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  • Anyone else had to learn to take up a needle and thread or find creative ways to fix their wardrobe? eBay and charity shops are my best friends at the moment, I can’t afford to replenish my wardrobe from the high street at the moment. Considering a clothes swapping party but most of the stuff I can’t alter isn’t really nice enough to take to one of those.

    Going on holiday in September and I’ve made 3 dresses and a beach cover up so far, quite pleased with my efforts!

    Good for you for sewing your own clothes! I bet your 3 dresses and beach cover would rival any of those high street garments on the catwalk!

    atcgirl, I find that I’m fitting back into the clothes I never tossed. Shopping in my closet, so to speak.

    I wish I’d never gotten rid of the clothes that fit before, but I had no room for them. The dress making has become a bit of an addiction now that I’ve discovered sources of cheap fabric – 5 dresses made and have bought the fabric for 3 more. The first two are now a bit big but at least they’ll fit after I’ve gained weight from 2 weeks of all inclusive……

    I too have resumed wearing a number of items in my wardrobe that hadn’t previously fit me. The thing is that many of them are dated/out of style, so I can appreciate suddenly having 5 new dresses!

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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