My progress…exciting!

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My progress…exciting!

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  • hi melanie,
    make sure you comne here each day…….. as you are in week one and need to learn the system thats what keeps me going, but it is a challenge, coming here

    Hi Ken, yes I’m fasting today. Wouldn’t normally on a Wednesday but ate rather too much rubbish yesterday on my non fast day and the scales showed it this morning πŸ™ I might not be quite as strict as only 500 cals but need to get back on track if I don’t want to stay the same as last weeks weigh in on Friday or (horrors) put more on. So let me know later how you are doing πŸ˜‰

    Will do thanks, happy to report I made it through first fast day, in bed now (no cup of tea…) planning breakfast tomorrow morning (and must admit, dribbling a little while doing it!) goodnight/day all and thanks to everyone for the tremendous support today, it got me through πŸ™‚

    CARBS and calories:
    I mean how do you know the difference?
    alot of the hi gi /low gl foods-fruit & fresh veg I use seem to be high in carbs and low in cals? its so easy to think its all about cals? here-how else can one count with the 5 2?

    Well done Melanie for getting through your first fast and the good news is that for many of us they get easier the more you do πŸ™‚ I’m guessing you must live in another Country seeing as how you just went to bed? I’m just curious as to where in the world everyone lives πŸ˜‰

    Hi David, I tend to eat mostly salad, veg soup and protein on my fast days, they fill me up. I’ve found that eating carbs just makes me retain weight so don’t eat much bread/potatoes/rice /pasta anyway so it doesn’t bother me to cut them out.

    karen, my prob is that my mum always serves carbs at night so i am trying to stay off them in the day, but my calorie chart says there are carbs in carrots, most fruit, alot of veg in fact, i came off bread ages ago so have only gluten free now, still temptation leads me to snack/breakfast bars wich vary between 75-110/par and bananas are 105 calories, alot!- its hard not snacking when you are hungry. binging hasny been an issue though.

    Good Morning everyone , Karen you must tell us how your fast day went for you yesterday, Come on Girl you are doing just great ok πŸ™‚

    Melanie πŸ™‚ you did it , well done ,so when is next

    and to everyone who is fasting today like me good luck keep poping on and off here to support each other . Im just having a coffee (black)

    come on gang πŸ™‚

    Hi all, Karen, I’m in Australia

    Hi all, Karen, I’m in Australia πŸ™‚ just had dinner. David, everyone is different however personally I’ve found carbs or none made a negligible difference to weight loss, as long as your net calories are on target measured exactly, (I use calorie king, not sure if it’s available everywhere), and honestly I lost weight. For example a typical days eat for me in the early days was two pieces of toast in the morning with tomato (or vegemite coz we love it or hate it here), a ham and tomato roll for lunch, and pasta with vegetables and a light base sauce, during the week. My portions were carefully measured each day and recorded, and I didn’t exceed my net calorie allowance consistently for a long time. This approach got results, it was mentally challenging, and the scales were all over the place (don’t take too much notice of them, unless your scales measure body fat percentage) but the general trend was downwards, and eventually the weight comes off. I will grant however, more recently I’ve noticed (processed) carbohydrates start and endless 2 hour loop of cravings for more processed carbs particularly sweets. As I mentioned earlier everyone is very different physically as in what works and what doesn’t, and for me sometimes patiently, by process of elimination, the reported success of others, I learnt what works for me and what doesn’t. The easy answer is net calories, the rest helps the mental part of the process, making it easier to say no, or reducing the ‘pang’ of those cravings. Good luck πŸ™‚ Lancsken, next fast day is tomorrow, but I have a feeling it will be easier than the first ;). Thanks again all, good luck and good night πŸ™‚

    mel, like me it sounds like you were doing loads of dieting under a different system before? whst/who did you follow before your first fast day this weeK?

    my challenge I think wqill be to fast ALL DAY on good friday even if it means lying down or drinking water- beause i didnt loose ast week my mum said to /judged me that there was no veidence I was actually fasting on my fast days- a fast day for me is staying below 750 cals by the end of the day or 350 cals by lunch time.

