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  • Hi all, looking for a Fast Diet buddy to keep us both motivated and honest. I’m mid 40s, like my food a bit too much (serious chocoholic) and need to lose at least a stone of weight pronto! I’ll start my first Fast day this Sunday (it’s now Thursday). Anyone want to join me?

    Hi getskinny, I’ll join you….I’m starting with my first fast day tomorrow – weekend’s too difficult, but if I do it at work, it will keep my mind off food!! Looking to lose about 3 stone in all – weight’s crept on over the past five years or so!

    Hi,just done my second fast day today,want to lose a bit if weight but also hoping to get some of these health benefits i’ve been reading about.
    Up to now i’ve found not eating til dinner time the best for me. If i eat breakfast or lunch i just feel really hungry. I’m now in bed…away from all food!

    Hi Showel, I just finished my 2nd fast day too- go us!! How much you looking to lose? I am hoping to lose 3 stone and am fasting Tuesday and Thursday. good luck all!!

    Hi Peggy, Great – we’re on the road to hotness then (or at least able to fit back into clothes that’re just mouldering away in our closets!) I work from home, which is a real trap – you don’t move much on those days, and being in front of a computer all day makes me eat out of boredom. I need to lose a stone (I’m short and small-boned, so this will make a huge difference). Let’s do it!

    Hi everyone i’am starting tomorrow would love to chat, give and recieve support in my 40’s have 3 stone to loose tried last 20 years, well it only ever dropped by half a stone then whoop back on again bet you all know that feeling oh and work at a desk similar to yourself getskinny and even with my little dog i don’t do a lot of exercise but am hoping to improve and motivate myself to walk and exercise more :-00.

    Hello! I’m looking for fasting buddies, too! I think I will usually try to fast on Mondays and Thursdays, but love the flexibilty of being able to change days. I’ll give tomorrow a try. I would love to lose about 15 pounds (about a stone?). I think having some support will really help keep me on track!

    Hello everybody,

    Would love to join you! I am also looking for buddies. Last summer I gave 5:2 a try and lost about 3 stones (which had been creeping on for the last 10 years). Came Christmas and 1&1/2 stone was put back on very quickly! (I do love my mince pies…). after several failed attempts, I have managed to get back on the wagon this week and have already lost 4lbs. I have found this much harder than the first time round, possibly the lack of inspiration from this horrible weather? I know that with this way of eating it is possible to break the barrier of yo-yo dieting. However, no one said it was going to be a walk in the park. It takes some effort, but it is worth it! Hang on in there!

    Hi getskinny & your new gang!
    I’ve just finished my first 2 days of fasting, so would also love to join in. I’m 48 & have about a stone & a half to lose. I’ll be doing Monday’s & Thursday’s mostly.
    I’m very good at losing my motivation when my scales disagree with me, so I’ll need all the help I can get!!
    Happy fasting everyone!

    Well done HelenW11!

    Good luck on the coming weekend everyone! It is the most difficult part of this diet: surviving the weekend without over-eating. . . Let’s report on Monday, so we have something to look forward to!

    Hi All and good luck everyone.

    A good tip give to me is drink plenty on the fast day. When I feel hungry I have a drink of water or green tea and its helps a lot with the hunger. Also I have learnt that there is nothing wrong with feeling hungry.

    The most important thing I say to myself is, it takes time, its not a race and even if I don’t lose weight the fasting is really good for me so why not carry on.

    Well, it’s 10:15 on my first day…..had a coffee this morning (with half a cup of hot milk), but will try not to eat for as long as possible. I know when I’ve done this before that eating breakfast just kicks off my appetite, so I’m aiming for 13:00 and then maybe 17:00. Usually, I think I’ll try and do Monday and Thursday, but as I decided to start the 5:2 half way through yesterday, thought today would be a good day to start.

    Thanks Faithful. Good advice, I will keep the glass of water and the time issue in mind!

    Good luck Peggy1969 on your first day!

    Bye for now, I’m off to have a glass of water…:)

    Hi! I’d love to have fast buddy, someone who’d be tough on me sometimes too. I’ve had my first day so geering up for my second soon. I need to lose 3 stone and having support will really help.
    Are people staying together as a group?

    Hi all.
    I am seriously looking at 5:2 now. New Year, Fresh Start. I lost a stone on Slimming world and it is a good plan in that it taught me to eat more fruit, exercise more and think about what i’m actually eating but it was always with the end idea that I would 5:2 as a my life plan. I don’t have alot of weight to lose but i do need motivation to keep healthy. First fast day will be Monday I think.

