June 2020 monthly challenge

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June 2020 monthly challenge

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  • Day 2 -Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    Morning, back to work after a super sunny June Bank Holiday lockdown weekend, and a bumper reading on the scales that made my jaw drop!

    So in keeping with some others here @shinything, @flourbaby, and @emma-taylor, I might forego a weight target and daily weighing and concentrate on the clothes fitting. Otherwise I will just get annoyed and angry with myself and I don’t need this right now!!

    When I get home from work tonight I will choose a target pair of jeans and a skirt….both will be my goal for June. Weekly weigh in on a Friday, and that’s it.

    Today my work lunch delivery is a tuna salad bowl with guacamole. I will take that home and work out the calories on MFP, and perhaps ditching the guacamole, this could be myevenig meal instead 🤔

    Love the daily question @penz

    What surprised me most about 5:2 was the first time I fasted and couldn’t believe I didn’t die of STARVATION after 12 hours 😀 Also, how breakfast actually is NOT the most important meal of the day for me. Also, people’s attitudes to fasting……I keep my fasts to myself now.

    Pocket list Day 2

    DD list for Day 2

    Day 2 – Japan – NFD

    My water fast was easy … now I’m having more trouble with NFDs! Seems to be par for 2020.

    Day 2 – Lake District UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    Well that was some pocket list yesterday! Hope the wagons power steering was OK and @penz managed to keep it on the straight and narrow 😉

    I didn’t join you all yesterday as we had our friends round in the garden for our first sit and natter get together since the lockdown began. We’re neighbours and good friends, have all been speaking ‘over the wall’ but ready for a proper catch up! Everything was just fine or maybe that should be ‘wine’ ! Amazing how much we had all missed just getting together and having a load of laughs.

    @flourbaby – Have to agree with your comments about the ‘monthly challenge’ it really does help.
    The 5:2 WOL isn’t a silver bullet, you still have to work at it, but I’ve found breaking it down into monthly challenges really helps me. Particularly after a holiday (remember them?) or whatever and you find a few pounds have crept back on, jump straight back on the wagon and be honest with yourself, look at holiday weight gain as temporary and fun at the time.

    Pocket list Day 2

    DD list for Day 2

    Day 2 UK FD

    Managed to meet up with my son and his girlfriend in the garden yesterday for dinner. The first time I’ve been able to see him since the start of lockdown! It was lovely to enjoy a semblance of return to normality although hugs were not allowed! Managed to stick with the FD by just having chicken and veg and no wine!

    Other son is coming today so will fast till dinner and try to keep with the plan!
    Lovely to see so many joining the June challenge.
    As to the question about the 5:2 I would say the ability to regroup, reset and continue every month even if you’ve falllen off the wagon! So long as you carry on the trend is downwards even if it’s slower than you’d like. Life intervenes but this allows for that and then you carry on.

    Good luck to everyone today and stay safe.

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    A successful start to June with the first FD over with, & what a whopper of a Pocket List!

    @penz:- what initially surprised me the most about 5:2 was, as @snowflake56 already said, the fact that I’m not hungry at all the morning after a FD. But now it’s the fact that I’m still fasting six years later!

    For Michael Mosley fans; this was in a UK newspaper at the weekend. How to gauge how well you’re aging, physically & mentally. And what you can do about it if you’re not:-


    He’s also recently published another book, ‘Covid-19: What you need to know about the Coronavirus and the race for the vaccine’. As if we haven’t heard enough about that already 😒

    Pocket List – Day 2 🍏

    DD list for Day 2 ☕️

    2nd post

    We had to change our plans for today. We planned to paint the annex wall on a friend’s house but she doesn’t feel well so we’re going for another FD. My DH is joining me today, he wants to lose 5kg as well.

    Pocket List – Day 2 🍏

    DD list for Day 2 ☕️

    Day 2 Melb Aust TDEE

    Going okay.

    @penz, what has surprised me about the 5:2 WOL is how much more difficult it is to control NFDs than FDs.

    @funshipfreddie, interesting article, thank you for sharing it. Re hand grip, I wonder what difference there is if someone has arthritis in the hands. Hand grip would have to be less, but would that have any effect on lifespan?? Interesting question.

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 2. NFD London UK

    @penz – my goal for June is the maintain dry till Fri, and keep better tabs on my calories on FDs. I do tend to guess, and it’s not working very well. I don’t like monitoring myself, as it feels like being controlled. I need to get over myself, and do this properly.