    I used to get all those sweetie/chocolate cravings under weightwatchers, but now mainly by stiicking to fruit and veg and avoiding my muums carbs, the “sweetie” cravings are less since my nutrient levels are higher- it was b vits i was always short of under weightwatchers.

    Hi all , my fast day is going well, dont know what else to write lol
    mind has just gone blank ha ha


    Hi Ken my fast day went ok, wasn’t a proper one just a semi-fast and I came in at under 1000 cals for the day. Today was my proper fast day and doing ok so far but still not hopeful of losing weight in the morning πŸ™ I’m going for a walk shortly with my dog so hopefully that will burn a lb or so off.

    Hi Melanie, Australia. How cool. Mostly we’re from different parts of the UK but la dolce comes from India (I think) so it’s nice that we have people from different parts of the world.

    I’m off work now until a week on Monday so looking forward to doing lots of walking with my dog and maybe trying the HiiT routines I’ve downloaded onto my tablet. I only did it once before I came down with the dreaded virus so now I’m feeling better and have a bit more time I’ve got no excuse to get going with it again.

    Hope everyone’s having a good day so far. x

    223 Cals so far David , but i got a few in my tea, Smoked Haddock , chick peas and Caulifower, I know it sounds a bit odd but hey its only one day haha .As for a calorie counter I use the one in the back of the 5: 2 book, I tried that “myfitness pal” thing on line but i couldnt work it out properly ,
    Any kind volunteers to help me πŸ™‚

    You did real good yesterday Karen, good on you x

    and yes it is nice that we have people from across the world on here, I think it just adds that bit of magic to it all.

    Think i might need some help with my calorie counting so what i will do is put a short list of items on here with the calorie count that i use and you can tell me if i am getting it right .
    Iceburg Lettuce 100g 14 Cals
    Cucumber 100g 10 cals
    Tomatoes 100g 20 cals
    Beetroot 100g 38 cals
    Cauliflower 100g 35 cals
    Peas (Frozen) 100g 86 cals
    Clementines 41 cals

    there what do you make of that lot if you all give me a gold star then i know i am on the right track
    keep up the good work everyone

    Hi Ken had a quick look at your cal counts and they look about right to me. I tend to use myfitnesspal. Its not too difficult once you get the hang of it, even for a technophobe like me lol. Basically you put in the food item you want to eat and a whole host of options will come up. Pick the one you want, weigh your portions and use the site to calculate its value in cals – simples πŸ™‚ Just play around with it and I’m sure you’ll get the hand of it after a we while. Good luck

    Thank you Karen , gosh your all so good πŸ™‚ well im off to bed now so lets see how we all do in the morning, Melanie it will be mornig for you first so good luck and may the calorie force be with you hun x

    see you all tomoz

    Hi all, David yeah sounds similar, I hate cravings, they’re a test I can do without! Before I was basically calorie counting, also what I like to call it “mostly on the wagon”. If I had the will power of a superhero I would have lost all my weight in a much shorter time period, however I found a “mostly on the wagon” approach much more realistic and it gradually came off. On more serious months I would monitor my saturated fat intake, sodium and carbohydrates. I did some research to find acceptable levels for me (age, weight, height etc) I always go back to counting the calories when it’s time to pull my socks up, because I believe in the maths overall, calories out > calories in = fat loss πŸ™‚ I have a really cool set of digital kitchen scales, if I’m serious I don’t put anything in my mouth that hasn’t been on the scale. This is very hard to maintain which is while during periods of maintaining my fat losses (maintenance can be tough too!) I just used my self-educated guesses to assist with portion sizes and this was enough to sustain my new lower weight each time. After each 8-10 kilo loss I needed to ‘break’ to ensure a ‘normal’ lifestyle for a while πŸ™‚

    David what are your recommended cals for fast and non-fast days? are you sticking to them? If you don’t you’re not going to lose buddy… A tip from an expert (who studied the alternative day fasting) suggests to consume all of your calories in one sitting as it’s to easy to go over eating through to day. I tried this approach on day one and am doing it again today, I had them all but 30cals of my 500 for breakfast and I’ll snack on cherry tomatoes, rockmelon or snowpeas, and big glasses of soda water with a squeeze of lime to silence my stomach rumbles, might be worth a try for you maybe?

