Moving from fast 800 to 4:3 fast questions

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  • Hi there I’ve lost one stone on 8 weeks of 800 cals.
    I now want to move to 4:3,fasting at 800 cals 4 days week and eating under tdee the other 3.
    On Tdee days do you eat low carb,or just count calories,but trying to be healthy on whole with odd treat?

    If I’m reading the book correctly, I think you are meant to follow a Mediterranean diet every day, both FDs (800cals) and the NFDs (TDEE). However that doesn’t mean you can’t have an occasional treat on the NFDs. The trick is to actually keep it occasional and not allow those treats to become a regular part of your NFDs.
    By the way, congratulation on losing so much in your first 8 weeks.

    Yes, I think you’re supposed to stick to the low carb Mediterranean diet. I think I remember him mentioning in the book that you can eventually re-introduce the occasional slice of wholegrain bread if you feel like you must.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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