Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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Mid-thirties, working mom of 2, looking to loose 5kg

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  • Pissupoosa, that doesn’t sound good at all! But thankfully you seem to be having a normal FD today so far, so maybe it is because of your sunday bikeride. If you feel good and normal I think there shouldn’t be a problem with an optional 3rd FD this week. You can always stop fasting, if the headache is coming back. Well done, it seems you are really getting very professional at fasting! 🙂

    I’m actually sorry about my post yesterday, I kind of panicked. The first week of maintenance I went from 58.9 (my lowest) to 59.4, which was ok. But after only half of the second week AND directly after a FD I already weighed 60.1kg, so I had gained 1.2kg in this short amount of time. But as I wrote yesterday, in the evening of the same day I was 59.6 again and this morning I was even lower, at 59.2kg again. So actually absolutely no reason to panic. Sorry for bothering you with this. I think I’m really afraid to lose my “new” body again.

    How are you others doing? FrauB, how was your night out? Did the elusive 57 show up? Natasha, how are you? It seems that you are developping a system that really works for you, that’s great!


    I’m back!! I was very active on this thread until mid-April, when I stopped 5:2 in a panic because I was worried I was bringing on perimenopause–while on 5:2, my cycles became highly irregular.

    However, off it, my weight has crept back up again–I was really benefiting from the discipline of 5:2. I’d started at 64.8, which was the highest I’d been in several years, got down to 60.7 on 5:2–and now I’m back up at 63.5. (I am a work-at-home snacker–I have a bad problem with telling myself a nibble of this or a nibble of that doesn’t count, and of course it DOES all add up! Having a firm “no eating” rule is easier than moderation for me, really). It’s not that 63.5 is so bad (I’m 173 cm–I doubt anyone can see the difference between 61 and 63.5 on me), but it makes me feel very out-of-control and fear going higher and higher.

    I’m still not certain that 5:2 is a factor in my menstrual irregularity. I have found out that the women on my mother’s side of the family go through menopause very early (from late 30s to mid 40s), and so perhaps I was biologically programmed to enter into that stage anyway and it was just coincidence that I was on 5:2 when it started. I am still waiting to see if things are evening out with my cycles (and meanwhile, my doctor was a bit concerned by some other minor symptoms so I am also waiting on the results of tests to check for more alarming things than early menopause!).

    I think what I should do for now–as a balance between my concerns that 5:2 threw off my hormonal balance and my concerns about weight control–is to have two days a week that are very disciplined, but not as extreme. I’d been tending to be at about 350 calories on my fast days, and I was certainly feeling not well on those days. Maybe if I doubled that, my body would be less thrown off by the deprivation, but would still benefit, albeit more slowly, from the reduced calories. And being part of a thread will help me keep that discipline, I think! I’d like my target to be 61 kg, so a fairly modest weight loss.

    I have been trying to skim the messages here to get back up to speed. The banana pancakes sound wonderful, and I wonder if anyone else has tried making ice cream (so to speak!) from bananas? If you freeze banana chunks and then whip them in a food processor, you get a texture that is hard to distinguish from ice cream (especially if you put it in the freezer for a few hours again). Our household is emphatically chocoholic, so I have experimented with additions–the kids LOVE it with Nutella added in (of course), but I find the best is actually unsweetened cocoa powder–not SO bad for extra calories, and it makes it really rich and chocolatey. The children like me to make it when people come over so we can trick them but serving ice cream and then telling them it’s really just bananas. So far, no one has guessed without us telling them!

    Beck, you mention kefir a lot, so I picked some up this morning–I’ve never tried it. I take it you find it filling for fast days? I am so impressed with your diligence with 5:2, and with your results! You’re very inspiring. I’m getting caught up on everyone else’s situations too!

    Hey Hillsy, I’m thrilled that you’re back! 😊 Do I understand correctly that you are going to do 2 700cal days a week? That sounds worth a try, especially as you don’t have much to lose and you lost weight pretty easy on 5:2. I hope your doctors other concerns are nothing serious!

    I read about the frozen bananas on another thread and it sounds interesting. Do you freeze them in bags after peeling them? I think I’ll try the cocoa powder version! Although I’m trying to go lower carb, and bananas are loaded with them.., Did you see that I finally made the cauliflower rice? Love that stuff!!! The kefir is really nice, it’s filling and I like the taste.

    I’m not inspiring at all, I just got lucky and found the right system for me. You did the same before your menstrual concerns. And you will do again!

    Where is everybody else? Hope you’re all fine!

    Hi all, how’s everyone’s FD/NFDs going?
    I had to ditch my kettlebell class yesterday – flash floods and commuter hell in London (my usual 45min ride to work turned into a 3hour nightmare!)! Glad it was a NFD for me, otherwise I’d have buried myself in cake (I didn’t)!

    A warm and sunny Friday here. I’ve decided to fast, as I planned – so the 3rd day for this week.
    It’s gone fine so far. Only just had some hunger pangs. Had a chicken bullion and some raw almonds at lunch time. Been sipping a bottle of sparkling water – I’m avoiding diet fizzy’s on FDs now.

    Need to resurrect my exercise plans again – hopefully a Park run and power yoga over the weekend to start off.

    I haven’t weighed my self yet this week – tomorrow morning may be. But the clothes are showing a big difference now. This morning I put on a dress which I haven’t worn since last summer – loads of room around my waist and boobs 🙂 Also my boss – a very active and fit Iranian lady 🙂 -commented on how much weight I have lost! I’m feeling inspired to keep going now. Let’s hope this visible change reflects on the scales too.

