New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge

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  • Happy New Year! This year I am doing Dr. Mosley’s Blood Sugar Diet coupled with Intermittent Fasting. So, my Fast Days = 800 calories instead of 500. Already in week one this is working better with my exercise schedule.

    Morning all

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Today is weigh day and I’m down from 62kg to 60.1kg seems a lot in a week but I was exercising and did an additional 2 16:8 days. This means I am 1.1kg away from goal… Shock!

    @erika45 what sweet daughters you have. Enjoy the treat/break. I would probably sleep for 90% of the time (my son is 3… Sleep is like gold in our house!)

    @daw1962 you aren’t alone. I’m awful at drinking water but will down mugs of black coffee, squash and the occasional diet coke. Chewing gum is my go to think if I need to chew. It helps but also seems to get digestive juices flowing and will make tummy growls worse. Stock cubes have 32 cals and can sometimes be a temporary game changer for tummy noises.

    @daffodil2010 congrats on the 2lb loss. Onwards and downwards!

    Good luck to all the fasters today.

    Hi @shimmera.

    What exercise plan do you follow? How are you finding this way of eating? I’ve not been here long but the information has been priceless. I’m near my goal which I never imagined possible and that’s with an injured foot and only walking and weights as exercise.

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Ah what a difference a Fast Day makes! Managed to keep it to just under 500 calories yesterday including an after supper snack of almonds and raisins. Also managed a 45 min brisk walk at lunch time. Woke up this morning feeling lovely and light and the scales showed a 1.9lb drop! Seems there must be something in that easy on/easy off thing you mentioned @moukinator and I hope you had a successful first FD of the year. How exciting that you are getting married this year and what a great motivator for staying focused and on track!

    @jumpgoldpenguin congratulations on losing those pesky pounds! Keep going, you are so close to your goal now!

    @kaywesterman I was so sorry to read that your mother passed away but am so glad that you were able to be with her. I hope you are able to draw some comfort from that and that you have a supportive network around you in real life. I know that this forum is a wonderful place for this too.

    @at I hope you enjoyed your indulgences at the weekend and congrats to you too on remaining within maintenance range. There was one morning over the Christmas period when I weighed in at just over my top end and that was a surprise (not sure why given all that I was eating and drinking!!). It was the first time I’d gone over since reaching maintenance and just seeing that was enough for me to reign things in a bit! Thank you for holding my hand yesterday and for highlighting me on the spreadsheet, and of course for hosing this month!

    @basyjames a belated HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sounds like you had a wonderful time celebrating – always worth taking a day off for occasions with family. You were so right in your comment yesterday. The carb train was fun but I was ready to get off and feel so much better for it. I was so bloated yesterday morning (after a EFS on Sunday) that I had to put on a skirt that was too loose pre-Christmas.

    @ccco and @annemarilyn I hope the waterfast went well yesterday? Was thinking of you both!

    @daffodil2010 Sorry to hear about your poor dad. It all sounds very painful indeed but glad that he is in good spirits and in the right place to get the care that he needs. Good on you for getting prepped for your FD even with all that’s going on. I need to get back into that. I picked up a delicious thick soup for supper yesterday as I knew I wouldn’t have time to cook with my toddler son being under the weather. I was glad I did because he didn’t manage to fall asleep until 9pm and was very clingy. Had I not had anything to heat up I think my FD might have gone out the window as I was ravenous enough to eat whatever was quick and easy! For those with access to M&S, they have these delicious cauliflower, coconut and lentil dahl pots in their foodhall–21233467-6b51-4088-9815-582f62aa4ce0 Only 270 calories – great for a FD or healthy light lunch when you’re in a hurry. I added some chopped fresh green chilli and coriander for a kick! @debster I feel your pain having sabotaged many a good FD due to not being prepared. I am thinking I might buy a couple of these pots to keep in the cupboard for emergencies!

    @ciren2 Thought of you more than once over the Christmas period with all the parcels and packages arriving. How is your foot at the moment? I hope there has been an improvement? And how is your daughter settling in over in Australia? I think it’s been a couple of weeks now? I made a similar move 10 years ago in my late 20’s when my boyfriend (now husband) and I moved to Brisbane. Such excitement and adventures! He had a 4 year work visa and I was on a spousal visa. In the end we returned to the UK after 2 years. It was wonderful to experience living somewhere else and all the travel and new experiences that came with it. But now that I have my little boy, I can appreciate some of what our mothers must have felt at the time!

    @emma1202 I love your approach to cutting out sugar. On this subject, a friend recently mentioned Xylitol to me as a substitute. It’s made from plant fibres and has a low GI value so apparently doesn’t cause a spike in blood sugar and insulin. I don’t bake much or add sugar to tea but my husband does so am wondering if it might be a better alternative to sugar. I tried it and can’t say it tasted any different to sugar. I wondered if anyone had any experience of it?

