Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Ah Wi,

    It does sound like the sensible option, staying put, rather than trying to walk home! If numbers of new infections keep coming down then fingers crossed it won’t be long til they ease restrictions and you can get back.

    It was a glorious day here yesterday. I spent all day outside, digging, washing things down, weeding, and finished off with a walk/run. As a result, everything hurts! So I’m pleased it’s a work day and I don’t have to try and spend it exerting myself outside…! I know my fitness will improve, it always takes a dip over winter… but ow ow ow 😫

    Morning/evening all,

    A cloudy and damp start to what is going to be a warm and fine week weatherwise.

    A new week and hopefully a better one fasting wise. I did so well in February but March was a write-off. Here’s to April being more successful.

    The Prime Minister was admitted to hospital last night “for tests” and in need of oxygen. It’s all over social media with numerous armchair specialists telling us their unqualified and unresearched opinion…..

    I hope when he is back home and recovered we’ll see evidence his experience having a positive effect on the way the government are dealing with this pandemic.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Yes Amazon, your comment reminded me of a joke that is circulating-
    A man is at his computer talking with his friends. He turns to his wife and says “My friends who used to be experts on the environment and on Economics are now virologists.”

    Another shows T***** while doing a jigsaw says: ” I don’t want to brag, but I completed this jigsaw in a week and it says on the box 2 to 4 years.”

    Off to mow my meadow and fasting today. Soup later.

    Thanks Wi! 😅😅 That last one says it all!!!
    Heard on the radio, this morning:
    Husband (after another argument due to isolation) “You have been dropped from my funeral list.”
    Wife: “I don’t think they invite the murderer!” 😅😅

    Morning all,

    Mild again here, nice to not be cold!

    I’m fasting today. I’ve seen a slight downward movement on the scales (OK, barely visible to the naked eye 🤣) and I’d like to head into the season of wearing fewer clothes without a muffin top and hips to match…

    Nothing else to report…funnily enough!

    Who will see the muffin top, Happy? 🤔😒

    Ah P, but I’m not doing this for anyone but me 😁

    Ah P, but I’m not doing this for anyone but me 😁

    I’m heading into winter, so can hide, even from myself. 😜

    Morning/evening all,

    It’s a glorious morning and the next few days are going to be similar.
    I’m hoping to spend as much time as I can in my little garden and make the most of it.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Love that T***** one, Wi! I have just finished skimming through a new book, Proof of Conspiracy, so dense I couldn’t read it but dreadful beyond belief what greed and stupidity are leading us to. I’m so grateful that we live at the bottom of the planet, so that when a nuclear WWIII breaks out in the Middle East we will be best sheltered from it.

    Have you registered with the NZ government as wanting to come home?

    We are expecting some moisture later today, but it has been downgraded from rain to showers. Eight or nine more boxes emptied on Sunday, three more yesterday, mostly just books to put away now. We have masses of storage, cupboards everywhere, so happy about this.

    All the best, everyone. Stay safe and well.

    Well, I had such good intentions this week… but fasting has failed spectacularly. I know why, it’s my ‘eat everything in sight’ hormones ☹ I AM trying again today, the worst that can happen is i cave in at lunchtime and it turns into a 16:8 day…

    We had a very positive and reassuring message from our Chief Executive yesterday, to the effect that we need to put ourselves first, don’t work long hours to make up for lost productivity, deadlines and targets are currently meaningless. My domestic situation may be less than ideal, but I count myself lucky every day that I have no employment/money worries in these testing times.

    The sun is shining here again! We will need some rain soon though, it’s been so dry…🤣 But I’ll be pleased for a dry long easter weekend to get ahead in the garden.

    That’s reassuring, Happy,that your CEO is taking that stance.
    Sorry that your domestic situation is so difficult. Gardening is a great escape.

    Here in France, apart from a scattering of snow once, there has been no rain in 5 weeks, and spring growth is very slow. It will take me another week to mow all my terraces here.
    The silver birch is covered in catkins, which birds seem to like.
    Easter will be warm and fine here too.
    I am sticking to 1 meal a day. I have veges in abundance which suits me.
    It’s a salad day today.
    I mowed my hair today as it was too long, now the lawn.

