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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Hi everyone,

    Hi Polly,

    I don’t know North Wales at all and it’s part of the UK I want to explore at some point but the list of place to visit keeps getting longer and an unimportant side effect (on a personal scale) of this dreadful pandemic is is has made it very tough for those of us with wanderlust to go anywhere.
    If it wasn’t for my Herefordshire friends I wouldn’t have had the opportunity to go anywhere this year which is unheard for me.

    After several days of cool and very wet it’s now cool and overcast.
    I guess I’ll have to stay home again holding down the sofa and watching tennis.

    Such a hardship 🤪

    We travellers have to be creative, don’t we, Amazon? We are meant to be in Greece now, so we are watching travel shows on Greece!!! I have even taken up eaten Greek food when we eat out!! P

    Top of my list of countries to visit is Columbia which remains a pipe dream so I’ve bought a book about the history of the country told through the story of the Rio Magdalena.
    I’m desperate to start reading it but I’ve got two other books on the go which I must finish, a complicated knitting project needing to be completed especially now it’s cold enough to wear the garment once it’s all put together, and it’s the season for making edible goodies and gifts so I’ve told myself I can read it in the short dark days of December.
    I shall now follow your idea and search out some Colombian recipes although I fear many will be red meat heavy.

    Talking of food,

    Monday was very tricky and must go into the failed to fast column. Yesterday goes into the 800 calorie column and today is going to be 500. With lots of tennis to watch, a huge pile of laundry needing to be ironed, one or two other distractions and a dish of lentil bake waiting for my dinner I should be able to succeed.

    Hello Polly
    I think we were going to Coed-y-Paen as my OH has customers there or maybe to the Breacon Beacons (spelling?). South Wales is lovely. We had a wee holiday on the Gower Peninsula. All good fun when you drive a left hand drive car.
    I did spend one cold day in Bridgend which wasn’t the easiest. Found a warm café and read. I usually go with OH on work trips if they are to nice places.
    I heard about testing sewage. Good on NSW finding those cases. In NZ they have eliminated Covid except for people coming in from overseas.
    I am making soup today, but minestrone type, with lots of lemon, southern European style. I love your idea of eating the food of places you are not going to, Purple. What about Captain Corelli’s Mandolin as a book or film.
    I saw a film today called “The Mystery of Henri Pick”. Very clever French film.
    I will look at the Clwydian Range on Google Earth. This is how I travel and I also do simulated train trips in various places. But less time for that in NZ than in lockdown in France
    Off to bed after a good fast day.
    xx Wiwi

    I’m at Wednesday night…fast Thursday looming. We have a Zoom film meeting which will be a “lunchtime” highlight tomorrow, but I DO have to do some grocery shopping. 😏
    Monday fast, we managed fine as the weather was hot (it’s cold and rainy now), but not helped by neighbours having barbecues!!
    My daughter travelled in Columbia. They had their luggage slashed, and things stolen on a bus. It was all very upsetting, the police did nothing, so they cut their South American trip short. They are very hardy travellers, but were quite thrown by the experience. 😔

    It’s always upsetting to be a victim of crime when abroad.
    When I was in Madagascar we took a couple of internal flights and after one of them several of us noticed our luggage had been tampered with.
    Our tour leader merely shrugged his shoulders so on arriving home it was reported to the company we travelled with along with his poor attitude.

    I would have had my bag rifled by an 8 year old as we were on the way to the airport in Rome had it not been for a local noticing and shouting at him. He wouldn’t have found anything as my cash and valuables were in a different bag but it was a reminder one must always be vigilant.

    I always remind myself I appear rich to the majority of local people in many places I visit and although I would never condone petty crime or slack policing of it I can understand why such things occur.

    Colombia seems to be improving in many ways both for the Colombian people and tourists and it is a great shame when petty crime mars the memory of a holiday.

    Pre Covid I loved doing food shopping but now I am reluctant to go out. I’m looking forward to the time when we can go out again without needing to worry about masks and distancing but I know it’s a long way off.

    Hello Everybody,

    I am back! Actually I never left. I kept receiving and reading all the emails. JoJo and RT have’t been here for a while as well. I hope and wish them all the best.

