May 2019 Challenge

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  • Day 1 – Melbourne Aus – NFD

    A bit about me, I’m a 31 yo female in Melbourne, and an athletic 176cm, working as an engineer in rail (just started a new role last week which i’m pretty excited about), and busily trying to renovate a house so my DH and I can move out of the parents place!

    My 5:2 journey started in November 2017 at 75kg (a weight my body just kept gravitating towards), and I hit my initial goal weight of 68kg without too much trouble by November 2018. Since then the weight has crept up from Christmas, and a honeymoon, though between those events I’ve jumped straight back on the wagon which has helped to keep things in check. April was a bit of a minefield with Easter and my birthday, but hoping to hit my goal weight this month (aiming for a goal weight range of 67-69kg).

    I’m not far off my goal (was at 69.9kg the other day), but had terrible PMS today so figured some gentle self-care was in order today, and I’ll with the scales and my starting weight in the next day or so 😊.

    Other goals for May include keeping off sugar 4-5d per week, and doing 4-5 F45 classes per week, whilst trying to increase the incidental exercise each week.

    Here’s to another challenge! Glad to see soo many familiar names, and a big welcome to all the newbies! You’ll love it here.

    Day 1 KZN South Africa FD

    Hi everyone. I’m a Brit, living in SA. 57, Been doing IF on & off for about 5 years. Retired from working on cruise ships a year ago. I enjoyed my first year of retirement too much! I got a bit lazy, inactive, drank & ate too much & gained a few kilos. I recently managed to lose about 3 kgs, but I still need to shift 4 or 5 more. Not so much, compared to many people, I know. But I want to ‘nip it in the bud’ before it gets out of hand. I’ve got a busy, stressful month ahead. I’m moving house, & currently splitting my time between two places for a while, until everything is finalized. Maybe that’s a good thing; I certainly won’t be sitting around, thinking about food!
    Best wishes to everyone for this month. Especially to the newbies. I’ve posted very little since discovering this forum, but it’s been an invaluable source of help & inspiration for me. Everything you need to know about fasting and this WOL you will find here!

    Day 1 – Ireland – FD
    It is great to see so many back for the month of May and welcome to all those who have joined us for the first time. Hi @tnicci!
    No matter what your goal for this month all are welcome 👍

    So by some miracle I reached my April target of 166 lbs (.7 over but I’m ignoring that😂) I am very surprised after all the Easter chocolate 🍫 … and some lax FDs… I am really happy with that 🤗.

    I’m a standard 5:2 faster and being honest I don’t delve too much into the science of how this works but read with interest all those of you who understand it so much better than I do…I do try 4:3 sometimes but that doesn’t happen too often… I try not to eat added sugars and also have been off alcohol for most of his year – it’s going well but I do fall off the wagon from time to time.. 🥂

    I have great respect for those in the group who can complete successive B2Bs, WFDs, etc. We can all learn so much from each other.

    I hope to check in each day this month and I’ll try to catch up with posts each day👍 if you have a query let us know and if I’m not online someone else will probably have the answer for you ✅.

    How are the hula hoopers getting on?
    @dykask I just saw the news about your emperor in our news… very interesting times for you and @shelliz over there!
    Thinking of all those of you who are experiencing tough times and hoping that we see some familiar names back soon as we will know then that they are ok 👌.

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 1 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Nearly reached April goal of minus 4 lbs so happy with that. Goal is to drop minus 4 by end of May too, I am still circa 7-10lbs off ultimate goal to put me in maintenance…….but I might revise the figure 🤔

    I am finding it slower going than the whirlwind loss at the start of my journey BUT I am slimmer and fitter nevertheless and weight is just a number. Every now and then I find mojo slipping but I do try to post daily to keep momentum up. I hope all those oldies who have been quiet for a while will come back soon.

    It’s a NFD today and looking forward to it after my B2B. Nothing until lunchtime as usual, small Oatbran bread sandwich for lunch, then this evening I plan to get in my 20 minutes of the 30DS, then a wee bit of potting up in the garden, then relax with a super hot chilli with sour cream, and maybe, just maybe, a wee glass of wine!! FD tomorrow then ☺️

    Have a great May Day everyone…..and hey, another bank holiday weekend beckons ahead for us Irish (you guys in the UK too?).

    Please count me in for May Challenge!

    I’ve been doing 5:2 on and off, hoping to stick to it now for health reasons. Would love to get below 60kg by the end of August but one day at a time 😊

    Day 1, UK, 69.5kg

    Planning to get to 66.5kg by the end of this month. Will have FDs on the 1st (today, yay!), 3rd, 7th, 10th, 15th, 17th, 21st, 24th, 28th and 31st.

    Let’s do this!

    Day 1, London, UK, FD

    Hello old friends and newbies alike!! I’m back after going AWOL for the 2nd half of April. I had a virus, although it felt like the plague, and it knocked everything out of whack. Fasting went out of the window & all manner of comfort food flew in!!! I had a week off of work, lost my voice and I’m still suffering the after effects 3 weeks later. I’m still feeling a bit overwhelmed as EVERYTHING has piled up over the last few weeks, so posting might be short and sweet for a while!!!

    Anyway, enough about my April misery; it’s MAY, it’s another challenge, it’s good to get back in the saddle!!! This months’ aims are to be mindful, break the carb love affair (again!!) drink 2L water per day minimum and stick to the basic 5:2, with 4:3 (B2B2Bs for me) thrown in when the mood takes me!!

    I haven’t caught up on the end of April or the beginning of May so far, but I hope everyone is well and life isn’t getting in the way of fasting!!! It’s our default WOL after-all!!!

    We’ve got this!!!