    @anna6 that recipe sounds wonderful and I can almost smell it! Also, I have been absent for some time but thought of you – I hope your daughter and the new baby are doing well!

    @bert1802 Congratulations on shedding Matilda and steering clear of those donuts! Our “treats” desks in the office is worse than ever and I am giving it a wide berth. I know all I need to do it take one nibble and it would be my downfall. There is no such thing as “just one” where I am concerned!

    @matpi and everyone else talking about the new MM book, I haven’t had a chance to do any research so excuse my ignorance. Does he say that the health benefits of the new approach are the same as those possible of 5:2? This WOL was first and foremost about weight loss for me, and I know the research is a bit sketchy but it’s been nice to think that the fasting might have other benefits.

    Could stay writing for a lot longer but my work beckons! Good luck to all who are fasting today!

    Day 8, London, UK, FD

    I’m so glad to be back at work, if only because it’s soooo easy to fast at work!!!

    Well done @bert1802, you’re flexing that willpower muscle!!!!!

    @moukinator, have you bought ‘the dress’ yet, or are you waiting until the very last fasting lb has disappeared??? Is your fiancé still keeping you company on the 5:2 wagon?

    I’ve had a cup of coffee and my 1tbsp psyllium husks this morning, if I were at home I would be thinking of breakfast (which I never have!!) weird ‘holiday’ mentality; at least the mojo is strong today!!!!!

    Dry January is going well, I had a rather salty stir-fry yesterday which resulted in 2L water after dinner!!! I realised just how much I love cold water, so I’m hanging onto that feeling and sipping continuously ……………….. fingers crossed for 2L+ today!!

    Keep the faith people, we know there’s no other option……………………………. At least NOT one that works and allows for cake, chocolate & wine!!!

    Second attempt . a year since my last. Day 1 FD Farnborough UK. Set myself not unreasonable targets last time and succeeded albeit with some flexibility on timing. Will give it another shot and be more disciplined this time. The feeling you get when the belt goes back a notch is worth it!

    Day 8……Florida……NFD

    Today is a NFD, but it is also a day I will be on the road visiting clients. I’m not sure how I am going to fair seeing lunch will probably be somewhere I stop in my travels. I more than likely will not eat until very late in the afternoon but I am going to have to be cautious and aware of my food surroundings.

    @matpi…… I started my journey doing the standard 5:2, but it was probably a month in when I switched to a 4:3. I like the 4:3 because I feel it gives me more displine at the same time giving me more leway on my NFD. So, If I happen to indulge or have a EFS, the scales and body do not suffer to badly. I don’t recommend indulging or having and EFS for every NFD but if the spirit moves you enjoy it!
    Not sure if that helps your thought process on it or not.

    Well there you have it……

    I finally did it
    I bought shoes with memory foam
    So, no more forgetting why I walked into the kitchen!

    Day 8 – NFD; Dublin, Ireland

    Hi everyone,

    successful MFD yesterday coming in at just under 750kcal. I was a bit worried that after so much overeating during the past two weeks that my body would have ‘forgotten’ how to fast and that I would be starving all day, but happy to say that was not the case and it was a relatively easy first FD of the year. Down 0.9kg this morning as a result 🙂

    Thank you to everyone for your well wishes for our wedding! We will have a civil ceremony in my home country (Slovakia) and then a church ceremony in my fiance’s home country (Cyprus) – so double the planning!

    @flourbaby – neither of us have our wedding clothes yet! I still haven’t chosen a dress, primarily because cannot decide on the style, but also because I am waiting for one more whoosh. As for fiance, while he is still doing 5:2 with me, he has been more lax than me and gained a lot of the weight back. He is currently back up to 120kg, which is still a net 5kg loss since we started this WOE. It would be nice for him to drop maybe 5kg before he buys a suit.

    As you all have said, the looming wedding day is a great motivator – at least for me! Already planning to go to the gym today to help shed those Christmas kilos. Have also made my own spreadsheets to continue monitoring my weight daily and keeping track of my calories. MyFitnessPal tells my I am on a 203 day streak of logging my food, I’m a sucker for challenges and want to keep going to make it a full year!

    Good luck to everyone fasting today, sorry I can’t reply to everyone individually, but really appreciate your congratulations and continued support!

    Only ever lost weight on the 5:2, and gained it when I let go. Managed to keep most of weight off by being aware, though, so after buying Fast800 and being impressed by Time Restricted Eating in it, I’ve resolved on this day to lose 10% of bodyweight (16lbs) in circa three weeks in order to gain health benefits and do what I’ve never done before – follow a book thoroughly.
    No such thing as a ‘fad’ diet, really, just efforts to take current advice to get weight down by ANY means THEN keep it down. It seems Dr Mosley’s way is as good as any and particularly good for blokes, who tend, like me, to have others cooking their meals or just don’t like counting cals. I knew one man who lost five stone by just eating canned beans alone to achieve his 900 cal/day (ten cans a day), which shows that the practical aspects of cutting food are really serious and need to be addressed. This diet does it for me.

    day 8 Melb Aust FD
    day 7 NFD ( failed FD!)

