Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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Mid Fifties – Just starting and hoping to lose weight (yet again)?!

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  • Wow Milena Copenhagen sounds amazing! We have been there but only for an afternoon, on the return leg of a coach holiday to Russia. The little mermaid is just that, little.

    Well done mammar and Fg, you both seem to be making a good start. How are you doing Dollysue?

    I did a 400 calorie fast yesterday, finishing with thin homemade soup at 6pm and I have had nothing to eat since. Just black coffees, loads of water and just tried green tea for the first time, it doesn’t taste of much. I will be having a cup of Bovril for tea while my oh has a fray bentos pie and oven chips! That will be a challenge. Not long till breakfast tomorrow.
    Happy fasting!


    Well done Mammar and FatGraham! I think a good general rule is to avoid eating if you feel no hunger. You really can’t go wrong there.

    Personally, even though I’ve been sticking to the 5:2 and haven’t been the least bit off, my weight has crept up from the lowest it’s been on Saturday morning (yes, even after a fast day). I’m beginning to think that maybe my weight has gone down enough that I need to lower my TDEE again. I thought I was already at goal TDEE, but maybe not (since I have been toying with lowering my goal, a lower TDEE would be in order).

    Starting today, I’m lowering my daily calorie intake by 240 (that means I’ll only have four Tablespoons of olive oil per day instead of six). This is only until I see the naturopath again a week from this Friday. I figure in that amount of time it can’t do much harm, and I’ll have some good data for us both when I see him again.

    Happy fasting Applepie–my turn tomorrow!

    So.. 1000 calories only today and I don’t even feel the least bit hungry. I even had 2 chocolate squares!
    I hope the scales have a good story to tell tomorrow morning.
    I intend to have a nice substantial lunch tomorrow..I will be working from home, so no rushing around. Looking forward to tomorrow.

    Good job Applepie. I don’t think I can just have watery soup, especially sitting next to pie & chips, so I do admire your will power.

    Hi Salma,

    If it wasn’t for all the olive oil, I could have a 1000-calorie day. However, given all that oil, it’s barely possible to have actual meals besides. It will be interesting to see what happens when I lower the oil. That will get my daily calorie count below my new TDEE of 1400. I suppose if all else fails I could try throwing in an extra fast day as well–depending on what the naturopath says–but I’m going to stick to 5:2 for the moment. I hope the scales are good to you tomorrow!

    hi I’m 54, been on all the different diets but got bored very quickly and put weight back on. Going to the gym is good, but not really ever contributed to weight loss. I’ve been doing the fast diet since the 7th January and have lost just over 4kg. I love this diet- I don’t think about food as much, and I do think it’s good to actually feel hungry! I can honestly say I haven’t cheated- I just say to myself- you can have that item tomorrow. Try not to focus on the total weight you need to lose, pick smaller goals. Decide what days (Tues and Thurs for me) that suit you, and change them in advance if you get an occasion that you can’t avoid eating at. I do go to bed earlier on fast days to avoid wanting something to eat!
    Keep going!!

    Welcome Beanie M! Glad you’re with us and that 5:2 is working for you.

    Welcome to all the newbies! So great to see more and more people joining in!

    I had a good “eating” day. I stayed within my TDEE and had a great variety of foods. The one thing I stayed away from was sugar, so that’s a success! I did allow myself a beer after work. A couple times a week, that is my treat.

    Had a great boot camp workout this morning. We did cardio boxing and we pounded on the heavy bag! In between sets of that we were running and also doing some AB work on the floor. I was a tired pup when I was finished.

    Planning a fast again tomorrow and then a half fast on Thursday.

    Good night all!

    Great going Lori,

    Keep up the good work! I’m off to the gym soon myself, and aerials after that. BTW, I just discovered this and was wondering if any Brits have tried this product:


    I will run it by the naturopath before ordering (and likely the nutritionist as well), but an entire meal in 102 calories seems great–for fast days or any day when you don’t have time to cook and need complete nutrition. What do you think?

    Well done everyone, we will all be supercars before we know it.

    I’be had a real hic and farty day, didn’t get dressed, though stated working at 7am, still at it.

    Had porridge around 2pm, half a seed and wholemeal loaf crust with a scraping of butter at 5, other half at seven.

    Did think some protein and veg might be good, but did nothing about it, except one tiny tomato. So having a cup of hot milk, maybe plan better tomorrow.

    Think I’ll fast again, Graham, back to back doesn’t seem to harm me. Gives me loads of energy actually, I bounce off walls.

    Doing a valuation day on Thursday, free lunch for my trouble, fab food too. Fasting tomorrow means I can enjoy it, and we are off to court over the other side of Scotland Friday, could be a long day so don’t want to sit there rumbling.

    Will have to weigh myself in the morning to see if I’ve managed to reverse my gains at all.

    Quite surprised I’m straight back in harness, shows this WOE works.

    Welcome Beany, good start.

    Janeyw, I was thinking of you as I glugged my olive oil over my bread the other night. Love the stuff so might have to find a spare couple of hundred calories a week so I can indulge.

    Lori, forgive my ignorance, what do you do on boot camp. Son has boxing gloves and one of those bag things, he is pestering his dad to hang it somewhere.

