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Keep Fasting with JoJo(continued from Lose 2 lb per week)

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  • It sounds like a fabulous evening, Amazon. πŸ™‚


    That sounds like a great evening and just the thing to get into the festive spirit!

    I will undoubtedly be back in London with work in the future, so will take you up on that offer! Work should be a bit more relaxed now I’ve completed the very intensive training period and I will have more control over my workload which will allow me more flexibility to explore some of the places I get sent to!

    2020 will be a year of changes in other aspects of life though. Hopefully we will properly separate, as in no longer share a house, although it will take a bit longer I think to fully untangle given that the average time for houses on the market runs into months, not weeks, where we live.

    But I’m looking forward to continuing to build a life that doesn’t revolve around him 😁

    Hi everyone,

    Hope all is well.


    So sorry to hear the heat and fires are continuing. I sincerely hope change comes soon for the sake of everyone in Australia.

    I’ve not managed a FD yet this week as motivation and willpower are both AWOL. It’s a tough time of year to exercise constraint although I’ve had no alcohol since Monday evening’s mulled wine fortified with rum which has helped me not to exceed TDEE.

    I went food shopping today, to the local farm shop for eggs and vegetables and then to the supermarket (which was packed and several people were showing signs of panic buying πŸ˜† ) for fruit, dairy and some smoked salmon. I successfully resisted the temptation to buy a turkey crown, avoided the salted nuts, savoury snacks, bakery items and confectionery and declined the offer of a free pack of biscuits to eat with cheese as I’ve already got some and one pack is more than enough. The assistant at the cheese counter said I was eligible and I said no thanks I didn’t need any and she responded with, but they’re free, so I politely repeated my no thanks and moved swiftly on.

    I am now done with shopping until after Christmas and I’m rather pleased about it as the anxious looks and the body language of people on an important mission armed with only a shopping list and a trolley has already begun πŸ™„

    Have a good one everybody πŸ˜œπŸŽ„

    Well done resisting the pushy staff, Amazon. I often have had a similar situation as I walk through the city on fast days, with promotional freebees being shoved in my face. Saying “No”is apparently a peculiar thing to do!
    I’m completely ready for Christmas too, so am totally avoiding the shops. The panic buying is always absolutely staggering. The shops are closed for only one day! They could all just fast. πŸ™‚
    The fires are expected to continue burning until at least late January as there is no predicted rain and they are burning, uncontained, in extremely rugged wilderness, with the fierce winds then fanning embers that create spot fires in all directions. Sadly two firefighters died late last night when their tanker hit a tree and rolled. Yet another toll on communities and families.
    Meanwhile, our PM has shot through, overseas, for a family holiday and is still refusing to discuss the connection between climate change and the unprecedented drought and fires. You really wonder about the electorate, don’t you!
    We are practicing 16:8, so spend the mornings, before the 10am watering cut off, bucket watering our poor plants to fill in the time until we can eat. We survived yesterday’s 39 deg C with swimming and cold drinks. The humidity is extremely low, a big problem for the fires, but makes bearing the high temps easier. At least hunger reduces in hot weather.
    Keep on track, Fast Trackers. Enjoy yourselves and find a way to stay healthy. Cheers, P

    Well I see your PM has apologised for swanning off, but too little too late methinks!

    I haven’t finished shopping but to be honest tomorrow’s shop won’t be vastly different from any Saturday ‘weekly’…except for the hoards panic buying…because consumerism is of course the true spirit of Christmas.

    I also say no to BOGOF (and second half price) unless its things I use regularly. But we must be in the minority as I also get the ‘does not compute’ response πŸ˜‚

    So, last day of work today until after new year. I’d best make it count!