    Have a good weekend everyone x

    Hi everyone and a big welcome back to Hillsy!! I read a lot of the earlier posts and it’s great to have you back. I like your new approach and I’m actually doing something similar right now seen as life is well and truly in the way of proper fast days right now for me and will be for a while. I should be able to get to do one on Wednesday next week and apart from that it’s just cutting where I can and staying away from the naughty stuff so I don’t gain (I hope). Sorry I’m not posting much but I am keeping up with all your posts and will be back in the swing soon! Cheers everyone 🙂

    Beck, yes, that’s what I’m thinking–trying 700 calories twice a week as a gentler version. Yesterday was my first try. I have to confess I did not measure everything exactly, but I am sure I was under 700 (possibly even as low as 500, actually), and I felt really good–which I never did on fast days of 350 calories. Some hunger, of course, but none of the woozy, just-hang-on-til-bedtime-so-I-can-eat-tomorrow feeling. When I stepped on the scale this morning, I was shocked to see that I was down 1.3 kg (and I weighed myself three times in a row to make sure I was seeing right!). Of course that has to be about water weight or something, and I need to remind myself of that when I almost certainly pop up again over the weekend, but it was certainly a nice way to start the day! (Unfortunately, no medical results yet–I called my doctor’s office this morning, and the test results are in but he hasn’t looked at them yet. SIGH.)

    The bananas: I peel them and then put them in a freezer bag. I try to avoid bananas too because of the carbs, but we always have tonnes around because one of my children adores them–and then I need to find ways to use up the ones that starting getting overripe. And yes, I saw that you tried the cauliflower rice! Isn’t it great–when not overcooked, that is!

    FrauB, I saw that you were in Canada at some point? Are you Canadian originally, or were you just here temporarily. (I’m in Canada.)

    Pissupoosa, that must be so gratifying, for people to be noticing the weight loss!

    Good morning everybody!

    Pissupoosa, did you manage to exercise as planned? I went on a run on sunday and did different workouts on friday, saturday and sunday (the one on sunday was a pilates workout to stretch). I hope this week with the better weather I’ll manage to do something during the week to… 4 days nothing and then 3 days in a row doesn’t seem to be the best idea… Good for you to avoid the diet sodas on fast days, I think that’s a good decision. Because of the sweet taste your body expects more food/liquid and gets hungry faster. How did your weigh in go?

    Hillsy, are you getting your results back today? I really hope it’s nothing! I think I’ll try the frozen bananas too. After all I’m very sure that bananas are still a way better choice than regular ice cream and if it really tastes the same, it’s definitely worth the try!

    FrauB, are you already preaparing your move to asia? Trying to see everybody as much as possible before leaving? Or do you just have a lot on your plate right now? Anyway, I hope you can let go of 5:2 in a strict way for a while without feeling bad about it, that’s the beauty of the system, you can get back into it right away when you choose to.

    About me, I didn’t even do a half fast day since my fast last monday. I had one planned on friday, but then icecream got the better of me and from then on I just didn’t feel like it. My next FD will be tomorrow. I did mostly ok, only yesterday I had a really indulgent day. I think weightwise I’ll manage to be under 60 after the fast tomorrow, which is what I’m aiming at: to be under 60 (preferably nearer to 59) at least once a week. Maybe after the summer I’ll try to lose another 1-2 kg, but the important thing is to stay under 60 for the next 2 months.

    Have a nice day! Cheers

    Good morning!

    Hillsy- I lived in SE Ontario for about 2 years 2012-2013 but I am not Canadian, I’m British.
    Beck- yes exactly. Seeing people before we go (I fly in 10 days….) so dinners out a lot and social gatherings all over the place. A shake up like this seems to reduce my resolve. Like today, I could have fasted all day until a sushi dinner out and pretty much had a fast if I stayed away from alcohol but I’ve just finished off my son’s toast and peanut butter and had a slice of melon… 🙁
    I did a 5k run yesterday and managed to do it much quicker than I had in the training. I feel it in my thighs this morning but I’m really pleased. I need to force myself out for a jog this week though, because again, now I’ve done the 5k I know my resolve will go out the window.
    Beck, fingers crossed for under 60 after your fast day, I’m sure you’ll manage it.
    Hillsy- I hope the test results are good news.
    Pissupoosa – great about your clothes- such a great feeling! Did you do your weekend exercise? How was your weigh-in?
    Natasha- I hope you are doing well. What FDs have you planned for this week?
    Have a a good start to the week everyone! Cheers 🙂

    Hi all,

    Hillsy – I’ve seen your earlier posts. Good to have you back. You and Beck give me a lot of motivation to work towards a healthy stable weight. It’s great, thanks 🙂

    Banana ice cream sounds lovely, but I have a mental block about squashed banana’s unless they’re in a cake (crazy I know!!!). I love bananas on their own, but can’t get my head around it any other way (cut up on banoffee pie/grilled/mushed on toast etc!).
    Cauliflower rice on the other hand is a gold mine discovered on this blog – I love the stuff. I substitute it for rice during the week (NFD and FDs).
    Yes, people noticing my weight loss is a great motivator. Even my husband was commenting on my weight this weekend and he sees me everyday! On the other hand, the scales were a bit of a disappointment to say the least. Sunday morning I was 72.4 (0.5kg down), but this morning I was back up to 73.1! I think I should rely on clothing (and people noticing) to motivate and just use the scales to keep track! 🙁
    Saying all this, I did indulge in rice over the weekend 🙂 I did a lot of cooking for a friend who just had a baby, so was “tasting” as I went along! I need to really curb by rice intake! Now it’s only weekends but still…
    Could also be pre-time-of-the-month fluid retention…

    FrauB, so not long to go before the big move! Are you excited? I can imagine the fasting going a bit haywire with move preparation etc.

    Weekend exercise went as planned – 5k Parkrun on Saturday and my usual power yoga class on Sunday+30min walk before dinner. I also did a weights class (Body Pump type) this morning before work.
    I’ve signed up for this 8-day challenge to do 10,000 or more steps/day – today is day 3. Week days aren’t too bad but on weekends I have to make an extra effort to reach the step count (unless I do a Parkrun) – hence my pre-dinner walk last night.
    Might do a Kettle-bell class tomorrow if I’m not too knackered. Failing that, I’ll do a run in the evening.

    Tomorrow will be my fast day, then a second one on Thursday.

    Cheers all x

    Good morning!

