Need a Fast Diet buddy!

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  • Hi Lara,

    Sadly the soup I made wasn’t veggie but I guess it could easily be. It was a bacon and white bean soup recipe if you wanted to google it. I made it with chorizo instead and put the recipe into myfitnesspal to work out the calories with the changes I made. If you wanted to make it veggie you could leave out the meat and just add smoked paprika or something instead to give it a bit more flavour. It was quite filling even though I couldn’t eat much of it for 200cals (I had about 2 ladles worth). I think the beans helped it feel a bit more substantial though.

    Your veg soup sounds good though, I love red lentils!

    Hi all,

    Is it too late to join? I’m an American and 46 years old. Have lost 5 pounds on fast diet and started jan 2! Feeling good! Didn’t join groups for some time but think so inspiring. My ultimate goal is to lose 10 more pounds! I know it’s not a ton of weight but they are so hard to lose! I find cutting carbs and crazy diets impossible for long term. I seem to always be at a fighting weight and just want a permanent lifestyle.

    In the last month I actually stopped pretty much eating breakfast. I always heard that was so bad but now like to conserve calories! 🙂

    Erin with that user name upnorthmom1 I picture you as a Lancashire lass like me. I am from up north, Manchester England. I live in Spain now and enjoy a much better lifestyle. Lots of temptations though, there’s always one of our neighbours having a BBQ or inviting us round for drinks and nibbles. Can’t complain, it’s a great life.

    I am so impressed with your 500 calorie marathon, you must have amazing willpower. That’s what I need today, going for a no food day.
    Good luck everyone!

    This is brilliant, so many new buddies! Welcome!

    Erin, sorry to be a repetition, but 500cals for 42 days!!!!????? if that is not willpower, what is? I am sure you will have no problems with 5:2.

    I admire Pobster30 for his honesty and willingness to give this diet a go.

    No diet is easy, by definition they imply a restriction on what we would like to eat. Let’s admit, food companies are not favouring this and they keep tempting us with lower prices and offers on junk food. It is difficult to resist. However, the benefits of eating healthy and feeling good are so rewarding, that once you are “in the zone” (as I call it), temptations will not be such.

    Great to hear that you have all had a good fasting yesterday. It would seem that fasting triggers posting (we had more than 20 posts yesterday), or is the the lack of an activity (i.e. eating) that needs to be replaced by something else? Possibly food replaces boredom…?

    (sorry, I am a bit philosophical this morning (?))

    Getskinny, I loved your idea of prawns for dinner, and only 200 cals! Good going! Also loved Esjaypee’s recipe of smoked haddock, spinach and poached egg at only 300cals. Great ideas! I am rubbish at cooking and I tend to go for easy preparations, hence the tendency to snack…

    (PS I had planned fasting on Saturday because I thought that the party I had would involve buffet food, rather than a sit down dinner. I would not have planned fasting otherwise)

    Hello! I was pleased with a successful second fast day yesterday. Waiting to eat until 1300 really helped (great idea, Peggy). I love all the tips and encouragement. I can’t wait to try Lara’s soup recipe.

    I am American and live in the Pacific Northwest (Portland, OR). I think I am 8-9 hours behind most of you. (Apple Pie – we visited Spain for 2 weeks over Christmas and New Year’s and absolutely loved it).

    Good luck, everyone, on your next Fast Day!

    Hi all!
    I love the way that everyone on here is so upbeat & as MMP says, many of us seem to be ‘in the zone’. Long may it last for everyone & we can read all the positives if we start to struggle a bit.
    It’s also lovely that we have an international gang! America, Spain, UK. I actually live in Yorkshire, so I’m very lucky having plenty of walks right on my doorstep to choose from (couldn’t face running like some of you good people – ooh, no). X

    Hi Helen, welcome. I’m in Yorkshire too. Whereabouts are you? Good luck with it all.

    Lara xx

    Hi Lara99. I live in Elloughton in East Yorkshire, so about an hour away from York, Leeds & Yorkshire. I’m originally from London, so I enjoy the quieter pace of life up here (& apparently the food!) x

    Wow, what a small world. I’m also originally from London, near Windsor. Now I live near Hedon. My husband works in Melton, not far from you. I used to be near Heathrow Airport so had the planes taking off every 5 mins. I agree about the quieter pace of life! I love it. Now completely surrounded by fields. 🙂 xx

    I’m feeling inspired again after reading all the posts after getting disheartened by a binge this afternoon (on a non-fast day). I did better than I expected on my fast day yesterday but ate about 3000 calories today. My TDEE is about 2700 so hoping that if I don’t have a repeat of today I won’t have done TOO much damage.