    Karen, good on you, walking is great isn’t it πŸ™‚ Let me know how you get on with the HIIT training, do it you’ll feel really good! and thanks, heaps good to have people here from all over πŸ™‚

    Lancsken, calorie count
    Lettuce (common) 100g 10cals
    Personally I don’t even count lettuce, it’s one of those negative calorie foods like chilli, you burn more energy chewing it than it gives you!
    Cucumber (common, raw unpeeled) 100g 12cals
    Tomatoes 100g 18cals
    Beetroot (average fresh, raw) 100g 45cals
    Beetroot (average canned, sliced, drained) 100g 61cals
    Cauliflower 100g 24cals
    Peas (green, boiled) 100g 59cals
    Clementine? no idea what that is! we probably have a different name for that here!
    Lancsken, while your cals are pretty much right, my point here is the brand, state and preparation of the food can greatly influence their calories, if you have the time in the shops, compare the brands, if you don’t already, you might find a few new favourites!
    I’ll add that all that together on their own might be a little boring, I used to make an egg white yiros when I was super hungry, mix a bunch of egg whites then fry them in a dry non-stick pan then wrap up some steamed veg or salad inside and drizzle it all with one cooked egg yolk (if you like runny eggs!) This was heaven for me for a while, it really felt like I could get my teeth stuck into something hearty! Love the star wars reference, huge fan, I’ll channel the force as I enter my kitchen today… πŸ™‚

    Sounds like you’re all doing pretty well, my second fast day is pretty good so far, no issues except when I’m preparing the meals for my son and husband, I find I’m dribbling alot! but I keep a my glass of lime soda water next to me and have a big skull of it if I get tempted, seems to be doing the trick so far.

    Phew I really do have to keep these posts shorter, what a gasbagger!!

    Hope you all slept well! πŸ™‚

    Hi david, ken, karen, melanie…well about time I let you know that you can call me Charmaine πŸ™‚ la dolce is a nice username but i dont feel the connection when addressed like that πŸ˜€ ..i am based in india so just woke up and all set to start my fast day…i have planned my meals…i love my carbs and eat them well…all under my calorie limit. It is sooooo good to see the conversation and support here…so excited!!

    Good luck all…:-) more power to you πŸ˜‰

    Morning guys. The good news is that I got the half lb I put on last week off plus another half lb!! Yay, so pleased, that’s 5 lbs for me in about 6.5 weeks – not a lb a week but I didn’t expect to with having only a small amount to lose, it’s still going down slowly though so more than happy. It’s 6 weeks on Monday until we head off to Morocco so still got enough time to get (hopefully) another 3 or 4 lbs off. My husband lost another 2 lbs – that’s 10 lbs and about 3 inches off his waist in 5 weeks so he’s really pleased with that. I’ve told him I’ve almost got a skinny hubbie now lol! Hope you got good results this morning Ken and David (think you both weigh in today too).

    Well Melanie talk of dribbling, me and hubbie were watching Masterchef last night (not sure whether you get it over there but suffice to say lots of delicious looking food)and we were both fasting so I was almost gnawing at my elbow whilst watching it! I actually resorted to sucking a few chocolate buttons that some work colleagues had bought me for my birthday next week which was very naughty and I probably went over my 500 by a wee bit and thankfully I still lost weight so that was ok.

