November 2019 Challenge

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November 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 6- Atlanta, Ga- USA FD

    Decided to do b2b FD’s. So here goes!!

    Day 6, VA, USA, FD B2B2B

    Motivated to get a pinch lower this week. Last week didn’t really move much but over all for the month -5.6 lbs not too bad since I know I had a couple weeks where I ate right up to my 500 calories every FD and changed a couple FDs to CDs.

    Had an exciting moment at the store where these puffer vest were on sale for 5 bucks! I saw a white one and the hanger said medium (which is what I would guess my size to be since I’m still losing weight its hard to tell.) Any hooo I put it on and it fit really nice. Then to my surprise I looked at the tag and saw it was a small. (What??? – now this is a bulk item store and their sizes do tend to be a bit more roomy) but hey I’ll take it for now, and boost my ego!

    READ below for the BEST COMPLIMENT from a stranger:
    I got the coolest compliment from a stranger they said they liked my pants. *thats not the full compliment yet* Well I told her I really love this cut because it is flattering to the booty. She was like “that was exactly what I was thinking because you know as us small people we need all the help we can get to show off our figure” *** In my brain I was like *** Was I just referred to as “a small person?!” Never in my life have I ever been described as a small person! (If you can’t tell I was very excited by this!)

    @funshipfreddie – yum peanuts! Yay for nuts! I love peanuts (but not really peanut butter *I figured out its the smell*) Glad you got to enjoy the nuts (sometimes I look at the combination of what foods I had with nuts to see if something influences my gain/loss for that time period.)

    @daffodil2010 – nice job on sorting out the NFD. They are the sneaky days. Although I won’t lie I’ve been dying for another shyndigz evening (shyndigz is our fancy dessert place) and if I’m going to go for gold then that the place and dessert (no crappy whatever from the store)

    @songbirdme – I find that keeping hydrated very helpful during/after exercise class on an FD (and the dark of pink salt is also super helpful) so much that I have made my own little shaker of it in a empty chapstick tube.

    @ccco – the way I tackle burnout is to find a new inspiring recipe. And when It’s cold I especially enjoy hot water with an orange slice. If you are feeling ultra fancy take some fresh cloves push them into the orange rind then cut that slice off add a piece of cinnamon stick and bam awesome sit by the fire drink complete.

    @bellyblast – NICE job on the portion control send some of your portion control vibes my way.

    @therealwil78 – you can do it!

    Pocket List – Day 6

    @penz OMAD
    @mia139 MFD

    Day 6 UK FD

    I’m quite relieved that Bonfire Night is over for another year, I remember small parties with friends when I was a child, just a few sparklers and Catharine wheels nailed to the fence, and a risk taking parent lighting rockets in milk bottles. Sausages or jacket potatoes by the Bonfire. The fireworks seem so much louder now I find the noise quite stressful and intrusive. And I worry about pets, although my pet owning days are gone. I’m probably just turning into a grumpy old woman!

    I was very pleased with my FD today, I took some soup to work but I wasn’t hungry at all so I just had mint tea and water all day until this evening when I had a big salad with tuna and a few olives, and then an apple. Hoping I won’t feel hungry later when I’m trying to get to sleep.

    DAY 6 – UK – NFD

    A great yoga class to start the day – brunch and coffee afterwards with some friends.

    An afternoon of volunteering and a healthy dinner tonight making sure that today was another TDEE day!

    @penz @lilymartin @georgia83 – lovely to see you all back with us

    Just drinking a cup of tea whilst catching up here then bed time 😴

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    Day 7, Aus, NFD

    Had that lovely post FD smugness this morning even tho I’m not sure if I can count yesterday’s OMAD as a 800 FD. In any event, it’s the right boost I needed to feel back in control. I think it was @funshipfreddie who last month referred to the fasting muscle – it takes a while to build it up, but once it’s there, the fasting muscle works well. Mine had well and truly atrophied.

    Hey @georgia 83 – welcome back! It’s such a great group of people (and thanks to all those acknowledged my return: @matpi, @fatrabbit (who is really SlimRabbit in my mind), @ciren2, @brightonbelle, @songbirdme, @at; it’s just so nice!)