    Interestingly, everyone has already shot through out of Sydney, schools broke up on Wednesday, or the fires have stopped people moving. The Friday before Christmas is usually absolutely chaotic, as people exit from the city for the beaches farther north. The highway was empty this afternoon when we went for a walk. Eerie! Even the shopping centre carpark was nearly empty, when I whizzed up for a quick coffee with a friend.
    The PM used to head Tourism Australia when they produced a terrible add where a model asked “Where the bl***y h**l are Your?”Every media outlet has been asking it about Scottie this week. He had no choice but to return. Too late, mate!!
    Poor RT will be really suffering. Today they had 48 deg down his way today. Keep safe, RT. P

    It’s quiet here too!

    I really wish we could send some rain to Australia. We have far too much water here at the moment, with floods in parts of the South including Somerset. The weather is going to play havoc with people getting away for Christmas plus South West trains are on strike ☹

    I’m going to visit friends and their two boys later for our usual pre-Christmas food, drink and gift exchange.
    I used to drive there, drop off everything, bring the car back home then catch the bus but a couple of years ago my friend insisted on picking me up and it’s become a habit 😁

    My original plan was to do food shopping either tomorrow or Monday but I decided I couldn’t cope with the level of stress and quite frankly rudeness of those who push and shove their way round the store grabbing items off shelves because THEY are busy. It’s supposed to be the season of goodwill………

    The panic buying of vast quantities of food when the shops are closed for only 2 days is completely mad. So much is wasted at this time of year it would be better for all if everyone bought a bit less and donated some of the savings they make to good causes.

    Methinks it’s time to polish my self-righteous halo πŸ˜‰

    Well it wasn’t quiet in town this morning! I always go in early on a Saturday so I don’t waste the day shopping. Normally they’d be a handful of people in the supermarket…not today ☹️ Arrrrggggghhhhh.

    Anyway, had a nice long walk this afternoon and now feeling suitably relaxed. But maybe that’s the gin 😊

    Except for picking up the turkey, I’m hoping to avoid the shops til next weekend. Just socialising and long walks until then. Given that we’re likely to get plied with β€˜treats’ when visiting, I think the next few days might have to be 16:8 rather than fast days!

    P, the news from Australia continues to be just horrific. I guess Christmas will be a less joyous affair for many this year. Fingers crossed for a respite, at least.

    Happy, yesterday, with temps close to 40, appalling fire conditions and most major roads out of Sydney closed,
    they requesed people to delay their holiday travel. Some people didn’t, so the emergency services had traffic blocking their way. Unbelievable!!!

    I’m off for my final sailing lesson – hope it goes better than Friday’s, capsized, loosing my nerve! And it’s windy again today πŸ™ . After that we fly out for our Aussie holiday with family, so I want to wish all my dear 5:2 friends a great Christmas, prosperous 2020, and I will catch up with you then. Off to the big smoke. Such dreadful fires, and heat. πŸ™

    Have a happy time with your daughter, B, and see you in January. P

    Thanks, P. The sailing was cancelled, too much wind, ‘survival mode’ was how the instructor described it. πŸ™‚

    Phee! 😏

    I have just heard it’s a little cooler in Oz today. I am hoping it gives you some respite Purple and RT!
    It’s not warm here in Wgtn, which is a good thing as I am preparing food for 16 family guests who are here for Christmas Eve Γ  l’europΓ©enne. Tiramisu, potato gratin, NZ lamb, filet mignon etc. All meat cooked on the Barbie so not complicated and it shouldn’t snow.
    I wish you allthebest for a great Christmas. Happy Birthday to Barata’ S OH. See you Barata in the New Year.
    Xxx Xxx Wiwi

    Much cooler thanks, Wi, so some respite for the fire fighters. I’m taking advantage of the cool by roasting a range of Christmas meats today to serve, cold, with salads, on THE DAY. It’s doing my head in, switching from recipe to recioe and trying to time it all so that the oven is used most economically. Enjoy your time with your family in cool Wellington, Wi. Cheers, P

    Well it’s just about that time, that if it isn’t already done it’s too late to worry about it!