    As if last week I’ve decided to stand up, pick up my pieces and GO do what we know really works.
    I have the resources, like all of you but at some point I get lost.
    I believe that loosing pounds, in my case isn’t the problem. Maintaining and avoiding yoyoing is.
    We have the tools and I am using it.
    Same old story!

    The US, Covid, Trump, climate change are very trouble some to me. The past sumner was hell here. We’ve already purchased a better A/C for our kitchen where is the hottest spot in our house. The other one couldn’t catch-up anymore. In Brazil I hear The horror If their early (spring) heat wave… the Amazon and the Pantanal are getting smaller every year.

    I am firm and strong with my meditation every morning. It’ 70 days in a row now. Soon I’ll go for my walk.
    My husband and our 14 year old Sasha are well.

    I am glad to be here 🍁

    Hi HCB.

    Good to hear from you.
    The world is in a bad way right now and the majority of the issues have been created by people.

    We all have to do what we can to improve the situation.
    We might not always succeed but we must keep trying and that includes fasting.

    Hi HCB! Nice to hear from you again on here. Yep, 2020 has certainly been a bit of a horror show so far and its difficult not to get depressed about the way the world seems to be heading.

    So, on the subject of things that we can control…or at least are theoretically under personal control…I’m aiming to fast today. I know I am currently maintaining a healthy weight, but I’m flabby around the hips, thighs and bum. Really, it needs to go!

    I hope to be able to report back later that today hasn’t been a fasting fail. Now, where did I put my willpower for safekeeping…?

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a cold sunny autumnal day here in London.

    This week has improved mightily since failing to fast on Monday. Two 800 calorie days and one 500. I’m aiming for 500 today and will not fast over the weekend but limit my calorie intake so as not to undo all the good work.

    My new organic kefir grains are now up to speed so I’m looking at recipes to use what I don’t drink. I’ll make flatbreads tomorrow and freeze the remainder of the dough and have a plan for some savoury chick pea flour pancakes stuffed with spicy beans and veg baked in tomato sauce which will be on the menu next week.
    I bought a spaghetti squash last week (I’ve not used one before) and have been busy researching recipes for it and I’m considering a seafood sauce that would normally be eaten with spaghetti or linguine or a roasted veg sauce and topping it with cheese.

    I made my Christmas cake yesterday and cake no 2 is in the oven. The fruit for cake no 3 is sitting in a bath of rum ready for tomorrow.

    I love baking and find it relaxing. I don’t have a problem with doing it on a FD either.

    Having just read through this post anyone would think I’m obsessed with food and eating………… 🤣🤣🤣


    Good luck with finding the willpower. I’ve found mine and am considering buying a safety lock 😆

    Have a good weekend everyone 🤪

    You’ll do it,A! 🙂 I was really busy yesterday, so the fast sped by. A good 1/2 kg drop, but plenty of flab around the middle still.😑

    Hi Purple,

    Today has gone well and I can smell my tarragon chicken with roasted veggies cooking.

    Keeping busy is definitely an important factor more so when willpower is flagging.

    I’ve been knitting a jacket with a complex pattern in 4 colours and it’s taken 3 hours to sew in all the ends. Not a very exciting task but one requiring time and concentration and it took my mind away from my hunger which has been shouting at me since 9am, no surprise on the 4th consecutive FD after not fasting for over 2 weeks.

    Flab is also plentiful here……


    I’ve been busy today too – although sadly work not knitting! I have got wool and patterns for 3 projects this winter so hopefully I’ll get through the long winter nights 😀

    So, ta da, I’m approaching breaking my fast 😀 That’s 2 this week, fingers crossed for a teeny weeny loss…

    Well done girls!
    I don’t knit…can’t stand unpicking mistakes…but often get absorbed in sewing. I don’t have the patience for big projects any more, but sewing for little people is always an excellent one day distraction. 😉
    We are in our family celebration month now, so I have to be very careful weighing up the party eating with the aim to not gain weight (or cause bloodsugar spikes). I’m getting pretty good at it, and surprised what counts as party food these days, compared to pre- 2013! With COVID, it is a good excuse to prepare our own, healthier, food and celebrate picnic style. Life CAN still be fun and healthy.
    Have a good one. P