    All this talk of fireworks makes me glad to be back in Aus where it’s so heavily regulated we don’t have issues with firecrackers being set off all around the neighbourhood. Our poor dog had a terrible time the last two years in Florida where it seemed the local kids would use any excuse to let of ‘crackers for days before and after whatever event there were celebrating. (Even in the afternoon after school which struck me as pointless. Guess they liked the ‘bang’ more than the coloured sparks.) I’m also thinking I’m turning into a grumpy old woman, @dahliafan.

    Yay small person @rabbette!! Bet that comment kept the inner glow stoked all day.

    @rabbette — Aren’t compliments just so nice?! I keep getting them about my weight loss (one yesterday and one today) even though most of it was lost almost 2 years ago. Had to smile at “empty Chapstick container” as I never seem to empty one before losing it! 🙂 My 500 calories always has plenty of salt as I love it on a normal or a FD. Like today, it was miso soup, 2 slices of ham, string cheese, and Nut Thins. They all have salt.

    Day7 UK FD

    Yesterday’s fast was a flop so having another go today. It was a more difficult day all day. My asthma was worse than ever and by the time I had walked up to the doctor through the firwork fumes still hanging in the air from the night before I was coughing badly. Anyway he gave me a combination inhaler with a longer acting broncodilator so hopefully that will help. It actually did a better job than the salbutamol as a reliever too but contains the steroid that makes me anxious so I can’t use it more than twice a day and I hope that the fasting will get me to the point I can use it less or even do without it. Interestingly the scales at the doctors must be weighing me differently as they came up with 10 stone 8.8 lbs including my clothes, 148.8, whereas my scales yesterday said 151lbs, so mine are being a bit mean! I might not have strayed
    as close to eleven stone as I thought. But I suppose they do show the direction of travel at least. This morning they say 152.2lbs which makes sense given that the food I made was so delicious that I couldn’t resist seconds and then even thirds. Instead of I can eat tomorrow my brain suddenly swapped it for I can fast tomorrow and eat this while it is hot. Fasting is easier when only limited quantities are easily available!

    On the way back from the doctor’s I went into the charity shop and bought a pile of books and a sleeveless jacket. I first saw a couple I liked that were far too big. Then a size ten that I thought would be too small, but it fit! It fit even over the thick cardigan I was already wearing. That is the first size ten I have ever bought for myself I think. I have been pleased to be a size twelve since losing the weight. Even as a teenager I was a sixteen. Although I suspect that it only fits because of the lack of sleeves and because it is ok for it to be short. My shoulders are too broad and my arms too long for me to really be a ten. I tried on a size twelve coat but the sleeves on that were ridiculously short. No one would call me a small person! But I can now fit through narrow gaps which prompted someone to call me skinny, a word I never thought would apply to me!

    I am really hoping for some dry intervals today so I can get the rabbit hutches clean. They should have been done yesterday but with the appointment and the poor air quality they didn’t get done. I am really fed up of the rain and the mud and so are the rabbits. I am so glad we are on a hill so at least flooding isn’t a concern.

    Day 7 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Another hassle-free FD done. I ate nothing until about 6:30pm, then had oatmeal (made with water) topped with chopped apple, raisins and sunflower seeds. Doesn’t sound very exciting, but it was all I needed. Hot food is definitely more satisfying than cold when you’re battling hunger. Oh, before that I munched on a couple of raw carrots too 🥕🍏

    Day 7 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    I think I saw Noah sailing by there in the Ark…the rain is biblical, again!!

    Another good NFD, again, now that I am tracking everything in MFP, I am seeing results. A pound down AFTER an NFD!

    Yesterday, for example, no breakfast, small Oatbran bread ham sandwhich for lunch ( my Go-to workday lunch whether FD or NFD), then a big tuna salad with olives and tomatoes and a bowl of Cully and Sully chowder for dinner, some chia and blueberry pudding, glass of kefir, and a bedtime drink of Highlights low cal choc drink…..and all for 900 cals!!!!!!!

    So well and good, but It it’s the weekend NFD that MUST be counted…..that’s where the problems lie, that’s where the plateau resides…..I don’t eat a lot during the week, but OH MY, I sure must kick off at the weekend.

    This weekend will be different. For sure!

    Today’s FD is basic 500 cal…..what I plan to eat so far comes to just over 400 cal so if I want a little wriggle room I have it. Looking forward to tomorrow and weigh in.

