October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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October 2019 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 16 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    2nd B2B2B

    Good FD yesterday but no loss and very bloated. I am in that place that @neilithicman describes above as retaining water after too much starch carbs and sugar. I am pretty sure it’s water weight as not many trips to the loo despite 3 litres of water, two cups green tea and other liquids.

    My UK size 10 trousers fit, just, but I had to take the belt off as bloated belly. Hopefully the coming days and weeks will get me back to normal before month end (and right now getting back onto my plateau look good)!

    @penz thanks for adding me onto today’s list. I sure am joining you today. I grew kale this summer but neither myself nor DH were too bothered by it, and when I tried to make kale chips I got the burnt crispy sort. So no tips from me I am afraid! I will probably have to cull my tomatoes and chillis soon as although they are indoors under glass it’s getting near to the first frosts and growth slowed way down.

    @dykask I do like the thought and analysis you have put into this WOL and the foods we eat and I can certainly echo some of your findings. I am now 2 years doing this WOL and I know that processed foods really are the enemy, I try to avoid white carbs however due to high sugar but they have been slipping in. Protein intake us lower than it used to be on my Dukan Diet days but it’s still important. This is a life long commitment I guess

    Have a great day 16 and HUMP DAY!!

    Day 16 pocket list
    @daffodil2010 (2ndday of B2B2B2)

    Day 16 – Lakes UK – NFD

    Just checking in this morning, Spam filter blocked me last night, grrr.
    Spent yesterday doing DIY, painting, but still managed a decent walk.
    See if I can get finished painting today.

    Take care all.

    Day 16 UK NFD

    Good controlled day yesterday, calories came in around 900. Took advice and ” closed the kitchen” after 7pm. Out for lunch today with 2 friends but will aim to choose well! Weight down another 0.2 kg… not much but will take any loss. Now only 0.7 kg (1.5 lb) to reach October goal. So onwards and downwards!

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 16, London, UK, FD

    I’ve just been released from prison, well it feels that way!!! Actually it was a 3hr meeting with a garden design team for a project we’re hoping to win. Plants are precious ……………………. I get it!!!

    Well, yesterday’s FD was much needed after the 4 NFDs and went like clockwork (thank-you, fellow pocketeers!), I’m not celebrating since FDs are, in fact, the easiest part of this WOL!!! Anyway, I’m looking forward to continuing on the fasting wagon today with Greek yoghurt & an apple for 3pm breakfast and soup for dinner followed by the resounding slam of the kitchen door being shut at 7pm!!!

    @songbirdme, if anyone has the energy for a FD it’s you, I hope it went well!!! Onward and downwards.

    @daffodil2010, part of me thinks, ‘What’s life without a little red wine??’ but in reality, the problem lies in the word ‘little’. I truly know I’m in great company, even if we’re all just a bunch of vino swigging alchies!!! The willpower has deserted me, but I know I’ve made myself accountable to my fellow challengers to complete October ‘DRY’ and regain my NFD mojo …………………….. so NO vino in the house; NO chocolate in the house and NO crisps in the house ……………………… particularly those light as a feather moreish weight-loss assassins …………………. WOTSITS!!!!!! I hope your DH has the key to the wine cellar!!!

    I’m with you @penz, along with about 90% of challengers here!!! NFDs are sooooooo much harder than FDs, yet we’ve lived most of our lives on NFDs!! Ah-Ha ……………………. That’s why we’re here; Doh!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, after my meeting, it’s definitely a 2-humper!!!

    This, I’m applying to NFDs ……………….

    “If we keep doing what we are doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.”

    ………….. I’ve got to get a grip!!!!!

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Got very busy yesterday, so FD went well. Back to 161.3 this morning makes me happy. Knowing all of you are supporting our cause makes such a difference in attitude! <3

    @flourbaby -thanks for the vote of confidence! And yes, you’re in great company about the vino….

    We’ve done some major projects around the house this fall that included some outdoor siding replaced. That carpenter apparently (unknowingly) caused an electrical problem that the electrician could not undo- hence carpenter will be back to fix tomorrow. Quite a scenario!

    Off to Silver Sneakers this morning.I missed it on Monday when they came to do the new driveway. Onward and downward.

    USA DAY 16 FD

    Another FD! Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Day 16 pocket list
    @daffodil2010 (2ndday of B2B2B2)

    Funshipfreddie, I am going to go in the same direction as you did with the vegetarian diet and add two days with a meat or fish meal per week. It started out so well! I felt so energized and now I am so exhausted and dizzy all the time. Then this past weekend, I went to bed fine and woke up the next morning with a very sore jaw, a huge bruise on my jaw, and a bump on the back of my head. I was still under the covers in bed but had no memory of what could have happened to me. I think that is the final straw to make a change. Not even knowing what happened is really really scary and, thus, definitely is cause for a change. It’s too bad, though, because being vegetarian was making this WOL easy. Nevertheless, I have created some very good habits that I think will be helpful going forward.

