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  • I have come back to 5:2 after my Autumn holiday last year. It was going well until a bout of laryngitis, a course of steroids and Christmas got in the way. Been steady since new Year. I have not had the courage to get on the scales but I have lost my muffin top. At 62 , and having given up HRT I am also battling the drop in oestrogen . My 34 F bosoms must weigh several pounds each. ! It can be tough, I work for the Health Service and my job is both physically heavy and can stretch me professionally so fasting days can be tricky. If I know that there is something likely to be challenging, I just swap my fast days a little.
    Black coffee for breakfast,low cal cup a soup and a satsuma or low fat yoghurt for lunch and the rest of the 500 calories for evening meal.
    Aldi have launched a range of low calories ready meals and these can be handy if you are in a rush.
    Going on holiday soon, I’ll try to do a maintainence day ,wish me luck.
    I am never going to be a size 12 again, but I would quite like to be a 13.

    Nice work!

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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