November 2019 Challenge

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November 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 15 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD was a respectable 650 calories, making my first 5:2 week since early September.

    I didn’t plan yesterday which would have made it so much easier! Got thru by finding healthy food in my freezer (thanks Past Me!) good shopping choices, sticking to my old OMAD pattern and writing everything down.

    I also tried on some new clothes bought in what I thought would be my size and found they were all far too small – massive motivation! It’s that puffy thing that doesn’t really show up in anything I measure, but clothes always reveal 🙁

    Defrosted some ome-made vegetable stew, quorn fillets & peas, followed by clementines. Went over 500 calories by a small apple with 20g strong cheddar – but amazingly stopped there, brushed my teeth had a bath & got an early night.

    Friday weigh-day – this week I’ve lost an amazing 5.5lbs, 0.5″ from waist & hips. This is from the 12lbs / 2″ put on this last 8 weeks! But all with just one WFD & one FD. That & the shrunken clothes/inflated fat suit keeps me motivated – along with the increase in fatigue, joint pain & breathlessness.

    Hoping today is a better day for everyone. Whatever it brings, go gently x

    My prayers were answered! The rain held off (mostly)….@snowflake56 ….yes, I did stay more or less dry today, thank goodness. Also the mail was lighter, there were less parcels and I got finished exactly an hour earlier than yesterday.
    @funshipfreddie: Glad you survived the storms. Do you normally have such bad weather at this time of year? I always imagine South Africa to be pretty warm and sunny.
    @daffodil2010: Ireland has it right today…crisp and sunny.
    @mia139: Good for you, getting the fast days in and being rewarded by weight loss. That’s the motivation.
    @penz: Be sure to be here for Day 16, whatever you make it. We’re in this together. I’m always looking out for our down-under friends when I post early in the morning (your PM)….
    Keep on keeping on, everyone xx

    Day 15 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Winter is my least favourite season, I often get a dose of the blues as the days get shorter and colder. To feel brighter I went for a walk on the beach today, it worked, but I know I need to get a firm grip on my seat on the 5:2 wagon otherwise the comfort food dragon will drag me away… holding tight! So grateful to you all for being here to help me stay on track 🤗


    Day 15,London, UK, NFD

    I must have dreamt that I posted today!!

    Anyway a busy Pilates class followed by a visit to my mums, then home to cook Brussel sprouts, ham & chestnut bake. So that was my OMAD sorted, off to bed soon ……….. I’m shattered!!!

    Happy fasting folks!!

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Was up early for Silver Sneakers, yoga, then a work stint at our children’s museum. Home now enjoying a Friday afternoon glass of red wine (in expectation of some good round steak that is slowly cooking in the oven.) Decided early this would be a One Meal A Day with that One being a good one. The wine on an empty stomach is making me very happy. It’s “Menage a Trois” — a nice 3 wine blend from California – Merlot, Cab & Zinfandel.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 15 UK NFD

    @flourbaby same here! Happy Friday everyone

    Day 15 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting went well today. Got my yoga practice and 10K steps in; otherwise just doing a lot of chores all day.

    @michelinme Wow! That’s fantastic for a one week weight loss! What a great job you’ve done!

    @snowflake56 Just by listening to your neighbors you probably did them a world of good. And of course ginger nut are always good for the spirit!

    Have a great weekend all!

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Almost ready for work.
    Stupid thing happened yesterday…..I had a headlamp gone on my car….as I drive in the dark first thing, I noticed it. Messaged DH from work….yes, we DO have a spare bulb at home, so we’ll change it after work.
    Could we heck?!
    For the life of us, neither of us knew exactly how to get the old bulb out, not helped by the battery being in the way! We struggled awhile and unbelievingly. In the end we actually had to ring the garage and take the car for them to change a bulb!!!! Five minute job….luckily he didn’t charge me anything.

    @missybear: Lack of daylight in winter, sounds like you suffer from a bit of SAD. Try to get outside as much as possible during the morning, or perhaps get a lightbox. And….roll on spring.
    @penz: I’m looking out for you….

