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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Amazon,

    I’m scaling back what I’m growing this year and giving the big veg patch a fallow year with a green manure crop that should benefit pollinators. That leaves me with about 6m x 3m veg patch, polytunnel and greenhouse, not to mention the herbaceous borders, so I won’t be short of work!

    You’ve done such a lot of work in previous years on yours so you can afford to sit back and enjoy it, particularly when you won’t be fit to do much.


    I bought some hanging baskets this week, although I may need to bring them in too as I see we are forecast high winds tomorrow ☹😑

    It is glorious here today, and we’re set down and sheltered in a small valley so its pleasantly warm. I’m off work and planning to do a bit of gardening before visiting friends later.

    I will also be staying at a friend’s this week! My first night away, or visit into anyone else’s house since early 2020. She has underlying health conditions so has been cautious on mixing. And we’re both vaccinated. All the same, it will be very odd!

    How lovely to be staying with your friend, it will do you both so much good.
    I doubt I’ll be going anywhere before September so will have fingers and toes crossed for some good late summer weather for my trip to Herefordshire so we can do some walking.

    I’m definitely reaping the benefits of previous work done in the garden.

    I ordered some plants on-line and the last of them arrived yesterday. I took them straight into the garden and potted them up. I’ve gone for different plants and a different colour scheme this year for the pots, tubs and window boxes and I’m looking forward to seeing everything in full bloom.

    All I need now is one of those pot holders that can be hung over a fence/wall for my Nepeta which I planted out in the flower bed and it was attacked and eaten by the local felines.
    I’m going to hang it over my little balcony which is the only place where they can’t get at it.

    I replanted my kitchen window box as the herbs were looking decidedly pot bound and some had died. In the past few weeks they’ve all had a growth spurt and I have huge amounts to use.

    Tonight’s dinner will be a herb omelette πŸ™‚

    I just saw the World weather. London had 16 deg. We had 24. What is happening to your Spring? No wonder you are all struggling with Spring flowers.
    We had a lovely long beach walk in the sun, with lots of people swimming. Very good for the spirit.

    Purple, last year April and May were glorious, thankfully as everyone was very nervous about Covid, so at least we could get out into the garden. We’ve done a bit this year, but not as much as we could.

    I walked to the market today for a clematis. The staff holder coughed in my direction as I was paying him! 🀯. That’s a test for the vaccine.

    Happy, my husband keeps urging me to buy baskets, but I love doing them, even if I do stress over balance. I hand them between the house and garage, under cover for a week before they go out. It can get windy out the front. The tomato basket in the back is more sheltered.

    I’ve forgotten where you are, Amazon. We’re in Flintshire.

    I’m in London just across the river from Kew Gardens πŸ™‚


    It has been a long winter temperature and weather wise with no evidence of spring until yesterday.
    Today has been beautiful and I’m hoping we’ve finally seen the back of winter.

    Since last month when pubs and restaurants were allowed to serve people seated outside there have been hundreds of people across the UK sitting round tables shivering πŸ˜†

    Hopefully your temperatures start rising so that you can enjoy the warm fresh air. Sydney is usually blessed with lovely sunny days in winter, after brisk overnight temperatures. School children wear jumpers in the morning to school, then discard them as the day warms up. Lost property at schools become mountains of these discarded jumpers! πŸ™‚

    Ah, I remember now, Amazon. A lovely place to live.

    We’ve had funny weather lately. Either heavy showers in the morning, followed by a decent afternoon or vice versa. Very difficult to plan anything. Sunny spells, with some wind, very pleasant, but when the scudding clouds hide the sun the wind can be cutting.

    I had to smile at your story of school jumpers, purple. That happens with coats in the autumn here.

    Kids’ behaviour is pretty universal, Polly. I’ll never forget the smell if the pile of jumpers in the corner of the sickbay. ☺

    🀣🀣🀣. Very true!

    My memories of teaching was the testosterone smell of 35 Engineering students aged about 20. I read once that testosterone is highest at 11am.
    I can believe it.
    A smell I am glad I missed is 35 twenty year old girls wearing Angel perfume. I would have gone on strike.
    I am not sure how those smells compare with jerseys, but I love the smell of wet pure wool with lanolin smells.
    I had results of a blood test today. Bad cholesterol. They want me on statins. I am paying dearly for my inattention.

