My 5:2 Weight Loss Journey: Month 1

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My 5:2 Weight Loss Journey: Month 1

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  • Hello!

    I am new to the 5:2 diet and I wanted to create my own thread to document my progress outside of just my measurements and number on the scale. In this thread, I will be posting daily updates (sometimes multiple times a day too because I like to rant…) about my progress, the ups and downs I’m having, and just my life in general!

    Welcome to my story 🙂

    Day 1: February 28 (posting this on day 2 because I got this idea to write all this down today)

    Today was probably the worst day to start a diet because I went out to eat for the first time in weeks, and I overate because I hadn’t had Chinese food in weeks and I just couldn’t resist. Thankfully, I had eaten a smaller breakfast and lunch, so even with the Chinese food I ate for dinner, I was still under my TDEE!

    Day 2: March 1 (Fasting Day)

    Today is my first fasting day and so far (it is 11:30 am where I am) I am doing great! I have already eaten about 150 calories at 7 am, and I am not feeling hungry at all! I have decided to skip lunch today (because I’m not hungry so why force myself to eat) and have a late lunch/early dinner in a few hours!

    I am planning to have my fast day go from 12:01 this morning (Thursday) to 7 am Friday morning, so for a total of 31 hours! I originally tried to start at 6 pm yesterday (Wednesday) but at 11:30 last night I made the mistake of eating one single piece of licorice because I wanted something sweet. Typically, when I want something sweet at night I drink a cup of fruity herbal tea (with no sugar or anything) but yesterday was the first time I had candy around me in a while so I ate one without thinking. As soon as I did it, I remembered that I was supposed to be fasting and I immediately scolded myself. Ugh, oh well, it was the start of my first day and now I know to not have any candy close to me late a night!

    My next fast days will start at 5 or 6 the night before though and continue until 7 the day after my fast day, so for a total of 37-38 hours fasting.

    It is the end of Day 2 (Fast Day) and I feel great!

    I only went over the 500 calorie goal by 86 calories today, so I think that is pretty good!

    I am super excited to eat breakfast tomorrow though !

    Day 3 (Non-Fast Day)

    Today is going great so far! According to the scale, I have already lost about 1.8 pounds since I started! That is so exciting! I weighed myself today even though I weighed myself two days ago, because I want to make it a habit to weigh myself Friday mornings. I hope this progress continues, but I don’t want to lose weight too fast because that would be unhealthy.

    I ate a semi-big breakfast this morning to try and hold me over until after my class at 1, but I don’t know if I will succeed in fasting that long again, but I am going to try!

    My weight is currently at 150.6 pounds (68.3 kg) and I hope to be at least to 147 by the end of March.

    Day 4 (Non FD)

    I had a movie marathon yesterday with a friend and I ate a bunch of popcorn, so today my face is puffy from all the salt. I did over eat a bit yesterday, but today I am cutting back on what I am eating to prepare for my fast day tomorrow. Unlike the first fast day, I am going to start at 6 pm today and hopefully not eat anything until 6 pm on Sunday. I am going to try to not eat, but I might end up eating a small breakfast like I did last time, but we will see!

    So far, I do notice myself becoming not as hungry around meal times, but I do know a main reason why I overate yesterday was because I was watching movies and needed something to do with my hands, so I ate the popcorn in front of me.

    Ugh, it’s okay though, today is a new day and I am not going to eat any popcorn today when we watch our next movie later.

    If you want something sweet again, try licorice root tea. Very nice.
    If you want to keep your hands busy while you watch TV, take up knitting or crocheting. You could make some home-made Christmas gifts or knit scarves for charity.

    Glad you are off to such a good start, alliex.

    Day 5 (Sunday):

    This day started out as a fast day, but I changed my mind later in the day. It is more difficult for me to not eat my TDEE on the weekends, so i have decided to do it on tuesdays and thursdays instead!

    I did technically fast for 21 hours though before eating like 1,000 calories of food for a late lunch and dinner.

    not my proudest moment but its okay

    Day 6 Monday! (NFD)

    Today was a good day, I ate under my TDEE by about 200~ calories today which was cool, it would have been under 400~ but i ate some skittles, which I IMMEDIATELY regretted because they are wayyy too sweet for me.

    Tomorrow is a fast day, so I started fasting at about 7 today ! I will eat a small breakfast tomorrow to get me through the day until I eat at like 5:30-6~ tomorrow, or i might eat also eat at 2 and have a small lunch of some fruit and bell peppers because that currently sounds good to me.

    I am excited to weigh myself on friday though to see how my weigh that changed in the past week though!

    day 7 (tuesday!)

    so today started as a fast day, and it still technically is one, but… I have midterm today in my honors philosophy class and I cannot focus if I have not eaten much food, so far i’ve eat about 350 calories, but I think I should eat more before my test.

    I didn’t plan on eating much today, and I would’ve survived with my small breakfast, but I made the mistake of taking my allergy medicine on an almost empty stomach and now my stomach feels uneasy.

    Ugh, why did I do that…

    If Monday was a non fast day, why did you consciously undereat? Surely the point of intermittent fasting just that: fasting followed by adequate energy intake. You seem to be undertaking simple calorie restriction diet and that’s not really what it’s all about.

    I’m back after a while and I regret ever leaving. I had a few cheat days because I was hanging out with friends over the weekend and I feel like I gained 10 pounds. I’m so bloated from eating so much food and I just feel kind of miserable. Ugh.

    Well, today is day 1 of take 2, so I can do this! Today is a non-fast day so I will be eating my normal TDEE. Since I’ve been gone, I’ve joined a social media challenge where we all run about 3 km a day, so today was day 3 of that for me! So far it’s going well, I don’t really like running, but I am committed to do this for 30 days !

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