Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Paint the walls black…!

    I’m not selling anything, but if anyone is interested in the science behind how I have lost four kgs, and am getting near goal, I am now on my second Master Class of Optimising Nutrition: I will have to move down a jeans size shortly – yay!

    Well done Barata!

    The weekend has come round mighty fast. I’ve no idea where the week went 🤔

    I had a lovely time out with my best friend yesterday and am hoping to continue to make the most of this wonderful weather. Temperatures are due to rise up to 29C on Monday with lots of sunshine.

    I sat up until the early hours watching tennis so wasn’t up until after 9am this morning and I’ve kept busy all day making it easy to stick to my LCHF regime.

    I decided to take Michael Mosley’s advice regarding taking a multivitamin if undertaking a sustained period of time on 800 calories. I opened the bottle this morning to discover they are huge, 2cms long.

    Maybe they are a meal replacement 😆

    Have a good weekend everybody 🤪

    Congrats Barata on finally finding something that works! You must be thrilled. How long did it take you to lose 4kg?

    Amazon, those multivitamins sound positively dangerous! Don’t choke!

    The weather is forecast to be good here too next week, which is fortuitous as I will be on leave 😁 I think I am coming round to the idea of at least 3 consecutive days on one low cal meal a day. With good weather and plenty to do in the garden, and some long walks, it should be a breeze 🤣 With a following wind… and my fingers crossed…


    I began this regime having a small snack of no more than 150 calories when I first get hungry and a small dinner later on but I’ve changed it to something less calorific such as an apple in order to have a more substantial meal so I’m feeling really full and less likely to snack.

    Well done for picking Indian Summer to be on leave 🤪


    I have to book my leave at least 4 weeks in advance these days, so I’m quite astounded that I managed by chance to hit the heat wave in August (the only dry week we had that month!) and this week. Maybe there is a god after all…. 😂

    In an alternate reality, I would attempt a 3 day water fast this week. But as It I have planned several days of OMAD 500 cal or under meals which, with running, long walks and sone very strenuous gardening, should hopefully see me a bit lighter by the end of the week. I just need to get past about 10am, and if I haven’t caved by then, I’m usually OK for the day!

    I am planning on making a Christmas cake this week. I think not on a fast day!

    It’s very hot here today and not a breath of wind, too hot for me to walk anywhere or even sit outside.

    Today has been yet another day of damage limitation after failing to stick to the plan over the weekend, it’s like Groundhog Day 😬

    I thought about food free fasting for a nanosecond but as I can’t manage to stick to 800 it’s not going to happen.
    Having said that I’ve stuck to 800 today 🤔

    I don’t think about Christmas until mid October at the earliest and this year I don’t want to think about it at all. I was hoping to be somewhere enjoying a holiday but it doesn’t look likely and I am not in the right frame of mind to consider the alternatives.

    Maybe I should consider one of those expensive Swiss clinics where you pay a small fortune for them not to feed you for 10 days……….. 🤪

    Funny you should say that! I read an article several years ago about the Buchinger Welhelmi Clinic at Lake Constance. I have to admit I am tempted, perhaps for my 60th birthday!

    I’m only thinking about Christmas now as I have a week off. The cake will be for Dad, who I’ve not seen this year (facetime several times a week not counted!), and I’m not sure when I’ll get to see him. But at least the cake and mince pies will be ready to go whenever that is!

    Was it by by Jeannette Winterson writing about her experience at the Buchinger Wilhemi? She went as she had been diagnosed with raised cholesterol.
    It was very interesting and sounded like an excellent way to “reboot” one’s system but I doubt I could afford it

    Today has been passed by doing nothing much other than my usual exercises and watching tennis with a pause to make an omelette.

    I would be a very successful hermit………

    Yes, I couldn’t remember, but you’re right. It was her! I did look at prices, out of interest, along the lines of an expensive holiday I seem to remember… but without the excess food and alcohol. I think it appeals because its probably the only way I’d ever manage to experience prolonged fasting without being ill 😂

    Actually today has gone well though. Lots of activity and exercise and a light meal. Fingers crossed I can repeat it tomorrow.