    Day 2 – Switzerland – FD800

    Hi everybody. Having a definite monday-feeling on this lovely tuesday – thanks to the holiday yesterday. Quite busy at work, that’s good for my FD. So far had two coffees with milk and scrambled eggs. That leaves me with about 500cal for the rest of the day.

    @penz: what surprised me most about the 5:2 WOL was how effective it is! I never really dieted, but the 2 or 3 times I tried something, I had a (small) effect for some weeks and then I went back to normal. 5:2 followed by 6:1 made me loose a lot more weight, was sustainable for months and even after stopping I didn’t just regain all the lost weight, because I had learned that A: hunger doesn’t kill me instantly and B: my body tells me, when it needs more or less food, so I should just listen to it instead of eating out of pure habit.

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list:

    @beck100 FD800

    Day 2 Canton OH FD

    @penz, ONLY on the weekend – you are right 😊

    Dealing with some family issues and emotional upheaval, and fortunately the stress is taking away my appetite rather than prompting me to eat every thing in sight

    If i don’t feel like eating today, i will not. I went for a low impact jog this morning, which helped clear my head.

    @snowflake56 it’s amazing isn’t it, the difference adding fast days make to our WOL especially at this age

    @penz my answer to your question is that it works for everyone, there may be a blip or two, but the trend is generally downward. Also basic 5:2 works without any bells or whistles – go figure 😎

    Day 2 UK NFD

    @penz thank you for hosting! And I love the daily question idea. I think the thing that surprised me the most about 5:2 is how it’s changed my feelings around food quite a lot. I think it’s made me much more aware about what I’m putting into my body and how that makes me feel. Maybe that’s because I’ve got that extra time on my FDs to just go a bit slower and think. Other diets in the past always just made me see food as numbers or macronutrients. I love how this is a flexible thing of ‘how I eat’ as opposed to ‘what I eat’. At least for me, anyway, who’s always eaten lots of whole foods and mainly plant-based.

    One thing I have noticed recently is how the way I dress massively impacts me. For a long time I hid away cropped tops and more revealing things, and it’s sort of a vicious circle. Don’t feel confident – cover up – no motivation to change, as no one will see me.
    So I’ve made the effort to wear things I love that show off a bit more skin on these hot days. After all, we’re all beautiful regardless. Then, not only does it feel more normal and comfortable, but it’s made me feel more motivated to keep looking after myself, so I feel even better in my skin.

    Hope everyone has a lovely day today x

    Day 2 UK CD

    Yesterday’s FD was fine, tick. Not the most planned or balanced day but plenty of salad & fruit, under 800 calories and plenty of water. Weighed in lb up but letting it go & getting on – being on the waggon is the thing, and it’s a journey not an event!

    not feeling great today but still struggling to switch off. Decided to cook rather than faff online, and researched how to use up last week’s courgettes. Chose to make a healthier soup to serve my longer term goals rather than the courgette & cheese bread I was tempted to – another time! Gone for a variation on this one – no pesto so using grated root horseradish & ginger https://www.bbcgoodfood.com/recipes/courgette-pea-pesto-soup

    Also rewatching the original AFD documentary on BBC for motivation – thanks to @emma-taylor for the inspiration 🙂

    What surprised me most about 5:2 is how easy fasting is, and how it quickly changes my relationship with food. It also enables me to make better choices more generally – a mental reset of being honest with myself and clearer about my goals ripples out to the rest of my life. On which note – soup time!

    Day 2, UK, NFD, 68.5kg

    Successful FD yesterday and even skipped breakfast today. Having a lovely cheese and salmon salad with a full spoon of mayo, apple as a snack, and will have another salad with homemade SW quiche for dinner.

    What most surprised me about 5:2 was that we dont die or pass out if we dont eat every 3h or if we skip breakfast or dinner. I grew up in a family where all (5!) meals were important and I couldn’t dream of skipping a meal – big no-no for my mum.

    Have a great day everyone!

    Day 2 Canada FD

    Thanks so much for hosting @penz, I dropped the ball when the pandemic hit but am back. Stress has caused me to eat way too much and drink wine to drown my worries. The best part about this WOL for me is the health benefits, I am sure my blood pressure has been up and the extra 3.7kg are not ideal.

    So I am very happy to be returning to this safe and successful place!