    We are having the nicest weather that “suits”my body needs! It’s about 52/11, blue skies and the leaves are turning yellow, read and orange. It’s very cold for my husband. He is getting slimmer tough. Not much fat or muscle. I don’t want to turn the heat yet.
    My usual fast Tuesday went well! Just a big salad, chicken and some left over veggies and some walnuts.
    The Thursday one a lentil soup with a both chicken and low carb veggies.
    On top of that I am trying IF 18:6, with some ocasional fruit on those feeding days.
    My latest blood test results were cholesterol a little higher and the whit blood count low…Whatever that means. I need to repeat the test in November.
    Since amazon mentioned kefir I have mine in the freezer for over a year! I wonder if that poor creature still good or I need to buy new ones. I totally forgot about them 🤦‍♀️
    Have a great weekend folks 🍁🐿🍐

    Hi HCB
    It sounds as if you have jumped back on the wagon really well. Great work! Your poor husband will be feeling the cold because he has lost weight. It is important to make sure he keeps warm or he will start eating to warm up. Mr P is particularly light at the moment, and even on mildly cool nights (it’s Spring here), he has to put jumpers on.
    I restarted my old frozen kefir after about a year and it worked, but took a couple of weeks of careful nurturing.. only using a small amount of milk each day, initially. As we don’t use it much these days (Mr P finds it doesn’t agree with him if he has it often), I buy commercially produced, natural kefir. It IS easy, and delicious.
    We are having stunning weather, and are enjoying the great outdoors and longer evenings. Even the mossies haven’t been a nuisance yet! 🙂 No more big pots of veg soup; replaced by salads every meal. Enjoy the rest of your weekend. P

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a very autumnal weekend here and I’m having a day at home today after a very busy and social week.

    The Covid 19 restrictions in London have been raised although IMO it’s too little too late but nothing new there….

    I met up with a couple of friends for lunch earlier in the week, one of whom I’ve not seen for a year and we got our lunch date just in time as we can’t meet indoors from yesterday and it’s no longer warm enough for eating outside.
    It was great to catch up and have a good gossip and a few laughs.

    On Friday I went for a walk in Osterley with another friend and we were fortunate to be doing so the two hours of the day when the sun was shining 😎
    It’s such a wonderful time of year to be outside with so may tress and shrubs in glorious autumn colour.

    I spent yesterday morning in another local park with my niece and her family which was wonderful. 5uear old has started school and is a very happy boy as he’s loving it and his 20 month old brother is a happy little boy who is learning words at a rate of knots.

    It has been a week for raising the spirits in spending time with nearest and dearest before knuckling down to the reality of a second wave of the pandemic, staying safe and keeping well.

    It has also been good in that my back is almost better and I did 3 good walks without any painful after effects 😃

    I began my prep for Christmas early as I had bought supplies early before the panic buying takes a firm grip so all my Christmas baking, cooking and preserving is done apart from what needs to be done at the last minute.

    I’ve now turned my thoughts to gifts and have been seeking out plastic free toys for my great nephews.
    There are a huge number of items on the market but after the experience of all singing, dancing, flashing and in some cases moving objects there are not too many to cause excitement in a 5 year old but I’ve managed to find something I think he’ll like. It’s much easier for the little and along with a couple of story books each and
    some seasonal chocolate which will be purchased nearer to the time, my work is done and all without moving from the sofa!

    I’m aiming to get back to doing B2B fasts this coming week and hopefully doing M/Tu and Th/F.
    Menu planning is helping and now has to include recipes for using kefir. It is also the time of year for warming comfort food and one of my favourite things is to buy small squashes and stuff them and I have lots of ideas for fillings including using dhal.
    My kefir jar is already spending one day per week in the fridge to slow things down as the new organic grain are prolific and doubling every few days (I think it’s a distant relative of triffids 😆 )
    I made flatbread dough last week most of which was frozen in portions and this week I’m making savoury pancakes to be stuffed with mixed veggies and mung beans then baked in a Bechamel style sauce.

    I tasted my sauerkraut yesterday and having nothing to judge it by as I’ve never bought it, decided it is sufficiently fermented and has been refrigerated.
    Coincidentally last weekend’s newspaper magazine had a recipe for squash stuffed with sauerkraut and cheese which will be tried later in the week, and I’ve also seen a recipe for a veggie burger with sauerkraut and other trimmings with I might try minus the bun.

