November 2019 Challenge

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November 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 19, Emden Germany, NFD

    @matpi bureaucracy, I hate it, everything is so complicated nowadays.

    @ciren2 I hope you’ll get a diagnosis this afternoon. Could you minimize the size of the porridge bowl step by step?

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 19 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Where is everyone from Australia and New Zealand? Not a peep for a few days now. It has become eerily quiet on the forum……😨

    FD yesterday was grand but I woke up hungry. Was toying with a small bowl of porridge for breakfast but no, this would set the carb monster off and I know I would be hungry all day. Better off waiting until lunchtime to break my fast. So a big coffee it is.

    @ciren2 what was it you did when you were doing 5:2 successfully? Did you skip breakfast? Did you have the same food every day? Your lifestyle and job remain the same I believe, so what was different? Sorry for throwing out questions, but you are a super host, so friendly and helpful, and I enjoy your posts… it would be great if you were able to get over the duck and try an FD. We are all here holding your hand nonetheless.

    Have a great Tuesday.

    Day 19 UK FD

    Yesterday’s fast day went wrong because my older daughter turned up unexpectedly for the evening. It was lovely to see her but it threw me completely because I wanted to feed her something delicious so we ended up going to the supermarket and getting a pizza. I didn’t have any of that but I did have other unplanned rubbish like some potato wedges and some dark chocolate.

    So yesterday’s fast is happening today. Thanks everyone for the helpful posts, this is such a supportive group

    Day 19 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @ciren2 – 500 calories?! Do you use milk? I make mine with water; 60g dry oats is only about 220 cals. Then a bit of apple, raisins etc on top. It’s less than 400 calories with the toppings. Good luck with your MRI results.

    @daffodil2010 – maybe I’m just fortunate, but I never feel hungry in the morning, even after a FD. I seldom eat before 11am; sometimes only after noon. So most of the time I’m doing 18:6 or 17:7 without even trying.

    Pocket List – Day 19 🥕

    Day 19 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Good FD yesterday, boiled eggs, kale and mushrooms for brunch and an enormous serving of vegetable casserole for dinner, for around 700 calories including some fruit I went to bed with a full belly and slept soundly.

    @ciren2 I agree with others, you are such a kind and attentive host it would be great to have you join us for a FD before the month ends. We are all here for you. Could you manage porridge made with water just on one day and try for an 800 calories FD?

    Have a good day everyone 🙂

    Day 19, London, UK, FD

    Although my weight is heading in the wrong direction, I think it’s a delayed reaction to the binging & boozing of last week, and the week before to be fair!!!
    The positivity remains and I know I just need to keep plugging on at this until it becomes a lifestyle change, my new WOL really. I’ve been looking at this without actually focussing on what it means to make it a WOL, either I’m doing this wholeheartedly, or I’m not!!! So no more holidays from fasting, no more binging with the belief that a couple of FDs will sort that out, no more being enticed by the special offers on crap I don’t want anyway!!!…………………… Yep, …………………Mojo found!!!!!

    @ciren2, good luck with the MRI results today, I hope the cause of your pain is evident & easily treatable. Lots of genuine support for you right here, for when you decide to dip a toe or take the plunge xxxx

    @funshipfreddie, I’m the same, never really hungry in the mornings, although I somehow manage to overcome my aversion when on a B&B board holiday!!!! Most days for me are 18:6 and frequently OMAD.

    @daffodil2010, my imagination is both a good and a bad thing!!! Just like in the MRI when I started to imagine the end of the world had just so happened to have occurred in those precise few minutes I was entombed ……………… for eternity, now I’m wondering whether Australia and NZ are still actually there or maybe the sheep have revolted and taken over!!!!!!

    I need a coffee!!!

    Happy fasting folks & Hellooooo are you there?? …………………… to those down under!!!

    Day 19 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    1st successful FD yesterday in a loooong time. Pretty sure I came in circa 500 cals, surviving on black coffee and water all day. I made some soup and had a wholemeal roll for supper. Milk in tea and I was done. Happy with that.

    I’m still here so that in itself is positive considering where my head was a few weeks ago…sticking to the basics at the moment, I will celebrate each successfully completed FD!!!

