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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • Boris Johnson has Coronavirus, which I guess puts most of the Cabinet, Cobra committee and Downing Street staff at risk.

    Our most powerful, and nasty, Cabinet Minister got it weeks ago, after being with Trump in the US and having attended a Cabinet meeting here, just before he got sick. No one else in Cabinet had to quarantine! Unbelievable! And he is the Minister in charge of Border Force (think of locking up asylum seekers etc) Whether you comply depends on you job, apparently. πŸ€”

    Amazon, I have his book on order from the library (electronically, of course). Am currently reading Michael Greger’s How Not To Diet.

    Another glorious autumn day, 🐦 are waiting for their breakfast seeds. Third day of lockdown, will open another 4-5 boxes. Had nine solid hours so very happy, amazing how much more energy I have after a good sleep.

    Glad you are sleeping better B.

    Thanks, P. Naturally we wish the worst for Peter.😁

    Ah, so jealous Barata! I can’t remember when I last had a good nights sleep. I’m hoping a couple of gins tonight will help 😊

    On consideration, I think being cosy helped. All summer we have been sleeping under just the duvet cover. I added a rug as temperatures dropped (single figures this morning) but last night I added the feather duvet inner – much snugger πŸ’€

    I generally sleep very well although this week I’ve been waking at 6am whatever time I go to bed. Thank goodness the clocks go forward this weekend.

    I’ve had a good day today, there have even been strechef of as long as 10 minutes without me thinking about the virus.

    I am now indulging in my nightly alcohol gargling ritual 😁
    Purely for the benefit of good health……….

    This lockdown is really annoying, there have been 3 police cars parked in the middle of the street completely blocking the road) for several hours and without the possibility of talking to any of the local nosey parkers I’m never going to find out why πŸ˜†
    Of course I’m not at all nosey.

    Have a good weekend everyone 😜

    I presume you are trying different gargles, Amazon, to compare the efficacy? P


    Now that is annoying! Something actually happens but you don’t know what 🀣


    I mostly sleep better in winter, I think it’s partly to do with the heavier duvet. I’m wondering if I should get a weighted blanket…

    Interesting, Happy, and certainly worth trying. Let us know the goss if you do find out, Amazon.

    Hello usual suspects,

    The latest goss from here is there is a simnel cake in the oven πŸ˜†
    It is a bit of an experiment as I substituted 25% of the flour with ground almonds as I don’t have much plain flour and it is the one thing that is still in short supply as the nation finds staying at home is a good time to discover baking and breadmaking. I also substituted some of the butter for oil, used less eggs and reduced the sugar. The raw mix looks, smells and tastes OK and I’m 99% sure it’ll be good.

    Another lovely day but a very strong wind which will bring colder weather and cloud tomorrow.

    It’s always fairly quiet where I live but you could here a pin drop from the other side of the street right now.

    I saw 3 other people on my walk to the newsagent earlier and 2 joggers and one moving vehicle in the street this morning plus the postie who delivered my yarn parcel.

    Only another 11 weeks and 2days minimum to go πŸ€”


    I had a shot of Jura single malt in my special whisky glass 😁
    Do you remember school assignments/ exam questions entitled “Compare and contrast….”
    3 months is ample time for a research project of this nature πŸ˜‰

    Keep safe everyone 😜

    I think I can smell your simnel cake baking, Amazon. How many hours does it stay in the oven?
    I just ate my one of my desert island dishes. Witlof wrapped in ham in a cheesy sauce. The sky is so blue today, and no plane. I heard one last night making a lot of noise. I looked at my App, and saw it was going from the south of China to Madrid. Interesting trajectory.
    I am maintaining 18:6 and I feel in control of it all.
    Off to teach grandies- today I will teach them the Beatles’ song. ” I say stop you say go” I am learning how to share screens in Skype.

    All quiet here too funnily enough!

    I had to go to town to pick up a prescription for the cat – my first trip out in the car since lockdown began. Very surreal. The supermarket was quiet with plenty of fruit and veg, but shelves were bare of tinned food and soap etc. Sort of think perhaps people ought to be worrying more about the supply of perishable food rather than non perishable.. although on second thoughts it’s best people don’t overbuy and waste fresh food….