    Day 1 Herefordshire UK FD

    Hiya, it’s been awhile since I’ve been here and hope you don’t mind me trying to slot back in. Life got busy with loads of distractions that made following this WOL difficult especially when in a weak frame of mind when faced with entertaining visitors most w’ends. Least said about the end results on my body and weight! More entertaining coming up at the end of the month but have to get back in the groove and get a good head of steam up before then to ride me through it! Feel bad about jumping ship but also relived to have found my way back and can set a new course with all you lovely people. Lots to catch up on but hope life has been good and kind to you all. Thanks @jaifaim for taking up the hosting mantle and looking forward to a positive month. @snowflake56 are you still Saturday fasting? This Saturday impossible for me but after that I’ll be back to my usual routine, missed our Saturday chats. Hope you’ve picked up from feeling not so good awhile back and I can see you have become quite the spreadsheet techie! It’s never too late to learn new tricks and hoping to take that on board this end too!

    Wishing all a positive and joyful month.

    Ta x

    Day 1 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD
    @betsylee FD800

    Hope you don’t mind me scooping you all up but I need the presumed moral support! Good luck to all fasting today.

    2nd post
    @flourbaby welcome back from a fellow AWOL er and hope you’re back up to speed ASAP from being derailed. Good luck and adding you (hoping you don’t mind?) to the P List as I think we posted similar times and so I didn’t see you waiting in the wings!

    Day 1 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD
    @betsylee FD800

    @betsylee: I’m 65 and I too have SHRUNK (in height, that is). I used to be 5’2 and THREEQUARTERS, now I’m a whole inch down. Ggrrr….they say its because your discs dry out and so your spine shrinks…….oh dear.

    So, for those who don’t know me. I’m a post-lady with the Royal Mail, so walk loads and the job is very active. I’ve been on these challenges, most of the time, since they were started by @coda exactly three years ago this month. At first I did well and lost ALL of my excess fat (28 pounds) accumulated over 30 years. I stayed in maintenance for the rest of 2016, then gradually fell off the wagon. However I’ve never totally gone away from the challenges, always hoping to re-gain the motivation I had at the beginning. So, today, I have about 25 pounds as excess baggage!
    I live in the Cotswold area of SW England, have a husband, a small dog and a dear daughter currently working far, far away in Australia as a research scientist in Victoria.

    Day 1 UK FD

    Morning all , great that we can reset on the first of the month ! My short term goal is to be able to fit into a dress better – going to a ball on the 11th the dress does fit but think I’m kidding myself by thinking I can suck my big belly in all night so trying to steer clear of beer this month 😜

    Day 1- Atlanta, GA- USA-FD

    I’m pleased with my results for April. Looking forward to burning off these last few pounds this month then into maintenance. Can anyone give me some advice on how to maintain in this WOL? I had trouble in the past. I’m thinking of doing a Fast under 800. Thanks!!

    Day 1 Wales NFD

    @jaifaim thank you for hosting May, please count me in. @ciren2 thanks to you for herding us so well in April 💐

    Like many others in the April challenge I experienced some personal stress….worrying about DH’s health and upsetting news about a potential neighbouring development which if it proceeds will make me want to move from our beautiful home….. and I’m ashamed to say I turned to old habit of comfort drinking and eating! The result…..I am 2 pounds up from 1st April and 3 pounds up on this time last year, not where I wanted to be at the end of my first year of maintenance 😕. SO I MUST GET MY ACT TOGETHER THIS MONTH!!!!! It took me a year to lose 30 pounds on this WOL and I’m not giving up now.

    Good to ‘see’ old friends here and to the newbies welcome. 5:2 works, despite my slip ups last month I still weigh less now at 60 years old than ever before in adult memory.

    My plan for this month is Monday and Thursday FDs, restrict the 🍷 and control comfort eating/drinking. Right where did I put that RESET button…….

    Hello, all. I am back for the May challenge. As others have mentioned in their journeys last month, I also lost two weeks at the end of April, primarily to a lovely 5 days in Charleston, SC. They have some wonderful food and drink there….Lots of wonderful food and drink…so now am back on track. Hoping to keep the motivation going! Would like to lose 5 # this month if I can.

    Day 1 USA (Illinois) FD

    Three years! Wow… hard to believe it’s been that long since I began with @coda and the 5:2’ers along this journey. I adore this international forum for support, friendship, and camaraderie.

    I’m a 70-year-young woman (71 tomorrow!) who lost about 35 pounds during 2016 and have maintained for over 2 years. A retired school music teacher who still directs a community choir, do music for church, teach piano lessons, work at our new Children’s Museum in our area, president of our local P.E.O. Silver Sneakers class 3 times a week and yoga help keep me moving. Married, 4 children, 5 granddaughters.

    At my age, I am content to be about 160 pounds (73kg) at 5’6″ (170cm) – I also have lost a couple inches of height as my spine has compressed over my years. This weight keeps some of the wrinkles away!

    @ciren2 – thank you for being such a terrific host for April

    @betsylee – it’s always nice to see others here close to my age. And yes, I also had to get a whole new wardrobe (also dug out a few items that I couldn’t part with that had been far too small).

    @therealwil78 – someone early on said 6:1 works for maintenance, and for the most part it has for me. There have been some weeks along the way where I have gone to each day being a 8:16 hours of eat/no-eat, and that’s been pretty good. I do weight each day, though, and really monitor my calories with MFP.

    I’d like to encourage anyone who might be struggling with even trying this WOL. It’s not easy, but well worth all the efforts for better health.

    Day 1 Pocket List
    @dykask WFD
    @betsylee FD800

    Onward and downward.