    Today I have planned all my meals so hopefully no impulse eating! Focusing on eating well and getting myself to bed earlier.

    Tomorrow is my DH’s birthday, I’ve arranged a surprise trip to London to take him to see Only Fools and Horses The Musical and a catch up with our eldest DD afterwards – looking forward to the show! Loved the TV series 🙂

    Sending strength and support to anyone struggling at the moment and to anyone fasting today.

    Day 19 …. Lake district UK …. FD

    Morning all, well back from the cruise, 2 weeks of three meals a day, far too much alcohol, offset slightly by lots of steps marching round the promenade deck (84602 steps wk 1 – 107910 wk – 2 Daily ave approx 13750) plus some late night ‘dad dancing’ at the disco!
    Put on 8 lbs, but that happened last time and 2 or 3 weeks later it had gone!

    Today FD and been out buying lots of healthy fruit and fresh veggies.

    Hope everyone’s been OK while I’ve been away, will catch up again slowly!

    Take care all.

    Day 19, USA, VA, FD? Or CD?
    Day 18, FD
    Day 17, NFD
    Day 16, NFD
    Day 15, NFD

    After all the NFDs I was grateful that I only fluxed 3lbs which usually it is about 5 from 3 NFDs in a row…

    Didn’t post much b/c I had a full schedule of things that needed doing as well as an appointment with a pain specialist for my RLS. I really like this Dr and his insights and so far have received way more info and care than from any other Dr I’ve ever seen or even tried to get them to care/look at my legs/symptoms.

    Well I’ve got to go teach I’ll check back in later and catch up – I’ve missed you guys/gals!


    Day 19 USA (Illinois) NFD

    My DH wants dessert every night in the late evening. I have to just let him have it and none for me. Even when I seem to “save” calories in the day for that, I am still adding a couple pounds. I know better. Now just to act on what I know.

    I shared about 5:2 with a P.E.O. sister yesterday who works for our local health department. They are sponsoring a Fitness Program that gives out free FitBits for the participants. I might just join it.

    @ciren2 – prayers your MRI gives you good news and prognosis.

    @i-hate-lettuce — glad you were able to enjoy your cruise. I have every confidence you’ll drop those gained pounds easily.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 19 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD derailed by sudden appearance of sticky toffee pudding and custard at teatime. Resisted everything else but… not all calories are created equal and I feel very puffy. I’m back up to 152lb which is 12lbs up on Autust & back where i started November 🙁

    For the first time in 2 years I can feel I’m back in that auto-eating thing & sugar & carb dragons are both wide awake. ‘Treats’ have been featuring large and need to get back in their (metaphorical) box, bc tired me gives into temptation rather than thinking clearly about what my goals are.

    But today is a good day to change that! Time for simple strategies – drinking lots of water/herbal tea, sticking to a plain vanilla 5:2, planning ahead for good meals, mindful eating, prioritising healthy self-care of sleep, yoga & meditation. CD today & weds, FD Thurs, back to the old rhythms that worked so well this last 2 years.

    @ciren2 hope this afternoon’s appointment brings helpful results
    @ihatelettuce welcome back
    @flourbaby glad your mojo has come back – thanks for the pep talk!
    @yoyofletch I’m with you on counting every step as a result 🙂

    Missing our friends Down Under – hope all’s OK x

    I managed to get my round done, get home, eat most of my “coming home from work feast” and then get to the hospital appointment 12 miles away in Stroud.

    The MSKAP person said he was right with his thoughts as to what was wrong with me. The MRI scan showed that three quarters of the width of the hamstring where it attaches to the pelvic bones has been “torn away”….leaving just a little finger’s width still attached!
    This, he said, must originate from the deep lunge I did over a year ago when I tripped on my deliveries and put my other leg forward to save myself falling flat on my face in public!! I remember it DID hurt quite a bit at the time, and also that I did a similar thing again not long after. Probably a few times (actually), though not so seriously, since too.
    Because the tendon is under tension, when it tears it springs away from it’s attachment, so repairing it is not really possible. Also as too much time has gone by and the injured tissue has degenerated into FAT! Perfectly normal, he said.
    So I will need a long rehabilitation of about a year of careful physio.