    All this talk of food has made me hungry, time for an early brunch of pancake with yogurt and strawberries.

    Keep safe everyone 🤪

    Hi Amazon,

    You put me to shame with you Christmas preparations! I have been vaguely thinking about it. But got no further than making a cake for Dad.. who I might not be able to visit until 2021 at this rate… ah well, it’s a Delia fruity boozy cake so keeps well….

    I did try sauerkraut a couple of years ago in a large bowl, but struggled to keep it submerged and wasn’t sufficiently impressed with the results. However I did buy a fermenting jar from Lakeland months ago to try again, but keep forgetting I’ve got it… another job for the to do list…

    Good to hear you’ve been managing to catch-up with friends and family outdoors. As you say, on a fine sunny day autumn is a great season outdoors.

    My back has also recovered well, although everything is sore today after emptying one of the compost bins and turning the other one into it. I was inspired to tackle them by the discovery of a rat in the one we’re filling. As I emptied it it became apparent it wasn’t one but 5! Clearly litter mates, nowhere near full grown, and terrified of me of course. They made their escape and I have rat proofed the compost bins so they can’t get back in. They were quite cute, but all the same I hope our resident owl (or the cat) will get them!

    I failed at fasting last week, feeling a bit pressured with work, but fasted successfully yesterday. Fingers crossed it’s good enough for maintenance. I didn’t buy any peanut butter or nuts this week, to minimise snacking temptation. Sadly though, I’ve been eating a bit too much spelt flatbread… I really really need to not comfort eat my way through the rest of the pandemic!


    I didn’t fast at all last week but didn’t overeat either. I’m finding if I put pressure on myself over fasting I fail and self sabotage by overeating so am doing my best to go with the flow and when my willpower is strong I fast.

    The day after returning form Herefordshire I went to the supermarket for vinegar and sugar etc for my chutneys and pickles and noticed the panic buying was already creating empty shelves here and there. I had already placed an on-line order for dried fruit, peel and nuts and decided on the spot to buy flour, butter and eggs and get cooking so if things get worse over the next few weeks I’ve got the important stuff done as it would be awful if I couldn’t gift homemade cakes etc as per usual.
    I bought a couple of 500ml wide necked preserving jars for the sauerkraut and the recipe suggests tucking an outer leaf from the cabbage round the top to keep it all submerged and it has worked.

    Once I’ve eaten it I’m going to make Kimchi and there is also a recipe for a curry spiced parsnip kraut which looks interesting….

    I don’t dislike rats but I don’t want to see either them or evidence they are there.

    My knees are uncomfortable when I’m on my feet which is referred pain from my back rather than an after effect of my walks. I’m wearing the McKenzie back roll to ensure I sit up properly and doing the exercises (when I remember 😳 )
    Once one has a serious back issue there is always a possibility of a recurrence but it’s such a long time since I last had sciatica I can’t remember when it was which is a good thing. This recent episode reminded me why I need to keep at protecting my back as I rather prefer being able to fully weight bear on both legs……

    Hi A and H,
    I thought you’d all abandoned the thread! I even checked if I had been unsubscribed. 😶
    I find it so strange how sometimes fasts are SO easy (last Monday) and yet others jolly difficult (Thursday 😒) I gave up at 10am and just accepted the loss. I also had no intention of postponing until Friday! So Monday is looming now, and another fast. This time I must!
    I think if it starts crumbling, it is probably better to just accept the hiccup and move on.
    Glad to hear you are both busy, Amazon with Xmas preps (wow!) and socialising, and Happy with rat eradication! I find I have to put bricks all around the base of my compost to keep them out. Mind you, I also have netting and wire cages around anything edible to stop the brush turkeys and possums too. The cockies are currently eating the wattle seeds. They break off one end of the seed pod, then systematically move it, with their tongue, along in their beak, removing each seed (a bit like a pea pod), then dropping it when they reach the end. Very neat. Very efficient. 🙂
    Keep safe, girls, we WILL get past this. P

    You type quicker than me, Amazon!
    I have had back issues again in recent months, too. You are right, we have to remember to take care of them ALL the time, not just when it is too late. I use a limber roll always, but tend to forget to do the exercises if I’m not in immediate pain.
    Re Xmas prep, it’s not my turn this year, and with 20 maximum gatherings at present, I think I’ll just let Xmas drift. I’ll only eat it if it’s in the house. (Mind you, I’m salivating at the thoight of your baking 😏😏)
    Off to bed. ‘night!


