November 2019 Challenge

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November 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 25 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    My head is slowing getting back into it – the fog is lifting, slowly but surely…..2 successful FDs last week 2 more planned for this week. Baby steps for me at the moment, celebrating each completed FDs and hoping the rest will eventually fall into place….

    I sat down to watch the Horizon documentary Eat, Fast, Live Longer at the weekend. I hadn’t seen it before and discovered it is currently available on BBC iPlayer.
    Very interesting viewing indeed, it has given me a much needed boost and helped confirm that, despite my recent set back, I’m right to persevere and continue trying to stick with this WOL. My DH watched it too – And….today is his first ever FD!!!! He doesn’t need to lose weight but maintains he is a TOFI (Thin on the Outside, Fat on the Inside). Well….my flabber was gasted at this turn of events!!! I wasn’t even sure he was paying attention! BUT I’m not complaining, it may make life a little bit easier if my partner in crime is on-side!

    Happy Fast Day Fasters!

    Pocket list Day 25
    @emma- taylor

    Good idea Yo yo. I’ll try to make sure my DH ‘accidentally’ hears it.

    Day 25 Oxfordshire, Uk FD
    @missybear so sorry to hear of your mums passing, thinking of you.

    Interesting weekend food wise, overdid the food friday night, got carried away. So decided that Saturday would be a CD. This was ok except that I’m not sure how to count the ploughmans supper I had at the barn dance. Scales on Sunday were not happy so Sunday became a CD too. On the other hand I was active for most of the day and managed 17000 steps, so not all bad.

    Today is a FD and I’m hoping to make it a water fast/ OMAD, a first for me. Usually I have some solid food around 11am then my dinner around 7.30pm. Tonight DH & I will be going to our local hustings event so will need to eat early (6.30pm). I’m busy this afternoon so fingers crossed it works. I’ll let you know tomorrow. I’ve added myself to the pocket list

    Pocket list Day 25
    @emma- taylor

    Day 25, London, UK, NFD,

    I’m hanging in there with a CD (OMAD) today to compensate for yesterday’s Indian meal with vino!!

    It was my brother’s birthday, so why not? I avoided dessert, but I think the extra poppadum made up for that!

    Today, although OMAD, will be a cajun chicken pasta, at least it will be resistant starch since it’s one I made earlier and have defrosted for tonight.

    I hope everyone is feeling positive for this final week, I’ve got at least 3 FDs to bank before the end of this challenge!! Stay strong everyone!!

    Day 25 – UK – FD

    I have been lurking in the background and using the spreadsheet but sorry to say not posting 😞

    I have been dealing with a lot of emotional issues – DD has been dealing with a recurrence of her anxiety and my dear friend who is dealing with major health issues with cancer have kept me emotionally busy! But happy to report that I am still fasting and managing to maintain…..this WOL does help us to develop mental fortitude…….

    @missybear – I have picked up on your mums passing 🤗 thinking of you – “A mum’s hug lasts long after she lets go.”

    Just to let you all know that the December challenge has been set up as DECEMBER 2019 CHALLENGE – LAST ONE FOR 2019! I will add the spreadsheet a bit later today or tomorrow – looking forward to supporting you over this very challenging last challenge of the year 🤗🤗

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    USA Day 25 WFD

    No food for me today, a water fast in progress!! Anyway, this is an extremely busy week for me as I have been the Thanksgiving Day cook for 40 years! Goodness!! Maybe one year someone else will invite me instead! 🙂 Anyway, it takes me all week o get ready, so I will only be lurking for the week! I hope everyone a great week and to all the Americans on board, happy Thanksgiving!

    Day 25 USA (Illinois) NFD

    The Advent Concert yesterday went fabulously. Standing room only in the big church where we perform. Terrific comments and a record amount in the offering plates. Being the director, I am more than chuffed. (Learned that word from you Brits here!! 🙂 )

    Will move into Thanksgiving trying to eat mindfully. Hope to catch up on my reading later on.

    Hugs to you all, especially you fasters today!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 25, VA, USA, FD

    Can I say wow to yesterday EFS! Really it all started with a 10” personal pizza. Now back in the day (10 months ago) eating a 10” personal pizza was not a big deal and dare I say [felt like] the right amount. Now this really all boils down to my sweetheart (and I also have this tendency *not as much but it puts me in a pickle) we both come from backgrounds of having slight sharing issues with food. Now don’t get me wrong we are not so greedy that we won’t share a bite and often we order two different things to split with each other.