    I’m interested in your hair mowing, Wi…I’m considering doing the same!
    Simple pleasures here..we are quite enjoying the lack of commitment.

    Hi everyone,

    It’s a glorious day here and I’ve spent a couple of hours sitting outside reading. The forecast for the weekend is hot and sunny and I’m worried too many idiots who think thy’re a) immune and b) immortal will go out and ignore government instructions leading to stricter measures next week.
    Having said that I feel it is inevitable until there are definite signs the peak has been reached and allowing fools to run arounf and endanger all of us needs to be stopped even if it meand we are all confined to our homes.

    I am baking HCBs and they are smelling rather good.
    I’ve settled for 16:8 and not overeating as the ability to fast is eluding me at the moment.

    My friend sent me some seeds and they arrived yesterday and are now sown and in the propagator. When I looked inside this morning some of the chard seeds have germinated so I’m now waiting for peas, chillies, tomatoes, courgettes. She also sent me a packet of rocket seeds which camr free with something and she already has plenty. I’ll be sowing them sometime over the weekend straight into whichever vessel I decide will be their permanent home.

    I’ve not got much potting compost so am sorting through some that was used in pots last year and mixing it with what is left in the bag. No reason why it shouldn’t be OK but a quick prayer to the god of veggies had been duly offered up 😉

    I ventured out for food yesterday and there was no queue at the local supermarket so I walked straight in. I got everything I wanted including a nice piece of lamb for my Easter mini feast 😀

    Stay safe everyone and try to make the most of lockdown Easter 😜🐰🥚🥂🍷


    Rocket grows like a weed in my polytunnel and garden, so long as I let some flower and set seed then there is plenty the following year. That and herbs are the only edibles at present.

    It seems that people mostly stayed away from the Lake District yesterday, the bigger problem seems to be in urban areas. Hardly surprising that people with limited or no private outdoor space want to be outside – another failure of previous government planning policy, high density living without adequate access to green space…

    I have failed to fast so far this week. Today is my last chance! If I don’t fast today, then it’s no HCBs for Mrs Greedy this year ☹

    Today is going to be another lovely day, not hot like the southeast but 18-20 in my sheltered garden will be plenty warm enough, especially as I will be digging over the veg bed and I want to sort out one of the herbaceous borders near the house which involves lifting plants, digging it over and replanting…Hopefully I can forget about the hungry worm that lives in me 🤣

    I had a chance to weed my veg patches today, although I still haven’t pulled the straggly rocket out. The ground is soft and damp, so weeding was a breeze.
    I’ve been quite restrained with eating today as we have been outside most of the day. 23deg and sunny, but a wild wind blew up this afternoon. Didn’t limit our long walk though.🙂
    Soup for dinner…not my best fish soup as the smoked haddock I used in the Cullin Skink had too much flavour. Mr P was happy with it, so that’s ok. 😅😅😇

    In France there is a fish soup made out of all the Mediterranean fish- called Bouillabaisse. The main fish is conga eel.
    I eat the soup but not the whole fish. They are not pretty to behold.
    With the soup you make bits of toast and put on rouille, (rust in English), but is an ailoli with hot chilli sauce. You float this on the soup and then cover it all with parmesan. French style decadence!

    Today I am making Easter decorations on Skype with the grandsons, poor wee mites who are now on lockdown until at least 3 May. Mr Amazon ( not our friend here) supplied the Easter eggs for them. Then I make buns with them this afternoon which will rise in warm Italian temperatures. It’s warm here too – 18 to 20° as we are 1000m in altitude.
    Good gardening. I won’t have time today. Yesterday I did nearly 3 hours of mowing and I have worn myself out.
    All this talk of food……..
    It’s only 10 30am.

    We had Bouillabaisse, served with the floating toast, as you describe, in Single, Ireland, years ago. The cafe owner was French. It was delicious. Funny how you remember special meals from trips.
    I hadn’t thought if mail order Easter eggs! Too late now. P

    I have no intention whatsover of fasting this weekend. I am having roast lamb which I’ve decided to cook today and I’ll have leftovers from tomorrow onwards. I found a recipe for lamb roasted with basil and mint pesto and I had basil in the fridge which had been forgotten and needed using and I have lots of mint in the garden, so I made pesto and have covered the lamb with it and the remainder is in the fridge.
    I’ve also seen a recipe for Greek style meatballs in tomato sauce using lamb mince so it’ll be adapted for roasted leftovers some time next week.

