June 2021 Challenge

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  • U.K. FD750 day 7

    Just a quick one to say hello to everyone

    A FD750 for me today

    @at – thanks for the sleep tablets recommendation !

    @penz – yikes indeed, I totally agree!! Can’t believe it’s the seventh June already !

    Thanks @dvw for your kind words. I’m excited to be at this weight!
    Thanks also for great recommendation – I love chamomile tea so I’ll run out and buy some today!!!

    Tonight I’m having my 650 calorie dinner in the form of Lemon Chicken Bake (out of guess what? Yep – the Michael Mosley & Clare Bailey recipe book!). It really helps me to look forward to a healthy, hot, filling & tasty meal!

    Right I’m off for a couple of full-on coffees now, it’s Monday morning and I need to kick myself into work mode!

    Good luck to all on pocket list!


    Day 7 – Canada – FD

    Good morning everybody.

    Yesterday was so busy I almost forgot to eat, almost. I’m sure I reached my TDEE. Today will be a proper FD, maybe FD800. I’m 5 lbs away from my goal and feeling quite motivated.

    I’m selling my home so trying to get it ready for viewings. I’ve purged all the excess junk and yesterday painted my outside shutters black. The realtor suggested it would make my home look more modern and she was right! 10 done with 8 to go. Exhausting work but so gratifying. Luckily I had an energetic friend to help me or I may have quit halfway through. 😊

    @fivetwofan5252 – I might have to get that recipe book, sounds fab.

    Let’s go!

    Day 7 Pocket List


    Day 7 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    A good weekend, my resolve stayed strong and I now feel ready for a good week.

    Day 7 Pocket List

    Day 7 USA/DC TDEE
    Well, I didn’t quite fast yesterday but I did keep it mostly under control AND I made sure I drank at least 60 oz of water. I think that has been the issue for me. Somehow I appeared to have swapped water for coffee last month – might explain how frantic I have been. Once I really focused yesterday on water, I was less hungry and really tried to drink rather than eat. I was also less exhausted. Hmmmm – could water really be the miracle it is said to be.
    So, here’s to a new week. May we all greet it with hello. My goal this week is going to be WATER intake. I have a funny feeling that is going to make a difference on many levels. Here’s hoping.

    Day 7 UK FD

    Usual Monday fast – hoping for a steady week , will be difficult as going to London for a few days on Wednesday but let’s see

    Day 7 Pocket List

    Second post
    @dvw – bravo! Just 5 lbs from goal. That is terrific. I too have been tossing junk. My goodness how we hold on to things. I have found items I honestly don’t even know what they are!.

    My first week of 5:2 complete. Results were more disappointing than expected. Only half a pound weight loss and I still have 9lbs to go. Feeling in a bit of a slump today about it. But have to remember that a loss is still a loss and conventional wisdom seems to be of the opinion the slower you lose it, the more likely it is stay off. Pity I am not a very patient person!
    Will try and incorporate a bit more activity into this week. I love reading how you all are doing because it is encouraging to know that other people are having the same struggles of dealing with food temptations and busy lives.
    I’m sending you all encouragement and willpower for this week ahead and hope you all crush your goals!

    Just wondering
    @susan_dormi: I am surprised to read your post. wondering if you might need a bit more water (as in a lot more water) in your daily consumption. Clearly I am on a water thing this week, but for me it makes an incredible difference. In addition to lowering caloric intake we need to flush stuff out and salt, for me, is often the biggest culprit. Example – I love olives, as in love olives. Two night ago I had probably about 12 – they were delicious, but I didn’t drink enough water to compensate for all the salt and bingo – the next day – up 2 lbs. All gone after a day of focusing on water intake. That may just be me, but salty foods without enough water always spells at a minimum a 2 – 3 lb gain.

    Thanks @nellen. I am useless at drinking fluids! On a normal day I will drink 2-3 cups of tea and that is all. I have purchased some coconut water for my NFD’s this week and will force myself to be better at drinking throughout the day. My problem is that I detest drinking water and all other drinks carry calories so I end up just avoiding liquids all together. A long established bad habit that needs dealt with!

    Day 7 – Rural Nebraska, USA – NFD

    It’s 7:15 and I’m walking over to church for our first day of vacation Bible school that starts at 9:00. I will be back and read and post eventually. Have a great day everyone.

    @susan_dormi. I think you have identified a major obstacle for you in weight loss. Water really is a must otherwise your body holds on to it for dear life and you just won’t see the scales move. Many of us add a bit of flavoring to water to make it more palatable. I add either a little lemonade or pomegranate juice, that helps a lot for me at least. But really – you want to be drinking at least 60 oz a day. I know, I know – that’s a lot, but I promise it makes a huge difference.

    Day 7 UK FD

    Hi all, quick check in. Weekend was ok although I drank too many calories! Needed your resolve @missybear!
    No loss or gain this week but I suspect @nellen has hit the nail on the head regarding water, or lack of. Not been very good at drinking enough on my FDs I think. I’m guzzling it down today though.

    Trying to stick to 500 today with OMAD. Think I’ll make a chilli and some veg for dinner.

    @fivetwofan5252. I think I may need to buy that book too. Sounds good.