    Threw in a FD today after overeating yesterday. Yesterday still had some Christmas chocolates in the fridge. Actually threw out most – but not all, and the remnant was calling my name!!! Managed to not eat them all – many got binned, but it didn’t end up a FD by any stretch of the imagination. Today was much better, then a CD tomorrow and another FD on Thursday, and I’ll be on track. Actually saw the dr today – he’s pleased to see that I’ve lost 4 kg since mid-November, so…. baby steps, but as long as the direction is down!

    @missybear, sounds like you’re following Dr M’s advice even without the new book.

    @bert1802, not a lot new really, He’s encouraging people to start on 800 cals daily for as long as they can manage for the motivation of rapid weight loss, up to 12 weeks, which is like his 8-week blood sugar diet for diabetics and pre-diabetics.
    He does say to re-assess after 2 weeks and move to an easier schedule if daily is too hard. He’s now saying 800 cals is low enough, the “new 5:2”, because some people find 500 or 600 cals is too challenging, but I don’t think it matters. One meal of 500 cals works for me and most folk on this forum, but not all. You have to do what works for you, remembering that the less you eat on FDs, the faster the weight loss.

    @matpi, sounds like you’re already into what he’s now recommending, as is @redrockgirl302.

    @beedoo, he’s basically combined his two approaches. 5:2 is fine. If you want to kickstart the weight loss a bit more, start with daily 800 cals, then move on to 5:2 (or 4:3) when you want, whatever works for you. He does emphasise that it needs to work for the person.

    @jumpgoldpenguin, great weight loss result!

    @daffodil2010, glad to read that your father’s health is improving with the injections

    @kaywesterman, my sympathies re the passing of your mum.

    Day 8 – Japan – NFD

    Day 8 North Canton 2:5 B2B

    I am quite tired today. I did a HIIT class last night and ran 4 miles this morning. Coffee calls!

    @fasteddie it’s nice to have another guy join the challenge. We had quite a few and then … thankful @dykask has stayed with us.
    Nose to the grindstone, I have to make progress on the mountains of work that piled up over the holiday.

    Have an AWESOME day everyone 🙂

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Day 8 UK ?CD/FD

    Successful FD yesterday – yay! Had OMAD supper of c370 calories, mostly from veg & tofu with 50g leftover red rice, then post-supper almonds & brazil nuts to round me up to a little over 500. Felt like a breakthrough 3rd FD and my first 500 cal FD this year, plus drank 4litres water 🙂 Forgot to weigh myself this morning bc didn’t get much sleep – early night beckons now I’ve hit most of the deadlines.

    Not eaten yet and thinking I might hang on until something vegan and indian at supper time. Posting for accountability – back later to read posts…

    Go well lovely people

    Day 8 – USA – NFD

    Welcome back, @beedoo! @anna6, was it your birthday? I thought it was your sister-in-laws? @moukinator, congrats on your upcoming wedding…did you set a date? @daffodil2010, glad to hear better news about your dad.

    May opt to order the new MM book from the USA because I cannot wait for it to come across the pond into our bookstores! I am for the most part into maintenance, but I feel that following a regulated amount of 800 FDs a week will keep me in a healthy and safe range.

    Day 8: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD (as usual)!

    @beedoo: Thanks for asking and thinking of me over Christmas.
    My foot isn’t too bad. It always hurts to a certain extent, but it doesn’t cripple me any longer, thank goodness.
    DD has been in Australia since 27th…loves it by all accounts. Has taken up residence in a house-share in Pakenham, east of Melbourne with two other young people. She says the house is great and the house-mates are friendly. Got a car yesterday in readiness for the daily drive to her workplace, where she starts next Monday.
    So, hopefully….all is well.

    Well done on the successful FD and weight loss.

    Day 8 Canada NFD

    Had a busy FD yesterday, so busy I didn’t get to post. It certainly helps that is for sure!

    Taking it one meal at a time today, I underestimated the echo effect of abandoning this WOL in December.

    Day 8 Minnesota, USA FD 1st of B2B

    Ended the day yesterday with finding a box of chocolates in the freezer in the afternoon. I became obsessed with the thought of having just a few after dinner, a chicken and veg stir fry. It was a NFD, after all! So, I had 3 pieces filled with lovely caramel and other yummy things. Then a half an hour later I had more. And again later….. more. How ridiculous!!!!
    I need to throw the rest out, but I’m resisting doing that. I should be able to wait until my FDs have passed, and then have a controlled amount as an after dinner treat, shouldn’t I? Quite upset with my lack of restraint.

    @kaywesterman…So sorry to read of your loss. My thoughts and prayers are with and I’m hoping that you will find comfort in your lovely memories.