    Here in lies the current issue my beloved WANTs a WHOLE portion (in their defense they almost always need a whole portion, *they are underweight*) I have found that I now only really want about a 1/2 portion. So I am fining that I don’t know what to order b/c I only want about 1/2 of what they are going to give me. Its not an issue at a restaurant, the issue is when we attend an event that has food trucks. (where we live has quite fancy food trucks not the “oh my gosh why did I order this garbage”) but more like, gosh I wish I could fit the entire truck of food in my tummy, kind of goodness.

    So yesterdays daunting dilemma (mind you lines are EXTREAMLY long) it was a very cool beer release happening. I wanted of course 1/2 the 10” but I was also quite hungry as I had not ate and did want to eat that day, it was of course after all my NFD!

    I had a game plan that We could just order one and split it AND then if we were still hungry *after a beer as well* we could just order another 10” pizza. Well b/c the lines were so very long, I was panicked that once we had it, my sweetheart would have still been hungry and getting the 2nd pizza would have taken forever *it already took about 40 minutes for the initial one b/c lines were so long. I told them go ahead and order 2 10” pizzas.

    WELL I was raised if you took it and put it on your plate you best eat it and not waist it. So I ate the entire thing (and YES is WAS delightful but difficult!)
    I learned some things
    #1 follow your gut (haha) instinct.
    #2 I was full the rest of the day!
    #3 I did continue to have a couple of snacks even tho I was full.
    #4 Discuss game plan with SO for next time.

    Luckily I skipped supper and later that night (like midnight) I made cup of broth with 2 dumplings in it and was good to go.

    Obviously still learning how to deal with this type of situation, but did have a positive discussion as to what my sweetheart and I could do for next time. They understand I want some and can not finish/eat the whole portion and we are going to try different approaches. (Like if there is a side, we’ll order that with the main and have a small portion of each ) I think that will be just right.

    @funshipfreddie – rooibos tea is my favorite (as far as a darker non-herbal tea) and yes I too remember when it was a ton cheaper. Yes lets keep at it (although for all the Americans this week is our T-giving Thursday)

    @fatrabbit – I too noticed when I am in pain, I need to eat something. I have a very untraditional fix of chocolate I have 100% cacao b/c I know I can only eat 1 little piece, but it gives me the chocolate AND it is a vasodilator, meaning that it widens blood vessels and lowers blood pressure. *in my body this usually means a headache or pain will start to ease up in pressure through my body.

    @flourbaby – I’d probably go for the curry tonight and FD tomorrow.

    @ciren2 – through a lot of my research quite a few of our traditions were transformed by advertising. Man seem like since your “Christmas Pressure” season starts earlier the bonus should be bigger. The Black Friday – last week of November-ish is at least 3 more weeks added to this workload that used to start Dec 12th. I hope you get some good physio work for your hamstring. Keep being mindful especially as the bags get heavier.

    Pocket list Day 25

    @at: Good to see you. Sorry to hear you’ve had a few problems this month. I hope you DD and friend are both managing to cope. Importantly, you are looking after YOUR health at the same time as helping others.
    Many thanks for continuing the challenges with the December Challenge.
    Here’s a link.

    @rabbette: The good thing about you is that you can follow an EFS with a FD!
    @songbirdme: Sounds like a great Advent Concert. We usually attend the town’s parish church Advent service (this coming Sunday) in order to sing some of my favourites. My own Catholic church is not great for music, sadly. The CofE always have such a good choir and a fantastic organ.

    Good luck and strong wills for today’s fasters:

    Pocket list Day 25


    USA Day 25 FD

    FD really went well and am looking forward to eating breakfast tomorrow! Hope everyone did well today!

    Day 25 Ohio, US — MFD

    A good MFD. Today was pretty hectic with packing all day, so I’m pretty fatigued right now. It’s amazing that preparing to be away for four days takes as much work as for four weeks!

    @songbirdme Congrats on a great concert! By the way, recently I came across the choral group Sjaella. Do you know them? Here’s a link to a video of them on YouTube. They have a phenomenal sound, especially if listened to with good stereo headphones.

    @ccco My mother also prepared a big Thanksgiving Day dinner, starting a week ahead. On Thanksgiving Day by the time dinner came around she was too tired out to eat any of the meal. Sort of a cook’s fast, in the days before fasting came to the fore!

    Have a great Tuesday, and keep in mind: Patient endurance attains to all things!

    Day 25 California NFD

    I’ve been lurking in the background but not getting posts because somehow I keep getting signed out. Not sure why that’s happening but I haven’t had an email in a while. I signed up again and will see how it goes.
    I’ve been fasting as normal and seem to be staying on track but we will see how it goes on Thanksgiving!!
    Hope everyone is hanging in there and I can’t believe we are almost into December!

