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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Hi everyone,

    I spent all of yesterday in bed having been felled by the most horrible cold virus. I’m not sure how I managed to sleep all day and all night but I did and I’m feeling a bit better today but the cold is also alive and kicking…

    I was supposed to be meeting my best friend this morning for a walk in Kew followed by lunch in one of our favourite places but have had to cancel which is disappointing but I wouldn’t enjoy it and am not really up to a walk and the sound of my cough would incite a riot in such times.

    The good thing is I didn’t eat anything yesterday and I’m not hungry at all this morning so an hoping to get something good out or feeling so awful.

    I had a friend round for dinner earlier in the week and I made a Moroccan style marinated chicken dish which was served with roasted apricots.
    I shall be making it again as it was delicious and I think the apricot dish could be made with the tinned variety and I’m thinking of trying it with plums when they come onto season.

    I had a bit of a fright yesterday. I live in an upstairs flat and I was awoken by a noise. I opened my eyes and there was someone outside my window.
    It was the window cleaner on his first round since March πŸ˜†

    I ventured into the garden this morning and picked another courgette which was the size of my thumb at the weekend but needed to be picked before it turns into a marrow!

    Will you have a COVID test, Amazon? Very important to be vigilant.
    Get well soon. P


    So sorry to hear about the cold, summer colds suck! Fingers crossed it doesn’t linger and isn’t anything more sinister.

    Courgettes are amazing aren’t they? I can’t believe how quickly the fruit grow! Lovely fresh flavour though, so it’s no hardship for me to live on them at the moment.

    God, that could have been a nasty experience with the window cleaner! Having got used to him not visiting, there’s probably a lot of people been caught out in a state of undress and compromising positions 🀣

    Its forecast to be 28 degrees here today, shame I’m working… I wonder how productive I’d be with my laptop in the garden…? 🀣 πŸ˜ŽπŸΉπŸ–

    Back in the 90s, I had a job in a mail order company, run on the bosses farm. We used to drag great big computers, with long extension cords, out into the garden to enjoy the sun! Wirked like a treat!
    Mmm..zucchinis..I haven’t grown them for years, as they devour so much room, but, if they are hardy, I might try them again. P

    Well I could always take some documents outside later on, it’s good to have a break from staring at a computer screen…!

    My courgette in the polytunnel will keep growing, although less productive, until we get frosts so it is a pretty long season.

    We are paying up to $40 per kilo for courgettes at the moment – or would be if we were silly enough to buy them. No supply from Aus, and not in season here! Will put in a plant when it warms up.

    Hope it’s only a cold, Amazon.

    Hi everyone,

    Thanks for the sympathy and good wishes. It is definitely a cold and if you were here to witness the watering eyes, sneezing and streaming nose (not a pretty sight) you would feel my pain πŸ˜†
    I slept really well again last night and am feeling so much better than I did on Wednesday.

    The scales made me smile this morning proving every cloud has a silver lining but my appetite has returned today so I need to plan carefully and eat healthily.

    I picked another courgette this morning which means the menu this weekend will include courgette and carrot fritters and maybe cooked Italian style cut into batons and fried in a light batter made from chickpea flour. They’ll go very nicely with some steamed beans and a steak 😁

    I noticed the tomatoes are beginning to ripen.

    It’s going to be 31C here today but I’ll be staying inside watching tennis and taking care of myself.

    I was telling my neighbour about the window cleaner and his response was “he always turns up when I’m on the loo” 🀣

    Have a good weekend everyone πŸ€ͺ

    Poor you, Amazon! Lots of tissues, apple cider vinegar and sitting up to sleep? Get better soon. P

    Well yesterday was hot here, while I was working, and today it’s an overcast 18, now it’s the weekend! Ah well, it’s actually a better temperature for doing something to keep busy. Which I need to, as I am determined to make today my second fast day of the week. I am getting flabby round the belly, and I’m not happy! I know exactly what the problem is, it’s me. I need a good talking to.