    I would also love to stay as a group. I suppose, if all those who want to just keep replying on this thread, we’ll all stay together.
    I think it’s great that we’ve all started pretty much together & as you say, we could all support each other knowing that we’re all at the same stage & experiencing similar ‘pain’ at the beginning.
    My next fast day is Monday & im already not dreading it as much.

    Hi, can I join this thread to, would love some support and motivation hearing how others are getting on with the fasting, I plan to start on Monday, with my second fast day planned for a Thursday, looking to lose 2stone (as much of that as possible before my summer holiday ✈️☀️)

    Hello people

    I would like to report on my failed Friday night. However, I have realised what is that made me fall off the wagon: healthy snacking. I started having plain yoghurt with fruit and the rest was a spiral downwards that finished with chocolate. If I had planned what was I going to have for dinner and waited, resisting the temptation to snack, I think I would have been all right. As it was, even if the first snack was healthy, at the beginning I will need to plan each meal in advance so I can look forward to a rewarding full plate, rather than piling up calories with highly calorific small bites that do not fill me up and leave me wanting some more….. As DFaithfull said in another forum: plan in advance. Wise words.

    I have to say, I pretty much plan each day – if I know what I’m having, it stops me picking on random treats. First fast day yesterday (totalled 580 cals). Happy with that – next fast day Monday

    Wise words indeed MMP (and it’s not a failure just a bump on the road, sounds to me like your right back on track with the right frame of mind

    Well done on your first fast day Peggy1969 any chance you can share what you ate for ideas for me, first fast day planned for Monday x

    Will you all cook on fast days?
    I am going to give myself a break and get low calorie pre prepared stuff in like salad bags, cooked prawns, low calorie Waitrose Love Life meals etc. I cook from fresh almost every day so think I’ll give myself a rest on fast days.

    MMP – here’s to your next Fast Day!!! Hoorah!
    It is very much a case of learning what works for you & now you know how snacking can throw you off track (briefly).
    I found when I started last week that I have to eat absolutely nothing until my dinner at 6pm, otherwise I crumble ie cheat

    1st fast day I had a small Thai chicken soup from Vital around 13:00, then a Pret tuna Niçoise salad (minus the pot of dressing, which is amazingly more than the whole salad!!) and a banana when I got home from work (plus two strepss as I have a sore throat at the mo!!). Find it easier to get pre-prepared to be honest, as can check calories on “my fitness pal”, rather than guessing if I make myself.

    Good job Peggy! I also had a successful first day of fasting yesterday! Thanks to a hard boiled egg and this vegetable soup recipe: I almost lost it by snacking on some bread just before dinner (snacks are my downfall, too, MMP), but had then just had a bowl of this very low calorie soup, and I estimate I was under 600 calories for the day. After several previous unsuccessful attempts, knowing all of you are there really helped me keep me on track!

    Just did 2.1 run/walk round the common – first run in a few months as I’d had a really bad back. Fast day 2 tomorrow – bring it on 😉

    Well done Peggy1969, I’m so trying to talk myself into getting back out running, but it’s just so cold!!! Havnt ran since about November, different things got in the way, not that I’m any good at it lol but I enjoy it when I’m in the zone, I’ve decided to do my first fast day today, instead of tomorrow so I’ll let yous know how it goes

    Well done Peggy1969! With this cold it should count as double calories lost!

    Good luck Gonnabslim on your first fast day! not easy on a Sunday.

    Yesterday, after regaining my enthusiasm and doing a brilliant fast for the whole day, I had to attend a party in the evening, which unfortunately involved a sit down dinner. I still don’t feel strong enough to say “no, I don’t want to eat that thank you”. Wouldn’t you think it is rude, especially if the host went to all the trouble to prepare something?

    Anyway. Back on the good steps today. As I mentioned before, instead of snacking I have had a salad for lunch and I felt full the whole afternoon. Now preparing dinner of chicken with vegetables.

    Tomorrow is fasting days for most, good luck!

    Hi All,
    I have had my first two fast days now (Friday and Sunday – it works best on a day I’m not working and on my feet), and am very encouraged by the scales.
    16 large prawns (shelled and cooked) are only 200 calories, so that was what I ate for dinner with a few cooked cherry tomatoes both nights – filling, simple and yum!