    @rabbette oh what a lovely complement, you must be on a high with that! And that fireside drink with cloves and cinnamon stick sounds Wintery Wonderful yum!

    @fatrabbit and well done to you and the size 10!

    @penz fireworks are illegal in Ireland so we don’t really have a problem….except around Halloween when enterprising sorts just cross the (currently soft and unmanned) border to Northern Ireland and fireworks shops are the first thing you see…Halloween is the big firecracker night in Ireland. 😳

    Have a great Fasting Thursday Pocket-listers

    Day 7 UK NFD

    Planning to fast till dinner when I’m meeting some friends for food. Will try to make sensible choices so not to go over the score! Driving, so no wine which will help to keep the calories down. Hopefully!

    Day 7 CH WFD

    Despite a good 24h water fast on Tuesday and controlled NFD yesterday there has been no movement on the scales yet (have seriously wondered if they are broken? haha), so I plan to do a longer water fast today (starting 8pm yesterday until noon on friday=40h). I have never done this before, but I really hope to see some progress on the scales tomorrow, one week into the challenge 🙂

    Have a great Fasting Thursday Pocket-listers

    Day 7, London, UK, FD

    It’s bloomin’ freezing so soup for lunch and soup for dinner, sorted!!!

    Short & sweet from me today, busy, busy, busy and deadlines to meet!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 7- Atlanta, GA- USA CD

    Day 7: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    The sun is actually OUT!
    @bellyblast: Unexpected weight loss….what a bonus! So motivational.
    @penz, @dahliafan and all who mention talk of fireworks. Yes, they are certainly much louder than in our youth (same as cinemas). Personally I believe they should be banned from sale unless you have a professional display licence. A few supermarkets have banned them this year, which is encouraging.

    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 CD?

    My FD routine has been messed up this week owing to a sore throat resulting in 3 days of eating very little, so I feel I should eat more today. I’m still lacking an appetite but I had 2 boiled eggs for brunch and I plan to eat fish, veg and fruit for dinner to boost my immune system so I may exceed a FD calorie count but its important I eat adequately and get sufficient nutrients to see off this virus.

    Hope its going well for the Thursday fasters.

    Day 7 UK NFD
    Happy to have got 2 fds under my belt this week , next step to stop compensating on NFDs

    Day 7 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Struggling to behave myself on NFDs at the moment. Both my young adult daughters are on a rare visit home together and curling up for a family movie night complete with chocolate treats was a temptation too far…..committed to a FD today though and so far so good(!)

    Off on a family holiday to Iceland tomorrow (Yaaay!) so heading into 5 NFD. First holiday in 4 years where all 4 of us are together! I suspect it will involve plenty of walking and I will try and be mindful however I have every intention of making the most of our precious time away together.

    I’ll check in next week when I’m back – back at work on Wed, so planning Wed/Thurs B2B, hope my head will be in the right place for it…

    Day 7 Pocket List of Fasters:


    Today’s the day….keep on going!

    Day 7 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Good FD yesterday. Back to 161# – that makes me happy.

    Trying to take it easy on my DAFD today although a cheese Danish from Costco we had in the freezer called my name for breakfast. Will be good the rest of the day.

    @flourbaby – freezing here in our part of the USA as well. Had soup for supper last night ourselves. Weather so effects what I want to eat. @funshipfreddie – I can see your oatmeal hit the spot too. (Wish I liked hot cereal…)

    @missybear – hope your sore throat just goes away rather than move into a full-blown cold. My colds almost always start with a sore throat. 🙁

    @yo-yo-fletch – have a terrific time in Iceland! I see great trips to there advertised on various places. I know the geographic treats will be astounding.

    Onward and downward.

    Today is going so much better! I am going to do this. I can eat tomorrow.

    It was a beautiful day, we seemed to have won the weather lottery here today, so much sunshine for a change, and my new inhaler kept me breathing easily all day. I feel so much better than I have for ages. Between that inhaler and the energy from fasting I feel ten years younger than a week ago:)

    I hope everyone else is doing as well. Happy day to all.

    @fatrabbit: Yay….go, go, GO!

    Day 7 – UK – NFD

    Today was a 3rd day of eating to just below TDEE after a good FD on Monday so happy with this week so far – aiming for another FD tomorrow.