    Day 8 UK NFD


    I’ve had a really slow day here in the office and I’m coming to post a second time today because the chocolates, sweets and biscuits are so so tempting. After all the indulgences over Christmas it’s proving so difficult to resist. I have had a peach and a pear to try and satisfy my sweet tooth but its just not quite the same as chocolate! I haven’t succumbed ….yet! I leave the office in 20 minutes and they cant go fast enough to get me away from temptation!

    @northerndawn I just saw your post and I feel your pain!

    Day 8, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Yesterday morphed into a NFD within my TDEE. Today I aim for a CD or less.
    I just cannot resist the nuts.

    @songbirdme: The 9 celli were fabulous. They are all members of the Utah Symphony and played extremely well. Composers: Villa-Lobos, Anne Wilson, a couple of Beatles arrangements, Bach, Pachelbel and Piazzolla. A real joy to listen to them in the small chamber music setting of Libby Gardner Hall at the School of Music at the University of Utah! 😊🎵🎶🎻❤

    Walking my old puppy now, then walking over to Campus to meet DH for a coffee and afterwards walking the long way home to get my 10.000 steps.

    Have a good Tuesday everyone! 😊😊😊

    USA Day 8 NFD

    My water FD went well, even though I did get very hungry toward the end! I weighed myself this morning and I lost 1 lb. 4 ozs. Yay! Success! I have decided I will weigh myself every morning to track my results until I reach my goal. I think it will help me stay the course while losing. I am such a creature of habit. I think I need to stick to an ironclad plan, which for me means every Monday and Thursday will be my FDs. The rest of the week I will do CDs. I hope to make this such a habit that I will automatically just do it!

    I wish everyone who is fasting today a successful FD. You are in my thoughts. Also, good luck to everyone who is trying to keep to a successful NFD. Even those can be a challenge!

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 8 – UK – FD (800cals)

    Well today ended up as a B2B FD – yesterday was around 80cals (a bowl of slow roast tomato soup, black tea and lots of water) FD and today seems to be an around 700cals FD by default ☺️

    Beautiful sunny day here in Cumbria for my usual Tuesday AM walking group – got some gorgeous photos! I eventually broke yesterday’s FD around 1pm and following my late afternoon High Impact Pilates class had a light supper and feeling full so hoping that the kitchen door remains firmly closed from now on 🤞So I’m logged on here to catch up but also to keep me motivated for the rest of the evening………..


    The new approach is called ‘Time Restricted Eating’ or TRE. It is very straightforward: you just extend your overnight fast by having a later breakfast or earlier evening meal, and that way you condense the time you eat in any day to a smaller time window than normal. I’m so impressed by the simplicity and potential health benefits of TRE that I’ve incorporated it into my new Fast 800 diet plan.
    It combines all the latest thinking about the health benefits of kick-starting your diet with a fast-track 800 calories a day for a few days, weeks or months, followed by a steady — and now much more manageable — 5:2, which allows 800 calories on fast days and healthy eating the rest of the week.
    Layered through both stages of this plan, I’ve added recommendations for an element of TRE, which I am convinced will boost your weight loss success and accentuate the health benefits. When it comes to fasting, a flexible approach works best, so as part of my Fast 800 plan you get to choose whether to fast track your diet before opting for the New 5:2, whether to go straight in to 5:2, or, at the very least, whether to introduce a little TRE into your day.
    In a small study, Dr Panda teamed up with Dr Krista Varady, of the University of Chicago, to see how TRE worked for obese men and women. The group who restricted their eating to between 10am and 6pm lost fat, saw a drop in insulin resistance (which marks a risk of type 2 diabetes) and reported improved sleep, less hunger at bedtime and more energy.
    The research suggests that fasting for at least 16 hours gives the greatest benefit, but for many people that may be impractical. So what is the least you can get away with?
    Dr Panda says every hour over 12 hours counts: ‘Most of your body fat burning happens six to eight hours after finishing your last meal and increases almost exponentially after a full 12 hours, so going longer than 12 hours is likely to be particularly beneficial.’
    TRE works extremely well with other diets and that’s why I recommend giving it a go as part of my new Fast 800 programme. It makes intermittent fasting easier (after a relatively brief adjustment period, you don’t feel hungry and therefore tempted to cheat late at night) and it can be an effective tool for keeping the weight off.
    1. Choose whether you want to kick-start your diet with a fast track 800 calories a day, every day, for a period of time (if you have any health problems, check with your GP first) or opt for an 800-calorie limit on two days each week (as 5:2).
    2. Increase the health benefits by eating within a restricted time window, starting with 12 hours of fasting (overnight) and building to a 16-hour overnight fast (eating in an eight-hour window).
    3. Eat either two or three meals per day on your 800-calorie days, choosing between meal replacement shakes or pick and mix from the calorie-counted recipes in the paper all this week, keeping your carbohydrate intake low.
    4. Eat a healthy Mediterranean-inspired diet on your five non-fast days, keeping carbohydrates low and portions small — but there is no calorie counting.