    I’m quite tired today. We had a zoom drinks party with far-flung friends that went on very late. I didn’t over-imbibe, but I have no stamina for late nights these days. I’m trying NOT to go back to bed πŸ˜€

    Amazon, I hope you’re managing to shake off the cold and keep focussed food-wise!

    Have a good weekend all, whatever you’re up to.

    Hi everyone,

    I’m still full of cold but feeling fine and sleeping well.

    I had a good day yesterday eating wise. I had Coronation chicken made with leftovers served on a bed of salad which was perfect for a 37C day.
    I also made some Union Square bar nuts and if you don’t want to be blaming me for eating too many of them DO NOT look up the recipe πŸ˜†

    It’s cooler today and there is a nice breeze which is welcome after yesterday’s sirocco.

    The courgettes are going to get their moment in the sun today or should I say in the pan then onto the plate. When I watered the veggie plants last night I was very pleased to see lots of little finger sized courgettes and spent a moment admiring the ripening tomatoes (it doesn’t take much to please me these days 🀣 ).


    Michael Mosley has a new TV series starting on Wednesday 9pm Channel 4 introducing a quick weight loss plan which might be worth trying in the short term to aid getting back into regular fasting. I’ve set a reminder on the TV.

    I’ve not been to any Zoom parties but that’s probably a good thing as I’m more than capable of drinking too many G&Ts without company……….. πŸ€ͺ


    I’ve never heard of union square nut bars and I’m desperately trying not to find out now 🀣 Anything with nuts is bound to be a recipe for eating at least one too many!

    I take great pleasure in seeing the fruits of my labours ripening too, nothing wrong with enjoying simple pleasures πŸ˜€

    I saw that MM has a new lockdown diet TV series. Having a lot of respect for the man, I will be watching it. But it’s caused a bit of a social media backlash already, with some people accusing Channel 4 of body shaming!!? I’ve read that on average, people have gained 15lbs during lockdown. And we know being overweight is a significant risk factor for worse Covid-19 outcomes (not to mention diabetes, heart attacks, cancers…). I for one need someone to point a finger at me and say β€˜ooh, you look like you’re wearing a rubber ring under your t-shirt…’ , it’s too easy to fool myself into thinking I’m carrying my extra kilos well!

    Anyway, on that note, I did fast yesterday and went for a 5 mile run…although there were short breaks on hills where I had to walk as the alternative appeared to be death. I might live in Cumbria, but I think I can safely say I will never be a fell runner 🀣 At least I’m trying to form healthy habits….

    Friends of ours are passing through the area next weekend and have asked if they can stay a night. xOH has said yes, but I’m feeling ambivalent. Normally I would love to see them, but we’ve not had anyone else even step foot in the house for 5 months. I’m amazed that some people have so quickly embraced lockdown easing… clearly I’m not one of them! Do you suppose our friends will be offended if the windows are all wide open, whatever the weather, and we converse by phone from separate rooms…?! And of course it means that we need to scrape off the 5 months of crud and detritus that have accumulated in the house 🀣

    I know how you feel, Happy. We have all become used to not having people in our houses and nothing has really changed regarding the pandemic, has it?
    I have not had anyone here to eat, but we have eaten at our daughter’s twice… trying to keep our distance. Having someone stay is a whole different ballgame, isn’t it? Tough call.
    I don’t need to be told about the rubber tyre, I am just covering it with thick jumpers at present. 🀭🀭

    Good Morning from an already warm and sunny London 😎

    I now find my self forced to explain Union Square bar nuts as Happy is confused πŸ˜†
    They are roasted mixed nuts tossed in a herb and spice mix and served warm and once tasted are impossible to leave alone which is why I made a very small amount and eked them out over a couple of days.

    Michael Mosley is doing what he always does ie responding to what is happening in our world with ways to help us all to be as fit and healthy as we can.

