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  • Hello all… has anyone found the 5:2 diet help with menopause… Menopause slows the metabolize down and stops producing estrogen.
    I’m 38. I used to run loads. Eat healthy.
    My life did a complete back flip when my estrogen dropped off my blood results.

    I’ve put one stone on since February.
    I’m hoping the 5:2 Will sort me out! 🙈

    Doing 5:2 didn’t do anything for or to my menopause symptoms: probably because I was 65 when I started Fasting and because I take Tincture of Motherwort daily for every other symptom.
    5:2 should certainly help you to lose that one stone. And since your body is changing [ I’ll admit 38 is a bit young!], you might want to investigate if you body reacts differently to certain foods now. Example: it seems that white rice and beer cause me to gain weight and hold it. You might see a similar correlation.
    Good luck.

    I don’t think 5:2 had an impact on my menopause.
    However when I was younger (before menopause), losing a significant amount of weight did have an impact on my hormone levels.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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