    @debster251 – don’t be disheartened – 800cal is still a FD!!
    @ciren2 – I feel for you after the description of your day 🤗 Good to hear that your DD is settling down well and looking forward to starting her new job – must be a reassuring for you that she is having such a smooth start
    @erika45 – what a lovely treat from your daughters ☺️
    @gretta – glad you are feeling better x
    @daw1962 – well done on completing your second FD – personally I find not eating during the day easier on a FD – saving my calories for an evening meal – I drink lots of water and drink black early grey tea (which I love) or plain black tea with a dash of skimmed milk. If I find myself feeling hungry I try to distract myself by doing something – going for walk/ringing a friend for a catchup – basically changing activity where possible to change my mindset
    @shimmera – great to have you back on board with the challenges WELCOME on board
    @jumpgoldpenguin – great job on dropping those 2kg
    @fasteddie – Welcome to the New Year – New Start – January 2019 Challenge! @dykask will be pleased to have some male company
    @michelinme – well done on completing yesterday’s FD 💪
    @ccco – I weigh daily too but only record once a week – I find being aware of my weight helps to focus my mind for the day especially if I notice an upward move!!!!!!

    Well here we are at the start of the second week of this challenge
    Great job if you are on target with your weight loss or staying happily in maintenance. For anyone out there struggling – stay strong and positive – you will get there!!! We all have different paths to the end goal – “You Cannot Change Yesterday BUT You Can Change Today and Tomorrow!”

    Day 8. UK. NFD

    Day 8 – Eastern WA USA – FD

    So far keeping it a WFD since about 7:30 last night. Earlier in the evening I made myself a “fauxbucks” – using a coffee substitute some cocoa powder, some nut milk and some stevia; a nice hot drink but with a few calories. After that I switched back to no calories in the liquid. Planning to continue fasting through 72 hours which would take me to Wed. at supper. I may continue through to Thursday morning to make it an 84 hour one. I’ll see how I feel.

    @daw1962 – some other things to drink are: herbal tea, coffee, warm water with a little lemon. Sometimes a little bone broth is good too.

    @beedoo – yes, I use xylitol and stevia – both plant based sweetners. I am trying to use them less because Dr. Jason Fung recommends no sweetners period… If I bake with them for a treat, I use a mix because my body can’t handle too much xylitol (leading to bathroom issues). It’s important to know how the sweetness works. Most stevia needs about 1/3 of a tsp or so to a tsp of sugar where as xylitol usually measures just like sugar.

    I need to get to work preparing for orientation mtgs with student teachers for this 1/4.

    Welcome to the new folks. You’ve found a supportive place.

    We’re in this together! 🙂

    Day 8 second post

    Chuffed as bunnies with an unplanned OMAD FD today – esp as I only had 3.5hrs sleep last night!

    Popping back to give great thanks to the kind person who posted a link to Chana masala aka “workers’ curry” recipe (sorry, I can’t find the post). I made this tonight subbing cauliflower & parsnip for chickpeas & coconut oil for rapeseed (reduced oil by 50%) & served alongside sprouts and spinach with a quick dressing made from tsp coconut oil and tsp peanut butter. I’m absolutely satiated and it was so tasty – yay for delicious curry! Total calories today = 630 🙂 🙂 🙂

    @northerndawn i feel your pain – i do exactly the same! I’m learning that it’s much harder to control cravings for carbs or sugar if I’m tired, or if I don’t have a prepared/automatic answer for the whisper in my ear (“Yes,they are there but I don’t want to have one today. Today is about better goals!”) As I learned when stopping smoking, cravings quickly pass – and more easily if we don’t give them airtime. Distraction is a wonderful tool!

    Day 8 3rd post

    @beedoo i did some research on xylitol a couple of years ago. I had awful diarrhoea after eating a whole tube of mints -never again! -apparently some people are v sensitive to this type of sugar substitute.)

    It’s fine in small quantities & widely used in the US but not so much in Europe bc of laxative effects. NB toxic for dogs bc can become hypoglycaemic/coma 🙁

    Second post. Just wanted to throw a question out there.

    I have always enjoyed exercise… Possibly too much and it has become a bit of a control crutch in stressful periods in life. When I started 5:2 I took it as an opportunity to cut right back while recovering from a foot injury. I carried on with weights to keep muscle.

    Anyway, my question is this, for those who like to do strength exercises on 5:2 have you seen a drop in strength? I definitely have and although I’ve adapted and lightened the weights it does feel a shame. Can I not be a decent weight and strong!?

    Day 8, Gozo, Malta, cfd

    Beedoo my daughter and her little baby are doing fine. The baby is constantly hungry and gaining weight. She is adorable.

    Today I cooked a barley and beef soup and a chicken pasta dish.

    It was a successful cfd.