    There is a huge difference between pointing out the health risks of being overweight/obese and offering ways to lose excess weight and body shaming.

    Lockdown has causes an increase in the waistlines of those not living in poverty and offering advice and ideas to decrease it is an excellent idea.

    This week I’ve been watching a tennis tournament staged at the National Tennis Academy in Roehampton London.
    It was organised by Jamie Murray and is a two team contest with an all British cast. It consists of singles, doubles and mixed doubles matches every day. The top British players are all there alongside lower ranked and up and coming players and it has been fabulous.
    It is highly competitive and great experience for the younger players to play alongside or against the more established/household names.
    Watching a mask wearing Andy Murray acting as ball kid to much lower ranked players is a sight to behold!

    It’s the last day and the teams are locked at 45-45. I’m really looking forward to it.

    Time to consider brunch possibilities πŸ€ͺ

    I’m lying, snuggled up in bed, quietly imagining Amazon’s intriguing nut bars, when a loud crashing and banging has started on the metal roof above me! A brush turkey has obviously managed to fly up onto our 2 storey roof! They are a very heavy bird, that normally only walk on the ground, roosting on low foods or branches. We never had one up on our roof before. The noise was a rude wakeup call!
    Fast day here too. No food for the next 12 hours…

    The sun is shining here after a wet weekend (although showers are forecast) and the birds are loving the dry, queuing up to get under the bubbling water in the water feature. A nice change from bedraggled sparrows huddling in the shelter of the patio yesterday. I may be able to get out in the garden later.

    I have started a new regime today. If the scales are up in the morning I will skip a meal, and as I only do two a day, that means OMAD. Let’s see how long I can keep this up – might have to exclude weekends πŸ™‚ Fortunately down 100gm this morning.

    Wow about the adventurous turkey, P. I have only ever seen them scavenging at ground level.

    Enjoy your tennis, Amazon. And do I take it there was no spring-clean in Cumbria this year, Happy? Put OH to work!

    Good luck with your new regemin, B. I’m finding the 2 full fasts a week has reduced my hunger levels again considerably. I am no longer craving white carbs and loving mostly highly flavoured vegetarian meals, with the occasional meat dish. Seems to suit me. P

    Interesting. I rarely get hungry, and am not subject to cravings – never have been, even when pregnant!

    Mr P is like that. Lucky you. I get ravenously hungry, plan meals, mentally, all the time. He can happily wait infinitely for the next food, but, left to his own devices, will choose very unwisely!
    Just looked up Nigella’s recipe for the bar nuts…mmmm…now I’m salivating, first thing on a fast day. πŸ€­πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ˜’πŸ™„πŸ™„πŸ˜¬


    Rarely get hungry and no cravings?! Poor you! At least the rest of us have a good excuse for carrying a few extra kgs 🀣

    Good luck with the new regime though. It’s what I used to do, back in the days when maintenance and weight loss was a breeze, eat less if I was heavier… hmm, think maybe there’s a clue there for me 🀣

    P, a brush turkey on a tin roof! Thank god you were already awake, imagine being woken by that racket!!

    I cleaned all the windows/ mirrors/ pictures yesterday and vacuumed, including edges and skirting, and then I was worn out… I had intended to wash the black stone tiles through the downstairs too but I have limited stamina for housework! xOH will do the bathrooms later in the week. A late spring clean!


    I’m glad to hear you’ve had a tennis fix, I guess the Wimbledon repeats wouldn’t quite hit the spot?!

    I hope you’ve shaken your cold off?

    Hi everyone,


    Do you never think, “oh I fancy a glass of wine” or “I think I’ll have a slice of cake with this coffee”

    If you do, that is a craving ie it’s not that you don’t get them (or don’t get hungry) rather you interpret those feelings differently to us food obsessed creatures.


    The cold is still here, they usually hang around for a while, I must be an excellent host…..
    I feel fine which is the important thing.