    Charmaine – what a lovely name and it’s nice to know your real name. Not sure what the time difference is in India, are you a little ahead of us in time? Good luck with your fast today. What day is your official weigh day? I’ll be pleased to eat more normally today after 2 fasts and one semi fast this week, I’m starving this morning! Hubbie has just headed around to the supermarket for bread rolls so I can do some bacon and halloumi sandwiches for breakfast, yumm.

    Well better go for now so hope everyone has a great Good Friday today, the sun is shining up here in the North East of England and it goes well with my mood today! πŸ™‚

    Good morning to you all, well i have had my first wiegh in and i am buzzing lol my wieght is under 12 stone for the first time in years, i am 12st 12lb thats a loss of 7 lb, i have lost 1 inch from my waist and my bmi is down to 27.4 so i am delighted. I know I could not have done it without your magnificent support

    So a big big Thank you to
    Charmaine x ( that really is a lovely name) πŸ™‚
    Karen x (the sun is shining here in the north west too) πŸ™‚
    David (Sorry no x for you ha ha )(people might talk) lol πŸ™‚
    Melanie x (you just keep on gassing ha ha I love reading it ) πŸ™‚

    Oh yes i did get my wife to double check on my weight,
    Karen your husband is doing fantastic too,
    Charmaine good luck for today we are all here for you ok πŸ™‚

    Ken, you are absolutely awesome, power to you buddy, this euphoria you’re feeling right now…. Lap it up, it’s ALL you (well, that is a little bit less you than before obviously) soak it up, you da man!! If I wore a hat, I’d take it of to you, congratulations, keep up your awesome work, we are all proud of you πŸ™‚

    Charmaine, thanks for sharing you sound like a lovely person, no matter the name (which is lovely too of course! Oh you know what I mean…) 😐

    Karen, sucking choc buttons very funny, I always keep dark choc in the fridge and when I get the taste for it (warning this might be a bit gross) I treat it like a wine tasting session, chew it up, salivate all over the beautiful flavour in my mouth and then spit it in the bin. What you’re left with in your mouth is just like you’ve had a good mouthful of it, but without the calorie damage, and yes that is probably far too much information, but what the hell! If we can’t have honesty, then what point is there!! Ha ha ha

    Wonderful news, Ken. A big round of applause for an excellent result.

    Whoot whoot way to go Ken you are doing brilliantly! You are disappearing as we speak! My hubbie is as chuffed as you with what he’s lost so far but probably doesn’t need to lose much more, we’re going to see what he looks like losing another couple of lbs then maybe he’ll try and maintain that.

    Melanie – at least I got to eat my choccie buttons lol! I’d find it really hard putting them in my mouth then not finishing what I started!

    “I got to eat my choccie buttons lol! I’d find it really hard putting them in my mouth then not finishing what I started!”

    I chose to smell the chocolate rather than putting them in my mouth, as my wife had offered.

    It’s a rare moment that food doesn’t complete its route once in the mouth.

    But it has happened.


    I’m truly impressed rocky your willpower exceeds mine lol!

    I am awesome (modesty is in the somewhere too I’m sure… ha!) made it through second fast day, 472 calories, I left a few spare so I could snak on some raw veg if I needed to this evening. I almost caved once when faced with what to make the boys for dinner… Who cares I couldn’t eat it any way… No no that’s not the attitude at all, I felt myself getting really grumpy, and just about caved in to our favourite restaurant, then I remembered I made enough dinner last night to reheat quickly for the boys tonight, yay! Saved, my restaurant impulse/mad dog fever subsided and I prepared dinner calmly (without licking my fingers). But that’s not the awesome part, I tested myself on this newfound strength, and did some prep for Easter Sunday dinner at our house, I shelled out the bread rolls, I’m serving the soup in, set aside the contents (without sampling) made some melted chocolate (sorry Karen, hope that didn’t start you off…) fancy things to stand up in the panna cotta serves we’re having for dessert, baked pumpkins for the soup and I didn’t touch a thing, I’m so impressed, but feeling a little ashamed now as I’ve probably set you all off salivating now, or maybe that’s just me… I eat anything I want (or I’m sure I will spontaneously combust) on my non fast days, it’s just portion size, not a whole hot cross bun, but just a bite and a good whiff while I’m eating it because 70% of taste is smell! and that helps the moment to linger… Blathering again, time for bed and with a smirk of pride tonight, I really didn’t think id make it there around dinner time, just shows we don’t know how strong we are sometimes do we, so here’s a motto for us, let’s not underestimate what we are capable of! Goodnight, good luck, don’t forget to stock up on Easter egg chocolate repellant for the coming days (I have a young son, so the chocolate will be flooding through the door… aaaahhhhhh!)

