November 2019 Challenge

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November 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 4 California NFD

    @ciren2 I added @mogaman yesterday.

    Today should be a good day. Food in the crockpot ready to go!

    Day 4 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Well November isn’t off to a great start health wise, sore throat has progressed to a barking cough which kept me awake most of the night, feeling grotty today but there is an upside, I don’t feel like eating so today’s FD will be easy.

    @fatrabbit the mental picture of your piggies enjoying their pamper session today made me smile.

    Keep strong Monday fasters.

    Day 4. Venice. NFD
    Just posting for accountability. FD few and far between but trying to swerve too many white carbs in Italy. Food in Venice isn’t that special, TBH, so it’s easier. Everywhere else in Italy the food is great. We finish in Bologna. Crikey. H


    @dykask WFD #78
    @fatrabbit MFD

    @missybear: Sorry to hear you have the barking cough too. DH is ill with “man flu” and I can hear the neighbours “barking” through the wall as well!
    @rafiki44: Thanks. I wasn’t paying attention….!

    Day 4, ca, USA, NFD

    Yesterday = steak, chard 500, success.

    Never was much of a meat eater but wish I started earlier. I know the trend is in the opposite direction but red meat feels like what my body has been missing, and a little really helps me out on a fast day. I don’t know what my NFD plan is yet. I’m guessing I should have one. Actually just declaring this a NFD immediately make me less hungry.

    So many fasters today!

    “Fasting of the body is food for the soul” st chrysostom

    You got this!

    Day 4, London, UK, NFD,
    Day 3, London, UK, NFD,

    Quick & late check-in from me today.

    It was a busy day travelling 120 miles each way to visit family, we had a lovely day, an enormous roast dinner and birthday cake to follow, luckily it was a NFD & I was driving so at least the vino wasn’t an option!!

    I’ll catch-up and comment tommorow, but I hope everyone has started November as we mean to go on …………… determined & dedicated to 5:2!!!

    Onward & downwards folks!!

    Day 4 UK FD
    @songbirdme thank you for the reminder to check in every day, I’m sure you are right that it makes a real difference.
    I have had a good fast today, I was so busy at work that I managed to distract myself from any hunger pangs until 2.30 when I had my soup for lunch. Salad and falafel for supper which is one of my go-to fasting meals because I can be sure about the calories. The kitchen door is now firmly closed and I have retreated to the other end of the house so I can’t hear any snacks calling me.

    First FD yesterday so feeling extremely smug! I’m in Sydney and have had great success with fast diet (although I find water only FDs easier). Having fallen off the fasting wagon I was horrified to find myself 10kg higher than last time I fasted (and heaviest I’ve ever been ex-pregnancies!) So happy to have got through first FD but know it’s a long way to go. When do you think FDs get easier? Ever?

    Thank you all for your posts – so helpful to keep motivated

    Oxfordshire, UK
    Day 3 nfd
    Day 4 cd
    Day 5 cd
    Great family day yesterday involving pub lunch, didn’t overdo things. Busy day today with yoga and shopping. Ņow I’ve got stocked fridge and freezer I will be planning some meals.
    Tomorrow is a day out with my mum which will involve lunch, so will try to make some good choices.

    @ciren2 I enjoy your weather reports, especially while I was away as your only about 30 mins away from me in south Oxfordshire. It was nice to know what was going on with all that rain.

    Day 4, VA, USA, FD
    Day 3, CD
    Day 2, NFD

    This weekend my friends B-day gathering and while I was good with the alcohol I was very much snacking. Luckily it was mostly guacamole with carrot sticks and this interesting meat thing with cheesy topping. So not a bunch of carbs which seems to put more lbs on me in a very short amount of time.

    Getting back into teaching all my classes this week. I will need to still be gentle with my toe.

    Day 4 pocket list

    @dykask WFD #78
    @fatrabbit MFD

    Wow that is one heck of a list. I’m holding it tightly to this list too! My sweetheart made homemade Mac and cheese from scratch. I felt rather cool tho because I had my greens (and my greens were freaking AWESOME!) So take that Mac and cheese.

    Day 5 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast went well but my code is way too buggy.

