several glasses of water. Am pleased and hoping to repeat this tomorrow.
    The worst thing is feeling cold even in a warm room.
    Roll on tomorrow!

    @curiouser. The feeling cold thing is your body trying to conserve as much energy as it can because it knows its not getting a food top up. Try going for a gentle walk to force the metabolism to access the stored fats rather than just shutting down to save on energy expenditure.

    Hi Curiouser

    Hope you have come through ok. I am now safely in bed. I am only ever sure I have successfully completed when I am actually ready to sleep. Today has been tougher than usual because I have been consuming carbs etc (etc etc) over the holiday. It sounds quite difficult to do b2b. I don’t eat at all on my FDs, but do allow myself a couple of coffees with a splash of milk. I actually find that easier than eating at all but two days together sounds quite daunting. My next day will be Thursday. Good luck tomorrow. (Root veg soup sounding oarticularly good….)

    Hi bigbooty hope you are well.

    Hi Sarah. Im good. Actually lost 0.5 kg over Dec. Did my fast on Monday. Back at work now 🙁

    Thanks sarah57.
    Yes I managed to not eat any more and slept for 5 hours, which is average for me.
    However, my stomach rebelled against the soup so I have thrown it away! Have found some sachets of instant Miso soup and that will be a lot gentler on my digestive system, if I do need to eat anything today. I don’t drink coffee or tea at all normally so don’t miss them, luckily. I think not eating anything at all for the 2 days as you do, sounds a great idea and I am working towards that. Certainly my body would have preferred it if I had eaten nothing yesterday!
    I’ll see what the day will bring and hope you have a good day too.

    Hi Curiouser, hope today is going well. I had a really bad night’s sleep after my first fast of the year. Awake from 3 amd captiulated at 5 with tea and toast and peanut butter. Quite tired and out of sorts all day. I am sure it was because of what I had been eating. Making good low carb quite high fat choices today. Hoping tomorrow’s fast will be easier as a result. At least I know it gets easier. Tomorrow going to drink more water and have a mug of boillion or teasp of marmite for salt. I really don’t like miso but I am sure that does the trick too. I am sure I got myself dehydrated yesterday.

    If i get cold on a FD, really the only thing that solves it is a hot bath and that really seems to reset my body temp.

    Bigbooty, well done. You really have this sorted. Back at work for me today too. Soooo grim!

    Funny you should say that Sarah57 – have just had a hot bath 🌞! Sorry to hear you had a bad night though. At least you have rallied and made the right choices today – that’s great! Yes I’m finding it hard to remember to drink enough water too.
    Am not mad about miso either but find it quite tasty when I squeeze the juice of half a lemon into it.
    Good luck with tomorrow! Am sure you’ll be fine!

    I ate a stuffed mushroom for lunch – one of Mimi’s recipes and delicious so today has been ok. Oddly enough am much more worried about non-FD than FDs so will need to be cautious tomorrow. Am grappling with the numerical calorific value of food and drink for the first time in my life…

    Curiouser, the mushroom sounds lovely! I’ve had a big bowl of veg chili tonight plus grated cheese and some creme fraiche. When I started in September the NFDs were hard as I seemed to compensate a bit but I did get over that and trying to keep carbs low and alcohol really helped with that. I got on a bit of a roll and then Christmas and what felt like mass catering for almost two weeks tipped me off course a bit. I was down 20lbs and will certainly have put something on. I didn’t count calories at all after the first fast days when I was on 500 cals.

    I am weighing on Friday after two fasts to assess the damage. But I am not too worried because I do believe I’ll get back on that roll again and I am not halfway there yet so I need to. Hope you have a good warm night tonight and good luck on your NFD.