    I hear ya rocky, I used to smell the doughnuts, or other horrible temptations people brought around the office at morning tea time, but it really does work doesn’t it! They got used to it after a while and used to ask me if I wanted to eat one or smell one! Ha! Funny

    Melanie you are putting me to shame! I’m not fasting today and so far I’ve had a bacon/halloumi sarnie for brekkie, small piece of carrot cake and 10 choccie buttons (sucked they last longer that way lol). I did a 50 min walk this morning with Harvey (cocker spaniel) and just about to head off for another walk with him. We’re going out for tea tonight (and wine) and that’ll be it. Tomorrow I’ll try another low cal day like wednesday (around 1000 cals) to undo today’s feast!

    When’s your first weigh in day Mel?

    I so should be asleep…. It would mean breakfast is here faster!! I was just thinking about that today Karen, I can’t remember exactly when I last weighed myself, I think it was only a couple of days before staring 5:2 makes sense I probably thought ahhh! when I saw the numbers, I think my overall weight was 73.8 kilos (197lbs, woah that sounds like heaps!) but I can’t recall the fat percentage, which is what I tend to go by, I think it was around 26.3 or 26.8 something like that. I don’t really know when I’ll step on the scales yet, I will probably try my skinny jeans again first, after maybe a couple more weeks, so 5:2 has had some time to work, then if I can squat down in those without my butt (my body fat’s repository of choice, then thighs argh) falling out, I’ll hop on the scales. I dunno I’m new to this method, what do you/anyone else think?

    I think its your own choice when you weigh. I weighed the day I started this and I also weigh every morning to keep myself on track. My official weigh in day is Friday, the day after my second fast of the week. Just realised this morning my next official weigh in is my birthday! How nice if I could lose another lb!

    Hello everyone , as i type this i expect Melanie will be fast asleep awwwww bless, lol , Thank you for your applause hermajtomomi πŸ™‚

    as for weigh in days because i am new to this 5:2 diet , i have started to weigh myself every 2 weeks . so today was my first weigh in.
    I will do my 2 fast days next week (no weigh in at all) then the following week i will weigh in again on the Friday following my second fast day of that week , If you see what i mean lol.

    as for my non fast days I am concentrating mainly on portion size of everything i eat , I am convinced that having over excessive portions has been my downfall, plus “Snaking” yuk,, so i have stopped completley (apart from my cherry tomatoes) i love them

    looking forward to reading what you all write next from Ken

    Hi guys, it was tough news for me this week and I dont/didnt know why, it might be coz with three hours travelling to/from work each of my 3 days, and a nice sunday lunch and not so much physical wxcercise then-like weight training-like I was doing or too many “lo-“cal” bars”(74/bar) it was no chnge or matbe an extra lb a day later.
    I didnt weigh in yesterday till 330pm and it said I had put on 7lb but first thing today I was 14.- maybe ken i should go for every 2 weeks- thks ken for going for fri weigh in too.

    its like there seem to be huge cals in all the least obvious foods-veg and fruit- its like also as my mum is cooking I must be careful with her carb portion sizes(since carb is in meet) even if I am dead hungry and thats tough. my fast days are tuesdays thursdays usually

    my daily TDEE allowance on fast days the site said was about 750 but as dinner is my biggest meal, have to have less than half if not 1/3 during my day really, as on my own i avoid meat and carbs but my mum likes both.