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Another successful fast day yesterday and another pound gone already! 150.2lbs this morning, almost at my goal for the month. I need to remember I am doing this mainly for my asthma, which was dreadful again yesterday and last night, I am constantly needing my reliever, and not get carried away with the weight loss so I won’t set another goal. I ate an enormous bowl of Swede and pickled Beetroot casserole and actually had trouble finishing it although I am sure it was within the 800 calories and felt rather piggish but it certainly didn’t stopnthe weight loss. And being piggish was possibly appropriate as I spent the day sorting out the guineas so they are all lovely and shiny. I didn’t find any health problems although a couple of the oldest ones are on the thin side going in to winter which is a concern. To top off my Pig Day I was asked to take in another 3 guinea pigs so they will be arriving in the next few days.

    I again worked out some of my food cravings by cooking and posting a recipe online. I even took photos of each stage and posted them. This then inspired me to take pictures while I bathed the piggies and I posted a pigcare post too. I had been meaning to do that for ages. It is a productive way to keep busy in the long evenings without grazing. My neglected websites are benefiting.

    I hope the rest of the pocket list had a successful day too. This forum is, as it was before, a huge help in keeping me focused. Together we are stronger!

    Day 5 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    That was quite a Pocket List yesterday?! I hope everyone’s FD was as effortless as mine. It’s a relief to see I’m only 1kg over my target weight after a reckless weekend. But it’s still alternate day FDs this week until I’ve shifted it. And gym every day. 🏋️‍♀️

    Day 5 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    What a deluge of rain yesterday! It was a vortex of rain just around my part of the country with spot flooding and swollen rivers. Today has dawned bright and clear and innocent, complete difference from yesterday.

    And I had a very successful FD yesterday. For the first time in ages I kept it liquid only until evening, and would have probably been OK to keep it liquid only for the whole day but that freaking bad weather had me cold, and I had a prepared lentil, carrot and barley soup……I had that with some oat bran bread. Well under 500 cals and a 2lb drop.

    Which is great but I am in the 140’s and need to get out of here sharpish!

    It’s an NFD but I have downloaded MFP and will use it religiously to record every calorie as I know I was being too lenient. I have also had a word with DH and he has agreed not to being home any snacks at weekend, and we are both swearing off white carbs until Xmas. It WILL be done!

    @fatrabbit I had always loved reading your tales of the little guys in your sanctuary, it makes me feel warm inside. Glad you are back and way to go on the loss already. ☺️

    @ayame I actually find FD’s to be easy, it’s the NFD’s that are the hardest. Hang on in there 👍

    @emmataylor ooh Bologna. I have fond memories of a trip I took there many years ago. The food 😄…yum! My DH is off to Milan tomorrow for a motorcycle show and is already looking forward to the dinners out with the lads (poor me is not going this time ☹️).

    Have a great day all. Usually I am doing a B2B but have decided to do traditional 5:2 and see if that will move things. Perhaps I was getting complacent and feeling like I was on a strict diet. I hope something works soon. At least in my new Size 12 work clothes I don’t feel like a blimp, but I want to get back into size 10 soon 💃

    Day 5 UK FD

    Going for 3rd FD in a row. As others have said, I find those easier than the NFD as the plan is very clear! Fast till lunchtime, then have home made veg soup followed by low calorie salad for dinner. Deal done and kitchen closed! To be honest,I’m fed up now with these extra pounds which I rediscovered after getting to a never before seen 60 kg just over 2 years ago. I felt so great and had a real sense of achievement that after a lifetime of being overweight “I had done it!, ” Now I’m having to do it all again! But, this time being so aware of how easy it is to slide back into the bad habits. This will have to be my WOL from now on. Well done to all those who are maintaining on 5:2.
    Onwards and downwards, we can do this!

    Day 5 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Beautiful bright but cold morning here in Pembrokeshire and I’m starting to feel better, voice is croaky but I can speak and the throat feels like I can swallow solid food today having had unexpected B2B liquid FDs….looking forward to breakfast.

    @ayame FDs became routine and easier for me after about 6 months and now it is unusual for me to have a difficult one and if I do have a FD where I am struggling I remind myself repeatedly that it is only one day and I can eat more tomorrow…..days like that I go to bed planning what I will eat for breakfast but then usually wake to find I’m no longer hungry. Just take it one day at a time.