    Day 26: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Yet another wet day. I’m totally fed up with delivering the mail in the rain!

    @rafiki44: Welcome back….I wondered where you’d gone. Lots of us seem to get occasional glitches on this site. I’m also writing this post for the SECOND time because I got logged out in the middle without knowing it! I’m so pleased you’ve been successfully keeping up the 5:2 way.
    @ccco: Enjoy your breakfast today.
    @at: Are you also getting this horrible wet weather up there in the Lake District?

    Right, really must get ready for work now. I hope this post submits THIS time!

    Day 26 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    It’s a gloriously sunny day here in Kwazulu-Natal. 25°c already, and it’s not even 9am. Mind you, the weathermen always refer to anything under 25 as ‘cool’ which always makes me smile.

    Easy FD yesterday; half the battle really is getting in the right frame of mind. I’m going to do Wed/Fri FDs as well. It would be nice to start December with a bit of wriggle room.

    Good luck if you’re fasting today 🍏

    Day 26 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Great FD yesterday, and despite a weekend away with pub grub and wine, today I see I am back in the land of 130’s again. It’s been at least 5 weeks since I saw that….mind you, I want to get into 120’s land again so I have a way to go 😱 But, maybe, maybe, maybe, despite it all, the blinking plateau and weight gain of 2019 might now be over? Or have I jinxed myself? Argh!!

    Keep on keeping on.

    @ciren2 it is AWFUL outside. I can hear wind howling, rain splashing down gutters, I think there is even a weather advisory for the south of the country for storm and floods…..I know it’s bad where you are so hopefully this storm fizzles out over the Irish Sea 😳

    @funshipfreddie and then you have your cool day of 25c 😀

    By the way posters, I believe that every 4 weeks or so you have to log yourself back in again to this forum. Just noticed earlier that I wasn’t logged in, and from experience, that’s how many posts have been lost in the past. I now select all and copy before I submit my post……just in case. I have had to paste that saved entry before when this forum decided to shut me out.

    Be vigilant on your status is the key 😄

    Have a great Tuesday everyone.

    Day 26 – Lake district UK – CD

    Brilliant FD yesterday
    Although ended up with 840 calories consumed, the walk burned 670 calories, so net calories for day 170 !
    Might try and sneak in FD’s tomorrow and Thursday ready for Friday weigh day. looking through notes, the ‘Man on a Mission’ walking must really make the difference.
    Very rarely, other than holidays, do I exceed my Basic Metabolic Rate (currently 1921) so by the time the walks come into the equation no wonder things are going well. Plus, on day to day, the glass or two of wine etc has been stopped, feel better and sleep better as well!
    Seems since end of July and starting this WOL I’ve found something that’s been missing, willpower perhaps?

    Take care all

    Day 26 – UK – FD

    Going for a B2B FD…..

    The spreadsheet is up on the December Challenge – hopefully in full working order – here’s the link for the DECEMBER 2019 CHALLENGE – LAST ONE FOR 2019!

    @ciren2 – no heavy rain but light drizzle and grey for the past few days………I think we are doing slightly better than you…..courage my friend on your delivery today x

    Off out for a walk with my usual walking group – hope we don’t get too wet……

    Day 26, London, UK, FD,

    @at ……………………… Phew, December here I come!!!!! I’m glad you’ve stayed afloat and on target during a trying time.

    So, it’s no revelation, it’s definitely not news, but I suppose if I don’t shout it out and continue to shout it out I might accidentally forget on purpose!!!…………………….. BOOZE IS NOT GOOD FOR THE WAISTLINE – whether fasting or not!!!! Celebrating my brother’s birthday with a curry and some wine meant the dragon was released, so yesterday’s pasta OMAD just HAD to be accompanied by wine, and now my efforts (-2lbs) from last week have vanished into thin(?) air!!! I’m determined to celebrate my other brother’s birthday next Saturday with sparkling water!!! Back to square 1!!

    @songbirdme, so pleased you’re ‘chuffed’ now to get to the point where you’re ‘chuffed to bits’!!!!!

    @funshipfreddie, I’m totally jealous of today’s weather report from Kwazulu-Natal, but I’ll settle for you sending some of that ‘cool’ weather our way, and I’ll send some of this rain down under for the bush-fires.

    @i-hate-lettuce, perhaps it’s that elusive, vapour like mojo!!!

    I’m looking forward to todays’ FD, NFDs are still kicking my a*se, but I know ……………………………………

    “If we keep doing what we are doing, we’re going to keep getting what we’re getting.”

    So I’m aiming to truly believe ……………………….