    Started today with an aerobic class – then delivered an apple cake I made yesterday for a friend of my daughter for her birthday at their workplace – text message from DD later in the day was 😋

    Cooked Sicilian stuffed sardines (sarde a beccafico) for dinner tonight – one of OH’s favourite sardine recipes! served with a mixed green salad – a bit fiddly to do as you have to remove the backbone from the fish by butterflying them but so worthwhile!

    Right off to have a shower and get ready for bed 😴

    Day 7 of this challenge already nearly finished so hopefully everyone had a good first week!

    “November the last month of autumn. But the beginng of a new adventure; time to take risk and do the unexpected.” —Unknown

    Day 7, VA, USA, FD

    Yes I was walking on clouds – I think everyone could have cut me off in traffic and I would have been like “what-eves” Teehehe.

    Today I’ve been a bit more tired than my usual self. I can see that my water percentage is down and I’ve been trying to get more water in me but still a bit tired.

    I get called skinny from a coworker of mine. It feels odd tho, b/c I’m not what I would call skinny (although I actually never use that term to describe folks whom are smaller sizes b/c both my mom and my sweetheart as well as a couple of other smaller sized folks do not care for that term) I use the term lean to describe my SO and my dear friend and that term suits them both better anyway because they are both muscular but lean.

    @fatrabbit – Woah – I too purchased a sleeveless jacket (puffy vest) in a size small (which has never happened in my entire life. I too got up to a size 18 in high school then down to a 12. So it is interesting that I too am fitting in things that I have never been able to wear before. ha love the “fit through narrow gaps” The term skinny is an interesting one and I usually use the term lean (as the story above describes) Welcome to being on the lean Side of life.

    @funshipfreddie – I think it depends on the temps outside if I get satisfied with hot food or cold food. Woo wee Oatmeal makes me hungry. (Even the steal cut oats with just water chopped apples and nuts) I’ll eat it once in a while, but I always know I will be ravenous later.

    @daffodil2010 – jeez more rain. Well I hope that things are getting absorbed and you do not have flooding. Tracking is hard but I do also find that I will under estimate (probably on purpose b/c I don’t want the numbers to be real dang it) Oh my gosh that was where I had noticed some plateaus were from some epic weekends *that really didn’t seem like I ate that much* but after seeing the numbers my mind was like woah. Good for you getting the wagon to level off after wild weekend rides.

    @marroni – I find that if I don’t drink enough water (especially before bed) or get a decent nights sleep. I don’t sleep long or typically very deep. So decent just means get some sleep. Then I too will not shift any weight.

    @songbirdme – What! Cheese danish in the freezer! Oh no. Keep walking past that stuff next time – that is just ammo waiting to be loaded!

    @at – I had to look up Sicilian stuffed sardines, because the last time I had sardines I remembered how small they were and I was like huh how do you stuff that! Looks like a bit of the hard word as you described taking the backbone out. But interestingly delightful result.

    Day 7 Pocket List of Fasters:


    Day 7 UK NFD

    Reasonably sensible day today I hope, I had a late meeting at work and got home cold and tired to find that my husband had made a delicious chicken curry. I couldn’t resist some naan bread with it but managed to limit myself to quite a small piece. I’m fasting again tomorrow and we have a (very rare) team outing in the evening. It’s supposed to be a bit of a bonding exercise so I have to go, and it’s at a pub where the food is cheap and mostly fried carbs, so I’m not sure how to approach that particular challenge. Any ideas very welcome!

    Day 8 – Japan – WFD #79

    Still programming … odd but I feel better when I’m fasting …

    Day 7 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 6 — NFD

    Just a quick check-in. This week I’ve been eating a little more than usual, perhaps due to the unseasonably cold temperatures. On the other hand, I’m back to doing more than 10K steps a day, so we’ll see which wins out when I weigh in after tomorrow’s fast day.

    Have a great end of the work week!

    Day 8 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    Fast day # 3 – I can do this! Didn’t have too bad a NFD yesterday; I didn’t make it to the gym though, so I must go today.

    @yo-yo-fletch – happy travels!