    Congratulations to everyone for their losses and good luck for everyone moving forward! 🙂

    @snowflake56: MSKAP…as @funshipfreddie said, exactly right. A sort of glorified physiotherapist, as in “advanced practitioner”. A firm diagnosis would be a great start.
    @daffodil2010: I’m sure you’ll soon get rid of the bloat…..a few fastdays and you’ll be fine.
    @penz @flourbaby: Fast days are “easier” than non fast days…..there’s me ALWAYS on a NFD!!
    But, hey, you’re right. I remember when (back in the days of yore) when I used to actually DO 5:2 it was exactly how you say.

    Day 16, VA, USA, FD B2B2B

    We are having a good rain here – we need it tho. After a trip to the store in the rain, I had to change my clothes and get out this little round electric radiant heater which my sweetheart and I call “the sun” . Both of my Kitties are now worshiping this AMAZING warm thing.

    @penz – FDs can be easer for me as well b/c I have planned out my FDs better meaning I already know what I’m going to eat and how much I’m going to eat of it. I’m getting better at NFDs however I find that I still can overdo my food. Usually just constant eating/snacking. I have found that if I do plan a NFD I do better with it. And while it may seem that I like planning my food and/or counting calories that is not the case. I am lazy when it comes to that, but I want to be more informed and make better choices. So lately I have made myself Read the calories to things such as gnocchi pasta I loved eating on NFDs and realized that 1/2 that package was 450 calories (without any sauce) and that is ONE meal, that does not include the rest of the day that I have been eating other things (oh my gosh I saw the calories on this Chorizo Sunrise Signature Bagel I like to order once in a while 840calories WTF!) While I’m doing my best not to complete obsess over calories, I am training myself to be more aware of how many calories are in things that I do encounter. If I keep going around blindly thinking that the food I’m eating or preparing isn’t that bad or that many calories I will wonder why the scales aren’t going down (which I’m still working on… I’ve got a little ways to go.) I plan better snacks (chopped carrots with fresh avocado) and things like that and enjoy that on my NFDs. I don’t feel deprived instead I feel better.

    Ooooh boy I’ve got to go drop some things in the mail…


    Day 16 pocket list
    @daffodil2010 (2ndday of B2B2B2)
    @rabbette B2B2B

    PS feeling snack-y today. Best get my water!

    Day 17, Aus, NFD

    Oh boy, yesterday’s FD was a complete bust and ended with my and OH sharing SEVERAL bottles of wine. I’m that “vino swigging alchie” @flourbaby! And we have a dinner out tonight which will involve more grog. Maybe next week I can get back into the groove.

    I think, like many of you, I’m going to have to start counting calories. I never wanted to but I think I need to. As you say @rabbette, actually knowing how much is contained in favourite treats is a wake up call.

    When I was a teenager, my normal eating pattern was OMAD (dinner) – I never ate breakfast and rarely had lunch. Perhaps I need to remind my body of that old way of life. I still felt fat in those days, but I was a LOT slimmer then than I am now.

    I’ve lost sight of the wagon.

    Day 17 – New Zealand – FD

    I had a low calorie non fast day yesterday. I didn’t get enough time to catch lunch in between my gym session and my dentist appointment so I didn’t get anything to eat between 11am and 5pm. I probably ended up halfway in between what I eat on fast days and non fast days.

    I’m going to cut my alcohol for the next couple of weeks until my birthday to see if that helps me reach my weight goal, I know my bike trip that I have planned for Labour weekend will definitely help.