    Sarah57 Wow! 20lbs! That sounds great! Amazing!
    Your Veg chilli and cheese sounds great too! Was it a recipe you knew already or one from a book or website? Am looking to change what I cook.Thanks for the tip about keeping carbs low. Have cut out alcohol for a while now. How did you manage not to count calories? Is it because you now know how much 500 calories are?
    I surreptitiously weighed myself this morning as I feel so hollow and have only taken off less then 1 lb in weight. Oh well! Serves me right for not waiting until next Monday I suppose.
    Good luck with your two fasts and your weigh-in tomorrow. For myself, I am planning what I eat today and hope to stick to it.

    Curiouser, in the early days it’s equally important to consider how your clothes feel. Are they still a bit tight? Or are they feeling blissfully looser?

    We had some plateaus in the east weeks, then would lose more than usual in the following weeks. We had a good meal yesterday, followed by my beloved custard on apple crumble. We’re also out tonight, but have pre-ordered from the light menu. I could gain a couple of pounds, but OH still has a stone to lose.

    Curiouser will respond more fully tonight. But 1lb down is good!! Some weeks I have lost nothing, the most I have lost is 3 and often is is 1 or 2. I agree with Pollypenny how you feel in clothes is a really good indicator. Chat later x

    Hi again Curiouser

    The veg chili recipe is from BBC food recipes website under vegetarian chili and has green lentils in it. I really like it and it has the added bonus that it is one of the very few things my OH can cook. I am not sure if you are in UK but anyway if you have any trouble getting it, I can post it here. I have just had a look at it and it is 265 cals and you get a good big portion for that.

    Time was I wouldn’t have had a meal like that without rice or a jacket potato, but now I generally don’t. The thing I do miss and still have but in much smaller quantities is bread.

    On fast days I don’t count because I am so low, probably about 60-80 and on NFDs I don’t count either. I just try to be mindful and keep to low carbs. I am only vaguely aware of calories. That being said I am quite tall and quite large so my tdee is getting on for 2000. Anyway it is going ok so I don’t feel the need to count and I think I would actually rather put another fast day in than count on other days. Such a faff in my view.

    Today’s fast has been much easier than Tuesdays. Probably the fear of getting on the scales tomorrow but physically just not tired or cold. I set myself up with good food choices yesterday and have been drinking more today. Plus have just had a teaspoon of marmite for the salt. Yum yum lucky me!

    Hope your NFD has been tasty and mindful and you’ve had a good day. Don’t get discouraged re the pound off. It goes in fits and starts and sometimes you lose inches and it doesn’t show on the scales and then catches up.

    Have a nice evening, Sarah.

    My name is Pam and I am 68years old. I can relate to so much on this forum. I too lost 9kg 2 years ago and lost my way a bit last year with one thing and another. However I am ready to start again. Visitors have just left after being with us for a few days. Just have to get motivated now. Will start on Sunday. Tomorrow we have a family lunch at a restaurant so Sat not a good choice.I am coeliac and also dairy intolerant are their any coeliacs on this forum? Thankyou everyone for the inspiration.

    Welcome Pam! I am 68 too and find this forum very supportive.
    Thanks Pollypenny and Sarah57. Was singing with my choir yesterday evening and really enjoyed it but had severe pain in my left hip – am seeing GP next week. Yes I do live in the UK – in London in fact.
    Am not aware of any change in my clothes because I wear very loose things but my stomach has definitely gone in a bit.
    Are you saying that you only eat 60-80 calories in total a day on FDs Sarah57? That seems an incredibly small amount. Though I can understand it if you effectively eat virtually nothing on those days. Thanks for the tip re veg chilli – will look it up. My partner is doing this fast with me and made a delicious chickpea curry from Mimi’s book last night.
    I did ok yesterday but am feeling that I am not eating enough fresh veg and fruit so will make up for that today.
    Fingers crossed for you today Sarah57 – and thanks for all your support everyone!

    Hi Curiouser

    I eat nothing at all on FDs. I just allow myself the odd splash of milk in tea and coffee. I actually find this much easier than eating 500 cals on FDs.

