Just started 5:2- second time

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Just started 5:2- second time

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  • Hi everyone

    Decided to post here in the intent of keeping me honest and feeling some community support. I have always been slim and never really needed to worry about my weight within more than 5 pounds. Then 5 years ago I got married and moved to the suburbs and live in a house with kids and all the treats that they like! In my previous single life I rarely had any indulgent foods in the house so wasn’t tempted to overeat at home.

    I did 5:2 3 years ago and lost 12 lbs (I am a Brit in the US so converting back to stones is a challenge!). Got down to 160lbs which is my goal weight- im 5 foot 10. Then over the last 3 years have been allowing the fat to creep on a bit. I have been lifting weights now for 4 months and am seeing some great strength gains and of course a bit of the weight gain is muscle but I weighed in today at 180lbs. Hmmm. I have Hashimotos but take medication and cant say that that has any bearing on my weight- I’ve been on the med for many years. My weakness is late night snacks and scotches, snuggle up in bed with hubby and watch British tv shows and overindulge. I am pretty active but clearly – you cant out exercise a bad diet. Also am almost 52 so that doesn’t help- on low dose HRT patch for last 3 months- going to check with doc if that could affect weight gain.

    So I did my first FD yesterday- all fine, I don’t mind it at all. Eating normally today and tracking- my TDEE is around 2300/2400 depending on what sport I am doing. Aiming to keep average daily calories around 1700- including FD and NFD which should give me 1lb to 1.5lb loss a week. And to track on NFD- I realized this weekend that what I thought was consuming on an average Saturday and what I was actually eating was quite a bit off, hence fat creeping on over the last few years.

    Thanks for listening, hope to connect with some of you over the next few months,


    Great, Jules! Welcome to Fasting. You know we will help you to stay honest and to answer any questions. Yup, keeping track of what you eat everyday will help you to lose the weight you want. And keep it off.
    Good luck and keep posting.

    Weighed in this morning. Only .6 of a pound down. But at least it wasn’t up!
    1 week (well actually only 4 days) on 5:2. Weight 180. Goal 155-160

    Had a reasonable Christmas Day- healthy breakfast, yogurt at lunch and then lovely dinner with family but nothing too crazy. Did 5 mile hike to help offset the booze calories! I have to admit I questioned myself bout starting 5:2 jus before Christmas but I reasoned what better time of year to control calories where I can!

    FD today- so far nothing to eat, doing okay but so looking forward to my salmon and cauliflower tonight!

    Good job yesterday, julesukgirl. You will surely make progress eating like that. When my husband and I began Fasting 5 years ago, we swapped the wine for sparkling water at dinner. Once we were in maintenance, we went back to 5-6 oz wine with dinner. And it still works.

    Thanks for the support Fasting-Me- much appreciate you sharing your wisdom.

    NFD today- its funny how you aren’t crazy hungry after a FD. Didn’t weigh in today- figured the overindulgence on Christmas Eve and Day would likely not give me pleasing numbers! Will weigh in on Saturday- next FD tomorrow. Doing as much as I can in the next 10 days as we are off on a 5 star all-inclusive to Mexico on Jan 5 for my husbands 50th so I know that will put on a least 3 or 4 lbs – but I will enjoy the trip, keep breakfasts and lunches moderate and then enjoy great dinners! and when I return back on the 5:2.

    I love reading everyone’s posts about successes- I find myself thinking ‘ok so she lost 22 lbs in 28 weeks so if I can do that i’ll be in maintenance by late Spring!”


    I’m like you as in starting 5:2 a second time. 2 years ago roughly I lost a couple of pounds off 4stone. Started at 12st 13lb and finished on 9st 2lb. Lost it all in about 9-10 months. Then last year the bad habits crept back and I’m 2 stone heavier. Yesterday I hit the wall so to speak and decided enough w enough before anymore damage was done. Weighed in this morning at 11st 3lb. Fasting today. Have an eving at friends tomorrow and a catch up with sister in law on Sunday . No drinking at friends. I’m driving !!! šŸ‘šŸ‘šŸ‘
    Will try and be sensible food wise. Next planned fast will be Monday . New Year’s Eve not a problem as staying in quietly contemplating!! Next weigh in will be Saturday 5th Jan. Good luck with your journey. We can do this!!

    Spottydog, good luck with your second time around. Sure hope it goes well. I find that good planning goes a long way to making Fasting successful.

    jules, the 50th for you husband sounds like a good time. But there is no need to go to a 3-4 lb gain. Have eggs for breakfast with some fruit 3x a week and no lunch [except a little fruit or veg — if that] 4x a week. Then dinner. Have fun with the other activities.

    I’ll definitely try to limit the gain- they do at least have a sand volleyball court- I play- so if I play that everyday for a couple of hours that burns a ton of calories- which will help.

    FD for me today- lots of fizzy water and a yogurt for lunch then a healthy but decent dinner.

    Im realizing that when i get to maintenance I will have to do 6:1 forever. So much easy to have one tough day a week and then enjoy food the rest of the time then try to be disciplined most days. I am a MUCH better abstainer than I am a moderator!

    Spottydog- lets stick with it together! Weighing in tomorrow- will post my results! I started at 12 st 8lbs- goal is 10.5 to 11 stone (im 5’10 and lift weights so that’s about as low as I want to go)

    Had a good fast yesterday. Finished on 363 cals. Plenty of fluid too. Felt so much better this morning and slept relatively well last night. Didn’t eat today till 2pm. Wasn’t hungry at all so ploughed through. Had a salad and some Quorn … I’m a vegetarian… Ans an apple and are currently on roughly 350 cals and that includes milk. Out at friends tonight so not sure what’s on the menu. Feeling ok though. Sister in laws tomorrow and she’s doing Nut Roast and veg. I can calorie count that easily. I am determined again. Have a good few days!! Stay strong!! New year new us!!

    Good job, you guys.
    Spottydog, what do you do for protein on Fast Days? I see milk is there. Protein sources are very important for maintaining muscle mass. Please consider that as you plan meals.

    Jules, yes this is a Lifestyle, not a thing you do and then stop. My ODH and I maintain our weights by Fasting 2 days/week. Don’t think 6:1 would work for us. But 5:2 is a flexible thing.

    Happy New Year. Yup: ‘New Us’

    I have strayed from the path over the festivities and Iā€™m actually looking forward to more sensible eating and doing my fast days and getting back in the groove. The tape measure is showing an increase over the last few weeks but nothing too drastic. Any moral support most welcome!

    I am another ‘returner’ to fasting!

    Last year was a rough one on many ways…and I was actually pleased to find myself starting this year just a few pounds over my starting weight for last year…(Yes that meant a gain overall…especially as I lost for a few months last year)

    Back on track…starting woth fast800 for an initial boost at least…half a stone gone in week one!…(that 7 pounds is mostly water I think!)

    Julesukgirl…have you considered miso soup…you can get in in sachets, just add water for a tasty light broth at very low calories..but it is very satisfying on a fast day…and is vegetarian-friendly.

    I SO get your having to work around meds! I don’t need HRT but am on anumber of meds – one of which means I CANNOT fast after taking it…thankfully I don’t need it constantly!…the beauty of 5:2 is its flexibility.

    Hi ladies, well we had a great trip but definitely ate and drank a lot- but I stayed active so not feeling to bad. Now back and back on 5:2 and also staying off alcohol for the rest of January- which always helps me eat clean- just not tempted by nuts and crisps when there is no wine to accompany!
    I like the miso soup suggestion- thank you, I will get some, that would be great on fast days

    will weigh in Friday and assess where I am!

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