    b4 you measure your cals ken remember to weigh/look at/measure the portion sizes?-all your measurements arew 100g

    that should be what i head for ken, 223cal by 5 on my fast days ken.
    bananas are 105 bars can be up to 100, so it just does not take long unless i watch and know the the food calories.
    “5:00 pm
    17 Apr 14
    223 Cals so far David , but i got a few in my tea, Smoked Haddock , chick peas and Caulifower, I know it sounds a bit odd but hey its only one day haha .As for a calorie counter I use the one in the back of the 5: 2 book, I tried that β€œmyfitness pal” thing on line but i couldnt work it out properly ,
    Any kind volunteers to help me
    You did real good yesterday Karen, good on you x”


    I have been to victoria in oz a number of times(well my dad & mum have-when they had money )and we went to your supermarket on the way back once, on the way back to yea from point lonsdale in port phillip bay. clementines are what they call “soft citrus I rewckun in Oz they are like satsumas- where the name clementine comes from who knows!

    Good morning gang πŸ™‚ David after reading your comment my friend , If you are havig up to 750 cals on a fast day you are 150 over the limit, try cutting it down to 600 cals that is what men are allowed , Ladies is 500. I have stopped eating bananas completely cos they have a high count. I have stopped nibbleing too, if i have to nibble I keep a small box of fresh carrot sticks in the fridge and i eat cherry toms . Give it a go mate . you know that we will ALL be here for you πŸ™‚ Keep some carrot sticks in your car with some cherry toms and lots of water.

    Come on Gang lets hear it for David . πŸ™‚

    Well I do hope you are all going to have a good weekend , Happy Easter to you all. and may the calorie force be with you x ken πŸ™‚

    P.S. the sun is shining in North west England lol

    Good Afternoon Ladies and Gents …

    My weigh in day was Friday 18th but I weighed myself Thursday as I couldn’t wait and I had lost 2 lbs … woo hoo … thurs I was on a non fast day and was a tad naughty with the vino at my son’s at dinner … I weighed myself today
    Saturday 19th … and I have put on 1 lb for my sins! …

    But on the good side … I have lost 1 lb this week so I am happy!!!

    Dances happy dance!!!! ”) xx

    Hope everyone is doing well … we all know with pleasure comes pain …but we will ALL get there in the end! United and all that (giggles) xx

    Morning Ken, suns out here in Darlington too and I’ve already been for a 45 min walk with Harvey!
    I agree with Ken David you are maybe going over on your cals on fast days and that’s why you put some weight back on. I really don’t think its the amount of carbs you eat daily but the amount of calories and Kens suggestion of carrot sticks and cherry tomatoes is probably a better idea than your low calorie bars or a banana. Give it a go you’ve nothing to lose but lbs!
    Morning dream girl, you’re doing really well. I lost a lb this week too but went out last night and I had scampi/chips and a pud plus wine and I’m 1.5 lb heavier this morning but not worrying about it because I’ve got 2 fast days before next Fridays weigh in so time to get it off again. I’m trying to reign myself in today too and hopefully that’ll help.

    Well hope everyone has a good Easter Saturday and the sun stays out where you live.

    Awwww Karen … that made me giggle! and kind of made me feel less guilty too!

    Today I am on a Easter Egg Hunt Party with family … I won’t be doing the hunting tho … and not drinking as I am driving … I am on a normal days eating day today! Tho I won’t go crazy …Tomorrow is my Fast day and I am hoping to be a good girl … ”)

    We can keep an eye on eachother Karen (smiles) so we don’t slip too much I do like a glass of wine with my dinner … ( and my lunch if eating out ) no harm in me slowing down a bit tho … I am eating a lot of WATERCRESS and Salmon too I hear they are both very beneficial to our skin and ageing process …

    My main gripe is that all the HEALTHY foods and VEGS and FRUITS COST SO MUCH!!
    why is that? it makes me so cross “(

    One way of losing Β£’s I suppose (giggles) xx

    Good luck all … and Happy Easter ”) xx

    Ps Sunny In NW Kent ”)

    Glad its sunny too way down there in NW Kent!