    No barbie here of course! But no white Christmas either. The forecast for Christmas Day is currently max 6 degrees and possibly some weak sunshine, but seeing as they didn’t forecast rain yesterday until it was actually raining (!) I’m not overly optimistic. Not that it matters since Christmas Day is mostly taken up preparing veg and bickering about how to cook the turkey 😑 🀣

    Glad to hear you’ve got some respite from the heat and the fires P, although sadly only temporary it will be welcome nevertheless.

    Barata, enjoy your holidays. Capsized?! Is that like falling off a horse? You have to get straight back on?!

    Wiwi, your xmas Eve meal sounds delicious. Is your wound fully healed now?

    It’s been a nice day here and the sunshine has only just disappeared behind a cloud.

    I went out this morning for a couple of items I forgot to buy last week πŸ™„ and was surprised how quiet it was on the high street.

    Lots of comings and going s here with people d=both departing and arrivingwith suitcases and bags of presents, plus the almost ever present supermarket delivery vans.

    I’ve been busy with ironing and housework today so the flat is clean and tidy and there’s nothing more to do but relax.

    I’m spending time tomorrow with my niece and her family and am looking forward to giving her boys their presents which they’ll be allowed to open. It’s the younger one’s first Christmas while big brother at 4 is an old hand at ripping them open πŸ˜†

    Have a wonderful Christmas everyone πŸŽ„πŸ₯‚πŸŽπŸ€©πŸ˜œ

    I can’t believe your nephew is 4 already, Amazon! 😏 Such a nice age for Christmas. Our youngest grandchild is 6 months, just sitting, and loving the lights and excitement of the season.
    I spent all day cooking yesterday, now I can’t find anything in the fridge, without things falling out. πŸ˜•
    We seem to have had a light damping of ‘rain’ overnight. Enough to mist the plants and create more mud on all surfaces outside as everything is covered in ash, dirt and red soil from the weeks of disaster. Even the furniture inside is covered in fine ash.
    Last minute cleaning tomorrow morning. P

    Merry Christmas, all. Santa has been, the Aussie birds are loud in the trees and the family is starting to stir. Lots of lovely rain overnight after an energetic thunderstorm. Enjoy your feast, Wi. I see that lamb has overtaken ham as the Kiwi Christmas meat of choice this year. I will pass on your birthday message to OH. Let me know when you’re planning to come north.

    Merry Christmas from the big smoke P

    Happy Christmas, Barata and P! (And everyone else, obviously!),

    No children in this house this Christmas, although the MIL does get pretty excited 🀣 But she won’t wake us up too early….!

    I’ve been good so far, although I did cave in and make us a small rich fruit cake…and I made mince pies today…and OH has made a trifle… oh dear πŸ–πŸ– the cake will keep and the mince pies will freeze though (or at least that’s what I’m telling myself 😊).

    And I’ve done some housework today too, so temporarily at least the floor is once again black without brown paw prints leading from the catflap…. tempted not to let the cat out again until it stops raining….!

    Anyway, bed time for me. Tomorrow might be somewhat trying, given my current domestic arrangements. If I can get a good nights sleep, maybe I can sail through it serenely πŸ˜€

    Merry Christmas one and all,


    Maybe the way to sail serenely through is to ditch the morning cuppa and replace it with a G&T or a glass of something fizzy πŸ˜†

    I had a great time with the family yesterday. Watching an 11 month old opening his first ever Christmas present (with a lot of help from his Mum) and the look pure joy on his beautiful little face made my Christmas.

    Peace and love to everyone πŸ’πŸ˜œπŸŽ„πŸ₯‚

    Just off to bed after a very relaxed family gathering. The 26 deg with a gentle breeze was perfect for alfresco eating. All age groups mingled beautifully, from 6 months to 85. The presents included a lot of plant based ideas and fascinating books.
    Plenty of bubbly, Xmas coloured salads and cold turkey, ham and duck. (I just checked a couple of slices before bed. Still delicious. πŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰) Enjoy your day, UK folk. Cheers P

    Ha ha, Amazon, I held off anaesthetising myself until mid afternoon! Although an early row about whether the homegrown carrots for the giblet stock needed washing or not did threaten to derail the day…!

