My story: Saving me from obesity

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My story: Saving me from obesity

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  • I work in a very stressful career surrounded by food, a chef. At the end of last year the stress got the better of me, and I started to pack on the weight so fast that I got stretch marks all over my legs. I went from a healthy 65kg (143ibs)with a bmi of 22.5 to a whopping 77kg (170ibs)with a bmi of 26.6 and body fat content of 32% in just 3 months. My doctor told me that I had gone into the obesity range, and because obesity is rife in my family, I was at risk of getting even bigger if I didn’t do something about it fast.

    panic. I tried everything. I went to gym. I dieted. I cut my calories to just 800 a day! Nothing changed. the fat would not budge. Its so depressing to try so hard and have nothing change.

    Then my cousin told me about the fast diet. He also suffers from low range obesity like I do, and we have a similar bmi and amount of weight to lose. So we started it together.

    I am pleased to say that I have been on the fast diet for 1 month, and I’ve lost 2kg (4.4ibs)at a healthy rate of 500g (1 ib)a week. yes its slow, but everyone knows that losing weight slowly means you are more likely to keep it off. I don’t care how slow it goes, so long as the scales are slowly counting down not up!
    Besides the weight loss, I FEEL so much better about myself. Yes my body is still technically the same size, but yesterday I wore a bikini! I would never have dared to do that even what I was a size 10. My over all mood is better. This diet is not difficult. I don’t suffer. I can maintain my lifestyle. I love to cook and bake and eat, and I don’t have to give that up! I feel like I will never ever ever go off the fast diet… because its the only thing that’s ever worked for me.

    for once, at last, I dont have to feel scared or anxious or guilty when I eat.

    I couldn’t agree more 🙂 I feel exactly the same way. I love the fact that I can eat what I want on non-fast days, and I actually find that my sugar and fat cravings have almost disappeared. I now crave blueberries and crunchy, green apples (go figure?!?), and those are indulgences I’m more than happy to give in to even on fast days 🙂

    I’ve been doing the 5:2 for 2,5 weeks, and I’m having surprisingly few problems. Yes, I’m hungry on fast days, but I don’t feel faint or ill. And my blood sugar is actually quite stable on fast days, and not too low.

    I don’t measure myself, but I do feel that my mid-section has shrunk a little. I actually wore a dress (haven’t worn them in years…) at a friend’s birthday party on Saturday, and I felt great and got compliments, too. Very happy about that! I’m a long way from feeling good in a bikini, but maybe someday?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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