    Groan…physio is so BORING!

    So, there you go…I have a diagnosis, at least.

    @rabbette: I’m so glad to hear you’ve found a sympathetic and helpful doctor. This is half the battle. Hopefully he will help with your pain.
    @i-hate-lettuce: Hi, good to see you’re back with us.
    @funshipfreddie: 500 calories? you ask…Yes, certainly.
    A cupful of oats, and about three quarters of a pint of whole milk! Makes it nice and runny. four minutes in the microwave. No sugar though….one good thing….it’s all healthy, honest….sets me up…..for awhile!

    So, where’s the pocket list today?..I see several fasters.

    Pocket List, Day 19 FDs


    2nd post

    @ciren2 came in for your MRI result. Finally you know what’s wrong so now you can start working on it. Of course physio is boring and it will take a while but if it brings you less pain, it will be worth it. Go for it! xxx

    @rabbette nice to have you back with us again! RLS is terrible as it wakes you up at night and you’re tired in the morning. Hope the Dr. can help you.

    @songbirdme give it a try, moving more is never a bad thing (says the one who loves her reading chair)!

    Have a nice evening everyone, see you all tomorrow!

    Day 12’s fast was a failure.
    Day 13-18 were all NFDs as I rather gave up after having failed two days in a row especially thinking that maybe the inhaler working had made fasting a bit redundant. However a subsequent bad reaction to that inhaler and a realisation that the usual reliever actually caused most of this recent flare up because I used it too much has made it clear that I do indeed need to fast in order to feel better. That and breathe better. I finally read an explanation of that Russian breathing technique that made sense.

    So onwards:
    Day 19 UK FD
    going well so far. I ate nothing until 4 and then had a bag of salad and some leftover vegetable casserole. I intend that to be it for today.

    Sorry for disappearing like that. I had a rotten week but should have at least checked in.

    @ciren2 glad to hear you have a diagnosis at least, it sounds as if you have been remarkably resilient continuing working with that nasty injury, no wonder you can’t do without pain killers. I hope the physio will do the trick.

    @rabbete Did the doctor have any good tips about controlling the RLS? It is the most horrible sensation:( Mine has been worse lately. I have mentioned it to the doctor but it got crowded out by all the other problems on my long list and a ten minute appointment just can’t cover everything.

    Day 19 UK FD

    Squeezing in another FD as feel very motivated today. Vegetable soup for lunch and boiled egg and some small crispbreads later and kitchen now closed! Dinner out planned for tomorrow with my sons so no doubt a fair few calories will be consumed. Will try to be sensible!

    2nd post

    @ciren2 glad of an answer to your pain. Physio is indeed boring but incredibly helpful. Doing nothing will do nothing, physio will enable you to mend yourself 🙂

    @rabbette @fatrabbit my RLS was massively improved by magnesium supplements, at suggestion of GP. Almost instant effect from topical magnesium oil (or cream) which I now make at home & use nightly. Also much improved sleep, which is now generally restorative for first time in c 20yrs…

    Day 19 Ohio, US — NFD (60 bites)

    A regular NFD, met all meal targets except for evening snack, where I went one over. I was at meetings most of the day, so didn’t have a chance to work through the bureaucratic stuff. I’ll start that bright and early tomorrow!

    @ciren2 Hope the physio works out well for you! A couple of years ago I tore my right PCL apart, for which they don’t do surgery, just give lots of physio. Now I don’t think that anyone could tell that there had been an injury there! With any luck, physio will bring you back to functioning as good as new.

    @michelinme A couple of weeks ago I started to have a big mug of rooibos tea each evening. Amazingly enough there have been no evening sugar cravings during that time. On the web the folk wisdom seems to be that rooibos tea does help to regulate blood sugar and sugar cravings, so it may be worth a try. It also tastes good!