    Weighed this morning and have put on 1lb from my pre Christmas weight. This is after two proper fasts this week but I am really pleased with that as I ate and drank pretty freely over the holiday. It could have been much worse!

    Sorry to hear about your hip pain, hopefully GP will be able to help.

    Chick peas one of my favourite foods ever! Have a good veg eating day!

    Thankyou for the welcome Curiouser, I too belong to a community choir its such great fun. Singing is good for the soul isn’t it? The vege chilli sounds good I must look it up.A lovely sunny day here in NZ. Have a great day everyone.

    Hi Pamie

    I would think it is a lovely thing to do. Unfortunately I have a really dreadful singing voice. It has been cold and dismal here today. Good luck for your fast on Sunday.

    Hello All
    Yes singing is lovely. It must be summer for you now Pamie?
    Not such a good day yesterday- had to rest my hip so got bored and grazed all day BUT no sweet things at all and no fat – just carbs, fruit & veg. Ah well today is another day. Just meditated for 25 minutes and that’s a positive start to the day.

    Hi, I’m a newbie, (to this site) and saw the over 60 theme. I have actually used 5:2 over the last year to lose 37 Kilos (5.8 stone) and am now forging on to my intended target of 45 kg total. I’m looking on this site for things to tell friends who have seen my physical change and are asking how I went about it. As I’m a cranky Aussie bloke who doesn’t like mucking around with details, I just have water two days of the week and eat / drink whatever on the other 5, and it works for me. But I see here that people are all different. Some seem to get help from the detail of planning that 500 or 600 calories, and that’s good if its the case. I also didn’t take in to account the effect of cold weather as highlighted by Curioser, even our winters here in South Australia aren’t that bad. I also spotted let_it_be’s example of trying 5:2 with success then going off it and coming back – that happened for me too, lost 11.5KGs in 2014 then went off it till doing it with more purpose in 2016. These are all important things to be able to pass on, thank you.

    Wow priderj! That’s some achievement! Congratulations!
    It really helps to hear from you. Thanks for your post.
    As for me, I am still sticking to eating to no sweets – have craved chocolate the last 2 days. Tomorrow I will weigh myself and my 2 FDs are going to be Monday and Tuesday on a regular basis. Really want to emulate those of you who just drink water on FDs but may need to settle into the no sweets, lower fats and carbs and portion control for a while before I go there. The pain in my left hip is a great motivator. I tried to go for a walk yesterday but had to cut it short because my hip hurt too much. Very disappointing as I had rested all the day before. Am seeing the doctor about it on Wednesday. I know I need to do exercises for the hip joint but am overwhelmed by the number available on Youtube and when I tried some, it made the pain worse. It scares me that I might make the joint worse. So am resigned to doing careful floor stretches till Wednesday. How are you all doing?

    Phew – have taken off 3 ½ lbs this week! Really surprised as I ate a huge partridge pot roast with potatoes and everything last night. It must be to do with me cutting out sugar completely and measuring portions. Anyway today and tomorrow are FDs and I am invigorated and have renewed determination because of losing weight when I hadn’t really expected to.

    Curiouser, that was my experience in the early days! I was a bit downhearted not to lose, in spite of looser jeans. Then a good few pounds off.

    Once my digestive tract got used to IF I lost a pound most weeks.

    Well done Curiouser. That’s brilliant! Good luck with your fast days this week.

    Where are you, all my lovely Sexy Sixties? I won’t be 69 all that much longer but I’d love to see this topic be reinvigorated so I’m offering this in the hope that the rest of you will come out of hiding. 😃

    It’s uncharacteristically cold and rainy here in LA. And this is the remedy for that. It’s super easy and the yum factor is way out of proportion to the minor effort required. Here’s the recipe: http://cooking.nytimes.com/recipes/1018346-italian-style-fish-stew

    NY Times Italian Fish Stew

    I make it with either fresh fish or cooked and I use salmon as well as white-fleshed fish. I also halve the clams and use mussels and some calamari as well. Shrimp would made a good addition to but my husband can’t tolerate shrimp so I skip it.