    Good evening/night.

    Day 8
    Wow, I’m overcome with all the kind comments and words of support. Thanks all of you for your sweet words. Today I’m doing well. It is good to be back in the sunshine. It’s amazing how healing the sun is.
    I had a good FD yesterday and fixed a healthy dinner last night and have left over for tonight.
    I’m getting back on my routine which includes exercise classes and getting ready for our art show.
    Hope all have a great day.

    Day 8 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Trying to do 16:8 today – as long as I keep out of the kitchen tonight, I ought to manage. Dental filling today, so eating soft stuff is the order of the day.

    @matpi – interesting observation about science fair judging. I will keep that in mind. The “Best of Day” choice last year did some first-person interviewing that one of the other judges acknowledged as being especially pertinent for the fair. She had studied (and made models, etc.) the kidney, but also went to a dialysis unit.

    @at — fascinating about the “new 5:2” — always interesting.

    @redrockgirl302 – most interesting repertoire of the 9 celli! Maybe someday I will get to that Chamber Music venue at the U.

    Onward and downward.

    Day 9 country West Australia FD
    trying to have a FD today.
    It will be the first one in a long time and my body really feels the need for no more rich holiday food.
    I have been craving a FD for a while but laziness and the abundance of beautiful food created by others has been too much of a temptation for me.
    Sadly my willpower/ WON’T power appears to have vanished in recent months so I am starting to look for it properly this time!
    It is SO lovely to be back on this forum and now that the house is almost empty of visitors after a month of various family/friends coming and going I am finally getting back in to routine again.
    Like others ( forget who) I find that reading daily helps a lot in maintaining this WOL for me.
    Accountability is key.
    It is good to catch up with the ‘ old’ crew and meet the newbies. I have just spent 40 minutes reading previous pages on this forum so hoping to get back in to the habit of daily posting.
    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 8 NFD

    AT, I read your post with interest. I think I am going to try Dr. M’s quick weight loss program of 800 calories a day for a couple of weeks and see what happens. Sounds interesting. I have noticed this year a lot of diet programs now have quick starts for early immediate weight loss. It is good for motivation I think!

    My kitchen is closed and I had a successful NFD coming in under my TDEE. Tomorrow is also a NFD but I am going to make it my first 800 calorie day to start my fast track weight loss. I hope this works well.

    I hope everyone who was fasting today had a good day and the same for all those on their NFDs.

    Day 8 Ohio, US — NFD ✔️

    A good NFD: I stayed within the TDEE and kept added sugars to 25 g. (My target is to keep them less than 30-35 g.) After a luncheon date with the dentist’s chair to get the new crown put in, I was so wiped out that I slept most of the afternoon. That was due to the extra doses of anesthetic that they had to give me. Even then, I could still feel the gums when their instruments touched them and winced every time they touched the roots of the tooth.

    With a little more consideration today I think that I’ll wait to read MM’s new book before making a decision whether or not to go to the new plan. While the Daily Mail article did have some good information, there are quite a few questions about it that came to mind today and that I’d like to know the answers to before
    making any change. Besides following the original plan is going well. Where I need to make some improvements is in areas apart from the fasting. In any case, I think that perhaps those issues need to be addressed before I make adjustments to the fasting routine.

    @lilymartin I hope that your FD goes very well indeed. Sounds like the month with visits from family and friends was a perfect way to end the old year. And 5:2 sounds like a perfect way to start the new one!

    @kaywesterman Even with a warm winter in Ohio, the Florida sun sounds tempting. When I was growing up, my family lived for a while in Florida and I have wonderful memories of the Florida sun.

    Day 9 – Melbourne AUS – NFD

    Had a sugar free day yesterday, and it really made me realise how muchI consume day to day here and there (even though my intake is relatively low most of the time), and how much I crave it in its absense. Need to try to resist until the end of the week, and try to be more mindful of how much i’m actually consuming on weekends. Think cutting back on simple carbs will help control those cravings once the initial struggle is done.

    Just a question for those sugar free folk, how far do you go? Do you make sure to cut all dressings/sauces etc that contain sugar? Just had a salad out for lunch that had a bit of sweetness to it and it got me thinking…

    Downloaded the new MM book on the iPad, hoping it will give me the motivation boost to tidy up my diet a bit more!

    @daw1962 I like soda water for FD’s, find that helps keep my hunger at bay!
    @daffodil2010 I am a creature of habit also – any change to my routine is shocking lol
    @jumpgoldpenguin I’ve found no decrease in strength, quite the opposite actually. My lean muscle mass has remained about the same despite dropping 8kg, and have been steadily increasing my weights over the past 6 months since focussing on strength.

    Day 9, Emden Germany, FD

    @at thanks for the summary.

    Pocket list day 9


    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    So it’s Wednesday and I am planning a good NFD below TDEE as let’s face it, the unfiltered beer accompanied by Doritos and dips last night would not have helped. It was an NFD so not total disaster, and though I do t have to accept the cold beer when offered I do!! I blame DH. Sooner he gets back to work etc.