    My daily HCB ration is being made into a version of bread and butter pudding. I was going to make a dessert of some description but knew if I did I’d eat it AND a HCB so it’s the lesser of 2 evils……. 😋

    The day began with a few clouds but it has cleared now and is set to be 25C later. I sat outside this morning reading and am now inside being serenaded by David Bowie 😁
    It has (thankfully) been very quiet here for the past couple of weeks and appears even quieter this weekend than in previous days. I think many people are looking at the rising frightening death toll and are very wary of going out unless it is absolutely necessary.
    I went out for my newspaper very early this morning and the only others I saw apart from 3 empty buses 5 cars and 2 cyclists were the local addicts buying their daily doses of alcohol.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Thanks Amazon, bread and butter pudding had dropped out of our menu…it must come back! 😉
    I used up some Arborio rice in a rice pudding, made with grated apple, this week. It’s delicious served with banana. P

    Mmm, yes, HCB bread and butter pudding, that’s inspired! I can almost taste it…

    Well, I caved yesterday and made a small batch of HCB. I didn’t have quite enough strong white flour, so added some wholemeal, and I had to make my own candied peel. I also reduced the sugar a bit. But they are delicious. Suffice it to say it was a 16:8 day after all 😊

    But I spent most of the day digging and wheelbarrowing soil uphill, so I’m at least maintaining if not losing…

    Sore shoulders today, so the prospect of another day gardening is somewhat daunting but has to be done. The weather is fine and there’s loads needs doing!

    Happy Easter all, whatever you’re up to (at home!).

    Happy Easter to you, Happy, and all our fasting friends. 🐣 P

    I had to make peel as I used up the last in the Simnel cake.

    The lamb with basil and mint pesto was very good and I have a huge amount left so I guess this week’s menu will be meat heavy for a change which is no hardship.

    The HCB pudding was very satisfying 😃

    Have a good Easter everyone 😜

    Well, that was Easter. And now back to what passes for normal, although I am planning on having another couple of days off later this week.

    I made a small batch of HCB, and they are gone now 😊 And I didn’t have any Easter eggs or other form of chocolate. So, except for knowing that I have the raw ingredients for cakes and biscuits, there’s nothing sweet in the house to tempt me.

    Today I AM going to fast. I know we’re in the middle of a pandemic, but how exactly is coming out of it podgy going to help?!

    The sun is shining again, although we had a hard frost so it’s a cold start to the day. How hard can it be not to eat…?! 🤣🤣🤣

    Morning/evening all,


    I am going to fast today too and it is going to be mighty hard after everything that has been consumed over the last couple of weeks but I am determined to come out of this lockdown weighing less than when it began.

    It was very cold yesterday with a bitter easterl blowing all day and howling down the chimneys.It’s cooler again this morning but no sun and a clear blue sky and sunshine.

    My seedlings are germinating and I now have a courgette plant, peas, chard and some chillies. No tomatoes yet but they always take their time.

    I guess I need to get outside and finish prepping the garden.

    Not eating isn’t the problem, it’s keeping out of the kitchen 😆

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    We are starting our last (fingers crossed) week of level 4 lockdown. There are now nine deaths relating to Covid here, all of them elderly and six of them dementia patients from one resthome. Very sad, but with other underlying issues they may well have succumbed to other winter ailments over the next few months. Nice to see Boris has recovered – with the help of Jenny from Invercargill 🙂

    All this talk of buns and bread encouraged me to re-start my sourdough baking – using the original 5:2 recipe! The result was a great success, taste and texture spot on and meeting OH’s full approval. It resulted in the expected 1.5kg weight increase for me, though, I’m all over the place at the moment, will blame my sleeping patterns as well as the bread. Have barely had a full night’s sleep since we moved in. I am reading Dr M’s Fast Asleep, hope that will give some guidance.

    I’m really looking forward to being able to start my winter veggie garden, all this discussion of new growth! I put a bucket of red guavas at the end of the drive yesterday, and noticed that some had gone this morning. It seems to be the way in this district of plenty, have availed myself of local feijoas on our walks.