    Day 7 Pocket List

    Day7 (already!) North Canton OH WFD
    Very busy weekend for OH and myself. We decided to use this unexpected gift of him having some free time to complete some projects around the house. Last weekend was for yard work and power washing the siding. We trimmed all the trees and cut down a massive dead tree in our backyard that has been an eye sore since we bought this place. We got quotes from contractors to get rid of the tree that were in the thousands – the highest being $9,000 and the lowest $3,500. In addition to the massive cost, the equipment to get rid of the tree would have chewed up our lawn, and we have invested too much time and money into the lawn to start over; so OH decide that he would rather take care of it himself. With a lot of trepidation, I agreed to help. ….And he did it! Used a ladder to get up there, and a chain saw to trim off most of the limbs, then it took both of us all day to gather and dispose of all the yard waste. We filled the back of the truck with waste and made 10 trips to the recycling station. Sunday we woke up early and tackled the siding and driveway. Everything looks so much better and brighter now. Getting rid of the tree has opened up the backyard to more sunlight as well.
    @susan_dormi interesting handle, is that your name? @nellen is right, if you do not drink enough water; your scale will not show you the numbers that you are looking for because you will keep retaining water. When you drink water, you also feel fuller and eat less. Have you tried sparking water? Some people are able to increase their water intake that way. Years ago, when I first began my weight loss efforts, I was working out really hard and eating right, but not drinking water – because I was not a fan. The scale was not budging at all and it was so discouraging; someone encouraged me to drink water and that was a game changer. So try to increase your water intake and see what happens.
    @dvw you are selling in sellers market. Congratulations! I am sure you will find the right buyer at the price point that you are looking for.
    I will try to catch up on posts later, as usual I am really behind.
    Happy fasting all
    Day 7 Pocket List

    Day 7 – UK – FD

    Yesterday ended up as another indulgent day……something to do with the nice weather calling for some some chilled white wine and we ended up with a delivery of some yummy sourdough pizza for dinner – it was so worth it!!!! So today is a definite FD500!

    My usual 7am Broga class with OH via zoom to start this FD – a walk into the village for some groceries before it gets too busy – some house work then met up with 3 friends for a cup of tea and a catchup.

    Now back home so I thought I should have a quick catch up here before having to think about something for my OMAD FD500 dinner that OH can also have with some add-ons to increase his calorie intake 🤔

    @fivetwofan5252 – you are certainly making me think about investing in MM and CB cook book….
    @dvw – way to go – just 5 lbs from goal!!
    @nellen – you are not alone in noticing that salty foods without enough water always spells at a minimum a 2 – 3 lb gain 😱 hence my planned 3L water intake with my FD500 today to help negate the weekend’s indulgence
    @susan_dormi – I agree with others that drinking water is key – try adding lemon/lime slices to flavour your water – to hot water I often add lemon and fresh ginger slice – in essence a ginger tea – all without calories
    @brewster – 🤞we can keep each other in mind and manage that OMAD FD500
    @basyjames – totally impressed with you and your OH clearing out that massive dead tree from your garden 💪

    Day 7 Pocket List

    Will be late posting again tomorrow as driving over to DD to join her on her dog walks plus she’s having a horse riding lesson early after lunch so will take her beagle Archie to the beach for a play until she’s finished.

    Amazing that it’s the start of the 2nd week of our Mid Year June 2021 challenge already so I thought I would remind us all that “Instead of indulging in ‘comfort food,’ indulge in comfort meditation, comfort journaling, comfort walking, comfort talking, comfort manicures, comfort reading, comfort yoga, comfort hugging.” 🤗

    Day 7 UK FD

    Hello! I’m joining the June challenge a week late but scrambling back onto the waggon. Thanks @at for hosting.

    I’m F56 living in London. I arrived here in Dec 2017 weighing 80kg/178lbs. I’d put on weight with health issues limiting mobility, stopping smoking & then menopause. I dived into 5:2 and over the next 18 months my weight went down to 140-145lb & my body got 4 sizes smaller. Around a year later I fell off the waggon when a friend died suddenly and I never quite got back on. I caught covid in March 2020 and have lived with longcovid ever since, particularly fatigue, nerve & joint pain and cognition problems. Post covid hypertension has been an issue since January but hopefully now under control.

    So i’m weighing in back where I started, at 178lbs / 80kg with 33lbs/15kg to lose. The upside is I can now track my Past Self on the tracker and I know what’s possible! The downside is nothing fits bc I gave away all my bigger clothes and I don’t want to buy any more.

    I’ve taken this week off to focus on good self-care – early nights, good food, rest, reading and pottering in the garden. I’ve been cleared for gentle exercise so restarting adapted yoga and pilates, daily meditation – and 5:2! Tho I’m actually going to start with some extra FDs to give myself a boost. Yesterday I made 7 pots of sweet potato, carrot, rhubarb & cougette dal which I’ll have with some additonal protein and fruti. I’ll be drinking lots of water, eating OMAD and posting daily for accountability.

    Lovely to be back with old friends and welcome to new people. I’m looking forward to travelling alongside you. Belated Happy Birthday to @at for last week and @daffodil2010 for the weekend.

    Day 7 Pocket List

    Day 8 AUS FD800

    I’m back on the FD800 wagon (I do this ~4 days/week) this week, after a few weeks of lots of socialising and celebrations. I’ve managed not to put back on any weight, using IF principles, for the first time, but am now ready to continue the downward trajectory.

    @dvw brilliant work getting 5lb from goal! I’ll hit the top of my goal range in 3lbs, and it really is motivating.

    As someone who lives in a super hot environment, I’m amused by the folk who have to force themselves to drink water. No choice around these parts, as we’d dehydrate and then get crippling headaches very quickly!

    My mini goal for this week is to see a 0.5k drop on the scales after my 4 FD800s, which would take me to my lowest weight in 18 months and 1k from goal.