    Well, I decided spontaneously that today is not going to be my FD. I had quite a bad night, the smaller one came to our bed already around midnight and after the 3rd kick in the face I brought him back to his bed around 1am. After that I lay awake until around 3.30 or even 4 am. Of course being tired makes me feel hungry and I’m tired. I have the opportunity to fit the FD in tomorrow, so that’s what I’m gonna do. Having said that, I weighed myself this morning, after two indulgent days in a row. I’m still under 60kg, so I think the weigh in after the FD will move closer to 59, which is according to plan (THE PLAN ist really important for me ;-)).

    Pissupoosa, don’t worry about the weight (yes, I know, who am I to talk!). I do get the impression, that I tend to weigh more the day after exercise. Sore muscles retain water for repair or something like that. Your clothes and above all comments from other people tell you a lot more!

    FrauB, well done about the 5k run! I’m impressed that you still fit the exercise in with all the preparations for your move and all the goodbye action going on.

    Hillsy, I hope you’re ok!

    Natasha, what’s going on?

    Hi everybody

    I’m on my FD today, this time for real. I have to say, although I never found it too hard with the 2 fast days per week it’s a lot nicer to only have to do one per week. Yesterday turned out to be a lower calorie day, I think it helped that I actually had my mind set to fast. So I stayed just under 1400 cal. Good for me, after two rather indulgent days before. Anyway, today I’ll have a tomato mozzarella onion salad for lunch and a green salad with leftover chicken for dinner.

    Anybody else fasting today?

    I tried my quasi-fast on Monday, but I think I failed! I wasn’t very rigourous about checking quantities and so on–but then the big fail came in the evening when I made cookies for one of my children to take to school. I love to bake, and I actually have virtually no trouble at all resisting baked goods, despite having a crazy sweet tooth. But while I am making them, I cannot cannot cannot avoid sampling as I go! (Pissupoosa, I know you will sympathize since you taste as you go too!) So, the combination of lack of rigour and sampling cookie meant was weight was UP post-fast day. Sigh. But I am trying not to get too uptight about it because my point this time round is to take it easier.

    In better news, I finally got my medical test results, and everything is fine. (Although that does mean that, in the absence of a more serious diagnosis, my symptoms probably suggest I am indeed heading for early menopause–depressing!)

    Today is not a fast day but I haven’t eaten much (just not very hungry) so perhaps it will balance out and tomorrow I can do a better job of fasting.

    Beck, postponing the fast was a good decision in that situation. I find when I am tired I just really need to eat!

    Pissupoosa, I realized recently that my phone tracks my steps, and I’ve been using that sometimes. I’ve been realizing lately that I should be focusing more on weight-bearing exercise. In the winter I walk a lot, but walking is boring, so once the snow goes, I get around by bicycle. And in winter, our main form of family recreation is cross-country skiing, but in summer, it’s cycling. (My children have surprising endurance for their ages, I find, so we actually cover a lot of ground.) And year-round, my deliberate exercise is generally the stationery bike. I hate running, and getting to the gym is so time-consuming–easier just to use the stationery bike instead. So in the summers, I’m really not spending that much time on my feet. So, although getting around by bicycle seems like a perfectly good, healthy thing to do, I’ve been trying to find excuses to switch in walking sometimes–if it looks like it might rain, I coax the children into walking to school instead of bicycling, and so on. On Monday I had an appointment a few kilometres away and I managed over 14000 steps by doing that on foot. It takes an effort of will, though–it’s so boring and so much more time-consuming than riding.

    FrauB, a move like that must be really hectic to organize! Good luck with it, and good for you for sticking with 5:2 and exercise through it!

    Good morning!

    Well my FD yesterday went ok (I was a little bit hungry, when I went to bed, but it was not too bad) and the step on the scale this morning shows, that the 6:1 maintenance plan seems to work: 59kg. That’s just what I aimed at, to have a weight that fluctuates mainly under 60kg. Monday I was 59.9, today 59. To be honest, I still count calories on most other days, just to know where I’m at and although I have nasty days (up to 2500 cal) it keeps me sort of in control, because I know I went to high and try to be better on other days. I hope that one day I will be able to do this naturally, without counting, but right now it’s more important to me, that I stabilize my weight longterm.

    Hillsy, don’t beat yourself up about the calories on this fast day. Michael Mosleys other diet, the blood sugar diet, has also a 5:2 version which contains of eating mediterrean type food (meaning low carb and above all try to avoid refined carbs and sugar) and 2 days of 800cal. I think in the end it doesn’t matter if you eat a little over 500, you had your fasting period and you had a low calorie day. Congratulations on the test results from your doctor, although I understand that the higher probability of early onset menopause is not a really nice option. But still better, right?

    I already had some exercise early in the morning, I brought the boys to their respective daycare (one from school, the other preschool) by bike in the bike trailer. Today is kind of a humid day, I was really sweating when I finally arrived at work! I will go running in my lunchbreak and return home by bike (although with an empty trailer, or max. one child) and then I think that has to be enough for today ;-). Well, actually, I made a new resolution. We have desks at work that are adjustable in height (what do you call these?) and my new resolution is to work standing up for at least 3 hours a day.

    Beck, I remember those days of pulling two in the bike trailer–excellent for the quads going up hills! I’ve experimented sometimes with a makeshift standing desk, and I find it very good. I can be a bit of a fidgeter, and I find that a standing desk helps (that is, I am not constantly finding excuses to get up and do other things, since I can fidget effectively while working!)

    Yes, the prospect of early onset menopause is very depressing–I am really struggling with this–but it is far better than cancer. And I guess I will never know whether I accelerated it with fasting or it was just coincidence that things went awry about a month after I began fasting. Ah well. And who knows–perhaps this stage will go on a long time.

    I am trying another fast day today. It’s a little difficult as my husband’s sister is in town for the week and I don’t like to advertise my efforts. But I’ll see what I can do.