    “A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence.” – unknown

    Day 26 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – NFD

    Happy to report a successful FD yesterday, for me and DH! @emma taylor – I am amazed! He does seem to be prepared to fully commit!

    Looking forward to eating well today, all planned so no room for slip ups due to failing to prepare! Feeling more positive day by day 🙂

    Rain, rain, rain here in the Midlands – no let up, so feel for you @ciren2

    Sorry you are having a tough time at the moment @at – I can relate to the anxiety issues with your DD as both of my DDs have had anxiety at one point or another, it is difficult to deal with and seems to come in waves, it can be all consuming and emotionally exhausting.

    Hi Yoyo. I tried your trick. I asked to borrow his iPad to watch it, and he promptly walked out of the room. So I waited a bit and followed him. It was really funny. He was pretending not to listen but when Dr Mosely and the other chap were listening to the doctors results, he suddenly scooted up and said ‘ how fat IS he?’ as the doctor said he was 30% far. When he saw how apparently slim Dr Mosely was, and how dangerous visceral fat is, he went very quiet. We shall see. I want to encourage him without nagging ….

    Post 2 Day 26

    @emma Taylor …. us blokes really need to decide for ourselves, not being critical of you or anyone else trying to encourage someone (like me) to look at ourselves healthwise.

    But once we decide, like my walks, we can very much be a ‘Man on a mission’.

    I’d been asked, told, advised, nagged, subtly hinted at for a while, it was suddenly at the end of July the head took over! Basically I was feeling older than my 60+ years and feeling unhealthy, so decided come on you fool, used to be very fit, get off your backside and do something….. which is what others have been saying for a while. Looked at 5:2 before, but didn’t follow it up, glad I have, it’s the easiest way for me to lose the weight, but still enjoy holidays treats etc, just need to enjoy them and get straight back to 5:2 WOL.

    Self motivation really is the key, willpower and early success helps AND …. personally, this forum does help, no one to judge or criticise, everyone knows the ups and downs!

    The benefits are far greater than just losing weight, I feel better, people have commented I look better, gardening, walking, general jobs easier and sleep better! All winning things, it just takes time unfortunately, but one month of trying will show a difference just stick to it and don’t try to ‘con yourself, be honest and it will work.

    Great to belong ….. thanks everyone.

    @i hate lettuce. Duly noted. Women are just the same! I’ve got to learn to button up. Hopefully he’ll get there when he’s ready. And IF I set a good example without preaching, that would help. I’d better put my own house in order… ta for the much needed advice.

    @emma Taylor …. not advice as such Emma, just how I got here really.

    Encouragement on here is brilliant, even just for daily accountability, it helps us all.

    We know what to do, it’s just not always easy to do it!

    Day 26 USA (Illinois) FD

    Need to do a really good FD today about 500 calories. These are harder for me than a OMAD that generally ends up being closer to 800-1000.

    @matpi – the Sjaella group truly is beautiful. Thank you for sharing them! I’ll have to see if I can find more videos. A cappella singing is my absolute favorite. Acoustics in old churches really adds to the wonderful resonance their voices already possess. I’ve sung in a few beautiful churches, and the sound doesn’t stop moving.

    @flourbaby -whew! Will have to work on being “chuffed to bits!” Thanks for that one.

    Onward and downward.

    I got another soaking on my deliveries today. I even carried a spare Royal Mail raincoat…put it on after the first let in water. The second one did too….after about five minutes! I told you Royal Mail wet weather gear is only for looks, didn’t I? I keep meaning to get my own….but they are quite expensive to be Goretex or something both breathable AND waterproof. I guess that’s why RM don’t bother. Cost.
    I think it has rained almost every day since the beginning of October!
    @i-hate-lettuce: I think often that men, once they decide on something, tend to go wholeheartedly towards their goals…..but, yes, probably DON’T like being told to! You certainly seem to be doing a great job with 5:2.
    @emma-taylor: Just quietly show him how it’s done….no (subtle) nagging or hinting! Just do it yourself.
    I know myself (as a woman) that if people nag, I tend to go the other way!
    @at: I hope you don’t get as wet as I did today!

    Day 26 Pocket List:


    The more you do; the easier it gets.

    Day 26- Atlanta, ga-USA FD

    Just had a session of acupuncture for my hip/buttock pains caused by what I now know is a badly torn hamstring. Still awaiting a letter to get on the waiting list for up to a year of “careful, targeted physio”….so, meanwhile, will just tick over with 6-weekly acupuncture to help keep the pains in check.
    My day off work tomorrow….rest!

    Day 26 Pocket List:


    The more you do; the easier it gets.