    Have a good weekend.
    Must fly.

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @ciren2 – I would have been clueless changing a headlamp bulb too. I once changed a tyre, years ago, and threw away the wheel with the flat, not realizing I was supposed to keep it. My friends will NEVER let me forget that. Re our weather; it is generally warm and sunny. This is our rain season though, from November to March. South Africa is about 5 times bigger than the UK, and the climate conditions are noticeably different between east & west. Here it’s more subtropical. We do get quite violent thunderstorms sometimes; but until recently I’d never heard of tornadoes here. And the storms are getting more violent. About 13 people have been killed by lightning and the tornadoes in the last couple of weeks.

    @missybear – vitamin D supplements may help with chasing away the winter blues. Vitamin D is known as the ‘sunshine vitamin’.

    Have a good weekend! 🌈 🌝

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning all. Had a great night with DH last night, sitting by the fire, each taking turns to suggest music from our youth and playing the videos on the iPad. Lots of 80’s stuff in there, singing away…….simple pleasures

    Have a great Saturday.

    Day 16. Already!!! Eeeeek! FD!!!!

    Just been reading Jason Fung to brainwash myself into the right frame of mind to fast. I managed to trip up yesterday and bash my shins, and then stubbed my toes on a stupid suitcase somebody (me) had left in a stupid place. So I hurt today, but I’ve got to fast. It’ll make me feel better.
    Have a good day all.

    Day 16 UK NFD

    At last the scales seem to have responded! It’s weird how the weight loss stalls and the suddenly seems to kick into gear and you get a result. I think that’s what has discouraged me in the past when despite all the best efforts nothing moves. It’s so motivating when you get even a small loss isn’t it.
    Enjoying catching up on all the posts…
    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day-16- Atlanta, Ga- USA- FD

    Just got back from the gym and the grocery store. Made sure to pick up a lot of leafy greens, fish, and boneless skinless chicken breasts. Gonna meal prep tomorrow for the week. That spin class was tough this morning. Haven’t done a class in a very long time. The thing I like about spin class is that you can kinda go at your own pace. I did finish the class though. Hope everyone is enjoying the weekend!

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managed a pretty good one meal yesterday with no dessert. Those are needed in maintenance.

    Onward and downward.

    Only four lots of unaddressed leaflets and booklets per household next week to go with the real mail.
    Plus we will probably get the first lot of election materials….but at least we get PAID for that.
    Stayed dry today…..phew!

    Day 16, London UK, NFD,

    @funshipfreddie, your friends have every right to NEVER let you forget that!!! …………………………………….Throwing away the wheel with the flat!!!! LOL!!!!

    @ciren2, I did the same thing a few years ago, I bought a bulb because I was pretty sure I had changed a headlamp bulb before but maybe it was on a previous car, since this one called for almost removing the entire engine!!!!

    @daffodil2010, was there wine with the music by the fire?? Sounds like a perfect evening to me, even without the vino!!!

    Welcome back @Emma_Taylor, this run up to Xmas will be critical since I think we’re all planning to bank some FDs and dump some extra baggage, I dare not ask when & where your next trip will be!!!

    I’ve another couple of NFDs to contend with before my next FD on Tuesday, perhaps I’ll get struck by the arrow of inspiration and fast on one of them …………………………… maybe!!

    Happy fasting folks!!

    Thanks Flourbaby. It’s nice to be home.

    I’ve just sliced up a whole load of mushrooms and braised them with a little bit of milk, some garlic powder, some paprika and seasoning. You feel like you’re eating quite a bit but actually it’s not very calorific. We are off again before Christmas, Madrid this time. I have to really attend to FD when I’m home cos it’s pretty tricky to fast when we are away, tho I do try to keep to OMAD. I daren’t go near the scales, but I think you know by how your clothes fit whether things are going well or not. ( coughs…).