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list:

    @beck100 FD800

    Day 2 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Managing quite well, but DH is in the hospital with at least pneumonia. Don’t know how long he might be in. They are also treating him like it could be COVID but test won’t be back for a couple days. Ugh… now it has been suggested I self-quarantine too. Certainly not going anywhere myself today.

    Hugs to all you wonderful fasters out there. Prayers for you all, and appreciated for us too —

    Onward and downward.

    Day2 UK, FD

    This will my first b2b in ages. I don’t normally do b2b and I can only do it as they asked me to work today to cover for a colleague. As I work over lunchtime it’s easy to just work through and wait till later, so making it OMAD.
    @penz, what surprises me about this WOL, same as most people – it’s no big thing to go hungry for a while and if you do it properly then nothing is banned. In the past too many diets have failed me due to not allowing carbs etc.
    @songbirdme, I hope your DH improves quickly and that the COVID test comes back negative.

    Stay safe everyone, enjoy the rest of the day.

    Day 2 UK NFD

    Just finished a very sweaty 5k with Leslie – a good reminder for me that one of the key reasons I want to lose some weight is so I won’t get so hot and bothered when the temperature rises

    Oh @songbirdme – You and your DH are in my thoughts ❤️

    Day 2 FD Ire
    Hello all,

    I’m back for another month. May was sucessfull so why stop now. 2 FD per week and I’m down 10. I had lost a few before I started the 5.2 So I’m down 14 really. I read the Fast 800 so am eating about 700 on my fast days and its suiting me.
    I’m struggling with the exercising but will keep pushing. I’m doing a lot of gardening so doing something !!
    I have a lot to lose but don’t look too far ahead as I get overwhelmed and then eat 😫. One day at a time. Fasting today can have a lovely breakfast tomorrow.
    Thanks for the support

    Day 2, Rural Nebraska, USA, NFD

    I’m feeling quite noble: not only did I work 4 hard hours in the veggie garden yesterday morning, I spent 4 hard hours in my perennial bed this morning. Not only is that a lot of calories burned and physical exertion, it’s also that much time when I’m not tempted to eat, and now I’m too beat to care, LOL!

    Yesterday’s FD went fine, although I had about 650 calories instead of <500, so my plan today is to limit calories to 1400 or so, which will feel plenty generous, and will certainly compensate for yesterday’s splurge in calories.

    @songbirdme, prayers for your DH and you both; keep us posted.

    @penz, the biggest surprise to me was how well I sleep when I’ve eaten so little, and how it’s possible to go to bed slightly hungry (and feeling okay about that) and wake up not in the least hungry. Go figure!

    @at, thanks for the welcome! It’s so fun to read about the journeys the rest of you are on, and I wish us all a laser focus on our goals, with no distractions from cravings!

    Day 2 London UK, NFD

    The heat is clearly frying my brain, I thought I had already posted……………….. dream posting perchance??? Or maybe it’s because yesterday’s FD turned into a WFD ………………………………… Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?????? I know, right, weirdly enough it was such a doddle once I realised I hadn’t defrosted my FD soup and didn’t panic!! I just carried on regardless, with water & pepsi max (just 1) and then it was time for bed, which I did whilst embracing the loudest tummy dragon roar EVER!!! I’m not gonna lie, I DROWNED him in 3L water 😂!!!! Today I’ve been rewarded with a -2lb whoosh………………. I don’t plan daily weighing this month, but I wanted to see the results of an unplanned WFD!! I did have to visit the loo twice last night, but I whooshed & that’s ALL that counts……………………… sleep is for wimps!!!!!
    FYI …………………. http://100down.org/the-whoosh-effect/

    Anyone looking for lockdown exercises, I’ve found walking with Leslie Sansone really effective, the 30 Day shred used to be a favourite, but always felt like a chore (great for shrinking inches though!!!) @georgia83, adding daily exercise has been the only thing making working from home doable!!!

    @penz, the surprising thing about 5:2 has been the boost to my self-belief, I CAN go 24hrs on water & cups of tea, I CAN manage 16:8, or 20:4 without batting an eyelid, I CAN plan day trips without stocking up “for the journey”, I CAN enjoy family celebrations, meals out and holidays (distant memories @i-hate-lettuce), without despairing because “I’m on a diet!!” …………………………….. I CAN sustain a 5:2 WOL ……………………………INDEFINITELY!!!