    Hi all

    Hillsy – X-country skiing sounds like a fantastic family recreation. I do cycle, but not enough to call it proper exercise (unless I do a big charity ride). Cycling in London isn’t the safest and I’m not confident enough yet to cycle to work – working on it though. I invested in a Fitbit few months ago – it has motivated me to keep track of my steps and gradually increase how much I walk/run.
    About weight bearing exercises – yes, that’s very important. Specially with the possibility of early menopause, it would really help to increase and maintain bone strength as the oestrogen levels start to go down.

    First FD of the week for me. Should have been Tuesday but I lost self control and had some chocolate at tea time! Yesterday I was in Birmingham on a work meeting and it’s never practical to fast on those trips because they tend to give nice free lunches, lol :-p
    I’ll do the second FD tomorrow. Never done 2 consecutive days, so that should be interesting.
    I’ve felt OK today with fasting – breakfast was giant rolled oats soaked in unsweetened almond milk with a couple of dates chopped up for sweetness + a piece of papaya. Been sipping water all day. Had a mug of beef bullion around lunch time. Got an apple in the bag, just in case. I’m planning to skip dinner/supper – maybe a poached egg if I feel I really need something.

    Still keeping up with my >12,000 steps/week – day 6 of the Step Challenge.
    Weight was down to 71.9 this morning – 0.5kg down from last Sunday.

    All in all – I’m happy even though I’m going to miss my “below 70kg by end of June” target 🙂

    A good FD here today, I think. I was at about 500, maybe 600 (I put some almonds on a salad at supper, and didn’t measure them), and felt totally comfortable, not deprived at all (well, other than the chocolate cravings 🙂 ). A lot of walking (hit my 10000 steps just with the errands and things I had to do, no special effort), but didn’t manage to find time for a proper workout. Tomorrow!

    Pissupoosa, I’m hoping the double-fast goes well!

    Hello all, hope all is good. How are the FD/NFDs going?

    I gave in on my consecutive day fasting last Friday – last minute dinner plans came up with a friend.
    Did my usual 5K parkrun on Saturday morning. Cycled part way there and back. Sunday was a slow day cleaning and catching up with chores around the house.

    I meant to fast yesterday, but disaster struck 15mins into my morning weights class – I pulled my back!!! I did one of the moves wrong I think. Ice pack and painkillers helped me to get through work. I abandoned fasting.
    My back is a lot better today, thanks to anti-inflammatory tabs and gel.
    And I’m fasting 🙂
    I think I’ll take it gentle with exercise this week. Keep to aerobics and stay off weights for while longer.

    Hello all!

    Outch, Pissupoosa, I hope your back is fine again! I’m sure it’s a good idea to not overdo exercise this week. I did something similar, after a kettlebell training I woke up in the middle of the night, because my lower back really hurt trying to turn around in bed… I’m getting oooold… Anyway, I’ll be most careful about kettlebell exercises in the future!

    Had my FD yesterday and went for a run in my lunchbreak. Funnily enough my back and everything else was totally fine again. forgot to weigh this morning 😉

    Take care everybody!

    Sorry to hear about the sore backs! Hope you’re doing better now, Pissupoosa. Are the two of you doing kettlebell workouts at the gym or at home? I really need to shake up my exercise routine, but I find that home-based is far easier to work in than getting to a gym–so I’m scouting around for ideas!

    I did not end up fasting on Monday, and I thought I might make up for it on Tuesday, but I didn’t do that either. My sister-in-law was in town for the week and we were doing a LOT of hiking, kayaking, cycling, swimming, and I was really loathe to head into the woods for a long hike on an empty stomach, etc. I am hoping I sort of made up for it with all the activity!

    Today, though, is a more typical day, and so I’m fasting. So far so good but it’s only 10 AM. 🙂 At least, more typical in that I am not doing extreme amounts of physical activity, but my children are home on their summer break, so that requires more patience on low-calorie days!

    Hi all, ‘back’ pretty much back (ha ha) to normal, except for some small twinges when I turn in bed. Did a spin class this morning – thought best to avoid weight bearing exercise for this week at least.

    Hillsy, I don’t have kettlebells at home, so only in the gym – started with some personal training sessions few months ago to get posture/form right (which is important as I found to my peril on Monday!!!) and then been doing weekly group classes in the gym. I haven’t done a home workout in a while – they usually consist of just body weight workouts. Quite a lot of good ideas to be found on Pinterest. I also found the Fitbit (charge HR) quite inspirational to keep me moving – slightly expensive way to do it but cheaper than a gym membership for sure.
    Your week with the S-i-L sounds like fun! No gym or home workout can beat the great outdoors I think. Kayaking is something I’ve never tried – would love to give it a go.

    As for my week,
    Tuesday’s fast went fine until I mis(over)calculated the quantity of food for my dinner – I think my brain was a bit dulled by hunger by that time I got home, lol! Ended up having about 600cals, ouch! Hence not so successful FD, but hay-ho I shall learn from it.

    Second fast day today – So far so good. Veg omelette for dinner I think.

    How’s everyone else doing?

    Pissupoosa, glad to hear your back is on the mend! Kayaking is a lot of fun, but as it’s something I only do a handful of times each summer, it also serves as my annual reminder that I really lack upper body strength! So I always feel frustrated at how slowly I’m going. Didn’t help matters that my husband and I were in tandem kayaks with our children, and my little companion kept exhorting me to catch up to Daddy (who is very athletic, not to mention the advantages of testosterone and size). Not going to happen, sweetheart!

    I think I’ve been under my 700 calorie goal today–once again, I think it might be the case that what I’ve actually done is the 500 I should have been doing all long, instead of 300. So, if I can just hang on til bedtime I should be ok. I’m a bit hungry but not SERIOUSLY hungry, just the kind of hungry where snacking seems quite appealing…

    Fasting today–aiming for 500 to see if I can truly kickstart some weight loss/offset summer weekend excess. So far I’m at 162 calories (2:30 PM my time) and cranky that tonight’s supper plan involves me cooking something yummy! I really need to plan better so that we/they are having leftovers or something on fast days. But I want to be very disciplined with myself–next week we’re staying in a holiday home with my parents, and it will be very difficult to fast then–won’t have as much variety of food on hand for making it feasible, and I also really do not want to engage in conversation about it, and it would be hard especially at group suppers to be fasting without drawing attention.