    Have a great day everyone

    Day 17 country West Australia CD
    Day 16 had a really good FD and the scales are heading in the right direction, as in down!!
    @penz When I first started this WOL in November 2016 I found that I had to count calories for quite a while to get a handle on what I actually WAS consuming.
    I had never counted calories before.
    It was horrifying to find out just how much I was overeating and often thinking that I would be in a calorie deficit.
    Working out my TDEE was also an eye-watering eye opener.
    I calculated that on some days when I was feeling quite virtuous re what I had eaten, in fact it was about 2 days worth calories in one day!
    Because I hate black coffee, on a FD I can have 2 coffees, a couple of cups of white tea ( occasionally have black to keep those pesky calories down but I do like my dairy in drinks), a piece of fruit and perhaps some clear broth or a small serve of non starchy veggies and that’s just under 500 calories.
    Some meals that I have looked at for FDs simply are way over 500 calories in one serve!
    The other thing I had to monitor was portion servings . Again was over-estimating wildly.
    When I started eating off a side plate or entree plate and cut my portions in half , voila! Started to lose weight.
    I found FDs not to be too bad as long as I did as mentioned above. 500 calories is really not much at all.
    However it was the NFDs I had to watch like a hawk.
    Plug, plug, plug the numbers until I had a handle on what eating to my TDEE looked like.
    And trust me it wasn’t a lot!! I ended up eating about half what I had previously eaten.
    Then of course I went completely off track and back to my old eating patterns and worse. Eating things I hadn’t really eaten before. Lots of sugar, lots of carbs lots of fats. In fact lots of EVERYTHING!!!
    And I did it knowing what I was doing.
    BUT since posting here again for accountability, crunching the numbers ( Soooo boring but essential for me for a while), lots of water, increased exercises and…. wonder of wonders…. the weight is slowly starting to go.
    So to all those struggling to stay on or near the wagon, I beg you to stay around. We’re all here for you.
    Have just watched a programme about Alzheimers and the research is showing that people with high BSLs – not even necessarily diabetic- have a 67% increased chance of getting Alzheimers. Another reason I am being more diligent in trying to get my weight down. Off to have my annual bloods done soon and not looking forward to the results😲
    @dykask, glad you are OK.
    Re feeling full and continuing to want to eat after that first bite, I think it has something to do with the leptin and ghrelin hormones which regulate hunger and fullness.
    One bite and the ghrelin is stimulated and it can be bye bye FD!
    @penz I made some great kale chips a few weeks ago. Sprayed the tray with olive oil ( just a very little spray) laid out the kale, sprinkled with a Little Rock salt and a small drizzle of olive oil and put in the oven at about 170º – 180º from memory. They only take a few minutes so I did keep checking them.
    They were lovely – nice and crisp. But they do need to be eaten at the time.
    Any left over didn’t come up very well. And certainly couldn’t re-heat them.
    @betsylee, very belated birthday wishes.
    Wishing everyone a successful day – however that looks for each person.
    We only get to live this day once so make the most of it!🤸‍♀️

    Day 16 Ohio, US — NFD (57 bites)

    A good NFD. Got all my exercise (yoga, walking) in even though we’re having the coolest weather of October so far. I’d like to keep walking through the winter if they keep the sidewalks clear here. Today I’ve cut back on the number of bites — a little experiment. One of the nice things about counting bites is that you don’t have to worry about calories so much. The scales tell me whether I need to cut back on how much I’m eating. And cutting back is simply a matter of taking fewer bites.

    @flourbaby The “little” vino can be a tricky thing. Back in my 20’s I came to the realization that once I start to imbibe, something goes haywire and I accelerate the drinking, one drink after another, until I hit oblivion. Amazingly once I realized that, I stopped drinking altogether. Once in a while I’ll have a drink when I’m with other people, but if I stop at 1 drink and then take lots of water, I can keep the progression from starting. So I’ve had bottles of wine that I got to give as gifts to people I visit just sitting in the pantry for several years. And there is no inclination to even sample them at all. I’m slowly coming to the realization that something similar happens when I eat store-bought sweets, but I’m still working to get past the stage of buying such sweets and binging out on them. Now the goal is to make the same transition with the sweets as I did with alcohol.

    As Teresa of Avila said, “Patient endurance attains to all things!”

    Day 16 NFD California

    I’m headed to get some fast food. I’m having a little work freak -out right now and since I’m here for the next 3 hours or so and can’t drink I think fast food will help calm me!

    Day 17 – Japan – NFD

    Thanks for the thoughts! Today is a busy day for me.

    Day 17: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Just had breakfast (porridge, whole milk) and shortly off to work. Thursdays are busy days for us on the post. Hopefully it won’t rain….it was dry yesterday, once I got out on my delivery anyway.
    Trying to keep to my work routine of two meals a day, breakfast and after work (about 2pm)….both large and not calorie-counted, I’m sorry to say….but if I don’t eat after, say, 3pm, I shouldn’t gain weight, eh?

    @rafiki44: Sounds like you’re having a tough time…..do take care ((hugs)).

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Pocket List – Day 17 🍏


    Day 17 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    3rd B2B2B

    Wow, I really need these FD’s as the weight is stubbornly not moving and the bloat still on. I know it’s because I have actually increased my fibre intake from my holiday time, plus taking kefir again after almost a month off it, and so my gut biome etc is probably trying to get back to normal. I don’t mind, I know it will eventually move for me.

    It’s good to easily slip back into the 16:8 and not eat until lunch around 13.30, I only managed two days of this on holidays as DH loved a lazy brunch (blame him 😄), but now it’s back to regular routine. Never give up. It’s all about the health benefits.

    @rafiki44 hope you are ok?

    @penz when me and DH get together with the wine and it’s the weekend we do just what you and yours do 😨 It’s great at the time but ooooh the consequences.

    @ Flourbaby and @matpi I do love my wine, and there have been times when it’s too much, but I don’t go off the rails anymore. When I was younger, (and by that I mean in my 30’s) things went bad for me life wise personally and I found comfort in the wine. Grand at home but once out, who knows what could happen. Yes, one or two times of oblivion too. Gosh, I was lucky to get through all that ok. I now try Dry Till Fri and it suits me better. And I know when to stop now thank God.