    Pocket List – Day 8 🍏
    @dykask WFD

    Day 8 UK NFD

    I did do it yesterday, ate just under 800 calories (a bag of salad, a persimmon and the much more fast friendly quantity of leftover Pumkin and Pepper bean casserole from the previous day’s failure, still delicious.), and got my reward of a big drop on the scales. 149.4lbs this morning, 3 lbs less than yesterday, getting into a happier zone for me. I had a wonderful night. I didn’t wake up struggling to breathe even once. I wish I could credit the fasting but given the new inhaler I think that probably deserves it. Hopefully fasting will mean I eventually don’t need it all the time.

    Skinny was someone else’s word not mine and anyway still not one I could possibly identify with given the saddlebags I still carry around. I have some very stubborn areas of fat in my bottom, thighs and knees that have shown few sign of shifting. These are areas of lipoedema which is painful abnormal fat and looks a bit like a pair of fat short trousers and is a mismatch with my upper body which is definitely lean these days. I have always had hideous legs and haven’t been able to wear shorts since prepuberty even before I became so overweight as it is caused by hormones initially although obesity definitely compounds the problem. I have had a bit of hope lately that perhaps with menopause there may be a chance of it becoming more likely to shift, and I think it may be getting softer, but on the other hand I might be being over optimistic as apparently menopause can actually cause it. Still it may be worth a try to fast down below where I got to before and see if more of it will take itself off this time. I would need to get below 140lbs or ten stone to test that theory. We’ll see how it goes…

    Onwards and downwards…

    Day 8 – Irekand 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Very good week indeed. Not going to call it yet, as the weekend looms, but if I can stave off the usual shovelling cr@p into my gob washed down with buckets of wine…then I am so interested to see how next week goes.

    I am quite a few pound down, but see above 🤔

    DH returns from his Milan trip tonight, so I am preparing a welcome home meal with wine. I have already logged it on MyFitness Pal and even taking wine into account (as there will certainly be a bottle brought home from Italia), if I stick to it, I will be just slightly over my TDEE!!!

    This MFP thing is the way to go. I feel in control and to be honest, getting quite obsessed with it!!! But I need it, because I was getting out of control at the weekends, thinking it’s an NFD so I can eat and drink whatever I want….but I can’t. Full stop.

    Weather update….the rain has stopped!!! It took me much longer to get home from work last night as I live in a rural village and a lot of the minor roads were flooded. Had to take it very handy in the pitch darkness of the Irish late Autumn evening. But now it’s sunshine so a big walk at lunch today.

    @rabbette, you really are so very inspirational on this forum, do you know that? I love to read your posts and your kind thoughts and helpful hints for everyone. I am so delighted that you are now in the lean club. I too never use that word skinny, it’s quite derogatory..nobody would call you fat unless they were insulting, and I feel the same about skinny. So I love the LEAN machine!

    Oops look at the time, can’t post anymore as I spent too much time logging on MFP!

    Have a super Friday everyone, together we are stronger.


    Day 8, London, UK, NFD,

    I’m feeling positive for the upcoming 4 NFDs, I have lots of healthy tasty food in the fridge which I won’t limit, also the house is devoid of ALL chocolate, crisps & booze, it really is the only way for me!!!

    @brightonbelle, I’m on the same page as you and @yo-yo Fletch trying to ‘stop compensating on NFDs’.

    @daffodil2010, perhaps we should make a pact for this weekend & promise each other to ‘stave off the usual shovelling cr@p into my gob washed down with buckets of wine’ ……………….. I’m all for accountability!!!

    I’m off to Pilates, then to my mum’s, then taking her to a hospital appointment ……………………….. No time to eat thank goodness!!!

    Stay strong people, we’ve got this ………………. As long as we hide the wine in the garage!!! ………………….. Or is that just me???

    Day 8 CH NFD

    I am about to break my 40h water fast and am feeling great:) Physically it is much easier than I thought, had only one hunger pang yesterday morning. Mentally it is more of a challenge for me, have found myself constantly fantasising about food and may have spent at least an hour online searching for the best Christmas cookies recipes😅 Also googled the cheese danish mentioned by @songbirdme and wow, it looks amazing! Lots of cream cheese😋 I haven’t seen anything like this in Europe… might have to try making them at home!
    It seems that my scales are really broken, I did check four times this morning and got four different results… So at the worst I have not lost anything at all during my longest water fast so far, or at the best I may have lost 1,4kg… new scales needed asap!
    Will try usual FD tomorrow, otherwise the weekend will undo all my efforts this week.