    Day 1 Bristol UK

    I couldn’t sign in for a few days – was blocked by the site’s new spam filters apparently!

    @daffodil2010 – how were your OH’s MRI results? Hope it’s something easily fixable.

    @betsylee – I hope your cold is much better today

    @aglowworm – I think many of us go through difficult time – I know I have this month, after pretty much breezing through all the earlier part of doing this. We can all get back to it, with each other’s support.

    @basyjames. So so sorry to hear about your daughter. I’m so glad she has had a change of heart about what she did and send positive energy for her healing and recovery x

    @matpi – Your experiment is so interesting! I’m going to do some more reading about that and might attempt it myself at some point. Thank you for sharing.

    I only lost 2.7 pounds in April instead of my average 8, but I suppose with much stress and various other things happening, that’s still a victory. Will aim for a more gentle 4 pounds this month. Good luck everyone.
    @bluespqueak – a definite win! Well done.

    @funshipfreddie: You give an example of exactly why I’m afraid to retire! Working as I do, delivering mail, I’m very active, but when on holiday sitting around at home, getting bored, kitchen right HERE, well, need I say more….
    @flourbaby: Glad you’re feeling well again. Your disease and it’s after-effects sounds very similar to what I had in March…took ages to go away!

    USA Day 1 FD

    Can’t believe we are in a new month but grateful for the fresh start! 🙂 I rarely say anything about myself but I thought I might be due. I am a 69 yo female retiree, who accidentally came upon this site in early 2018 and have been posting ever since. Welcome back all new comers and returnees. I am still on a journey trying to discover a food pattern that works for me. I have discovered that I definitely need a pattern that can move forward into maintenance with me and help me not to fall into disordered eating. This is a journey for me to feel comfortable with myself so I don’t fret over each move. I think I can find that. This is looking like I will stick to the standard 5:2 this month while also counting my calories on both NFDs and FDs to keep me on track.

    Good luck everyone!

    Day 1 Pocket List

    @dykask WFD
    @betsylee FD800

    Have a great day, everyone!

    Day 1, Montreal Canada, NFD

    Hi All

    I’m 61, and retired (lucky me). I’m 5’3″ and weight 128 pounds. I was on the 5:2 fast in 2015, lost around 35 lbs, which put me at goal weight which I was able to maintain for a couple of years. However since returning to Montreal 2 years ago I stopped going to the gym regularly, and missed many of my daily walks. The weather is just horrible 6 months of the year, and it is just too much of a hassle to pile on enough clothing to walk in -32 degrees Centigrade, then have to change into workout clothes at the gym, then do the reverse when I left. Also on many days it was so cold with windchill that it was dangerous to go outside! I started to regain the weight of course, and am now 8 pounds over target, most of which seems to have gone to my waist. Being part of the challenges in 2015 was great motivation and help. I know it will be the same now.

    Day 1 Wales NFD

    Phew, relieved to be here….I got temporarily denied access by the spam blocker. @ciren2 thank you for herding us in April 💐 and @jaifaim thanks for taking over this month 🌻

    Good to see old friends in for May and welcome to new posters. I’m 60 and discovered 5:2 in July 2017. Lost 30 pounds in 11 months and have since been up and down a few pounds within my maintenance weight range which is about 14 pounds less than I have ever been in adult memory 😊

    Like some of the regulars here I too had some stressful situations last month…..worry about DH’s health and a potential neighbourhood development which if it happens will make me want to move home but would probably make selling difficult 😕. So what did I do…..yep I reverted to type and nose dived into a vat of red wine 🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷🍷 and comfort eating. Consequently I am now 2 pounds up on 1st April and 3 pounds up on 1st May last year. Maintenance isn’t easy but worth the effort……so I’m attempting to brain wash myself into a state of mind that accepts that there are situations in life I can’t change but I can control my response to those stresses!

    Right…. I’m off to find the RESET BUTTON 😉

    Day 1 – 2nd Post

    Well done to all those fasting today!

    @betsylee you are inspiring me to clear some clothes too.. I have lost nothing like the weigh you and others here have but I’m definitely getting rid of clothes that just don’t look right anymore..

    @gretta take care of yourself… we should always take it a little easier during PMS..
    @funshipfreddie good for you celebrating for the first year of retirement, I would do the same 😆… you can get back on track now..good luck with the house move 👍
    @daffodil2010 good for you with the April weight loss👏
    @georgia83 welcome to the May challenge!
    Hi @flourbaby so glad to see you back 👍 I hope you are on the mend now and get your strength back after your dose 🤕
    And @dingping too… welcome back! Fab to see you back with us… don’t ever worry about dropping out… hope you are enjoying your lovely new home 🏠
    @ciren2 I never knew that re: shrinking… very interesting!
    @brightonbelle I love a restart too!!! Forget the past…. I’m sure you’ll fit into that👗 perfectly… 🍺 is full of sugar so if you reduce that it will make a big difference.
    Hi @excelsior12309 Charleston sounds wonderful – I would love to visit there someday! Welcome back!
    @songbirdme so good to have you here.. you are an inspiration with all that you do 👏
    @stephsie – I was blocked too…thankfully tech sorted it out… hope everything is going well for you in work 💪
    @ccco I’m with you on sticking to the standard 5:2, great to have you back.
    @dj757575 -good for you coming back to the forum.. you know it worked once – it will work again. We are here to support you!
    @missybear it is such a relief to get back in isn’t it!!! 😅 I was worried when I was blocked that you’d all just think I’d given up on my May promise 😱…

    Day 1, VA, USA, NFD

    Welcome to May! Stats from last month to this month
    170.6 lbs.. April
    162 lbs….. May
    -8.6lbs….. loss
    Measurements have all lost between 1-2 inches! I set a goal of attending a class (which I did) however I would like to attend more classes. This time I’ll aim for at least 1 a week.