    Feel well enough for a coastal walk today, haven’t been out for a few days, a sea breeze and fresh air should perk me up.

    Have a good day everyone.

    Day 5 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    Successful FD yesterday, very nearly fell at the last hurdle last night due to tiredness and late hunger pangs but managed to hold steadfast and resist the temptation to break my FD. Some FDs are easier than others!

    Looking forward to my lunch today, a very modest Scotch Broth soup (it really is soup weather!) and some wholemeal bread. Will try to hold out for as long as possible but already dreaming about it…..

    If the weather improves maybe Guy Fawkes celebrations later,
    Remember, remember the fifth of November……

    Day 5, London, UK, FD,

    I’m really looking forward to today’s FD since I despatched 3.5lbs last week and the dreaded 4x NFDs in a row haven’t completely eradicated my efforts, only a 1lb gain which is miraculous considering the enormous roast beef lunch I inhaled on Sunday ……………………………….. + birthday cake!!!!!

    I’ve set myself an end of year target of 150lbs which is certainly achievable, I just need to remember that target once the Xmas chocolates & booze start being delivered to the office, instead of FOMO I’ll collect all of the treats and give them to my mum!! Just like last year, I’ll be utilising deep breathing techniques, mind control, self-hypnosis or simply running screaming from the room to ensure I can avoid THAT bottle of Baileys!!!! I’ll be reminding myself of Xmasses past where just one glass = shopping for new bigger trousers!!!

    @daffodil2010, I’m just behind you in the size 12’s, they’re a bit snug, so really I should be in 14’s but I’m taking the discomfort as punishment for hurling myself off of the wagon mindlessly in September & October!!! I’m aiming for loose fitting 12’s by Jan 1st …………………… or else!!!! I raided the summer sales this year and stocked up on lots of lovely classic linen items ……………….. in size 10!!!! All in anticipation of my summer 2020 holiday, so unless I’m going to be naked, I’ll need to get back in the 5:2 groove …………………… NOW!!!

    Last week I had a NFD on a work day, my first for a long while, although B2B2B’s are easily done on my 3 working days, I think it was having a negative effect (subconsciously) on my NFDs, almost like I had to eat everything that I had missed whilst doing the B2B2B leading to binge filled weekends!!! So, I’m back to classic 5:2 and last week’s net result of -2.6lbs is exactly what used to happen before I started mixing things up, just ‘cause I could and it was easy!! Now I know I need to change my regime when I hit a plateau, after-all ……………………………………

    As Albert Einstein said “The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again, but expecting different results.”

    Day 5 Melb Aust NFD
    Day 4 NFD (alack!)

    Haven’t managed a FD yet, and after my CD Friday, have been eating too much. Planning on B2B2B FDs for the next 3 days, and intend to make some changes just to kickstart things. Then back to more classic IF after that. I’ve been struggling with laryngitis and post-viral exhaustion, which really hasn’t been helping.

    @flourbaby, noticed that you have an end-of-year weight goal. I think that’s a great idea, as an interim between this month, and where I’d like to end up. Hmmm! What shall it be? 68 kgs sounds good, which will be actually very similar to yours, at 149.6lbs. That would mean losing just under 7 kgs for the November-December period. Sounds good to me.

    @lindsosa, liked your quote, and will take it as my motto for the next 3 days.

    And down we go again! 🙂

    Day 5: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Well done to lots of you who completed good fast days yesterday.
    That includes @lindsosa, @dahliafan, @ayame (yes it does get easier! The first one is the hardest) @dykask….sorry about the code having glitches. @fatrabbit, @funshipfreddie, @daffodil2010, (more rain for you sadly), @mia139 (three in a row…wow!) and @yo-yo-fletch.
    @missybear: So glad to hear you’re feeling a bit better.
    @betsylee: You’re not alone with no fast days yet. Me neither! I hope you feel much better soon, after your virus xx

    We’ve had a bit of a busy morning here. The man had to come and fix our freesat which lost it’s signal a couple of days ago, plus more expense as the dog has been to the groomers today.