    Day 7 USA – OMAD

    Went over my TDEE yesterday by more than I should have, so did just one meal today. We’ve been eating up restaurant leftovers, but tonight they are gone. Eating them up on top of Silver Sneakers today is a good feeling.

    @michelinme – so good that you’ve re-joined us and our WOL. You know very well how this all works, and I applaud you for making the efforts. Hugs to you for surviving all you have – life and death can be oh so challenging.

    @stitchincarol – I had to smile at your taking on VBS as well as all the music ministry. I have always thought ministers’ wives are unpaid church assistant pastors!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 8, NFD, Aus

    Yay, I did the FD yesterday. Helped I had an evening meeting which kept me away from the kitchen.

    Way to go, @basyjames. You should “pay” you and your OH $thousands as a reward for getting rid of the tree.

    Another suggestion, @susan_dormi is to try drinking hot water?

    Lovely to see you back, @michelinme!

    Why oh why do I keep thinking it’s Wednesday today…

    Day 8 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning all. Thanks for the birthday wishes. We had a great time away in our camper (@Brewster ours is a self build which was completed at the end of 2019 just in time for Covid travel restrictions ….we are making the most of it now), the weather was great, but OH MY……the midges!!!!!

    Not sure what they are called in other parts of the world (gnats?) but once evening /early morning came about the midge infestation was unlike anything I have ever experienced. You could NOT sit outside on the fine summer evening enjoying a beer. I am covered in bites, despite our best efforts they got into the van and munched on me all night…….I have bites everywhere, at least 100 all over 😨

    I have made a concoction with apple cider vinegar and baby oil and it is soothing me. Have to go to work so don’t want to be scratching 😆

    I live very near a river but don’t get midges like that…..worse than mosquitos I would say.

    So hi to everyone, welcome back @michelinme, see you all tomorrow

    Day 8, U.K. NFD

    Good FD yesterday, although my hunger woke me up at about 3 am for over an hour. But guess it’s a small price to pay for ongoing weight loss.
    Scales still reading the identical number (3.6 lbs above target weight) but i know the numbers will eventually concede defeat and step downwards!

    Yes re cookbook – I am not on commission, I promise!
    The lemon chicken last night was also amazing.

    Planning a FD again tomo….

    @daffodil2010 – so sorry that your lovely opportunity to sit outside was midge-tastic 😢. What a disappointment when our trips away are so precious. Sounds like everything else was brilliant though!

    @penz – YAY! 😊

    @michelinme – welcome back. Sorry to hear the Long Covid is still plaguing you. It is so debilitating – hats off to you for wading through that quagmire….

    Good luck to anyone fasting today! 😊

    Day 8 – Canada – NFD

    Good morning everybody.

    Had such a busy day yesterday, a good FD and this morning I was down by a pound so just 4 pounds to go! I think the trick for me is to stay busy and out of the kitchen 😊 Today I have more shutters to paint so I’ll be busy.

    @nellen – so happy to see your post about water and taking it as a reminder to drink more! Thank you.
    @at – I’ll indulge in comfort hiking and comfort beach combing today 😃
    @basyjames – way to go with the diy, so gratifying to see it once it’s done. I used to use a lawn service but now I schlep myself out there and do it myself. Not enjoyable but I love seeing the results.
    @daffodil2010 – maybe your midges are our ‘black flies’ ? I too have multiple bites, urggg but not 100, yikes. I wouldn’t mind the bites so much but the itching is a nightmare.
    @michelinme – welcome back 🙏

    Take care all.

    Day 8, London, UK, FD

    Trying to get back into my routine of fasting at work, so I’ll manage 2 FDs this week at work and throw caution to wind, as usual, WFH tomorrow!!!😒

    Anyway, I’m sure the groove will get wider & deeper with my continuous wriggling, and EVENTUALLY I’ll settle into it!!!😉

    I’ve just finished a teams meeting and it didn’t help seeing my enormous face filling the screen ………………… it’s definitely a FD today!!!! How’s that for motivation!!😜

    Welcome back @michelinme, long-covid has done a real number on you!!! I know you’ll focus on self-care & self-healing, starting with getting the nutrients you need. 👍👍

    Anyway, hopefully I’ll have more time later to read posts & comment accordingly! @daffodil2010, Happy belated B’day🎁!! Good to hear you had a nice break, I’m a mosquito magnet myself, but since starting with magnesium oil as my deodorant ………………… they avoid me like the plague!!!!🤣

    Stay strong folks!!!

    Day 8 UK NFD

    Oh @daffodil2010 I sympathise I also seem to be a magnet for any flying bitey creature 🦟 but sounds like you had a great time anyway

    Great to have you back with us @michelinme

    Our wedding anniversary tomorrow so we are having a mini staycation in London so may not get time to post for a couple of days, catch up soon

    Day 8 North canton OH NFD

    @flourbaby this is not supposed to add any pressure but it is so good to have you back! Your posts are just so heart warming

    @dvw another pound bites the dust

    @fivetwofan5252 I also find that I need less sleep on FD, I used to force myself to stay in bed, but now I get up when my internal alarm goes off, and get started on the day’s activities. There is usually not enough hours in the day to get everything done. Another benefit to IF

    @daffodil2010 what a sucky situation with the midges or gnats

    @penz we should, and we will 😁

    @michelinme it is so great to see you back and read your post. The best gift we can give ourselves is self care

    @at sourdough pizza –yummy!!!!🍕

    Love does not dominate- it cultivates -Goethe
    have a great day everyone 🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

    Day 8 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Yesterday was a good solid FD800 🙂

    Grateful for the discussion about water, I so easily forget to drink enough. Strangely I never need reminding to drink wine 🤦‍♀️ Still dry and will stay dry for as long as I comfortably can but I’m not setting a target date, just planning to wait until the urge becomes irresistible. I took delivery of a case of mixed reds a week ago and haven’t even opened the box yet. Definitely found my mojo this month!