    Unfortunately me and hubbie like our red wine too but its so calorific isn’t it so obviously we don’t have it on fast days or we’d have no cals left for food lol! Plus hubbie works shifts and this weekend he’s up at 5 am so we don’t partake in wine the evenings before his early starts either so I probably won’t have a glass (or2) until Tuesday. I know what you mean about fresh fruit/veg and salad costing a fortune, it should be cheaper I reckon because its healthier!

    Well enjoy your easter egg hunting, nothing so exciting for me – I have a friend coming to visit shortly though so looking forward to that

    Hi all, off to bed soon, it’s just gone half past midnight as I write, been a lovely day with the family today. This morning i thought it would be a good idea to weigh myself when I got up and share (this will keep me very honest!) for a starting reference, so here’s my stats: 72.4kilos, (194lbs) 26.4% fat, 34.7% muscle, 22.3BMI, 53.7 total body water, 8.3 kilos (22lbs) of bones (that always make me laugh for some reason!). My scales are sooo cool ,there is no way I need to know all of that, but it’s cool and I’m a nerd.. :). My main focus it to get that fat % down. Just for curiosity sake I looked up the last time I weighed and I was 73.8 kilos (197lbs) on 7 April, I don’t have the other stats so can’t say for sure what’s missing, I’d like to think its fat as I always drink plenty of water, but that’s my optimism bias talking!

    I did pretty good today, 1939cals net, which is under my non fast day target from this site’s recommendations. I have a funny feeling it should be a little lower, but there is some science behind this diet that I’m not fully across, and need to trust, so I’ll do it “by the book” and hopefully I’m one of the ones it works for πŸ™‚

    Wine… I understand completely…. It’s just sooo calorie dense it’s something that I just can’t afford to consume… For me wine is like coffee I kind of go through phases where the more you have on a regular basis the more I want to keep having it on a regular basis.

    Willpower… I’m almost certain for me it is tied to my hormones, and I’m not sure if you’re into audio books, it sells as hard copy too, but I’m happy to recommend “The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters, and What You Can Do to Get More of It” by Kelly McGonigal, PhD, a health psychologist and lecturer at Stanford University. It has loads of references of how to combat those behaviours which derail us, especially eating too much. It’s not a cure, but I’ve definitely used some of the techniques in the book to get me through some rough patches.

    If I say it’s sunny here in Oz, you’ll all probably slap me! But I do understand why you mention sunshine in your blogs, I saw snow for the first time falling in London in March 2007 πŸ™‚ and was sick in bed for the next 3 days because I fell asleep with the window open watching it… Duh! πŸ™

    David, go for some unprocessed foods dude… What is your current goal, to lose fat ,build muscle, bit of both maybe? Either way I would recommend, if you have the time, looking into the nutrient values of certain foods and stock up on those that suit your goals. The right balance will help you achieve both of those goals simultaneously. Portion control will help you when you’re in situations you can’t control, like at your mums πŸ™‚ if it were me, and I had excess fat to lose, I would get that down first, then focus on building muscle with higher protein foods when your caloric intake is not so restricted by the 5:2, which as I understand is focused on longevity, with the added bonus of fat loss… Up to you though dude, I’m only making assumptions here :). Nice to hear you’re familiar with my neighbourhood. I’m about 10 hours drive away from Melbourne, but it’s a lot more active than my home city of Adelaide in South Australia. Cool satsuma’s, now I can picture them, thanks πŸ™‚

    Ok there’s today’s novel, g’night all, hope the sun is shining for you all again during the week, and have an awesome Easter πŸ™‚

    Ooh! Dreamgirl, before I forget, I agree! Not only are fruit and veg expensive, but I’ll add to the gripe, fridges are designed ass-up. If they were designed for a healthy lifestyle, they would be 2/3’s fruit and veg crisper drawers and the rest to preserve the processed stuff once opened!