    Just feeling a bit annoyed with myself that I’ve undone yesterday’s hard work! Planning another fast day for tomorrow so will hopefully have a bit more self-control!

    Hi all – is there room for one more? Im 58 and need to lose 4 stone and first stop the rot. I dont want to be a fat old woman And I need all the help I can get – started two weeks ago, not lost an ounce. I work from home too, finally started walking again, about two and a half mile round trip to the post office every day. Just finishing a fast day, think it went ok, but ive become an insomniac all of a sudden, its 4 am for the third day in a row!!!

    Good morning all, I am so pleased with myself for having zero calories yesterday, I would not have believed that I could do it but it was easy. I think a lot of our eating is just habit, before starting this I don’t think I ever ate when I was hungry, I ate because it was a certain time of day, I didn’t know what hunger was. So Monday I had 350 calories, yesterday zero, I had better lose this week or I am chucking my toys out!

    Milena, insomnia does seem to be a side effect of eating less, but I can live with that, no pain, no gain.

    fitmom, where in Spain did you stay? We are on the Costa Blanca, just south of Alicante. Do you live on the coast? I love being walking distance from the beach, it’s a lot different from Manchester.

    esjaypee, if I were you, I’d just take 300 cals off my next non-fast day to even out your overeat, and then you won’t need to feel guilty anymore!

    Applepie, good to know its a side effect, I would make a good night shift worker. At least working from home i do my own hours, so i can live with it, as long as i dont snack in the early hours. Think ill try a zero calorie day, it might just kick start me.

    Esjaypee – I struggled with eating too much after my last 2 fast days. It is so easy to justify rewarding myself! I’m going to work on that after my next fast day.

    Applepie – no calories! I might have to give that a try… When we were in Spain, we stayed for a week in Malaga, 3 days in Seville and 3 days in Madrid. My college age son was finishing up a 4 month study abroad program in Malaga. Someday, we’d love to go back and visit again. I wish I lived near the coast like you! In Portland, we are about a 90 minute drive west to the coast and a 90 minute drive east to the mountains.

    Lara99 – wow, yes what a small world and I can’t believe you live so close. And, guess where my hubby works – Hedon!

    Everyone seems to be doing really well. I’m the same as you, esjaypee, as I’ve rather over eaten today having done so well on Monday’s fast day. How can I eat nothing all day except a piece of salmon on veg & then on a normal day not be able to resist ……. (I was going to say what it was, but don’t want to thwart anyone’s efforts). But let’s just say it was very naughty & I’m regretting it now.

    Milena, I’m glad you mentioned the insomnia, I hadn’t associated it with the fasting, but that’s pretty much when it started. 5am is my time & so the iPad comes out for an hour or so.

    Well, it’s a fast day for me tomorrow. Not feeling quite as confident after today. Good luck to everyone else who’s revving up for their next fast. x

    Talking about side effects, has anyone experienced sweating during the night after non-fast days? I don’t know if it is that my body is becoming more efficient at burning calories or that I am facing pre-menopausal symptoms!

    Well, HelenW11, at least there’s a buddy around in the wee small hours. Snowing up here in Edinburgh, so the walk to the post office tomorrow should burn off a few extra calories!

    One of our neighbours is out here for a week and twisted our arms to go for a drink with him yesterday. I had 2 glasses of rose wine, that’s all, at about 3 – 4pm then had delicious homemade pea and ham soup for tea. This was after my previous zero calorie day. I woke in the night with a terrific headache. Why? It’s just not fair.

    HelenW11 I am betting fish and chips? Don’t envy you the snow milena. Fitmom, we are always saying how lucky we are to live in such a beautiful place. We feel like film stars living here 🙂

    Have a good day everyone!

    Hi everyone – hope any fasters are doing ok. I’m struggling a bit more than last week, but managing not to cave in just yet. Only have to last until 6 o’clock! Oh, and it’s literally just started snowing!! Probably not as much as for our American chums 🙂

    Today I’ve discovered my first negative to fasting…… I woke up with a very stiff neck & we can’t take ibuprofen on an empty stomach!! Aaaaagh!