    All I could think of at the end of each day was food (literally FANTASISING about roast pork with all the trimmings!) but curiously, the next day (normal day) I’m not terribly bothered.

    If this keeps up, it’s possible to easily lose weight even on the ‘normal days’ by cutting down!

    MMP, of course you cracked!! I’d never do a fast day if I was planning on going anywhere….there’s no way I could sit down and not eat with everybody eating around me – no way in the world!

    Fast day number 2….I had to have a half and half coffee (half cup skimmed milk). Can’t start a work day without a coffee and hate black coffee. Busy day ahead….lots of interviews, so hope my stomach doesn’t rumble all the way through them!

    Good luck this week everyone 🙂

    Good luck everyone who is fasting today, my fast day 1 was successful, in total 457 calories, I had a low cal ready meal with salad for dinner, then a small amount of frozen blueberries with a low cal yogurt poured over, then a low cal hit choc before bed, and of course tons of water, amazed at how thirsty I was 🙂

    Well done Gonnabslim, that sounds incredibly successful! Are you like me in that you have nothing all day until your evening meal? Today is only my 3rd fast day, so I’m still sussing out my regime.

    Just wanted to say that due to you lovely people, I was actually looking forward to today!! I’m raring to go this morning & I’ve ‘enjoyed’ my herbal tea. However, let’s see what I’m like by 3 o’clock this afternoon, ha ha.

    Hi all.
    I’m starting a diet as of 1st Feb as i need to plan my meals (a bit) and also get supplies.
    I’m going to be doing the 5:2 diet as well as cutting down and eating sensibly.

    My problem is that i have been on diets before and struggled, A LOT !!!
    I’m 42, i’m now a grandad to the most gorgeous grand daughter but i’m also 23 and a half stones in weight but i am 6ft 2ins so dont look massive (if u know what i mean) but do look fat.

    I was told 6 years ago by a person at work who was a bit of a fitness freek that i wouldnt live more than 15 years.Then last year i did a death clock thing on facebook (i know facebook) but it said in 10 years time i would die. Now with the arrival of my grand daughter i feel i NEED to do something.

    The problem is i am a big eater and will find this 5:2 diet VERY HARD. I have a friend who has been doing it for 2 years roughly so he’ll be able to help. I have a picture on my phone of my grand daughter to remind me WHY i’m doing this but my problem is i’m already thinking that i cant do this 🙁


    Many thanks

    Pobster30, you CAN do it! You’ll have us lot nagging you now!
    Lots of us are new to it too, so we’ll suffer together.

    What I learnt last week:
    When I feel REALLY hungry, it does wear off
    With every hunger pang I try & visualise the fat being eaten away
    Drinking water / herbal tea helps
    After a successful fast day, I was SO proud of myself which is a huge motivator

    Wow, what a lovely colleague you have Pobster!! As HelenW11 said, you CAN do it….I think a big hurdle to get over is that it’s ok to feel hungry – it won’t kill you and it does pass. Keeping busy keeps my mind of what I’m going to eat. Good luck

    May I join you? My name is Erin, from USA, 36 year old mother of three, and I have those last 10 pounds that just keep creeping back up. In 2011 I lost 35 pounds on the HCG diet (500 calories per day for 42 DAYS!!!) and maintained 25 of that loss through low carb/high fat. I will forever be on low carb, as it has been a lifesaver for me in so many ways. It’s just that even low carb my weight seems to just keep creeping up :(. So here I am. I a have done intermittent fasting in the past and had quick results, but just couldn’t find a way to permanently fit it into my lifestyle. Then I stumbled on the 5:2!!! I am a week into it and doing my third fast today. It’s nice to know there are so many of you out there fasting along with me right now. Even though you are so very far away–and have awesome accents ;).


    42 days at 500 calories???? WOWSER, harcore!
    Welcome UpNorthMom1

    Hi Erin, we sound very similiar :). Also a 36 year old mom who had those last 10 lbs. to lose. I started 5:2 in October and had shed the weight by December :). I am now pushing myself to lose another 5 lbs. I think this will give me a little more “wiggle room and get me closer to an ideal weight.

    Where is UpNorth? I’m in the midwest. Check in when you get a chance :).


    You took the words right out of my mouth Peggy1969 – wow!!! UpNorthMom1 you should find this very easy then!!! You’ll have to give us some pointers as to how it’s done

    Hope all the Mondayers have had a successful day today!