    Day 26, VA, USA, FD B2B

    Did well with my FD yesterday. Feeling thirsty today (which always makes me feel hungry or like snacking) I created a game plan for visiting the extended family tomorrow… I sent her a txt asking her if she wouldn’t mind picking up at least a 1lb bag of organic carrots for me so I’ll have a good thing to snack on. I’m going to bring a carton of broth for most likely lunch (and a loose plan of One Big Meal a Day) since technically if I have carrots in broth that will sorta be a small meal. I think that may work better than a full on FD but I know once I have desserts I’ll wake the dragon as you guys say and the carrots and broth will help me through a low calorie lunch.

    @ciren2 – yes FD after the EFS is helpful. I need to add acupuncture to my regime as it is said to be helpful for RSL.

    holding on to the wagon,
    Pocket list (wagon crew) Day 26

    Day 27,NFD, Aus

    Hello all!! Been away with work, which means I get complacent and stop posting. Which means I don’t do FDs. Anyone recognise this cycle?

    And today I got prescribed some anti-inflam medication which I have to have with food. Draft!

    Catching up on news so apologies if many of my comments seem so last week!
    I laughed @rabbette at your “a exhausted one legged grape stomper during peak wine season” description. But no fun to feel so exhausted and in pain.

    Thank you @at for hosting December, esp with all the other challenges you’re facing at the moment.

    Aww @missybear – thinking of you in this very sad time. Look after yourself, drown your sorrows in Shiraz for a little while but come back to us soon.

    So so true @i hate lettuce. My dad had a heart scare on the weekend and said he really needed to change his lifestyle. I hope he does (we’ve been nagging him for years).

    @ciren2 – I have a solution for you. Send the rain down to the Southern Hemisphere! We really need it and it sounds like you have far too much to cope with on your delivery runs.

    Day 27 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD
    @ciren2 – put your feet up, & enjoy your day off!

    It’s going to be a not-so-cool 29°C today, & we’re not officially into summer until Sunday! 🌞

    Another FD 🤨. Roll on 6pm, Norwegian salmon for dinner 🐟

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫

    Pocket List – Day 27 🍏

    Day 27 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So I was happily plodding away yesterday, good NFD, keeping dragons at bay, knowing that Thanksgiving was this week (we don’t celebrate it in Ireland) and knowing it was my brothers anniversary but keeping it to back of my mind….

    Then when going to bed, I caught up on an FB post from my sis in the states, and she was describing that awful Thanksgiving of November 1998 when my brother was hit by a car and died …….well, it brought it ALL back. Twenty one years later and the pain is raw. We were so young then and did not know how to deal with the awfulness, flying out to organise his stuff, identifying him, repatriating his body, police, hospitals….bringing him back to Ireland. He would have been 50 this year. 😔Oooh.

    Luckily I was in tucked up in bed as I wanted comfort food, but I didn’t. I did not sleep well at all, today is his 21st anniversary, but I will keep on keeping on.

    Have a great Wednesday hump day. I will be back on form tomorrow I am sure.

    Day 27, London, UK, FD

    I’m having a B2B2B week since it’s approaching silly season and I really need to bank as many FDs as possible. Yesterday’s FD went really well and before dinner, wait for it ………………………………… I completed Day 1, level 1 of the 30 day shred ………………. Again!! I almost dislocated my shoulder with patting myself on the back!!! A successful FD AND 30mins hard-core exercise!!!! I’m the one who’s ‘chuffed to bits’ today!!!

    @penz, glad to see you’re back and haven’t hurled yourself off of the wagon, just being here is that step in the right direction ……………. Now for a successful FD!! I swear I’ve tried to send the rain to you guys down under, if all of us Brits focus we might actually succeed, we’re expecting crazy cold weather this weekend; time for me to hibernate!!

    @daffodil2010, I remember you dealing with the memories in previous November challenges, I believe an unexpected death particularly in your youth, is so much harder to deal with than when we get older. It’s a bittersweet day to celebrate the life you shared but mourn his passing, I’m sending (((hugs))).

    So, it’s a small salad for lunch, vegetable soup for dinner, with a yoga class in between ……………….. and a day’s work of course …………… will I be able to fit Day2 of the 30DS in too?????

    Happy fasting folks, we’ve got this!!!

    Day 27 – Lake district UK – FD

    Morning everyone, odd day yesterday, it had been wet most of the day so was heading out for a walk much later than usual. But weather had cleared so off I went, never got away, stopped and gave neighbour a hand (they’re nice folk so never a problem) next thing it was dark and raining again, so no walk! I’m out every day one way or another so was a bit ‘twitchy’ last night, need my fresh air and walk.

