October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Congrats to England and New Zealand — tough day, Ireland and Australia.

    I’m doing fine.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 19 California NFD

    @matpi my husband is now a Jack Reacher fan after the books were recommended to us while we were in the UK. Now there is a show on Amazon Prime and I think the new series starts in two weeks. I don’t read the books but I do watch the show with him.

    Today will be a NFD because dinner is the only meal I will eat with DH this week as he will be gone most of this weekend then out of town. I’m thinking beef stroganoff and then maybe pie!! For the rest of the week I can just make do with what we have in the fridge for the most part.

    Week 5 of strength training and although I don’t always love it I am enjoying the feeling that I’m getting from increasing my muscle mass and will take some measurements at week 8 to see if anything has changed.

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Go Bokke! Quick visit to the gym before the SA v Japan match this afternoon.

    Wishing everyone a Happy S🌞nday

    Day 20 – UK lake district – CFD

    Morning all,

    Hope all rugby fans enjoyed yesterday, two very different quarter finals for the UK home nations, England played very well Ireland never seemed to get going! Tough games though as always (and a brilliant diversion from UK politics which is a shambles!)

    Ready for todays games, weather good here so afternoon walk planned afterwards.

    Need a concentrated effort this next two weeks, off on another trip away, joys of retirement.

    Good luck those on FD’s today, hope the rugby gang enjoy the games and shouting at the TV, take care all.

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Bitterly disappointed at the Irish performance in the rugby yesterday. So much so that I could not bear to watch much of the second half and went for a walk with DH instead!!! We NEVER give up on rugby but this time…I couldn’t sit there and watch the annihilation. Well done to New Zealand, and absolute masterclass in rugby.

    Well done also to England, great job.

    Going to have an easy day and back on the FD tomorrow ☺️

    Day 20: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well, yesterday actually went to plan, eating-wise!
    The plan was to try and cut out the “naughty” foods (totalling nearly 1000 calories) from the end of my large meal I have when coming home from work at the Royal Mail.
    I DID IT! No Marzipan Ritter bar, no cheese and no chocolate Haagen Dacz luxury ice cream!! So my second (and last) meal of the day was probably half, or slightly less, in calories, consisting of fairly healthy foods.
    I can’t repeat that today as it’s a day spent at home, close to the kitchen…..but, maybe, the way to go during the working week.
    Certainly the scales seemed to agree it IS a good way to go!

    Day 20 UK NFD

    Will try to be mindful today and not “go over the score”! Need to focus now as the end of the month beckons and am keen to reach the target.

    Good luck to everyone today

    Day 20, London, UK, NFD

    Rather than a day of rest, today will be a day of work, housework!! At least it should keep me busy enough to forgo snacking!

    @daffodil2010, Oh dear, there seemed to be a lot of hesitation from Ireland yesterday ……………………… That’s NOT the way to face the All Blacks, not that I could do better, but armchair critique is all I’ve got!!!

    Have a great Sunday everyone!!

    Day 20 California NFD

    Originally this was a FD but my DD wants to meet for lunch so I’ve decided to change it up this week and do both FD’s in the week. This is helped by the fact that my husband is out of town.

    On another note I’ve decided to try to eliminate candy corn from my diet completely – likes cigarettes or (if I was addicted) alcohol. I clearly have an addiction problem 🤐

    Day 21, AUS, FD

    I do wish you hadn’t given me that calorific calculation for a dirty martini, @rabbette. This means technically I could have two on my liquid only FD, and I do not need that temptation! And what a boozy gang we’d all make, you, me, @daffodil2010 and @flourbaby. Who needs food? We’d all be happy to catch up over a drink. Join us, @songbirdme, we’ll introduce you to the delights of a good dry martini.

    Hello @matpi. I love Jack Reacher!! I’ve read all the books… I refused to see the first movie with Tom Cruise in it tho – he is so not to type (ie far too short) for me to think he could play a credible part. I think Lee Child was right to find another actor to play Reacher. Didn’t know there was a series tho (thanks @rafiki44). Speaking of books and good translations on to screen, is anyone a Michael Connelly / Harry Bosch fan?

    Hope you enjoy your holiday @jaifaim – sounds fabulous. And a good break from the challenges of life should see you back in a 5:2 frame of mind on your return!

    Day 21 – Japan – WFD #74

    I have a mild cold but am otherwise fine. Feeling a bit hungry this morning, that happens sometimes. Normally once I get moving everything is fine.

    Day 21 – New Zealand – FD

    Definitely need my back to back fasts this week. I ate ok during my meals this weekend but then I went crazy on the snacking. I ate half a loaf of bread, a bowl of salty buttery popcorn, hazelnut chocolate, rice pudding and alcohol.

    I’m really angry with myself because I was so close to my goal at the beginning of the month and I seem to be sabotaging myself.