    Day 4 NFD country west Australia
    been MIA for some time due to weddings, parties, dinners, award nights , anything – and today the Melbourne Cup!!!
    Throw in computer problems, no service and it has been an interesting few weeks.
    However, unlike in the past when I would have eaten my head off, I have been much more restrained since rejoining the thread and although I haven’t been posting, I HAVE been mindful, fasting and not feasting too much.
    So down 1 kg which I will happily take.
    Hi to all on the thread old and new.
    Will catch up on posts now I have a working computer and signal!😅
    Re the Melbourne Cup, my husband picked 1st and 4th, I picked 2nd and 3rd.
    Although we don’t bet, if we HAD put our numbers together and picked the first four and had a $1 bet, we would have collected a lazy $ 72 000!!! Not a bad pay day…….😲

    @lilymartin: Phew! Just imagine….

    Day 5 UK NFD

    Pleased to have got through yesterday’s >500, really want to get back to it being a habit

    Going to the parade at Lewes tonight which is a spectacle then a FD tomorrow

    Day 5 Pocket List:


    Add yourself if you’re fasting today.

    @brightonbelle: Good FD for you.
    Enjoy the firework festival….I hope it stays dry for you there.

    Day 5 CH🇨🇭 FD

    Yesterday was liquid only until evening and I should have kept to it, but instead had a hummus sandwich and some toffees afterwards, oh my, I am not counting calories but I suppose that got me to around 1000. I am trying to make up for it today, have only had some water and tea for the past 23 hours. Not sure if I can resist eating anything tonight, but at least there will be no toffees!

    @lindsosa I like your St. Chrysostom quote!
    @fatrabbit well done on almost reaching your monthly goal already!

    2nd post

    It’s an NFD today and I am tracking everything on MyFitnessPal and although I feel I have ate lots today I am still just under 1000 calories. Ok, I am weighing and counting and being very judicious, unlike before when I was guessing portion size, so I am hopeful this might be a good start in theright direction…..After a 2019 of plateau followed by weight gain 😳

    Day 5, VA, USA, FD B2B

    Looking at the numbers (I love stats/numbers) I started this past Friday at 130.8 and then had 2 NFD 1 CD and Monday was 131.8 (which is the least amount I’ve gained over weekend with no FDs) I’m excited over this progress. Last week I didn’t really have a loss and thats ok a small stall is part of life. Maybe this week tho a Woosh! (Fingers crossed)

    Yesterday I had my broth and veggies at lunch and a fantastic bowl of cooked greens with some cut up onions, carrots, broccoli and bacon all sautéed together for dinner. I accidentally made my portion a little larger than I thought (once I poured it into the bowl I could see if was more than I had intended) it was a tough battle to ponder taking the extra bit of it out before I sat down with it. Then I thought well maybe I’ll stop before I eat it all. HA, what a silly gal for me to think that, no I ate it all. I did not feel overly full, but could tell I would have done better if I had stopped at the 3/4 of the bowl. I also prob could have done with out snacking on the raw carrots before my dinner! *still learning, no snacking while cooking b/c it ruins my appetite for dinner and the amount I COULD enjoy* sigh one step/ one lb at a time tho. I just have to keep reminding myself ~I don’t need the snack while making dinner.~

    After dinner yesterday I felt like I had ate so much that I blew my FD however Mr. Particular must had been happy with the choice of foods because even tho I ate at lunch AND had a little bit big portion at dinner, I was still down one lb from the day before. Heck Yeah!

    @fatrabbit – It is a nice side effect to get a bit lighter even if the initial reason is for health! Hope your asthma starts improving soon.

    @funshipfreddie – Yay effortless FD (unless you were being sarcastic) and then good on you sticking to it!

    @daffodil2010 – It could be the NFDs… or maybe an under estimated FD, good to get the app and just plug in what you are eating for a week or so and then you can SEE it. For me on NFDs it is about paying attention to feeling full and freaking stopping! I am not a slow eater, I’ve tried, I just don’t eat slow unless I am having a conversation. Then I’m the last one to finish. Otherwise if I’m not jabber jawing I just eat so fast, so I’ve made myself really LOOK at how much I put into my favorite bowl and I’ve made it less. I eat that and then when I finish if I think I’m hungry I’ll drink some water… then I tell myself if you can wait maybe I can have room for a homemade dessert. Which has been helpful for helping me realize I’m more full by the time I get up to dish out desserts for my OH and me.