    Milena – ha ha, good point! Won’t feel so sorry for myself next time knowing that I’m not the only one.

    Applepie – it was peanut butter!!!


    Hello everyone!

    How is that fasting going? I was planning on fasting today (note the past tense) but I was feeling so tired and cold that I had to eat something hot! Still, under 190 calories so not that bad (my normal fasting days involve 0 calories…) How are you all doing?

    Looking forward to reading your success stories tomorrow morning!

    Good luck and resist the temptation!

    MMP – under 190 calories is Fabulous! I think you should move it back to present tense.
    Don’t blame you for wanting something hot, it’s freezing!!!!

    Thanks HellenW11, that’s very encouraging!

    Hi Gang

    I posted a couple of days ago, 2 weeks in not lost an ounce.

    After good fast Tuesday, off the wagon big-time Wednesday – felt like death all day yesterday, got worse as day went on, but weighed myself and l’d lost a kilo.

    Got up today feeling great, got tax self assessments in before deadline, and ended up having a fast day too. And another kilo down!

    Of course next week I shall be an angel and probably won’t lose anything, but at least I’ve broken my duck!!!!

    All have a great weekend!!!!

    well done milena keep on at it! HelenW11 peanut butter is one of the few things that has never appealed to me, strange as I love peanuts, and butter?? It was lovely and sunny here in Spain yesterday, 24 degrees. I didn’t realise just how hot it was and went for a long walk in my jeans, probably lost a few more calories anyway 🙂
    I had a very successful fast yesterday, only 360 calories. I am hoping for good news from the scales on Monday, even though we are out for a meal tonight.
    Have a good weekend everyone!

    I feel very fragile after our meal out last night. The Mongolian beef skewers were amazing, the Thai curry wasn’t, the tiramisu was nice, the wine lovely, the Baileys delicious, and the gin and tonic (only one) heaven! It was my first G&T since starting this on 5th Jan. I am just not used to all that food / drink anymore, I can’t take it. Which must be good news. I just hope the scales are kind to me tomorrow.

    Feeling very jammy right now as my week went downhill after a gorge on my first day after fasting and my second fast day ended up being thrown out the window with a trip to Wagamama after being quite good at work for the rest of the day. However, having weighed myself this morning I’ve lost 4kg since last Sunday’s starting weight. I’ve a lot to lose though so know these losses will slow down and get smaller. I think just being more mindful of what I’ve eaten has helped.

    I’ve planned my two fast days for next week though (Monday and Tuesday) so hope that not having to think about it will make things a bit easier. I ideally wouldn’t be doing two days in a row as I think it’ll be harder to stick to on day two but they’re just the days that fit best with my work and other plans this week.

    Hope everyone else is feeling good and seeing some success, whether through losses or inches off or just more energy!

    PS. Thanks to everyone who replied to my previous message post-gorge with empathy and encouragement!

    Hi all, just got an email from Rosemary Connelly, well probably not from her personally, however, she is now saying her diet follows the 5:2 diet principles. Of course she has changed it, 800 calories on fast days and ‘occasional’ treats.

    It’s a bit like trying to rewrite ‘pride and prejudice’ why have second best – I’ll just stay where I am thank you, Rosemary!!! Interesting though!

    Finding if I eat too much at once (it was only a ham and salad leaves brown bread sarnie, not a fast day) really sore tummy and the runs – hopefully a bit of weight lost there then!!!!!!

    good morning all. Day three Fast day for me.
    Today is a busy day so I’m hoping that this will keep me distracted. At the moment it feels like having 150 calories for “brunch” works best for me and keep the rest until later for one meal and a small snack like a 35 calorie Kallo rice / corn cake. I’m a terrible snacker usually so I am trying to keep as long a gap between fast day meals as possible to help break the picking habit too.

    Lara99 that soup sounds really nice. I decided I wont cook on Fast days but making a soup in advance sounds like a plan.

    Gonnabslim I drink quite a bit of water anyway so it makes no difference to me, I do like the odd cup of Bovril though which feels like a little meal if I have it with a savoury corn cake. Happy Monday Fast day to you all 🙂

    Well, first fast day of the week for me today. I have the lentil hotspot in the slow cooker. Some great ideas coming out of this forum.