    My SIL is an alcoholic and I see the trouble my brother and their (now grown up) children have had to suffer over the years. ☹️

    @ccco Goodness I hope you are ok? Maybe you fell out of bed and without waking got back in again? Scary.

    Wondering how @michelinme is as noticed she hasn’t posted in a while?

    @rabbette Ha ha, kitties love their comfort and heat. Mine now sits on the front windowsill in the morning as its east facing and catches the morning sun. The rest of the day she snuggles down in the. glass covered warm patio.

    Anyhow, like @rabbette suggested, I am going to have to PLAN my NFD’s and not leave them potluck. It will help over the next few weeks to get back on track.

    Pocket List – Day 17 🍏

    Day 17, Emden Germany, NFD

    yesterday’s FD didn’t happen, didn’t have a plan so it went wrong. Will try on another day.

    @daffodil2010 sorry for throwing you of the PL, I didn’t notice @penz had already made one.

    @funshipfreddie and @ciren2 thanks! We don’t have that overhere and no “advanced practitioner” either. Why does the treatment has to be so painful?

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 17 – UK Lake District – FD

    Morning all, bit achy after redecorating the lounge, been a hectic 2 days, not quite as easy up and down ladders or working on knees these days! But brilliant result and after a full day yesterday … finished!

    FD today and weigh in day tomorrow, not lost anything this week so far, but holding at where I was last Friday, cool out but dry so walking today but need to ‘get going’ first, (sounds like a song “limbs ain’t what they used to be”)

    Common theme here, quite a few like a glass of wine, we’re no exception, but cut right back to one or two nights a week, even then restricted consumption and counted!

    Pocket list today

    Good luck all, take care everybody.

    Day 17, London, UK, FD,

    Another FD for me, it’ll be almost exactly the same as yesterday – yoghurt and fruit for 3pm breakfast and soup for dinner followed by closing, locking & bolting the kitchen door by 7pm, last night I had a Babybel cheese after my dinner, so I’m on the lookout for a vicious guard dog to keep outside the kitchen door!!!

    @ciren2, I reckon if you get one or two FDs under your belt there’ll be NO stopping you!!! I picture you like a child standing on the edge of a swimming pool contemplating diving in, so …………………………….. come on in the waters’ lovely!!!!

    @rabbette, I found that although the calories in some of my favourite foods were a complete eye opener, the real kick in the pants came from discovering the recommended portion size!!!! Those who know me will recall the ‘portion size’ rant of 2017 when I discovered ½ a bagel (What???), a matchbox sized piece of cheese, 1/8th of a Mr Kipling Manor house cake (it’s at most 6” in diameter!!!), 6 wine gums (yeah right!!), ½ of a muffin, 6 M&Ms, 1 single solitary malted milk biscuit (I cried at that one) are all recommended portion sizes!!!!! ………………………………. The list goes on, if food was made & sold in single portion sizes perhaps I would be embarrassed to buy 10 individually wrapped biscuits …………………….. maybe not!!! I suppose the clue is in the fact that carrots, celery and cucumber have MINIMUM daily amounts rather than maximum portion sizes!!!

    @penz, I’m with you, I actually read your post about sharing several bottles of wine and felt jealous, can you imagine if we discovered a liking for vodka or gin??!!! You’ll be looking forward to a dry week next week, or will you?? I’m moving towards OMAD myself, on FDs I tend to take something to work for a late breakfast but often take it home to supplement my dinner, I think I need to stick to OMAD on NFDs to avoid the crazy bouncy-bouncy scales too.

    @lilymartin I think it’s so easy to stretch our stomachs so we can overeat, when I first started fasting I found portion sizes shrunk automatically, ‘cause my tummy did too, however, it really isn’t too difficult to force feed yourself back into the old routines. After my summer holidays of eating & drinking I had to make a real effort with portion sizes to deflate my tummy, my stomach must have stretch marks!!!!

    @matpi, now I know where to go to restock the cellar!!! I’m an all or nothing kind of gal, so the best thing for me is to empty the house of temptation, out of sight out of mind really works for me!!

    I hope everyone is getting back in the groove, I need to remember this fasting malarkey is a WOL, not just something to use to drop a few lbs here and there, I need to make it automatic which I suppose will come from calorie counting, portion control, and NOT eating or drinking mindlessly ……………………….. this weekend’s NFS will be OMAD and mindful eating, consciously thinking about what I’m eating whilst eating it!!!

    Stay strong everyone!!!

    Day 17 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Interesting email this morning from MyFitnessPal (MFP). I have a friend who is losing weight keeping her TDEE at 1200 per day, although mine is more like 1750. These look like good fall recipes with their calories listed:

    Onward and downward.

    Day 17 California FD

    I’ve recovered from yesterday – just a case of my boss thinking I knew what he was doing when he had actually never mentioned it. We will resolve it tomorrow. (Especially as he has put my name on his idea which sounds good but isn’t if I don’t think it will work!).

    Anyway, one more fast day before DH comes back. Feeling a little tired so I’ll take it easy on myself.