    @mia139 – maintenance has been something at the front of my mind as I get closer to goal. Thinking about this WOL and how much I actually enjoy FDs and to be honest I just feel so much better not having to worry about food on FDs

    @yo-yo-fletch – yes some FDs are way easier than others.

    @flourbaby – can I say WOW on 4 NFDs and only gaining 1lb. I had a good LOL at your comment about the size 10s you bought for summer! I too have found that I have to switch things up (sometimes just LFDs) or alternate FDs instead of B2B. Play around and it seems to trick the body even when I switched from 3 WFDs a week to 4FD <500 cal it started to move the weight downward.

    @lilymartin – good job on mindfulness with the eating!

    Day 5 pocket list

    Day 5, FD, ca, USA

    19.1 BMI. Lots of water today which is often a challenge for me so that’s good. Happy Guy Fawkes Day to all you brits! Do you say “Happy Guy Fawkes Day?” Been a busy week, had a stiff neck after last fast day, must be clearing something latent out of the body so That’s a good thing.

    Happy Fasting!

    Day 5 UK NFD

    @brightonbelle I hope you enjoyed the fireworks, I believe that Lewes puts on one of the best displays in the country?
    My day was a bit of a mixed one, I was having a sensible moderate eating day until mid-afternoon when I had a difficult and frustrating meeting. I came out and promptly ate a bag of crisps and a bar of chocolate. It was like an out of body experience. I’m glad to be fasting again tomorrow, hopefully I can exercise a bit more self-awareness and self-control!

    Day 6 country west Australia FD
    Day 5 NFD – got a bit carried away and missed a day so my’ day 4′ was actually day 5!
    @fatrabbit, so glad to see you back here . I had missed your posts and hearing about your animals.

    Day 5- UK – NFD

    Started the day with a lovely walk with friends – wonderful views and a coffee/chat afterwards!
    Home to do a bit of house work and sort out dinner before going to a high impact pilates class this afternoon with OH
    And it was such a privilege to end the day watching a live telecast of this triple bill tonight at my local cinema – CONCERTO/ENIGMA VARIATIONS/RAYMONDA ACT III from the ROH

    And managed to stick to my TDEE for the day – what more could I ask for!

    Day 6, Aus, OMAD

    Thank you @ciren2 for hosting (and @at for already offering to hose December). I’ve been missing in action the last three weeks, and by “action” I mean overindulging in food and alcohol and completely skipping FDs. Not too late in the year to get back on the wagon, even with the descent towards the silly season.

    Great to see some old familiar friends back on line, @fatrabbit.

    Day 5 Ohio, US — NFD
    Day 4 — MFD

    The fasting went well yesterday, but after getting a flu shot I was down for most of the day. Today went well with yoga and class in the morning and then later went to vote followed by going out for a nice celebration dinner. With any luck the evening won’t be a big setback on the scales.

    @ciren2 Thanks for hosting this month!

    @penz Good to have you back — things have been a little erratic for me too during the last half of October. Maybe that reflects the state of the world?

    @at That must have been a glorious experience! I’m familiar with Elgar’s Enigma Variations from concert music; I didn’t know that a ballet had been choreographed from them. That must have been fantastic!

    @dahliafan The last several years at my work we had weekly meetings just like the one you described and I also snacked heavily after those meetings. (Post traumatic meeting chocolate!) I’ve just retired and one immediate benefit is that the weekly stress eating has subsided considerably. Thinking of the flu shot from yesterday makes me wonder that it would be nice to have some way to inoculate against crazy work meetings! 🙂

    Enjoy Hump Day all!