    @songbirdme, I’m keeping you and your DH in my thoughts & prayers, I hope the results are negative and the pneumonia clears up in a flash 🙏 xxx

    “May your choices reflect your hopes, not your fears.” – Nelson Mandela

    Day 2, 2nd post

    @penz, I only now managed to read all the posts, and saw your question about if I’m tracking calories on NFD. Not carefully, but I’m decent about mental calorie counting, so keep thinking if I’m not losing a pound a week, I should be losing a pound every two weeks, or every three weeks, or at least a pound a month!!! LOL, I’m clearly not paying close enough attention to what I’m eating/drinking.

    DH and I started 5:2 in January 2013. In 2015 I was really focused, and got down to 137 lbs, which is about 22 BMI for me. In 2016 and 2017 I gained much of it back, even though we were supposedly still doing 5:2–NFDs were clearly way over the mark, and designated FDs often didn’t actually happen. Last year, we agreed to simply give it up since we clearly weren’t actually doing it.

    In late February, we committed to 5:2 again, and I promptly lost 8 lbs. By late March, I wasn’t losing any more.

    I’ve tried adding in a third FD each week, but never succeed with that, so have acknowledged I simply have to employ more discipline and more attention on NFDs–and I’m certain this group will help with that.

    I happened across an email notification that led me to the forum, and with a bit of hunting I found this particular group, and am so pleased to be back. I think the biggest danger to a successful 5:2 is to forget to THINK about it, and just sort of float along. Even if FDs are good, it’s too easy to go way overboard on NFDs unless some focus is involved, you know?

    Okay, I’m good at novels, but clearly need to quit now, LOL!

    Day 2 CD
    Hi everyone, I’m an Aussie who lives in Berkshire, UK. Starting weight 73kg with a target of 60kg.
    I’m hoping that attending to this forum will help me through the days when it all feels just too hard. I’m only a couple of weeks into this WOL and really hoping it can work for me. I had already come to the conclusion that at 63 yrs old and only 5′ 1″ the best plan for me is OMAD, so this program should suit me. I find that the longer I can delay that first food, the easier it is for me. I do find the weight loss is pitifully slow and sometimes it’s hard not to be discouraged, but good to know I’m not alone.
    My personal challenge for this month is to check in here at least once a day to remind myself of this fact.
    Second challenge is to continue the daily yoga I started back in January – that and regular meditation.
    Keeping in touch.

    DAY 1 – USA – FD
    DAY 2 – USA – NFD

    Thank you @penz and @at for hosting. I am back for the second month after a successful May with you all. I didn’t lose a lot of weight, but I look and feel thinner and found it so very doable that is truly is a WOL, rather than a diet. I have a pesky autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s which makes losing weight VERY difficult and gaining bloat/weight VERY easy, so must do the dance.I tried keto but found myself feeling so deprived, it wasn’t for me. I also sleep better on FD, so for those of you starting with insomnia on FD, it gets better!!

    I’m 53 years old – 5’4′ like a few of you gals here; enjoying the gorgeous spring weather in New England with the flowering trees in full bloom – (the peonies in my backyard are stunning). My goal for June is to limit calories a tad more on NFD – hopefully to help with the weight loss around my middle. I confess I’m not doing any measuring of any kind, but the glass of wine here or there or extra helping of dinner doesn’t help. Sugar and sweet isn’t my nemesis – it’s food, so portion control is what I’m after this month.

    anyone here think dairy is a culprit in sabatoging weight loss? Something tells me that (cheese, cream in coffee, cheese) may be hindering my best efforts….

    Day 2 – UK – FD500

    Yesterday ended up being a CD but I was OK with that as I did a lot more exercise than initially planned!
    7am Broga session
    Fast hike of 6.6km with a moving time of 1.03.59 at a pace of 9.39/km and 246m of elevation gained – it was too nice a day not to go out and make the most of it.
    3pm Pilates
    6pm Yoga

    So today has been a FD500 with my only exercise class a High Impact Pilates class early this evening with OH; Today was also my lunchtime volunteering session portioning out meals ready for delivery to the vulnerable in our community – 63 meals sent out = Coq au Vin, rice and vegetables OR rice, naan bread and vegetable curry with a dessert of profiteroles + chocolate sauce!! Funny thing after doing that and washing up all containers the food arrives in – food was the last thing on my mind but really enjoyed my mixed salad this evening!