    I started Jan 29th 2019 with 4:3 I really like to eat, mostly Whole Foods but I also like stouts. Hence the 4:3 was needed to help me get to losing weight. I have also found a love of Water Fasting (WFD) and do enjoy extended WFD for about 72-96 hours. I have also let myself start with WFDs and transition to a regular FD calories <500 if I felt like I wanted supper.
    Key things I have learned
    1st – I finally like water. I did not care for water and always thought it tasted like metal (I believe that was due to possibly an imbalance in my body) Water taste sooooo much better now.
    2nd – I finally have days I feel full. I started with just feeling like I was NEVER satisfied with food. NOW I experience fullness (not always, but it is becoming more apparent) Yay.
    3rd – A support system is so helpful. Reading the stories on this forum and being there for each other is awesome thank you team! Helping each other process unsuccessful days and letting them go
    4th – There are NO failures (because I discovered there is a reset button it’s labeled as FD so if you are looking for it, now you know what it has on it). If a FD turns into holy cow there is homemade chocolate cake and cream puffs Day aka EFS (Epic Face Stuffing). SO BE IT – enjoy the dang things you ate and press the (reset button) labeled FD for tomorrow. No shame in enjoying life. I like learning to enjoy the indulgence and also realizing NOT EVERY DAY should be an indulgent day.

    @missybear – thanks for the reminder of the reset button.

    @songbirdme – My Birthday is also tomorrow May 2 – Looks like we are birthday buddies!

    @jaifaim – hooping today! I wouldn’t do 4:3 if I didn’t need to, but I eat too much other days and hate counting calories – which is another reason why after a few FDs I tried out WFDs. I was excited not to count calories. (To think I started WFD b/c I was too lazy to count my calories for food… well, just goes to show you need to find what works for you.)

    @daffodil2010 – I found 3 Nasturtiums plants so far and they are doing great. Thank you for the recommendations. I’m looking to plant some Chrysanthemums, Viola and Pansy (the pansy seems that most folks have them around here even tho it gets rather hot) I’ll try and plant them so they have shade from the setting sun.

    Day 1 – 2nd Post

    Well done to all those fasting today!

    @betsylee you are inspiring me to clear some clothes too.. I have lost nothing like the weigh you and others here have but I’m definitely getting rid of clothes that just don’t look right anymore..

    @gretta take care of yourself… we should always take it a little easier during PMS..
    @funshipfreddie good for you celebrating for the first year of retirement, I would do the same 😆… you can get back on track now..good luck with the house move 👍
    @daffodil2010 good for you with the April weight loss👏
    @georgia83 welcome to the May challenge!
    Hi @flourbaby so glad to see you back 👍 I hope you are on the mend now and get your strength back after your dose 🤕
    And @dingping too… welcome back! Fab to see you back with us… don’t ever worry about dropping out… hope you are enjoying your lovely new home 🏠
    @ciren2 I never knew that re: shrinking… very interesting!
    @brightonbelle I love a restart too!!! Forget the past…. I’m sure you’ll fit into that👗 perfectly… 🍺 is full of sugar so if you reduce that it will make a big difference.
    Hi @excelsior12309 Charleston sounds wonderful – I would love to visit there someday! Welcome back!
    @songbirdme so good to have you here.. you are an inspiration with all that you do 👏
    @stephsie – I was blocked too…thankfully tech sorted it out… hope everything is going well for you in work 💪
    @ccco I’m with you on sticking to the standard 5:2, great to have you back.
    @dj757575 -good for you coming back to the forum.. you know it worked once – it will work again. We are here to support you!
    @missybear it is such a relief to get back in isn’t it!!! 😅 I was worried when I was blocked that you’d all just think I’d given up on my May promise 😱…
    @rabbette you are so right! There are so many ways to live this WOL … glad to hear you are hooping 😂
    See you all tomorrow!

    USA Day 1 FD
    Second Post

    It is wonderful to see so many old friends returning! Welcome back! It shows how valuable this plan has proven to be for so many!

    It looks like my FD is going to end at 799 calories. This is great! Tomorrow will be my “2” in the 5:2 program and I have planned it to come in at 500 or less calories. I find it so easy to keep my hunger under control with soup and salad. Since a salad can be anything, I have so many variations on it, but I measure and journal everything I put into it. Now I just need to maintain my tenacity. I did go out and bought a lovely new blouse, which I intend to wear when I meet my grandson soon. He is due any minute, so we all are on the baby watch. He will be my first grandchild, so it is especially exciting for me!

    Hope everyone is having a gray day! It isn’t cold here but very gloomy. Hope tomorrow’s weather is better! 🙂

    Day 1 – Manchester, England – FD

    Hi everyone. I’m a 41 yr old female living in Manchester, England. I started the 5:2 at the end of Feb. I was 13st/182lbs (I can’t convert to kgs!) which is waaaay over what I want to be – and need to be health-wise. I had a cracking start on the 5:2 and lost 8lbs by the end of March which I was thrilled about. And then April happened. I had an awful month, also going AWOL for the latter part and am now at 12st 8 / 176lbs. So I haven’t lost anything in April, but I did gain 2 lbs. But also, I feel that could’ve been much worse given how badly I felt the month went.

    And here we are at the start of May. And I am getting back on the 5:2 horse, very much as a result of the support and encouragement that I’ve found here on the forum. Stronger together – good luck for May, everyone!