    Travel hopefully ….

    Milena, the olive oil is really good for you. My issue with it is that my TDEE is so low (well I just lowered it by 200 calories), so it’s difficult to eat much else after all the olive oil and psyllium. I hope I do OK cutting out 2 Tablespoons of it (that I did for the first time today). The scales will tell the tale tomorrow, but at least tomorrow is also a fast day.

    Finally. a normal eating day.
    Weighed myself this morning: 90Kg (3 Kg loss since start early Feb).. not too bad. If only I can nudge the scales to under 90, it would feel better. Maybe before my trip on April 1, I will be under this stubborn number.

    Milena.. were the scales kind today?
    Janeyw.. I can’t imagine surviving on 1400, and that’s on non-fast days. Your determination is amazing.

    BeanieM.. welcome and you seem to be a similar soul to me. I am also 54 and have tried most diets and got bored. So far, this is working for me mainly because I can have a normal life and not count calories or think about food on non-fast days. Welcome onboard and do jump in with progress and thoughts.

    Have a great day everyone.

    Staring another Fast day in the face! I have a feeling it may be a difficult one. I’m just feeling a bit hungry now, but it will pass. I just have to remember that lower number on the scale this morning and have a good fast day so I can see an even lower number tomorrow!

    Milena…boot camp is HIIT(High Intensity Interval Training). We do a bit of everything…running, jumping jacks, push ups, work with dumbbells etc etc. It is the hardest thing I’ve ever done, but the changes it makes in your body are remarkable. I’ve been doing it for over 2 years and have about 350 sessions completed.

    Salma…enjoy your normal eating day. I sure enjoyed mine yesterday! Congrats on a great loss since the beginning of Feb! You have a good couple of weeks until your trip, I’m sure you’ll reach your goal.

    Jayne, I’m intrigued by all the olive oil you drink! I take a TB of coconut oil in a cup of coffee on normal days, but don’t use it on fast days because of the high calorie count. On Fast days is the oil the only calories you take in?

    I’m enjoying my morning off from exercise. Just sipping coffee and catching up with all of you. Hope you have a wonderful day!

    Hi Salma, looking good gal!!!! Sooo pleased for you.

    Scales were brilliant for OH, same weight as before he went. Interesting that we reacted so differently, I suppose it’s the wine, but at least I didn’t let down FA, Chablis and Sancerre! Life is now definitely too short for cheap wine!

    You asked what I bought? The fair was really odd, thought we were in the car boot section at first – we weren’t, it was at the other end of the very large hall. Bought tons on one table, I had met the guy before, very dour, usually very expensive. Eventually picked up a solje brooch, traditional Norwegian jewellery, he asked around forty pounds for it, I pointed out it was priced at 300 pounds, def 40! He said he was closing his shop. Bought half his stall, went back the next day and he had brought in more. Pure luck.

    And we discovered the Jensen/Royal Copenhagen outlet shop!!!!

    As I’ve said, it’s a hard life……..

    Interesting that the Danes are nearly all thin, yet they don’t seem to stop eating or drinking! Or perhaps seeing only on MacDonald and no Greggs might be a clue.

    Lots of cycling though, if I can get my backside into the outer regions of ‘normal’ – I think the test might be that son doesn’t actually split his sides laughing – might dig out my bike.

    Definitely another fast day today, might leave the weigh in until Thursday.

    Jayneyw, do you just drink the oil by the spoonful, or use it as a dressing?

    Have a great day everyone, travel hopefully

    Hi Everyone,

    First let me clear up one mystery. At this point I have no food on fast days–just psyllium thrice, the stevia flavouring and natural energy powder I put in my water, and my supplements–no olive oil.

    On feast days, until yesterday I had 2 Tablespoons of olive oil thrice daily, but starting yesterday, I’ve cut that to 2 Tablespoons of olive oil twice daily (to cut my TDEE below 1400–my idea, not the naturopath’s–yet)–on food (i.e. sausage, veggies, salad, etc.) and in meal replacement shakes. Not once have I ever just drunk it down (though once or twice when I didn’t have time to have veggies with dinner I have mixed the olive oil in with the psyllium and stevia–but that isn’t something I like to make habitual).

    Also, to clarify, I decided to lower the TDEE because I was thinking of lowering my goal weight and I hit a mini-plateau and wanted to see if this could get the scales to start moving downward again. Please also bear in mind that I’m all of 4′ 10″, so can’t have much of a TDEE in the first place–unless I work out like a fiend daily–which I don’t ;-). Alternatively I could throw in an extra fast day, but wanted to hold off on that until my next appointment with the naturopath a week from Friday. It might be interesting to both lower the TDEE AND throw in an extra fast day, but as I’ve said, I’ll wait on that for now. I’m sure the naturopath isn’t going to like that I’ve lowered the olive oil, but I thought it was worth trying briefly.

    I hope that makes sense. Also Lori, thanks for clarifying about boot camp. I didn’t realize it was HIIT. I’m currently doing half an hour of HIIT thrice weekly (in addition to strength training and aerials thrice weekly). Like I’ve said before, I’m doing that now because once my new job starts (whenever that is) I’m not sure exactly how often I’ll be able to exercise (but hopefully at least four times weekly). I hope this clarifies things.