    Day 20 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed to keep under TDEE despite going out for a lovely fall drive and dinner in Galena, IL (about an hour west of us). This restaurant has a delicious creme brulee – had to indulge some.

    @penz – I am game to try one of those dirty martinis! Soon. Need to purchase some dry vermouth to add to the liquor cabinet. Oh, and BTW, I have read several Jack Reacher and most all the Harry Bosch books. Thoroughly enjoy them – and also the TV https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Bosch_(TV_series) starring Titus Welliver. Very good.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 20, VA, USA, CD

    Woah – Yesterday I had an unexpected FD and got a bit many steps in (carefully walking with this toe that is healing) This morning Mr. Particular was quite excited to share that I reached a new ATL!!!! YAY!

    I was not very strict this week with my FDs I mean I stayed under 500 cal. Today almost a FD – it was a brunch of 370 cal, and dinner was a beautiful 3 layer KETO Death by Chocolate Cake recipe. The slice was around 400 cal – so this was a >800 day. I even made the cake fancy by doing it as 3 layers. My Sweetheart liked it very much! I even made a vegan cream cheese whip icing for in-between each layer. Thank You @funshipfreddie for the Oct 18th National Chocolate cupcake day, inspired this creation. I could have made cupcakes but really just wanted the LAYERS. I’ve not ever tried to make a layered cake before.

    After my 800 or so calorie day if the scales stay the same tomorrow. I suppose I’ll indulge a bit and maybe finally have a good ol fashioned NFD with Chinese food as dinner (requested last week from my Sweetheart). We’ll see I’ve got plenty of pot roast cabbage soup made for later this week and that will make FDs a breeze. Its so tasty and satisfying and easy to re-heat.

    @songbirdme – I love the dirty martini and the dry vermouth does add just a touch of something, it seems to bring out the taste of the olive brine. Otherwise it sounds like you may try the “Churchill Martini” or Dry Martini, which is just the gin over ice with olives as garnish. I love the olive juice in it tho. Winston Churchill was known to only admire the vermouth from across the room while he drank his martini.

    @matpi – Lemon oil is my go to as for a good tonic. (If peppermint can’t be used) Just make sure if you were to ingest a drop of lemon oil that you place it in glass (never plastic) I imagine you could do the honey with a drop of lemon to aid in tummy distress too. AND if you did not have lemon oil on hand. Then try hot water and a squeeze of 1/2 lemon in the hot water (you could add honey if you like)

    @flourbaby – mmmmm an endless list for our gang ay… Well at least I know we have plenty of reasons to keep at this WOL!

    Day 21, Emden Germany, FD

    @ciren2 well done!!! Try to make this a habit and the pounds will be gone in no time.

    @jaifaim enjoy your holiday and take care!

    @rabbette congrats on your new ATL!

    Pocket list day 21

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 21: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Start of a new working week and new possibilities for putting my plan into action. That is to cut out (where possible!) the extra 1000 calories of naughty, sweet and chocolate-ty items on the back end of my big meal after work. Doing it on Saturday made a welcome drop in the scales, so worthwhile…..if only I can keep going.
    Actual fast-days still elude me however.

    @rabbette: An ATL? That’s fantastic. Oh for an unexpected fast day, eh?
    @neilithicman: Ugh! Poor you…I know the feeling. Happens to me every time I have a day off work. However, a new week beckons….
    @snowflake56: Thanks xx

    Must go….

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Upset tum this morning and not feeling grea since yesterday. Cooking was a disaster for me yesterday.

    I made my Oatbran bread yesterday and added tomatoes to make tomato bread but it just did not turn out right, not properly baked. Then I made a rice, chicken and broccoli thing for dinner and it was awful, I threw it in the bin. I am not a bad cook so these two mishaps in one day has surprised me. Or else my tum was dictating what appeals and neither of these two appealed.

    FD today anyway so see how that goes as I just don’t feel like eating anyhow 😄

    Cold outside. Clear and bright but feels like -1c and there is frost on the cars. Next week the clocks go back so it will be darker in the evening. Currently it’s twilight around 6.30pm so next week it will be 5.30pm ☹️

    @ciren2 hope you can forego that 1000 cal of goodies ☺️
    @rabette well done on the ATL, you are kicking it! Thanks for the lemon in hot water tip, might try this in a few minutes before I head to work, the tum is just not right.

    @funshipfreddie well done to South Africa. Onwards to the semi final now 👍

    Scales are not being kind and I am feeling a bit down by that, which, along with the upset tum makes me want to turn rogue and forget about it! But I won’t! I will pop in here this evening for my own accountability.

    Have a great Monday everyone.