    Anyhow, going to throw in an extra FD today and longer walk, nice fine day so make up for it.

    @daffodil2010 – sad memories for you, hope you’re a bit better today, have a hug from us.

    Take care all.

    Pocket List – Day 27

    Day 27 Oxfordshire, UK CFD
    Day 26 Oxfordshire, UK CFD

    @daffodil2010 – it’s always hard when an anniversary comes round, hope you’re feeling better today.

    I was really please with my water fast/OMAD on Monday coming in at 504 cals.
    Tuesday I went back to my usual pattern of breakfast round 11am and dinner around 7.30pm, 750 cals.
    Today I’m also on track for around 750-800. I’m just waiting for my soup to finish cooking.
    I definitely think will power is a contributing factor here as I think @ihatelettuce said. We all know what to do really, it’s a case of doing it.
    Got wet walking the dog today, but its dry now, fingers crossed for his later walk.
    onward & downward

    Day 27: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Day off….raining again! Managed to get one dog walk done before it started however. Are we heading for the wettest autumn on record? Maybe…
    @daffodil2010: What a terrible story about your brother being hit by a car all those years ago. Grief never goes away, you just get used to handling it on a day to day basis, I suppose. It’s always there waiting to resurface at the slightest reminder. My dear, younger sister died unexpectedly when I was 8 and I can never forget all the details of when my mum told me, and the shocking lurch in my stomach. This was nearly 60 years ago.
    Hey, @penz: yes, I DO know the feeling! You must surely still be closer to that wagon than I am, all the same! I think my last reasonable fast-day was around the beginning of April. Good to see you sticking around. Stay.

    Day 27 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Very good FD yesterday (if I can pat myself on my back) with about 350 calories. Salad with grilled shrimp & mushrooms for supper, no salad dressing. Yeah!

    Illinois seems to have escaped with just rain and wind while big snows hit just north of us. Sounds like you Brits are also being hit with rain and wind too. Not fun at all. Tomorrow for us is Thanksgiving. We’re joining a church family to eat together as all our family is pretty distant. I’m still cooking a good sized turkey for us on Friday so we can have leftovers.

    Onward and downward.

    Unexpectedly managed to start with my first physio appointment today. I just thought I’d try and circumvent the (possibly quite long) waiting list by ringing the physio dept at our local hospital directly. After all, back in July when I last was there having physio sessions, she had expressed an interest in me letting her know how I got on with the further tests! So that was the pretext.
    As it happened she was on her lunch break. However, later someone else rang back to say they’d just received my referral and someone had cancelled this afternoon. I suppose it’s short notice, but did I want to come along?
    You bet I did! As it just happens to be my day off work.
    So I got my first session, earlier than expected, with a different physiotherapist… strengthen what is left of my hamstring and the surrounding muscles. I have a page of exercises and go back in three weeks. Must get hold of a 1kg ankle weight. Maybe someone at work will have one?

    @songbirdme: Good fast day! You’ll be able to eat freely on Thanksgiving Day! We have turkey at Christmas in the UK…what about you?

    Day 27, VA, USA, FD

    I’ll be borderline FD, I’ve been hovering this whole month around the same weight, when it’s all said and done I’m going to guess -1lb for the month. (Thats my scientific prediction) hopefully I’m as good as the weather man and my little rain prediction ends up being a storm of -5lbs. HA!

    Today is another flaire up which I would have equated the pains in my shoulders to be from teaching yoga earlier (however this time I got a chance to really notice that I really didn’t do that many DD or planks so really there is no reason for the tender/soreness in my shoulders. Amazing I have ignored the amount of pain from this for so long. Really I thought this was how everyone felt after they did yoga, especially every day like I do

    Had an MRI this morning @ciren2 *my gosh that machine is LOUD and quite warming, almost hot feeling where the imaging is being done. My Dr. Just wants to be sure that there is nothing else that would contribute to the nerve damage in my legs.

    ::::: Gonna be scraping every last calorie I can dig out of that 500 to stay at an FD. Learning that Pain = More challenging FDs. :::::

    @penz – well humor is my go-to. Life is serious enough without the stress of our own brains making it even more heavy. I do have a serious side, but for this stuff like physical pain, there is no getting around it. It is what it is and I’m not going to be a miserable ol cuss just b/c I’m having pain. So I try and lighten the burden with more lighthearted descriptions.

    @funshipfreddie – Haha Happy Hump Day! Too bad I don’t have a camel I’d ride it very proudly on Wednesdays.

    Pocket List – Day 27

    Day 27- Atlanta, GA- USA- FD

    Gonna make today a FD day before turkey day here in the States. So I’m gonna need a lot of will power and grace to make it through. LOL!! Happy Thanksgiving to all of my American friends!

