November 2019 Challenge

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November 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 22: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well, having marvelled at the fact that we’d had no rain for several days in a row….I wake to hear the familiar pattering of the stuff on the windows! Cold and dark. Delivering the mail awaits….yuk!

    @rabbette: I hope you made it through. Awesome Neurological Disorder, an’all.

    Must go now….got the washing up from my breakfast to do….then out into the cold, dark, wet…

    Day 21UK FD
    Day 22 UK FD

    Unable to access the site yesterday but had good FD. Try another today as the mojo is still working and trying for a dash to the line this close to the end of the month!

    Good luck to everyone today

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Back on track with a good FD yesterday. Thinking of doing another one tomorrow to atone for my midweek mini-binge.

    Just been reading about the latest Royal drama re Prince Andrew et al. Always fascinating. I think he’s going to miss that £250,000 per year. Maybe he’ll write some children’s books like his ex..? 😏

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Friday 😄😄😄. We are heading off in the camper straight after work for a two night trip. Only going to travel for a couple of hours then hunker down in a village by the River Shannon (Ireland’s longest river) and possible a pub dinner will be in the mix. Tomorrow we head for a cute campsite on the Shannon with a towpath along the canal, so I am determined to get a monster walk in before the inevitable drinks in the little lakeside pub.

    So looking forward to it. This month of November is not successful, but I will keep on keeping on, never surrender.

    Have a great weekend everyone, it will be Monday before I am back…..

    Day 22 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Morning everybody, very pleased this morning, having put on 8 lbs with holiday, had a very good start at shifting it!
    Travelled home Monday, then had three consecutive FD’s, something I’ve not managed before, but am determined to try and lose the holiday weight a bit quicker than last time (think it was 4 weeks to reach a new low last time)
    Very happy that the scales showed 4 lbs gone already ! Fully aware that is exceptional and won’t carry on (not sure it’s water retention more wine and puddings retention) but makes a target of a new low more enticing and not that far away.

    Looking back through my notes, from my start date 26th July I’ve put weight on twice, both were holidays, no surprise there. On ‘normal’ weeks, including entertaining visitors, bbq’s or having one ‘feast’ day a week, I’ve lost weight or not put any on! I just need to keep counting the calories and keep on with the ‘Man on a mission walking!’

    @daffodil2010 – Have a great weekend
    @funshipfreddie – Won’t take long to recover from your midweeker, stick with it!

    Take care all

    Day 21 UK NFD
    Day 22 UK FD

    Had a much better day yesterday despite or because I had to resort to using an inhaler during the night because my asthma woke me, which happened again last night too. I ate quite a bit of the sweet potato curry bake I made but nothing else except a couple of pieces of fruit. So under tdee but enough that a fast day today stands a good chance of success. My cravings last night were far weaker than they have been recently perhaps because I haven’t had any chocolate for a few days. I was considering having a salad but it didn’t have the urgency of a craving for the sweet stuff.

    The image of a rabbit guarding the fridge made me smile 😃 Actually the guinea pigs might be more effective as they would shout every time the fridge door was opened both telling me off and alerting everyone else as to what I was up to and demanding their share. I used to have guinea pigs in the house when I had my own house. They very quickly learn the sound of the fridge door and can be very very demanding. Wheer starving you haven’t fed us for a wheeek…They also seem to be born knowing that food comes in plastic packaging and shout at every rustle of a bag. If this was my house I would keep them in the kitchen over the winter and let them run about on the floor as I hate keeping them confined. They don’t make much mess outside of their trays of hay, although that does get everywhere but as I already bring lots in on my clothes it wouldn’t make much difference. But it isn’t my kitchen so I can’t have guard pigs:( I will have to conjure up some imaginary guard piggies to shout at me!

    Day 21 – 2nd Post

    @daffodil2010 – I forgot to mention – rooibos tea is South African! Rooibos = ‘red bush’/pronounced roy-boss. It’s caffeine-free & low in tannins. Which is probably why I’m not crazy about it; too healthy! When I arrive in South Africa in the ’80’s it was very cheap; cheaper than black tea. Now that it’s become popular the price has shot up. I stick to Tetleys ☕️

    Day 22, London, UK, NFD

    Busy, busy today before my night out!! So, I’ll catch-up with you guys later.

    Happy Friday Fasting!!

    Day 22 Melb Aust NFD, but not too bad

    Weather much more reasonable today. Even so, @ciren2, your daughter is going to notice the difference. It will be lovely for you to see her, especially for Christmas.

    @Rabette, I just had to chuckle at your description of your messed up FD. Even so, it was much better than my NFD.