    I have been ravenously hungry all weekend but I just about managed to stay in control.

    The description of your housework made me tired πŸ˜† I can just about manage to keep a one bedroomed flat clean.
    I guess that means you’re preparing for your friends visit.

    I have two sofas in my living room and they are set at right angles to each other which worked out well when my friend came for dinner last week.
    My dining table is round when the leaves are up so I raised one and set places so we were at 90 degrees rather than opposite and it worked well.
    The hot weather also meant the back door and all the windows were open and as the long front wall of the room is mostly window there was plenty of fresh air circulating and the dining table is positioned close to the large bay window.


    Your turkey story put me in mind of watching peacocks flying and landing in trees, they looked so ungainly the thought entered my mind they needed to be tied to the branch to prevent them falling!

    So it’s 9.20am and I’m already hungry. I would like to fast today but I’m not sure if it’ll be successful.
    I might give my workout a go but it may induce a coughing fit………..

    It’s going to be a long day πŸ€ͺ

    Amazon, I can always fancy a glass of wine – but I wouldn’t have described it as a craving as I understand them to be, just a pleasant indulgence. What I feel is temptation, which I can forgo. As for being food-obsessed, I spend a great deal of my time thinking about it πŸ™‚ It helps with the planning, though.

    As for cake, I made one the other day as we were having a visitor for afternoon tea. The birds got the rest of it yesterday! It was too doughy and heavy.

    Well done on your cleaning whirlwind, Happy. Dogs and floors don’t go together, do they?

    Hello Fasters
    Have I been absent for a month?
    It must be nearly that.
    Your cold sounds worrying, Amazon. Glad you are getting better.
    I have been catching up and there have been ups and downs for all of you.
    A bush turkey on the roof, Purple! I believe they are not even very good to eat.
    The month has been head on for me.
    First I needed to prepare for the arrival of the family and my friend from Lyon. This was hard work, but at least I didn’t get that “Oh, maman” with a sigh. The house was looking good.
    We were 8 at the end. The family birthdays passed with a lot of fun. The Brazilian boyfriend is a most positive edition to the family, though the language mix of the family is expanded with his Portuguese added to our Italian, French and English range. Funnily enough my younger daughter’s baby due in December will be speaking French and Portuguese and will in theory not be able to speak to the cousins in Italy.

    We already have this situation in the family with an 8 year old Mexican second cousin speaking Spanish and French.
    The family stayed 10 days and left me with Robin aged 8 for nearly a week. This was a great time as I so enjoy being with that great kid. I drove him back to Italy. We were in the hazelnut area of Piedmonte, presumably the home of Ferrero Nutello, and there were lovely wines growing too.
    It was mid 30 temperatures and a bit hot. It was 1000 km return there by small roads only and the return trip of 10 hours was a bit much (50km/hr average).
    I am doing a self isolation period to make sure I haven’t caught the virus, and then I will do my best to get to NZ.
    I was sold a ticket on a flight which is not running and Singapore Airlines haven’t informed me. It looks as if I will need to quarantine in Auckland if I can make it. I liked the idea of doing some Romeo and Juliet from quarantine in Wellington, but that won’t happen. I would be quite willing to pay for quarantine. Finding a way home is this week’s objective, as well as prepare the house to be shut up for 6 months.
    It’s cool here again after temperatures of 35Β° 3 days ago. I have one very sore leg from the heat and trying to keep the leg elevated.
    I am beginning to fear the heat.
    My garden is full of veges so I will be self-sufficient in veges till I leave.
    I am trying to get back to more reasonable food habits.
    Glad to be back.

    Great to hear all your news, Wi. You’ve been a busy girl! Hopefully your leg improves and you manage to get a flight home.
    A young relative of ours went through hoops to get permission to fly home to the UK. Not easy, but she managed it and even found a flight that did not require isolation on arrival. Yoir time WILL come.