    Day 27 UK NFD

    Popping up again after a few days lurking & catching up with posts.

    Last week disappeared in a haze of activity & eating once I’d unleashed the dragon & run on empty. Spent the weekend at home in bed with virus and fortunately no sugar or carbs in the house. Just about back on the waggon after Monday FD, Tues solid CD and Weds NFD after I forgot myself and ate 4 biscuits in a meeting. Tomorrow will be another FD and Friday my weekly weigh day.

    Tiptoed onto scale Monday morning and found I’d pinged up to 154lb from my summertime steady of `140-144. Good motivation to stay away from sugar. Note to self… STAY AWAY FROM SUGAR!

    @missybear so sorry for your loss
    @daffodil2010 thinking of you today on your brother’s anniversary x I lost my big sister to cancer almost 20 years ago and still remember every detail
    @ciren2 glad to hear you had v speedy physio – hope the exercises are doable and helpful

    Here’s to gentle (dry) days and good choices 🙂

    Day 27 – UK – NFD

    Managed to come in just around TDEE today after my B2B FDs – happy with that. Weight this morning was exactly 55kg!

    Travelling down south tomorrow for a long weekend to see my dear friend who is struggling at the moment – just feel that we need to see each other and have a big hug.

    Not much time to catch up today so hoping everyone is doing OK as we near the end of this November Challenge.

    Going to pack my weekend bag now ready for an early start tomorrow!

    Day 28, Aus, NFD

    I think we need to give each other pats on the back so you don’t disclocate your own shoulders!

    I gave blood today and there was a little poster there that said you needed over 600 “delicious” calories to replenish the donated blood. And yes, it said “delicious”!

    Yay for the physio apt @ciren2. Stick with those exercises! (I know you will.)

    What a terrible anniversary for you @daffodil2010 esp when Thanksgiving is supposed to be a time to remember all the things to be grateful for. Sending you e-hugs.

    Is it really December this weekend!? (don’t worry, rhetorical question.)

    Day 28: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Getting ready for work right now. It’s actually NOT raining at the moment….will it last? Who knows..
    My physio exercises will be done after I get home, when I have more time.
    @penz: I hope you enjoy your delicious (healthy?) extra calories today!
    @at: You’re such a good friend. Have a good weekend together xx
    @michelinme: Stay away from sugar! I need that motto too….sugar is my greatest vice. With so much diabetes in my family, I should be VERY careful about sugar. But I’m not.

    Must go….have a good Day 28.

    Day 28 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    FD went well, but the scales aren’t moving much. I’ll try for a final November FD tomorrow.

    Happy Thanksgiving/Turkey Day to all our American fasters! 🦃 🥧

    The world seems to have gone ‘Black Friday’ mad?! Is it like this everywhere? Some stores are opening here at midnight tonight! I can’t think of anything on the entire planet that would get me in a mall at midnight; even if they were giving stuff away.

    Best of luck Thursday fasters 🍏

    Day 28 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Morning. Feeling good today. Thank you everyone for your kind words regarding my brother’s anniversary, it means a lot. As I my sister had said, his passing left a family lost and a father who still cannot accept his loss…….but we go on.

    So sorry to hear of others similar experiences losing a sibling so young, @ciren2 and @michelinme, it’s certainly a defining moment in our lives.

    Now, I had actually given myself leeway yesterday to raise a toast to my brother, but then I heard him saying, “Don’t be daft, wait until Friday you eejit” 😆 and for the first time in my life I listened to my little bro ha ha! So. Good NFD and ready for my FD today.

    @ciren2 I love how you got your physio on the off-chance yesterday, that, my friend, is serendipity and I love how that works. Hope you start to feel relief soon. I still do stretching exercises for my sciatica that went bust early this year and so far, so good.

    And @rabette, I hope you can get sorted too with your flare up. Amazing how we put pain down to one thing with self-diagnosis, when it could actually be something else altogether!

    Speaking of which, my DH got an MRI for niggling pain around his lower back, but thinking it might have been something intestine/digestive system related….anyhow, results came back showing his back is fine, nothing to report. His doctor suggested he take a dose of Sennacot for a while to see if that relieved pressure…….I was like “WHAT?”……you are not even constipated!! sorry if too much info there BUT…I suggested to my hubby that the pain started around the same time he started taking collagen and glucosamine supplements……so maybe just stop taking them first to see what happens before following Doctors orders.

    Well, 4 days in, and he doesn’t want to jinx it and call it just yet….but he feels much much less pain and pressure… hopefully that’s all it was! Let’s wait and see. His job has him getting creaky too early with muscles and leg and shoulder problems…….don’t want this to be another one.