    Not busy in work at the moment, but thankfully there is no treats table to negotiate (I feel your pain @beedoo), so it’s when I get home I have the problem. I have categorically insisted that tonight will be a Dry till Fri night…….

    Have a good day all you fasters

    Hi @ Gretta

    Thanks for the tip, today is Day 6 and my third FD, I can do this! Will weigh and measure tomorrow, fingers crossed.

    Happy Wednesday everyone.

    Day 9 – FD – Ireland
    Janudry and sugar free 🤞

    @matpi- I’m with you in sticking to the standard FD. It works for me and I think 800 calories for a prolonged amount of time is too “dietish” for me…
    Maybe in time I will think differently but for now this is my WOL.
    Not a bad day yesterday but have just been handed a box of chocolates 😱on the way out my front door by my neighbour so these are heading directly to our treats area in work… they will be appreciated and I won’t be tempted.

    Pocket list for today:

    Have a lovely day all and good luck to the fasters!
    Onward and downward ⬇️

    Day 9. UK. NFD

    Not yet read the full thread. Had a migraine past 2 days. Hope to catch up on everyone’s news in next couple of days.

    Warm wishes to you all.

    Wife and daughter go to Slimming World Saturdays so, to keep in line with them I don’t weight myself until that day. However, since I have been waiting to do my first FD on Friday I have passed the time doing TRE between 0800 and 20:00 hours. In fact, though, I wait for my wife’s appearance to eat and that has been circa 09:30 so far this week, resulting in an ‘accidental’ FD of some 13 or 14 hours without food (allowing for my last actual meal ending circa 19:00 hours). With the addition of Friday’s ‘proper’ FD I can’t wait to see results.
    Just read that every hour over 12 increases effectiveness, with 16 as somehow optimal so this is a new kind of New Year effort for me. Wife dieting as well is no end of an help.
    Weight: 11st 7lbs. Target: 10st 4lbs.

    Day 9 ( had to check then…). London UK

    Since retiring my husband has got very interested in food. He’s always planning our next meal, or food shopping trips. When we were both working, it was easier because I was home by five, whereas he was home a lot later, so I had a lot more autonomy. It’s lovely to spend time together but I miss being in charge of my own eating. It’s quite tricky to fit in fasting days. He always looks so disappointed. And he’s putting on weight. Any tips?
    I also want to ask – I’ve cut out a lot of dairy from my diet, but my fingernails seem a bit weak. How do I resolve that? What should I eat, or take ( not a great supplement taker). H

    Day 9 Belfast NFD

    It was a beautiful cold, frosty morning when I walked the pup. A great start to the day. With my first swim and Pilates of the year under my belt this week, the festive period is truly over.
    I went to a free concert, hosted by the BBC with the Ulster Orchestra last night. They were showcasing work from local composers. It’s amazing what local talent there is.

    @gretta – I’m holding your hand! I doin’ alright so far this month. I guess the overindulgence over Christmas has put me off a bit. I’m trying to avoid all processed food because of that very reason. I am making my own vinaigrette, which has a small teaspoon of sugar in it, but at least I know how much it is. I have stopped eating shop bought yoghurt and I rarely eat ready meals anyway. I think it was @ccco who said she had actually changed her palate by cutting the sugar, so that’s my goal. That said, I have had a bit of home made chutney in my sandwich and it taste delicious! I’m a sugar fiend for sure!
    @Redrockgirl – I’m glad you enjoyed your concert. It sounds interesting.
    @bert1802 – well done on avoiding Matilda. She seems to be missing here too. Long may it continue!
    @jaifaim – the tick has worked wonders for me so far. It must be the idea of public failure! This is the 9th day without. I’m only eating fruit and kefir to quell my cravings, which haven’t been bad at all.
    @daw1962 – I find that the saltiness of a cup of bouillon helps. (oxo, bovril and the like)
    @moukinator – what a truly international ceremony. Good luck in looking for that perfect dress.
    Welcome @fasteddie. Good luck!
    Welcome back @lilymartin.

    Off to do my chores now and maybe a turn in the garden after lunch

    Have a good day.

    Day 9 UK CD

    Rest morning. Now for yoga and meditation, a couple of hours project work then into town for first meeting of the year.

    Stayed up later than planned which makes good choices harder. Time to think about balance and bedtimes again, and aim for restful weekend.

    Day 9 – Perth AUS – FD
    Day 8 – FD
    Day 7 – FD

    Have switched to doing 800 calories a day for the month and had my first 16:8 day today, but had two slices of pizza… so not exactly Mediterranean diet! Yesterday did my first weigh in since 1 Jan and have lost a good amount. Hope to keep it up! People I have told think I’m nuts and I keep getting told 800 calories a day is simply not enough, but the science is there 🙂 Here’s hoping the kg go down along with the sugar and fat swishing around in my bloods! Diabetes? No, thankyou!

