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  • Hi there, I’m in my 40’s and been doing this a few months on and off.
    I’ve successfully done 4 fasts on the trot, normally I give up then start again but the last 2 weeks I’ve been very focused and I’m determined to carry on now.
    I’ve lost 13lb since Christmas, not a lot but I need to lose a lot more, at least 4 stone to be healthier.
    My problem is I am a binge eater, always have been, mostly sweet things, and afterwards I feel disgusting.
    Has anyone else got any experience of this?

    Hi Pegginout,

    Wow, 13 pounds since Christmas is a great accomplishment. If you keep it up you’ll get the rest of the weight off in no time.

    I’m a compulsive over eater. Don’t think that’s quite the same thing as a binge eater, but they seem to be related. Unfortunately I don’t know of any “Magic bullet” for sticking with any diet plan. You just have to want to be thin more than wanting to eat goodies and keep your will power strong, at least that has been true with me.

    Wishing you great success with your weight loss goal.


    Hi Peg,

    Well done so far but some questions. You say you’ve done 4 fasts since Christmas but we are into April now. So you don’t do 5:2 regularly? Or you’ve tried several times and given up? Im not going to pretend to know what binge eating tries to cover up from a psychological viewpoint, I suppose only you can answer that.

    You say you binge on sugary things. So Id get rid of all the sugary things out of the cupboard and fridge. I got rid of all that crappy food from our household. Even the kids stopped complaining after about a week. No chocolate, cake, biscuits, ice cream etc. It will take you about 4-6 weeks to detox from sugar. Your body is currently poorly adapted to burning fat, that will improve the longer you do 5:2. Wont be easy and only you can do it. No one is going to do it for you.

    Good luck, 5:2 works if you give it a real honest try.

    Thanks for replies.
    Been trying since Xmas, it goes a bit like this…..
    I have done a week but then had a week off, done another week, failed a fast so given up again, tried again, failed etc.
    In the last 2 weeks I have done it, 4 complete fasts, so hopefully I might have cracked it. I have planned my meals on this weeks fast days and am going to try again.
    I need to do this, I’m fed up of being fat.
    My problem is I overeat on NFDs so need to sort that!

    If you have a smart phone you may want to use the My Fitness Pal app or the free version of the Lose It app. Lose It was a great help to me when I was trying to lose weight. Keeping an accurate accounting of how many calories you’re eating on non fast days is, in my opinion, the best way to be successful and these apps make counting calories much easier than trying to calculate them on your own. Just a thought.


    I use MFP and have a Fitbit to track exercise.
    I have completed fast number 5 today.
    Going to WI tomorrow and see what my result is
    Thanks for the tips folks xx

    Just wanted to update.
    I have bought some new scales, they are the body fat monitoring type that measure visceral fat.
    I am fasting tomorrow and absolutely CANNOT WAIT to step on them tomorrow to see my results.
    Yes I know that is really really sad!

    Well I’m down from 243lb to 225lb.
    My BMI has gone down from 44.4 to 41.5
    Loving my new scales!
    I’ve done my 2’fasts for this week, I van enjoy the bank holiday weekend now X

    Well my new scales say my Visceral fat has gone down from 13 to 12, scales still say 225, I want 2 off this week to get into the next stone.

    Well done, keep it up and you’ll make your goal in no time!


    So it would seem it’s 3 years later and guess what?
    I’m still fat!
    In fact I’m heavier than ever.
    Just been diagnosed with being peri menopausal and prescribed HRT patches.
    I’ve heard these can make you put weight on 😱
    I can’t keep putting more weight on, I will explode soon and I don’t want to clean up THAT mess! 🤣
    I’m going to plan some meals for this week and try again.
    Monday and Thursday fasts.
    I can do this, I just have to stay away from the sugar monster

    Pegginout…sending you supportive cyberhugs!

    I keep on reminding myself that I did NOT out on an excess extra-person-in-weight (and then some!!!)overnight! And it will not disappear overnight either!

    I have just waved goodbye to being obese…and it took me a good few years!…I am now technically ‘overweight’ but for the first time in decades I can actually see that I WILL be in the ‘normal’ range one day!….I was over 22 stone at my heaviest (don’t ask how much over..I hated being weighed and chose not to look most times!) and am now under 12 1/2 stone…with a fuzzy-target of another 2 stone or so to lose….and I have done this whilst being unable to exercise and taking meds that include the cheering words ‘may cause weight gain’ in the side-effects (and for ‘may’ read ‘absolutely guaranteed to’!!!!)

    5:2 works!…and believe me I tried pretty much everything else!

    Have you looked at the new version of 5:2?…it allows a slightly larger calorie allowance of 800 on a fast day…and is based on a healthy Mediterranean Diet for non fasting days…it IS tough, but maybe a little tough love for your body will help you kick the sugar monster into touch?

    Today is the first day of the rest of your life! Today is the day that YOU take control. You are back on 5:2…You have popped back on to a site full of lovely people to support you. Well done for getting back to it!

    You CAN do this!

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