    Sounds like you had a great trip indeed Milena. I bet you wish they were all like that!

    H All

    I am on another thread in this forum. I have lost 11lb since 8th January. I have a long way to go about 7 stone more.

    Not sure who was buying audio books on this thread, but I get mine from online library. I live in Hampshire, England but I know different libraries have this service all over the world. I use overdrive it is an app. It allows you to borrow reading books as well.

    I am going to a health trainer today, this service is free on the NHS I see him every six weeks. I have so far lost every time I have seen him. Not a lot but some weight. For whoever was shocked when they found out they were obese. I need to get into the severely obese category from the morbidly obese. That is my first target. Then hopefully down to the obese.

    I am in it for the long haul. I can only see my trainer a certain number of times and then I must stop. I need to have a three month break and then I can go back to him. Those are the rules!! I think that this is mad especially for the people who are currently losing weight with their support. At least this will get me well on my way. I will join the gym in between, I have a small one near me and you pay per session, with no monthly fee.

    Good luck with your weight losses. I am on day two this week. I just need to be better in the days in between.


    Hi Jayneyw, it was wonderful, looking at the flights now for a return trip, though probably for just two or three days.

    Glad you mentioned that you are wee, had me a tad confused when you first explained things, your regime is most interesting. Must say usually when folk start talking – writing – the science, I glaze over. Not good, though just managed to refuse to go for a latte with OH, doable but probably not the best choice on a fast day with only 230 calories left. Though if he asks me again………..

    I reckon if a decent rack was invented, it would make the inventor a fortune. Im 5’3″ and a stretch to 5’9″ would be lovely, I would be carrying this weight so much better.

    The racks used in tudor times tended to yank arms and legs out of sockets, a bit painful, though i suppose that was the object of the exercise.

    And as no one has bothered sorting out childbirth, periods or the menopause, cant see an invention anytime soon.

    I have a tablespoonful of coconut oil a day, but just swish it around my gums for 15 minutes, then spit it out. Tried it straight out of the jar instead of warming it to oil, nearly threw up. Havent cooked with it yet though.

    How are things jobwise, or is it still on the back burner at the mo?

    Travel hopefully

    Great loss Ginette and welcome here. Ive over 5 stone to lose, originally thought three, but I really think 5 might be achieveable! So Im with you for the longhaul, together with some others on this thread.

    Keep on being a loser – and travel hopefully!!

    Thanks Milena

    I find it better to think of it in half stones. Seems more achievable.

    How long have you been on it?


    Hi Thank you for all of your support. After my first day of fasting I am pleased with myself. I am fasting again tomorrow and hopefully it will go as well as Tuesdays.

    Hi All,

    Milena, do let us know when you’ll be traveling again. Just FII, so far (at least for this morning) lowering the olive oil doesn’t seem to have helped much, but I will keep trying it for the rest of this week anyway. I think fasting today will really tell the tale though.

    Welcome Ginette, and have a great week all!

    Hi Ginette, was a skinny minnie til I hit 33, put on about six stone in 24 years, with the odd half hearted attempt to lose it. So realistically want to lose most of it in two years.

    I hit 91kilos, 14 stone 5, and that was D-day. Decided 1st Jan was the rest of my life, and had a good talk with myself. Joining the forums was the best thing,first time I ever wrote down my weight, and everyone knows it. Since then, told hubby,son and one friend. Set my first target to be 83kg by end of this month, and allowed for a great, guilt free but not wine free trip, just checked, despite major blowout, scales are 83kg. I got down to 81.5 last week, so will be back there soon. Next target my day before the birth pregnancy weight, 78 kilos, to think I had pre-eclampsia, a seven pound baby and an eight pound fibroid, puts my starting weight into perspective! Son is nineteen so cant really blame it all on him, though I probably will. Pre pregnancy weight is a dream at the mo!!

    I really feel, for the first time in years, in control, of my weight, my food and my life.

    It took a while to get going, but I’m working with myself. I dont exercise, just a little walking, but that is more than I did last year. And I will do more, Salma is my hero, that lady is fearing the gym as much as I am, and she is doing it! And Im working up to the day I can talk HIIT with some of the others. Just need to get some weight off my legs, still swollen still retaining water, but when they sort themselves, Ill be there.

    So nearly three months, not a long time, but we are all n this journey, I dont need to go to a class and pay money to be embarrassed. I do though want to go into a M&S chsnging room and not hate my reflection!!!!

    Glad you are all on this journey eith me – trsvel hopefully!

    Hi Milena

    My mother became seriously I’ll quite quickly so I had to move her in with me. In 5 years I put on six stone. I think it was the worry. After that I just carried in putting on weight. I missed my 10% weight loss target by 1lb today. This is from year. Before 5:2.

    I have another appointment with trainer in 6 weeks. At least I will have done it by then.

    He doesn’t really approve of 5:2 although he is pleased I am losing weight. He thinks when I come of of it I will put weight on. I am happy as long as I am losing and I just need to prove him wrong.