    Day 20: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @matpi: That’s reassuring. I’ve also been told that an operation would most likely not be successful. I have to wait for a letter now, and then wait again to get back onto physio. I had some before (but the cause of my pain was unknown at that time) and then too much time went by while I awaited further tests, and I was automatically discharged. So I have to start from scratch and queue up again for physio!
    The idea will be to target the one third of the hamstring still attached and strengthen it and stretch it….carefully!
    Meanwhile, I shall live in fear of a simple trip leading to a lunge and tearing the rest off the bone….. ooh…er.
    @michelinme: I will stick to whatever regime they give me. Boring, yes, with slow results, but necessary.
    @mia139: Good for you! You’re on a roll.
    @fatrabbit: We posties are tough as old boots!!
    Stay with us, however tough and rough you feel….we’re all friends here. You have our support xx

    Must go now….my porridge awaits and then to work. Wednesdays are always busy, and there’s talk we’ve got the first batch of election leaflets to deliver as well…groan!

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Day 20 UK NFD

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Going for an FD today. Primed with chicken bone broth and barley for evening meal. Then there will be 4 X NFD’s with two nights away in the camper so although I will aim to be good with food choices……..well….shrugs.

    Was so disappointed yesterday to be visited by TOM ☹️ It’s been months, and I was hoping that this was it. I know that’s the way it goes, but still, not something I am happy to have. So yesterday I was not in a good spot physically, mentally, hormonally, still not right today either. Boo Hoo. I didn’t actually want any of the usual TOM “treats” yesterday so it wasn’t an NFD disaster. Bully for me. 👍

    This too will pass…its nature after all. And bully for me for doing an FD today anyway.

    Still missing most of our Southern Hemispherites….. What IS going on?

    Welcome back @i-hate-lettuce. Interested to hear about the “dad-dancing” in the disco 😆

    Pocket list day 20

    Day 20, Emden Germany, NFD

    Day 20, London, UK, FD

    Yesterday’s FD went relatively well, but ended up at 803cals, so this week will be a B2B2B because I’m out for dinner this Friday, so I’ll bank an extra FD ‘cause I can!!!

    @michelinme, we all know sugar is evil, I don’t agree with that ‘everything in moderation’ saying, If I could manage to moderate my eating, I wouldn’t be here, some of us are super susceptible to the Siren call of carbs, especially as ‘treats’ which really are the opposite when you think about it! By the way, we’ve ALL been there …………………………… “FD derailed by sudden appearance of sticky toffee pudding and custard”. You and I are pressing that reset button rather forcefully!!!

    @i-hate-lettuce, it’s amazing that you can have a fantastic cruise, throw in a bit of walking (& ‘dancing’) with the addition of eating above your ‘norm’ but NOT PANIC!! You’ve got the tools in the bag to get back to where you were within weeks, A few years ago an 8lb gain would have sent me crying & screaming into a chocolate/wine/crisps binge!!!

    @ciren2, that must have been so painful at the time, just imagining it makes me feel a bit faint!! I’m glad there’s a solution in sight.

    Glad to see you’re back @rabbette and @fatrabbit, I find my fasting muscle degenerates when I miss posting or catching up on the forums. There really is strength in numbers, we’re all susceptible to falling off of the wagon but I find posting really helps as the accountability here is invaluable to my journey ………………… I’m a lifer!!!
    I’ve probably mentioned it before but perhaps Magnesium oil may help with the RLS(?).

    Great minds and all that, I’ve just read the MO post from @michelinme!!

    @daffodil2010, you have my sympathy, without jinxing myself, it’s been months for me too!! If it comes soon, I’ll blame you!!!

    The fasting positivity is still strong, now to avoid complacency, so no running before walking or to put it another way …………

    “Yesterday I was clever, so I wanted to change the world. Today I am wise, so I am changing myself.” — Rumi

    Day 20 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Day 20 – UK Lake district – CD

    Yesterdays FD was pretty easy only 630 calories, but after the lsat 2 weeks hardly needed them! Funny how we always come back from holidays tired, no lounging about on a beach or sun lounger for us, go for it, get out there, rest when you get home, is our motto!

    @songbirdme — yup I’m very confident there will be a difference come Friday weigh in.

    @daffodil2010 — Dad dancing at the disco, a delight to behold — and bloody good fun.

    @flourbaby — must admit I really enjoyed the cruise, last time it took 3 or 4 week to get down to a new low, but with this WOL, have every confidence I wont be long before down again.

    Take care all.