    Skip the bread, of course, but, otherwise, a great and delicious low carb choice.

    What are you making for the cold days of Winter or the sizzly days of Summer in the Southern Hemisphere? How’s the year shaping up for you? Who’s made some IF progress or found a new tip?

    I’m in an hotel at Manchester airport at the moment, ready to fly to Princeton, NJ. tomorrow. It’s not so easy to stick to 16:8 when not at home, but we’ll do our best.

    I don’t do well in food in the USA, too much meat! I thought you’d be basking in heat in LA.

    Pol 💁🏼

    Well, it wouldn’t be hot this time of year in LA, but it might be mild and, in fact, my daffodils are already blooming. But we’ve had a solid week of unseasonal rain and cold. It feels more like Vancouver here than Los Angeles.

    I hope the activity of the trip makes it easier for you to be distracted from food and able to stay close to 16:8. I hope too that you’ll find more fresh vegetable choices than in the past. We are changing the way we eat. At least that’s so out here on the Left Coast. 😉

    In any case, a holiday is a holiday. It won’t do much damage to enjoy it. I hope you do!

    Hi girls,
    Haven’t been here in a long while, but also avoiding the scales. Trying to get me back in the fasting mood (I’ve had 24-hour FDs throughout the holidays, but the problem is as evening comes, we have a happy hour with some wine). Otherwise the pants are somewhat loose and I do feel fine. Waiting now for the celebration of the Chinese New Year on Jan.26th and then it’ll be the end of festivities and time to get back to the real fasting business. In Beijing the sun is shining brightly, the air is unusually clean (hopefully at least for a few days) and we are getting into a spring mood (the Chinese call their New Year “Spring Festival” and according to them spring is coming after it). This will be my last celebration of the Chinese New Year, so I’ll remember the Year of the Rooster as special.
    Carbwise my diet is suffering from making and baking no-knead bread with different seeds and additives and it’s SO yummy, I have to have a slice of warm bread with some butter and herbs. It would be a sin not to try it.
    On my FDs I am on water till the evening with a cup or two of coffee during the day. On NFDs it’s a bowl of soup for lunch (no breakfast, just a cup of coffee) and a slice of freshly baked bread or some meat and vegetables. I have decided not to stress about this way of eating, doing 4:3, which eventually will get me down a few kilos and I am enjoying it.
    Two days ago my BH made fabulous sour cabbage rolls. First he fried chopped onion with chopped mushrooms, then added a bit of rice and chicken stock. After a few minutes took it off the burner and added the raw mince. A spoonful of the mix on a sour cabbage leaf, in the middle of which he put a finger-sized chicken fillet, rolled in a piece of bacon, then roll the leaf to enclose the filling. Delicious! Could be done also with fresh cabbage, boiled for a few minutes in salty water. Can be cooked on the stove with some water or baked in the oven. Bon appetit!

    I’ve noticed a couple things lately. Don’t know if I can credit them to IF or if it’s a matter of being at a more “normal” weight or entirely unrelated to weight loss at all. In any case, I’m delighted.

    One is that I get far fewer upper respiratory infections. I’m asthmatic so URIs have more serious effects and consequences for me. They frequently become bronchitis and require steroids. Plus, the asthma control meds I take make me more susceptible to URIs. But in the last year or two I’ve had almost none. So very unusual and welcome for me!

    The other thing is that I suck in my gut quite unconsciously now. I used to take a regular Pilates class. Haven’t in years but that’s a lot of core work. And, when I was doing it, I sorta conditioned myself to suck my abs in when I was sitting in the car. Now I find that I’m standing around doing any sort of task and I’ve got tight abs. This does not change the fact that I still have a substantial bay window out front, mind you, but it’s a good thing for developing those muscles — which come to my aid breathing — as well as an appearance boost.

