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  • Hi everyone, Appelpie, I started the same day and have lost the same!! I’m trying to keep off the scales because the litterally hate me. But I’m PSYCHO with my measuring tape. In total since Jan 5 I have lost 10cm around my waist, 6 around my hips and just 3 around my legs, but I know that’s the slowest. I’m really surprised by this diet, I just worry 2 times a week and then it’s easier. My body is starting to react to everything happening to it. I can’t handle the ENORMOUS portions or whole pizza I used to have a month ago. I get really full! Which is great. Also, I’ve noticed that when I eat really fatty stuff or heavy food after fasting days, I GET SICK!! I’ve had to change my habits when eating stuff I really like, I have to go for small portions just so I can really enjoy it and don’t feel terrible afterwards.

    I’ve gotten used to the fasting, and I really enjoy the fasting days now, I have all kinds of herbal tea to get me through the day and I will just have some light toast with cottage cheese and avocado for dinner. I always have the same, it’s quick, easy and satisfying and way below 500 cal.

    Can’t wait for the numbers to be a real huge drop by the summer.

    Keep up the good work everyone!

    Hi! My eating habits have changed too, we had spanish sausages the other day and I couldn’t eat 2, I used to have 4, and I decided I am not buying them again. Life is too short and full of delicious foods to eat mixed up cxxp.
    I enjoy my fasting day, we tend to have fuet and olives for dinner, then homemade soup for tea. Only about 350 calories all day. I did that yesterday and am having a no food day today. I am determined to shift this fat.
    I didn’t sleep that well last night after my fast day, do you find that?
    I am looking forward to a big change for summer, everyone just lives in bikinis here for months. I refuse to have another summer looking like a beached whale.
    I weigh in next on Monday, lets see if we are both the same.
    We can do this!!

    Hi Lara,

    Going to give that soup a go – thanks for the tip! After a good start (3 fast days in the first week), I had a manic work week and have only squeezed in 1 fast day. The scales have disapointingly gone up, but am still half a kilo down from my starting point. Impossible not to eat when you’re stuck at a computer all day (plus I work from home – 10 steps from the fridge as mentioned!)

    I’ve been experimenting with Bone Broth soup – very low in calories, and because of the way it ‘jells’ up in your stomach, it’s very filling too. Tastes like a cup of OXO soup.
    Anyone else tried this?

    GetSkinny x

    Hi get skinny, how did you get on with the hotspot? Hope you enjoyed it.

    I’m not on a fast day today but was really tired so my oh got chips from the chippy for tea which I really enjoyed at the time but am now totally regretting. May have to have an additional semi- fast day tomorrow. No pain no gain and all that. My food intake is really affected by my moods. That is something I totally have to watch.

    Does that happen to anyone else? What do you do about it?

    Hope you’re all doing well.

    Lara x

    Hi there,

    Hope everyone is having a successful week! Just got off the scales and another pound down – hoorah 🙂

    Lara, I’m very much reliant on my mood too. It doesn’t take a whole lot to go wrong before I just think ‘knickers!!’, and then I’m stuffing something I shouldn’t. Before discovering this way of eating, I did this a lot and would just pick something here and there. If I put all those pickings on one plate, I’d probably be horrified! Still can’t stop myself doing it though.

    I haven’t caved in on a fast day yet because I’ve set up very rigid rules for myself – absolutely no food before evening meal and to know exactly which days I’m fasting each week and sticking to it. I have swapped once due to an invite out, but I’m trying not to change things too often so that I stay ‘in the zone’. I’m scared that if I fall off the wagon I’ll have trouble getting back on!

    Helen x

    Hi Applepie, sorry it took so long to answer. I have the same problem sleeping, it’s like I have all this energy the days I fast. On Wednesday I tried drinking a hot vegetable broth around 9:30 and it kind of helped. I don’t know how to fix this. Otherwise I’m so happy, seeing REAL progress!!! Hang in there!!! Bikini season will be a hit for us this year… Are you in Spain?? MY FAVORITE FOOD in the world!!!

    Linonchis, yes we live in Spain, we have been here 2 and a half years now. This WOL will be even easier in the summer months when all you really want to eat is tuna salad. My no food day went well, I just had a cup of oxo at tea time. Yesterday I enjoyed every single mouthful of normal food. Fasting again today, we are having wafer thin pork steaks with ratatouille for tea, it will be under 400 calories for the day. So 3 fasting days again this week. Those scales had better be kind to me on Monday.
    Good luck everyone!

    Saturday here and my daughter and I are doing our second fast day. It has been a cold start to the day and we have struggled a bit so we have had a serve of broccoli and blue cheese soup each to keep the worms at bay at 1.30pm, about 130 calories. Scrambled egg for dinner when we need it.

    Hi everyone,

    Started my fast again this week. I don’t feel like the scales have moved much for me, however I am on my period and am hoping that when it is finished they should start moving downwards again. Does anyone notice that time of the month changes things for them?

    The other thing is I always do two consecutive fast days but I notice some people split them. Does it matter? Is one way better than another or is it just to fit in with lifestyle?

    One more day this week then I can chill! It’s not that I particularly want to eat loads but the fact that I can if I want too!

    Hope everyone else is doing okay this week.

    Lara xx

    Hi fd buddies, well the scales were kind, another 2lbs bite the dust, yes!

    I did a 350 calorie fast day yesterday, and I am having a no food day today, just black coffee, water, then a mug of bovril at tea time. Then I will have another 350 fast day later in the week. I have to do it this way to get those scales moving. Pool weather is fast approaching!

    I am 10st 2lbs now and I have promised myself a G&T when I get below 10st.

    Good luck everyone x

    Brilliant applepie, though if – when I get to 10 stone, which is so far away it isnt even a target – I’ve promised myself a whole new wardrobe and a trip to Paris!!!!!

    Ah, milena you will get there, slowly but surely. Paris, how lovely!

    Very impressive, Apple Pie. New wardrobe was my thought too, milena.

    I had my 5th fast day yesterday, and it wasn’t my most successful, but at 600 calories, not a complete loss. The end of the day did me in – next time I’ll go to bed earlier! The weight is coming off, but slowly. I think I am taking my “feast” days a little to literally…

    Lara, not sure I could do two fast days in a row, but maybe that is because I’ve never tried! Mondays and Fridays seem to work best for my schedule (some week I may add a Wednesday). My weight goes up and down because of fluid, but as long as it is trending down, I’m happy!

    Hi fitmom, a day on 600 calories can’t really be counted as anything but a great success! If we got that close to TDEE on non fast days, and got that close to target on fast days, we would ALL be losing weight.

    Even if your TTDE is a low target weight calculation, you will still be eating at least 1800 calories less than you need every week, and half a pound a week is nearly two stone in a year.

    So a few spot on targets weeks will forgive a few treats, errors, binges and the odd blow out!!!

    Food for thought eh?? ( 0 calories)

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