    Day 20 Melb Aust NFD (one of many!)

    Terrible run of busy busy busy and stressful doctorate interviews – exhausting, even though they were only taking about 20 minutes each, and I didn’t do a lot of them. It was the emotional energy, I think, as I’m an introvert who’s forced herself to be an extrovert in people contact contexts. So… food? Maybe let’s not talk about that. Data entry in addition, and inadequate sleep, and it’s been a b..a…d.. month for eating. Haven’t had a lot of time to check in, and didn’t have good news anyway, so just didn’t. Have caught up on the previous page and this one, so

    @ciren2, glad you have a diagnosis at last and can work on a recovery plan. Nasty injury!

    @brightonbelle, read your post form a few days ago – exactly how I’ve been feeling.

    Time to turn the tables around. The past 4 months have been a subtle creep upwards, so now it’s time to move downwards again. Yes!

    day 20 UK NFD

    I held onto that fast determinedly last night. Strangely what I was craving was lettuce and pickled beetroot. I would have given in to that if I didn’t know it wouldn’t have ended there. Immediately after having eaten that I would have been looking for something else.

    Unusually I don’t feel better after the fast. I had trouble sleeping and breathing and had lots of palpitations. I had a 24 hour ecg last week but don’t think it captured any of the bad patches because it was on that very rainy day when I had no work to do except the feeding. But I am wondering if it showed something anyway. But my appointment isn’t until the 9th to find out and to discuss my inhalers so I won’t find out for a couple of weeks. I should be working today but am going to put the heavier work off until tomorrow and hope it doesn’t rain and that I feel better after a rest. I need to pace myself better. I am realising my fibromyalgia/chronic fatigue didn’t actually go away it just improved dramatically and is starting to reassert itself. Yet another reason to fast! Onwards…

    Day 20 UK NFD

    Fasting till dinner then out with my boys. Will try to be good!

    @betsylee: You’re back….so glad to see you! It doesn’t matter a bit that you have no good news eatingwise (neither have I…) just BE here, ok?
    Others still missing in action….@penz: @at: @lindsosa: @ayame: @bellyblast: @dykask: @fastingto58kgs: we’re all here together as friends and helpers xx

    Very busy at Royal Mail today…as I guessed it would be. At least it didn’t rain and I finished by three….just! My proper finishing time is 1.15….ha….ha!
    @fatrabbit: I wish you felt better xx
    @missybear: Hope you’re feeling ok today. I know some sunshine would be just great.

    Pocket List, Day 20:


    Wt2goIrena It is my FD and the fifth one. I have 20 raspberries and 2 tsps of yoghurt. Carrot salad with half an avocado for lunch. Carrot salad – it is Moroccan. Try it! Grated carrot, a little radish, half a green apple. Cut up green onions, parsley and mint then and throw in some cranberries. Get a jam jar and put in the dressing:which is 1 tsp olive oil, squeezed lime and orange and spiced up with spices – half a teaspoon of cumin, cayenne pepper ( a little). Don’t overdo the cayenne – just a smattering. Then a half tsp of coriander, allspice and a tsp of honey. I am hungry and taking the stomach pangs away with sparkling water. Can’t wait for dinner.

    Day 20, VA, USA, FD

    Yesterday I’ll say was a nice CD I stayed somewhere between 800-1000 cal. It was a nice surprise to my body to not have a B2B FD. It must have surprised it so much I still managed to drop a pound (which has happened NEVER after a CD or NFD) I can only maybe say stick to drinking your water no matter what!

    So Monday was the Dr appointment and while I have mentioned to my Dr.s in the past about my legs none of them EVER really gave me a second thought. I did mention it once in my 20s then my 30s, and twice more recently late 30s to 40s and finally someone who did not brush me aside. I was upfront I don’t want meds (or at least not like pills or pain meds) I just want to feel like I can get a good nights sleep and not feel so exhausted. Well diagnoses revealed some nerve damage and a neurological disorder. Yay (that is actually not sarcastic) it is a relief that someone took time to listen and understand I’m there for help, not meds.