    Interesting that a number of we old timers here have regained weight recently. I’m sure stressful times is part of the problem. Personally I just find maintenance difficult. Absolutely worth the effort, but challenging to keep the weight off. Some days I just want an ice cream, another glass of wine and a few more salted cashews and I often feel deprived saying no to myself so give in and have what I want……and that is why I am 10 pounds over target. Oh well no choice but to keep on keeping on as I know how good and healthy I feel when at target.

    Stay strong Tuesday fasters.

    Day UK FD

    Thank you for the lovely messages, it’s wonderful to be back.

    Yesterday’s FD morphed to FD800 with some early evening popcorn but I’ll take that as a great transition back into this WOL. Amazing what a difference it makes aiming to do everything earlier.Late afternoon OMAD was followed by an hour or two of gentle garden pottering, warm bath and an early night. Still v tired but it all helps rebalance the scales 🙂

    It’s 24C here and due to be hotter – but of course feels much hotter in the sun. I’m a red-headed Celt and never been great in the sun, but my heat tolerance collapsed some years ago with neuro conditions – nerve pain, melting muscles and my brain feels fried. This week I’m going to try getting up at 5am and pottering until midday, resting until 5pm then eating and pottering into the evening. That gives me lots of lovely day to myself to stretch, meditate, and potter in the garden before it gets hot.

    Hot weather makes it easier to remember to drink – something that i’ve really let slip the last couple of months. So far today I’ve drunk 2 litres fizzy water and 1.5 litres peppermint tea! Today’s OMAD is a baby gem lettuce and cucumber salad, steamed cauliflower with nutritional yeast, green beans with balsamic vinegar, quorn *chicken* and tomatoes, follwed by fresh apricots and frozen berries. Frozen berries are my best indulgent snack in hot weather.

    I measured myself this morning for extra motivation! Bust, waist and hips are all 7 inches/17.5cm bigger than August 2019 -that’s my Michelin Man suit well inflated again!! B|ut reminding myself that this is where I start…

    @songbirdme lovely to be reminded of your 5:2 journey – you are stalwart!
    @penz well done on your FD! I know how hard it is to get going again 🙂
    @daffodil2010 Your gnat / midge bites sound a real pain. Hope the itching has eased
    @fivetwofan5252 great to see you are nearly at goal already – and after your longcovid journey too 🙂
    @flourbaby lovely to see you back too 🙂 I’m awash with nutrients as ever.Still vegan and enjoying my fortnightly fruit and veg box, lots of batch cooking and cooking from scratch.
    @brightonbelle happy anniversary for tomorrow 🙂 hope you have a lovely time in London
    @basyjames so great to read how well you are doing – ADF really is your happy place 🙂

    Day 8 Pocket List

    Day 9 AUS FD800

    Heading in to my third FD800 day today, and today I hit the lowest weight I’ve been for two years.

    1.2k from goal, although my priority now is shifting from weight loss to sustainable maintenance. I’d rather ease down than yo-yo anymore.

    So grateful to this community of support and shared resources.

    Day 9, NFD, Aus

    Needing my FD tomorrow…. FDs I can manage; eating sensibly on NFDs is still a challenge.

    Happy wedding anniversary @brightonbelle!!

    I admire your restraint @missybear.

    For inspiration, I should read your daily meal plans @michelinme. They sound so tasty and healthy that it’s a good reminder that there’s no need for me to make poor meal choices.

    Day 9. U.K. FD750

    Ooh @penz I’m exactly the same! I actually really enjoy the ‘feast or famine’ aspect! I know exactly where I stand each day and it suits me!

    It’s a tough one to balance though – my chicken and egg conundrum has always been that if I didn’t take the “gloves off” approach on my NFDs (and eat whatever I want) would I have reached my goal more quickly? And maintain more easily??

    Or is it the other way around (which I am inclined to believe) in that the reason that I can be successful on keeping on with this way of life is that on my non fast days I eat anything I want which gives me the motivation to do the next fast day. I think I would not be able to bear doing fast days in combination with severely limited non-fast days. Because I know I’m a big “wooss” (how on Earth do you spell wuss?!!) 😀

    In summary I think the answer is this:
    Know yourself, find out what works for you and once you find the magic formula, stick with it!

    We are all completely different in our motivations, for me personally I absolutely love the guilt-free approach to non-fast days.

    However it has to be said that whilst I perceive eating shop-bought cake as guilt-free from a calorie perspective on a non-fast day, I still do feel rather guilty about putting highly-processed sugary stuff and “bad fats” into my body!!!

    Good luck to all fellow tasters today! 😊

    Day 9 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Quick check in, nothing to report, just counting down the days until the 17th is over and done and I can focus on recovery, and then, focus on shifting these stubborn pounds.

    So it’s busy in work right now, it’s as though my manager has suddenly realised that I will be out on sick leave for a few weeks from next Wednesday and suddenly there are daily catch-ups and training, on top of the work…….and it doesn’t help that one experienced colleague is due to leave and a new guy starting, all while I am on sick leave. 😨

    I can’t help feeling guilty about this, although it’s not something I would have planned for, and hey, the alternative could have been sooooo much worse……but it’s a constant effort to keep the mild panic and stress from bubbling up and taking over.