    We managed a no food day yesterday while travelling through one of the wine growing regions of our state. We New South Welshmen are banned from entering other states. Even with only 4 new cases yesterday, Qld regards us as a “hot spot”!
    We checked out historic villages, drove up (climbed 😉) the highest mountain between Sydney and Perth and took a bushwalk amongst its alpine gums. We stayed to photograph the sunset, despite the 8 deg and cold wind. 🙂
    We took note of many vineyards and restaurants as we passed, but, as it was a Monday, most were closed, so no temptation.
    Interesting Happy, I often do mass cooking on a fast day. I usually feel, by the end, that I have eaten!!!
    Another day of wandering around vineyards and goldfields today. Everything looks fabulous. It’s early spring, the grass is green, the paddocks are full of lambs and the blossoms are on trees.
    Enjoy your week off, Happy.


    That sounds lovely! A welcome break, and a bit of freedom, after long months at home.

    We’ve got another lovely day forecast here, mid 20s. I will be in the garden again for some of the time, cutting down the meadow round the pond. It’s about 10m x 6m, so no mean feat with a pair of hand shears!

    I’m also hoping to take my sewing machine in for service/ repair. That will be a 40 mile round trip, but handily the shop is near to my closest tetrapak recycling point so I ca get rid of the carbootfull of recycling I’ve been carrying round now for several months! The joys of living in rural Cumbria….nothing is accessible or convenient 🤣

    I’m feeling energised and positive about fast day number 2, but then it is only 8am…


    I had a look at the optimising nutrition website. It’s sounds interesting. Can you tell us a bit more about it? How it works? What you’ve been eating and when? How long it took you to lose 4kg?

    Morning/evening all,

    Another beautiful morning here.
    I’m venturing out on the tube today in order to get my hair cut and do a few other things that require a trip to non food shops. I can’t say I’m filled with enthusiasm as I’ve never been fond of shopping and in the current climate I’m even less so.


    There’s a bag of used water filters sitting by the front door growing roots.
    I arranged to meet a friend last week and planned to drop them off in a shop on the way to where we were meeting.
    I got off the bus outside the shop and only them realised the filters were still sitting by the front door 😆
    I’m aiming to try again today………..


    Your day sounds wonderful.

    Have a good one everybody 🤪


    I have a tub of old batteries by the front door that I am incapable of picking up when I leave the house, despite the fact that the supermarket does battery recycling…. but I now have a bag of books in the car, having found that the book bank at the supermarket recycling point has disappeared! My car looks like the inside of a hoarders house….

    I hope your trip out isn’t too traumatic today! Shopping isn’t my thing either.

    Oooo, Amazon, something exciting as a haircut? Asymmetric? Shaved? Dyed pink? ☺😉
    I’m glad your weather is holding Happy. Free time to get things done is so precious!
    I, too, have a stack of recyclables waiting! Our supermarket takes soft plastic and the Council takes electronic things, but they are still waiting!
    The weather out here is freezing overnight and warm and sunny during the day. We checked out the site of Australia’s first gold rush (1851) today. It has a lovely little creek tumbling over rocks, fringed by trees. On the banks are tunnels you can enter with a torch, dug out of the hard volcanic rock to find the gold bearing quartz. The surrounding hills are covered in scrubby, spindly gums. Very dry, with little tracks everywhere where diggers traversed the country, erected their tents and generally worked hard for not much reward.
    In the afternoon, we checked out some wineries, and filled the boot of the car with wine! This first venture out into the new COVID world is good. We choose outdoor venues and every business has been very thorough following the guidelines. Very reassuring!
    Room service dinner, eaten on a terrace was another good option. It can be done. Just takes planning. 🙂


    I had my hair restyled a couple of months ago after not having it cut since January and it had just begun to lose it’s shape so I went for a trim.

    I went to Richmond and discovered the high street department store is closing down on Sunday. It’s been struggling for several years and I think lockdown was the final straw.
    The good news is I got what I wanted with a 20% discount.