    I think I will try to fast my way out though I read one report that said prolonged fasting is needed to reduce bad cholesterol.
    I will give a 1st 3 day fast a go till Monday.
    After the knee op I will need to get A into G fast to move as much as possible. I am doing lots of strengthening exercises to prepare for a fast take off afterwards.
    I hope you get a spring season soon in UK. I found French springs very raw. It is sunny but the air is so cold. I guess I prefer an NZ autumn.
    3 days without food coming up.
    Xx Wiwi

    I hope you’ve planned lots of things to keep you busy for the 3 days, Wi. πŸ˜‰
    Mr P went off statins and was successful. He is very strict with his twice weekly fasts. It’s always hard to know if it us worth the risk. I continue with my hypertension meds as I am not a gambler. πŸ˜‘

    It looks as though autumn has finally caught up. There is a week of temperature in the high teens in front of us, with wind and showers forecast.

    How is the fast going, Wi? Good luck with this.

    Keep warm, whereever you are. πŸ™‚

    Hi Barata
    It’s going well.
    In fact we were out with friends the other night and one person started telling me that fasting is not good for you, you need to eat 3 meals a day etc ……. etc you know it all.
    It’s made me determined to keep this fast until Friday.
    It’s cold today, more winter here than autumn.
    I hope you are all in good heart out there.
    Purple, you will have almost finished your Monday 5:2.
    xx Wiwi

    Indeed I have Wi, but unfortunately I somehow had to have breakfast πŸ˜‰πŸ˜πŸ˜’ Blame the cold weather, or just plain weak. Mr P held out, making me feel even worse!
    It is staggering how people think fasting is “bad for you”. Apparently overeating isn’t? 😁😁

    Oh, I wish we had agree icons. I still see so much advice that ‘breakfast is the most important meal of the day’. Skipping it will led to snacking. Blah blah blah.

    We went out to a family run Indian restaurant yesterday with friends. Two of us stuck to one course. Need to fast today though. It’s soooo cold and wet here. Just 10 degrees. Soup is tempting but I think I’ll stick to fruit.

    Polly, I made myself shakshouka for a fast dinner…lots of home grown herbs, chillie, kale, and even my own little tomatoes…to warm me up. It worked! P

    I think I’ll. have another coffee, then scrambled eggs, with chives at about 2. I won’t need to eat again – hopefully.

    I am a great believer that, if you eat healthy food and use restraint, you should listen to your body if it really is saying “I need to eat NOW!” πŸ˜€πŸ˜€

    Hi everyone,

    I’m not able to do my usual 16:8 at the moment as I’m taking thrice daily medication that has to be taken with food.
    I’m having a few mouthfuls of natural yogurt in the morning and I have to force myself to eat it.

    Only one more day of medication after today so I can do a proper fast on Wednesday.

    Shakshouka is a great FD meal as it is so tasty filling and low in calories if one doesn’t go mad with the oil.

    Today I’m having roasted veggies with homemade mixed herb and almond pesto.

    When do you have the operation, Amazon?

    Whew, satisfactorily passed that milestone. I’m now 70, folks! Seems impossible to be that age, but I suppose I can’t argue. I am just so grateful that I am as healthy and fit as I am, take no medications, and the only sign of aging is that I get tired more quickly when doing physical work like gardening.

    Your philosophy of eating is spot on, P. But does your body also say ‘wine NOW!”?

    Well, actually B, at this time of night it does! I’ll drink one for your continued good health. πŸ·πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽˆπŸŽ
    Hope it was a very happy birthday. P

    It was lovely, P. I am so fortunate. And this weekend we are out to lunch on Sunday at a local winery with family, including no.1 son who has just told me he is flying up from Wellington! Just missing the younger son in Sydney, but we video-chatted last night. And brothers in England and Florida but have been in contact with them too. I love the communication of the modern era. When my brothers left NZ originally in their early twenties my mother mourned their loss, and saw little of them after that.

    Yes. We are very lucky to be able to overcome the tyranny of distance with technology. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    We have a perfect, clear evening for the eclipse of the Moon during the next few hours!!

    Happy belated birthday, Barata. I’m in the same situation, 74 now, but no medication and healthy. I do find that one job a day is sufficient now, though! πŸ₯΄. I cannot imagine working all day then coming home to various jobs, then sitting down to a pile of marking as I did.

    Two good fast days under our belts this week. As we were eating a a restaurant on Sunday at 5.30, all we had before was a piece of cake ( ok, I know) with 11 o’clock coffee. I only had a main course. On Monday I just had the scrambled eggs on toast, then strawberries and natural yoghurt. After tai chi yesterday I got stuck in to the garden and planted up the baskets and pots. The time flew by and I just had a banana and spoke before dinner, lasagna.