    It was a cool 6 degrees, but dry and sunny, so I managed to get a bit of fresh air too.

    I might have eaten a little too much…but it was within the 16:8 window so clearly won’t count πŸ˜‚

    Oh, I get it, I can eat all the mince pies, Christmas cake, potato salad, stollen, chocolate biscuits, drink the cider and still be ok if it’s inside my 8 hour window? Ha ha!!! I wish!!!!

    I ate earlier that usual yesterday and it wasn’t a good move.

    I got up today hoping the forecast would have changed but no, it was coming down in bucket loads so I worked out instead. I woke up feeling sluggish but after an hour of cardio and muscle strengthening I feel MUCH better.
    It’s still pouring and it is yet to get properly light, I’m not holding my breath.

    I’ve just had brunch and am now relaxing with a glass of Buck’s fizz deciding what to do next. I’ve got some TV recorded, lots of new music to listen too, and several books to read so I’ll not be bored.

    If you’re anything like me, you can no longer eat such huge amounts of food. Yes you can overeat but to a much lesser extent.
    There’s too much fabulous food at Christmas to abstain because you’re being slowly strangled by a (now slightly tight πŸ˜† ) halo. πŸ—πŸ§€πŸ·πŸΎπŸ°πŸ˜

    Well you must have our rain Amazon! It’s been dry here, although dull.

    I’m impressed by your willpower to exercise at home. I’ve been out for a walk, but despite my Pilates mat being clearly visible I manage to give it a wide berth on a daily basis. Does holding a hand whisking meringue count as an upper body workout…? 🀣

    My eating is decidedly random, with mince pies and nuts counting as lunch today. I’m giving away the rest of the homemade mincemeat mince pies tomorrow though, so hopefully normalcy can return by the weekend!

    I think that is the difference…we still ‘pig out’ occassionally, but it is instead of a meal, not in addition to one, as it would have been in the past. A glass of bubbly, some pork crackling nibbles and a tiny piece of stollen served as a meal, by the pool minding grandkids. My exercise, at present, is “limited ” to running around after guests and treading water, literally, while I engage with grandies. πŸ˜ŠπŸ‘P


    I’ve been exercising at home on and off since I was in my 20s but not for the 4 years of my gym membership. I started again early this year.

    Motivation/willpower isn’t usually an issue as I enjoy it and I find the more I exercise the better my body feels and as one gets older it doesn’t take long to become out of condition. I am so used to exercising several times every week I miss it if I am unable to do so.

    I’ve eaten more sensibly today and feel much better for it. I’ve not cut the cake yet which is a good thing. I might put it away until my birthday at the end of January. The mince pies are raw and frozen so it takes a degree of effort to be able to eat any and it’s easier to have a piece of fruit.

    I’m meeting a friend for a walk tomorrow which will keep me out of mischief and away from the fridge until mid afternoon at the earliest πŸ˜†

    I finally had a slice of last year’s (!!!) Christmas cake as a pudding, heated in the microwave with brandy custard. We never got around to eating it last year, and Mr P can’t eat dried fruit any more, so I felt someone had to do it. And it was good!!!

    So I’m intrigued! I know boozy fruit cake lasts a while, but had last years xmas cake been in the freezer?

    Today I gave away the last mince pies…and got given Christmas cake in return. D’oh. I definitely want to store it for later rather than eat it now πŸ–πŸ–

    Phew. Christmas is over, but only just.
    Great Christmas Eve party with 20 guests in the end. I love catering.
    I am happy to return to veges and occasional meat.
    We are off on holiday later today. We are crossing by Ferry to the South Island and doing a circumnavigation of the island for 2 and a half weeks with a family from France. This will hone my skills as a tour guide for French tourists. We are doing this as very basic campers though we have an airbed in a small tent.
    Not sure whether the West Coast is good for camping as the rain buckets down, Our fellow travellers are staying in motel accommodation. We may join them.
    Just waiting for confirmation that I can freeze the Christmas cake, Purple, then finishing off the last tidying up and packing.
    Talk in 2020.
    Happy New year, friends.
    xx Wiwi

    No, it was a cheap Aldi Xmas cake in a tin. It just sat in a cupboard, living through extreme Aussie heat, and yet is moist and gorgeous. Incredible! P

    Hi everyone,

    Christmas cake will keep a very long time in an airtight container. Many mass produced cakes are several months old beforee they hit the shelves. In the UK, factories start making such things in July.

