My evening meal seems rather large

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My evening meal seems rather large

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  • I am in my third week and sixth fast day, I have found that the best way for me is to go all day without eating and then have a main meal about 7pm. I try to keep it under 500 calories so that I can have a carrot or two before bed and still be under the allowed 600.
    I count the calories but the meal seems rather large.

    Tonight I cooked my fish curry, which came out at under 500 calories.

    1 small piece cod
    150g frozen prawns
    2 onions
    half a pepper
    A tin of chopped tomatoes
    2 cloves fresh garlic
    chilli flakes, tumeric, garam Masala, coriander, cumin

    70g brown rice

    I cook it in water and don’t use oil at all.

    I have recounted the calories several times and they do come out at under 500, but it is a rather large meal and I am not sure I should be eating such a large portion on a fast day. I must admit that the thought of the pending curry helps me get through the afternoon.

    Hi. The size of your meal is really irrelevant provided your total daily intake on a fast day is within your 500/600 calories limit. I tend to stick to little or no carbs and have a portion (around 100gms) of fish or chicken and a huge pile of veg followed by fruit for my fast day meal and am below 400 calls.
    If you are staying within your limit you are fine – just enjoy your meal.


    Thanks Sylvestra.
    The rice is a new addition, I was using beansprouts instead. I actually used the rice on Monday for the first time (mainly because I had forgotten to get the beansprouts in).
    I do make the curry very watery to bulk it up. It is an adaptation from a dish I used to knock up before going on the diet, although I used to use oil and butter.

    One thing that has struck me is how much more I seem to appreciate the taste of food both on my fast day and the day after.

    I do the same and save all my cals for an evening meal saving about 80-100 back for a pre-bed time snack (usually a small bag of air-popped popcorn or a fat free yog). I like this method because it means I can have a relatively normal evening meal of around 400 cals and I feel less hungry during the day whilst busy at work.

    Tonight I had a generous portion of homemade coconut prawn curry with 75g (cooked) brown rice that came in under 400 cals and felt pretty satisfied. I like the hairy dieters cook book as most of the recipes are between 250-450 cals which is perfect for my fast days and they taste great! Although sometimes you can’t beat plain old beans on toast when your ready to chew your arm off!

    Your fish curry sounds great, must give it a go!

    I will have to get the Hairy Dieters book, it sounds great.

    I had the curry again this evening (I put my fast back a day because I spent the Bank Holiday with family). I have added courgettes (which are very low on calories) and some fresh green chili (for extra bite). Just like you I went all day fasting and then had my big main meal, saving enough cals for a big bowl of strawberries to keep the nighttime hunger pangs at bay.

    I am actually feeling quite chuffed with myself right now as I have had a long weekend of eating and drinking and I thought the first fast day back would be tough, but I have breezed through it.

    Hmm – must have a look at Hairy Dieters myself. I used to just have a bowl of bran flakes on fastdays but they’ve changed the recipe & I no-longer looked forward to my fastday ‘treat’. Now I’m having to look around again (first time in over a year that I’ve had to think about different options on fastdays) and I’m leaning towards smaller meals with lots of flavour.

    I’m kind of lucky because I’m now WELL used to going all day without food. I don’t eat until after work and after swimming, so it’s usually a pretty late dinner (tonight’s will be after 9:30pm) but it means that I need something really really quick & satisfying but not too heavy before bed.

    So far I’m leaning towards salads and on days where I can eat a little earlier, a nice big stir fry. Tonight I plan a side salad and a salad sandwich on pita bread, with some homemade wild garlic pesto and if I’m feeling greedy I may grill a little hiloumi cheese to add to it. I had this exact sandwich on Monday (also a fastday) and it was AMAZING. I’m nervous to have one on a non-fastday, as I think I would go back for another, and another, and another etc.etc.etc. if I did.

    I try and avoid bread most of the time as it doesn’t agree with me.
    It is a shame as I love a decent sandwich. But I find bread bloats me and if I eat too much I actually come out in a rash.

    I don’t really eat bread per se either. The sandwich above was a filled pitta bread and other than pitta, I only really use tortilla wraps or a nice bit of naan with a curry.

    If you get that reaction when you eat bread, maybe you need to get checked out for food allergies/intollerances? There might be something specific that you’re allergic to within the bread, if it’s identified then maybe you can find alternatives that would work for you. Even celiacs can have bread, as long as it’s gluten free.

    I did go to my local quack when I had the skin problem, he gave some cream.
    I discovered the link with bread by accident, I had a period of going to the gym and eating healthily. I cut bread out of my diet and the bloating and skin complaint stopped. I now try not to eat bread, it is quite difficult when working away.

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