    Back home for an afternoon shovelling compost and getting the polytunnel beds ready. It keeps me out of the kitchen too 😊

    Amazon, I don’t buy biscuits etc anyway and I have been avoiding doing any baking for weeks now as I find maintaining..ahem… my weight is very easy at the moment without awakening my sweet tooth! Oh dear, I need to stop thinking about your simnel cake….!!

    I hope you’ve set up an Excell spreadsheet and are recording the results, A. πŸ™ƒ
    We have a national population of 25M, but produce enough food for 75M. As we cannot export any now, no-one should be panicking. Crab and prawn prices are 60% cheaper, but our fruitpicking backpackers (read as young Brits) will no longer be coming. I can see an opening for airline and restaurant staff.
    At my local independent supermarket, the shelves have a fair range again now, even loo paper and flour. I guess people have run out of cupboard space. Would it be too much to imagine they have come to their senses?
    I can hear rain on the roof again this morning, so more cabin fever.
    Maybe I should Google sommelier cake? πŸ˜„πŸ˜„P

    Panic buying has stopped here and food waste has gone up by a huge amount according to refuse collectors, most of it fresh produce still in it’s wrapper.
    Our local refuse collectors are also reporting a huge increase in general waste as people appear to be using time at home to clear out cupboards etc and they say the amount of waste is similar to Christmas.

    There is plenty of food but the supply chain is not as efficient as it needs to be. Supermarkets are taking on extra staff including drivers to help tackle the increase in demand. I saw an item on the news yeaterday evening about a factory where flour is packed and the demand is such they are working 24/7.

    We are going to have a problem soon as fresh vegetables (and soon our lovely strawberries) will need harvesting and in some places arrangements are being made to charter flights from Eastern Europe to bring in pickers as they’ve all gone home due to Brexit.
    You couldn’t make it up…….

    The Simnel cake is very nice. It is now wrapped up and put away, hopefully until Easter but in reality a slice might be eaten next weekend.

    I have got a great bruise that will probably turn into a nice black eye. No, OH was not involved, just me finding my way to the loo at 1am, running into a door in the dark. Didn’t get back to sleep until 5am! But at least will be able to listen to Queen next time, have uncovered my earbuds. No boxes emptied today, but it’s Sunday! Neighbour next door made contact, lovely card in the letterbox. They have offered to mow our lawn as we are mower-less, but we like it a little longer (good for the environment, too) so maybe at the end of the week.

    Happy, I have considered chooks on our acreage. Pigs, goats… perhaps not so much, but might need to secure the protein production.

    P, I saw a quote that we can produce enough meat for 40 million, so we shouldn’t be worried about starving. We are busy changing the visas for the overseas seasonal workers so they can be re-assigned to picking kiwifruit and apples, which are the current harvest. And grapes! Exports and imports of primary produce and essential items are still continuing.

    Note that not only are wine and beer production essential industries here, but cigarette manufacture. No comment. At least the supermarkets sell these. Once the whisky runs out… πŸ™

    Morning/evening all,

    It’s wild and windy here with some sunshine.

    I can sympathise with your injury. I once spent a 2 week holiday in Botswana with a huge shiner having walked into the edge of a solid partition dividing sleeping/bathroom area because I couldn’t find the light switch on the first night of the holiday ☹
    I now always have my head torch close by when in unfamiliar surroundings.

    I was up early again this morning and have had my daily dose of depressing news and listening to politicians whose only skill is not answering the question asked of them.

    I decided some kitchen time would lift my spirits. I trawled through my recipe books and found a HF-W dish of roasted squash and shallots with merguez spiced chickpeas.
    I don’t have squash or shallots but I do have sweet potato, parsnip, carrot and onion all of which will be a good sweet contrast to the spicy peas.
    It’s all prepped and I’m now sitting here nursing a coffee telling myself I do not need to eat anything yet. I’m aiming for one meal today in order to make fasting a little easier tomorrow.

    The UK produces 50% of it’s food so there is a possibility we are going to run into trouble at some point, especially if all our lovely spring/early summer crops are left unpicked.

    Anyway, I’ve got my priorities right as my next kitchen task will be freezing some citrus slices for my G&Ts πŸ˜‰

    Can you imagine being confined to home with a smoker unable to get their fix 😬

    Keep safe everyone 😜

    Well it’s the start of the working week here, which gives me a rest from gardening! Yesterday was less strenuous than Saturday and I got the polytunnel beds weeded and filled my propagators, which will soon hopefully be nurturing new life in the form of tomatoes, chillies, peppers, cucumbers and courgette. Also sowed bean seeds in pots. Decided it was still a bit cold to sow carrots, beetroot, spinach, etc.