    @flourbaby Yay you for getting back with Jillian Michaels before Xmas. Not sure if U can this side of the new year, I spent so long with her in 2019 and through my plateau, I often wonder if that was one of the reasons for the plateau. BUT, I can still see abs (not washboard by any means, but abs nonetheless)

    @penz I can’t believe it’s Dec this weekend either but I am being dragged straight into the season from tomorrow – we are putting up our tree tomorrow evening, because on Saturday we are bringing my Grandaughter and her Mom to visit Santa Claus (it’s my work Kids Xmas party) and they stay over with us Saturday……so full on Christmas from tomorrow ☺️

    Weigh in will therefore be tomorrow. Won’t have achieved any goals (again) this month, but I am still here and plan to do so for a very long time.

    Happy Thansgiving to all our Amerucan posters….enjoy the day!!

    Pocket list Day 28

    Day 28 – Lake district UK – CD

    Good morning everybody

    Well, November just about gone already! Shifted most of holiday weight, but heading for a weekend away visiting first thing in the morning so quick weigh in then start again in December! Probably the most difficult month with family and friends and a load of temptation ahead, damage limitation maybe, but as I’ve learned over these last few months it can be done, just don’t give up completely!

    Take care all.

    Day 28, London, UK, FD

    Happy Thanksgiving to my friends across the ‘pond’!!! I don’t envy you the challenge of that table groaning under the weight of goodies!!!

    So it’s the 3rd of my B2B2B FDs, I’ve planned the next 4 NFDs down to the very last calorie and although it’s my brother’s birthday on Saturday, I plan to toast with sparkling water ONLY!!!

    @penz, I’m handing out pats on the back but I’m still saving one for myself, shoulder dislocation be damned, because ………………….. Day 2 of the 30DS was completed last night as yoga was cancelled, and I had a spare ½ hour in which I could have had my veggie soup, but didn’t!!! Since I chose exercise over food, Day 27 deserves at least 2 pats on the back!!! However, I just ordered a case of 19 Crimes – The Uprising (My absolute favourite!!) & if I manage to work the willpower muscle to death this weekend I may dislocate both shoulders!!!!

    Yes, yes, I hear all of you who remember last year shouting at me!!! I KNOW it’s a bit early to stock up on the Xmas booze, but unlike last year, this year; …………………………………….. I WILL NOT DRINK IT ALL BY XMAS EVE!!!!

    @daffodil2010, I started to follow your OH and the creaking was getting on my nerves (audible creaking & clicking too!!) I realised that things were getting flabby & floppy so I decided to start toning & strengthening whether there was a weight gain – that’s what made me stop last time – or not!!!

    We’ve just had 4 hampers delivered to the office which will be shared amongst us all on the last day before our 2 week break, of course some idiot will think it’s a good idea to open 1 or 2 of the chocolate or biscuit tins before then!!! ……………………..Help me please!!!

    @suki2 and @i-hate-lettuce, so true, it really all comes down to how much effort we’re willing to put in ………………..

    “There’s no shortage of remarkable ideas, what’s missing is the will to execute them.” – Seth Godin

    Day 28 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Happy Thanksgiving, American fasting friends! Since I am scheduled for my normal 8 week blood donation tomorrow, I cannot fast for a couple days. I was right at #162 this morning’s weight, but that’s okay with me.

    @ciren2 — growing up we always had turkey at both Thanksgiving and Christmas. For my own family, we’ve gone away from turkey at Christmas in favor of either roast beef or beef fondue (depending on how much work I want to do – fondue is lots more work for me). This year, our turkey will be today followed with several days of leftovers and making turkey broth to freeze.

    @flourbaby – I adore 19 Crimes! Although the reds (especially Shiraz) are my faves, I even do enjoy the whites.

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 28 NFD

    Happy Thanksgiving to all our American posters! I thought I would jump in while I am waiting for my turkey to finish and for my family to arrive. I am already exhausted, since I’ve been up since 6:30 a.m. cooking that turkey!! LOL Except for the stuffing and gravy, I made everything else yesterday and all I have to do is reheat the mashed potatoes, candied sweet potatoes, and green beans, plus warm up the blueberry muffins. My children are cooking other items which they will bring with them. This is an exciting Thanksgiving because it is my grandson’s first! I, of course, have arranged for him to be next to me! At 6 months old, he has become fun to be with, a very sweet baby. Needless to say, this will be an epic feast, so no fasting today!!

    Day 28- Atlanta, GA- USA-NFD

    Happy Thanksgiving to all of our American Friends!

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