    Day 16 Ohio, US — NFD (59 bites)

    The day has gone well and I’ve met all my meal targets. With the weigh-in this morning I was another pound down. I still have two more pounds to lose to get back into the maintenance region. Back in October there was a week I wasn’t feeling well and I gained 6 pounds. I don’t understand what happened. I look back at my food diary and I certainly wasn’t eating enough to gain a pound a day. I would remember that kind of gorging! One thing that slowed the immediately weight loss after that week was that I had reduced my exercise time to what is recommended for stable health. It’s clear now that I need at least 10K steps a day as well as a daily yoga practice to keep the pounds under control — definitely more than the standard of 150 minutes of moderate exercise a week.

    @emma taylor Madrid sounds wonderful! I spent two weeks there a few years back and had a delightful time. Hope you have a great time as well!

    @songbirdme That sounds like a good maintenance strategy. I think I may try that next time I get back there, hopefully within two weeks!

    @mia139 I’m with you in rejoicing at any downward movement of those scales. What amazes me is how rapidly I can put on weight and how slowly it seems to come off. Would that it were the other way around!

    Day 17: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Another week gone by in this challenge….many of you doing good work towards yours goals. Or, if you’re like me, just coasting along, but, hey…it’s ok, right?

    So….a lovely lie-in this morning. I’ve agreed to work my day off next week….we’re short staffed AGAIN! It’s Tuesday, which should be a good deal as it’s normally the lightest day of the week (except last week) and I’ll get a standard day of overtime. I won’t be able to go over anyway because I have my follow-up MSKAP appointment in the afternoon. Hopefully the MRI shows the cause of my pains.

    @penz: Please come back, just being here is good enough. I miss you as the first post of the day.
    @matpi: You are SO nearly there….I reckon next week should do it, certainly two.
    @flourbaby: We tried taking the battery out, but still couldn’t get the stupid bulb out of the socket. We were afraid to be too forceful, in case we broke something. The garage man managed it with just one hand while holding his torch with the other! He had to admit it wasn’t the easiest though. Or was he just being kind? Hmmm.

    Day 17, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD to contend with, meals are all planned, the fridge is stocked and the house is devoid of ALL temptation!! I’m not counting chickens, just keeping everything crossed for a CD.

    @emma taylor, I too went down the mushroom path yesterday! A lovely mushroom soup with crème fraiche, although the addition of chestnut puree surely bumped up the calories, but as a NFD meal, it was lovely! Let’s bank some FDs before you jet off again and me, before some idiot brings a bottle of Baileys into the house for Xmas!!!

    It’s the usual slow posting weekend, I’m expecting everyone back tomorrow, raring to go, pressing the reset button, mourning the weekend indulgences or EFS or celebrating the super strength seatbelt that kept you firmly strapped to the wagon; either way ………………………………………

    Stay strong everyone, WE …… HAVE …….. GOT ……… THIS!!!

    Day 17 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @flourbaby – 😂 but no one ever told me! And I’ve never been the sharpest knife in the drawer 🤪

    So far so good this weekend. I’ve managed to stay away from the cheese and nuts, which are always my downfall on NFDs.

    Happy S🌞nday!

    Day 17 UK NFD

    Not wanted to post for the last couple of days as I didn’t really want to admit my (over ) consumption But hey I’m back and hoping to get it together

    Day 17 UK FD

    FD today after slightly indulgent day yesterday. Was out for dinner, had 1 glass of wine and some Chinese starters and small amount main course. Strange how that now feels indulgent and a lot when before I’d have scoffed the lot and not given it a second thought.. And had more wine!
    Planning FD today and possibly tomorrow to cancel out yesterday.

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 17 UK NFD

    Hi matpi and Flourbaby

    Yes, looking forward to Madrid. We stayed in an area called Lavapies the last time we were there and loved it so we are going back for a pre Christmas break. And I agree Flourbaby, I need to get some FD under my belt ( what belt? I can’t get a belt on…) before Christmas. I’ll think of you and you’ll give me strength. Thanks. H

    And yes, please protect me from Bailey’s. Who invented that drink. They need shooting.

    Day 17 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Indulged more than I should have yesterday, so hope today will be better.