    @funshipfreddie, yeah, interesting lives the royals live, when they are no longer close to the line of succession. At the least, Prince Andrew has shown considerable error in judgment, but with all the newspaper hype, it’s difficult to come to the truth of it all.

    @daffodil2010, have a lovely time travelling in your van.

    Keep on keeping on, everyone!

    Day 22 UK NFD

    OK resetting ( again) Have gone off track but with Christmas looming aiming to get back in the swing of things

    Day 22 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good FD yesterday – maintenance is 6:1 for me, but that 1 can still be tough.

    Busy day today, won’t overeat on my DAFD.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 22- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD.

    Well we made through another work week. Got family in town this weekend. Gonna stick to my plan though. Enjoy the weekend everyone!

    Some good FDs yesterday…@mia139:…I wonder what happened with your access…did the site not like you yesterday?
    @funshipfreddie: Interesting snippet about red bush tea actually being Rooibos in South African (I wondered why it had two names). Someone at work seems to swear by it. Not sure what it does though?
    @i-hate-lettuce: Great result for you this week, and @songbirdme….maintaining successfully.

    @brightonbelle: You and me both. I don’t remember when I last fasted (possibly April, one day)…..but, like you I MUST RESET!
    @betsylee: I hear there are bad bush fires in Victoria now. There is a picture of a town to the north of Melbourne (Mildura) with thick red dust/smoke in the air. How do people with asthma cope with THAT? Simply driving behind a diesel car is enough to start me coughing! I hope you’re ok round the Melbourne area.

    Day 22: Pocket List


    Go, go GO…..add yourself if you’re fasting today.

    Day 22 Canada NFD

    @betsylee and @penz I hope you both had a cool spot to ride out the heatwave! That is too hot for my liking. The fires sound awful, must be a worry to have the season start so early.
    @brigtinbelle the great thing about this WOL is that it is always available, just need to hit the reset button.
    A reasonable FD for me yesterday and have a CD ahead

    Day 22

    @ciren2, nope site would not grant access yesterday. Signed in and a message came up saying the site had an over eager protective firewall sometimes and asked for email address to help gain access or just wait and try again. So that what I did… waited till today and all was well. That has never happened before.

    Day 22 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    My mum died yesterday, feeling odd, sad, don’t feel I can contribute anything positive right now so I probably won’t feel like posting for a while. Hope to continue 5:2 and will do my best not to dive into a vat of of Shiraz although I am now on my third glass 😞
    Be back when I feel better.
    In the meantime I want you all to carry on so that you can haul me back onto the wagon when I am ready!
    Love Missy🐻

    So sorry to hear of your loss. It is a dreadful hurt to lose your mum and things are never quite the same again. We will all be here for you when you feel ready.

    Thank you xx

    @missybear — oh so sorry to hear of the loss of your mum. Sending hugs to you through your grief. May good memories sustain you.

    Day 22 – USA – NFD

    @missybear, so sorry to hear about your mom’s passing….many of us have been there. I give you a lot of credit for even being able to post and respond. Please know we are here for you when you come back, and please come back as soon as you can!

    USA Day 22 NFD

    MissyBear, so very sorry to hear about your loss. I wish you and your family the very best!

    Day 22 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 20 — NFD
    Day 21 — NFD (62 bites)

    The fasting has gone well today. Wednesday evening went to a lecture and an associated pizza supper. With all that was going on, I lost count of the bites, so probably overate. Yesterday was a long day and wound up watching some “ Hamish Macbeth” episodes until late, and had to hustle to get to bed around midnight. Got up late today, but did get my morning yoga practice in and am well on the well to getting my 10K steps in.

    This last week a study on intermittent fasting and benefits to heart health was reported in the press. Here’s the URL to one such report: One take-away is that long-term IF really has a very beneficial effect with respect to heart health. Hurrah for this WOL!

    @missybear So sorry about the loss in your family. Peace and comfort be with you all!

    Day 22: Pocket List

    Day 23: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Oh @missybear
    So very sorry to hear your mum died on Thursday. Big, BIG ((hugs)) to you and your family. Stay strong and remember all the good times. xx

    Day 23 UK NFD

    So I think my super careful fast days have resulted in being only 100 g …. 4 ounces? away from my November target which I really thought I would not see this month. My husband tells me ” I’m not eating enough” Let me see, I think that’s the point! Anyway cracking on till the end of the month and hopefully pass the target in preparation for the run up to Christmas!

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @missybear – so sorry to hear you lost your mother. Sending you a hug. We’ll be here to haul you back xx

    @i-hate-lettuce – 3 FDs in a row?! You’ve inspired me. Here I was fretting at the thought of doing a Saturday FD; now I’ve got no excuse.