    Hope you all have a great day!

    Day 17- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Day 17 UK FD

    Good day today. Fasted 24 hours from dinner yesterday and then had roast chicken ( no skin!) and salad. Hoping for a good result tomorrow.

    Good luck to all today.

    Day 17, VA, USA, FD B2B2B2B

    I can tell that I will be excited to finally walk/move more. I mean I have ants in my pants and still walk MORE than I should, but I’ll be grateful for when I can really move more.

    @flourbaby – oh yes portions. I love it when a package of something that obviously must be made or drank all at once says 2 portions. Such as a can of tea (I was on a road trip so was looking for something different besides water) and WTF let alone it was like 130 calories it said the can had 2 servings? Do I hope that someone wants to share it with me? B/c obviously after I open the can you have to drink it all! Just like that 1/2 a muffin (which would be easier to save, but lets get real, how often do we ever just eat 1/2 a muffin? Only if it was huge or if I didn’t like it maybe… <sigh>

    @penz – ooooop! I switched over from my beloved stouts to vodka and soda water when I want to have more than 1 otherwise I know that I must accept that I will gain. It has been hard to let go of the stouts and I do notice that I actually don’t want the stouts! Oh dear, who am I? Dare I say I have went through a mild detox from them.

    @lilymartin – your response to penz was dead on what happened to me, even on TDEE! I too hate counting calories, but I make myself do it especially if I stall on my downward trend. Although I managed a “gate way to black coffee” I started with cold brew coffee OR even a better a Nitro Cold Brew! For what ever reason cold brew does not taste as bitter as just hot brewed black coffee. From there I have grown to love a straight espresso shot or an americano.

    @rafiki44 – oh my! Stress is a tough little monkey. Hope things work out with the ideas at work.

    @ciren2 – I would say it depends on what you eat before 3pm, b/c I know I could stuff enough in my body to probably still gain. I’m better now with smaller portions, but I still can over eat way more than I should and no matter when I stopped eating I would gain. OMAD works better if I am going to have the no calorie counting approach, then I’ve noticed I stay about the same weight.

    @songbirdme – I like that MFP shows you what 1200 calories looks like. Totally what I need on NFDs for just under 1,400 calories.

    Pocket list today
    @rabbette B2B2B2B

    Day 18 Canada NFD
    Sorry I’ve been missing, am unplanned trip came up. Certainly makes things challenging but I’m watching portion sizes, walking lots and trying to make good choices.
    Hope everyone is doing well!!

    2nd post

    BTW the other day I posted that I did a step goal of only 5,000 and I just try and beat that earlier and earlier in the day. Now I have science to back me up! Yay! https://blog.myfitnesspal.com/science-confirms-walking-4400-steps-a-day-makes-a-big-difference/?otm_medium=onespot&otm_source=onsite&otm_content=article-page:article-footer-unit&otm_click_id=undefined And their average they talk about of around 2,700 steps was where I started (even with all the moving for yoga). Now in my broken toe phase I am still getting just over 4,000. Its like all I needed was to know was what am I getting (stepping) and use that feedback to help me change. I also think that just moving more throughout my day has helped.

    Day 18, Aus, NFD

    Friday! Yay!

    @flourbaby – I’m glad you live on the other side of the world. If we were ever to meet I fear we’d be terrible drinking buddies!! I do like gin (but not vodka). A friend introduced me to dry martinis many years ago and I’ve not looked back. Sigh.

    Have a great weekend every one. The wagon is awaiting me next week.

    Day 18 – Japan – WFD #73

    Day 17 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    Just a quick check in, since today was a mammoth day. All has gone well so far. Last night after I checked in, something hit my sistem and I got super cold and couldn’t warm up. So I had a peanut butter and honey sandwich and some hot water. That brought the daily total up to 67 bites. The honey seems to help with systemic reactions. With any luck I’ll just toddle off to bed now and all will stay quiet on the food front.

    Have a good end of the work week all!

    Day 18 NZ – NFD
    Sorry I have been MIA, finished up my job and officially on leave until I start my new job on the 29th of October, but as I haven’t been replaced at my old job, I have come in to help out on a part time basis. Finding it hard to fast at home, the pantry beckons… but have got my uniform and it is a tight fit, so need to keep on track. Neilithicman – I am in Dunedin too (well on the Taieri). Being Dunedin, we are sure to know some of the same people! I haven’t caught up with everyone’s posts, but will hopefully do some reading and get some motivation and inspiration from everyone’s journey.

    Day 18: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I’ll have to be quick as I’m running a bit late for work!
    @snowflake56: I’m not having actual treatment at the moment…they just want to find out what the problem is….hence they had to see what hurt me, and what didn’t. Hopefully the scan will highlight a problem……then (hopefully too) it can be rectified!
    @flourbaby: Thanks for having more faith in me than I do…..you’re right, of course, if I could get a series of successful FDs I’d be transformed mentally. Get the thinking right, and the rest follows.