    I’m hoping to fast today as my weight is not shifting downwards despite my efforts! And I will be going for a walk later too, although it’s not as nice weather wise as it was last week…

    I ordered veg seeds online. They arrived today. Sharing half (by post πŸ˜‰). The rest I’ll raise in small batches over the weeks to keep up the supply.
    My weight shot up during the weekend. 🀨🀨🀨
    Another day of keeping communication lines open with friends and family. We are all in this together guys. P

    Morning/evening all,

    I ordered a few veg seeds and they will brighten up the tubs and pots in the garden which would usually contain summer beeding plants.

    I don’t have any canes or netting for the peas so I’m going to have to work out a way of supporting them with what I’ve got. I’m considering growing them so they can cling to one of the larger shrubs in the border.
    I’m looking forward to the challenge of caring for edible plants again and keeping the resident army of snails at bay.


    I keep forgetting to answer your question. The Simnel cake took 2 and 1/2 hours to bake.

    I am fasting today and will be making a lentil bake which is my take on AJs sweet potato and lentil pie. It’s basically a vegetarian shepherds pie. It’s really tasty, low calorie and very filling comfort food.

    Keep safe everyone 😜

    Amazon, could you use kitchen string to train them up?
    We’ve just had duck and veg soup…SO good πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

    Hi Purple,

    I’ve got twine but nothing to fix it to.
    I’m working on it and I have a couple of ideas which will either work and/or result in lots of cursing πŸ˜†


    Could you do some pruning of shrubs and use the sticks as pea supports?

    Well, fasting failed here. I was falling-asleep tired today for some reason so ate to stay awake 🀣 I’ll try again tomorrow though.

    Amazon, we walk up a little lane from our street to the main road. We’ve been witnessing the growth of a pumpkin plant that was draped over the lane fence. They added a small strip of chicken wire to the upper fence, now the pumpkin is getting heavier, it is starting to drag down. I’m curious what they’ll do next. It’s great that nobady has touched it… so far.
    Another lady, further on our walk, has planted the whole verge with fruit trees and veg. She has string everywhere, holding up climbers and has protected fruit (figs especially) with plastic disposable food containers closed over them. The birds must be confused, but it works.
    Little entertainments on our daily walk circuit. πŸ˜ƒ P


    Long live the pumpkin!

    I’m nature watching of course on my daily walks. Enjoying hearing the songs of curlew, oystercatcher and lapwing returned for the breeding season after wintering at the coast. And other summer visitors such as the wagtails on the beck. It won’t be long until the swallows and house martins return. I wonder if any of them is even aware of (or would care about!) the threat we currently face.

    Yesterday’s fast went well and I’m aiming not to overeat today! It doesn’t help though to have the smell of food cooking in the house before 8am now that xOH is home too. He does like his grilled pork products…

    Apart from that…umm umm, no, nothing 🀣

    Hope you’re all well and staying sane!

    Morning/evening all,


    I’ve been in the garden taking a look at what I’ve got in the flower bed and there are a couple of big shrubs taking up a lot of room so they are going to get a severe haircut which will free up space for planting and give me some pea sticks.

    There has been a lot of talk on social media about the closing of garden centres and how nurseries up and down the UK have millions of plants they are not going to be able to sell which is not only bad for business but a terrible waste.
    The government would do well to allow them to open for limited hours in order to sell bedding plants and more importantly veg plants.
    I would love a couple of tomato plants.

    My seeds should be arriving in the next few days so I need to get outside and do some prep. The weather is good so there’s no excuse and it’ll keep me out of the kitchen πŸ˜†

    As for fasting, M and Tu were fails but I’m working on third time lucky…..

    The McDonalds round the corner is closed so we no longer get the smell of meat and chips being cooked but it has been replaced by all the neighbours being at home and testing out their baking skills.

    Maybe I’ll wear a clothes peg when I go outside 🀣

    I spent another 5 minutes this morning watching the parakeets squabbling in the cherry tree. They’ll only be there for another few days and I’ll need to find something else to watch.
    I’ve spied a blackbird which I’m sure is nesting in the ivy growingup a nearby wall, and it’s the first I’ve seen for quite some time as there aren’t too many nest sites in these small gardens and a lot of local cats.