    I do want to congratulate all of you who do water fasting, the thought of it makes me shudder. I am really not sure I could manage it, because it would feel too much like starvation. How did any of you start doing it, did you always aim for it? I must say it has never entered my head!
    Is it safe for the elderly?! I am one of the ancient intermittent fasters at pushing 75 years. Does anybody know what age the eldest person is who is pursuing IF ?

    Today my hulahoop arrived and it is very heavy. I think I forgot that I am no longer under 15 years old and decided that a weighted hoop would burn more calories, but as it is, I can barely pick the thing up. I used to be a rather good hulahooper.
    Hey ho, as someone else has said,’upwards and downwards’!!

    Day 1 UK CD

    I’ve also been blocked since yesterday – and dying to report I’ve finally lost weight! Luckily I copied & saved my post….

    Hello old friends & warm welcome to newbies 🙂

    A bit about me….I’m F54 &live in London. I put on weight in 3 tranches over the years. Firstly developing a neuro condition – restricted mobility & energy, plus medication/surgery etc. Then stopping smoking- tho best decision Ever – and finally menopause. By November 2017 I weighed 81.5kg/179b.

    Started 5:2 in December 2017, aiming for goal weight of 60-63kg/ 133-140lb/ 9.5-10stone. I made steady progress for 7 months, suddenly lost 7lb in a week with pneumonia last summer then on a plateau at 144-147 for the last 9 months. But amazingly went down 3 dress sizes while weighing the same! I’ve also lost over 6″/15cm from bust, waist & hips. ANd finally off plateau, losing 2lbs in April to get to my lowest weight in 15 years 🙂

    I’m usually 16:8 low carb, gf veggie, but went vegan for Lent (March) and am sticking to it until the end of May to see how it works. May’s other goals are to continue with good self-care – daily meditation & yoga, focus on sleep, drink lots of water – BC that sort of self-care makes me feel so much happier than sugar, bread, cheese or chocolate 🙂

    My top tips: Keep an eye on NFDs –so easy to eat over TDEE. Drink plenty of water – or herbal tea, vegemite tea etc: hydration is a wonderful thing and your body will thank you. Not all victories are measured on the scale – or indeed measurable. – listen to your body. You are doing a wonderful thing and your body will thank you in different ways 🙂

    Spent today in bed feeling a bit weird; guessing it’s a virus but could be a flare of something else.. HOping the rest will have done some good.

    @flourbaby so sorry to hear about your mega virus. Hope you’re back to usual energy and health v soon xx
    @dingping welcome back 🙂
    @jaifaim thank you again for hosting 🙂

    Onwards! Together we are stronger 🙂

    2nd Post

    @yvette Hamilton – I love WFD, I did not start out that way.
    ((remember you have to see how YOU feel during your journey))

    This is how my journey went with FDs.
    I started out regular FD calories <500 I broke that into two meals, having a low calorie breakfast and a dinner.

    Then FDs just dinner (drinking water with a slice of lemon or lime in it) OR a 0 calorie flavored seltzer throughout the day.

    Then LFD (Liquid Fasting Day) – Coffee with just a dash of almond milk, flavored seltzers, (miso or veg) broth. I really liked the LFD because it meant I had minimal counting of calories about 10 for broth, 20 for coffee. *I realized in an earlier post, that I think I started LFD & WFD because I was lazy, I didn’t want to count any calories.

    Then I tried a WFD – I started with plain water, and really only felt mildly like I wanted food at lunch time b/c my sweetheart works from home some days and they cooked. Otherwise if they are not home or I am out and about. I started to LOVE plain water!

    Which led me to a topic from another faster on this forum about “clean fasting” which is nothing but WATER or BLACK COFFEE. (Not even flavored seltzer that has no calories) Because oddly enough the hint of flavor can have the affect to make your body hungry! AND I can say that I have experienced this. I finally gave up my beloved flavored seltzers (I still have them on NFDs b/c I still love them, but I no longer have them on WFD, b/c they make me hungry!)

    This may be WAY more info than you were looking for, but I know for me I didn’t start out with the idea that I was going to Water Fast. I just tried different things and enjoyed the adventure to it. Now some days I start out with a WFD and transition to a LFD (having broth at night OR a regular FD having a small meal if I feel like I want to have a meal. Like truly want it not oh that smells good I must have it. I try and “listen” to feel if I am hungry.

    and for the weighted hoop – I would send it back if possible. My hoop is not weighted, it has a bit of weight, like it is made for an adult, not a kid (but it is not weighted) I tried one of those and it was toooo much for me and I’m a dash younger than you. -30ish years. but thats just a number… I teach and do yoga everyday, tried the weighted hoop and OH MY GOSH it was a no for me.

    Day 1 UK FD

    First day back and a successful FD. Starting weigh 65.9 kg, almost 6 kg, (13 pounds) up on my previous achieved goal weight of 60 kg back in 2017. Feeling confident for the time being of getting back into healthy eating and re-achieving my goal!
    Good luck to everyone on the May challenge.

    Day 1 – Eastern WA USA – FD of sorts

    I started out the day with a WFD and added some cream into a Pero (coffee substitute) at almost 24 hours. I’m doing okay, just a little droopy but that could be from a short night. I’ll listen to my body and adjust as needed 🙂

    I’m a recently retired teacher who works part-time some of the time and also loves to travel; usually travel with a purpose (such as a teacher mission’s trip for a couple of weeks in Rwanda). If some of you have an idea for such future travels, I’m open to entertaining them. If some of the costs are covered, that would be my preference…

    My highest weight was 245 and I have 50 -55 lbs dispatched on my former 5’3 1/2″ frame that has gone down to a little more than 5’2″. At first I lost fairly quickly but then it slowed down, plateaued, bounced… but so glad to have gone from a packed out American size 18 to 14 and some 12s. A big compliment came recently, when I travelled with a friend and she said I looked just right. I need to keep that in mind as I continue onward.