    @emmataylor – you make me laugh. I know you will enjoy Madrid.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16 & 17 UK NFD

    Busy weekend so forgot to post yesterday. Also I went to a (ridiculously early) Christmas craft fair with friends yesterday and we had lunch out. Something I ate made me feel very ill so I didn’t eat anything else for 24 hours. So a semi-fasting weekend!

    I weighed myself this morning and I’m another 1.5lb down which I’m pleased with. I’ve made the usual pot of soup for fasting work lunches, leek and celery with a few fennel seeds. Planning to fast Monday Wednesday and Friday this week.

    @dahliafan: Gosh you are doing well…even if feeling sick at the time, it has its benefits!
    @brightonbelle: Me too, me too….I have one day off and I’ve eaten for England! Just keep posting, whatever happens.
    Which reminds me….
    @at: Where ARE you? You are one of our long-term stalwarts, and I don’t remember seeing you here for awhile. Are you around? Maintainers always welcome.
    @missybear: Hope you’re ok. xx

    Everybody; stick around. A new week begins…

    We’re the TEAM.

    Day 17 Ohio, US — NFD (60 bites)

    A regular NFD, not much to report.

    @ciren2 You’re so right: We are the TEAM! If it weren’t for the great people here, I’d have flat-lined at a horrendous weight a long time ago! Thanks everyone for helping me keep going!

    @dahliafan Congrats on the continued weight loss! It seems as though you’ve got the FD planning down to a T. I just follow exactly the same pattern every FD. I prefer to cope with FD’s by eliminating planning. Surprisingly the regularity helps to keep me on track.

    @emma taylor Bailey’s in eggnog is one of my favorites. That’s one of the reasons the week between Christmas and New Year’s can really pack on the pounds for me. That week is the only time of the year I drink eggnog. Of course, Bailey’s is good the whole year round!

    Day 18: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well, my one day of over-indulgence yesterday has led to a slapped wrist from the scales… I think it will do me good to work a six-day week this week delivering the mail.

    Have a good day….see you when I get back xx

    Day 18 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Here we go again – Monday FD. Where is everyone…?

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 18 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Mmmm yesterday I had one of those “knowing I am eating rubbish but I DONT care” days. It started with me buying a packet of Milk chocolate Hob Nobs (biscuits) as my brother was going to pop round. He wasn’t able to in the end, and I don’t know how, but the packet opened and 5, yes 5, of those biscuits were dispatched by me! I don’t normally bother with biscuits!!

    The day finished with a chicken stir fry with egg noodles and wine. Not even that nice in the end ☹️

    I have a bit of self-loathing this morning, but not going to get derailed, FD today, carry on, carry on.

    @emma-taylor ha ha, would you believe I actually know the guys who invented Baileys 😄 Living a very comfortable life off the back of it too!! oh, and I ended up having a Baileys on Saturday as I was influenced by all the talk here!

    @ciren2 I hear ya about trying to change bulbs. It has definitely got that one now needs a degree in engineering! I was practically able to service my very first car myself (a lovely Nissan Micra), simple times, now it’s often a puzzle to change the clocks on the car when they go back!

    @penz where are you??

    It’s a gorgeous red sky frosty morning out there, minus 2, so I better head out and de-ice that car.

    Holding on tight to the FD today.

    Pocket list day 18

    Day 18 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Overindulged on cheese, wine and nuts over the weekend. I could make excuses but in the end it comes down to my greed! So planning on a good FD today.

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 18, Emden Germany, FD

    banned the scales to the basement after weighing in at the star of the month and just go by the fit of my clothes this month. For me weighing every day leads to too many FDs and overeatiing on NFDs. This morning I tried on my measurement dress and could pull the zipper up. Pleased with that, just doing 5:2 and not overdoing it on other days seems to work well.

    @matpi you’re almost there! With four children aged 3-13 it can be turbulent at times next door. They get along very well, it mostly comes from outside the house ( stolen bike trailer, sports accident with broken glasses, speaking to a very unfriedly insurance company person). Sometimes it’s just too much.

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 18 NFD London.