    So it’s great to come on here and just waffle. I enjoy reading about everybody’s lives, successes and otherwise…..having this connection makes us stronger.

    Have a great Wednesday hump day 🐪

    Day 9 – Canada – FD

    Just a quick check in. Another busy day today so hopefully a good FD. Good luck all.

    Day 9 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    I am pinned down on the sofa with a sleeping cat on my lap so taking the opportunity to login for accountability. Meals are planned for the rest of the week, simple menus with lots of veg, really working to shift some of my excess this month whilst I’m in a positive state of mind.

    Happy hump day everyone 🐫 have a good one 🙂

    Day 9 North Canton OH WFD
    My NFD yesterday did not go as originally planned. I was expecting to go out to dinner last night and then we had to change plans because DH was not feeling well, which led to EFS. I have found that this happens quite a bit with me, when my gastronomy expectations are not met, EFS follows. I am so glad that I am fasting today.
    It is very hot and humid here too, and I agree that drinking water in these conditions is easier than when it is cooler. I also drink sparkling water with a TSP of ACV. It makes me feel like I am having a treat. @michelinme yummy!
    I was planning to track my water fast this year a la @dykask style, but I lost track. Which makes me think of all the old timers we don’t see anymore @johnnyr, @bert, @funshipfreddie
    @litprof congratulations!
    @fivetwofan5252 very well said
    @daffodil2010 hand in there, breath and take one day at a time. We are holding your hand.

    Day 9 Pocket List
    @litprof FD800
    @fivetwofan5252 FD750

    Day 9 UK FD

    Yesterday morphed into a CD with the consumption of the last of the popcorn. (There are now no tempting foods left in the house – unless I break open the Christmas fruit & nuts!)

    Managed another early supper/late lunch followed by gentle pottering, early bath and bed – the first time I’ve been to bed in daylight for a long while. Woke up feeling gently rested with a sense things are moving in the right direction. After a slow start I did some gentle weeding then rested up before lunchtime adapted yoga class. Still resting from the heat of the day, but plan to do some more gardening early evening. Beginning to feel grounded again.

    I’ve had a salad of 50g each baby gem lettuce, cucumber, avocado, tomato and quorn *chicken* and feeling pretty full. The joys of fasting resetting the appetite! I have pak choi and green beans to eat later, probably steamed then served in a clear broth with tofu, followed by the last of the fresh apricots plus some frozen berries. Today WILL Be a FD!

    @daffodil2010 hope today has been less stressful. You are doing your best with what you have, and it’s no-one’s fault x
    @brightonbelle happy anniversary!
    @basyjames you could start your counting year from today 🙂 Yes, so many old friends not here now. I was thinking of @rainbowsmile the other day too.

    Day 9 Pocket List
    @litprof FD800
    @fivetwofan5252 FD750

    Day 9 Minnesota, USA CD

    Hey! to everyone! It’s been about a week since I posted, I think, But I have been catching up on your posts for the last couple of days.

    @michelinme – So glad to have you back with us!! Your vegan meals are always so interesting to me. I’m not vegan, but I do like to have the majority of my calories to be vegetables.
    @brightonbelle – I hope you are having a lovely Anniversary celebration!
    @fivetwofan5252 – Congrats on being so close to your goal, and thanks for all of the comments on the menus from Mosely’s recipe book with his wife. I may have to get that!
    @dvw – Great progress for you, regarding your weight. Good luck on selling your home. My gosh, the thought of showing my house and all of the prep to bring a home up to “selling” standards nearly makes me nauseous! It’s been 11 years since I had to do that. I hope to make my children do it for me in the future if/when we need to sell this home. 😂
    @nellen – You are so right about water intake being an ingredient for success, and yet, even though I know that, I really struggle with it. I am older than you, I think, and I hate the increased trips to the bathroom.
    @susan_dormi – Welcome. There are some “papers/studies” that say our dietary intake is actually reflected more in two weeks than immediately. Patience? It’s a numbers game, and if you have a calorie deficit, it will show up once the body decides you aren’t starving and lets go of the water.
    @missybear – You seem to have found the mojo many of us are searching for. It really is inspiring to hear how an “old” hand like you can get back to doing well and seemingly with ease. Congrats.
    @stitchincarol – I hope your Bible camp week is going well, and so happy to hear that you will see your DD and your sweet little DGD soon! I can’t believe my sweet little thing has just graduated. It’s amazing how fast time goes, and I know everyone says that…..but that’s because it’s true. I’m sure once they leave, your arms will be aching to hold her, as mine always did. Thank goodness I have two little DGDs very close to us and we see them weekly I wish for you a lot of time spent together with your family in the next many years.
    @brewster – One weekend of fun will not ruin your weight loss plans, unless you totally give up. Just hang in there.
    @basyjames – I can hardly believe that you and your OH tackled a tree project that had been bid at those amounts. Thankfully, it went well. Good for you. The expense of tree trimming and removal is ridiculous, sometimes. Believe me, we know….we have basically 3 acres of trees….less trees now that we actually had dead and diseased taken down to open up circulation and sunlight. Expensive.
    @litprof – You seem to be doing really well with your FD800s. Congrats on lowest weight in 2 years, and nearly to goal!
    @songbirdme – Are you experiencing this incredible heat? You are impressive to always get back on track after overindulging. I ten do kind of say, to heck with it, and indulge another day.
    @daffodil2010 – I’m counting down those days until your surgery with you, and sending you positive vibes each day, with a little prayer. It’ll be okay, and you will be so relieved to have it done, over, and healthier. And “Happy belated birthday”! I really thought I had already said that, but I had not. I hope you had fun!
    @flourbaby – I feel the same as others……very glad to have you back here. I hope you keep us updated on the home hunting and flat selling. I especially hope your mom is doing okay. Hugs.
    @penz – It’s almost 6 pm my time….I think you might be sleeping or just getting your day started? And it’s becoming winter there!!!
    @at – I did, indeed have a lovely time with family on our vacation! Thank you!