    @songbirdme and @rabbette – wishing you wonderful birthdays tomorrow!

    Welcome to the new folks, and others coming back like @mia139! Together we are stronger.

    Day 1 Pocket List

    @dykask WFD
    @betsylee FD800

    Day 1-Ohio mfd

    I’m starting today with a bang. Have to go out to order a McDonald’s side salad because we still haven’t done groceries from con and my spinach was empty… along with the majority of nonfrozen vegetables. I’m still recovering sleep from con too. My plan on tonight is a veggie wrap with the salad and later frozen veggies with a veggie sausage to heat in the microwave. I actually am looking forward to the meals no less. This must be the reset? If so, I’m looking forward to it.
    Glad to see so many of us here. My phone sucks, so I can’t paste to add myself.

    May 2 – Japan – WFD (4th in a row, but this will be it this time.)

    I’m 91 hours into this fast. I’ll finish it at the 100 hour mark with a mostly keto dinner. I’m going to have some onion, good amount of aged cheddar cheese with fried eggs, salmon cooked with salt, butter and garlic as well as a large salad of dark greens with olives, cucumbers and some new onion dressing I found. I’m pushing the limits of keto, but nutrition is more important to me than ketosis. The magic of a longer a fast happens during the re-feeding so I’m mostly avoiding carbs. I might chop up some nuts to sprinkle on the salad though. Tomorrow morning I go back to my oatmean/fruit routine.

    I’m ending the fast today because I’m starting to have problems. So far mild muscle cramping which indicates I’m low on potassium, excess gas in my stomach and in general I’m feeling weak. I’m not used to feeling week. So I’m going to try to drink several cups of black coffee (mainly for potassium) and I took a calcium tablet to help with the gas. Last time I did a fast this long I didn’t have as many issues, but I also had a couple bowls of miso soup during the fast. This time I was mixing in some 16 hours periods of dry fasting just to see what effect there might be. I think that was a mistake. I probably won’t work out today although I did the last three days. I think my body is too stressed out right now for a workout. I may do some easy walking.

    This morning my blood glucose is at 62 mg/dl (~3.4 mmol/l). That is low, and matches the lowest reading I had on my 7 day fast, that happened on the 5th day then. I feel okay, which indicates I have a lot of ketones being used for fuel. However I do feel a little weak, which is something I’m not used too and I don’t like. I also didn’t sleep that well last night, so that might be part of the weakness.

    I can see why fasting clinics push just resting during longer fasts. It doesn’t put the extra stress on the body that exercise does and it helps past the time if you can sleep the day away. No good for me, I have to work.

    Final thought … my weight is down to 79.2kg this morning. Last year I was breaking 80kg a lot, but since then I’ve really worked on my upper body strength and my shoulders, upper arms, chest and back have more muscle now. Also in the fall I had bronchitis which greatly reduced my workouts for a few months. I gained several kg of fat then, but that is all gone now. When I can’t breathe, I put on fat fast. Anyway I expect my weight to go back to around 83kg while not fasting. Maybe by fall I be around 80kg again, but muscle is heavier than fat and that is okay with me.

    Day 1 – NFD Virginia, USA

    Good evening, everyone is here, cool!
    Today was good: I ate vegetables and berries, went to cycling class.
    Tomorrow is FD
    This month I plan to keep vegetarian eating, exercise every day: yoga in the morning, cycling @6pm, walks when it is not too humid outside. FDays on Tuesdays and Thursdays.
    I would like to get better with portions, stop overeating.
    My goal on the scale is still 55 kg
    All the best to all, talk to you soon

    @alisa253 – Sounds like you have a great plan!

    Day 1 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    Please count me in for this month’s challenge.

    This has been mega-stress day #3. I’m pretty exhausted, so am just on my way to bed, but wanted to check in before doing so.

    Hope everyone’s May if off to a good start!

    Day 1 California NFD

    I’m a 52 YO female from the U.K. now living in California. Started 5:2 in December and briefly got down to my goal weight of 125 last month only to bounce back up as a result of visitors,birthdays and vacation. I just dropped my parents off at the airport to go home to England (always a very sad trio to the airport) so I’m ready to tackle May fast days.

    My goal, motivated by Dykask, is to do a WFD this month which I’ve always been afraid of because I don’t like to go to bed hungry! I’m also revisiting my goal weight and will try for a little lower as based on my height and build I think it seems reasonable.

    Day 2, Emden Germany, NFD

    @songbirdme and @rabbette Happy Birthday to both of you!

    @dingping How nice to hear from you again! I’m not sure I’m going to fast at all this month, I decide it from day to day. If I weren’t doing the spreadsheet, I wouldn’t be here anymore. My left hand is still the same, no progress at all, things keep falling out of my hand. Have you done any house- or garden improvements lately?

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 2 – 3rd post

    @rafiki44 – I used to have a lot of trouble sleeping after a full day of fasting. Sometimes I still do, although the more normal pattern is to go to bed feeling a bit empty and wake up feeling fine. It took a few months though before that started happening. You might try skipping supper starting your fast over lunch, then you won’t be as hungry when the night comes and stop you fast at supper the next day so that you only have one night. It also helps to have a good book to distract yourself.