    @ciren2 – oh my goodness your poor tore hamstring eeeeeep. Well at least now you can work toward feeling better and stronger. I find to make physio less boring *and yes I too thought it was so boring and I was resistant to doing it b/c some of the moves were hard or tiring … (I’ve had to do it for my back) I worked toward the idea that HEY I’m getting stronger, its like precise exercise just for ME! And if I put the effort into it I’ll get better sooner rather than later.

    @fatrabbit – getting a massage for the legs (I can attest to this being so helpful) I had no idea how tight my legs were *since I teach/do yoga 10-15 times a week. It is surprising with my decent flexibility that my legs were tight! The other thing suggested to me was CBD oil and VA recently passed medical use of this oil as well as the other blend, but so far we do not have a dispensary open yet so getting the other one will not happen until maybe May of next year. I did find that a good CBD oil does not necessarily take the pain/feeling away in my legs, but it does usually calm/relax me enough for falling asleep (staying asleep is a totally different story)

    Need my FD buddies on that Pocket list – Yesterday seems it would have been an easy FD but I let it evolve to a CD today tho seems more of a challenge (ahhhh I know what it is dang it, I just remembered I had a coffee WITH ALMOND MILK!) get me hungry every time. Typically why it is always black coffee on FDs. Well that will teach me.

    Pocket list day 20

    Pocket list day 20


    One day at a time….you can DO it!

    Day 20 Canada NFD

    Not missing in action, just have had the busiest of times. A great FD yesterday and feeling like the next few weeks will be a good time to get some regular posting and fasting going.
    @ciren2 I am so sorry to hear you are injured. Physio’s are amazing and will have you in good shape before you know it.

    Looking forward to catching up on everyone’s posts soon

    Day 21, Aus, NFD

    Hello everyone! No, I had not given up, but I’ve been travelling with work and too busy to check in. I even managed a FD on Tuesday so I’m feeling pretty good.

    Not sure where my fellow Aussies have been. I hope not struggling with bush fires. We have had a phenomenal heatwave move across the country. Quite bizarre – 48 degrees (that’s C!) yesterday here, and down to 22 today.

    Day 20 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Just checking in. Doing okay.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Hey, @bellyblast and @penz: Great to see you’re both still around. Good to see you’re ok too, just busy….I know the feeling.
    So, two Aussies back now….@betsylee too.
    48C….my God, how do you stand it??
    It’s going to be a bit of a shock when DD comes visiting next month then! Hot to cold.

    I have to be at work soon, so I’ll be back later.

    Bye for now xx

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Much-needed FD today. Been very reckless the last two days; quite mad at myself. I logged my usual meals, but then didn’t bother with the stuff I knew I shouldn’t be eating/drinking! At least if I stick to my FDs I can’t completely derail myself.

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍏

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Good FD yesterday, amazingly, as I was not in a good spot physically and suffered my pain in brave silence 😔 BUT, by evening I felt much better, I even got a burst of energy, and decided to tackle making lemon possets and a lemon cheesecake thingie ….and I have never made either before but read a recipe and figured I would give it a go.

    And yay, I did NOT lick the bowl of sweet lemony cream and condensed milk, NOR clean up the crushed choc biscuits and butter bowl with my tongue either!!

    The lemony treats are in the fridge and maybe tonight as a treat as its NFD and I have had a tough few days but struggled through to the a hopefully happier day.

    So great to hear the lights aren’t off down under, but OMG Penz…..48C! The nearest I ever got to that was 44C on the panhandle south to Seville in Spain…..on the back of a motorbike wearing leathers…jeekers….when I opened the visor of my helmet it felt like somebody was blasting a hairdryer on full heat straight into my face 😀 Not good.

    @rabbette great that finally there is a diagnosis. Don’t you just hate when doctors brush aside things?

    @flourbaby hoping that you haven’t jinxed yourself!!! As for moderation, the on,y thing I can do in moderation is dark chocolate….one square in enough…..any other sweet or savoury thing, well, once I start I often just want to keep on going. Chocolate and crisps together….mmmm

    @matpi is Rooiboos tea caffeine free? I tasted it once but thought it a bit strong, but anything to get blood sugar down in the evening!

    Have a great Thursday everyone, this is usually a bust fasting day so best of luck!