    It’s great to hear from all of you! Was wondering…
    Sounds like you’re all doing fine and coming up with some mouth-watering recipes too!
    I have a longevity dvd that I work out to by a woman called Gillian Lynne who was 87 when she made the DVD. So many wonderful women to be inspired by!
    Had 2 FDs this week with much less than 500 calories for each but have pigged out today – so fingers crossed. Am planning to be careful the next 2 days. Thanks so much for recommending Mimi’s recipe book – such tasty and good recipes.

    I’m doing badly this weekend, while in the USA. The boys are getting us up so early and daughter-in-law kindly bought the stuff we used to have – orange juice and Raisin Bran! Yuck! Sugar overload.

    Hopefully, a normal week will enable OH and me to eat as we do st home.

    It’s lovely being eith the boys, but I’m exhausted. And it’s sooooo cold here now, after the unusually mild Friday when we arrived.

    Hope you’re all doing better than I!

    Pol 🙋🏼

    PPenny, if you are in or near Princeton, NJ, you have so many healthy food options available, including at Whole Foods and the many wonderful restaurants in the area. In fact, New Jersey is the “garden state” and, if you visit your family there in the summer, you’ll find the best tomatoes you’ve ever had in your life. I hope you find healthier food options during your stay and it warms up a bit.

    Pollypenny I think this is a really tough part of the year- I have a fantasy that way back when, us human beings used to hibernate through the winter and sometimes I wish I could do that now. Have just weighed myself and despite 2 decidedly over the top eating days this week, I think I have managed to lose 1 lb. Phew! So gritting my teeth against the weather, I am going forward with optimism and renewed resolution!

    Hi, north rancher. Yes, the vegetables are wonderful. When the family eat out its usually at a Ruby Tuesday, where they are tolerant of children, who can be messy, even though they’re not naughty. We don’t eat out much as we are helping. Daughter-in-law is travelling next week. They both work such long hours.

    What gets me is the amount of added sugar in things like like bread, cereal and yoghurt. Off on a hunt for marmite tomorrow.

    Curiouser, it’s hibernation that got me in trouble. I have not weighed since Thursday, but have some wiggle room, thankfully.

    Pol 💁🏼

    At 69 7/8 I bought my first 3″ heels in about 30 years this morning.

    It’s amazing the difference not balancing an extra 40 pounds on my toes makes! In the long run I may or may not resign myself to tottering around on them more than occasionally. But at 5′ tall, it’s fun and cheap excitement feeling like a fashionista and being able to reach things on the top shelf at the grocers at the moment. 😃

    Hi all, I just read through many of your posts and am excited to get started! I am 66, will be 67 in March and my husband is 68. We are starting this week after reading the Fast Diet book. I found it compelling. We have both been creeping up in weight the last 2 years and have no desire to to be so consumed with trying to eat so rigidly. I think we eat better then most people we know but have our trigger foods that get us into trouble. I know I am a stress-eater too. Thanks for all your input…the journey begins!

    LA, you go girl–more power to you! I think if it feels good, why not? You’ve earned it and deserve a sassy pair of heels. (Can you post a photo?) Wish I could wear high heels, but at 5’10”, I’d have my head in the clouds;) I really think it’s important to have rewards for all the hard work and discipline. I’m starting with little rewards, like a long bubble bath, pedicure, sitting by the fire with a book…As women, I don’t think we reward ourselves nearly enough, so I think building in treats of the non-edible kind is a good thing.

    I also want to thank you for posting the recipe link–that stew looks yummy. Haven’t made it yet, but I will. Today would’ve been perfect–we had snow.

    And, welcome, Radio! I’m also a newbie and just getting the hang of the 5:2. You’ll learn a lot from the ladies here who’ve had good success with it.

    Polly, hope you’re finding better food options in NJ and are enjoying your stay. Whenever I go back–it’s my home state–all I want is pizza (best there is!) and chili dogs, and for breakfast, a Taylor Ham sandwich at the diner. I get into a lot of trouble when I go home–old habits die hard!