    Day6 UK MFD

    I had a good NFD yesterday caloriewise mainly because I was so busy that I didn’t eat until after I put the animals away. The days are so short getting everything done is a challenge. I ate some nuts with a few chocolate pieces, a persimmon, pear and a banana and fell asleep from the sugar spike until my temperature suddenly rising woke me up again. This always happens when I have too many carbs after a fast, I should know better. It left me feeling queasy but didn’t stop me polishing off yesterday’s leftovers later with a bag of salad. But it was all probably under tdee, so counts as good, although my head doesn’t feel good this morning. I am sensitive to the fructans in fruit and shouldn’t eat so much at a time. This is the same problem that I have with wheat and other grains and with the onion family which I have realised are behind a lot of my migraines and why so much food doesn’t agree with me. Fruit isn’t quite as bad because the sugars are bound up with fibre but I still need to be careful. But I was really hungry and aching and I wanted something quickly…

    The fireworks got rather intense for a while last night and I hope the animals are ok. None of the immediate neighbours let any off but there is a group of houses across the road who have a piece of common ground where they always go all out with the fireworks. So loud! They go up right over the house and light up the garden and we always find sticks in the rabbits runs the day after. Luckily rabbits are not as upset by fireworks as dogs are and the house was between them and the big bangs but they must have thought the sky rabbits were really worried about something last night! So much megathumping! I hope that none of them have got so stressed that they have made themselves ill. My asthma was even worse last night, no doubt because of all the extra pollutants from the fireworks. I haven’t had such difficulty breathing in years. It can’t have done the older rabbits any good either. We have a number that are over ten which is pretty ancient in rabbit terms. And the giants both have heart problems and have difficulty breathing at the best of times. I should have locked them in the shed instead of leaving them with access to their run, although it is covered with plastic for the winter and so will have kept most of it out.

    Nice to see you still here @lilymartin, @ missybear and @penz. I am glad people like my writing bits about the animals:) I worry I may waffle on too much sometimes, but I find it really helpful to be here in such a welcoming space.

    @rabbette @marroni @ Ciren2 thanks for the congratulations and yes the weight loss is a nice side effect. I feel better when I am thinner and haven’t been pleased about going in the wrong direction but I wasn’t successful in trying to limit food just for that reason, I like food too much. But with the right motivation I lose it quickly. I find maintenance much more difficult:( I hope your fasts are successful too.

    Day 6 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @ayame – good to know you survived your first FD! FDs do get easier. I think the experience is a bit different for everyone. For me it’s sort of like exercise; I could never claim to enjoy it. It gets easier the longer I do it, but I’m always glad when it’s over. I also drink tea/coffee with low-fat milk, and sparkling water during the day. But I usually have a small meal around 6 or 7pm, allowing myself +/- 700 calories. I’m also from the UK originally; where abouts are you from?

    @lindsosa – I don’t remember anyone ever saying ‘Happy Guy Fawkes Day’; in fact we just called it ‘bonfire night’ when I was a kid.

    @rabbette – no, I was serious about the effortless FD! After a peanut-stuffed weekend I really needed it!

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 6
    @penz OMAD

    Day 6: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Next door had fireworks (mainly loud bangers) in the garden last night….luckily our dog doesn’t seem to be worried by fireworks. We help by being perfectly calm ourselves and ignoring them!
    @lindsosa: We in the UK call it “Bonfire Night” or “Firework Night”…..but it tends to be more civic displays at both nearest weekends these days….and youths letting off random bangers at any time for weeks! So all dog walking is completed before dark! In the old days (of my youth) it used to be always on the 5th, in back gardens, but not on a Sunday.
    @penz: good to have you here again….or did I say that already?? Sorry if I lose track of some of you!
    Not weighing today. I was high yesterday, and don’t want to know. Being at home is dangerous for me…..with the kitchen nearby and too much time on my hands!
    Have a good day everyone xx

    Day 6 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    A pound down after my carefully mapped NFD 😄 I have today’s foods already mapped and under 1000 cals so see how we go today.

    Have a good day. My DH is off to !Milan soon and chattering happily away so I better go and see him off. Might be back later.

    Day 6, London, UK, FD (hopefully!)

    Today will have to be a FD since after last night’s soup dinner I fell into a bag of cashew nuts!! I expected at least a little payoff for my greed with a good night’s sleep, alas, no such luck, I’m shattered!! Recently I’m having nightly hot flushes then waking up freezing and when I’m soooo tired my will power is zero and chocolate for breakfast sounds just fine & dandy!!!! I’ve got to keep busy today!!