    Hi Ginette and welcome to our forum.
    I am the one who was shocked at being called obese.. it is not a very nice word, is it? Everything in life is relative. My waist is now over 25 cm bigger than it used to be in my twenties, my weight is greater than the highest it was during pregnancy (yes.. me too Milena).. and it just seemed like everything was going widthways (as well as South).

    I hope that you will not think of stopping the 5:2 when you are down to the weight you want to be, but just to maybe change it to 6:1. This is more a way of life than a diet. I think you WILL prove your doctor wrong.

    Mammar.. way to go! I was wondering how you were getting on. Do keep writing and letting us know how it’s going.

    Milena.. you had me laugh out loud. You really have a gift.. have you considered writing? I mean for a column or something? Your writing style reminds me of my sister, and she is working towards becoming a writer (a comic writer). I think you would do great.

    Well.. today was not a fasting day and I did overdo it a bit I think, but I will be fasting tomorrow, and I hope there is not too much damage. Three glasses of white wine at a reception and some of those mini bites that are just oozing calories.. got home and had a half a big mango. Why? It was sitting in my fridge and about to spoil. Is that a good reason? NO! Still, there is now more space in my fridge. Talk about silver lining..

    Just a thought, or rather a question: What is the food that you find hardest to resist?

    Hi Applepie, she is! A small city but you cant do it in a day.

    I once worked for an american millionaire, ran the office in his factory – bought and sold shire horses too but thats another story!! Anyway, he and is wife went to ‘do’ Europe, bought a huge Harley Davidson, left Monday morning, they were back by Friday, nine countries done, and we were 6 hours from Dover! They did see the Eiffel tower but missed the Louvre! Though I cant talk, once went to Piza and didnt see the leaning tower – but then again was searching for a Saab garage, an altercation with a pot hole in the mont blanc tunnel! No SAAB garages anywhere in Italy, luckily had brainwave and got a wheel shipped from Edinburgh.

    Salma, was pondering a blog, the world does 5:2!!! Already started a sitcom, OH’s best mate has a really funny life – well his life is a total disaster, with catastrophies and calamities for light relief – well not very funny at all really, but he relates his tales of woe with a dead pan expression, latest was going into a puddle in a forest, in the wilds of Scotland in a range rover, in snow, in January he jumped out when the water hit the windows, his passengers stayed put, his SOS on the satellite phone was ignored as they thought he was joking! Well, he did see the funny sude, eventually.

    Just finished back to back fast, well now finished eating on today’s fast, things you do when a free lunch is on offer! Does anyone fast Saturdays? Jayneyw? Is it even allowed? Thinking about it, already offsetting tomorrows lunch.

    Graham, hope you went easy on the mayo, I had lashings, it put on 2.5 kilos in 5 days. Couldn’t possibly have been the wine, there is no fat in wine!!! Hope you enjoyed it.

    Travel hopefully ……

    Hi Salma

    No I will prove him wrong. I also will go to 6:1 as I couldn’t do so well (if I get there) and then chance putting it back on. I also think the health benefits are worth it. I normally eat in an 8 hour window as I am not one for breakfast, but must have my cups of tea. I don’t take sugar and have skimmed milk.

    You can get 2% fat Mayo from Aldi. I have made coleslaw with it and it tastes ok and I do like a bit of coleslaw with salad. I have to wait until nicer weather to eat a lot of salad though. The fry light Ceaser spray for salads is quite nice. I also have red wine vinegar with french mustard (the French one not the English one they call French). Spring is nearly here and the salads only around the corner.

    Thanks all of you who have welcomed me and for all of your support. I am also on the thread for ladies of a certain age. I find that good as when you are younger you can lose weight more easily but at 50+ it becomes more difficult.

    We will make it together far more easily than we can on our own.


    Joining in the conversation. See several names from other threads which is nice but also many new/others.
    2nd fast day (this go around-have done IF before successfully-that is until stopped!). A little bit of hunger this time compared to Monday. Normal days will be Mon and Thurs but have an event tomorrow with lots of champagne so I want to be able to enjoy! Alos hoping to throw a FD on Saturday in the mix as often as I can.

    Today, broke-fast at 2:30pm with a few blueberries and some almond milk. Fish, veggies and some butter (I don’t eat low fat) for dinner.

    Hope everyone had a good fast or feed day.


    Another fast day today.. I have already been to the gym and am starving and it isn’t yet 12:00. I am not sure how I will last today (I am already fantasizing about the vegetable soup later on today), but I am determined to do so as the scales have been unkind this morning. Back to 90.6 (600 gms increase in ONE day).. It must be the wine, Milena, it must be the wine. I am glad to know you are working on a sitcom.. your poor friend, though.. I hope he will be able to see the funny side of having his life splayed as fodder for amusement of others. I think if anyone can make him do so, it probably is you 🙂

    I hope you all have a great day today.

    Hi All

    I am on my very first second fast, going ok and have been reading all the threads. I have 7 stone to lose feels a bit daunting though but I will get there. Reading what you all are doing has given me real encouragement. Ive got a little emotional writing this but Im heading in the right direction now.