    @rabbette thank you for the water+sleep tip:) I am used to drinking lots of water and tea but the sleep part could sometimes be better…
    @daffodil2010 congratulations on a good fast week!

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 8: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    @fatrabbit: See you DID it….three pounds DOWN!
    @marroni: You too….what a great result.
    I wish, I wish, I WISH I COULD FAST too…..

    Day 8 Pocket List:


    Add yourself if you’re fasting today, and good luck!

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Doing quite well — always happy to read how you all are faring.

    @at – I also had to look up your sardine recipe. I never buy anything but the small tinned ones, so certainly you start with sardines that are much larger. I have a salmon recipe that I make that sounds a little similar only starting with a salmon ‘steak’ is much easier to ‘butterfly’ and fill. — that recipe is similar but I generally use Parmesan cheese and pesto with the spinach, often add mushrooms, and bake in foil. Fresh greens for salad complete the meal, or an occasional garlic bread slice with it.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 8, VA, USA, NFD

    Mmmmm a real NFD feeling pleasantly full from breakfast. I’ve been really craving coffee lately. I’m usually the 1 cup in the morning and maybe once or twice a week a cup at around 10:30ish. But lately I’ve WANTED the second cup of coffee everyday, I haven’t given in every day, but I have wanted it.

    Yesterday ended up as a >800 cal day. Instead of under 500 and
    interestingly I went up 1 lb on the scale reading this morning! I think this is due to still not being able to get enough water in me. I’m down 3% of my water percentage and wow can I tell a difference.

    @fatrabbit – My legs are also holding on a bit to their shape. I was just saying I wish with all the other measurements I took at the beginning I took my leg/thigh measurement.
    -One of the ways I help students with saddle bag toning is the
    -[[Later leg lifts]] the stand on one leg and lift the other one straight out to the side toes forward, foot flexed. OR
    -[[Standing Fire Hydrants]] bend the knee and then lift leg out to the side.
    none the less try these side leg lifts *I do a 5 on each side throughout the day like standing at the counter (holding on for balance if needed) or while I’m waiting for something such as Copier/printer/tea or coffee to brew etc.

    @dykask – Fasting is said to help with focus (it could have something to do with the fact that it doesn’t need to sort out digesting while you are trying to think/focus) I’m sure there is a ton of technical info on the focus one gets from fasting. Good luck with your programming.

    @matpi – cold days for me = hot tea, hot broth, hot water with lemon/orange/lime slice or cinnamon stick.

    @daffodil2010 – I too have calculated for my cocktails and it can work out to still shed a lb OR at least not gain but a smidge. Awe thanks @daffodil2010 for the compliment about inspiration. I love contemplating ideas to try and spark something do-able for folks in going toward the direction they would like to go. I do make a firm effort to *practice* not giving advice in person unless asked. I figure on the forum one can just skip past any ideas that don’t resonate with them. I always want it to be attainable or just something interesting to try. Lets Be the Lean Machines! Ps Logging MFP does take some time doesn’t it… (it gets better as you start to learn your calorie in take of some of the more common things you tend to eat.)

    @flourbaby – Free of distractions and zoned in on Veggies! You Can Do It!

    @marroni – my sleep is also challenging, so be kind to yourself and the scale readings (and especially if your scale is on the fritz) decent sleep makes a different and oh my gosh Good Sleep which happens like once ever two weeks or so for me – makes a huge difference. So just keep practicing any tips for sleep -less coffee *defininly not past noon. Cup of camomile and lavender tea (if you can’t find this combo together you can usually get each one on their own and just combine it 2 tea bags one of each *pamper yourself for bed*. Start getting ready for bed at least 30 minutes before, take time to brush your teeth and hair *hair brushing is very relaxing for the nervous system* use a brush that feels nice to your scalp. And you could try a gentle forward fold stretch (legs long OR soles of your feet together knees bent *butterfly stretch)

    @ciren2 – how is the leg/back thing going… Thanks for being our host.

    @songbirdme – oh my gosh seriously you and @at with those recipes… I’ll get you back tho I’m sure as I was contemplating making the triple layer keto chocolate cake again this weekend.