    @georgia83 – I have added you to the spreadsheet in case you decide to use it – it certainly is a great motivator for a few of us!!
    @penz – in answer to today’s question – what surprised me was how easy it was to lose weight and stay in maintenance with 5:2 BUT that does not mean that I don’t have to stay vigilant as sadly it is all too easy for the kgs to creep back on
    @mia139 – so nice to meet up with our children again even though we can’t 🤗
    @bellyblast – welcome back – I love how you see these challenges as a “safe and successful place!”
    @songbirdme – 🤗 here’s hoping that your OH makes a safe and uneventful recovery and no Covid – you are both in my thoughts and prayers x
    @dee22 – you are on a fantastic downward journey and you have the right mindset – it is one day at a time and remember a bad day does not need to undo all your hard work just press your RESET button with a good FD!
    @flourbaby – what an unexpected bonus in many ways yesterday was for you including drowning that tummy dragon 🤣
    @best-intentions – Welcome, we are a real mixed bag here – from all over the world and of all ages, some with a lot to lose, some with only a few kg and others in maintenance so lots of support and advice willingly given

    Adding myself to today’s pocket list:

    @beck100 FD800

    Remember the words of Confucius “IT DOES NOT MATTER HOW SLOWLY YOU GO, SO LONG AS YOU DO NOT STOP”

    Day 2, UK, NFD

    Happy with yesterday’s FD, which makes me more motivated to be controlled on my NFD today. Trying to remember that 🙂

    Answer to your question @penz, I find it surprising that I find FDs easier than NFDs, I didn’t think that would be the case.

    @aidan64 “Woke up to a strange thing in the sky….cloud!” …. 🤣

    @snowflake56 its good to have you back with us 😀 . I’m still watching the eagles, and I always think about you when I watch them now 😀
    For all who were not here then, I and few others here love birds, and last year @snowflake56 watched live bold eagle nest, absolutely fascinating 😍

    @songbirdme sorry to hear your DH is in hospital, and with a possible Covid19, that’s so worrying 😨. Try to stay positive and remember, in case the test comes back positive, that vast majority of people who got it will recover fine. Sending you a virtual hug and prayers 🙏

    @dee22 you have a right approach, one day at the time is the best thing to do and not look too far ahead 👍

    Have a great day/evening everyone 🌞

    Good news — good news. Husband’s test: NEGATIVE for Covid19 — thank the Lord. Still in hospital, but happy for that.

    @songbirdme – 🙏 so happy for you both – praying for his safe recovery 🤗

    Day 2 Oxfordshire, UK CD Good FD yesterday. CD today.

    What surprises me about this WoL is that it works when you follow the guidance. One of the few diets I’ve ever tried and stuck to.
    It’s so simple really.

    @songbirdme – so glad not Covid, but best wishes for a speedy recovery.

    @funshipfreddie – thanks for the article. I plan to get DH to try the balancing with his eyes closed tomorrow.

    Day 3, NFD, Aus

    Well I fell off the DD wagon last night. I went into the office yesterday and I think I reverted to old habits of ‘needing’ a glass of wine as a break between office and home. Bad me!

    Interesting article, thanks for posting @funshipfreddie. I also have weak hand grip (bilateral carpal tunnel) so I hope that doesn’t sound an early death knell for me.

    That soup recipe looks yum, @michelinme. And good for you for chanelling a down feeling into cooking something lovely.

    Thnking of you and MrSongBird – stay well. And great news on the test result. *phew*
    There seems to be a lot of enthusiastic gardening going on at the moment – great exercise which doesn’t feel like exercise!

    @stichincarol – your post made me think we almost need a pocket list for NFDs to help us stay mindful. Many of us (me included) find NFDs more of a challenge than FDs. So if you’re eating today (day 3) I’ll be thinking of you.

    Hi @bestintentions! Another Aussie!

    Some great commonality with people’s responses to what’s been surprising about 5:2. Breakfast isn’t the most important meal of the day; FDs are somehow easier than NFDs; no hunger the morning after a FD etc. I like your characterisation of it, @endellion “a flexible thing of ‘how I eat’ as opposed to ‘what I eat’.” I have reminded my body that it’s ok to feel hungry – something I’d forgotten. Five meals a day @georgia83!! How did you ever feel hungry?! And @flourbaby – you CAN drown dragons!

    So today’s question is (and some of you have already answered it): what is your dream piece of clothing that you’d love to fit back into? I have a pink silk dress that I remember taking to the tailor to bring in the waist. If I get could get back into that, I’d be happy!!!