    I’m now feeling good, in fact I don’t even really have hunger. I even did a light workout, 30 floors of stairs, 4km run and 2km walk. However I’m keeping to my plan to stop at 100 hours because I want to start working on a harder level of push up to help increase my shoulder strength. I’m also worried about cramping. Black coffee is a good source of potassium, but not nearly as good as dark green leafs. Plus I felt like I was at my coffee limit after the 2nd cup. My weight is down to 78.4kg but that won’t last. I would rather see that after a full day of eating than after 4 days of fasting. 😀

    Day 2 – Melbourne AUS – FD

    Had a fairly average sleep but feeling MUCH better today. Ended up ordering in last night as DH went to bed sick at 6:30pm, and I was in absolutely no mood to cook (or more accurately, clean up) – but none the less got some grilled chicken teriyaki, veg and rice from the local Japanese restaurant. More calories than I had originally planned, but was just what the doctor ordered.

    The extra rest day from the gym had the added benefit of helping my hip a bit – I finally feel like it’s on the mend. Another week and a half without running, and have to restrict weighted squats and lunges, but it’s progress! Not sure whether I’ll do a circuit class after work, will decide later on. Regardless I’ll be back to it tomorrow morning.

    @flourbaby and @dingping welcome back!! You’ll be back in the swing of this WOL in no time at all.
    @songbirdme HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!! Hope you have the most wonderful day.
    @ccco congrats on the new grandson, such exciting news 😊
    @michelinme congrats on getting off that dreaded plateau!! But 3 dress sizes whilst weighing the same, wow! That really reaffirms that if you plateau and still continue to do everything right, that’s when the magic really happens!
    @mia139 well done getting back on that wagon! With the support here you’ll get back down to that goal weight.
    @dykask I’m always impressed with your fasting efforts. Glad you are listening to your body and in tune with what is going on.

    Day 2 pocket list:

    Day 2 Wales FD
    Day 1 FD

    Happy Birthday @songbirdme and @rabbette, mine is Sat 4th x
    Off to work again x

    Day 2 pocket list:

    Day 2 – South Africa – NFD

    My first fast day was a breeze, & down half a kilo already! I only weigh myself after a fast day; don’t know if that’s considered cheating, but it works for me!
    I plan on doing Mon/Wed fast days, & maybe an extra one on Friday or Saturday, depending on how masochistic I feel.

    Could someone maybe explain this ‘pocket list’ thingy to me? I’m baffled.

    @ciren2 Yes, retirement is quite a profound change to one’s lifestyle, although I can’t say I’ve regretted it for a minute!I’ve kept quite active, by going to the gym most days, & trying to ensure I reach my daily 10,000 steps. I think the extra drinking was my main problem. So 3 months ago I completely cut out alcohol.

    If anything though, my problem is that I don’t get bored! I’m quite happy to stick my head in a book for most of the day, or to get involved with a ‘Words with Friends’ game.

    Good luck to everyone who’s on a fast today.

    Day 2 – Ireland FD
    Yesterday was more CD then FD… 😢 think I was carried away with the April win…so thought I was invincible 😂
    Happy birthday @songbirdme and @rabbette 🎈 I do you both have a lovely day!
    @funshipfreddie, the pocket list is the grouping of all those fasting in a particular day… someone, i can’t remember who came up with the idea that it motivated others fasting to have them “in their pocket” together for the day… you don’t have to add to it but if you do the steps to do so easily are on Page 1 ✅
    @yvettehamilton I’m not best placed to answer your query but we do have fab 70+ people on here who may be able to help…
    @michelinme isn’t it awful to feel left out.. fab results for you!!! Hope you are feeling better!
    Well done to everybody for getting through the first day! I don’t always have time to get back to everyone individually so forgive me if I don’t… some days I have more time then others… today is a busy one but sending you all strength and determination to make good choices today.. i need it too so including myself 😂

    Pocket list for today:

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 2 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Morning all, and welcome back everyone to May.

    Plan a good FD today, keeping it traditional 500 cals but hopefully less. A bank holiday weekend looms so want to do some ground work today before the inevitable tippling of wine.

    DH got the results of his MRI…..he has a laberal tear on his shoulder socket which will require surgery 😱 So that work accident last November where he tore his calf muscle (now repaired) also tore his cartilage at his shoulder but it has gone untreated 😨 He has to meet the specialist but in his line of work (aircraft engineer) he could be out for ages 😨 Anyway, at least we know, and can move on to hopefully get him sorted.

    @ccco I was just thinking whether the grandson had been born. Do keep us updated ☺️

    @flourbaby, we missed you! Sorry you were so unwell.

    @stephsie thanks for asking about DH. We will have to see where it goes from here. Luckily he will get paid from work whilst he is out. Phew. Seeing as my contract might be finishing end June. Anyhow.

    Right, have a great Thursday and happy birthday @songbirdme and @rabette

    @snowflake56 please don’t go, you have been a great support here, hope you get your mojo back. Hugs 🤗

    Day 2, London, UK, FD

    Yesterdays’ FD ended with a handful of cashews, so I probably should add a few (100+) calories!! I don’t mind so much since ‘Nature’s Prozac’ gave me a fantastic nights’ sleep, the first in three weeks of virus fighting!! @michelinme I hope your day in bed keeps the virus at bay, especially if it’s anything like the plague I had!!!!

    Happy Birthday to our resident songbird and our blue haired yogi …………………………. @songbirdme & @rabbette……………… enjoy the day and the cake and the wine and the treats!!!

    I’m feeling more positive today since I know this WOL works, and it’s really no hardship so there’s no need to beat myself up about falling off of the wagon in April …………………..Life got in the way, now I need to learn to view this WOL like breathing and blinking …………… No thinking required!!!

    @daffodil2010, back to my rightful place ……………. posting after you!!!

    Happy fasting people, we really have got this!!!