    Hi Mammar..
    Hang in there.. Just think that the time will pass anyway whether you are at the present weight or higher or lower.. Wouldn’t it be best if it was 7 Stones lower? I think the main failing of any diet is that we all want to see results so quickly. We all got here bit by bit.. we didn’t get fat overnight, so we will only get slim over TIME. That is why we call ourselves Foodaholics Anonymous.. we take it one day at a time and celebrate small successes. Your 1 lb loss will lead to 7 Lbs loss which will eventually lead to 7 stones. There is no great hurry.. the main thing is to be on the right path, and remember, this should not be a diet, but a new way of life. When we have finally reached target, we can do a 6:1 week and we should remain alright. My biggest failing in previous diets was not the losing of the weight (I have lost 25 and 30 Kgs at different times) but keeping it off.

    Good luck and just see this day through (I am suffering right along with you).. remember: small successes will add up to big ones, or rather, small losses will add up to big ones!

    Hi all, Milena, went to make my pastrami sandwiches and discovered I hadn’t got any bread out of the freezer, so had to make do with chicken tikka masala with rice. I’m on a FD and I’m now thinking of chicken tikka masala. Why do I torment myself!

    Hi everyone first day to day and first time to join a forum or write a post! My objective is to get thin and stay that way. Any help/support/advice greatfully received. Some of my bad habits are wine, eating up leftovers, picking, chips, crisps and many more.

    Good Morning!

    As predicted, yesterday’s fast was difficult. I ended the day at about 800 calories, but no matter, the scale was still kind. I’m down 3 lbs for the week so far! Feeling fantastic. Today is a 1,000 calorie day and then tomorrow I shall have a treat!

    Had an awesome boot camp workout this morning. It will be my last one until Monday, so I have a few rest days in front of me. I may do a couple miles on the treadmill at some point this weekend. I’m so anxious to be able to run outside! I was hopeful that it would be soon, but more snow coming tomorrow. This is the winter that won’t die!!

    How is everyone’s week going?

    Hi Mammar

    I like you have about 7 stones to lose. I have lost about 12lbs so far since 8th January.

    As Salma has said we took a long time to get to this much overweight so it will take us a long time to lose it. Look at it in 7lb targets. I hope to lose about 3 stone a year. That works out at just over 3lb a month. If I only lose 2 or 2.5 stone then that is a really good loss as well. .

    You will have weeks when you don’t lose much weight, don’t despair on these. Hit the forum and have a moan, you will see how many people are the same.

    I find now that my taste has changed and I eat more healthily during the rest of the week. I still have treats and sometimes more than I should. You need to plan for the next week what you are going to eat so you have an overall idea. I only buy really unhealthy food if I can restrict myself on it.

    I love cheese but only have it occasionally. I could eat it daily. Next time I have some I will open it cut it into three and freeze two parts of it. This way I can restrict myself.

    Sugar free jelly with half a yoghurt is a nice treat. I am going to make myself a nice pot of mince mixed with onions, peppers, mushrooms, 2 tins of tomatoes, cauliflower and spices. I know cauliflower sounds odd but it takes in all the flavour of the mince. I also add gravy powder to this. I serve it with vegetables any kind I fancy and occasionally potato. This is for non fast days. I imagine that because of the amount of vegetables the calorie count is fairly good and I am certainly getting my 5 a day.

    I do all of this in the slow cooker as I only then have the preparation to do and don’t have to smell it while it is cooking, I need to keep out of the kitchen……..

    I always but something prepared on fast days, fish in sauce or fish and vegetables the last one is from Aldi. They are proper pieces of fish and not “reformed” as they like to call most ready meals these also have mint in which is quite nice. I occasionally have a weight watchers lasagne as well. Not much substance but it gives the vegetables a nice taste.

    On fast days if I want a change from tea I have a weak summer squash from Tescos with hot water as it isn’t the weather to drink juice for me yet. I have it in a pint glass and find it quite refreshing.

    Good luck on your journey and keep posting.


    Hi fastdiet115

    Yes I am on the other thread with you.

    Welcome gooseylucey.

    It was my first time on a forum a few weeks ago as well. This forum is full of really supportive people all working towards the same goals weight loss or maintenance.

    I am please to say I have finished fasting for that week now, that’s why I like Monday and Wednesday. Thinking of all of you fasting today and hoping you get through it.

    I have now swapped butter to low low mature cheese spread as there is more than 300 calories difference between them. I don’t have a lot of either so I suppose it doesn’t matter too much but I think if I can make small savings it will add up.

    Good luck to all you Thursday fasters.


    Okay.. so almost through today (FD). I still have around 4 hours to go, but I have just had a small piece of grilled salmon and a vegetable soup, so am feeling full (right now.. I am not sure what it will feel like in a couple of hours).
    I can’t wait to have my latte tomorrow.. and a proper breakfast!

    Good luck to the Thursday fasters. I survived yesterday quite well, ended up at 475 cals after breaking fast at 2:30pm Right now I plan another fast day on Saturday. Tonight is a fun champagne dinner so I know I will go over my calorie target. Playing a round of golf today so will walk as much of the course as I can. I read something on another thread that resonated with me. Something along the lines of not losing focus on the thing you want “most” by focusing on the thing you want “right now”.

    Hi All

    There is a program about sugar in our diets and hidden sugars. BBC1 tonight The truth about sugar on for more than one week so set the series link if you are interested.


