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  • Hello my name is puzzle queen and I’ve just registered five minutes ago

    Hello puzzlequeen – tell us a bit about yourself! The november challenge has people who join all through the month. I’ve been fasting for 18months and its life changing – 34kgs lost and only 6kg go.

    This is a good place to be, PuzzleQueen. Tell us where you are starting, what your goals are, and your journey to meet them. My husband and I have been Fasting for 5.5 years and have good results.
    Good luck.

    Hi Puzzle Queen, I have also just found this site and registered this morning. Still getting my head around how to post etc in forums. I have a food focussed few days ahead of me while my family celebrates and hangs out with my brother and his family, but I am hoping I can start my first fast day soon.

    I had my first fast day today, and it went….fine! I have found a few drinks that I like that have virtually no calories so I stagger them over the day if I am feeling peckish. I noticed that the lunch and dinner I had that just contained fresh and cooked vegetables mainly, is really filling and satisfying and tasty with a little dressing or a cup of miso, but that my tummy feels so much more comfortable half an hour after the meal than if I was eating ‘normally ‘ with carbs or more meat etc.
    I guess there is something to this, it does seem to give my body a break from too much heavy digesting. And another thing is that since it was a ‘fasting day’ and I was fully ready for it, I didn’t even think about wanting wine. Daily wine has been a habit that I have enjoyed for a while now, but I realise I need to make a positive change in this area for my health as well as my weight. I was really surprised that I didn’t even think about it, even at dinner prep time. Awesome!
    I really want to do another fast day tomorrow, but it sort of hinges on whether we’ll be catching up with family from out of town for a meal. I think it will be easier if I am not doing social things on my fast days, I don’t want to explain my eating to anyone at the moment.
    All in all a very good first fast day to start my 10kg weight loss goal.

    Good job, TigerAnne. Well begun. Do be sure to work lean protein into your Fasting meals so that you can maintain muscle mass. So true about doing Fasting when you aren’t going to be social eating. After you feel really solid about Fasting and it is part of your routine, then you can bring other family and friends into the recognition that you intend to eat differently. 10 kg is definitely a do-able amount.

    PuzzleQueen, how is it going for you?

    Hi there,

    I’m a newcomer also and really appreciated hearing about your first day TigerAnne. I know New Years Eve is probably not the ideal start but we’re going out after dinner so I think I’ll be able to manage it. It also feels like if I don’t start now I never will so onward and upward.

    Welcome to Fasting, Lyn. Now is as good a time as any to begin. Why not? Good luck.

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