Life begins at 51

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  • Hi everyone.

    I’m a 51 year old male with a lifetimes worth of diet failures and just today I decided to give up on Exante as it was unbearable spending life in the toilet.

    I’m 211 Kg at 6ft so you know the challenge ahead , would love to hear from anyone who is even close to my journey as I try and figure out if this is the life for me.

    Hi tetstb

    I’m a lot shorter and lighter than you, but older and a female: 5ft4, 69kg and 54.

    Started 5:2 journey in Dec 2017 at 81kg. Lost nearly 20% of weight by June 2018, but put nearly half back on since then. So have re-started 5:2 again since beginning of Jan 2019 and have lost 4.4kg in 6 weeks so far.

    I truly believe in 5:2. The journey will not be easy but it will be worth it. I recommend you to read the books by Michael M and research this forum. There are so many advice offer by so many long term fasters that I really value.

    Best wishes!

    Hi, I’ve just turned 50…I started 5:2 in Sept. 2017, & lost 2 stone, although I’m not very patient with weight loss so found 4:3 worked well for me. I also started the ketogenic diet nearly a year ago which fits in well with the fasting lifestyle. I reached goal weight last summer but am finding maintaing is hard- if I stick to keto it helps, but stopped it over Christmas so put some back on! Fasting is definitely a WOL for me now, I can’t imagine not fasting, hope that you find it works for you!

    Tetstb, this Lifestyle works. My husband and I have been Fasting since 2013 and he lost 45 pounds/3 stones/20 kg. We enjoy Fasting and even look forward to the meals we’ll eat on our 2 Fast Days. You can do it! And if you need recipes, click on my profile and link to my website where I post recipes for Fasters twice/week.
    good luck to you and to Phoenix and to hedgehogs.

    Many thanks for your replies and encouragement.

    @tetstb I was around 52 when I started my journey, that was 7 years ago. While I was only a little over 1/2 your weight then I was at a point where I felt like I was ready to just die. I was obese and my weight was continuing to go up.

    I struggled with calorie restriction and excessive exercise and I did have some success but was mostly miserable. I always suffered from hunger and hardly every felt well. I very slowly learned about fasting but was a afraid of it. However I kept experimenting.

    Kind of on a whim I made some changes that greatly reduced the my intake of refined sugar. That wasn’t my goal it just worked out that way. All of a sudden my hunger greatly reduced. I slowly made changes to where most days I consume less than 20g of refined sugar. I actually ended with more calories but the fat started melting off. Then I started being able to skip a meal here and there.

    I slowly worked myself into fasting, even water fasting for a week at one point. Now I just mainly do two 36 hour water fasts a week. I may have to cut that back in the the summer if my body fat gets to low, but for now it is okay. I often even enjoy fasting now. There is always some discomfort, but it is mild and the rewards out weight that.

    My advice is get started, work at it and figure out what works for you. It is worth it, I no longer feel like I’m ready to die. Life is exciting.

    healthy lifestyle after age 50 are the same for men and women at any age:
    Eat a healthy diet.
    Stay at a healthy weight.
    Get 7 to 8 hours of sleep.
    Be physically active.
    Don’t smoke.

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