    Hang in there everyone.

    Day2- Atlanta, GA-USA- CFD

    Day 2 – USA/GA – NFD

    Checking in from the Atlanta area. I’m a 45 year old man who is 5’9″ and ready to finally get down to a healthier weight.

    My AFD was yesterday and this morning I weighed in at 264 lbs. This is down from my all time high of 279 lbs. in late January. I started 5:2 on May 11 and 7 lbs. of my weight loss has been since that date. This way of life appeals to me, because it is so easy to stay on track compared to so many of the other plans and diets out there.

    I’ve been kind of up and down the past week and a half when I hit 264 originally, so I am trying to be more wary of not overdoing it on my NFD.

    Something fun I do is create a paper Christmas tree chain garland with strips of junk mail. Each link is taped onto the chain with the weight written on it. I hang it in my closet. If I haven’t returned to that weight within a week, I rip off that link and toss it into the trash. Today I ripped off the 269 and 268 links. I can’t tell you how therapeutic that is! LOL

    2nd post

    Happy birthday @at!!!

    (Post 2)

    @penz I would love to fit back into “traditional” clothing I bought while traveling around the world. There’s the linen shirt from Colombia that I insisted was too small (and was right) but I couldn’t resist buying in 2018 with colorful embroidered patterns around the collar. That’s first! Then I’ll see if I can’t dig out my guayabera shirt I bought in the Yucatan in 2005. Next, I will find out if I can fit into the white washed linen pants and shirt from Greece way back in 2001, although I don’t think I’ll wear it in public. Finally, if I haven’t given it away, I’ll search for my woolen suit bought in Romania in 1995. But most of all, I look forward to going into a store and not worrying about the sizes when browsing!

    Day 2 Ohio, US — NFD

    Good day, right on target with mealtime goals.

    @northgeorgia Welcome! At different times in my life I’ve lived both in Rome and also in Athens — Georgia, that is. In May I was going to spend a couple of weeks in Rome, Italy, but had to cancel for the obvious reason.

    @penz I’m with you in having had bilateral carpel tunnel problems. I had a surgery on each side and that really helped. But because of that doing press ups, which MM mentions in the article, are really painful, so I can’t do many of them. One thing I do to help with the hand strength is to use Chinese medicine balls every day. They’re great to use while watching television or while reading.

    Day 3, Emden Germany, CD

    yesterday’s FD went well, going for a CD today.

    @at Happy birthday!

    @songbirdme glad the test result was negative, praying for a fast recovery.

    @funshipfreddie thanks for the interesting article.

    @basyjames I hope the family issues can be sorted out. I can stick to this WOL for a while and when I stop doing FDs my NFDs seem to be derailing too. I don’t even know why I stopped doing FDs, they are not hard to do and I just have to do them to keep my weight at a normal level.

    @shinything hi, my fellow eagle watcher! I’m not much on the computer nowadays and only take a look when I’m in. The black flies are back in the North nest again, I hope the eaglet will fledge soon instead of falling out of the nest. I’m so glad the three last year’s eaglets were all released from S.O.A.R. at some point.

    @penz I’d like to be able to fit in my black silk low back cocktail dress. I bought it 1991 in Toronto and used it as my measurement dress when I started 5:2 instead of scales. If it fits I’m at the weight I want to stay at.

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 3 Dee Ire NFD

    My fast went well yesterday even though my DD was baking !!
    Enjoying my milky sugary coffee now. Thanks for the encouragement everyone I like the idea of the RESET BUTTON.
    Glad your Husband tested negative Song Bird it’s all very scary , hope he recovers quickly. I love bird watching too and have lots of feeders in my back garden. They entertain me from my kitchen. I bought a giant water pistol for the cats and love aiming from the window 😂.
    The cloaths ? I have a to die for jacket I would love to wear this summer. Will put it hanging outside the wardrobe to remind me of my goal.
    Enjoy the day and take care everyone x

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    2nd B2B

    For some reason my iPad is not allowing me to click further than Page 1 on the forum (plus the Tracker is not available on the site) so I can’t catch up with posts since yesterday b

    Hope you are all fine the positivity at the start of a month is always uplifting.