    @ciren2 – rooibos tea has similar benefits as other herbal teas, eg it contains antioxidants and minerals, it’s rich in vitamin C & has anti-inflammatory effects. It can also work as an antihistamine & protect against allergies. It’s also believed to regulate blood sugar levels & decrease insulin resistance. Research is still going on though, and as with other teas it can interfere with medication.

    Pocket List – Day 23 🍏

    Day 23 – UK Lakes – NFD

    Morning everybody

    @missybear – sorry to hear your sad news, try and think of the good times.
    @matpi – interesting article, heart problems have run in our family, so if this WOL is beneficial, even better.

    After 2 weeks of eating and drinking far too much, thought FD’s etc would be difficult, far from it, it’s actually easier! Sat here with coffee thinking, breakfast? Not that bothered, so will give it a miss!

    Take care all.

    Day 23, Emden Germany, NFD

    @missybear I’m so sorry to hear you lost your mother. Hugs and please take care of yourself.

    Day 23, London, UK, NFD,

    After yesterday’s lovely evening out – there was mashed potato which was nothing short of amazing!!!…………. Perhaps because it’s been off of the menu for such a long time!!! – so today will be relatively controlled and hopefully I’ll even bank a Monday FD to balance things out.

    @missybear, my heartfelt condolences to you and yours at this difficult time. I hope you manage to find and focus on lovely memories to help you through this. xxxx

    I hope this weekend doesn’t negate all the efforts & results of this week, for all of us!!! Everything is crossed!!!

    @missybear – that is very sad news. Sending condolences at this distressing time. We are thinking of you. H

    Wet, dull drizzly day today. I felt lacking in energy as I dragged myself around my delivery in full wet weather gear. We start official “Christmas Pressure” at Royal Mail next week. It gets earlier every year!

    Last night I had this mad plan to try and fast today at least by not eating breakfast and lasting out until I got home to my usual feast at around 2.30pm. The theory would have been that it would have been a 22-hour (approx.) water fast.
    Some hope.
    By the time I got up this morning I was ready for my breakfast porridge as usual!

    That’s what I’m like….no will power whatsoever.

    @funshipfreddie: Thanks for the info’ on rooibos Tea. As it happens I’m not a tea (or coffee) drinker, so I can’t see any particular reason to buy it. I’ve always preferred water. My one virtue, I suppose. Ha…ha!

    @missybear: Take care xx

    Day 24 UK NFD

    @missybear ❤️take care x

    Day 23 Canada NFD

    Managed 16:8 today and fairly controlled eating if you don’t count a bite of brownie this afternoon:)
    @missybear so sorry for your loss

    Day 23 Ohio, US — NFD

    The good news is that I lost two pounds this week; on the other hand, I bought a package of zuccheratte, which I have never had before, and polished it off!  Not an auspicious start to the week before Thanksgiving here! Oh well, hopefully the 10K steps a day and a FD on Monday will compensate.

    @funshipfreddie Good remarks about the rooibos tea benefits. Come to think of it, I haven’t had my usual cup this evening. Probably a good idea to have a cup after I get done with this post. Hope you’re having a great FD!

    Day 24 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Saturday FD flew by! I kept myself busy painting around my new BICs in the spare room, and only sat down at 5:30pm, without once thinking about food.

    @matpi – what is zuccheratte? I Googled it, and it came up as an Italian surname; then I found zuccherate is Italian for sugary?! So I’m guessing some kind of candy 🤔

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 24 – UK Lake district – CD

    Good morning everyone

    @funshipfreddie – well done on the Saturday FD ! Not much chance of that for us as it was our 39th wedding anniversary on Friday, but decided to celebrate it last night instead! Did very well with a light lunch, but from 6pm onwards the cork was out of the bottle, not desperately bad and worth every calorie and glassfull.

    So, steady CD today and the usual FD tomorrow with extra long ‘Man on a mission’ walk.

    Have a relaxing sunday all.

    Day 24 UK FD
    Day 23 NFD

    Day 22’s fast was another failure. Had terrible migraine, numb face, nausea, weakness,the works. Needed chocolate!!

    Trying again today as felt better yesterday and had a rest so hopefully I can cope with all the work delayed from yesterday because of the weather and feeling so bad. I did wake in the night unable to breathe again but don’t feel too bad as of yet this morning. I must pace myself today. There is no rain threatening for once so there is no need to rush. That was what really did me in on Friday again.