    I’m looking forward to getting out of London next week and getting some fresh country air.

    A, getting out for a change is most refreshing. 1😊


    It sounds like you’re having an interesting trip….and the wine is obviously a bonus 😉
    And you’re benefiting from a change of scenery too.

    Amazon, sounds like you had a productive shopping trip. Shame about the store closing, you wonder how many will survive the double whammy of covid and Brexit…..

    After 2 lovely days in the mid 20s, the temperature has dropped back into the mid teens today. So the shorts that I had put away, and then got out, are now going away again, I suspect until this time until next year. When hopefully they will be a bit looser 🤣

    Having done B2B fasts, I’m aiming to make today a third. I’ve got to go out this morning, so will hopefully get over my mid morning urge to eat!

    And tomorrow I will be out for most of the day as I am taking my car in for service and then mooching in town. I am looking forward to a coffee in town, but I’m very rarely tempted by food while I’m out and about, so tomorrow should be another low cal day too.

    I know I won’t lose a significant amount of weight this week, but if I could get a reset on appetite, portion control and satiety I’d be happy!

    It sounds like a few post-it notes reminding you of recycling… OH was going to the local shops yesterday as I hosted a U3A committee meeting, intended to take our recycling – yeah, right 🙁 I have found the way to get him into the garden – take the chainsaw out and start pruning the fruit trees. Enter OH, attacks a few branches, stands around saying what next (when I have to talk to the trees, get understand what is needed to get the balance right, remember this is my first year), then puts the chainsaw away! Oh, well, we have had a chat, and tomorrow will be another day. 🙂

    Happy, Optimising Nutrition is the baby of Marty Kendall (Gold Coast, Aus) and Alex Zotov (Texas). Marty’s wife has T1D, and he has been on a mission over the last few years to see if there is an eating plan that would help her reduce the need for medication, and stabilise her system. Marty is an engineer. I’m not sure where Alex came in. Their focus has become on developing an eating plan covering as many micronutrients possible to reduce the body’s desire to eat more in order to get what it needs. Increased micronutrients increase satiety, reduce chasing of energy-dense foods that provide little in the way of nutrition. The masterclass that they run several times a year guides the participants to determine their current eating patterns, balance the macronutrients, and then focus on the micros, over six weeks. Half way through the current one, my second, and will probably do the next. Always learning. All I can suggest is, join the ON FB page, and research, as I have done.

    They also have a plan that focuses on using blood glucose readings to determine optimal eating times. See their Data Driven Fasting FB group. I do recommend these.

    The next size down in jeans is still a little snug! Wore them yesterday, but really not as comfortable as they could / will be.

    Lovely to have a road-trip, P, to refresh the psyche.

    Our daughter is trying to get out of her current relationship, which has turned viscous. Fortunately it’s not physically violent, but she never knows when things might change. And for a bloke to make an 11-year-old cry with his verbal attacks on the mother… We are trying to persuade her to come home. Yesterday she spoke to her employer, and the upshot was they would be happy for her to work remotely from here for a six-month trial, so I think she will be back before the end of the year. So pleased!!


    Fingers crossed your daughter comes ‘home’, it will be a relief to you once she’s away from her partner. Verbal abuse is domestic abuse. Even if the relationship doesn’t turn violent, it’s still incredibly damaging to the victim psychologically.

    Well, here, it’s the end of my week off. The weather has been great and I’ve managed to tick off all sorts of things that needed doing from jobs in the garden, getting the car serviced, taking my sewing machine in for repair/ service (it seized in March ☹️). And I’ve read books and had plenty of fresh air and exercise.

    I did 3 consecutive fasts Monday to Wednesday, but bailed out of a fourth on Thursday at lunchtime – having walked 10 miles in the morning I needed sustenance! As a result I weighed in this morning 1.5kg lighter than last Saturday. Hopefully I can build on that and turn it into a downward trend rather than just a temporary blip! At least it proves that I can still lose weight 😀

    Anyway, time to do something with the day… have a good weekend all.

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