    I remember seeing something about the hidden sugars in lattes. I think that in a popular Starbucks 12oz cup there is about 28gms I think this is about 7 teaspoons. Do they do a sugar free version? If I remember correctly 4gms is 1 teaspoonful. Please correct me if I am wrong.

    Here is the article don’t want to spoil your enjoyment but it was one of those facts I found shocking.

    Read the article here:



    Hi All,

    Ginette, I don’t know if this available where you are, but since I’m supposed to be off dairy altogether now, I have swapped butter for this buttery spread. It’s quite tasty and 90 calories per Tablespoon.


    It’s available in Canada, so wasn’t sure if that would also be available in the UK.

    I just realized that most of the ingredients I’m supposed to be off are in the protein bars I’ve been using up (I’d bought four boxes right before finding out about and going on 5:2). I think they should finally be used up next month, and then I’ll replace them with a considerably lower calorie meal replacement shake–for some reason it seems easier to find shakes that meet my requirements moreso than bars.

    Fasting went well yesterday, and my next fast day is Saturday (yes, Saturday). It really helps me to fast on Saturdays since I’m usually less active then (so far, it’s the one day of the week that I don’t exercise).

    Ginette, I think you bring up a good point about sugar–any many other objectionable ingredients. Any time you eat out, you don’t know exactly what’s in what you’re getting–calories or otherwise. I won’t say I never eat out (though I certainly haven’t since I’ve been unemployed–except for the holidays), but I find really limiting it helps–especially since I’m working with a relatively low TDEE. Even a little over is really noticeable. Just my 2p.

    In other news, to support my 200-calorie per feast day reduction, an easy way to do that for me (without sacrificing any of the feast day 6 Tbsps of olive oil) was to get a lower calorie meal replacement than the 190-calorie one I’ve been using.

    To make a long story short, I spent most of yesterday trawling the Web for suitable 90- to 100-calorie replacements, but none of them meet my dietary requirements. I’m really glad I thought to email the rep I know from the company (Garden of Life) that makes what I currently use (Raw Fit). She suggested using 1/2 a serving instead of a whole serving (so I can have two servings per feast day with the same amount of calories I now consume in one).

    I looked at the label, and one serving provides 28 grams of protein, so half of that would be more than sufficient. Plus, that’s something I can start doing now (vs. waiting to get new products approved by both the naturopath and nutritionist–which would take until next month). Since I did the research, I will run the new products I found by the naturopath and nutritionist, but in the meantime, I can reduce my calories in a better way while sticking to my restrictions better. I hope that makes sense. If nothing else I’m pleased to have found such a simple solution. Now to find a scoop the right size… I can do it without, but it’s really a pain to measure 3 Tablespoons and half a teaspoon each time I measure. Anyway, just thought I’d share some good news!

    Hi all, Graham, you are on the FA forum, appropriate to be tormenting yourself, cos you can always have some tomorrow.

    Hi to the new folk, welcome!

    Distressing to hear about starbucks latte, good job i drink costa!! lol!

    I read though that there are different sugars, and you dont count them all. One of the sugars to not count is the sugar in milk, as it is naturally occurring. Doesnt’t actually make sense to me, so I might be just waffling, as honey is a sugar to be counted, sugar in fruit isn’t counted but it is if in fruit juice, and when I went to school you got tate and lyle sugar from sugar beet and sugar cane, and you would think plants were naturally occurring.

    In the sixties (now I feel really old, saying that) we had boiled sweets, dipped rhubarb in sugar, and who can remember highland toffee, gobstoppers and seaside rock and we werent fat, and generally had quite good teeth.

    Though we ate butter and bread and dripping, apparently they aren’t too bad this week, though they have been for 30 odd years.

    Though heinz tomato soup wasn’t sickly sweet like nowadays.

    So maybe sugar is ok, as long as you don’t buy any processed food, nor any low-fat food. Or maybe just anything with sugar in it?

    Does this mean though a mars bar isnt a good option for a fast day?

    Yours, confused…..

    Thank you for your comments it has really given me a boost and a whole different way of looking at my new way of eating. If I lose only 1 lb it would be good. I have had sweeteners,should I stop these on my fast days? I had homemade butternut squash and carrot soup for lunch. Doing ok on may fast today but feeling cold. When you get to a certain weight should you lower your TDEE. Anyway thank you so much for your support.

    Hi Janeyw

    Thanks for that looked good but not on sale in uk at least I couldn’t find it on the Internet.

    When I eat chocolate I KNOW that there is sugar in there. Other things really surprise me. At least if we know we can make informed choices. I am lucky that I have never liked fizzy drinks.

    If ever I have one it is normally in the summer on a long journey and I may be tempted by a diet lilt. Chocolate or desserts are a different matter. But at least I can look at the amount of calories in them and as I know they are not good for me I try not to overdo them.

    I think that processed food is one of the biggest culprits for hidden sugar.

    I know someone who had about 5 or 6 cans of non diet coke a day. He is very overweight and all of his family have a serious problem with diabetes. It still didn’t stop him. He then was rushed to the hospital with a perforated ulcer, he was lucky he survived. He still drinks coke although the consultant told him he must stop. All I can think is how addictive it must be. I can go without chocolate for a week at a time.