    Also, I’ve decided to give running a shot. I tend to have foot and knee trouble, so I’m easing into it in the hopes that I can make this work. I’ve got good shoes, and three days of walk-run so far without trouble (other than the screeching of some thigh muscles that have clearly been neglected!), so we’ll see. My husband has done a lot of track coaching, so I’m getting him to set guidelines and goals for me. Enjoying it so far!

    I hope everyone else is going well!

    Hi everybody! I was a little bit lazy lately writing in this thread… but there was so much else going on, everytime I decided to write something came up! We’re very close to our summer holidays and as always one has to earn those in advance and probably pay for them after returning!

    Anway, I’m on my FD today and forgot my lunch at home… as it isn’t that much (haha) I’m sure I’ll be able to find something else like an apple and/or some cashews, but I had perfect sized cauliflower rice and tomato sauce with tuna, zucchini and carrots ready in the freezer, that would really have been something to look forward to. Well, it will probably be my dinner. I’m thinking about doing a second FD on friday, seeing that I maybe won’t be doing any proper FDs during my holidays. I will do a fast on monday or tuesday next week, before we leave on wednesday. And then just hope for the best!

    I was able to keep my weight very stable with one FD per week, which is a relief. So, if I should gain some weight during holidays I will just do some weeks of 5:2 and that should do the trick.

    Hillsy, seems you are really back in 5:2 by now, how is your body reacting? seems you are doing fine and staying closer to 500 than 700. Don’t worry about the holidays, you are so sporty (is that a word?!) and at a perfect BMI anyway. I don’t think that too much harm can be done in just a week, right? Good look with your running plans. I never was a big fan either, but it just fits so nicely in my lunch break and I normally only go for 5-7k, because I don’t like to be running for hours. But I think it’s a very nice addition to my other activities, as long as I don’t have to do it more than 1-2 times a week. Some runs feel great, others I just do because I planned to do them. You know what I mean… And yes, we do have kettlebells at home, 8, 10, 12 and 16kg. Right now I prefer HIIT exercises (although it always costs me some effort to start one of those, but they feel great after) or my favorites right now, combined pilates/strength exercises.

    Pissupoosa, how are you doing this week? Exercise routine back to normal? Fasting going ok?

    FrauB, I hope you arrived well and everything went according to plan. How are the children taking the big change? Did you already start working?

    Take care everybody and have a nice day, fasting or – even better – not fasting! 🙂

    Beck, that’s wonderful that you’ve been able to maintain on 6:1. That’s what I’d like to get to. I feel exactly the same about HIIT!

    I am happily NOT fasting today! 🙂

    When my husband was doing 5:2, he pointed out to me that pickles are low in calories–5 calories per pickle in the brand we tend to have on hand. So yesterday several times when I was struggling, I had a pickle–the strong taste made me not want more, and at 5 calories, it seemed perfect. Then, last night, I happened to notice something else on the bottle–each pickle has 5 calories, but 23% of one’s daily recommended sodium! So I was feeling very frustrated–I do notice that if I have a day with a lot of sodium, I retain water for about two days afterwards. So I thought, here I’ve fasted well all day, but when I step on the scales for the next few days, I won’t know whether I’m not making progress, or I’m just holding water. So then I drank a lot of water and lost track of how many times I was up in the night to go to the bathroom!

    My weight was close to 1 kg lower this morning than yesterday morning, which is relatively typical for post-fast, so I think I managed to flush out the sodium. Now, if I can just cope with the sleep deprivation today!

    Well, my FD went well yesterday, it really is true that after doing 5:2 for some time your body gets used to not getting as many calories on certain days. During FDs I figth a lot more with cravings for certain food (can be chocolate but other stuff too… like yesterday when somebody was transporting 13 pizzas in the bus) than with hunger. I even felt I cheated, because I wasn’t really hungry, but I actually only had about 450cal.

    Hillsy, you make me laugh! Sometimes I think you are so determined, that you make your life harder than it has to be. But then again, I can be exactly like you :-). Well, after this weightloss of 1 kg I think the solution is more pickles and more water :-). Are you close to your initial goal again?

    I’m still thinking I’ll do another FD on friday. But not 100% sure yet.

    Have a nice day everybody, take care!

    That’s so encouraging, Beck, that you feel comfortable with the lower calories on certain days. I hope I can get there!

    As for me, no, I am still 2 kg above my goal. I found that with the “take it more relaxed/700ish, don’t measure so much” I wasn’t really losing. I did the first time, and thought hurrah, this will work, but it must have been a weird water weight blip, because it came right back up. Hence being stricter now. (Also, I think at this point it is pretty clear that whatever is going on with my menstrual cycles, it’s not 5:2, because they still haven’t settled down. My doctor is running some more tests, but anything really serious has been ruled out, so that’s good.)

    Today is another fast day. I started the day with a 4 km walk/run–I’m gradually building to steady running. I’m not keen on first thing in the morning workouts, but it’s incredibly hot here (humidex over 40C by afternoon). I was especially not keen on it today because I did a morning walk/run yesterday and found it was a real appetite stimulant by midday! (Although then the heat suppressed it and I barely ate anything at supper.) My plan for at least one meal today is to take inspiration from you–cauliflower rice with tuna/tomato/zucchini.

    Wow, this week I did a sprint rather than running… My last workdays before the holidays and there was so much left to do… I managed to do the really urgent stuff, it will take me days to really let go and relax! I’m really happy to have a break from work, although I like my work very much.

    I will not be able to fast tomorrow, I forgot a friend of mine is coming to visit with her son, but that’s ok. I weighed myself this morning and was at a comfortable 59.3, safely under 60 😎

    Hillsy, you will get there again! You will probably lose weight while traveling, right? If I remember correctly you lose hunger while being away, isn’t it? And even if not, you’ll lose it later. That sounds really strange with your menstrual cycle, I hope it clears up soon!

    I’m so tired right now! Looking forward to my bed already 😴😴😴 good night!