    Day 9…….Florida…..NFD

    Another NFD, as the hubby and I decided it will be just us tonight, we are not going to cook but rather go to a local restaurant. I received a lot of restaurant gift certificates from some of the contractors at Christmas. So more than likely will use one of those.

    I still plan on being very careful until dinner.

    Thank you for all the info on the new style. It seems fairly easy and doable. So, I may give it a whirl starting tomorrow.
    I’m also considering incorporating some type of exercise into the mix……. I hate exercising so, not sure how much I will really do……Nice thought though!

    I finally did it!
    I bought shoes with memory foam!
    So, now no more forgetting why I walked into the kitchen!

    Day 9, London, UK, FD

    I’ve decided to do my usual B2B2B for January 1) because it’s easier when I’m at work & 2) I’ve got to get rid of this bloated feeling, I’m still feeling toxic!!! How long does alcohol poisoning last????? ………………………. Most people do a 2 week Detox, Xmas for me, was a 2 week Retox!!!!!

    Chicken salad & bone broth followed by a return to my weekly Yoga class tonight …………….. Back ………. On …………..Track!!!!!

    I don’t have any social events planned for the foreseeable future, so maybe I’ll try an 800 cal week starting next week, it depends on how the B2B2B goes!!! Yesterdays’ FD hasn’t resulted in the usual 1lb drop, maybe I need to kick start my engine!!……… Or, just be patient!!!

    I’ll catch-up & comment on posts later, Happy Fasting Folks

    Day 9 UK NFD

    Ah Wednesday at least…and my last day in the office for the week. Phew! Being back at work has definitely helped get my eating back in order. I tend to do 16:8 or 17:7 and it’s made a lot easier when I don’t have a toddler to run around after and feed!

    My NFD went fine yesterday and I managed to escape the office without dipping into the treats! Felt like a major win…until I got home and found a bag of chocolate buttons in the cupboard. But am telling myself “all things in moderation” and I only had a few! I was also well within TDEE…listen to me justifying it all!!

    @ccco congrats on a successful water FD! Like you, I weigh in every morning. While losing weight I found it kept me motivated, now that I am in maintenance it helps me stay on track. I also find that there are no shocking weight gains this way. If I start creeping up I can do an extra FD to reign myself in before too much damage is done. Will you be doing more water FDs?

    @at thanks so much for the summary of MM’s new approach. Will look forward to reading it over a coffee break this afternoon!

    @annemarilyn thanks for the reply regarding xylitol. I think I will try swapping out sugar for it at home. We don’t consume much sugar and if it’s in anyway “less bad” then perhaps worth the change.

    @elektron It’s funny how 800 calories sounded like such a tiny amount before starting this WOE but after a while you realise just how little we actually need (rather than want!).

    It’s ever so cold here in London today. But at least the sun is shining so I think I will take my daily walk soon, before coming back to have lunch. Today I have a Sainsbury’s Sweet Potato and Split Pea Curry at 283 calories for the portion. It’s lovely and filling but I am looking forward to cooking a batch of soups for myself tomorrow.

    Right, I’m off for now. Need to think of how I am going to survive the afternoon when my sweet tooth rears its ugly head! Any tips would be gratefully received!!

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @gretta to stay sugar free I find it helps to avoid anything containing sugar including salad dressings, chutneys, etc…..I use virgin olive oil and a few mixed seeds with black pepper as a salad dressing. I even avoid anything with artificial sweeteners, such as Diet Coke, as that awakens the sugar dragon too.

    @at thank you for the Fast 800 summary, it really does seem to be the Blood Sugar Diet with TRE which is what works well for me…. I do Mediterranean diet with 14:10 TRE every day and two 800 calories FDs a week, I find it enjoyable and very sustainable……don’t think I could do 800 calories every day for very long though….. I expect that is recommended for those new to weight loss who need the kick start for motivation. Looking forward to my copy of the book which should arrive on Friday, interested to read the latest research the updated 5:2 is based on.

    Have a good day everyone 🙂

    Day 9 – Iceland – FD

    Yesterday’s planned FD didn’t happen, so trying again today…

    @fasteddie – Dr. Jason Fung also doesn’t recommend counting calories, just having a normal dinner after fast, which sounds very sensible. Welcome to the challenge!
    @at – thank you for the TRE info, it is so much fun to experiment with different ways of fasting, B2B, ADF, OMAD, 16:8… and all this flexibility makes it easier to keep to long-term. As the Romans used to say: variatio delectat!
    @michelinme – glad to hear that the curry recipe was useful, great idea to sub cauliflower/parsnip for chickpeas!

    Pocket list day 9


    Hi all

    Does anyone feel the cold more on FD days? I’m so cold today and was on my last FD day as well. Drinking loads of black tea but it’s not helping.

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