    Hi all. day one well underway for me today. have just had “dinner” LOL. actually it was pretty good. 1/2 pack M&S braised beef with onions and carrots – 173 calories and some steamed cauliflower and cabbage. Kallo blueberry and vanilla corn and rice cakes are delicious and 35 calories. Small amount of low fat yoghurt and some cherries and an apple complete the day. Looks like water for the rest of the evening 😉

    excuse my manners. i did actually want to say “how has your day been?” LOL

    Hi, can I please join this group, it seems really strong and supportive – just what I am needing right now. I decided in October last year to “stop dieting” after years of being consumed by it. I realised 5.2 would be a gd strategy as although I didn’t want to diet anymore I still wanted to lose weight…….so, from October to December I lost a steady 1lb a week and was totally amazed at the results as I certainly wasn’t dieting on non-fast days, but just not stuffing my face anymore. Since Xmas however I have been struggling to get started again, with thoughts of weight watchers and slimming world, I am getting really annoyed with myself. So I am reaching out for support, I will start this week and fast on Tuesday and Friday, I didn’t think quick enough to start today but from next week it will be Mondays and Thursday’s I do my fast. I should add I have not been on scales since Xmas either. Thank you for listening and good luck to everyone!

    Hi and welcome everyone:

    Here is some information that could be helpful as you go forward with 5:2:

    Good Luck!

    Hi All

    Can I join your ‘gang’? I have just found the 5:2 website after watching the horizon programme a couple of weeks ago. I began my first 2 fast days last week. Think I am going to do Mon/Tues as I don’t work those days and find it easier to do it on those days. I have about 3 stone to lose. I lost a stone last year through the usual diet route (the not very easy way) then had an op in Sept which took the energy out of me and I pilled all the lost pounds back on! I will not be beaten and I must begin again in earnest….2nd week of fasting began today. Good luck everyone.


    Hiya All, would also like to join this group please and thank you. On my 3rd Fast Day – in my 2nd week – long way to go – yes have a lot of weight to lose (several stones) but more importantly for me I want to feel healthier – I am 52 and just had to go on blood pressure tablets – have never suffered with this – also have bad knees – damaged one a couple of years ago and the weight combined with injury means am now in constant pain – done just about every diet there is – one which worked the best was the lighter life plan (eg vlcd) but as soon as came off piled it all back on – this seems to me to be an acheiveable lifestyle – surely even I can manage 2 days a week. She says hopefully xxx so good luck everyone and here’s to a great week.


    Hi everyone,

    It’s nice to see so many people starting the same process in one place! I downloaded the revised Fast Diet book over the weekend and jumped straight in with my first fast day today. I cooked a low GI soup from the BBC ‘What is the best diet for you?’ website yesterday and took a 200cal portion to work today and I’ve had smoked haddock, spinach and poached egg (recipe from the book) for dinner (just over 300cals).

    What’s everyone else had? I normally snack a lot at work and usually eat breakfast religiously so it was a bit tough to skip it but I knew once I started eating I’d find it harder to stop!

    I’m psyching myself up to make myself some lunch for tomorrow and resist the urge to pick at it tonight!

    S x

    helen yep I fasted all day, till dinner time, don’t know how that will work on work days though, I’m still working it out,
    and omg upnorthmum 42 day fast!!! That must’ve took some serious willpower, I’m impressed 🙂
    Well done mlc100 on your fast day, how have you felt with thirst??? I was surprised at how much water I consumed, must’ve been near 4L, so spent most my time running to loo lol
    And hi and welcome to everyone, look forward to hearing how you all get on, and supporting one another #letsdothis xxxx

    Well done esjaypee on a fab day xxx stay strong while preping lunch 🙂

    Hi Esjaypee

    The Low GI soup sounds good. I made a lentil hotpot in the slow cooker for my tea. It’s about 150 calories per portion and so easy to make.

    Recipe. 1 onion, 2 x average potato, 2 x carrot, 2x celery sticks, 1 tin of chopped tomato, 2 tbsp. of tomato puree, 1x garlic clove, 800lr of vegetable stock (OXO vege stock is what I used for the calorie count). 225g of red split lentils and a sprinkle of mixed herbs or seasoning of sorts, Shove it all in the slow cooker. It makes about 5/6 portions.

    Any other easy veggie recipes gratefully received. 🙂


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