    Day 21 – Lakes UK – FD

    Morning all

    Well excitement and disappointment for rugby fans yesterday, KO stages are like that, it certainly add intensity to a game congratulations to those whose team won and commiserations to those that lost. However semi finals next week and everything to play for. I know one set of fans who had a party this weekend – The Irish contingent, DIL is from NI, love their supporters, great fun whatever the outcome.

    Not done too badly over the weekend at all, the odd glass in hand, not quite as much walking, scales haven’t moved for the last 10 days, which on the positive side is – they haven’t gone up!

    So might try and throw in an extra FD this week instead of just my usual Monday and Thursday. Weather cool and dry here today so quick walk before breakfast (one weetabix and 50 ml semi skimmed milk, hardly exciting) then into the garden, quite a bit to do there so busy day I think. OH will want a walk this afternoon as well so todays FD should go quite quickly.

    Pocket list day 21

    Take care all

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    We did it! The Springboks had me worried there for a while, especially in the first half. And a nail-biting finish for Wales, beating France by one point!

    Much-needed FD today; dreading getting on the scales tomorrow. Que sera…
    @daffodil2010 – I’m putting you on the pocket list, so no ‘going rogue’ now!

    Pocket list – Day 21🍏

    Day 21 UK FD

    Hi I’m back from a fabulous but quite indulgent Sicily trip and aiming to go straight in for a FD to reset Will catch up on all posts this afternoon

    Day 21 UK FD

    After being dry for two years, when I joined this group, I’m now well off the wagon, but being a lot more selective I’m what I drink. Wine is a no no, sadly. It makes me feel very down, and I’m not keen on spirits, so I’m now mainly a beer drinker. Hence some of the extra avoirdupois. So…… I’m on today’s pocket list.

    Pocket list – Day 21

    Have a happy Monday, all. H

    IN what I drink! Not I’m what I drink. Although that is probably true.

    Day 21, London, UK, NFD,

    Well done @ciren2, baby steps, baby steps!!

    @penz I’m a Michael Connelly fan too, the best screen adaptation so far was The Lincoln Lawyer ……………. My judgement may be clouded since the swoon worthy Matthew McConaughey can do NO wrong!!!! Swooooon!!! I’ve only seen one episode of Bosch ………………. I don’t think adaptations for the screen ever live up to my imagination!!

    @neilithicman – that self-sabotage dragon seems to rear its ugly head as soon as I get anywhere near a target, the mind is a wonderful but frustrating thing!!! You WILL get there, but some dragon slaying is in order!!

    @daffodil2010, you know as well as anyone that sometimes that 2 week delay to seeing any results is like balancing on a knife edge ………………. For 2 whole nightmare weeks!!! You WILL get there, after-all, you’re doing everything right, so perhaps there’s a whoosh in your future, drown some dragons and await the whoosh!!!

    @emma taylor – ‘avoirdupois’ – I like it, but not enough to acquire it!!! It sounds better than ‘excess timber’, but again, I must get to the point where I have no need for these phrases!!!

    Onward & downwards folks, I can’t believe the month is nearly over, what have I been doing this month???!!!

    Day 21 – USA – NFD

    Maintaining nicely, still reading all posts daily and keeping accountable on spreadsheet…today 1 lb. below this month’s goal so hope to keep it that way for the home stretch…@EmmaTaylor, have no fear! I also abstain from wine completely for the same reasons, my mind and body just cannot handle the alcohol % and have never found anything below 12-13% that still tastes good. Never really got into spirits and at this late date, do not want to start! Yes, beer is the alternative, but there are so many good low carb, low alcohol ones out there that for me, it’s easy to have it whenever I like and not gain, as long as I’m balancing my food intake with low-carb, moderate protein and healthy fats, and MFP helps me keep track daily. Sounds like a lot of work, but it became a WOL for me since 2/17 and almost 60 lbs. later, here I am with no regrets!

    Day 21 Melb Aust CD

    So sorry not to have been commenting – last week was a “birthday” week of eating, plus very busy with other things (my planned B2B2B2B2B went out the window!). Result is – weight increase of 2 kgs that I am now working on by …. you guessed it, counting calories. Managed a healthy CD today, and WILL do better from now.

    @ciren2, please let us know the results of your MRI; hoping for a positive and useful result, as in giving guidance in helping you with the pain management. Noted that you have begun restricting some of the treats with your evening meal – a good step.

    @daffodil2010, great you’re getting back to routine post-hols, and even if the FDs have only resulted in a 1 lb weight drop, you know it will shift. I envy you the vegetables you can grow for yourself. Here, possums moved in a few years ago, so anything grown was just feeding them. I gave up, and buy what I need when I need it.

    It seems several folk from a few different countries have been enjoying the rugby. Sadly, not everyone can win, but still good to watch.