    Oh Barata,

    Wine and cake were examples and not meant to be taken literally.


    Hi. Your recent weeks sound fabulous, and another grandchild on the way is wonderful 😍

    As for my cold, thank you for your concern but it is nothing to worry about and it will soon be gone.

    Must admit there is a – sensation – in the gut. My hormones have been re-trained to expect lunch, as I have been off 5:2 for a few months. I do think, though, Amazon, that wine IS meant to be taken literally. πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

    Good to hear from you Wi. Mouth all healed, I hope? And don’t overdue the gardening with that leg! Travel safely, and soon. x

    Thanks for the advice Barata. In fact we are in heatwave again, so inside is pleasant. But there are wasps everywhere. They ate peaches I hadn’t stored properly.
    Yesterday I drove 150 km return to get an echo-doppler as they consider DVT a problem.
    Apparently I am not susceptible, but the lump was caused by too much time not moving while the family was here. That’s the best excuse I have ever found for not doing the housework. It ruins the health.
    Anyway the doctor prescribed two hours a day walking and I must say I feel better.
    But the best news is that my younger daughter in London will have a wee girl in December. They announced it with pomp and ceremony on Skype last night even though we couldn’t all communicate. I will need to learn Portuguese now.

    Lovely news, Wi. A granddaughter to go with the two boys! πŸ™‚ How is your Spanish – they are similar, I believe.

    Morning/evening all,

    My cold has gone and the cough almost gone which is great news and my joints love the hot weather.

    We’re having a heatwave.
    I spent yesterday with a good book in the garden under the shade of my parasol. It was very quiet and relaxing.
    I’m considering doing similar today.

    I watched Michael Mosley’s show on C4 on Wednesday and it has motivated me to try 8 weeks on 800 calories every day. I’m doing LCHF and keeping any eye on the amount of protein as I don’t always eat enough.
    The first 2 days have been easy but it’s a long way to go and the temptation to have a cold beer or a chilled glass of wine on a hot evening is always there.
    I’m going to try to avoid drinking alcohol at home and if I go out to eat I’ll take a day off and get back to 800 the following day. To be honest the idea of going out to eat is becoming less attractive as the R number has crept up although I do wonder if that is because we are doing so many more tests rather than a real increase in infections.

    I tried bulb fennel for the first time yesterday. I’ve never eaten it before as the thought of a vegetable tasting of aniseed with the texture of celery put me off but I decided to give it a go.
    I had sea bass with a fennel, orange and olive salad and really enjoyed it.

    I’m going to try roasting the other bulb with some other veggies and chick peas for the Sunday roast.
    Crispy roast chick peas are one of my new favourite things πŸ˜€

    Today it’s roasted feta with tomato and courgette salad using my home grown courgettes and tomatoes.

    Have a good weekend everyone πŸ€ͺ

    Enjoy your heatwave, Amazon. πŸ˜€πŸ˜€ I totally understand your reluctance to eat out. Same here. I cook better, it’s cheaper and no COVID!! P

    We are back in our heatwave, and I am sitting by a ventilator.
    My leg is much better already, though today I didn’t manage my 10k steps as it got very hot even by 8am.
    It’s too hot outside even in the shade.
    Good thing is that feeling hungry is off the spectrum.
    I am not sure how much more of this cabin existence I want- too cold or too hot and only 3 or 4 months in-between. Unrelenting heat actually makes me panic-the fear of fire. I guess it’s like this for you, Purple for the too hot.
    All the moisture has gone from the earth and my garden is dying even though I water it.
    I have been reading a book called “Blindness” which won a Nobel prize for literature, showing the breakdown of society after everyone goes blind. It’s too close to the bone as the parallels with our present situation are too obvious.