    Must fly….

    Day 18 UK FD

    Well scales down 0.6 kg this morning so only 0.1 kg to reach my October target. Was really very strict on FD this week and obviously has helped. Will try another today as looks like a busy weekend , with food, ahead!

    Good luck to everyone today

    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Despite 3 FD’s in a row only a scaldy pound and a bit in loss. Still feeling the bloat but not as much. Guess that holiday gain was not of the easy on/easy off variety then 😆

    Cannot believe first week back to work is almost over! My long trip is now a distant memory.

    Two stepdaughter staying over so we are off out to our local village restaurant tonight for dinner and drinks. No point saying I will be careful as I am already salivating as to what dish I will be ordering..it’s a chicken breast with sundried tomatoes, blue cheese, spinach, garlic sauce….mmmmmm I love it.

    Tomorrow is a big rugby day as we take on the All Blacks of New Zealand (@neilithicman and @wacm may the best team win 🇮🇪) and I thank God for the time difference between Ireland and Japan as coverage starts around 11am in the morning. If it was afternoon we would sure be in the pub with pints of Guinness cheering the team on. So cups of tea instead!!

    I think I might try an Egg Fast next week to shake things up.

    @penz if you, me, and @flourbaby got together I fear we would have some hell of a booze up. I too enjoy gin, not bothered by vodka, but I could drink pretty much everything else except for Pernod 😆

    Have a great weekend all.

    Day 17 – UK Lakeland – CFD

    Morning all,
    Well after a rather good week, the scales haven’t moved, maybe all the extra work I’ve been doing has affected things? Certainly still ache quite a bit, some muscles got a fair work out mid week, paying the price a bit at the moment, a bit creaky, however living room looks good and a few other jobs sorted as well.

    Really looking forward to the rugby this weekend, won’t be straying from the TV until afternoons!

    Take care all

    Day 18, Emden Germany, NFD

    somehow this post went wrong.

    Day 18, Emden Germany, NFD

    @songbirdme thanks for the MFP information, I’ll have a look into it. This is just what I need for motivation!

    @ciren2 I really hope the MRI will give any diagnosis, do you have an appointment yet or is there a long waiting list?

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – CFD

    It’s National Chocolate Cupcake Day here today. I do not lie 😳. Maybe I shouldn’t go out.

    @flourbaby – portion sizes?! During my Chunky KitKat phase, I noticed 1 portion size was two-thirds of a KitKat?! If I lived until I was 300 I would never eat two-thirds of a KitKat & then think, ‘I’ll save that for later’.

    “I’ve never met a problem a proper cupcake couldn’t fix”. Sarah Ockler

    Happy Fasting!🍏

    Day 18, VA, USA, FD

    I suspect FD will be fairly easy as my sweetheart is having an outpatient surgery today. They are having the bones in the tips of both their big toes cut off. I normally would be stress eating, but I’m feeling better with fasting today. However, a message last night left on my phone had me worried and made falling asleep a little challenging. It was a message from my Dads friend (to put this in perspective) I’ve known his friends for at least 5 years or more and I have NEVER had a phone message/call from them (((and of course the message left was about my dad and to please call them back))) <sigh> and to top it off today is my Dad Birthday He lives just far enough away that b/c of my SO surgery I can’t visit yet tho. As I said today would be the “perfect storm” for bingeing. The black expresso I’m drinking tho is quite comforting.

    @penz – oh my gosh I love gin – I still have dirty martinis. *dirty martinis are one of the lowest calorie alcohol cocktails one can have* and my Sweetheart and I love them with our Italian dinners. Gin is actually more of my go-to than vodka ((as I like gin and tonic *blasted tonic has a bit of calories tho)). And once in a while I do a gin and soda (lime seltzer) is nice. Its just sometimes I want the (orange vanilla seltzer) and well gin won’t play as nice with that one. I was also looking and it seems you are a bit aways from me too or else I’d be over for a cocktail. When it comes down to brass tax – I have calculated my artichoke hearts with onions and squash dinner to INCLUDE a dirty martini (a double at that!)
    Double Dirty Martini = 230 calories
    Sautéed artichoke heart dinner = 180
    410 goodness! This is not a common thing I do (the cocktail during a FD) but it does let me have a bit of wiggle room to not feel restricted. Everything in moderation right 😉

    @matpi – We do honey with a 1 drop of peppermint essential oil in it. That is super helpful for tummy distress and has a calming effect. (There are not many essential oils I take ever internally) I’ve studied them OVER 22 years not this “new” take over thats happening (nothing wrong with the movement except many are uninformed about how strong EOs are and that 1 drop of peppermint oil is like having 20-30 cups of tea!)

    @mia139 – Yay! Good job almost at goal for October!