    Jack Reacher books? never read them. I’ve only seen one of the films (the Tom Cruise one which others have criticised). Generally, if I’ve read books, I choose not to watch the film. I find it too frustrating, as generally, so many nuances are missed. Has anyone read any of the Jeffrey Deaver books? I only discovered them recently, and have been really enjoying them.

    @rabbette, good that you’re watching your NFD calories, too. It will be good when you are able to move freely, but managing 5000 steps despite the toe is doing well. Great that you reached an ATL on day 20. Well done.

    @ccco, re dizziness, have you considered getting some blood tests done to try to find out what’s going on? Hopefully adding a couple of meat meals a week will help.

    @penz, another who can grow vegies. Lucky you. Yep, maybe join the rest of us in counting calories. Sigh!

    @neilithicman, good the holiday damage wasn’t too great, and don’t beat yourself over the head for one bad day at the weekend. You know you can do this. Hope your FD went well today.

    @dykask, I agree that processed foods are to a large degree unhealthy. Not sure I entirely agree with you about protein – for those on a reduced calorie intake diet, the proportion of protein eaten has to increase. But, of course, that doesn’t mean eating a 350 gm steak. I’m amazed at your level of fitness with the exercises you do.

    @songbirdme, thanks for the link to the recipes. Just looking at the pictures and I felt hungry! 🙂 Good that your weight has been staying down even a couple of days after a FD. That’s encouraging.

    @rafiki44, hope the work tangle has sorted itself out without too much damage to your weight loss process.

    @snowflake56, You’ve been achieving some good FDs, so I hope the scales are being kind to you.

    @funshipfreddie, another rugby fan. Noted your comment about needing to put some meat back into your diet because of feeling faint. That was after 7 years of vegetarianism. I seem to have a much higher need for protein. Just last week I was eating, eating, knowing that my body was craving something and not able to work out what it was. I ate a lot of bad carbs, but still craving. As soon as I ate some meat, all the craving settled. It’s made me realise that I haven’t been eating enough good quality protein from red meat. I’d forgotten past experience, where if I’d not had enough protein intake, I would develop a craving for carbs. And it seems to be red meat I need more of. I tend to eat mainly eggs, cheese and some chicken, with maybe one fish meal a week. Maybe it hasn’t been enough since I started this WOL? Anyone read anything about that?

    @i hate lettuce, hope the aches and pains post-painting have settled, and that you’ve been enjoying the rugby, even if the scales are not moving.

    @mia139, what great progress you’ve been making, already past your October goal, good for you! Keep being mindful on NFDs.

    @flourbaby, have you moved to OMAD for your NFDs? Will that give you enough food intake?

    @lily martin, noted that you’ve had some good FDs and CDs. Like you, I’m now counting calories. Not that I don’t know how much I’m eating, but because when I see the numbers written down, it helps my discipline.

    @matpi, hope you’re feeling better after that strange episode you had. Will you try the lemon oil if it happen again?

    @therealwil78, good to see you dropping in

    @bellyblast, good that despite the unplanned trip, you were able to implement some sensible controls with both eating and exercise.

    @wacm, good to see you back

    @jaifaim, enjoy your Moroccan cycling holiday. 5:2 will be here when you get back.

    @brightonbelle, welcome back from Sicily. Hope the day 21 FD went well, and that the scales haven’t been too unkind to you.

    @emma Taylor, hope you’ve enjoyed a successful day 21 FD.

    Okay, there are 10 days left for the month. I hope you are approaching your goals (or surpassing them, like @mia139), but whether the scales are down or up, applying the words of Sir Winston Churchill during WWII, “Never give up, never give up, never give up” (or it might be never give in, but the sentiment is the same! 🙂 )

    Some good quotes have been mentioned over the past few days, but I still stick with: onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 21 UK FD

    So far so good on FD… Just past 4 pm and still fasting from last night. Hopefully low calorie dinner and then close the kitchen!

    Good luck to everyone today.

    2nd post

    Popping in for accountability as promised and delighted that @funshipfreddie put me on the pocket list to stop me going rogue 😀 I won’t let you down fellow fasters.

    Until tomorrow – have a good rest of day

    Day 22 – New Zealand – FD

    Second of my back to back fast days to recover from the weekend’s excesses. Yesterday went well, I managed to eat only around 500 calories, had a great gym session and some evening tennis. I’m hoping to do similar today and that may give me a better weigh-in tomorrow than I had last week.

    Have a great one everyone.

    Day 21, VA, USA, CD

    Feeling like it’s a holiday as my sweetheart and I had a slice of the keto death by chocolate cake at lunch time. Dare I say it was even better today. I will say you can tell it is more dense but its so moist. I did slightly modify the recipe to include a 1/2 cup of coconut flour (since I typically have that on hand – it gives a more buttery kind of flavor to cakes especially if using just almond flour or oat flour) and then tonight
    Looking forward to some Chinese take out. That will not be low carb, however I want to live a little too. Can’t eat strict all the time or I know I’ll binge.