    Keeping busy really helps.

    Interesting what you said about your brothers, Barata. I was so sad when son said he was going to America. My friend pointed out that when her Scottish mother moved to to South Wales on marriage she could rarely see her family and was dependent on letters and pre-arranged phone calls using telephone boxes. Remember those?

    Fabulous view of the nearly eclipsed moon! Wow!!!

    Here in Wellington an absolutely clear sky but 5* C only.
    Amazing eclipse.

    Beautiful, isn’t it! πŸ™‚

    Once again we had cloud cover in the north to prevent us seeing the eclipse. Last time it was cloud over the planet alignment πŸ™

    Thanks, Penny. We certainly relied on letters back in the day. Didn’t do the pre-arranged phone calls from phone boxes, though.

    Another early morning waking. It’s most nights now, rarely get enough sleep.

    Ditto Barata. I spend hours awake, then fall asleep when I probably should be up. 😏 Bad luck re the cloud last night. We had 13 deg and a stunning clear sky. Enjoyed a little party (liqueur and chocolate) sitting on the front porch, to witness the whole show. Very lucky as the full eclipse occurred at 9.15pm here.

    It was five degrees when I looked at the thermometer a bit later in the morning. Gorgeous day now, up to 17 today, so gardening is next on the agenda.

    Yes, of course. Two hours later here, a bit late for this household.

    The weather has finally settled AND it’s a bank holiday weekend. Which means 3 days of gardening (with breaks!). The place is large enough that xOH and I mostly only see one another from afar πŸ˜‚

    It’s a fantastic time of year, everything has greened up and flowers are appearing. The birds are feeding young and in fine voice and the bats are back, flitting around at dusk. I’ll be very sad to leave, but I consider myself fortunate that I’ve live here… or at least that’s what I tell myself to try and keep my spirits up 😟

    I started to fast last week, but abandoned the first attempt mid afternoon and didn’t embark on a second. Having had 2 years carrying a few more kg than I wanted, they have gone. Hopefully it’s the regular fasting and running finally paying off, but sometimes I think its just happened despite my best efforts not because of them…!

    πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ Happy indeed!!! πŸ™‚ P

    Morning all,

    Yes, Seasonal weather has finally arrived in most of the UK. And about time too!

    My little garden is looking good with lots of plants in bud/bloom, lush green leaves and shoots everywhere and summer bedding adding a splash of colour to the patio and window sills and the nepeta is in it’s new home hanging over the balcony out of harms way πŸ™‚

    You must feel so much better now you’ve rid yourself of the reluctant to leave kilos which is something I’m working on.
    I’m aiming to fast today. I weighed myself earlier in the week and I actually weigh the least I’ve weighed all year but I don’t feel it and my summer clothes are telling me there is work to be done before they become comfortable.
    I’m not really concentrating too much on FDs as they are fine if I keep busy. What I am doing is working on what and when I eat and the choice of food on non FDs.

    Time to get outside and do the final few chores needed before I can sit in my chair and enjoy it.


    Yes, I feel better for shedding the extra. It was only a few kilos but it seemed to have settled mostly round my middle, which I guess is a sign of my age as I’ve always been a pear!

    I suspect you’ve hit the nail on the head as to why I managed to shed it – not overeating on non-fast days! Again, not sure what flicked the switch there, but something clearly did.

    Enjoy sitting back and enjoying your garden! That will probably be 6pm for me, with a drink, when I can barely move after a day bending over weeding and sowing seeds…

    I can’t bend either! Heavy weeding yesterday and jet washing patios today, followed by a cleaning of the splashed conservatory and back porch. The jet washing was quite fun, though. Better than house work!

    After our two good days last week a bad one yesterday, as it was so cold in the morning, then muggy in the afternoon. Beautiful today, though. I’m too tired to do the crossword. Your home sounds lovely, Happy.

    Hi everyone,

    Glorious June weather here in London 🌞

    Fasting didn’t happen on Sunday but is in progress today and it’ll be B2B.

    I was up early and have worked out which was surprisingly easy considering I’ve not been able to complete the routine for some time and also finished tidying in the garden.
    I’m now prepared for a relaxing day and I might even sit outside for an hour if I can tear myself away from the tennis.