    The climate changes extremes we are all experiencing add another stress layer to the pandemic, Wi. Like you, when it’s hot here, not only do we have to cope with the heat and drought, there is the fear of fire and smoke. At present, we are experiencing extremely cold and wild wet weather. In Tasmamia, one place had a minimum of minus 14 this week!
    I’ve just read a book about an epidemic on board an immigrant ship, travelling from Liverpool to Melbourne in 1852. Awfully close to the current situation. I would recommend it as a well researched history for anyone who’s family migrated in a ship. “Hell Ship” by Michael Veitch. Human behaviour doesn’t change. 😐
    Keep cool, all of you “up north”. We southerners will rug up! P

    Not all of us today, P. Lovely day here, 18 degrees, t-shirt weather. It means a cold night, though. Your rain arrives here tomorrow night πŸ™

    Good to hear your leg has improved, Wi, and your cold gone, Amazon. I have a soft tissue injury below my ankle (cause unknown), and know from experience that it will last weeks. So no walking at the moment, but it doesn’t stop me gardening!

    I have just put “Blindness” on hold at the library. Two of our great magazines stopped publishing during lockdown and I so miss the book reviews. They are both going to re-start under new ownership, fortunately.


    I watched MM’s programme on Wednesday too. I know the dangers of too many carbs, but I’m not sure I’m ready for medium-term calorie restriction. Mind you, feeding myself would be so much easier if it wasn’t for the baby bird on the sofa…

    We’re eating homegrown tomatoes and courgettes too. I’m slightly obsessed with courgette fritters (made with spelt flour!), but trying not to eat them that way every day!

    Re: the R number. It isn’t based solely on the number of people having positive tests. I gather it’s a complex model that uses a range of data including hospital admissions and deaths, together with the results of repeat testing of individuals in the community (we had letters asking if we wanted to be part of the study, where a team come back repeatedly and take swabs). Its imperfect and lifting it out of the science into the government’s briefings doesn’t seem helpful.

    Wi and P,

    Thanks for the book recommendations. It looks like Hellship is only available as an audiobook over here, which is a shame as it sounds fascinating.

    Sorry to hear about your foot Barata, fingers crossed it heals quickly.

    We’re having a run of nice weather again here in the low 20s, which is just perfect for me. Although a bit hot for running, which I am determined to stick with despite not really enjoying it πŸ˜‚ Yesterday you would have thought I’d been for a swim not a run…!

    I’m off this week and hoping to do a bit of walking in the Lake District seeing as it’s on my doorstep. I hope I can enjoy it although the reports are shocking – people turning up in droves, starting fires, damaging trees and wildlife and historical sites, leaving litter, aggressive driving and antisocial behaviour. Its shameful to think those people would normally be being ignorant and selfish in Spain…

    Morning/evening all,

    I saw a tweet this morning saying “it’s snowing in Blackheath” with an accompanying video of said snow, but the person who tweeted it can’t fool me as I know there is a Blackheath in Australia.
    It did serve as a reminder that the land I always think of as permanently 35C with wall to wall sunshine also has winter πŸ˜†

    What is it with bad legs? Wiwi and Barata I hope they get better soon.


    Some of the same people who would usually be in Spain are also behaving in a similar manner down South.
    I read a news article a few weeks ago about a couple whose garden abuts a path leading to a beach on the South coast and as the public toilets were closed people visiting the beach were using their garden and I’m not talking about emptying their bladders.
    I cannot understand how anyone can think it’s OK to defile anyone’s property, leave litter, block road by parking illegally so little Jonny can build a sandcastle etc.
    There has been an increase in littering here since lockdown began and our council workers have been doing a magnificent job in clearing it up.

    I use chick pea flour for my fritters.

    I decided I needed to do something differently that I had to really think about. MM’s TV show came along at the right time to inspire me.
    I spoke to my Herefordshire friend on Thursday and she is doing it too as she’s gained some weight during lockdown. We can compare notes if our plan to get together at the end of September works out.

    It’s day 4. Day 1 was easy, day 2 less so and yesterday I was hungry all day but really full after dinner and today I feel good so I think that’s the first tricky bit over.