    @ciren2 – good job on the cutting out extra stuff where possible. It’s amazing where the dang calories add up and if it works you can totally ride this way instead of an outright fast.

    @daffodil2010 – I have done this… and I’m not a bad cook, but my sweetheart told me, its ok toss it in the bin, don’t force yourself to eat something crappy. Its not like it happens all the time. Yes lemon and hot water is actually kind of nice. If its too strong just try a slice of lemon in hot water. Hang in there even if the scales are pesky.

    @i-hate-lettuce – anytime I had a stall I usually switched things up a bit. Adding an FD or changing to LFD or WFD or even Egg Fasting (thats an interesting adventure)

    @brightonbelle – welcome back!

    @emma-taylor – you get word of the day recognition with the use of avoirdupois. Had to look that fancy word up. Beer is sneaky I once had a sweet tangle love affair with stouts. I wonder if you just haven’t found the right spirit to like… what is your preferred beer at the moment?

    @flourbaby – bahahahahahaha ‘excess timber’ glad I did not have a mouth full of water I would have spewed out onto the computer.

    @betsylee – well dang celebrated a Birthday Week Heck Yeah and only up 2kg I’ve went up 5lbs in a week and if you just mind those Ps and Qs of Fasting it will come back down. You got this! BTW
    *•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* •.¸,¤°¤,¸.• *.:。.✿°¤,¸.•*´¯)
    ◦•●◉✿ Happy Belated Birthday ✿◉●•◦
    *•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* •.¸,¤°¤,¸.• *.:。.✿°¤,¸.•*´¯)

    Cheers to you fasters keep it up! The more you embrace the Fast today the “faster” the weight melts off tomorrow.

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22, Aus, NFD

    Well yesterday’s FD was almost a bust. Almost. We had a morning tea at work and I succumbed to temptation. I almost chucked in the towel last night but thought of you fellow pocket listers and limited myself to a spoon of peanut butter and a small slice of cheese. Certainly not my usual coffee-only FD but defn no more than 800 calories for the day.

    I also like Matthew McConaughey. I went to a talk by Michael Connelly and interestingly the Lincoln Lawyer concept is based on a real lawyer. Connelly went to the baseball one day and the fellow sitting next to him (a complete stranger) was a lawyer who worked out of his car. Hence the book! I do quite enjoy the Bosch tv series adaptation. It’s different and similar enough that I can enjoy it. (I’m usually once of those purists who only read the book avoid any tv/movie version.) I like the Deaver books too, @betsylee but it was actually the movie version of The Bone Collector of that that got me into the Lincoln Rhyme series.

    And I should give credit where credit is due. I look after the native bush garden, and OH looks after the vegetable garden. I would otherwise kill all our vegies and herbs!

    Day 22 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast #74 wasn’t as hard as my cold was on me! Today is a special holiday in Japan for the Enthronement of the new Emperor. We are about a 15 minute walk from where the ceremony will be and there are even police patrolling our side streets. Pretty amazing considering that it is raining a lot.

    @betsylee – I think protein is tricky. You have to have enough but I think what most people consume in the western world is way more than necessary. On the other hand too much protein is likely harmful, but just how harmful isn’t well understood yet. In any case if someone is obese then the extra protein is probably not nearly as harmful as the extra weight.

    Day 21 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 19 — NFD
    Day 20 — NFD

    Saturday went out to dinner with friends and wound up with a reaction to the food. That carried over to Sunday, so that on those two days, while I kept fairly close to my eating targets, I did lose track since I was pretty wiped out. Fortunately everything seems back to normal today and it’s been a good MFD.

    @flourbaby, @penz, and @rafiki44 Thanks for the info about the Jack Reacher books. Is it best to start with the first one and go through them in the order they were written? By the way, there are a couple of movies that are definitely better (imho) than the original books, but usually I prefer the book to what they do with the movie.

    @rabbette Thanks for telling me about lemon oil. I’ll go to a local natural foods store and pick some up. Guess it would have been helpful this last weekend.


    Lately I’ve been enjoying Sandra Brown books:

    Day 22: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I’ve developed a nasty cough and sore throat since yesterday…..the first virus of the winter (groan)!
    My plan to cut out the “naughty” foods at yesterday’s homecoming meal didn’t work out, BUT will try again today. 1000 calories is well worth saving, and my goal.
    I have a date for my MRI pelvis scan….11th November, just happens to be my day off that week….how lucky! No need to go crawling to the boss to change my days!

    Better go……see you later.

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – CD

    Good FD yesterday. The tum felt much better by lunch so I had my tiny Oatbran bread sandwhich (90 cals) and I picked up a chowder for dinner in the local supermarket. It’s and Irish brand soup range and although I make my own soup I can’t do chowder, and this one is FAB. And only 236 calories! Very satisfying.