    Stay safe and well, everyone.

    Hi everyone,

    My little propagator is full of seedlings, a single tiny tomato plant has appeared and I’m hoping for one more.
    I’ve been busy planting an idle window box with strawberry plants. The garden is overrun with them so I thought I’d make an effort and try to grow some fruit.
    I’ve also sown some rocket and prepped pots for courgette plants as they are growing very fast and will need more space in a few days.


    I find eating bread, even good homemade stuff leads to a ridiculous but temporary rise in weight and I’ve come to the conclusion it needs a lot of water to be digested.

    You seem to be settling in nicely to your new house and the garden looks lovely. If there’s one thing I regret it’s not making the effort to move to somewhere larger with a decent garden but I couldn’t bear the thought of another huge mortgage so I’m making the most of my little patch. It’s big enough for me to sit outside when the weather is fine and there’s sufficiant room for lots of shrubs and flowers and this year veggies.
    I have two dwarf lilacs which are in bud and by next week they’ll be in bloom and I’ll be able to sit in the sun breathing in one of the most beautiful floral perfumes.

    Keep safe everyone 😜

    Gardens are such a joy, aren’t they?
    Ours is full of hibiscus and camelias, flowering, at present. We have weeded and fed the veg beds and planted seeds in the seedtrays. The kale is already at the lid.
    All the azaleas and vines are needing pruning…very rewarding work…and run-away buffalo grass runners are being moved to bare patches. Our rainwater tank is 3/4 full.
    The only thing I regret is not having planted new lettuce a month ago. Mr P lives on it and they are looking very small. My kale and chilli continue to be extremely vigorous.
    I agree, bread, and other flour based foods, instantly put on weight…they slows “the system” down, but ARE such comfort food in these worrying times.
    Look after yourselves everyone. P

    Oooh, itching to get veggies growing! No seedlings in the supermarket this morning 🙁 But I can get on with pruning and tidying also, between showers.

    Just back from a delightful paddle on the river. Just us, the birds and the fish, plus a sting ray! Glorious weather. Healthy, safe, exercise. 🙂

    Trying to persuade OH into a walk, looking at the rain radar and assuring him we won’t get wet! Your paddle sounds delightful, P.

    Paddling is a great upper body workout to balance all the walking.
    We are determined to come out of this isolation fit! P

    I couldn’t get him to move 🙁 SUP or kayak?


    My tomato seeds all germinated in a couple of days, but I CANNOT persuade courgettes to germinate! I’m not giving up yet though as I have more seeds, and I know the plants will catchup whenever they get established. I’ll be gutted if the whole packet fails…

    The lovely spring weather continues here, although we haven’t had rain for weeks which is starting to be a concern as we are not on mains supply.

    P, I’m very envious of your paddling! Being on the water is so calming, a different world. And not only good shoulder and arm exercise, but core too.

    Fasting hasn’t been very successful again this week, with most attempts falling into a light ish 16:8, but today I am more determined to make it through. Talk of bread products…mmmmmm….isn’t helping!!

    Morning/evening all,


    My friend sent me 4 courgette seeds and I used 2. Only one germinated so I’ve sown another as I would like 2 plants because they’ll not produce so many courgettes if they’re in pots. I’ve got my fingers crossed for another tomato plant and I have a few seeds left.

    I now have a window box full of strawberry plants and a tub planted with rocket seeds.

    There is a large band of prolonged heavy rain due to hit the south of England and then travel north so hopefully it’ll reach you. My little garden is so dry I gave it a few cans of water a couple of days ago. I was going to get the hosepipe out yesterday until I saw the forecast.
    It is timely as it’ll make weeding and preparing the area I want to use for peas and chard much easier.