    *busy fasting day!! Hope it’s not a bust for anyone!!! 😆😆😆

    Day 21, London, UK, FD,

    3rd FD of my B2B2B before dinner out tomorrow night, feeling positive since there’s been some fat eradication after my 2 FDs ………………… -2lbs, so I’m winning the battle!!!

    @fatrabbit, it’s a battle of wills in the evening isn’t it? When it’s too early for bed and I’m ignoring the tidying up etc., I find food occupies my thoughts and if I give in, that’s it, there’s no stopping that particular avalanche!!! Just close, lock, bolt that kitchen door and maybe post your most vicious bunny to stand guard!!!

    Well, thank-you @irenak, now I can’t wait for dinner!! Unfortunately it’s 10hrs away and it’s vegetable soup which doesn’t sound nearly as inviting as your salad!!! I’m sure you’ll enjoy it!! I’ll save your recipe for summer, too cold for salad at the moment!!

    @rabbette, you and @ciren2 are sighing in relief at FINALLY being diagnosed, I’m no doctor, but seriously do you have to beg for a diagnosis these days??

    Phew…………….. I’m glad to see @betsylee, @penz (48 C ……………….. What???) & @bellyblast back with us. Don’t let life get in the way of your fasting, stay strong!!!

    @daffodil2010 ………………………….. “blasting a hairdryer on full heat straight into my face” …………. So funny!!!

    So, the 15 minutes it’s taken to catch-up on posts and respond has put that recipe from @irenak completely out of my mind, and I’m no longer salivating, you know the one, that lovely salad recipe with carrot, apple, cranberries & onion …………………… Uh-Oh,……………….. Doh!!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!!

    Day 21 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    One day at a time….

    Pocket List – Day 21 🍏

    Wt2go Irena How is everyone? I did my 5th FD and weighed myself dreading it after a weekend of family, food and wine then yesterday I could not resist a glass. Luckily, I lost 1kg by sticking to the diet. It always helps to prepare food in advance and make several and freeze. Winter is drawing in and it is difficult to eat salad but it keeps me on track and away from temptation. So I want something warm in the evening.
    Try this – for 2 persons. 2 slices of salmon, 250 gm raw prawns (frozen), cut mushrooms or if possible interesting ones,zucchini and a small bag of spinach, 1/2 tin of low fat coconut milk and a little fish bouillon. In your pan,start with 2 tsps of minced ginger and garlic, 2 teaspoons of thai seasoning, 2 tablespoons of fish sauce and empty the 1/2 tin of coconut milk. Coconut milk needs to be shaken before opening. Add 1/2 cup of fish bouillon. Mix and let it heat gently. Cut up the salmon and also mushroom and slice the zucchini. Put in the pan. Finish with fresh spinach leaves and lastly, prawns. Gently simmer. Add 1 1/2 tablespoons of brown sugar and juice of 1/2 lime. Adjust taste – little fish sauce, more lime juice and some chili powder if you like it spicy. Finally add coriander leaves. I serve it with black rice. In a little Chinese tea cup or bowl, squash in the rice and then turn it upside down to make a little mountain. Ladle in the thai fish curry. Enjoy

    Day 21 – Lakes UK _ FD

    Morning all, bit late this morning, suffering from ‘cruise lag’ however only a short week this week until Fridays weigh in day. Tuesday FD and yesterday turned into a FD, so another today will kick a lump out of the weight gain.
    Shows why I like this WOL, holidays, family visit, BBQ, anything goes. Then straight back to 5:2 and damage is undone!

    Pocket list day 21

    Take care all

    Day 21 Melb Aust NFD

    40 degrees C today, then a cool change hit mid-to-late afternoon, and it’s now about 18 degrees outside. Last night, the minimum temperature was about 25; tonight it will be around 10. What can I say? Typical Melbourne weather! Anyway, didn’t have a FD, but didn’t have a terrible NFD day either, so that’s progress.

    @ciren2, Thank you for the encouragement. I’m hanging in there, and the only movement I want to see from here is down down down. Bit hard as the festive season approaches. I have five unexpected meal outings happening in the next 2 weeks, as I’m sure others are also facing. Can be quite a challenge. Two of them are on the one day, even. I’ll be trying to make wise food choices. 🙂

    Good to see others are progressing well, keep up the good work!