    Slept like a log, the alarm woke me up which is highly unusual, and now looking forward to a new day. I think I am really going to enjoy my new job very much, it’s busy but no crazy deadlines like my last one ☺️

    Thanks @flourbaby fir the good wishes and the reminder of the two week gap. You are right, just keep plugging on, do the right things, it WILL and it DOES work.

    Regarding the Jack Reacher books, I may have read two dud ones but I just could not get into them. I have enjoyed the Tom Cruise movies but then I had absolutely no preconception then of what Jack Reacher should look like. I like Michael Connelly too. However, blame the digital age, my book reading has dropped way off in the years now that there is Instagram and YouTube etc to browse instead!!!

    So today is an NFD but plan a controlled one, usual tiny lunch, then a mince beef and chickpea chilli for dinner. Can’t be more than 1000 calories in that. Tomorrow will be my 2nd FD.

    Hang in there fellow fasters, the end of the month is nigh 😀

    Day 22, Emden Germany, NFD

    yesterday’s FD became a FD800 after joining dinner with DH and a friend. Monday evening is filmclub evening so the dinner is mostly a light stir fry, not too bad. In the cinema we never have something to eat, most of the audience is 60+, not many popcorn eaters among them.

    @betsylee no movement on the scales to speak of, a few gramms up, a few gramms down.But I’m doing fine.

    @ciren2 how good to know when the MRI will be done, it’s a move forward. Try to stay stong today, 1000 cals are a lot, take care of that cough.

    How interesting to hear of authers I’ve never heard of before, don’t know the films either. Not a Tom Cruise fan at all.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Have a

    2nd post

    hmmm, wanted to write “authors”! Strange word if you look at it too often.

    Day 22 – Lake district UK – CFD

    Excellent FD yesterday so will try and consolidate today, weathers good so morning walk then back into the garden, at least it’s now dried out a bit and can get things tidied up.

    @betsylee – decorating aches and pains gone, replaced by heavy day in the garden ones! Age is just a number they say, well that comes along to bite you on the backside sooner or later 😉

    @rabbette – think it may be a combination of being extra busy with DIY etc and drinking lots more water than normal, slight shift on scales this morning.

    @daffodil2010 – likewise really good FD yesterday, calories consumed crept up to 815 but the walk burned 1010 (plus some quite heavy garden work) so with by BMR being 1917…. no wonder scales moved downwards a bit this morning!

    Take care all.

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @betsylee – could it be iron you’re lacking? Iron deficiency can make you feel really lethargic. I still take half an iron tablet most days; my body doesn’t seem to absorb it easily, even though I eat meat now. Some foods can inhibit iron absorption too.

    For a good legal drama you can’t beat John Grisham. His last couple of books have been a bit iffy, but I loved his earlier stuff. Quite a few of his books were made into movies too, eg The Pelican Brief & The Firm. I don’t think I’ve ever read Lee Child; but I will, now everyone’s talking about Jack Reacher. There’s even a site – lovejackreacher.com

    Ten days to go, a third of the month to make a difference 🍏

    Day 22 UK NFD

    Didn’t quite manage a >500 FD yesterday but relatively pleased still 800 ish Bit ambitious to think I could get straight back in particularly with the drastic weather change Really cold and damp yesterday Lot brighter today so hoping for a nice walk and see how the day goes

    Day 22, London, UK, FD,

    Quick check-in from me today. I’m feeling super bloated, but thank goodness it’s a FD, my face looks a bit puffy too. I think it’s too late for allergies so I’m putting it down to my expected TOM.

    I’ve a small tuna salad for late breakfast today but it’s my nephews 9th B’day, so a little family get-together tonight WILL involve cake …………………….. maybe I’ll swap cake for soup on this FD!!!

    @betsylee, yes I’m moving my 2 meals closer together, so effectively getting to be OMAD all week, as one meal tends to be a salad or soup it just means I have a 2 course meal!!!

    I’m falling down on my water consumption and my skin is showing the results ……………………………… time to drown some dragons!!!

    Keep the faith folks!!

    Day 22- Atl., Ga- USA- FD

    Day 22 Melb Aust CD

    Managing CDs okay with the calorie counting, about 1250 calories the past 2 days, aiming for a FD tomorrow (might be a FD800, we’ll see).

    @mia139, Hope the day 21 FD finished well.

    @daffodil2010, Great that your day 21 FD went well, and here’s hoping for a successful CD today. Interested that you’re one who hasn’t been able to delve into the Jack Reacher books. I have the same problem with Kathy Reichs’ books. I’ve tried, but they just don’t grab me. I bought several from the op shops, and will try again with another couple before giving up entirely.