    Hello all! Had a nice non fast day today and tomorrow is easter so there’s no way I can avoid a feast! On the menu is lamb biryani, kebabs, and a rice dessert among others! Mum’s invited us home…:-)

    good to see all of you do well. I am better at keeping track and responding to all on weekdays…weekends are very busy with my 2 year old who I try to spend a lot of quality time with.

    Keep up tge great work….it is almost bed time here in India.:-)

    Take care and good luck!!!

    Hi Mel@nie
    Great that you have lost 40kg over the past 6 years, but your conversions on 18/4 & 19/4 are way off, and would certainly be depressing.
    72.3 kgs is 159lbs (not 194 as you said), and that is a lot less!

    Keep at FD, I’ve lost 21kg since January last year, now just on 70, but have never counted calories after the first few weeks.

    Glorious Easter weather in Tasmania
    Good luck

    Hello everyone and welcome to Vicki ,Rocky and hermajtomomi who have all joined us quite recently , tell us a bit about yourseves, I am Ken age 61 from Lancashire a devoted grandad ,and i am trying to get my weight down to around 12 stone,
    we have Karen from Darlington , She is really good
    we Have David from errrr I Dont know lol πŸ™‚ but he is really good
    we Have Dreamgirl from Kent and she is really good
    we have Charmaine from India who started off this thread (Thank you Charmaine) and she is really good too
    and we have Melanie from Oz and guess what !! she is really good too
    πŸ™‚ so its all good really πŸ™‚

    Ohhh dreamgirl at least you are looking on the positve side by saying you lost 1 lb, keep it up πŸ™‚

    Ohhhhh Karen you are naughty but i like you .haha πŸ™‚

    Charmaine ohhhh lamb biryani it sounds like heaven πŸ™‚ you lucky girl you

    as for me Ive just got back from church and will be planning my meals for my “Fast Day” which like a lot of you is tomorrow (Monday).

    Dreamgirl that is an excellent idea for us to keep an eye out for each other on our Fast Days,
    Can i make a suggestion that we all meet up and log on here for about 9am in the morning , of course I do not know if it would work because of the time differnce in India,Austrailia, Tasmania and anywhere else our little merry gang may be in the world. its just an idea thats all.

    Enjoy Easter Day from Ken

    Happy Easter guys, just checking in, hope everyone’s well today.

    The suns just come out here after a cloudy and cool start to the day ☺so all good. We didn’t get any snow here this winter but the 2 before it were horrendous and we had it for weeks. It might be a novelty to Aussies but after 3 weeks of snow and ice and worrying whether you can get to work in it the novelty just becomes a pain in the ass lol! I suppose that’s why we are preoccupied with the weather here because mostly our weather is rain rain cold and rain, and that’s in the Summer

    Talking of grandkids Ken, I have 3! One who will be 10 in October and twins of almost 5. Unfortunately they live in Cumbria and I don’t see them often but see pics of them on on Facebook often.
    Its my fast day tomorrow too and already have vegetable soup in the freezer, my aim this week is at least half a lb off on my birthday weigh in on Friday.

    Hi, Ken and Co. My name is Joan I am 68 years young I live In Wales I lost 56 lbs in 17 months but I am having trouble keeping the odd 8 lbs off. So I joined this great 5.2
    and I lost 3 lbs in 4 days. But stuck a bit now still doing two fast days a week I did a back to back Friday and Saturday but still no more off yet, i know I can do this so please let me in to your club. Good luck everyone. Joan (JIP)

    Hi Joan welcome to our thread, you are more than welcome to join us, the more the merrier.

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