    I have written a 2 week menu plan so I don’t forget anything I’ve got in the fridge.

    As for reading I’m alternating fiction with fact and after the current read is finished it’s MM’s Covid 19. I’m also wanting to read Tim Spector’s new book entitled Spoon Fed with the by-line why everything we’ve been taught about food is wrong.

    Don’t we know it…..

    Have a good one everybody πŸ€ͺ

    Blackheath is in the Blue Mountains, just west of Sydney. Snow there is why our apparent temperature this evening is 5deg. The wind is howling and the rain is torrential. Excellent soup, red wine and fire weather.
    The land of Aus definitely gets winter, it just doesn’t last long!! P

    Currently 6.6 degrees, and I’m off to bed. Another short night – 5am waking πŸ™

    I like to alternate fact and fiction, Amazon. It keeps the brain ticking and entertained.

    I’ve been to the Blue Mountains which is why I knew there was a Blackheath in Australia.
    A dear friend of mine grew up in Katoomba.

    Currently 34C here.

    I thought you had, Amazon. πŸ™‚
    We went up there with the family about 5 years ago when snow was predicted to show the grand kids (and the grown-ups πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰). We all stayed in a really crumby motel in a town a bit further west. and got up at 5am when we realised it was snowing. We ran around the carpark having fun, and freezing. After breakfast we drove up through the mountains, stopping at every bit of snow we found. Govetts Leap at Blackheath was the best. It’s a real thrill for Sydneysiders to experience falling snow so close to home. β˜ƒοΈβ˜ƒοΈ It always melts again very quickly, so causes no major disruptions, only the traffic of sightseers! Remember, this same area suffers frequently from devastating bushfire, too. πŸ˜”
    Fast day, Monday here. Game on!!! P

    Morning/evening all,


    Yes, I remember Govetts Leap and Richmond and a hotel somewhere with a wall of glass for tea and cak and a view of the mountains and strangely a conversation I had with my friend who sadly died a few years ago.

    We also visited Jenolan Caves.

    Another hot day forecast and I’ve got a few things I need to do before it gets too warm.

    Have a good one everybody πŸ€ͺ

    Enjoy that heat, Amazon…I’ve frozen all day on this fast. πŸ˜’

    Mmmm…a bowl of Port Lincoln mussels, cooked in garlic chilli passata. An excellent fast night dinner. Have you been to Port Lincoln in SA, Amazon? Great seafood!!! P

    Your conversation, Amazon and Purple, is kindling a desire to come and visit Oz.
    I will need to wait for the Trans-Tasman bubble to open.
    Fortunately here the temperatures have dropped a bit, but apart from my walks at daybreak I don’t have motivation to do much.
    Books and cool water are the most attractive things.
    I hope you find, Blindness interesting, Barata. It’s very dense.
    I am reading “The spy and traitor” now -a non fiction book about the Russian who spied for the UK called Oleg Gordievsky. John Le CarrΓ© thinks it’s the best non Fiction spy book he’s ever read, and I love Le CarrΓ©’s books which I have read all of except the latest. It’s on my bookshelf.
    So this book is great and informative.
    Food has little appeal at present. I will see if I can hold out till this evening.

    Let’s hope that bubble does become a reality and we can see each other again, Wi. P πŸ™‚


    Yes I’ve been to Port Lincoln.
    Back in 2004 we spent a few days in Port Lincoln in an apartment by the water and had a wonderful time. I paid for my friends two elder girls to spend a morning kayaking with their Dad and they came past our apartment which was fun. When we were in town I took the little one who was only 5 for a ride in a pony and trap.

    We then spent a few days further along the coast in a little place situated on an inlet. It didn’t even have a store so we had to take everything we needed.

    We had our own little boat so went fishing and caught our lunch and we also did a trip on a bigger boat and had the opportunity to swim with wild sea lions and a pod of wild dolphins which was one of the most exciting experiences ever.