    Thanks for the cabbage leaf tip! That’s a genius idea!

    I have a Mackenzie roll in my car, and various moulded lumbar supports in chairs. Pilates has really helped my whole core and I’ve noticed a general change in shape around my buttocks and stomach, I guess as a result of muscles actually working 😂 But yes, once a back sufferer always a sufferer. I think before a couple of weeks ago, my last severe do with my back was about 4 years ago. While painful, every now and then I need a reminder to be vigilant and not get complacent.

    Good Morning,
    It’s about 15/61 cold here! My husband is freezer but I refuse to turn on the heat. This temperature helps with my sleep. We have sun shine but the grounds is wet because of heave rain the oar couple of days.

    I lost 7/8 pounds since I started putting my mind and body together. There’s a big effort invested on the quality of my sleep I even asked help from my Doctor (Ambien) when needed.

    Accident – last Wednesday, the most beautiful autumn day we went to the park for a long walk. It’s totally natural trail. Gravel, pebbles, roots sticking up and else. I twisted my ankle, knee … fell badly on my right side and couldn’t get up. I never had such fall or pain in my life. It took my about 5 minutes to get up. Then I sit on a rock for another 5 mixtures dizzy and in pain. Lucky we were not far from the parking lot. We came home and right the way RICE. I could step on my right foot. On Thursday I went to a x-rays and the Doc prescribed Naproxen.
    Finally I can slowly flex my knee.

    I haven’t seen my mother in nearly 2 years so that trip is schedule on Wednesday for about 10 days. It is challenging to travel this time. My first night I’ll stay in a hotel and wait fir a Covid test before I get near my mother.

    Okay! That’s all the drama. I am doing IF everyday but I need to take that pill with food so half avocado has been my breakfast. So far 2 pounds up probably because I can’t move.

    I talk about my sauerkraut experience later.

    Have a beautiful day 😘😘😘😘

    Hi HCB
    Well done on getting back into the swing of fasting! Sleep is important, but I do feel sorry for your poor husband…you ARE tough! 🤭🤭 I turn the ceiling fan on, even when it’s not very hot, as I DO sleep better when I’m not hot. I get wild dreams if I am too hot. 😒🙄
    So sorry to hear about your fall. I know your pain. I have had quite a number of very nasty falls in the last 3 years. It is actually getting to the point that I am worrying about walking down stairs. I don’t hold the railing (Don’t want COVID)!, so I bought myself a couple of trekking poles for when we do bushwalks. Definitely using the RICE remedy, after an injury, helps quicker healing. It is cracked bones, deep bruising and ripped skin (with gravel in it) that I find can take months to heal.😒 Ah, the joys of aging!
    It will be nice to see your mum again. Is she in the US too? Any movement in here, from state to state, mostly involves 2 weeks compulsory quarantining in a hotel (at your expense) and several swab tests. And the number of local cases in Australia is almost zero. We work very hard to avoid the terrible toll this virus has created overseas, especially in the US. It is a terrible tragedy the way it has been handled by some governments.
    I wish you luck. P

    I am going to Brazil actually!
    The president there and here are from the same litter. Therefore you can deduct the Covid situation. Now, there’s another level of poverty called “the misery levels”. Those are poor families that doesn’t have even what to eat. Really sad and hopeless unless you belong to that level that even in bad times you make money.
    Thanks for the wishes! I expect to walk and back to my routine soon.
    Have a great week folks 🍁

    Yes, you are right, US and Brazilian Presidents “from the same litter”.
    Take plenty of sanitiser and washable masks. 😐


    HCB, that sounds like a horrible fall. It’s easily done though! Fingers crossed you’ll be recovered for your trip to see your Mum. Neither USA or Brazil are having a good pandemic…says she in the UK 🤣☹

    P, I got some walking poles last year for mountain walking, mostly thinking of winter when its icy, but they will come in handy as I get generally more unsteady I know!