    Wonderful, Beck, that you’re holding so steady! How long will you be on holiday for?

    And you have an amazing memory: yes, I often lose weight while travelling! Less so in this kind of situation, though, staying in a rented house–it’s more when we’re actually travelling around and most of the meals would be in restaurants and so on. Here, we’ll be going grocery shopping, stocking up the fridge, etc., and so I’m more likely to have my usual appetite! I’ll try to be restrained, though. I will be quite active, although I find that exercise has a negligible effect on my weight–it’s what I eat (or not) that makes the scale shift up or down, regardless of how much exercise I’m getting. (This makes no sense to me–shouldn’t it be that if I burn X amount of calories on exercise and don’t make up for it with extra food, I have a calorie deficit for that day, the same as if I had eaten less? But somehow it never seems to work that way!)

    Hi Hillsy, yes I’m really very steady now and delighted about it! I was a bit scared, that maintenance would be a Problem and a constant fight, but luckily it’s not! I will be away for 3 Weeks! 😎

    Yeah, I thought thesame about exercise and calorie burning , but the Link is not so direct. I think exercise is more for your overall amount of calories, but not comparable directly on the same day. Than there is the matter of the water and so on, which makes your weight move up or down. In the long run exercise pays out!

    Today we have a Babysitter and having dinner out, yeah! 😀

    How is everybody else doing?

    Hi all, it’s been a while since my last post, I know.

    Beck and Hillsy, it’s very inspiring to read about your maintenance diets 🙂 It really helps me get through my struggles of 5:2 and achieve my goal.

    Talking about my goal:
    Last week was a disaster in 5:2 terms. We had visitors staying with us all week and if we weren’t out eating, I was cooking most nights – so FDs sort of went out the window! Trying to get back to normal this week. Fasting today, but it’s been tough going though – a whole week off 5:2 and now back, I’m struggling to motivate my self and keep the hunger down. The fact that it’s 33 degC here in London (feels more like 50 degC!) at least helps a little with suppressing my appetite (way too hot to eat!). I’ve had some cherries for breakfast. Been drinking lots of water since then.
    I might go for a run after work. Did a morning bike ride on Sunday and a weights class yesterday.

    My husband and I are off to Scotland next weekend – we’ll be travelling around West of Scotland for 2 weeks with some friends. It’ll be interesting to see how I handle FDs while we’re out and about.

    Well, after 3 days of overeating I’m on my last FD before our holidays starting tomorrow. I don’t know how much I’ll be writing during this time, so I wish you all a good time and good luck with your endeavours, take care!

    Hi Guys

    I don’t know what happened – I stopped receiving emails letting me know that someone had posted on the group so I thought it had all gone quiet. Obviously that was a techincal glitch! Sorry I have been MIA, but Im back now. Haven’t yet had a chance to catch up with all the posts but will do as soon as I can.

    I stopped fasting a few weeks ago. I ws finding every week an up hill battle and I was dragging myself through each fast day. It was just not mentally working for me. So I stopped and resumed my normal eating habtis, which as Im sure you can imagine led to me gaining a couple of pounds.

    However, I have found a new motivator that has totally made me dedicated in a way that I wasnt before. My husband and I have been talking about trying for baby no.2 at the end of the year, so my new motivator is to loose the remaining baby weight from baby no.1, tone up and generally be in a healthier place for the next pregnancy. So now, I am doing 4:3, and going to the gym 2-3 times a week during my lunch break at work. This is fast day 2 of week 2 (so 5th fast day since I jumped back on the wagon) and I have already done a 45 workout this morning. I am absolutely shattered and I know Im going to be really tired today but thinking about the plans we have has some how made me able to get through it all much better than I ever did when I was only doing it for myself.

    Having weighed myself a few times since starting last Monday, I don’t see any real difference in the scales so far. But Im ploughing on, hopefully a few more weeks of the current routine will help to get things going.

    Fingers crossed I manage to stay awake….

    So…. nearly 4 hours later and total calorie intake at zero, I am grumpy, irritable, and in severe danger of losing my temper with a really horrible colleague! How much of that is to do with her or me is for debate, but on the plus side, I have made it through the morning without giving in!

    Hello lovely ladies! Or perhaps I should say “Hello from the other si-de”! I have my big move behind me and am writing this from SE Asia, which I now call home. My family are joining me on Sunday and then hopefully we’ll settle into our new lives here. Well as I predicted, fasting has been out of the window for a long time, probably about 5 weeks. However, I have noticed since getting here 12 days ago that I definitely making sensible choices (more often than previously anyway) and am very conscious of not wanting to eat if I’m not hungry. I’ve only had myself, not the whole family, to look after for 12 days and that helps in way. If I’m not hungry I’ve just had a handful of nuts and an orange instead of dinner and things like that, also I’ve consumed a lot less sugar and virtually no wheat or diary, just because of the change in local diet. I have no idea what I weigh because my scales were too heavy to bring over and I haven’t bought any yet, but I am pretty sure I haven’t put on any and I would guess I am about 58.5 which is about half way to my initial target. Exercise-wise I have found myself craving movement after quite sedentary days/ evenings in my new workplace/ hotel room. Everyone drives everywhere here and the heat means jogging has to be done early or late and I haven’t got into that yet. I have been on walks, taken part in a few zumba classes and swum in the small hotel pool to make sure I do at least something everyday. I’ve been tying to read all the posts and am still inspired by you all. I definitely plan to add in at least one fast day as soon as possible but I need to wait to get into a routine once the family is here to see how I can work it. All the best everyone! Cheers 🙂

    Good have you back Frau 🙂 Glad the move went OK. You must be missing your family, but not so long to go before they get there I guess.

    How’s everyone else doing?

    I’m fasting today – second day this week (week 8). Made a slight change to my usual routine – I skipped breakfast, going to have my 500 at dinner time when I get home. I want to see if it would be easier for me to go without any food till the end of the day. Lately I’ve found that I get hungry around lunch time and it’s a real struggle to stay away from food – very distracting too. So this is my little experiment. So far so good.