    It seems we are all taking comfort in our gardens 😊

    Fasting isn’t happening for me either and the need to bake (and eat) is very strong. I guess it’s no surprise as I find baking so comforting and now I’ve been able to buy plain flour there’s nothing preventing me 😬

    I took delivery of a case of wine yesterday and after I unpacked it I pulled out the bottle separater to flatten it and a packet of Hotel Chocolat caramel bunnies came out with it which is a nice touch from the wine company who are only selling to members at present.
    The Easter Bunnie didn’t forget me after all, he was merely running late 😆

    Keep safe everyone 😜

    Two man kayak, B, that way one can stop paddling if you want to just cruise, or both, flat out, for speed. Lifting it on and off the car is good exercise too!
    Fasted until 3pm today. Only because we were busy. P

    You are all so busy on garden projects.
    I will only need 4 more mows of my fields to complete round 1. Still no rain here, but preparing for Round 2. This will be a continuous process. I looked at my vege garden yesterday and I will dig it (raised beds) this weekend and plant when the rains come (If they come). There is broccoli and rocket from last year still. The March equinoctal rain consisted of a light smattering of snow.
    I am painting a blueberry at present, with a diameter of nearly 15 cm. It’s like watching plants germinate,and very pleasant.

    This weekend with the grandies, we are doing a puppet rendition of the Prehistoric Animal Brigade for our Sunday family aperitivo. Yesterday we painted the backdrop and today painting the critters and putting on them on sticks, and learning the song. Tomorrow is dress rehearsal. All good fun.
    Love the sound of your kayak trip Purple. I remember remarking to you that the Hawkesbury struck me as primaeval. I imagine in its silence that ancientness would be enhanced. Do you hear those noise of popping from the little beasties breaking the surface? I so miss the sea and water in general.
    I am again making plans to escape. I will do my 6 months resident’s requirement for France, and later today, I will book on a Qantas flight on 1 September via Dubai and Sydney. I wonder if I will need to do 2 weeks of quarantine in Wellington, or if I am being optimistic about being able to escape. President Macron is suggesting closing the Shengen borders till September, but even so we are not an island in Shengen, like Oz, NZ and Britain, with dangers of virus spread. I might get some camping in this summer, alone of course, but with a choice of 28 countries. I was also looking at a stage of the El Camino which starts 40km from here. Maybe by bike. I need to project ahead to have a dream, and not this nightmare.
    Bonne Journée, Bonne Nuit.

    Living on dreams, planning the future, even if it is one day at a time, is what keeps us all sane, Wi.
    Yes, the Hawkesbury, from a kayak, is the same as it was 40,000 years ago. The little jumping fish are very exciting; the reflections are surreal, the sandstone caves enticing and the overwhelming majesty of the surrounding eucalyptus covered hills are incredible for the soul. Nature is a magically healing place.
    Your camping plans sound great. P

    I just love your description of the Hawkesbury, Purple.
    I can “feel” that beautiful place.

    The gentle rocking of the water, in my mind, will drift me off to sleep…
    ‘night Wi.

    Hey, another good night’s sleep. Bliss. Just a sham OH didn’t have such pleasure, apparently I snore!!

    I found the wasp’s nest in the garden, unfortunately by direct hit! Hand recovered, nest disposed – sorry, Happy, but these are not the old imports into this originally wasp-free country, but some newcomers, so I feel no compassion for them.

    Hi everyone,

    Glorious weather here in London and I’ve had a lovely morning sitting outside.

    The weather forecast is looking good for the next 7 days with lots of sunshine forecast and the garden has perked up considerably after the rain we had overnight on Friday/Saturday.

    My niece sent me a message on Friday and she attached a photo of her boys taken a few days ago by their Dad. They are sitting on a fallen tree and big brother is holding little brother tightly so he doen’t fall off. It is so gorgeous I’ve printed it and put it in a frame 😍
    The little one is walking now apparently causing mayhem and he has a large bruise on his forehead which my niece described as “back door step shaped” 😆

    Keep safe everyone 😜

    Thank goodness we can connect electronically, Amazon. The milestones of the little ones can never be relived. 😶 😔 P

    Well, its lovely here AGAIN this morning! Getting bored of sunshine and blue skies…seriously though, we do need rain here quite badly! We’ve had none for weeks and everything is very dry. I dug the veg patch over and it’s just dust, no moisture, nothings going to grow in that.