    I AM fasting today (fingers crossed behind back in case it goes pear-shaped). My weight/ willpower/ motivation has just been ridiculous lately with failed fasts and eating too much on non-fast days. But I reckon there’s enough left of 2020 to shed some of my blubber before the new year. Two successful fasts and cutting back on carbs on non-fast days here I come…

    Hi everyone,

    sorry to hear about your fall and I hope you make a swift recovery.
    Despite all the problems with Covid you must be looking forward to seeing your Mum. Take care of yourself and enjoy your time with her.

    I AM fasting today too and my sentiments regarding my recent lack of progress mirrors yours.
    I have a menu plan with lots of healthy and satisfying meal ideas on it.
    All I need to do now is get on with it…

    I, too, fasted today and am very pleased to report it was a breeze. I was so busy all day, I didn’t once think of eating …very unusual for me!
    All the best for the next 10 hours, A and H. 🙂 P

    I fasted too and as it is 10pm it’s almost bedtime.
    You are 12 hours behind Amazon and Happy. Hope the fasts go well.
    Sorry about your fall HCB. Speedy recuperation.
    In the last two weeks, my knee which has been problematic has deteriorated.
    I am facing a knee replacement. The wait list is about 4 months, so 4 months of pain!!
    I am hoping that the anti inflammatory results of fasting do help but not optimistic. But losing 8 kgs would help.
    It’s not very warm here so it’s soup on 400 cal days.

    Sorry to hear your knee up acting up, Wi. 4 months is a long lead time for an op. 😐
    I see your new MPs are either women or gau. Only one old, white man! Wow! It will be interesting to see what Jacinda can do in a majority govt. P

    Hi Wi,

    Sorry to hear about your knee. When I read your post my first thought was I wish the wait for a joint replacement here was only 4 months.
    I hope you are able to manage the pain and incapacity ok. Do you have a knee support? There are some great flexible ones on the market.

    A friend of mine in Adelaide had to have a knee replacement a few years ago, she broke her leg badly in a motorcycle accident when she was in her late teens/early 20s. Prior to the replacement she had extensive physio to build up the muscles supporting the joint and aid a speedy recovery, something you might want to consider.

    It’s a fine autumn day here and warmer than the past week has been.
    I’ve been busy this morning, I got up and my body was so stiff and uncomfortable I decided to do my usual workout which I’ve not done for a few weeks. I was wary of doing anything that upset the recovery of my back but the only thing I found uncomfortable was post workout when doing one of the hip exercises the physio gave me so I skipped it.
    I feel much better now having loosened everything up.

    I am determined this FD will be successful and have lots to keep me busy.

    Amazon, I have restarted a bit of running, as well as Pilates. I was wary of aggravating my back, but actually it’s been good, I suspect because my general core muscle tone and back strength was good before hand.

    Wi, if you can build up the knee strength before surgery as Amazon suggests thrn I’m sure it will hasten recovery post-op. Is it full or partial replacement?

    I’m at the end of a fast day, not broken yet, unless marmite counts, but I have a below 500 cal meal in about half an hour. Fingers crossed it’s day one of new not-pathetically weak me 😀


    My FD was a breeze, the stuffed pancakes were fab and the good news is there were two portions so I get to have more tomorrow.

    I’m also going to do my workout again as I feel so much better having done it this morning.

    Excellent willpower gang! Gold star for all! 🌟🌟🌟🌟

    Well done, Amazon.
    Thanks, team for the comments about the upcoming total replacement of my knee.
    I know about physio before and getting 110° bend to ride a bike will need some hard work. I will start swimming again as walking is quite hard, though with a knee brace it’s possible.
    This only showed 3 weeks ago when I felt bone pain the whole length between my
    knee and ankle.
    I could buy a ticket to France and do it with no cost immediately in private hospitals with live in physio after. However …………. not such a good idea.
    Next fast day here is tomorrow Wednesday.