    Does anybody else have a problem with coke? They say that diet coke is as bad, less sugar but the harmful chemicals are the same.

    My friends grandmother died through diabetes, his grandfather lost toes through it and died with related symptoms. This diet and the HIT exercise can really help change our life. I am not diabetic, but a prime candidate for it being so overweight. This is why we really need to support one another as it isn’t just about looking better.

    Sorry to be so gloomy……


    This is just for you… http://m.fatsecret.co.uk/calories-nutrition/search?q=Costa+Coffee+Latte


    I always feel cold on a fast day. I am going to reassess my TDEE at about every stone lost.

    I haven’t read anything about sweetners being a problem on fast days. When I use them I use Stevia as I know that there doubts about other ones.

    Maybe someone else can enlighten us.

    Right I’m off my soapbox now….sorry again for seeming doom and gloom.


    Hi Guys,

    Ginette I’m confused about hidden sugars in a latte, how can there possibly be? It’s made with your choice of Milk and coffee. It must have been a coffee flavoured with one of those syrups you can add?

    I drink lots of skinny cappuccinos throughout the week, it’s essentally the same just more coffee less milk than a latte. I couldn’t lose weight if I was having all that extra sugar unknown to me. Plus I know 100% there is NO sugar in my coffee before or after I drink it. Would love some clarification on this if anyone has an explination?

    Hope everyone is having a good day/evening. I’m just off to make my dinner after a successful FD. 🙂

    Hi Ginette and thank you for the info about lattes.
    I make my own latte and it does not have any sugar. I also would think, like Jayegirl, that lattes are just milk and coffee. It is only the flavoured ones that have sugar in them. I hate really sweet drinks so I never have those (except for black tea).

    Certainly extra sugar hiding in processed foods is a problem. I personally hardly ever have processed or canned foods, so again, this is not a big problem with me. I like to cook from scratch and use lots of fresh vegetables.

    Of course, I am not averse to a nice desert or a bar (or two) of chocolate – and Milena, I don’t think a Mars bar is allowed on a FD! – but I try to keep those to once or twice a week (not always successfully). I think that when you know what is in your food, you can make an informed judgement. For example, I like sweet tea, and I know how much sugar I will put in it and I can decide whether to have that or not, but when there is sugar hiding in many packaged foods, it can be a problem.

    Mammar.. I personally prefer NOT to use artificial sweeteners as they can create many health problems. In fact, I try to avoid anything “artificial” altogether and prefer to have a little sugar when the mood takes me rather than use artificial sweeteners. There has been research about them causing problems with weight loss, in fact. Stevia is a natural alternative to sugar and is not toxic like the rest.

    Milena, sugar is sugar in different forms, whether in milk (should be counted) or fruits (should be counted, even if not juiced). The only carbohydrate (sugar is a form of carbohydrate) that can be discounted is fiber because that is not digested or absorbed into the body.

    I do apologise about sounding too ‘nutrition-nut-like’ but this is a subject that is an area of interest for me (I studied Public Health), and there is so much misinformation out there about many things.

    So, another fast day without much mishap.. we’ll see what the scales think tomorrow, eh?

    Ooooh Salma, you’re a hard woman. Mars bars not allowed?? I’m banging my foot, my face is bright red and I’m feeling really depressed, which is a bit daft as I don’t like mars bars much (Aztecs though, thats another story, but likely I’m safe there, they stopped making Aztecs in the 1970s.)

    So I’ll be good, thanks for the advice, not really a sweetie person, except for galaxy bars, magnums and McFlurrys. And of course Godiva chocs – this is FA after all, but I didn’t buy any at the airport this trip.

    Of course, as well as having no fat, can’t be sugar in my wine cos I drink dry white wine, cant stand sweet wine!!!

    With logic like that not really surprising I’m a heifer!

    Hi Mammar and Ginette,

    About your TDEE, I was reading on another forum here that it might be easier to just use the TDEE of your goal weight from the start. That way you don’t have to keep lowering it all the time, and won’t have to adjust what you eat as much. Fortunately I found that out shortly after I started and have been using the TDEE of my goal weight ever since with great success. The reason I’ve just lowered it is because I was thinking of lowering my goal weight, so wanted to lower the TDEE accordingly.

    Also, I’ve been using stevia since 2008 at least without incident. It works for me, and the psyllium I take thrice daily wouldn’t go down nearly as well without it (not to mention I flavour my water with it as well).

    Salma, I completely agree with you about processed foods. Unless they are meal replacement powders from very reputable companies, just about anything could be lurking in there. I get all my food either from health food stores or groceries that specialise in (or have adequate sections of their stores dedicated to) unprocessed foods. It really is a great way to go–not only for your health, but so you have a better idea of what is actually in what you’re eating! Just a thought.

    Milena, not really a sweetie person? Guess again! I am as well, and have been wondering when I’ll ever be able to have the three candy bars the grocery wouldn’t allow me to return, as they are past the expiry date. Oh well.

    Good point Jayneyw re calculating at your target TDEE, but I looked at mine and decided it might be a step to far, Im looking at losing a lot, but to work with my ideal weight, the TDEE would be 1345, 336 calories on fast days.