    @daffodil2010 – Oh boy do I see a gang forming? @daffodil2010 @penz @flourbaby and I’ll just invite myself as I do love the Gin and (looking back over my shoulder) my beloved stout…

    @funshipfreddie – WTH! National Chocolate Cupcake day!? Well I thought today was going to be an FD… but now my brain says to me FU… I want cupcake. Haha I best stay clear of the dessert place Shyindigz (the ONLY place I would be willing to indulge for everything else is sub par) *unless I make them homemade from scratch* I had actually thought about making a dessert this weekend too as I’ve not made one in ages! I was going to make a Vegan Tiramisu Trifles which are served in little cups so almost like a cupcake with custard included! Warning don’t look at this recipe if you are FDing today… otherwise click and let the mouth watering begin. Insert evil laugh (Muhahahahaha) https://www.veganricha.com/2014/10/vegan-tiramisu-trifles-coco-whip.html Good luck with the C- in that FD! I’m one to talk as I think I’ll be FDing today… Oh life why are you so sweet?

    Pocket List Day 18
    @rabbette B2B2B2B2B

    Day 18 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Two days in a row right at 161.3 — yeah for that. Generally my DAFD weight is my lowest, but happy to see it again today.

    Whew, @rabbette – you’re making me want a dirty martini! I love salt, and olives satisfy that. The recipe calls for dry vermouth, which I don’t have, so maybe I can pass it by? Ha ha.

    @i-hate-lettuce — hitting a plateau can be really disheartening. Hope yours is brief!

    @ccco – something tells me you may never know exactly what happened in the night. Very strange…

    May all your teams win in World Cup Rugby! (Yeah, looks like that’s not possible with this international group. If only…)

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18 Ohio, US — MFD

    It looks as though Fridays are becoming my second FD’s this semester. Surprisingly Thursdays seem to be quite heavily loaded. In any case this MFD has gone well. I even managed to assemble some new shelves and do a little unpacking. My living room now is beginning to look somewhat like a living room and not somebody’s cluttered old attic. I think it’s going to look nice once everything gets unpacked. (Whenever that may be!)

    There was an interesting article in the Guardian today about all the high literary types that rave about the Jack Reacher books. I started watching the first Jack Reacher film and stopped watching after a little bit. So let me ask — any Jack Reacher fans here?

    @rabbette Alas, I’m allergic to mints (peppermint, spearmint, etc.) so can’t try out what you do with honey. A long while back I used Bach flower remedies, but haven’t really tried essential oils. By any chance, do you know of a good oil that people use for a generic systemic reaction?

    Have a great weekend all!

    Day 19 – Japan – NFD

    My water fast day was easy. Maybe a bit of the hollow feeling late yesterday, but not enough to even think about it.

    My weight seems to be pegging at 81kg +/- a few hundred grams. However my body fat seems to be declining again. I’m trying to put in three days a week where the workout is more focused on strength. Today it was raining so I did pushups, 272 of them, using 4 different variants. I used to do more, but today was a struggle just to do the 272 of them. So I’ve lost some ground. However I’ve switched to doing a pull-up from starting from fully extended arms and was surprised that I was able to do 3 in row. Most of pull-ups after that are singles and then I use bands to assist and do 5 or more at a time and fewer negatives. However I’m wondering if I’m stressing the muscles enough. Before I hurt my elbows I was sometimes doing 8 pull-ups in a row, but it is unlikely my arms were fully extended at the starts. I hurt my elbows doing chin-ups which are actually easier to do. The problem was I was bending my wrists at the top and sometimes lowering myself with my wrists still bent. That put too much strain on my elbows.

    Just like diets there are a lot things to be concerned about when exercising. For strength building a lot of good form is about protecting the weaker joints. Some people like me just have to learn that the hard way.

    Day 19: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    I will try and cut out some of the naughtier items in my “home from work” meal today, like (ideally) the marzipan Ritter bar, the lump of cheese, and the helping of Haagen Dazc chocolate ice cream (yes, really!) saving , probably 1000 calories on that 2nd meal of the day. I’ve found I’m lately getting stomach ache and bloating after this meal. Not surprisingly, you’ll say!! I know….I know.
    I’ll keep the salad and egg mayo sandwich, the lemon cake, the nuts and the yogurt, and try not to feel deprived….ha…ha!

    @snowflake56: I don’t have an MRI appointment yet, but it shouldn’t be too long, as they will be using a private hospital for this.
    @dykask: You amaze me! All those strength exercises, and your easy water fasts. Brilliant.
    Must go to work now.

    Have a good day all xx

    DAY 19 – UK Lakes – NFD

    Very quick check in Rugby ko in 2 mins, my kind of daytime TV!

    @songbirdme, plateau doesn’t particularly bother me, going up might!

    That’s the KO sorry folks

    Have a great weekend take care

    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Big rugby day 🇮🇪 Have a good one!!!

    Day 19 UK NFD

    Well when you stick at this it definitely works. Scales down a further 0.4 kg this morning so passed my October target of 65kg! Will set a revised ambitious goal of further 0.7 kg loss to 64kg. At least it gives me something to aim for but will require much control and fast days!
    I found the ” close the kitchen ” idea the most help this week! Also to ask myself if I really needed the snack and wanted to sabotage my efforts. So thanks to all the helpful suggestions as to how to stay on the wagon!