    Have a good one everybody πŸ€ͺ

    My Monday fast went exceptionally smoothly this week. I was kept very busy with various projects and, like always, pack a Thermos of coffee, when we go out. Winter is well and truly here, but our lovely sunny days make up for the cold nights.
    My veg garden is terribly neglected at present, but I just don’t seem to be able to get myself inspired to do anything about it. Too many niggerly aches and pains at present. 😐
    I do like the colder weather for cooking and curling up with some reading by the fire, though.
    Make the most of your fine summer weather my UK mates. P πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Well it’s been another lovely day, the memory of the cold wet days of May is already diminishing πŸ˜‚ I’m not at all acclimatised though, definitely feeling in need of an afternoon nap instead of which I’m sat at my computer trying to concentrate…

    Polly, my home is lovely. This summer is going to be bittersweet. I’m already randomly bursting into tears at the thought of leaving and increasingly anxious about the prospect of finding somewhere I can be as happy at half the price….

    Oh, Happy, I do feel for you. I can understand it’s going to be very difficult and you’re in a sought-after area, too. Think about the positive – a fresh start on your own terms, maybe?

    We’ve been careful this week, but not as much as we should have been. I thought I’d eaten little yesterday, but remembered about the soft-serve ice cream I had outside B&Q. Couldn’t resist it. Then I wonder why the scales are stuck.

    I have to log in here every time! I do tap ,remember me’.

    Hi everyone,

    I’m at the tail end of B2B FDs and I’m rather pleased with myself as it’s been a long time since I succeeded in doing so.

    The weather is fab. It clouded over this afternoon and we had a shower of rain which lasted all of 45 seconds πŸ˜† It is now a fine and warm evening with every day for the next two weeks forecast to be dry with 🌞 which suits me just fine.

    Sorry to hear you’re finding the though of moving so hard but as Polly says it’s a fresh start on your own terms and I’m sure you’ll find the right place.

    I’m pleased you people “over there” are finally basking in warmer weather.
    Enjoy every day, Happy. Change is never easy, but letting go allows you to treasure the next adventure.
    We are trying a reverse fast today…we ate normally until after lunch yesterday, then finished the day with a fast dinner of a bowl of veg soup. Nothing now until dinner tonight, which will be a pub meal with a friend. This only works if you are willing to be firm, but flexible. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    We have “weather birds ” here.
    The sulphur crested cockatoos (cockies) scream at sunset and sunrise. The kookaburras, who are actually solitary birds and generally pretty quiet, can laugh, en masse, when it is about to rain. They have just done so this morning, with their laughter rattling around the valley. Black cockatoos have a long whistle that indicates rain soon and the rainbow lorikeets chatter noisily amongst themselves, in flocks of hundreds, any time at all. Of course, the Noisy Miners screech at anything at all in the garden. And the beautifil song of the magpies can be heard early in the morning.
    Overlay all this with the garbage trucks at 5.30 on Thursday morning and you get an audio view of my morning. P

    Oh dear P! Sounds like quite a racket! I had a disturbed night due to a beast bellowing all night, I suspect a dairy cow recently separated from her calf ☹️ I’m hoping for a quieter night tonight… although I generally have to shut the bedroom window at about 5am when the jackdaws get up… I love the dawn chorus, but they’re just discordant.

    Oh, I love the bird noise too Happy. So much better than jack hammers, leaf blowers and bull dozers!
    A few years ago, we had an overnight visitor who had recently had a Cochlear implant fitted. Suddenly, for the first time in his life, he heard the morning bird calls. He couldn’t believe how noisy they were! P

    Considering I live in an area where the gardens are very small and there aren’t many trees I’m pleasantly surprised by how many birds there are singing at dawn and they are still at it πŸ™‚

    Unfortunately every two minutes they are drowned out by a plane coming in to land at Heathrow. I’m not exaggerating the frequency, there have been 3 as I’ve typed this post!
    I’ve noticed the numbers increasing after a year of fairly quiet and much less polluted skies.

    The refuse collectors haven’t arrived yet…….

    Purple, I’m astonished at your comment ‘beautiful sound of magpies’. They make a horrible cackle here! And they bully the blackbirds.

    Polly, I’m hoping, although I haven’t googled it, that Australian magpies are different from European magpies! Ours definitely don’t make a beautiful sound πŸ˜‚

    Australian magpies are well known for their song.

    From Australian museum website;

    “Magpies are one of Australia’s most highly-regarded songbirds. They have a wide variety of calls, many of which are complex, and their pitch may vary over up to four octaves.”

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