    I had a great FD yesterday, I have gone back to using MFP and logged in at 432 cals so delighted with that. I brought my tuna salad lunch bowl (lunch delivered every day to office during the pandemic ☺️), there was some pasta shells in it, I took them out and weighed them, and although only 50grams that’s over 200 cals!! So in the bin they went. The rest of the salad ’twas just fine.

    Today I will B2B, same technique as yesterday, bring my lunchtime salad bowl home for dinner…I think it’s vegetarian salad with quinoa today…MFP it and work from there.

    I aim for two Leslie Sansone workouts a day as well as my morning walk.

    I tried on a pair of casual trousers that I was able to wear until a few months ago. These are my measuring jeans. I have vowed to get that button closed and zip up by the end of June.

    So that’s me sorted!! @flourbaby, hey you inspired me again…your impromptu WFD and then drowning the dragon with water and not taking anything before bedtime….I felt peckish at bedtime and was going to try find a healthy snack, but thought of you, cleaned my teeth, drank water….yeah, sleep is for wimps….but got a whoosh myself!!!

    @funshipfreddie liked that M.Moseley article, and will try out a few things. I like that hand grip one, and me being me, even thinking of getting one online 😀

    I will check in later to see how everyone is doing, if I can move on from page 1 that is.

    I am on the Pocket List today if anyone can swoop me up…I can’t see at the moment ☹️

    Happy Hump Day.

    Day 3 – Lake District UK – FD

    What a fabulous day yesterdays FD was, fabulous new walking route from home. Out through the woods and across the meadows. Over one stile to be greeted by a number of sheep with lambs who were very curious, they came bounding along to us just totally inquisitive and not frightened at all. Similarly later on a small herd of young heifers came ambling along, which makes me think those footpaths are not used very often at all. Very quiet indeed, a lot of fabulous gentle scenery made for an easy 8 mile wander. Love it when the Fitbit and MFP app combine to tell me I’ve had far more calories burned off than consumed at the end of the day and ‘you’re not eating enough’ etc Ha … A successful FD indeed!

    @songbirdme – Glad to hear about the C19 result, now they can concentrate on fixing Mr Sbm and one less worry for you.

    @at – Happy birthday, enjoy a cooler day! The garden is slurping it up!

    @northgeorgia – There are a few of us guys on here, I think we can manage this WOL quite well, at the start of 2019 I was 268 lbs but currently at a low of 229 ! That’s despite putting on ‘holiday weight’ a few times, but straight back to 5:2 and the trackers graph slides downwards again.

    @penz – clothing, oh dear! There is very little left in the wardrobe than now doesn’t look too big, particularly big is a fantastic very light woolen (and was rather expensive) tweed jacket. One (unusually because us chaps aren’t generally as bothered about clothes as you lasses) that I’m going to miss, there are more clothes in the charity bags down in ‘the den’ waiting to be taken away than I have in the house!

    @daffodil2010 – consider yourself swooped, you’re sat next to me on the front seat !

    Day 3 Pocket list

    Day 3 UK West Yorkshire NFD went well yesterday and woke feeling positive. Looking out this morning we’ve got some of that wet stuff, ah well it will be good for the garden and make Mrs C happy. Hopefully only a small interruption before a return to the glourious lock down weather. Or is it nature’s way of telling us to stay indoors?

    Day 3 UK FD

    So yesterday’s FD ended up not to be! Other son came to visit and brought food! Didn’t go too far over the score but my nemeses crisps and wine were involved. So reset and back to another FD today. Great news
    @songbirdme re negative Covid test and hoping and praying a speedy recovery for your DH.
    I have been very lazy re my exercise lately and must make the effort to move more! I was really enjoying walking with Leslie Sansone, I just need to get my mojo back!
    So re today’s question…. I have a strappy little sundress, which almost zips up! It’s very straight and fitted and I’d love to wear it without worrying that the zip is about to go!!
    Good luck to all today and stay safe.

    Day 3 – UK – NFD


    Yesterday went ok. A little over 1100 but not by much. Today I intend to be more controlled to set up my appetite for tomorrow. I’ve noticed if I have plenty of protein & fat rather than carbs the day before my fast day, my FD Is easier to navigate. Also my FDs tend to be OMAD.

    Take care, stay safe x

    Day 3 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @songbirdme – such a relief?! Hoping your DH is back home soon!

    @betsylee, & @penz – you got me thinking?! I’m not sure, but I think grip strength is just an indication of overall muscle strength. This is an article about grip strength in people who suffer from RA.