    If I left anyone out, my apologies and I’ll catch you later!

    We are in an unprecedented early heat wave. It is the 7th or 8th day of 90+F (32.2+C) and now the humidity is nearly unbearable. Part of my delay in posting is that DH and I have been scrambling to save our newly planted bushes, and move our container/planters into the shade, water them, and basically keep them alive. I must say it has been nearly as oppressive an a blizzard, this terrible early heat and humidity. We have probably 4-5 more days of this. The lowest temps in the morning have stayed above 75F, so the plants and birds are really hurting.

    I need a couple good fast days soon, to make balance out my calorie increase on our little vacation. I hope to do a good FD tomorrow.

    “Perseverance….the secret of all triumph.” Victor Hugo

    Best of luck, everyone!

    Day 10, FD (*phew*), Aus

    I spell wuss ‘wuss’, @fivetwofan – not sure if it’s correct or not but I know what you mean! I think I too like the 5:2 approach that NFDs are not strict.

    I hope your workplace becomes (more?) supportive @daffodil2010; the last thing you need before and after surgery is additional stress and worry.

    Long weekend for us coming up which means temptation will be beckoning…

    Day 10 AUS FD800

    Just a quick pop in from me to note that I jumped on the scales post-workout today and I was probably dehydrated but still, the scales showed I am now 0.5k from goal! I can hardly believe it!!

    I have now lost exactly one stone (15.5lbs).

    This weekend is our wedding anniversary, and I will be the same weight as I was 24 years ago!

    I am so grateful to all the info and community on this forum.

    Day 10 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Morning all. Started early, worked through lunch, and finished work late yesterday, I don’t intend for this to become a habit, just so much to do, but when I saw my boss leaving before me, I kind of thought, well, nobody is thanking me for all the extra hours!

    So @penz, you are dead right, the last thing I need is this additional stress and worry so I am going to dial it back from right now. I can only do what I can do, my manager gets paid to manage, so let him do that and I will get back to being worker bee and not worrying what’s going to happen while I am out.

    Sure, everyone will manage, we always do!

    @litprof Super well done and congratulations on reaching that great milestone. Happy wedding anniversary to you and your OH 🍾

    @northerndawn thank you as always for your kind thoughts, this time next week I will be on route to the hospital, just want it over and done.

    @michelinme your gentle pottering sounds the ticket. I do confess to being in bed at daylight around this time of the year, I am in bed normally for 9.30pm so it’s still bright for at least another hour after that 😆 Thanks for your encouragement.

    Right, have a great Thursday everyone, together we are stronger.

    Day 10 UK NFD

    Well I had a good FD yesterday, though I was awake again for 1.5 hours during night with HUNGER!!
    I can only think that this is a feature of FD800 versus FD500, as I never had hunger-sleep issues on FD500s! But I am not going back to FD500s as they were too miserable for a total wuss like me (thanks for the spelling @penz!!)

    God knows how some of you guys do water fasts – hats off to those of you who do!!!!

    @at – I will buy some herbal tabs next time I’m in town.

    I’m also drinking chamomile tea (was this kindly suggested by @snowflake56?) in the evenings, but suspect it may have worn off by 3am!

    Anyway, as you say @penz – one needs less sleep when fasting anyway! Plus I’m a great sleeper the rest of the time, so I should probably STOP WHINGEING ON ABOUT IT, hahaha!!!!

    I realised yesterday (with some regret – how weird) that I will only be able to do two fast days this week. I’ve done two (Monday and yesterday) but I can’t fast on Friday as planned as I’m now going out to dinner on Fri. Suppose I could do OMAD, but I’m driving so I don’t want my mini glass of wine to go to my head too much!!! Also Saturday I’m going out to lunch. So maybe I can do a FD on Sunday, we’ll see….

    @missybear – loved your comment about never needing to be reminded to drink wine, hilarious!

    @basyjames – what is EFS ?

    @litprof – you are smashing it!!!!!!!! Congratulations!!

    Hi everyone. In UK and today is FD. not seen a loss for a week or so, thinking my calories on NFD are too high. This is my second fast this week and j am likely to do 3 in total. Think I need to cut back on the starchy carbs on NFDs. Looking forward to hearing others’ progress and sharing my own. Will be continuing my running 3xweekly.

    Day 10 – UK – FD800x4

    Where has the last couple of days gone – it seems I last posted on Day 7!!!!!! How did this happen!!!!

    I am still here trying to undo the damage done by an indulgent last weekend 🤭 so today will be my 4th FD800 🤞

    On Day 8 drove over to DD and did 9.5km of dog walking, even took her Beagle Archie for a long beach walk on my own whilst she had a riding lesson – after his initial howling missing her, he eventually settled with some bribery and was a good boy on the beach, sniffing and playing in the sunshine and we had a lovely sea breeze to keep us cool.