    Daffodil2010. If you gave me that Baileys guy’s address I’d go round and give him a piece of my mind. Honestly! How can somebody make something sooooo addictive? It’s like legalised crack cocaine. And as for being a taster for Baileys!!!! Did you have to go cold turkey? I have to avert my eyes in the supermarket.

    On a more sensible note, my FD on Saturday extended until 4pm yesterday, which is new for me. And I discovered raw coconut in Sainsburys. I must have eaten it as a kid, but never had any since. I now discover just how much I like it. Good for a snack, on a NFD. Have a happy Monday, all.

    Day 18 NFD

    Monday’s are normally a fast day but going up to London later to take my son to lunch so will have to see how I can adapt this week , aiming to get back on track

    Day 18 UK FD

    Well yesterday’s planned FD went out the window so to speak early afternoon. I was just soooo hungry. Ended up not too bad but can’t count as a FD . So today will be… it will be !!! Bought loads of veg so will make soup to have both lunch and dinner.
    Have 7 weeks before I have to meet the Australian sun and come out from under all my winter clothes so better buckle down and lose those last pounds. By my reckoning about 8 to go to get back to the weight I was when I bought all those “sunny’ clothes!!

    Good luck to everyone today.

    Day 18 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    It has been more like Stratford UNDER Avon this past week, sun shining today and the flood water is subsiding at last, it’s so good to see a clear blue sky!

    Back from a couple of very indulgent trips away, it’s back to reality today.

    Head down… coffee and water at the ready!

    Day 18 UK FD

    Stuffed myself after not planning food at all & over-doing weekend commitments. Dim memories of tortilla chips, vegan icecream, percy pigs and lentil crisps. Feeling puffy, cross with myself and full of cold – and back up 4lbs on the scales 🙁

    The start of my hugely social week – today i’m out for tea, early supper & a poetry evening. Aiming for pots of peppermint or ginger tea and gallons of fizzy water while staying away from tempting food. Last week’s WFD made me feel so much better – here’s to a repeat, but fall back into soup if needed.

    Day 18 – 2nd Post

    This is more like it! I hate to suffer alone 😉

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 18, London, UK, NFD,

    I had a chuckle at the ‘legalised cocaine’ reference to Baileys!! I used to jest that those Sensations Thai coated peanuts were dusted in crack, since they were sooooo moreish, I’m not sure how much of a joke it was considering my complete & utter addiction!!!

    You can do it @brightonbelle, I’m still not totally entrenched in this WOL as I used to be, but we have no other option (apart from ill health & a fat a*se!!) but to get back on the wagon. I didn’t battle with my weight for 35 years just to give up on the only thing that works after 3!!!

    @ Yo-Yo Fletch, welcome back, way to go slotting straight back into fasting!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m not sure where your fellow Southern Hemispherites are but us Northerners are getting on board!!

    Staying mindful ……………………………… just!!!

    “I didn’t get there by wishing for it or hoping for it, but by working for it.” – Estée Lauder

    Day 18 USA (Illinois) NFD

    I cannot do a FD on a busy Monday, but will eat responsibly at least. Better than I did over the weekend. 🙁 Running a P.E.O. meeting today then our last Monday night Choral Society rehearsal before our concert next Sunday afternoon. Singing is great for deep breathing, did you know?

    @ciren2 – you are such a wonderful leader! Thanks so much for all your attention and encouragement.

    @daffodil2010 – whew, you know important people. I’m impressed with your Bailey’s connection. 🙂

    Onward and downward.

    Day 18- Atlanta, GA- USA- FD

    Happy Monday all!

    wt2go Started my diet on 4 Nov and lost 4.5 kgs and dreaded the weekend of fun ‘ drinking and eating. i hid myself in the bathroom and put myself on the scales. Just gained 0.5 so today FD and an early evening meal, bath and early night.