    They can be frozen if they are not iced but there is little point if they are wrapped in greaseproof/baking paper and stored in an airtight container.

    I was sitting on the sofa yeaterday evening feeling decidedly uncomfortable and have decided today will be carb free. I’m going to make a big fruit salad which will be brunch and dinner. I know it’s going to be hard but I also know I’ll feel so much better tomorrow.

    I did the same thing, Amazon, and feel so much better. I’m over Christmas excess. 🀨

    I know I would feel better for fasting…perhaps tomorrow…or Tuesday!

    I am going out for a good walk every day – between 6 and 10km – and that is (slightly) mitigating the extra, and rich, Christmas food.

    I will have to hide the rest of the Christmas cake, or better yet get someone else to hide it so I don’t know where it is!

    It’s another dry day here and I suspect I’m going to do nothing useful πŸ™‚ I have another few days before I start work again and I am unashamedly recharging my batteries!

    I managed to palm off fruit mince tarts and 1/2 the cake to others to day, but some “kilted sausages” fell out of the freezer, into my hands, tonight when I was planning to use some cooked chook and spinach for an omelette πŸ˜•πŸ˜• Gosh they were good on the barbie 😏😏

    And low carb 🀣

    I did fairly well yesterday, fruit salad for brunch, avocado and smoked salmon for dinner (I decided expecting myself to stick to fruit salad all day after a week of stuffing my face was setting myself up to fail) but I had a similar freezer problem to Purple in the shape of mince pies jumping up and down for attention when I opened the door, but my excuse is the cream needed using up 🀣🀣🀣

    I do feel much better today for having eaten less and moved more.

    I’m having a small leek and ham pie/pasty with salad for dinner today, using up the last of the gammon and some pastry that’s been lurking in the fridge.

    I’ve wrapped up the Christmas cake and put it away because it is easier to resist if it remains uncut.


    Recharging your batteries is a wise move and I’m sure you’ll reap the benefits when you go back to work.

    Christmas is officially over. Thank God! I’ve done a lot of exercise, but eaten and drunk a bit too much. The result being a generalised feeling of flab and bloat…

    I’m not beating myself up about it, as I know I have the tools to maintain a healthy weight…although sometimes the flesh is weak 😊

    Today, I am fasting.

    Happy New Year all. Here’s to another year doing our best!

    Morning/evening all,

    Happy New Year πŸ˜€

    I’ve had two days of sensible eating and am fasting today. I was going to go into B2B fasting on Thursday but I’m all too aware of my weaknesses and decided reducing calories and sticking to 16:8 with two defined meals and no grazing was the route to success.

    I’ve done some shopping, checked out the contents of the freezer and written a meal plan for the next 10 days.

    I’ve not done as much exercise as I intended but I’ve worked out twice this year πŸ˜‰ and the weather has improved making walking much more attractive.


    I love your description of post Christmas as “a generalised feeling of flab and bloat” πŸ˜†
    After two days of sensible eating the bloat has disappeared. As for the flab, I’ve given it notice to quit!


    Thinking of you and Mr P. I hope you’re all OK and safe ❀

    Have a good one everybody 😜

    No normal eating here, Happy, until I have managed to get every visitor to eat some Xmas leftovers. The fruit mince tarts and fruit cake are still popular.
    It hit 46 deg C here today, and is still 32 in the lounge room as we go to bed. The fire news is still very bad. P


    It’s just awful seeing the footage and hearing the reports of the fires. The scale and the devastation are heartbreaking. I can’t imagine what the mood must be like in Australia at the moment.