    I took part in Dry January so had no alcohol last month but had some lovely prosecco yesterday so didn’t do so well on the calorie front. May have to do an extra day this week.

    Good luck this week everyone.

    Lar x

    Hi everyone

    Well even with my very naughty meal out on Saturday I still lost 2lbs this week. That is 8lbs since I started on January 5th. And best of all 3 and a half inches off my waist!!! Well happy with that.

    mlc100 I like the sound of Bovril with a corn cake, top tip.

    Stay strong everyone, we can do this!

    I worked from home on Friday last week, which I’d planned to have as my second Fast Day of the week. I just find it impossible to do when I’m at home, so I ended up eating!! Will do Monday, Wednesday and Friday this week, then back to 5:2 the week after.

    Just a hiccup, I’m back on the wagon!

    Ooh Prosecco, my favourite….

    Well done Milena, Applepie & Esjaypee on fantastic weight loss!! Really glad that it’s working for you all – keep it up! It must be sooooo motivating when those scales say the right thing 🙂

    For all those whose scales aren’t being quite so friendly, just keep going as you will get there. It’s not easy, but it DOES work.

    Monday is normally my fast day, but I went to a friend’s house for brunch, so will do it tomorrow instead. I’ll weigh myself on Wednesday, so wish me luck!!


    Hi all, hope all had a good weekend. How was your first week, Getskinny?

    Got another email from rosemary Connolly, she is charging £69.50!!!!!!! So we are saving money as well staying here.

    Did – still doing – total fast today, just water and fruit tea – I hate fruit tea! – did well, though perhaps watching hairy biker Dave on his foodie tour of Egypt might not have been a good idea.

    Doing it more to rest my dicky tummy. But just weighed myself, 3rd kilo away now! Wow – if I can do this, anybody can. I’m spending this evening looking for something nice to wearcwith the £70 I havnt given Rosemary.

    Hello! When I woke up this morning I was starving and didn’t think I could go through with my fast day. But I read your posts and decided to give it a try. I ate about 460 calories. And I wasn’t really hungry all day, either! All the inspirational posts and tips have really helped me stay on track. And made me laugh, too! I had to google Rosemary Connolly, but agree I’d rather spend the money on new outfit. Love that about the Fast Diet, it doesn’t cost a fortune to lose weight…

    I would love to join your group as it seems a number of you are just gettting started. My daughter and I have just started on 5:2, today is our first fast day. She has tried a number of ways to drop some weight caused by medication that she is no longer on, so when I found this option I challenged her to join me. We have freely had tea and instant coffee today and I had a cup of tomato/beef soup at lunch time (50 cals) and she had a nectarine and a small muesli bar. We have each had a large scrambled egg for dinner – surprisingly filling. It is summer fruit season here, so a couple of apricots before bed won’t mess with either of us.
    I’m aiming to lose 10-12 kilos.

    I am joining you on a fast day today HelenW11.

    Breakfast 0% yogurt = 50 calories
    Dinner fuet and olives = about 60 calories
    Tea Homemade vegetable soup = about 100 calories

    Then tomorrow I am planning a no food day. This fat has to go!
    milena that is funny about Rosemary Connolly haha! Massive congratulations on your 3rd kilo!!
    Have a good day everyone x

    Hilary4 our posts crossed, sounds like you are making a good start. Are you in Australia? It is very cold here in Spain this week, enjoy your summer fruit x

    Good guess, Applepie, but we are in New Zealand.

    Hi, wellI managed the whole day without food! Still bad insomnia, my tummy started rumbling at 4am. Its almost 11, my skinny men are having a bacon and egg ciabatta sandwich, which I have refused. So just having a cup of tea (milk and half a sugar) and going shopping for a tasty lunch and dinner. Prawns, fish and salad i think. Couldnt face anything heavy.

    Applepie, not sure i could do no food straight after fast day, let me know how you get on. Good luck!

    We’ll done for keeping it up so far.

    I managed my fast day yesterday (500 cals) not complete fast. I struggle with that. I have never looked forward to eating my porridge so much! Second day of the week so far for me but slightly encouraged by my measurements. I have only lost 6lbs since I started on 14th Jan (2lbs a week) but I have dropped a point on my bmi and 2 inches off my hips! Yippee!