    Weather has been overcast and muggy since yesterday……..started today as usual with my 7am Broga zoom class with OH – tough session 💪 and a rather sweaty one 🥵

    @michelinme – lovely to have you back with us and ready to press your reset button – we have missed you 🤗
    @litprof – how wonderful that there was no weight gain after after a few weeks of lots of socialising and celebrations, using IF principles 👏 I’m joining you with FD800 x 4 this week!
    Wow just saw that on Day 10 you are now only 0.5k from goal 👍 and on your wedding anniversary weekend you will be exactly the same weight you were 24 years ago!!!! Happy wedding anniversary to you and your OH 🥂🍾
    @daffodil2010 – hopefully the midge bites are settling and not so irritating – we found “Avon So Soft” a brilliant midge repellant. As others have said I do hope that your boss does not put you under too much pressure and that work does not cause you too much stress whilst you are waiting for your surgery 🤗
    @fivetwofan5252 – stick with the WOL and you know that those last pesky 3.6lbs “will eventually concede defeat and step downwards!” (love this)
    @dvw – hope you had a fab day 8 “indulging in comfort hiking and comfort beach combing” I spend a good 1.5hr walking on the beach with DD beagle on day 8 and really enjoyed it
    @brightonbelle – sorry I missed your wedding anniversary yesterday – congratulations to you and your DH and hopefully London is not too busy for your mini staycation 🥂🍾
    @missybear – “Strangely I never need reminding to drink wine” 🤣🤣 I’m expecting a delivery of Chapel Down Rose Brut and somehow I don’t think box will remain unopened this weekend!!
    @northerndawn – lovely to see you back after your mini break visiting with family
    @timetochange – nice to see you joining us for the June challenge

    If the rain holds off I’m hoping to get out for a walk today but probably not a long one as I’m keen to watch the cricket – NZ v Eng 2nd test starts today 🏏

    “Can you give yourself just five minutes to turn your attention within today? Sit. Be with yourself. The sensations. Your thoughts. Your breath. Your feelings.”

    Day 10, London, UK, NFD,

    Morning All, the wagon is travelling a bumpy road at the moment, I’m being jostled & jiggled about, but thankfully, the seatbelt is holding fast!! It’s under enormous strain, but it IS holding fast!!!😝
    I forgot to post yesterday, I spent the afternoon in the garden with my mum enjoying the beauty of the bluest of skies and the blistering sunshine 🌞with a sneaky glass of chilled red(!!)🍷 or two, for me, not her, I don’t think vino & morphine are recommended bedfellows😱!!!

    My go-to fasting food has always been soup so, as much as I’m enjoying the heatwave, I can’t exactly make a bulk batch of salad😲 as I can with soup, so preparation will be key to keep me on the wagon this summer ………………………….. I suppose there’s always gazpacho😉!!! Ooh, lightbulb moment!! …………………………. Smoothies!!!😎

    @basyjames, it’s good to be back, as long as I remember to post (where I just empty my brain and post it, or as @daffodil2010 says “waffle”😊!!), & to successfully fast of course, I expect to stick around since it helps with my motivation, keeps me honest and does wonders for my waistline …………………… Note to self “No more going AWOL or MIA!!”

    So true @missybear, unfortunately I know the answer😱 as someone on another thread aptly pointed out …………………………. “several years of 5:2 have persuaded me that losing weight is not difficult, so I got too casual. Time to start again!” ……….. I don’t like it, but for us old-timers complacency is our nemesis!!!

    I’ve been pondering lately (soooo unlike me😜!!) as to whether I was such a glutton pre-5:2??? Am I just making the most of NFDs because I know what’s coming on tomorrows FD??? I’m not sure, perhaps before, I would overeat, but not force myself to finish something so it didn’t tempt me & derail tomorrow’s FD!! Another note to self “DO NOT buy family sized ‘anything’, you’ll want to get rid of it before your next FD by scoffing the lot😰 & remember ………………….. “YOU ARE NOT A BIN😍””

    Awesome results @litprof, it’s amazing what a little dedication, minor tummy rumbling & focus can do!!!!

    Welcome @timetochange, stick with it! 💪! The science is sound and the maths can’t lie!!! As long as there’s a deficit in calories, the results WILL be there ……………. Eventually!!! Keep the faith!!! 😂

    That applies to everyone, KEEP THE FAITH, everything else we’ve tried has been harmful in every conceivable way …………………….. whether yo-yoing (gaining 10lbs more than you lost though truly HARD deprivation!!) or our mental health (WHY can’t I DO THIS!!!???)

    “People often say that motivation does not last. Well neither does bathing-that’s why we recommend it daily” Zig Zigla

    So needing the encouragement of reading how you are all doing.
    Well done @litprof on your amazing success so far. It’s great to know that it can be done.
    I have been consuming 2litres of water every day since Monday. No change on the scale since starting 5:2 on the first of the month. It’s hard to keep going when you don’t see progress. I’m learning that weight loss is really a mental game more than anything else. Tuesday was meant to be a 500FD but then my sister took me out for a sushi lunch. A lot more calories in sushi than you think! I’m not overly comfortable eating different food from the rest of the family for the evening meal on FD. My kids are age 10 and 8 and I don’t want to encourage unhealthy relationships with food. (Unlike their Mum, they both need to put weight on)!
    For the remainder of the week I am going to try OMAD so I can eat our family meal together with hubby and the kids. Was intending to have a bottle of wine at the weekend but think I will have to park that plan for a later time so I can see some change on the scale by Monday!
    Keep it up all you amazing fasters who have learned what works for you and are in your stride. You provide the motivation that we mere beginners need!
    Have a wonderful day everyone!