    Day 18 Oxfordshire UK FD
    Today is going quite well, keeping busy and should come in at around 600 calories.
    Wish I could say the same for the weekend. friends to dinner friday, so icarefully chose a menu that would be sensible calorie wise but I’m afraid the wine devil was sitting on my shoulder & I lost track of exactly how much I’d had. No hangover or hazy memories so I don’t think it was awful but could have been better. Then a pub lunch yesterday but on teh up side I didn’t eat much in the evening.
    I’ll weigh in tomorrow and hope the damage isnt too bad.
    i’ve decided that Days 19 & 20 will be CD as im out shopping with my mum one day and a friend the other and there is always a lunch involved. no wine though so should be ok.
    Then I’ll fast Day 21. FIngers crossed the strategy works.

    well done on the wieghtloss @irenak

    general question – when you do a water fast do you only have water or do you still have 500calories of solid food, or soup?

    Happy Monday

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏


    A good number of fasters today.
    @funshipfreddie: You are not alone….suffering or otherwise!
    @irenak 4.5kg! Wow, that’s very encouraging. What a great start.
    @songbirdme: I love singing too. Going to church every Sunday gives me the opportunity.
    @emma-taylor: So you almost did two whole days….I wish I could do fasting….but the wagon is as far away as ever….
    I’ve ordered a book called “Water Fasting” by Elizabeth Moore(maybe for some motivation, eh?)
    @dykask: our resident water fasting expert….where are you?

    To all who struggle, like me…..just BE here. Attend!
    And, who knows….?

    2nd post

    So true @ciren2… Just BE here. Attend! ……..posting gives accountability and maybe somebody might be inspired…

    Like right now I am inspired by @flourbaby‘s words to @brightonbelle…re not battling with weight over 35 years to give up on the only thing that works after 3…I hear ya @flourbaby!

    Cold this evening, I have just had half a veg stick cube in a mug of hot water to heat me up. Then I plan tomato soup and 2 boiled eggs for supper…weird combination but it will be 500 calories and a full tum for bed. Oh, and already today there has been 2lbs water weight lost since this morning 👍👍👍👍

    Have a great rest of evening.

    @ciren2. Why don’t you just try one fast day? If it goes wrong it doesn’t matter. I’ve been rubbish for most of this year, but I’ll happily be your fasting partner if you just want to try one day.

    Day 18 Ohio, US — MFD

    The fasting went well today. I got a fair amount accomplished, but it feels as though there is still a mountain of pressing matters to take care of. A couple more were added late this afternoon when I found out that some retirement matters that I had thought were in place starting September 1st, may not be in place after all. In the next couple of days I’ll have to work through the bureaucracy and see what’s going on. Maybe water fasting for a week would be preferable?!

    @suki2 and other wine aficionados: Next week I’ll be visiting relatives and the wine will be freely flowing. I don’t usually drink, so I’m not sure of a good survival strategy. One idea that I’m thinking of is to have a sip of wine and then three sips of water. With any luck that would keep things under control, while I still participate in the festivities. I’ve never had good luck with trying to nurse one glass of wine for a whole evening. Do you this strategy would work?

    @songbirdme Your Monday sounds like my Thursdays now. With a long, intellectually demanding meeting my fasting Thursdays found me almost falling asleep during the meeting. At least I now can stay awake and relatively lively for the meeting. Then I nap when I get home.

    Here are two quotes that might help with our struggles at this time of the year: (I still think that the hibernation instinct is in the background!) The first is from Michael Boyle “Most people give up right before the big break comes — don’t let that person be you.” The second is from Teresa of Avila: “Patient endurance attains to all things.” Indeed! We can endure and we can attain to our goals!!!

    Pocket List – Day 18 🍏

    Day 19: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Working my day off today….but the boss has promised me I’ll be finished in good enough time to get to my follow-up appointment this afternoon. Hopefully I’ll find out what the MRI showed…
    @emma-taylor: Aaah….you’re so kind. Thank you. My main problem is I simply HAVE to have my morning porridge to set me up for the day. A good 500 cals by the size of it. It would be more than fantastic if I could then leave it at that.
    One day…one day…

    Hey…where are all our friends from Australia who would be posting before me?
    Please come back. xx

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