    Right out to throw some snowballs….does that class as exercise? 🙂 xx

    Hi Everyone,
    It seems you are all doing so well and in many different ways, which just shows we understand our own needs so well. I’m keeping strictly to what the book says. Eating two meals of 500 calories on my fasting days with a long-as-I-can fast in between, and eating normal the rest of the time. I’m finding this is working well for me. I may increase this to 4:3 as I need to lose quite a bit of weight. I’m finding on the non-fast days that I am not craving as much as I used to and sweet things don’t call my name so loudly. I find I can go almost 12hrs between my meals on the fast days, and each time it is getting easier.

    I’ve convinced my husband to join me for the health benefits, so he is doing 6:1. He has cholesterol and blood pressure problems so it will be good to see any benefits to these over time.

    I’m also trying to do the HIT exercising as well but need to get more organised with my time and mind to get this up and running (no pun intended) properly. Wish me luck.

    This and a change of job (if I get it) will hopefully bring about a slimmer, healthier and more exciting me.

    All the best to all of you, power to our elbows!!!

    Yes Lara99, throwing snow balls does count as exercise, ha ha! I did the more boring job of clearing the Snow off the drive – it’s quite deep here in Yorkshire isn’t it? So very jealous of Hilary4 in New Zealand & the lovely sounding summer fruit season 🙂

    Milena, had to laugh at your skinny men & they’re bacon & eggs. I’ve also got a skinny hubby, son & daughter, although my hubby is doing 6.1 just for health benefits & to support me. The kids, on the other hand, think I’m barmy!!

    So fast today is going well. I’ve got plenty of energy & a herbal tea never tasted so exciting.

    Good luck everyone X

    Oh milena, I can sympathise with the bad insomnia – I usually sleep like a top, but last night I had to add a light blanket to my side of the bed, because I was feeling the cold. At 2.30am I ate a mini bran muffin and that made all the difference – I popped off to sleep quickly after that. Just under 400 calories for the fast day,

    It is scone day at work today (long story) so I will have my usual milky coffee for breakfast and wait till 10am to enjoy one of the world’s best scones. I’ll take my wee digital scale with me so I can work out the calories accurately. I have a serve of leftover vegetable medley for lunch so I can balance things out.

    All the best for those fasting today.

    Hi All,

    I’ve been doing this solo for nearly a month and have lost 14lb, I have so much more to lose another 126lb to be precise. I need buddies to help me stay motivated, although the chorus of Fat Girl on Long Haul is pretty motivational, the chimp in my head isn’t as supportive as real live people also travelling this path.

    Monday and Thursday are my days (flexible of course).


    Wow, Sue – 14lb in a month! That is an achievement to be proud of! I’ll bet you didn’t ever put on that much in any month so give yourself a well-deserved pat on the back.

    We have chosen the same days – but this week it had to be Tuesday and Friday.

    well done Sue! I have never in my life lost a stone – i can honestly and blushingly say im nearly twice the woman i once was! 7st 12lbs (110lbs, 50kg -I feel sick now!) at nineteen, now three times the age and twice the woman i was! Can only blame contentment, a love of wine and food, big portions and a hubby who thinks I gorgeous no matter what size I am – the traitor!!! Bought M&S ready meals today, portion control -lack of it – is my nemesis, will let you all know how that works out.

    One thing I have found helps with portion control is plate size – smaller portions look a lot more satisfying served on smaller plates. I went shopping to find 1960s-sized dinner plates and small cereal/dessert bowls.
    Here’s a link that will give you the idea visually:

    Thanks for the link Hilary. It is good to,actually see it. It is an interesting article. I always crave sweets at night. Guess early nights for me from now on!

    Sue – 14lbs!….wow. An inspiration for us all.

    Lar x

    Morning all,

    Happy to report I’ve lost 5lbs since starting this 2 weeks ago. I’m so pleased because I just couldn’t lose anything before, despite trying really hard, and this is just soooo much easier. I just find that no matter how hungry I get on fast days, I know I can eat normally the next day and psychologically that really works for me.

    Sue, 14lbs is fantastic!! Especially doing it solo. It’s great that you’ve found this forum as everyone is so supportive and I know it helps me hugely.

    Thanks for the link Hilary. I’ll be digging out some smaller plates today. She’s right when she says that we’re conditioned to use larger plates – time to break that habit I think..

    Happy fasting everyone, I’m off to clear yet more snow x

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