    @neilithicman, Hope tomorrow’s weigh-in supports all your hard work over the past 2 days.

    @rabbette, your keto “death by chocolate” cake sounds yum – you got me with the word chocolate! 🙂 By the way, 2 kg is 4.4 lbs, so not so far off 5 lb, but some is already moving, for which I’m thankful. I did have a fun week, though.

    @songbirdme, hope the NFD was fairly controlled. I’ve never read any books by Sandra Brown, I’ll have to look for them. One author I do enjoy is Catherine Coulter, specifically her FBI thrillers, though I’ve not enjoyed the recent co-authored ones involving a British (dual national) FBI agent.

    @penz, well done in putting the brakes on yesterday. I’d call the day a FD800 (MFD) rather than a NFD. We have a mutual enjoyment of Jeffrey Deaver’s books, I see. I like the Lincoln Rhyme series, but as written above, have not been able to get into Kathy Reichs’s books, also medical forensic crime-based. Different writing styles, I guess. Even if OH does the vegie gardening, you still get lovely homegrown vegetables, so lucky you. They always taste so much better than those in the shops.

    @dykask, I saw some of the Emperor’s Enthronement on the news – is that the brother of the previous Emperor, and did the previous one step down (abdicate)? I know the brother had a son, while the emperor only had a daughter; did that play into the change? Thanks for your comments re protein. I think the quality of the protein can also be a factor in how beneficial it is, or not. I agree that many in the Western world majorly over-indulge in protein, but I don’t, and I think I need to eat more red meat than I have been. Once every 2-3 weeks isn’t enough.

    @matpi, Glad you’re feeling better now, after that bad food reaction on Saturday.

    @ciren2, Sorry to read that you’re down with a virus already this winter (‘cos winter’s not really arrived yet) – hope you recover quickly. We’ll be interested in the MRI result on the November forum.

    @snowflake56, Great your weight is staying stable. You’re at the top of your maintenance range, aren’t you?

    @i hate lettuce, Yep, always things to do around the house, and age catches up with the best of us. We can still do the things we’ve always done, but they take longer and we recover a bit more slowly. Aghh!

    @funshipfreddie, Good suggestion, but not sure that iron is the problem. I always have a haemoglobin near the top of the female range, and a routine iron check early this year was in the middle of the normal range. However, there must be something in the red meat that my body needs, and my red meat intake has been quite low for a few months now. I’ll make some dietary adjustments and see how I go.
    I also enjoy the John Grisham books. As well as the ones you mentioned, The Client, and Street Lawyer are particular favourites.

    @brightonbelle, Good that you managed a FD800 (MFD) for day 21. Hope the weather is staying fine, to allow you to enjoy a pleasant walk today.

    @flourbaby, Frustrating for you to be feeling bloated. Hope the FD goes well. With your eating changes, you’ll basically be having an IF every day of around 18-20 hours. Good luck with it.

    @therealwil78, Hello for today, and good luck with your FD.

    Keep on keeping on the downward trail, everyone!

    Day 22, VA, USA, FD

    Yesterday ended up as NFD instead of CD. Which is totally fine I had not had a official NFD in about a week and not because I was trying to, but just wasn’t ready for a full day of eating (this is very interesting to observe) I suspect when my rhythm comes back It may be OMAD maybe 2 if I’m feeling froggy.

    None the less lets talk about yesterday. It started out regular water and black coffee in the morning. Afternoon, I had broth and a small slice of my Keto Cake around 300 cal. Then dinner my SO was wanting Chinese Take out last Friday. I wasn’t ready, but last night I was like yeah, lets do it! So I dove in (I had thought about ordering something more healthy friendly even for take out) but was convinced to get our usual. WARNING if you are fasting don’t read this next line. The usual means: Veggie Lo-mein, Kung Pao Shrimp, Dumplings and an egg roll, I looked on-line to get a guess-t-mate about how many calories my meal was and it looks like between 900-1000 ummm yeah that is what I would say is a wake up call! Hence not quote a CD day. However, that would mean OMAD would allow for an evening of such indulgence.

    Today back to the FDs. I’m 14 lbs away from goal. So exciting, I’ve never even thought this weight (even the weight I am currently) was possible for me.

    Clothes are interesting as we are moving into winter and of course I’ve never been this size, my only saving grace for not having to invest yet in new clothes is that my yoga gear (for the most part) my winter pants apparently have tons of stretch/shrink and they still *mostly* fit. Interestingly the legs fit better than the waist. The too big waist I can cover with a shirt. (I did score a couple of new-to-me thrift store shirts tho) b/c I was swimming in my old ones.

    Will be looking into how to make some of my old clothes smaller b/c they are too dang cute not to keep/modify.