    Day 2 – Manchester – NFD

    Good morning 5:2ers! How is everyone doing? The long posts are back which means I must be feeling better – apologies in advance! 😉

    🎈 🎈 🎈Happy Birthday @songbirdme and @rabbette! 🎈 🎈 🎈

    Yesterday’s FD was a bit higher than what I normally aim for, but still quite a respectable (I think) 643cals. I’m rediscovering my love of pickles on this WoL! 😂

    I’m on a NFD today. I find NFDs way harder to stick to than FDs. After the terrible April (that I’m NOT going to mention again after this, I promise) I have now resolved that I DO need to count cals on my NFDs, so I’m aiming to stick to around 1600 which is what I worked out my TDEE is for my goal weight. So, @ccco – we’re in this count together! I am also just going to stick to the standard 5:2 this month.

    If any of you see me talking about last April again, you can send me a virtual smack on the wrist!!

    I have also made a plan for today because, as with many of us on here, if I don’t have a plan, things are more likely to go awry. So, it’s fresh fruit and tea for breakfast. I’m at work from late morning until 5pm, so I’ll probably skip lunch. Then aim to get something decent on the way home.

    One thing I’ve been wondering about and I don’t know if any of you have been in the same position: I think perhaps that after years of trying to restrict my cals so much on previous diets, that on my NFDs, I don’t have substantial enough meals so that I feel satisfied. I tend to have smaller, probably what people would call snacks because I’m so used to trying to restrict the cals. So I end up having lots of little bits and then having too much or losing track of what I’ve had etc. I think I need to actually have something a little more substantial because on my NFDs I can have more cals.

    Does any of this make sense to anyone??!! I may be talking absolute nonsense! Can any of you give me a breakdown of what type of thing you eat on your NFDs?

    @snowflake56 – I’m sorry you’re having a tough time atm. You’re so inspirational on here and give such great advice. Taking each day at a time is the way to go. Be kind to yourself.

    @stephsie – you’re absolutely right and with each other’s support we will move onwards and upwards – or downwards, as @songbirdme says 🙂

    @daffodil2010 – sorry to hear about your hubby. That’s terrible. I do hope he can get in for surgery soon. Did they give you any idea of waiting times? It’s a relief he gets sick pay.

    Day 2, UK, NFD


    Did well on my FD yesterday, leaving all calories for the evening meal that I shared with DH. Even had some black forest gateaux😊.

    Staying on healthy vegan food today.

    Good luck to all fasters today!

    Day 2 – 4th post … an update

    I ended my fast at 100 hours. Well I felt like I could easily push on, I think eating is important too.

    Cooking a keto meal is a pain.

    Shortly after eating my blood glucose is up to 80 mg/dl (4,4 mmol/l). Maybe my meal wasn’t keto enough. I did have some cabbage, onions, garlic, cucumber and more than a serving of aged cheddar cheese.

    Day 2: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD

    Phew…..the May forum is looking busy with lots of chat and plenty of new faces. Big welcome to everyone who is new to this and those who’ve come back after a break.
    Still nursing DH with his back. The wound is still leaking serum and so is a nuisance, needing dressings. We’re back to the hospital after I finish work, for a wound check.

    Pocket list for today:

    Daya 2- ATlanta, Ga USA- FD 800

    @songbirdme Thanks for the advice, I think I’ll try that.

    Day 2 Herefordshire UK NFD

    Thanks for the hello’s lovely to be back amongst you all. It’s going to take, it seems, a few FD’s before I get back in the groove, upping the water intake would help make life easier.
    @jaifaim – thanks for remembering I’d recently moved, no regrets, but constant visitors most w’ends have distracted me from this WOL and so I need to re learn control and balance again.

    @ccco – so delighted to hear your little one is almost here! Agree re discovering the right food pattern.

    @missybear – sorry your wine episode was down to stress and not fun, we are only human and now you’re back, still an inspiration to me.

    @aglowworm – hang in there you’ll find your mojo again, sticking around here will help.

    @songbirdme and @rabette happy birthday to you both, enjoy your special days.

    @matpi – bites – will count mine today, anything that keeps me focussed, concentrating and mindful. Hope life stresses ease soon, good luck.

    @michelinme – hello and congratulations on beating the plateau! X

    @ciren2 and @daffodil2010 – sorry to hear your OH’s are is still suffering, fingers crossed for the best.

    @funshipfreddie – good luck with your move.

    @snowflake56 – sorry to hear you’re not fully recovered, so important you focus on you and self care, something I know you understand and time to put into practice so do what feels right, you’re good at listening to your body.

    Hope all your loved ones are well and you are enjoying all the hard work you poured into your house in early spring.

    As for us there are no major works done at the house. Pleased though with mini projects in the kitchen turning a wardrobe into a larder cupboard and a workbench bought on eBay into an island unit. Both painted in the F&B Purbeck stone that the rest of the kitchen is painted in. Any slow progress is down to not being able to get on with heavy jobs when OH working away and too many lovely visitors, but we are slowly getting through the list.

    DD and her OH enjoy being here and like us embracing all the bookshops locally and looking forward to the Literature Festival happening near the end of the month. We’re also going to the music and philosophy festival happening at the same time with both our kids and their other halves.

    Eating gone awry with so many guests coming and going, my problem is not whilst they are here but managing the left overs. Need to not cook so much and/or shove the left overs in the freezer ASAP!
    Resetting now and so I can be in control before the next lot of visitors come.

    Take care and hope you pop in here now and again when up to fasting or not, come by and say hi. In the meantime lots of love and big hugs. X

    Finally @coda and all who started with her plus all the other long time posters congratulations and thank you for all your inspirational contributions. Three years on and still going, thank you to all here.
    Ta x

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