    2nd post

    Sorry forgot to add the pocket list for today

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @litprof – FD800
    @at – FD800

    “If I quit now, I will soon be back to where I started. And when I started, I was desperately wishing to be where I am now”

    I’m still alive, lol! I’ve been leaving the house at 7:00 a.m. everyday and going non-stop till I drop into bed. Now my daughter and granddaughter are here and it’s even busier. Right now I’m sitting outside in my garden enjoying the shad, the relative cool, a cup of coffee, and the peace and quiet. And here come daughter and granddaughter. Talk to you all later.

    Day 10 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 FD

    Almost forgot to check in. FD going to plan so far 🤞

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @litprof – FD800
    @at – FD800

    Together we are stronger 🙂

    Day 10 – Ireland – FD

    Hi all,
    Sorry for going missing for a few days… I was away last weekend and had the most amazing time … totally back to nature and away from everything….

    Then back to look after mum and to work this week with a jolt…. It’s been so busy but exacerbated by the fact that I’m away on another trip next week too so trying to get everything done and I’m not feeling 100%… not sure what it is but I’m sure I’ll be grand next week… May just be stress. It’s probably bad planning on my part but invited by friends next week and I will be totally out of my comfort zone so it will be good for me. 👍

    I hope you are all keeping well! I have not caught up on posts but hope everyone is managing ok.. we have beautiful weather here at the moment and I swam at lunch so long may it last🤞

    Will try head out for a walk now to distract myself from treats as it has been a good second FD for this week so I’m determined to succeed today 👍
    Take care all 💕
    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @litprof – FD800
    @at – FD800

    Day 10 UK FD

    Yesteday’s FD was absolutely fine and I slept like a log – yay! My first solid FD in a while. Drinking water is definitely key – i’m up to 3litres/day now and my skin is looking very happy. Still feeling tired when I wake up but hopefully that’ll get better with time.

    Today I was mostly pottering. Out with a friend this morning for food shopping, a little charity shop mooching and an amble around the plant stalls – rewarding myself with plants may be better for the waistline! I set up my new phone in the heat of the afternoon while another friend came to help with the heavier jobs in the garden. I now have a tidier hedge, the bed I weeded has been dug over and half the grass is shorter – to be continued next week! i’m keen to get out and potter a little more before bedtime.

    Also had a GP phone appointment and he was very happy with my current BP – phew. After another scare and another change of treatment last week it’s good to see it settling down. The problem with post-covid hypertension (after a lifetime of low-normal) is that ‘it’s not doing what hypertension would normally do’. But I’m sure rebalancing life and losing weight will help too.

    Successful FD800 today despite not being able to face hot dal. I had the leftover tofu, pak choi, green bean, carrot & miso soup from yesterday at 2.30pm then supper was a huge pile of lettuce with cucumber, tomato and red onion followed by soya meatballs and corn on the cob. Thus far 562 calories but I’m saving space for fresh strawberries and frozen berries.

    @northerndawn @at thank you – I’ve missed you all too and it’s lovely to be back 🙂

    @litprof congratulations! And thank you for the reminder of how successful this WOL can be once we find our rhythm. Hope you have a lovely anniversary celebration 🙂

    Day 10 Pocket List
    @litprof – FD800
    @at – FD800
    @michelinme b2b

    Day 11, NFD, Aus

    Late checkin for me today. Yesterday’s FD was a real struggle; I had a toastie sandwich which I don’t think put me over 500 calories but is a departure from my usual LFDs. And I was SOOO; cold my usual fallback of hot stock cubes failed to help.

    Good for you, @daffodil2010! Spin that dial down to ‘Self Care’!

    Your day with your mum sounds lovely, @flourbaby, esp after everything you’ve both been dealing with lately. But I have to ask, for a Londoner, how warm exactly is “blistering sunshine”!? Whatever the temperature, please send some Down Under; it’s cold and raining here.

    Have a good weekend, everyone!

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I haven’t done one FD this week, but haven’t gone nuts on the NFD’s and my Wright remains stable (as always). This has to be the loooooooongest plateau of all time! If I was maintaining at this weight it would be a success……but I am overweight.

    I think I will redraw my strategies after next week and try to go back to 2017 and find out what was so successful then. I know that there was 4:3 with one day being an LFD and the weight flew off. I am like a newbie however, nervous at the thought of the beginning. 😆

    Going to my bubble friend for dinner tonight, haven’t seen her in a few weeks, so looking forward to that and a well deserved glass of wine. Just going to chill out the rest of the weekend.

    @penz, I did exactly that yesterday, “Self Care” is what’s going on now, but things have improved in the job and I see things are being put in place so I am not going to worry anymore.

    @jaifaim, great that you had a good weekend, hope you feel better soon…isn’t this weather great? If I lived near the sea I would even have attempted a swim myself. Have a great week ahead….it’s is nerve wracking getting back to normal, but you will have fun.

    @at, thanks for that midge repellent recommendation, I will look that up. We did have mosquito coils burning away outside the van but the little blighters still swarmed.

    @flourbaby, wow, interesting thought, what way did we eat on normal days prior to 5:2? I know I didn’t feel the need to finish everything as tomorrow was an FD….mindset needs to be reprogrammed perhaps…hmmmm🤔

    Though Indo blame menopause for the unexplained weight gain and belly fat…just have to find a way to blast it off now

    Have a lovely Friday and weekend everyone….together we are stronger.

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