    I understand if your wasps were not native that they were best gone, but still I can feel sorry for their deaths. If they were introduced by humans it’s not their fault they are there…

    I had to laugh this morning when I read that UK Gov are going to repatriate the most vulnerable UK citizens from NZ… really?! You want to take me from possibly the least affected country in the world to probably the worst affected in Europe?! Hmm, think I’d rather take my chances in NZ 🤣


    Neighbours here have a baby just walking. He’s into everything! Dear me, with the rest of the children off school for the foreseeable I don’t envy them! I have seen them all in the garden when I’ve been out walking, it looks exhausting 🤣

    Back to work as its Monday, which gives my gardening muscles a chance to recover! I’ve still got plenty of work at the moment, but might not have if lockdown extends beyond the next 3 weeks.


    Lockdown will almost certainly be 12 weeks, the PM gave that away several weeks ago when he asked the most vulnerable and over 70s to stay home for 12 weeks, and he repeatedly used the terms “3 months” “12 weeks” before lockdown was enforced.

    I hope you get some rain soon but the weekly forecast suggested fine and dry for most of the week.

    I’ve been taking a close look at my seedlings which are now getting their second set of leaves and the pot with two in is the tomato pot which is great but means only one chilli plant so I’ve sown some more seeds in the hope of another.

    Over many years of watching friends and family I’ve come to the conclusion small children are an absolute joy for everyone apart from their parents whose joy is mixed with frustration, chronic tiredness and the slow dawning of realisation anything could be so hard or that toddlers could be so good at manipulating a situation for their own ends long before they are able to string a sentence together 😆
    Once they can talk properly they practice their debating skills by arguing about the validity of every single parental instruction 🤣

    I am disappointed I’m not going to be able to spend time with them over the next few months because as Purple says, milestones will be missed but knowing they are safe and well is the most important thing and hopefully we can spend some time together in the summer.

    I’ve been up for 2 hours and all I’ve done is drink 2 mugs of tea and surf the net. Time to get moving.

    Stay safe everyone 😜


    Re: lockdown. Part of my job involves travel, so although there is a certain amount I can progress without that element, things will grind to a stop in a couple of weeks. On the grounds that essential travel for work, if you can’t work at home, is exempt from lockdown, I would be surprised if we do not reintroduce some travel before the 12 weeks is up. Who knows!

    On Sunday, having been meaning to vacuum for..ahem…weeks, I had vacuumed upstairs by 7.30am. I then sat down to more than one coffee and perused the internet for a couple of hours… I’d obviously worn myself out with housework 🤣

    Our lovely weather continues, but we need rain!!

    I had a good fast day yesterday and am feeling motivated to have a good week, eating-wise. Fingers crossed! Famous last words and all that 🤣

    Stay safe and sane everyone!

    What was I saying? I can smell bacon cooking…waah!!

    Let me spoil the dream Happy

    Nasty carcinogenic stuff, made from poor intelligent beasts which are full of dioxins. In Papua New Guinea, people are called Vertical pigs. Would you really want to eat that?

    All the same……………..

    Morning/evening all,

    Another glorious morning here.
    I have a feeling we’ll pay for this dry weather with a miserable wet May. I keep requesting rain between midnight and 4am every night but no-one is listening…..

    I spent some time yesterday preparing pots etc for transplanting seedlings to their permanent homes. I managed to buy some multi purpose compost from my local hardware store which had been closed for 2 weeks and reopened on Monday and I now have enough for all my seedlings.

    I’m avoiding doing the ironing on the premise outside work is more important and by outside work I mean pottering about with compost and plants and sitting in the sunshine reading 😎

    I had a sucessful and surprisingly easy FD on Monday, ate sensibly yesterday and am fasting again today.
    I ate a lot of the wrong kind of food on Sunday and I thought Monday’s FD would be tough but I sailed through it
    I must admit I’ve been feeling quite low for a couple of weeks so at the weekend I decided to stop watching the news and find ways to be nice to myself that don’t involve opening a bottle of wine or eating and I’m feeling much better. Getting through a FD so easily certainly helped.

    I went to the supermarket yesterday late morning and once again no queue to get in but it was busier and a fair number of people thought wearing a cheap paper mask meant they could ignore social distancing. Next week it’s back to going at 7.45am when it’s much quieter.

    EDIT: I don’t have a problem with the smell of bacon but a BBQ gets me every time!

    Stay safe everyone 😜

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