    Radio, we were also eating rigidly, breakfast, lunch and dinner. To make things worse, I thought i was eating well – orange juice and porridge, a salad sandwich with cheese and, often chutney, home made lasagne etc. But portions were huge, thanks to OH being such a god cook,

    A trip to Ireland where we were almost force fed, was the wake up call. I read the book from cover to cover and we started on 25th April. I hit target on 22nd September, so maintaining now. Still losing slowly, though. OH has another stone to go.

    You can do it! Age is irrelevant.

    Nr, I changed my habit yesterday and tried Japanese at Princeton mall instead of my usual pizza. Mistake.

    Sounds like everyone is doing well. Great!
    Yes, welcome Radio! I am 68 and just in my 3rd week – am learning already that it’s ok to change which days are FDs. At the start I wanted to do the 2 FDs together but that just doesn’t work for me right now. So I split them. I met someone at the weekend who has lost 8 stone by doing 1:1and that sounds like a good idea eventually. Thanks for the tip about waist measurements LAChubster – can feel mine going in today! Stomach seems to be satisfied with less and I definitely feel happier. Just hope I can keep going.

    Welcome, Radio! Yes, I was impressed by the amount of hard research this approach is based on. And then, once I started, I was reinforced by how well it fit my lifestyle and how effectively my obsessive food cravings were quashed. And, as Curiouser points out, it’s very flexible.

    And speaking of curious, I’m very curious why Japanese was a mistake, Polly. I always think of Japanese are quite light. I’d skip the rice and teriyaki sauce, personally, but I’d feel good even about yummy fried tempura and crispy fried salmon skin. Or am I deluding myself?

    Here are the heels, as requested. Nothing really special about them. They were only $35 at Target — the right price for an experiment, I think.


    But the point is, I CAN wear them. I haven’t worn anything taller than 1 1/2″ heels — and then only when an occasion DEMANDED it — since I got pregnant 30+ years ago. The last formal event I went to I had sneakers in a bag for when the pain was just more than I could bear. But I wore these all afternoon.

    And this morning I had to punch 2 new holes in a belt.

    After a year on 5:2 my progress is slow but I’m still making some!

    Chub, I had soba noodles with vegetables, basically cabbage. It was tasty, but ordinary. Those NJ pizzas are special.

    You shoes are not showing. 🙁

    Curiouser, that was my experience, too. It soon gets easier and my stomach seemed to shrink quickly.


    Oh. Are they not? I can see them but perhaps that’s because the digital file came from my computer.

    I’m sorry. I’m not computer literate enough to try a different approach but, as I said, they’re pretty ordinary. It’s just that north rancher asked for a pic so I tried. 😉

    Well I can see the heels Chub and the shoes look good. Can imagine what a triumph it is to wear heels again after so long – another goal achieved!
    I am now managing to walk much more and my hip seems ok – just the occasional twinge. Today I walked the furthest so far – 17650 steps according to my pedometer. I am happy 😊

    Tomorrow is a FD for me and I’m hoping it can get me back on track. I haven’t weighed myself since before the holidays. I’ll have oatmeal for breakfast (200 calories) and coffee. The rest of the day I’ll have plain sparkling water, and if I get hungry before dinner, I’ll eat an apple. For dinner, I’ll do a 300-calorie Lean Cuisine meal with water. I had so much sugar over the holidays that it’s taken me this long to lose the craving for it again. Now, I just look at a cookie and I’m repulsed, which is a relief. This week, I also need to add some activity, so I’ll get out and walk before the snow flies again.

    LA, thanks for posting the photo–your heels look great on you! For some reason, I was visualizing skinny high heels! But, these look more wearable and comfortable. You’ve reached another big milestone. I hope the rest of us can do as well. I’m getting impatient! Slow results, thus far, for me.

    Made it through the first FD! Went better than I expected. Thanks for all the encouraging comments.

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