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  • How to lose 10 kgs in a month?

    You might lose 10kg if you fast for the whole month. That is you don’t eat anything for a month.

    It is really, really tough to lose that much weight that fast unless you already weigh like 250kg. Assuming you aren’t that big, you might get there if you are dehydrated but you might also end up in a hospital. If you are okay you’ll quickly gain most of the weight back if it is just dehydration.


    He weight over 200kg and 125.5kg in 382 days. It is really, really hard to lose a lot of weight quickly.


    Okay you probably can lose 3 to 4kg in a month, but that is extremely aggressive. A more reasonable amount to shoot for is 2kg/month, unless you are really, really big. If you are like 300kg … well that is a whole different story.

    On 5:2 you most people lose around 2kg/month.

    Jim, the ting about 5:2 is that you don’t need ‘tricks’ to make it work.
    Are you actually trying to lose 10 kg in one month? Not sensible. Not sustainable.

    It is almost impossible in 1 month, but If you really want this,then you have to start workout along with a suitable diet plan which must be strictly followed. Also, set small goal and achieve them first. Also, Start taking lukewarm water in sufficient amount early in the morning and after 10 -15 mins run for ½ hour.

    On the assumption youre TDEE is about 2500 cal then if you water fasted for 30 days it might be possible. I think you are setting unrealistic goals. one Kg per week is realistic. Good luck.

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    @beatrix. Please have your Amazon webpage proof read so that the grammar is of an acceptable level. Good luck with your ebook.

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    cherry: Yoga does not equal Fasting.

    to loose weight in 10 kg is not so simple there is tremendous change will come in harmones too… so i suggest to u dear to loose weight step by step where starting from walking then running and take some ayurvedic products forto make loosing weight

    Rmadankar, is that what worked for you? How long have you been Fasting/doing 5:2?

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    Eat a high-protein breakfast. …
    Avoid sugary drinks and fruit juice. …
    Drink water a half hour before meals. …
    Choose weight loss-friendly foods …
    Eat soluble fiber. …
    Drink coffee or tea. …
    Eat mostly whole, unprocessed foods. …
    Eat your food slowly.

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