    @missybear So sorry for your loss:(

    Day 24: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @fatrabbit: Oh poor you, that sounds an awful migraine. I seem to have “grown out” of mine since the menopause…..very occasionally I still get the aura, (blind spots, missing sight for 20 minutes) but no headache follows, as it did in my younger days.
    Does chocolate actually help you? I thought that was one of many possible triggers.
    Anyway….so glad you’re feeling better and hope you did ok yesterday xx
    @i-hate-lettuce: Congratulations on 39 years, that’s some achievement in this day and age.
    @funshipfreddie: Good one!
    @matpi: Two pounds down….yay! So, tell me, what IS this stuff that you bought and polished off?
    @missybear: ((hugs))

    Day 24, London, UK, NFD,

    I’ve been invited for an Indian meal this evening, should I? ……….. Shouldn’t I?

    I don’t think I’ll manage the entire day salivating about a curry tonight ………… I’ll get nothing done!!!! Maybe I should just accept and be done with it …………….. Oh!! never has a decision been sooooo hard!!!

    I’m off to get a coffee and decide whether curry tonight = FD tomorrow!

    Keep the faith folks!

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Only a week of this challenge to go! So quickly! My birthday this week so will have to be extra vigilant this close to the final weigh in!

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 24 UK NFD

    Planning a fast day tomorrow and I’ll take it from there

    Day 24 Canada NFD

    I seem to be losing 100gm a day, that’s very encouraging. I haven’t had any wine for a few weeks and am sure that is helping the cause!

    Hope you manage to stay dry @ciren2

    @flourbaby: I say, go for it…the beauty of 5:2 is that you CAN eat out… long as you also stick to fast-days.
    @mia139: Birthday girl for next week…..have a good day. Which day is it?
    @bellyblast: It seems that alcohol has a lot to answer for… it up, or cutting back, seems to help a lot of you with weightloss.

    I don’t think I’m very likely to stay dry out on my deliveries this coming week….I’ve heard that the weather will not be improving!

    We actually finish the November Challenge next Saturday… lets make good efforts this week, eh?
    Especially for our American friends….Beware Thanksgiving Day!!
    Luckily we don’t get that here in the UK….phew!

    @missybear – oh you sweet dear. Take a breath, you know your Mom continues as a part of you as well as a part of every heart that she has touched. Take your time and process. Love and understand are a very big part of this forum family. Know that you are in our minds and hearts and that when you are ready we are here to listen and just be by your side. Big Hugs. ~Rabbette

    Day 24 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    Back to a standard NFD. This morning I did my yoga practice; this afternoon I did my first Sandow workout; and am now almost to my 10K goal. So a good day all in all.

    @funshipfreddie and @ciren2 A friend told me about a European food store in town and I went there for the first time. The package of zuccheratte was from Italy and it looked interesting. It turned out to be a sort of glazed puffy bread sticks. They are really better than that description. Indeed they are crispy and sweet. For me that’s a dangerous combination.

    @ciren2 Hope you weather this next week in good style. Remember that we all have an inner dry summer day to keep us warm no matter what the outside weather is.

    Here’s the pocket list for Monday:

    Day 25: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    We start “Christmas Pressure” as it’s known, at work this week. The deliveries are altered slightly, and we do things a bit of a different way to take account of our busiest period, which seems to start earlier every year. We now have this “Black” Friday thing which we didn’t have until a couple of years ago, which extends the buying and posting season and our workload. In times past, Christmas Pressure started the week around the 12th December. If we have even one day off sick during this time we lose our Christmas bonus….which is usually about £150. We’re not as the bankers, or even Waitrose/John Lewis!. This store is “owned” by the employees and I believe they get four weeks wages as a bonus.

    Day 25, Pocket List:


    Day 25 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    The last week of our November Challenge already?! Let’s make it count 🥕

    Pocket List – Day 25 🍏

    Day 25 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Back from a great weekend away, there really are some lovely places waiting to be explored, and we walked a lot, and had dinner both nights in cute riverside pubs, but it was worth it. Although it got below zero outside we were warm and toasty in our van, and it’s the best night sleep.

    FD today as usual. It’s raining so I couldn’t be bothered doing my normal early morning walk, so will have to make up for that at lunchtime.

    Pocket list Day 25

    Day 25 – Lakes UK – FD

    Morning everybody

    Not only 2 weeks holiday weight to shift, wedding anniversary celebration Saturday, followed by Dickensian Fair Festival yesterday! Still couple or 3 FD’s will get me there or therabouts!

    Take care all

    Pocket list Day 25

    Day 25 UK FD

    Busy week so aiming to at least get a good start

    Day 25 London FD

    Adding myself to the pocket list

    Pocket list Day 25
    @emma- taylor.

    Happy Monday, everybody.

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