    >800 club (includes me on Fri which was going to be an FD) @brightonbelle, @snowflake56, @penz, @betsylee – and there is the Fast800 which I think is nearly what I kinda fell into last week where I was eating right up to my 500ish ever single night (which I don’t usually feel like I need to, but last week I did) however I didn’t *thank godess* feel like I needed to eat like a NFD or Binge! Eeeep! Yay for no Bingeing.

    @betsylee – I thought 2kg was close to 5ish lbs. You’ll be down in no time, just stick to your water and your plan!

    @penz – good job taking calming the dragon!

    @ciren2 – oh no a virus! Try the hot water and lemon (add a tiny bit of honey) it is great for helping with colds and what not.

    @matpi – booooo the eating reaction. I’d say if you find you have reactions to foods and wanted to be safe with the lemon oil try 1 drop in a large contain of water diluted… only drink a small portion of the water. Toss the rest down the drain. See how you feel (hence no reactions) then you can indulge the 1 drop on honey. (Remember to only use this when necessary as EO are very strong) It would be better to go for more mild cup of hot water with slice of lemon or squeeze of lemon juice if you need to continue or use a remedy for more than a day or two. OR more than once a week. ((Inhaling it can be quite effective too if you are feeling a bit too weak in the stomach))

    @daffodil2010 – woah thanks for the reminder its nearing the end of the month.

    Day 22 Pocket List


    When in doubt drink water or nice cup of tea (if you are cold) our bodies tend to get stressed due to being dehydrated hence I’ve noticed it makes me think I’m hungry.

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Going to do just a OMAD today, sort of a MFD.

    @ciren2 -so sorry you’re having such a bad virus… not fun any time of the year. May your MRI give you the answers you wish.

    @betsylee – I also enjoy Catherine Coulter, in fact reading her “Insidious” right now, an FBI thriller. It is good! You might want to check out any Sandra Brown too. We have a great used bookstore in town where I generally get my paperbacks very cheaply.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 23 – New Zealand – NFD

    It’s my 9 month anniversary on this way of life and at my weigh-in this morning I am 90.7 kilograms, down 700 grams from my weigh-in last week, and 200 grams down from my October 1st weigh-in of 90.9 kilograms. I’m down 41 kilograms (90 pounds) in the 9 months, but this month has been a real struggle. I’m now only 700 grams from my goal weight and hopefully my big bike trip this long weekend can push me over the top and get me to my goal weight by me birthday next Tuesday.

    Looking forward to the big rugby weekend this weekend!

    Have a great day everyone.

    Day 23, Aus, OMAD

    I had planned a FD today but then foolishly planned a lunch date at the same time. So will aim for a OMAD. Maybe an 800 calorie day if I’m careful.

    I’ve read the Jack Reacher books in the order they were published, but there’s really no need as they do jump around chronologically a bit. Very few of them refer back to events in previous books. Thanks for the tip re Catherine Coulter – I do like finding new authors! (And you’re right – that word does look odd the longer I look at it.)

    And so much for our vegie garden. Found our young pup standing proudly in the middle of it last night (it’s a raised bed surrounded by chicken wire) and he’d had a great time rolling around. Flattened and broken vegies everywhere! He’d eaten a carrot down to the fronds so at least he got some nutrition in addition to the fun.

    I like to add a bit of ginger to my hot water and lemon, when I’ve got a cold. And if I’m not planning on kissing anyone (!) some garlic too.

    Awesome results @Neilthicman – you must feel amazing.

    Hi everyone, I haven’t had a proper fast day in almost three weeks. It was school holidays then I got sick and I completely lost my fasting mojo after a really successful four months of fasting (500 cal. 2 days a week). I’m maintaining about five pounds above my goal weight, but I’d like to get back on the fasting wagon. Oh, and I have a new kitten that we adopted from a local animal rescue group. WW.

    Day 22 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    A good NFD, have been hitting all my meal time targets. Typing this out is a little strange, since this is the first evening I’m trying out blue light blocking filters. The big difference right now is that the usual white computer screen now appears yellowish-orange.

    You all have given some really good ideas for authors to look at. It will be a busy reading fall and winter. I saw a jar of marmite in a grocery store today and wanted to satisfy my long-standing curiosity about it as a bread spread. I was disappointed to read the ingredient list and see that it contained onion powder, which I’m allergic to. So let me ask: Do all brands of marmite have onions in them?

    @rabbette Thanks for the ideas about using lemon oil. I’ll try them out and let you know how things went.

    @winsome waif Glad to have you back. The five pounds is a good reasonable goal. By the way, what is your new kittens’s name?

    @penz Thanks for the info about the reading order of the JR books. I didn’t know if fans had a preferred order as some Shakespeare fans have for reading/seeing the plays.

    @neilithicman Kudos on the weight loss! That’s a superb accomplishment!

    Have a great Hump Day!

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