    Perhaps not, Wi. 😉😉

    Hi everyone,

    I’ve managed to get through B2B FDs. Yesterday was a real struggle but I got there and am feeling very pleased with myself this morning.
    I decided working out yesterday might be pushing my back to far so waited until this morning and all is good apart from the odd sciatic twinge.

    Today I’m trying a recipe of squash stuffed with onions, sauerkraut and cheese. It is supposed to contain some cream and I’m going to use yogurt. I’ll also be using Comte rather than Gruyere because that’s what is in the fridge.

    My new kefir grains continue to multiply rapidly, I’ll be setting up a kefir stall soon 😆

    The government is continuing on it’s quest to ensure those who don’t succumb to Covid lose their job, starve, become homeless, bankrupt or all four.
    They are putting huge pressure on the Mayor of Manchester and are doing similar to the Mayor of London in demanding measures that will cripple the city in exchange for funding to help keep things going in the face of necessary restrictions.
    IMHO they have an ulterior motive as both Mayors are Labour and they want the public to think the further hardships they are about to suffer are the fault of the Mayors rather than due to government policy.
    Every day there is another article in the media regarding more money being spent on things that either don’t materialise or don’t work eg efficient track and trace and PPE. They don’t work because the government are giving billions to their supporters and donors who have no experience in such matters.

    What we need is another lockdown and full financial support for those affected plus all testing and track and trace to be handed over to the NHS and community health with adequate funding which will cost a fraction of what they are giving to their cronies.

    I despair 😫

    Wel done on the successful fasts, Amazon. Your new recipe sounds yummy.
    I’ve been trying to clear my freezer and have found some pumpkin and cauliflower soup I’d made in the winter. Sadly it was too bland, but a handful of chopped parsley and chilli flakes gave it the kick it needed. 🙂 I don’t need soup filling the freezer all summer!
    Apparently Victoria had the same number of daily COVID cases as the UK and France in July. The Vic Govt shut the state down and now have only one or 2, traceable new cases a day. They can start, carefully, opening up to the level we are in NSW now. The UK and France have thousands of new daily cases, and the numbers are growing exponentially. Lockdowns cripple economies, but save lives. I know which I prefer.
    When you get the numbers down, testing and tracing is vital to keep a lid on it. There is unlikely to be an effective vaccine soon, or ever (small pox is the only successful eradication of an epidemic causing bug, and it took nearly 200 years after they found a vaccine.) Containment is the only realistic option. Sadly, that probably means closed borders for years. After all, it is the mass movement of people around the globe that allows pandemics to thrive. P

    Hi Purple,


    At the moment it’s all about getting back into good habits and not celebrating a couple of good FDs but viewing them as a single small victory.

    I’m also trying to make space in the freezer. I have a lot of low calorie homemade ready meals in there and intend on using them in the coming weeks to make way for seasonal goodies, all healthy of course 😉

    The government are destroying the UK piece by piece and as they have such a large majority it’s almost impossible to prevent them doing whatever they please.
    Having said that, half of what they do is implemented without parliamentary scrutiny…..

    We are in deep trouble as the situation is similar to the USA where there are many who think the man in charge is doing a good job 😖😬

    Frighteningly, Amazon, there seems to be evidence of Stockholm Syndrome occurring all over the world at present. 😒
    I’ve woken up this morning, a Thursday, my usual 2nd fast day, and don’t feel at all like fasting! Hopefully I’ll get past it as I have a lot of party cooking to do for a big, COVID compliant, family birthday. My stress levels are getting the better of me…and we all know what we tend to fall back on for relief. 😒🙄🤤

    I am at the airport right now and there a very few people traveling. Some people here and there, face coverings and hand sanitizer everywhere.
    I was reluctant to ask for help but at the last minute I’ve requested a wheelchair and a brought along a walking cane. It helped a lot. Boarding in about 45 miners.

    I guess I am at the “cakes/pain” group now! My plan for the upcoming year will be to learn how to improve muscle mass. I truly believe that my falling could’ve been much worse if I’ve been heavier. Mobility is paramount for quality of life.

    Congratulations for those of you that Fasted and for those who had good intentions. It does help to at list try half.
    I am not fasting but behaving.

    Today I just did my first Covid test! The result will be within 24h. Just peace of mind.
    The numbers are rising in Connecticut and the governor said that he’ll be tougher if people won’t cooperate.