    Ha almost added myself to the Pocket list (after 4 days in a row doing it… it was like habit!) Going to enjoy this dang NFD tho. I am going to make an effort to get my water intake up even on this NFD. Yes Mr. Canister I’m looking to finish you BEFORE I make any trips into the kitchen.

    Hi @rabbette:
    The upper hamstring, buttock, hip pain is ongoing. Especially bad first thing. However I’m having an MRI scan on Monday afternoon….hopefully to track down a diagnosis. I only know the X-ray showed my hips are fine. I’m trying to come off the anti-inflamatories this week in order that I have maximum inflamation to show on the scan! It’s hard and painful though…I feel like a cripple and it’s lucky I’m off work this week until next Tuesday.

    Now….everyone….just keep off the booze! Many of you seem to be having a bit of trouble with wine. I read today that (on average) we drink 108 bottles of wine a year in the UK!!

    Day 8 FD (unintentional!!)

    Didn’t plan to fast today as we were having lunch supplied at work and it’s usually all very nice. By the time I’d finished the work I needed to complete all the sandwiches, pasta bowls and filled rolls were finished, leaving only chocolate cookies and those delicious caramel shortcake delights! So I decided just not to bother and continued fasting! It’s now evening and I’m waiting for my oven baked Basa fillet to cook with some veg and that will be it for the day! So that’s a 24 hour fast and actually feeling ok.

    Hopefully the scales will reward tomorrow!

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @ciren2 seems I’ve discovered something I’m above average at 🍷😉

    2nd post,

    Along with you @missybear, I’m adding myself to the ‘above average’ list!!!

    …………… But not this weekend!!!!

    Day 8 UK FD

    I wrote a post and then my internet dropped out so I lost it. Still here, survived a FD and my work do, very cold so contemplating an early night

    Day 9, Emden Germany, FD
    Days 5-8 NFD

    Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 9 UK FD

    Ate a bit too much yesterday, (that second helping of nuts was a bit greedy!) but nothing terrible although my weight has bounced back above 150 again. I had another good day breathing wise. The new inhaler does the trick. I

    Another wet soggy day forecast, much colder this time so I cancelled the volunteers again. The animals are probably better off staying inside today. I am going to too. It will make the fast more difficult though.

    @rabbette my problem isn’t lack of muscle, it is abnormal fat and excess skin. Deflated balloons don’t ever look toned! I prefer to work my muscles through physical work rather than artificial repetitive exercises but that is a movement that isn’t often called for so I will try to remember to do some every day. I must have done a hundred last night for a start.

    @ciren2 Sorry to hear about your hip pain. I know how unpleasant that is, and how difficult weaning off painkillers can be. My best tip is to listen to music and focus your attention outside of your body and simply refuse to pay attention to the pain. I think all my practice ignoring pain also helped me be able to fast as it works for ignoring hunger too. And of course fasting helps with inflamation too so you get into a virtuous circle where everything is getting better instead of worse. As I told my son yesterday it is never possible to solve every problem but you actually get the improvements in mood and outlook from just facing in the right direction. The first steps are the most important. You can fast, and will fast, you just need to find the right mind set. Seize the day when it feels right but don’t despair when it doesn’t.

    Follow the path onwards. Together we are stronger.

    Day 9 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    I am NOT fasting today. But I’ll start the list..

    Have a good weekend!

    Pocket List – Day 9

    Day 9, London, UK, NFD

    Another NFD, yesterdays’ went well so hopefully I’m on a roll?

    Lately, as soon as I eat something, anything at all, I get very hot ………………. I’ve been calling them hot flushes (a bit early for me!) but now I’m wondering if it’s just digestion, if it is, it’ll help with fasting ‘cause I don’t like to feel overheated, so maybe I should just stop eating altogether!!! ……………… As if!!!
    Anyway, I’ll keep an eye on it because I quite like eating!!

    Although it’s freezing, I’ve a huge salad in mind for dinner which will hopefully be OMAD, therefore, controlled.

    Happy fasting to those brave enough to attempt it on a weekend!!!