    I’ve not seen any fox cubs yet but it shouldn’t be long. There’s a den under the shed in one of the opposing back gardens and cubs are a common sight playing on the lawn early mornings and evenings.

    Time to get moving,

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    I was amazed to see urban foxes in the UK a few years ago. I suppose in Lyon where I lived there were not enough parks and gardens so they didn’t bother.
    You don’t see them in the countryside very often, but they take the neighbours’ chickens, and our cat disappeared one winter’s day.

    I am back on one meal a day, and I feel quite energetic.
    All my scales have batteries which are dead so I can’t map my progress The only smell here is smoke from the burnback fires.

    Busy with teaching kids on skype. We are doing an international skype concert on Saturday with aunts,uncles and grandparents. Lots of work for that, and the mother is not ultra cooperative. She is busy with her own skype teaching.

    My daughter sent this Β£0 days has September, April, June and November. All the rest have 31 except for March which had 510000 days,

    Happy days

    πŸ˜…πŸ˜…πŸ˜…It certainly felt like that, Wi!
    My gardening was curtailed by pouring rain and a lack of potting mix. I hope getting it is counted as necessary supplies!

    We can’t buy potting compost unless the supermarket or a local hardware store has any.

    We’ve had an issue with one regional police force in particular being over zealous by informing a shopper Easter eggs are not necessary supplies. They’ve been admonished by the police authorities and reminded they have no power to tell people what to buy when they go to the supermarket.

    Bah Scrooge Humbug…….

    The same force are in trouble for over zealous policing of people out walking their dogs in remote areas and putting black dye in a lak at a local beauty spot to discourage walkers.
    Surely they have something more worthwhile to do.

    I intend to buy Easter chocolate next week for the small boys in my life. I shall drive to their house and leave it on the doorstep. Their Mother can tell them the Easter Bunny has been πŸ˜ƒ


    I wish I was sticking to one meal per day. It’s proving difficult but I’ll keep trying.

    I’ve been outside for an hour and now have a nice bunch of pea sticks and space to plant other vegetables.
    Almost as soon as I came back inside it clouded over so I picked the best time to do it.

    The police have been accused of overzealous behaviour here too, but as the infection epicentre in Sydney is the Eastern Suburbs and young backpackers are still congregating, maybe it is necessary.
    Clever thinking, getting your pea stakes and pruning, A. Where there’s a will…
    I’m impressed with your single meal, too, Wi. I hope it doesn’t indicate that your supplies are fast depleting 😏

    Well it certainly raises interesting dilemmas doesn’t it, about what people should and shouldn’t be doing! Driving to the shops just to buy easter eggs…not essential. Buying easter eggs while you’re buying essential items…why not.
    But then I was reading that some Boots stores are having problems with people going in and just browsing along the aisles!…which leads to larger numbers of people milling around and problems distancing…
    And as to driving to the countryside to walk the dog… cue packed carparks and a lot of people touching farm gates, stiles, latches, bins… and not to mention people needing rescuing in remote areas, diverting emergency services…

    They will have problems though as people are already fed up and starting to relax the lockdown…

    Meanwhile here, yesterday’s fast went well and I’m intending on eating sensibly today… I’ve slept better the last couple of nights so hopefully my willpower will be stronger!

    The seeds I started off last weekend are starting to germinate so now looking forward to various types of tomato and chilli (jalapeno, padron, ancho poblano), lettuce and cucumber. This weekend will be another push on preparing veg beds and starting more seeds off I think. One more working day to get through first though!

    Stay sane and away from the kitchen everyone!

    Morning/evening all,


    For the first time since I gave it up I am wishing I still had my allotment as I would have everything underway and have somewhere to go every day where I could work in the fresh air and considering the wonderful weather we’ve been having it would have been perfect.

    I received an email overnight informing me my veg seeds have been dispatched but there were only two out of five items. When I went to the website and checked, they’ve cancelled three items but not informed me. The result is peas and chard but no courgettes, basil or salad leaves. I guess they’ve sold out.
    My Herefordshire friend offered to send me seeds if I need any so I might ask her for some courgette seeds.

    I am going to try (for the third time this week) to fast.