    Be well 🙏❤️

    Confession time: after days of planning, I spent today’s fast day baking for Mr P’s REALLY big birthday (we were meant to be in Europe! 😒)
    I tadte tested a few things, just to be sure they were cooked, you understand, “cleaned” the icing bowl, and then HAD to eat the rest of a bread and butter pudding that was taking up precious room in the fridge. Ah well. C’est la vie!
    At least I’m pretty organised for our dozen guests tomorrow. Let’s hope the weather holds (thunderstorms predicted) so that we can stay outside.
    Monday fast will be a DEFINITE!! 😄😄P


    Cooking party food on a FD is a tricky manoeuvre at the best of times without having pesky leftovers getting in the way 🤣🤣🤣

    Enjoy the party and I hope the weather is kind to you.

    I decided to cheer myself up this morning by watching African wildlife cameras (which can be accessed via youtube) and the result is I’ve now booked myself a second safari holiday next year 😆

    My excuse is I’ve never been to Kenya………..

    Fair enough, Amazon! I had a friend who lived in Kenya for a year. She came home when she found her finances going backwards. 😐 She loves Africa and is always planning to go back. We’ve never been, and, funnily enough, don’t plan to. I’m also never returning to the US!!!
    I am usually very good at cooking and not tasting, as I ran a commercial kitchen many years ago, and the training and self discipline is good for fasting people. 🙂🙂 It was/is the stress that gets me!
    After a sleepless might, despite getting up a number of times to make reminder notes, I’m all wired for a hectic day! P

    I can report my second successful fast day of the week. Hoorah! Although thanks for the timely reminder Amazon that a couple of good FDs are just that and nothing more!

    P, I’m sure the party will go well and i hope your stress levels aren’t though the roof today! Of course having tried a the food at the prep stage, you won’t need to try it on the day… 🤣

    I’m trying not to get too depressed by what’s happening in the country, but it’s hard to see anything positive at the moment! I’m fortunate that I have a secure job that won’t be affected by the inevitable lockdowns that are going to be with us for the foreseeable future. I can’t beging to imagine the desperate situations that a lot of people are in. Its an out of control mess. But hey, at least we’ll have a national Brexit party and festival to look forward to next year…!!

    Anyway, time to start the day (in the dark ☹). First stop, what do the scales say… and whatever they say, a mindful eating day ahead. Or that’s the plan 🤞

    Morning/evening all,


    I’m trying not to congratulate myself too quickly as I know too well a weekend of overeating can undo the work of a couple of FDs.

    I didn’t fast yesterday but am aiming to do so today.

    The situation in the UK is dire and it is difficult not to become depressed. I am horrified and very angry the government have voted against feeding poor children over the school holidays and making excuses about doing so increasing dependency when it is in fact their policies that have put so many people in such a dire situation they can’t afford to feed their families. They’ve even suggested they inherited the issues from the previous Labour Government despite the fact the Tories have been in power for more than a decade.
    I’ve read many already cash strapped councils are making the decision to find the money somehow and provided free lunches for local children who would otherwise go without.

    It has been a stab to my own conscience as here am I with a roof over my head, food cupboards full and financially secure and I can’t manage to stick to a FD when there are children going to school whose only food of the day is their free lunch and they are facing with a week without one.

    I never thought I would be ashamed to be British but right now I am and that makes me very sad.

    Good morning,

    The temperate in Brazil it’s very nice! Right now it’s 68c going up to 82c with a chance of 90% rain.
    The city it’s falling apart and god now where millions a take food from.
    Food insecurity it’s happening in the USA as well! Many children get their food from their school lunches. 😢😢😢 I am just praying and hoping for a better outcome economically.
    Happy Birthday Mr. P! Enjoy been spoiled.
    Good job Happy!
    See you later 😘


    Thanks for reminding me,
    Happy Birthday Mr Purple 😀🎂🥂

    Thanks girls. All went well. The old man felt thoroughly spoilt, even though he spent the day doing the outdoor lighting. The food went well. It really pays to plan very well, and ,yes, I HAD already tadted it, but was too busy tonight to eat much. 🙂🙂 The weather held and a good time was had by all. P

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