    I’ve had a good fast today, and no cake! (although there is still fruit cake and chocolates in the house…). Breaking the sugar habit is I think an important first step towards easing the pressure on my waistband!


    My FD went well too.
    I agree regarding breaking the sugar habit and I think I’ve managed that these past 3 days.
    I still have some mince pies in the freezer and my uncut cake but they’ll keep.

    I am up late watching tennis from Australia and for the first time in a while I am actually feeling hungry.
    A good sign πŸ˜€

    Canberra’s air is the worst in the world, according to the news here. Stay safe, Bay. And they are reporting 500 million creatures/animals killed!! πŸ™

    You were up late Amazon! I’m guessing you might have had a lie in this morning….?

    I stayed up til 1 over new year and was wiped out for two days…nothing to do with the alcohol I’m sure 😊

    It’s been a miserable wet dark day but I forced myself out for a stomp in puddles. I thought about fasting again but my exishOH had bought some of the finest local sausages known to man and I was weak…. I have studiously ignored the call of the cake though so I’m feeling slightly virtuous!


    I know that people are suffering because of the fires, but it’s heartbreaking to think about the devastation and suffering of wildlife. The footage of animals that tried to flee but got trapped by bl@@dy fences is particularly hard to stomach. Humans have got a lot to answer for.

    It’s the Australian tennis swing, the time of year I become semi-nocturnal:lol:
    I went to bed at 8.30pm last night and got up just before midnight to watch a tennis match, returned to bed at 2am and was up again at 7.30am.

    I went to bed at 10.30 pm on NYE and was woken up at midnight by the bl**dy fireworks. I was NOT impressed as they went on for over an hour 🀬

    “finest local sausages known to man” 🀣

    I made a small moussaka this morning, enough for dinner today and a FD portion for tomorrow.

    The fires are terrible for everyone affected and the loss of life is tragic but the death of so much wildlife and the destruction of it’s habitat will also be devastating for Australia. The bush vegetation and trees can cope with fires that pass through quickly, green shoots appear as soon as it rains but the sustained burning will most likely kill everything.

    Normal bushfires don’t kill the plants outright, and usually animals can shift to avoid the worst of it, but these, huge, fast moving, massive fires are incinerating wide swathes of land and animals. Gates are always opened and as many farm animals as possible moved as a fire approaches, but this disaster has been too overwhelming. The fires down south, this week, have been in dairy and poultry regions (as fires north were last month). It is horrifying the extent of loss of farm and native fauna.
    I’m particularly worried about Kangaroo Island. Huge numbers of their unique fauna have died. We were there last year, and I have never seen so much wildlife. I hope they can rebuild. P

    Hi Purple,

    I spent a day on Kangaroo Island on one of my trips and it’s somewhere I’d planned to re-visit in order to spend more time watching Australian wildlife.

    This morning I saw a very distressing video posted on twitter taken along a road in NSW which was littered with the bodies of animals killed by the fire.

    Rebuilding is going to be tough and take time and I’m sure it can be done but more importantly I’m hoping these fires make the powerful in the rest of the world finally sit up and take notice and realise we need to take action NOW on climate change.

    I read yesterday President Macron has offered assistance to Australia which I hope will be welcomed. I’ve also noticed a huge amount of money being donated from around the world to relief agencies and wildlife rescue. One of the wildlife centre had set a target of $15,000 and 24 hours ago had already received well over Β£200,000 mostly from small donations of a few dollars from people around the world.

    Meanwhile Indonesia is being drowned by torrential rains and floods.

    It makes my battle with my weight insignificant ☹

    We decided we needed a break from being trapped in the city for weeks, so drove 1 hour north for a beach walk and to catch ‘Little Women’. While in the theatre we could hear thunder and walked out to torrential rain and flooding. We drove home to discover we had only had a sprinkle. Weather is so fickle.

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