    Fongers crossed,

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Hi all

    This is the link to the programme about my nephew’s coffee-growing enterprise:

    Chugging along here, eating well – although the scales don’t reflect that! Two simple meals yesterday, up 1kg. I know, I know, long-term average, but disappointing after a good (teasing) drop yesterday morning. Still two meals, low carb (but have made some more muesli, oats nuts and seeds, to have some days with kefir and Greek yoghurt). Sleep is s**t, awake from 1-3 then from 5 this morning, so five hours. πŸ™ I am trying reading a book before bed, then no screen or bright light when I wake up in the wee smalls. Melatonin bottle is back out to re-try in a day or so if this doesn’t work.

    Clocks back tonight, which won’t help.

    A week ago I was making a visit to a small room at 1am, banged my face on the edge of the door (in a strange, dark house). Beautiful black / purple bruise!

    Unfortunately seeds and seedlings are not essential, so cannot be ordered to be delivered!

    Time for a walk now. I will take my phone, show proof! πŸ™‚

    Stay well, all.

    I was hoping the time change tonight will help, B. I am back to terrible sleep patterns too. Awake really early, then fall asleep when it’s time to get up. But with our world thrown completely haywire, and time being only a social construct, we should simply embrace it and go with the flow!
    My seeds have sprouted, so there is new life ahead. πŸ™‚ You could probably order seeds online, Barata.
    I’m just eating anything that grabs my imagination. 2 meals a day. Lots of veg, but an increase in flour based foods, too. πŸ˜’
    Very strong winds here today after torrential rain all night. Windy, but sunny so we ventured out into the world for a 4km walk…very quiet out today.
    Keep safe all. P

    Sorry to hear that, P. πŸ™ No floury food (yet!)

    The time will come πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰

    Morning/evening all,

    It’s a beautiful morning here and the forecast for the next few days is good.
    The government have urged people not to be tempted out into the sunshine but to stay home.

    I called my friend and she is going to send me some seeds so I’ve been continuing with my preparation. I got the ladder out and ventured into the loft to retrieve my electric propogator which is set up and ready to go.

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Yes, P, am considering reviving the sourdough, now that we are both home during the day. So a little bit of flour in our futures πŸ™‚

    No luck with the seed suppliers online yet, will try again tomorrow but they may not be considered essential, apart from commercial growers. There was a heartbreaking item on the news tonight of flower growers having to destroy their crops, will likely go bankrupt as a result of no markets open. πŸ™

    Amazon, an electric propogator? I have little mini “glass” (plastic) houses (trays). They work well here, but maybe it is colder at your place.
    Just bid goodbye to the last sunset of summertime πŸ˜’ It will be August before the weather turns again. Hopefully this d**n virus is sorted by then. P


    I bought it in order to get an early start to a few things so I could plant them on my veg plot the minute it was warm enough.

    I may as well use it to give everything a quick start.

    I have mentally written this year off so the return to whatever the new normal is any time sooner will be a bonus.

    I have 2 electric propagators, essential to get tomato, cucumber and chilli seeds, etc started early and for other seeds that need warmer conditions to germinate. Couldn’t be without mine! Don’t forget P that at this time of year our daily temperatures can often be in the range 0-10 degrees! And while it’s (sometimes 🀣) warmer than that in the house the seeds and seedlings benefit from a more constant temperature.


    I’m glad to hear your friend can send you seeds. I meant to look in town today to see what was available here with a view to sending you a seed parcel if needbe – gardening will be a great way to pass the time!

    The weather isn’t that great here today, supposed to be really nice tomorrow though. It will be interesting to see if people head out in droves. I did see one camper van on the motorway yesterday (one of my walks takes me over it), going hell for leather in the direction of the north lakes or Scotland. Hope they got pulled over…!!

    My biggest problem is seedlings getting too hot!!!
    They have asked for no one to travel from home here. We have hundreds (possibly thousands) of grey nomads who travel constantly arooud Australia. They are being told to return home and forbidden from stopping in regional towns. The state borders are closed and many of them don’t have a home to go to, as they have rented it out or sold it! We see large caravans being towed along the highway nearby and wonder if they are coming home. It is SO important not to take the virus into rural and regional areas, spreading this dreadful disease and putting strain on health facilities. I wish people could just think. P


    Thanks for the kind thought regarding seeds.
    I’m only growing a few things, peas, rainbow chard, courgettes and chillies. My garden doesn’t get a huge amount of sunshine but it is sheltered.
    The plan is to put the chillies on the living room window sills as they’ll get the afternoon sun. The peas chard and courgettes should be fine.
    I’m also going to put a few strawberry plants form the garden in an old window box and put that on a window sill.
    If it works out I might consider growing a few more items next year.