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Current score – England 17 – Australia 6 🏈

    Have a good weekend

    Day 19 – New Zealand – NFD

    Based solely on the fact that I’m sick of listening to Michael Checka whinge and blame everyone else when the Wallabies lose, and conversely seeing Eddie Jones’ smug smile when England win, I’ll be hoping for Aussie to win tonight 😉

    No surprises who I’m hoping to win in match 2

    Busy day today getting our much neglected gardens and grounds in order before I go on my cycle trip next weekend. Hopefully I can stay awake long enough to watch the All Blacks vs Ireland game, it screens at 11:30pm over here.

    Day 19 Ireland – NFD and will be for next two weeks 😂

    Hi all, it’s the sporadic poster here.. I’m leaving on holidays for two weeks tomorrow and am actually looking forward to getting back and into a routine in November 🙏.. I have read through some of the posts from a few days ago but have to hop up now and look after my dad… @daffodil2010 enjoy the rugby later! Maybe we can do this 💪… I’ll be driving so will listen in the radio. Good luck to England too! A big day in many ways for you all 🤞

    @ciren2 maybe we can start back together the way we mean to go on… I’ve been very lax since May.. as @flourbaby says we can jump In and see how it goes 🏊‍♀️ 👍👍
    I can’t even express how busy life has been recently with all that is going on for me but very much feel like I’m not giving any near 100% to anything and I find that hard but I need to get used to feeling better about giving what I can and being happy with that…
    Holiday is very exciting – cycling the Atlas Mountains in Morocco with friends and on an organised trip so full support and bags are transported from one hotel to the other.. honestly my training took a knock as I’ve needed to care for my parents, which is my main priority, so I’ll only know if I’m able when I get there 😬 🏔 🚲 ☀️
    I’ll probably be out of contact most of the time so won’t be posting unless I find WiFi and I’ll be expanding as I cycle as I’ll be eating lots of good bread, tagine, dates etc 😋 along the way.

    @ccco i hope you are ok and a slight change to your diet improves things for you! I eat a mostly meat free diet but do have meat maybe three times a week..seems to work for me 👍 . Like @daffodil2010 says you probably “sleptfell” but mind yourself and don’t stress too much about it… I’m terrible for just bruising for no reason and trying to track back to how it could have happened…
    @lilymartin – great post! I am one of those people who really needs to get back to calorie counting… and one bite and I’m gone – rarely feel full either.. and @matpi I’m the same with sweets! I can stay off alcohol but sweeties or crisps are my undoing..
    @rafiki44 i hope you and other people having stressful times take care of yourselves… I’m been “ up to ninety” recently with what feels like no spare minutes but have tried to take some time out just for me even if it’s just 15/30 minutes to sit still, meditate (new to this as my mind races) or talk to a friend … it really does help.💕🙏💕

    Hope everyone else is well and catch up soon. You are all so strong 💪. You can do this.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 19, London, UK, NFD
    Day 18, London UK, NFD (OMAD)

    I was slow in getting myself moving yesterday and after Pilates, visiting my mum and shopping, I forgot to post. Being busy helped with the OMAD though, so I’m going to try to stick to OMAD NFDs. I’m keeping everything crossed that it works at reigning in the NFD chaos of late!!

    @penz & @daffodil2010, I’m pretty sure the next day’s headline following us getting together would be along the lines of “World Wine Shortage Announced”, to be honest I’m not sure how you survive being in Australia, surrounded by such fabulous wine, I’d be bathing in the stuff!!!
    @daffodil2010, having worked with lots of Irishmen over the years, I know for a fact that the 11am start won’t prevent them imbibing!!! The pubs will be heaving right about now!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’ve dodged a bullet since I’ve only just read your post, National Chocolate Cupcake Day has passed me by, Phew!!!! I love that you had a “Chunky Kit-Kat PHASE” , I’m not sure I could call my food trip-hazards phases, since I find myself in the supermarket having to avoid the chocolate aisle, the wine aisle, the doughnut aisle and the crisps & nuts aisle (that’s where the Wotsits live!!) …………………….. life-long phases I suppose!!

    @rabbette, on this forum, if we formed a gang (let’s call it what it is), a gang of alchies, the list would be endless. Those still in the closet know who you are!!!
    No offence meant to anyone seriously struggling with the demon booze!!

    @matpi, I’m a BIG Jack Reacher fan, but only the books ………………. Tom Cruise is NOT Jack Reacher!! I have the full set and although they can be a bit hit and miss, I would say the majority are great reads!!!

    @dykask are you still aiming for a planche or still mastering the frog? This sounds weird, but you know what I mean!!!

    Have a great weekend everyone,
    Commiserations to my Aussie friends, now …………………………..COME ON IRELAND!!!!

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