    DAY 21- Atlanta, GA. – USA- FD

    Day 21 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Cold, dull, wet and windy today in Pembrokeshire so don’t feel like venturing outdoors. Just spent most of the morning soaking in the bath to avoid the kitchen and toast. I don’t often eat bread but it seems like a hot buttered toast sort of day….but NO its a FD so I’m sipping a black coffee and looking forward to onion soup for brunch.

    Pocket list day 21

    Together we are stronger!!!

    Day 21 Oxfordshire UK FD
    stuck to my planned CD days and came in between 800-1000 on each day.
    today is a fast day, back to my usual pattern of eating a late breakfast around 11.30am after my yoga class, then water only till dinner around 7.30pm. so that should be 16-8 I think if my maths is correct.
    Today’s unnofical weigh in showed I’ve undone the damage from last weekend, so I’m hoping that today will see a little drop.
    @ciren2, so glad you’ve got a diagnosis and a treatment plan at last. I’ve been suffereing from ‘Plantar Fasciitis’ for a few weeks, which fortunatley is now on the mend so I sympathise with your long term pain.
    Adding myself to the pocket list.

    Pocket list day 21

    @betsylee: Your temperatures in Melbourne are so weird….my daughter says the same. Her workplace is in a rural part some 50 miles east, but I suppose it’s the same there. To think; in a couple of weeks or so she’ll be here and I’ll be able to hug her again! I won’t see a lot of her during the month she’s in the UK, as she’ll be catching up with everyone far and wide. However she and her dearest one will spend Christmas Day with us and we’ll get to meet him.
    As @irenak and @i-hate-lettuce can testify, the beauty of 5:2 is the fact that you CAN go on holiday, eat out, feast a little, as long as you can also do the regular fasting, you’ll be fine. It’s so flexible.
    It’s bitterly cold and grey here today….the wind goes right through you. Luckily we’ve had no rain….that must be three days in a row!!

    Pocket list day 21


    Keep on folks…we’re on to a winner!

    Day 21 USA (Illinois) FD

    Joining the pocket list:

    Pocket list day 21


    Onward and downward.

    Day 21, VA, USA, FD

    Almost feels like an FU instead of an FD (my apologies if that offends anyone) My body is having *what I now know what to call it… a flare up* and it wanted to ruin my FD… Here is how it unfolded bum bum buuuuummmmm.

    I woke with soreness all over, usually I would equate this to just teaching yoga, but now realize it is the awesome neurological disorder. So I get moving about and start off with
    My Water as usual & an americano (fancy expresso shot with hot water added to it). Sorta like just having black coffee but I find it is less bitter. Then taught 2 yoga classes with energy draining out of me faster than a exhausted one legged grape stomper during peak wine season. I got home and (mentally planned just eat my arugula with soy sauce) but its a bit cold outside so wanted something warm. Found a KETO waffle I had leftover in the freezer (was hell bent on biting into the frozen thing before I even toasted it) as I finally put that in the toaster oven to heat up. I stuffed 2 large handful of arugula greens in my mouth ((and then noticed something))
    1st that I was having a bingeing moment….
    2nd that when I ate the greens (or the frozen bite of keto waffle mostly almonds) *don’t know if it was the foods or the chewing* My pain decreased. I stood there in amazement of how this may have been the cause of some of my prior bingeing moments.
    I wish I could say I stopped after the light opened from the skies to this revelation but no… I ate a carrot with 1 tsp of horseradish aoile sauce, my now warmed keto waffle, another bowl of greens, 2 squares of a keto chocolate dessert I made earlier in the week, AND decided to warm up a cup of broth with peas in it.

    Ok then… That is what a FD binge looks like … ha.
    now time to add this all up?!
    Arugula = 30
    Carrot = 25
    Keto Waffel = 170
    Chocolate = 160
    Broth and peas = 60

    445 calories so far ay?

    I guess if I’m going to stick to FD just a bowl of broth with maybe 1 cut up carrot tonight!

    I’ll be dragging behind the wagon as best I can.

    Pocket list day 21


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