    I have so many wonderful memories of my 4 trips to Australia and I’m very lucky to have my friends in Adelaide who always want to take me somewhere I’ve not been before.

    Ah, travel memories, Amazon! And they almost always bring back eating adventures. πŸ™‚
    We went from Port Lincoln to Coffin Bay (oysters) where we saw several emu dads escorting their young, Streaky Bay (mussels) with it’s stunning streaks on the water, creating myriad shades of blue, then across the Nullarbor Plain, eating all sorts of creations, using limited resources, on our little portable gas stove. At Head of Bight (the big gap at the bottom Australia) we experienced one of the world’s greatest sights … a board walk high on the Bunda Cliffs where you look directly down on a large pod of mother whales, nursing their calves. They stay there in the bay for months, raising their young. Utterly awesome.
    Raw beef in Beaune, France. Kir Royal in Tournon-sur-Rhone, where our cruise boat broke down. The very best Devonshire tea in Bruntsfield, Edinburgh. The biggest seafood platter (and seagulls!) ever, in St Ives, Cornwall. A whole slab of freshly smoked salmon in Omaru, South Island, NZ.
    Will we ever get to travel again? πŸ˜‘

    Morning/evening all,


    The village we stayed in was Baird Bay.

    Food memories where do I start,

    Fabulous dinners in Cairns the first time I visited Australia including my first taste of oysters, a 50th birthday cake for a fellow traveller cooked as a surprise over an open fire when wild camping in the Okavango Delta, made to order sushi and sashimi in Cape Town, brunches after a morning game drive in Bandhavgarh Tiger Park, a Khmer cuisine cookery lesson and eating the result for dinner in Battambang, Cambodia, a lobster dinner from a beach shack eaten on wobbly chairs and tables in Zanzibar, more lobster in Newquay, a crab sandwich and a beer in Sennen Cove, Aperol Spritzers in Piazza Navona, Rome and so many more…..

    I’m hungry now πŸ˜†

    Talking of giant Cornish seagulls, I remember walking harbourside with my Grandma in one of the small towns on the South Coast of Cornwall eating ice cream. Granny tripped and the ice cream fell out of the cone. A seagull swooped out of the sky and caught it mid-air then swallowed it in one go as it flew off.
    I could not believe how quick the bird was or how it managed to swallow a huge lump of frozen food without batting an eyelid.
    I bought Granny another ice cream and found somewhere to sit while she ate it πŸ˜†

    Day 6 of LCHF fast 800 style eating and all is well. I hope I’ll be saying the same when I get to week 6.

    Have a good one everybody πŸ€ͺ

    Oh. Sorry. We do need to recall these happy times, though.
    We rewatched “Brooklyn ” today, as we spent a bit of time in Wexford, particularly Enniscorthy and visited Curracloe Beach, where they swim. We will have to revisit our favourite places through film. 😐

    Don’t apologise, I agree with you.

    I’ve been doing the ironing and I think I emitted more steam than the iron πŸ˜†

    More food memories,

    Fish and chips cooked on a campfire wild camping (again in Botswana), the food on the Indian Pacific train journey from Perth to Adelaide, homemade trifles in a jar on a picnic in Kew Gardens for one of their live music concerts, ice cream on a fruit farm in Tasmania, Belgian chocolate in Bruges, Pina Coladas after a day white water rafting in Costa Rica. Smoked salmon on soda bread and Guinness somewhere in Ireland….

    I’m doing a great job of travelling the world from my sofa 😎 and I still have my trip to Africa booked for next June (fingers crossed) to look forward to.

    Just heading off to bed, but I HAD to mention that we had Sex on the Beach in Broome, watching the sunset. Btw, it IS a type of cocktail! We told the kids and they were horrified! πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸΉπŸΉ

    I am aware it’s a cocktail πŸ˜‚

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