    Day 9 UK NFD

    food and exercise very good yesterday 🥂consumption not so good Aiming for steady weekend and a very good week starting Monday

    Day 9: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:
    Raining buckets!
    It actually started off frosty and sunny. I managed to walk the dog before it started…
    @fatrabbit: Thanks for your kind words. Interestingly, after being on Diclophenac anti-inflamatories for at least 15 years (!) for one thing or another, and against all medical advice…..coming off them has not made me unbearably worse. It’s pretty bad first thing….but after that about the same as normal….random knife-like stabbings….but short and sharp.
    Back at work Tuesday, but went in today to try and throw off some of the leaflets onto my round. The boss warned me there are SEVEN next week. We have someone else off sick (hip pain as it happens) I thought it wise to try and make a start. He asked me to work my day off on Monday….but I have the MRI, so can’t.

    Day 9 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Sunny and cold here – great day for college football! We here watch and root for the B1G (‘logo’ for the Big 10 NCAA) that actually is 14 teams now. They are mostly midwest with a couple new East Coast teams thrown in.

    Speaking of schools, I am reading a book about a murder of a boy from a British boarding school (“Well-Schooled in Murder” by Elizabeth George). I found it at my local used bookstore, and it has me trying to learn about the Brit school lingo and system. Lots of terminology we do not use in the USA. @betsylee from last month and I used to talk about reading. Anyone here into reading?

    @rabbette – that salmon recipe is actually one very low in carbs that I first found in the “South Beach Diet” book from some 15 years ago. I still do my best to keep carbs low, but also have learned I cannot starve myself of them like the SB Diet had us do.

    Onward and downward.

    day 9 oxfordshire, UK FD800
    bright, sunny and frosty first thing here. Walk to doctors for flu jab. Then dog walk, got back just before the rain started. Managed to fit in about 1 hour ish so hopefully he’ll make do with a run in the garden if its still pouring later.

    I dont usually fast over the weekend, but…
    Thought I was doing ok with a good fast then some cds, scales were showing a steady 200-300g drop each day. 🙂 Then I put new batteries in the scales this morning and I’ve immediately gained back 1kg 🙁

    Its going ok today, I’ve had a light breakfast and lots of hot water. I’ll break my fast with a chicken & mustard casserole with lots of veggies and maybe a small potato. I havent decided yet. If I do and have a glass of wine it comes in at 850 calories which I think will be ok.

    @songbirdme I love to read, I belong to a bookgroup. We meet once a month having read a book handed out the month before. We discuss the book, drink wine and eat. Its a day where I need lots of self control, but really great to catch up with these book friends.
    I hosted this month and in order to have some control over the calories decided to cook for everyone (7). I chose a veg dish which came in around 250 calories. Much lower than the cheese and pizza nibbles we usually have.
    I dont know the book you mentioned but I’ll certainly look it up.

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 9 UK CD

    Posted on day 2 then came down with a virus. Back today, reading posts to get me motivated for plain vanilla 5:2 and good self care of sleep, stretching and meditation.

    This last week I’ve not slept properly and fallen into bingeing my way through the house. Luckily mostly healthy food but portions have been oversized and eaten my weight in rice, fruit, peanut butter and insta food. Somehow not put on more weight but feeling distinctly puffier, thicker waisted and slugglish.

    So glad I’ve taken time to catch up with posts and picked up useful tips and reminders. Thanks @daffodil2010 for the weighing and measuring everything, & @fatrabbit for bump that fasting helps with inflammation and asthma.

    @ciren2 thanks for the reminder to start gently, add things in and keep going
    Suddenly realised I’ve not been drinking anything near my usual water/tea consumption either. Going to start that one today, along with gentle yoga, meditation and early night. Limbering up, preparing myself for first FD in a couple of months on Monday.

    Off to stretch, meditate and drink. Small steps in the right direction are still progress 🙂


    @songbirdme: I always have a bedtime book on the go….always non-fiction, all kinds of subjects. Currently reading Bill Bryson’s “The Body, a guide for occupants”. Amazing facts and figures!
    @suki2: same as me….just managed the dog walk before the rain set in…..again.
    @michelinme: Another one with the dreaded virus… glad your back with us. Keep well.
    Aaah, inflammation and asthma; all me!
    Now, if only I could fast, I know from past experience, it got rid of my asthma entirely. Unfortunately I fell off the wagon…

    @suki2 – good for you cooking food for your book club that is also healthy!

    @ciren2 – yes, me too for reading right up to sleep time. I read a Bryson book before going to Australia a while back. “In a Sunburned Country” – yes, he is a most interesting writer!

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