    It would mean eating 80% of the amount I would need to maintain at my ideal weight.

    Strange to think this as I often eat under 1200 on feast days and I do some fast days water only. Really strange.

    I think for me its a matter of taking a horse to water, I can eat more but choose not to, but the thought of a mega restricted number of calories would turn this into a diet, not a journey. And on this journey you have to change, but gradually, so that the change becomes subconscious. Just my take, from the perspective of having a over 136 packs of lurpack (butter) to lose. Thats a lot of butter!

    On a brighter note, 36 gone already, so just 100 to go!!!!

    travel hopefully……..

    Hi all I am glad that you are able to have your own lattes. I have never had one. If I am missing out then I can cope with that. I do like a cappuccino.

    Glad you can still have them.

    I couldn’t cope with lower TDEE at the moment as I have such a long way to go. I imagine don’t feel deprived at the moment and that’s the good part. I would rather do a bit of exercise.

    If I start feeling deprived I will get fed up, I know this from experience. I don’t want to calorie count every day either, I only have a rough idea, but I know I’m not going too mad. My son has just bought me an Easter egg first one ever. He normally says it would be like giving an alcoholic a drink. That is more because he can’t have chocolate anywhere near him without eating it. I can have it in a drawer and have a bit when I fancy it. He is so pleased I have lost weight he is buying me chocolate…..what a strange world……

    36lbs lost well done Milena. It’s a shame you can’t add a tracker bar to posts to see how people are doing.

    How long have you been doing it?

    I hope everybody had a good day today and it has now ended. I always weigh lighter 2 days after fasting. Illogical!

    Ok I’ll stop rambling now and go and tidy up before bed.

    Hope there are some nice losses on here tomorrow. Night all

    Hi Ginstte, looking forward to the day I have lost 36lbs, but its 36 packets of butter, 9 kilos, thats 20 lbs, still 2lbs above last week but Im delighted that I can have a break and pull it all back so quickly. Will be down to 81 kilos by the end of the month. Sorry to confuse.

    Comparing it to packs of butter was an eye opener to me, I think we start to lose patience when we lose JUST a pound, or half a pound, but I can ‘see’ a packet of butter in ny mind’s eye. Or a bag of sugar. Makes it all more real. Maybe shoukd be thinking packets of lard, cos that is what is disappearing. Anything that helps really.

    I think having kilos, pounds and stones is a tad confusing, I tend to mixed imperial and metric with gay abandon. A kilo is a nice large nunber, 2.2lbs, but half a pound sounds so much more than 200 grams. Though even writing this shows am a nutcase!!!

    But then again, in the UK we buy such things as 2 metres of 2″ x 2″. In Ireland you can drive from a 60 kilometre per hour road into a village showing the speed limit is 30 miles per hour. And nobody, at least not the older ones, think this odd. Even my son does his weight in kilos and his height in feet and inches.

    Managed to dtay under 1000 calories, partly as the free lunch became a sandwich at half past three, loads of folk wanting valuations, saw some amazing stuff, including one of the best emerald rings Ive ever seen, thoughtvI did well to get to 3.30 after b2b fast.

    Long trip to Dunoon today, probably a long wait to give evidence. Been up since 3.30, so might have breakfast en route. Seriously thinking of a fast tomorrow, but going to costa for a latte. Though Sugar programme might have out me off.

    Have a great day, everyone, don’t go too mad, probably a feast day for all. Enjiy every mouthful and remember life and 5:2 means never having to drink cheap wine – just the good stuff!!

    Travel hopefully…….

    Good morning all FAs out there..

    89.2 Kgs!!!
    Finally.. finally under the dreaded 90 Kg mark.
    This is after a (good) fast day, so I imagine the weight will go up over the weekend, but still.. it was SUCH a pleasant shock to see the scales seeing my point of view for a change.

    I now feel more motivated to continue with this journey, old banger that I may be and all.

    I have to say one thing about TDEE: as far as I am concerned, the whole point of the 5:2 is that you do NOT have to count calories and deprive yourself on the non-fast days. I so agree with Ginette that I would also get fed up and bored if I feel deprived (from plenty of past experience). The one thing that does keep me on the straight and narrow (most of the time) is that I can be ‘normal’ on off days, which are the majority. Another point is that when you restrict calories too much, your body reacts by lowering your metabolism and burning less. The beauty of this WOL is that it ‘confuses’ your body by going up and down with the calorie intake. It is better, in fact, to raise your calories to TDEE or even above it for one or two days a week. At least, that’s my theory and I am sticking to it 🙂

    Milena, well done on the impressive loss. 9 Kgs is somewhere in late May for me, but I am right behind you girl. I KNOW about the Mars bars, right? What a bummer! I have another bit of good news for you.. although wine, any wine, has sugar, good quality dry wines (especially red wines) are low in sugar (1gm per litre), but it does have carbs which explains the calorie count. More good news: it contains potassium, vitamin B6, iron and Magnesium (okay in very small amounts, but every little bit helps).. and you are so right.. this is for GOOD wines (re the sugar anyway), so there.. you have all the good reasons for indulging in your favourite tipple. See? Science CAN be fun 🙂

    Have a great day everyone.

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