    Hi everybody, I’m back! The step on the scale this morning showed a gain of 1.4kg, which is more than ok because I didn’t fast at all during the holidays and didn’t restrict myself in anyway. So I will be back on 5:2 for some weeks to correct this and then probably 6:1 again. How is everybody doing? Hope you are all fine!


    Beck, that’s wonderful–glad to hear that it was not a big gain and that you are comfortable with it–and that you enjoyed yourself while away!

    I’m back too! I had a week away, a few days at home, and then another week away. Over the three weeks, I lost about 1.75 kilos, maybe a bit more. I’m pleased with that, because I wasn’t doing really structured fasting–just relying on seriously decreased appetite on travel days, and trying to be sensible (but also allowing lots of room for holiday indulgences) the rest of the time. Now, if I can just do that at home–I find I nibble so much here! I’d like to drop another kilo, and then maintain.

    I’m doing a fast day today, and it’s been good so far. For lunch, I cooked up some tomatoes, tuna and red peppers and put it on steamed cauliflower. Then I had the leftovers of that for supper. I didn’t measure quantities, other than for the tuna, because I had it in mind that cauliflower and tomatoes are both very low in calories, but there was so much left over at supper that I couldn’t actually finish it–all that cauliflower! (I hope I didn’t accidentally go over my allotment!)

    I hope everyone else is doing well!

    Hi Hillsy! Yes, it is wonderful. I was eating and drinking without restrictions for more than 3 weeks – although I tried to make healthy choices, but it’s just easier to eat healthy when it’s warm and you don’t have a TV. I had ice cream and everything else I liked. So I’m really happy with this small gain (I suspect I was close to 60kg when we left and am now 61kg and all the clothes still fit). I couldn’t get myself to do a fast day yet, but will start tomorrow and then next week two days, probably tuesday and thursday.

    Wow, a loss of almost 2kg, that’s great! I too am a nibbler at home, on holidays you just forget about nibbling or you don’t have as much stuff to nibble around, I don’t know… that last kilo will fly out the window and you will start maintenance in no time, yay! 🙂

    cauliflower and tomato really have virtually no calories, you can eat tons of this stuff! I don’t think you went over your allowance. By the way, it was a really nice change not to count calories at all for some time. Maybe I will stop counting them on non fast days, I don’t know yet. Maybe I’ll count until i start maintenance again. I will decide on the go…

    Take care everybody

    Well, here I am again! On my first fast day since… I don’t know… I think the last one was more than 3 weeks ago. I felt a little hungry almost since I got up, but it’s not a bad hunger. I already drank around 1.5 litres of water and tea. And will be going for a run in my lunch break. For after I brought a green salad with red peppers and a babybel cheese. Tonight I suppose there will be more salad and some meat (BBQ). It’s surprisingly easy to get back in fast mode, I hope it stays that way!

    This morning I was already lighter than the day before, 60.7kg. I hope this fast day takes me under 60.5.

    In the meantime I had time to read the posts I missed in my absence. Welcome back frauB, glad to hear that your first weeks went well and great, that you didn’t gain any weight! Welcome back Natasha, I think it’s great that you didn’t give up and are back on track.

    Have a great day everybody!

    Well, what can I say… 59.8 😳😃😅. I didn’t expect THAT! But of course I’ll take it. Let’s see how it goes in the next couple of weeks.

    I was quite hungry yesterday evening, obviously my body was a bit shocked about fasting again… But it was worth sticking to it!

    It’s really quiet here, hope you’re all ok!

    Hi all, I’m back from holidays too 🙂 Good to read all the posts I’ve missed. Great effort Beck and Hillsy on keeping the weight down and glad you both had a good time away.

    I had a lovely time walking/hiking in the west of Scotland. I put 5:2 on hold for 2 weeks – ate to my heart’s content. Because we were walking 8-9 km/day on average and for reasons of practicality, I didn’t really fast.

    But lo-and-behold, I had LOST 0.5 kg while I was away! I must say, that was a lovely surprise 😀

    Since getting back I’ve also started hot yoga again. Something I used to do until last year, but had to stop because I moved my work place and it was too far to travel. A new place opened up closer to me so, I promptly registered before going away 🙂 My body is still getting used to the 40deg heat of the yoga studio, so only doing it on the days I’m not fasting at the moment.
    I’ve also been out cycling since I got back – lovely weather here in London so making the most of it.

    First fast day today after the holidays. Bit of a shock to the system, but slightly easier since I haven’t had any food so far today apart from water. Will take the full 500cals for dinner in the form of home-made chicken curry with cauliflower-rice + salad.

    Hope the others are also doing fine. All the best with FD/NFD, whichever it may be.

    Well done, both of you!! Way to go on getting below 60 again, Beck, and Pissupoosa, hurrah for losing weight on holiday! I’ve just gotten back from another 4 day trip, and as I was expecting with this one, the scale is up. But I’m not beating myself up about it. Fasting today, and so far so good. It should be easier to stick to the schedule for the next couple of weeks, at least.

    Pissupoosa, that’s great to hear! Nice surprises are the best 🙂

    Hillsy, good job not beating yourself up. As we all know, sticking to 5:2 again all gained weight can be lost!

    I’m pretty sure I gained some weight over a rather indulgent weekend, but I learned to see things more relaxed. Today I’m on my FD number one for this week. So far I had a coffee with milk (=60cal). It’s not the best day today for fasting, because my goddaughter is turning 7 today and I’m invited for the party, but I didn’t really have a choice. Yesterday was a holiday here, tomorrow I have a lunchdate and thursday a dinnerdate. Friday is planned to be the second FD. But anyway, I skipped lunch, that leaves me with 440cal. I’ll go there by car with my two children, so I have an excuse for not drinking and if I make sensible choices I’ll hopefully stay within my allowance.


    Does this group have room for a late 30s American mom??

    I have been on and off again with 5:2 for a few years. I don’t have too much to lose, but I’m currently 10 pounds over my comfortable weight. I know these first few weeks will be hard, but I love the benefits I get from fasting.