    I’ll try not to fall asleep at my desk, although at least I wouldn’t be eating if I was asleep!!!

    Onward & downwards folks

    Day 6 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Always glad when its the day after bonfire night and our house hasn’t burnt down. The village community council build a bonfire in the playing field next to us which is much too close and depending on wind direction the burning embers land on our roof. We have asked them to build it further away but they probably don’t want to damage their precious football field. They also have an incredibly loud fireworks display. If I didn’t live right next door (and with a cat) I might enjoy it, but as it is I hate it and I am always happy when it’s over for another year.

    @fatrabbit I think we all find maintenance difficult. I constantly have to remind myself to stay mindful and make healthy food choices otherwise the pounds would quickly roll back on. I hope my reward will be a healthy old age 😉

    Happy Wednesday all.

    Day 6 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    OK, so yesterday didn’t go exactly as planned – that’s life and today is a new day. Soup and wholemeal bread for lunch and healthy homemade paella for dinner later.

    Hope everyone has good day FD or NFD, may it go well for you 🙂

    Hello everyone

    Can I please be added to this month’s challenge?

    I am a returner (been on 5:2 on and off for the last 2 years, with good results when I’m on the ‘on’ lol)

    Have been indulging lots for the last couple of months and for several reasons (returned from holidays/stressful time at work/winter weather/lots of social outings with food included etc) and I haven’t done any fasting. I am now struggling to fit my usual trousers and decided I needed to get back on track.

    Today is my first fast day this month, almond latte this AM, grapes for lunch and a cuppa and miso soup for dinner later. Planning to fit another FD this friday.

    Good to see many familiar names! Let’s do this together 😊

    Day 6 UK CD

    Planning a very controlled day today of 800 calories. Found my 3 in a row FD quite doable so today should ok . Fingers crossed!

    Good luck to everyone today

    Day 6 UK FD

    Overdid it a bit yesterday but more importantly fasting today

    @dahliafan The fireworks are good but it’s the processions I find spectacular

    @penz me too ! welcome back

    Day 6 USA (Illinois) FD

    Going to do a proper FD today somehow. Have exercise class (Silver Sneakers) this morning, so not eating after that will be a challenge. Have my annual eye appointment and a dental cleaning today, so they will occupy my time.

    Most interesting hearing about the bonfires and fireworks. I had never heard of that celebratory time.

    @penz – great to see you!

    @georgia83 – welcome to our little band. I’m one on maintenance after losing 35 pounds, so really being as conscientious as possible not to gain anything back.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 6 FD

    Needed to jump on here for accountability! In the evenings now that I am indoors, I am starting to break down! A fire and a glass of wine is so inviting and I don’t want to drink alcohol right now, plus I am starting to burn out a little. Today I am joining the pocket list! Way to go everyone!

    Pocket List – Day 6

    @penz OMAD
    @mia139 MFD

    @georgia83: Of course you can join us. Welcome!

    Day 6, NFD, Ca, USA

    Sunny and warm again here, I’d have much more trouble if it was cold and gloomy. Yesterday’s fast day was a success. Water again was my greatest Ally. I bought some expensive high ph water from the market which I don’t usually do but having it forced me to drink it. I ate some deli meat slices with mixed greens, whey protein and some hefty scoops of peanut butter which might have pushed me well over 500 but it felt right and today I’m at a BMI of 18.8. Which was a 2lb drop all the sudden. I feel my most energetic and healthy at a BMI of 18. I know that’s a little low on the charts but it’s just what fits for me. Today I feel fantastic! My body is thanking me for fasting, the stiff neck is subsiding and the energy is is growing.

    @rabbit you do not waffle on, I scroll through the posts and each day when I come to yours I settle in for a good tale, pun intended! I feel better thin too.
    @daffodil2010 congratulations on the weight loss.
    @songbirdme I’m enjoying learning how the red coats celebrate as well, very fun.
    Glad you all had a safe bonfire night!

    Day 6 Canada FD

    It’s been a busy few weeks with lots of travel and celebrations. I was prepared for a weigh gain but am delighted that I have actually lost 1/2 kg. 16:8 and portion control worked, this WOL is simply fantastic. Time for a good FD!!

    Onward and downward everyone:)

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