    Some people do not understand how easy it is to spread the virus, some are thoughtless, some think they are immortal and then there are the plain selfish who think they are special and should be able to do whatever they like.

    The government need to be firmer. Our Prime Minister has written to the leaders of the other parties today asking them to join forces with the government to help deal with the pandmeic. I am hoping this will lead to a firmer hand being taken and swifter decision making and implementation of necessary measures, ie more action and less talking.

    Amazingly, Scottie must be getting excellent advice, and is listening to it. He quickly organised a “National Cabinet” of all the State Government reps, consisting of leaders from various political persuasions. They meet, online,every few days or so and make decisions re the virus. The States are not bound by the decisions, and often come in harder than the collective, but it has been a surprisingly effective system to respond promptly to this ever changing crisis.

    Well it’s a beautiful morning here, mild and sunny, and forecast to be very warm later on. We’re in a sheltered spot so I may even end up exposing my pasty white legs in a pair of shorts…not that there is anyone around to see 🀣

    I hoed the veg patches and started digging them over. Oh dear, my legs and strong but my upper body is pathetically weak…mind you I can already see biceps forming 😁

    It’s another day gardening (let’s face it, it’s that or housework and I manage to avoid housework even when I’m trapped inside by bad weather 🀣).

    Try and find joy in the small things and stay safe and sane!

    It’s another glorious morning here too.

    I am very good at ignoring housework and when the mood takes me to actually do any I try to get it all done before I lose interest.
    This sunshine is all very well but it shows up every speck of dust πŸ˜†

    I’ve been doing my workout and have unearthed another old favourite which I used to enjoy and I definitely noticed a difference so am going to give it a go for a bit of variety. It’s called 10 years younger in 10 hours……………….

    Stay safe everyone 😜

    Same here…glorious weather. I find I do “Spring Cleaning” in autumn here. The heat of summer is over and time to refresh everything. I was inspired today and spent all day polishing, wiping and vacuuming. The place is sparkling now. You are right, Amazon, with the bright sunshine coming in (our place is designed to only let winter sun in), every smudgy surface is exposed. I can also see that all the window and door woodwork needs wiping too. Ah well, plenty of time for that.
    Enjoy you homes folk, it is all we have at present. P

    Yes, Happy, take joy in the small things.
    The grape hyacinths here have taken over large tracts of grass. Yesterday, I lay down next to them. Beautiful beings. There are a few white ones and many blue/mauve.
    I decided to rearrange my living room/kitchen and that has generated so much work, that it’s easier to do nothing than tackle the task.
    I heard that Qatar airways were flying to NZ and found a flight from Nice to Auckland- 60 hours of trip as it is a milk run. Then the day before I heard the NZ government was running flights to Germany and bringing NZers back home. I phoned the Embassy. Nothing from France. I think that I am stuck here. My daughter made me do a SWOT analysis, and there are only weaknesses and threats in my hair-brained attempts to escape this sanctuary.
    Today we are having a family get-together, with the wee Italians singing and performing. I have been teaching them songs on skype. It’s hard to find a time to suit everyone in UK, Italy and NZ.
    There is still plenty to be happy about.
    France is at the top of death numbers at present. A friend in Marseille got it and is being treated with chloroquine. I need to drink a G&T.
    I am walking everyday in our village. It’s 10k steps between the limits. I avoid the forest and grass because the tic season is arriving. Yesterday I talked to almost everyone in the village. My French is a bit rusty. Lack of use.
    Must tidy the room so the background for skype is not chaos.
    In an ideal world, I would have been meeting OH at Heathrow this morning.
    Instead he is a mere 2D image on my screen.
    Michael Moseley has written a book about sleep. I heard an interview with him on NZ radio. In a lab at Imperial College, where MM works, a group of scientists is developing a vaccine against covid and will have 5 million made by September.


    Luckily scientists all over the world are cooperating in their race to find a vaccine and an antibody test.
    My neice looked at flying Qatar back to the UK from here. The risk on that “milkrun” route is just too great. You both need to stay put at present.
    Enjoy practising your French conversation, at a distance, as you take a turn around the village, Wi. P πŸ™‚

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