    If anyone has advice on how to stay on the fasting wagon, I’d appreciate it! I plan to fast today and Thursday this week. I like to do the traditional 5:2 method of 500 calories twice a week. I don’t count calories the other days, but I do get in exercise on my non-fasting days.

    Anyone else fasting today?

    Thanks and have a good day!

    Hi Em and welcome! Of course there’s room for you in this group. I think there’s no real advice on how to stick with 5:2, it’s all about the right mindset and trying to develop a routine.

    I had a rather atypical fast day today, I filled my 500cal allowance with pizza and cake, but I think I did alright. I’m hungry now (thank you refined carbs) but it will pass.

    Thanks Beck, support is so important in everything we do, and this forum has helped me in the past.

    500 calories is 500 calories, it sounds like you enjoyed yours today!

    I do usually break mine up, about 200 calorie lunch and 300 calorie dinner. I’d like to get to the point of having a 500 calorie dinner.

    How has your progress been with 5:2?

    I hope you enjoy your evening, are you from England? I’m about to go for a walk to enjoy the sunshine here.

    Hi Em

    My normal FD is similar to yours, I eat something small around lunch (as late as possible, around 1-2 pm) and save what I can for dinner. I try to stay away from carbs in general on fast days, especially refined carbs. Yesterday was special because it was my goddaughters birthday party. There were no sensible choices to be made, because pizza and bratwurst and cake was all there was… 😉

    My progress has been great. I started in march after having gained 2kg from stopping to smoke. until june I lost 8kg and started maintaining with 6:1 at under 60kg (which was 7kg less then my start weight of 67kg). After returning from my holidays last week I’m restarting 5:2 to loose the additional holiday weight of a little bit more than 1kg.

    I’m from Switzerland. Where in the US do you live?

    Welcome Em! More the merrier I think 🙂

    I (re-)started 5:2 in June and have been experimenting with my food and fast days. This forum is VERY helpful and supportive. One big lesson I learnt (since the last time I did 5:2) was to ditch diet fizz on fast days! Helped me immensely to keep sugar cravings at bay. I started with 250:250 cal split over breakfast and dinner as most people do, but recently I’ve been taking my full 500cals at dinner time. I find this easier because I get over the hunger pangs earlier in the day.
    My progress has been quite slow compared to the others – I’ve only lost ~3kg in the last 12 weeks. Saying that, I’ve seen and felt a much bigger difference in my body since I started – I dropped a whole dress/jeans size AND a bra cup size! I feel a lot lighter now to the point my husband (who sees me everyday) is comments on my weight loss.

    I managed to lose 0.5kg while on holiday and not sticking to 5:2 (We did a lot of hiking)! – so it’s swings and roundabouts for me. I persevere with the FDs. I have a long way to go to achieve my goal weight – below 60kg (I’m 70.5kg now).

    My weakness is refined carbs – rice, cake, ice-cream etc etc. I try to keep away from those during the week. I’m not always successful, but what I’ve noticed in the last few months is that I feel full a lot quicker than I used to, so I end up eating less even on a non-FD.

    This week, I fasted on Monday and will do again tomorrow.

    In terms of workouts, I exercise 4-5 days/week – a combination of running, cycling, gym (spin, weights, TRX) and hot yoga. I did a 3km run last night. Hot yoga tonight and Fri night and TRX tomorrow planned so far. Probably do Parkrun (local 5k run) and a bike ride over the weekend.

    I live in London (originally from Sri Lanka).

    Hello everyone,

    Beck, I live in the Midwest, close to Chicago. The winters are dreadful here, but the summer is glorious. I can start to see the days getting shorter now, which makes me a bit sad.

    Pissupoosa, I like to workout like you do. I do HIIT workouts at our gym, play tennis, run outside and take the occasional spin classes. I really want to start to work in yoga into my schedule, but worry I don’t have the patience for it. That may be my goal after I complete my weight loss goal (one thing at a time for me)!

    My weight has been creeping up lately and I hate the idea of dieting day in and day out. I love 5:2 because it doesn’t cost anything and it gives me clear and simple guidelines. My personally seems to agree with it!

    I had a successful fast day on Tuesday, and I’m having another one today. Anyone have ideas about how to keep busy??

    Do you all like to try and keep your two days the same, or do you plan them according to your schedule? I think it’s better for me to try to keep the same days, but sometimes a social event forces me to change the day.

    I looked up pounds to kg, and I’d like to lost about 6 kg and 56 kg is my goal weight.

    Good luck to all the Fasters today!


    Hi all,

    Second fasting today. Had a OXO beef cube around lunch time to tide me over till dinner. Feeling a little hungry now but no other ill effects 🙂
    Got TRX later.

    Sorry about the pounds-kilo thing Em! Having been in the UK for 20 years, my brain should be used to pounds by now but apparently it isn’t :-p

    To answer your questions:
    I keep busy with work mostly – I only fast during the week when I’m at work, so I have work to distract me from food. I’m a pathologist by the way (no dead bodies though, lol, only lab tests etc)
    Your second question about regularity of FDs – I try and stick to Tuesday and Thursday, but generally flexible if social events come up.

    Regular workouts/cycling/yoga are my dose of anti-depressant Em 🙂
    About 2 years ago I went through a family bereavement and started on anti-depressants to cope that and other stuff that came along. But at the beginning of this year, I decided to find an alternative to medication. It has worked wonders to my mood and general stress. I started 5:2 few months after getting established into a comfortable workout routine, so I could work out and fast on the same day when I wanted to.

    Hot (bikram) yoga is my first love in terms of workouts 😛
    Recently a new gym opened up in London where they do Hot yoga (+other types of yoga), HIIT and spin – this is the dream gym as far as I’m concerned AND in a place I can get to easily! So I’m in the process of cancelling my regular gym and joining this place. I had given up hot yoga because it’s very expensive to do both in separate places.
    I know what you mean about patience, it took me a while to get used to yoga – I still prefer the more energetic forms of yoga because of this. I’d say give it a try and see – never know till you try.

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