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  • I’ve been struggling with my eating patterns and would love some advice. I’ve been trying to eat healthily and to stick to two fast days each week. However, on non-fast days, I tend to obsess about food and to overeat (especially granola, which we always have in the house and which I cannot control myself around). I feel awful afterwards. I am worried that this is becoming an unhealthy cycle and I am not sure what to do. Any suggestions would be appreciated.

    Thank you.

    Granola is delicious – how about bagging up reasonable-sized portions and writing the weight and kcal on them so that you can record them accurately against your TDEE? Then you don’t need to feel that you’re sacrificing any control when you eat it, and you can allow yourself to feel okay about eating something you like.

    Could it be that you’re hungry on your non-fast days? Keep a close eye on your TDEE and ensure that you’re eating everything you need. If you feel that your body is needing some of the nutrients in granola (nuts and grains have lots of minerals in them), maybe a food supplement would help?

    I get obsessed with food if I’m hungry or bored. Eating loads more veggies every day is sorting out the hunger, and upping my productivity is helping with the boredom. I’ve also started drinking a cup of hot black tea before meals to help shrink my stomach so that there is less to fill – no idea if this really does ‘shrink’ the stomach, but I get that lovely ‘satisfied’ feeling after eating now, which I only used to get if I’d really pigged out. Keeping a close record of what I eat each day also helps me to be mindful about eating, and has given me a few shocks about food values that were way out from what I thought!

    Good luck – stick with it!

    The only thing I can suggest is to try cutting out sugar for a couple of weeks and see if that helps. For me, sugary foods mess up my hunger/feeling full signals. I stick to other delicious food!

    If granola is a trigger food for you, don’t have it in the house. The temptation is removed. Most wouldn’t go to the effort of driving to their local supermarket to buy whatever they are craving which doesn’t last long anyhow.
    Good luck!

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