    I felt like a bit of a wally last night, when I saw I’d done only 9600 steps; so at 9pm I was pacing up & down the lounge to reach 10,000. Not like it makes much difference, but I like to see the little fireworks going off on my Fitbit when it ticks over the 10,000 mark 🎯

    @erikaa67 – I haven’t had any hassle losing /maintaining weight whilst eating dairy. Most NFDs I have yogurt, & a little cheese. But I have to weigh the cheese; no more than 1.5oz. It’s loaded with calories, & it’s so easy to get carried away with it. Cream in coffee?! That’s pushing it. Only low-fat milk for me; unless I’m out, & then I’d have a cappuccino. Then again, everyone is different; there’s no ‘one size fits all’ with fasting & diet.

    Welcome! – @northgeorgia & @best-intentions

    @penz – to answer today’s question, I’ve got a pair of 32″ black denim jeans a friend gave me in the mid-nineties because they were too tight on him. Although they’ve occasionaly been a bit snug over the years, I’ve never not been able to get in them.

    Happy Hump Day! 🐫🐪

    Pocket List – Day 3 🥕

    Day 3 – DD list ☕️

    Day 3 Oxfordshire, UK FD Bad night’s sleep last night so going to try to stay busy today and away from food till dinner time.
    I have a couple of dresses that I can wear when I’m at my lowest weight. One LBD I bought pre children and the other a white linen sundress bought a few years ago from a charity shop.
    I also have a pair of jeans from the 1980’s that I can only fit into when I’m at my lowest.
    It’s a lovely feeling when they fit.

    I got rid of my big clothes or altered what I could when I lost the weight before as an incentive not to put too much back on.
    Joining the pocket list.
    Pocket List – Day 3 🥕

    Day 3 – DD list ☕️

    Day 3 NFD London UK

    @Flourbaby- I went to read your ‘whoosh effect’ article, which I have read before, and which is fascinating , and then followed some of the links on that 100 down website, because the guy that wrote the whoosh article seems to be very honest. There are lots of really good articles on there! The ones about motivation are especially good. Thanks for the link. H

    Day 3 Melb Aust CD

    The weather is much colder, and the past 2 days I’ve eaten more than intended. Need to put the brakes in!

    @songbirdme, so glad that OH doesn’t have Covid-19, and will pray for his rapid recovery.

    @bestintentions, welcome to the forum. I’m another shortie – down to just over 5 ft (154 cms)(I’ve shrunk 2 cms over the years) so also have to lose a lot to reach a normal BMI. Started this month at 70.9 kg and aiming to get down to 52 kg, though anything from 59 kg down will have me in the normal BMI range. Whatever, we’re a great multinational group, so welcome.

    @funshipfreddie, interesting article. My problem is osteoarthritis rather than RA, but I still need to work on hand strength.
    My goal steps is 8000, rather than 10,000. I figure at 70 years old, that’s okay.

    @penz, to answer your question, I have a leather skirt I’ve kept for many years, but never worn – would love to be able to wear it, but will have to lose at least another 12 kgs to get anywhere near it.

    @i hate lettuce, you find the most beautiful places to walk!

    @ericaa67, I don’t think dairy is necessarily a problem, so much as the calories. Dr Moseley always encourages the consumption of full fat yoghurt, milk, etc. However, I always have skim or low fat milk in tea, and often eat lower fat cheese because they contain fewer calories, no other reason.

    Keep on keeping on everyone!

    Sorry. Second post. Could somebody add me to the DD list?

    Day 3 UK FD

    Morning everyone,

    Feeling drowsy this morning, and hopping on the black coffee train to get things going!

    Hmm, as for the daily question. Luckily most of my clothes fit alright, but it’s a question of wanting to slip into them as opposed to squeezing…

    Adding myself to the pocket list for today. I’m going to make that courgette pesto soup that @michelinme posted in here for dinner tonight as it looked amazing.
    Pocket List – Day 3 🥕


    2nd Post – Day 3

    Pocket List – Day 3 🥕

    Day 3 – DD list ☕️

    Day3 UK, NFD

    Checking in. Today will be a controlled day, I’ve planned my meals and it should come out about 1100 cals – including a lasagne which I am looking forward to. I don’t tend to limit the types of foods on NFDs – all in moderation.

    @penz – I have a black lace shift dress which I bought a couple of years ago just when I lost a load of weight on this WOL, I love it and currently it’s hanging in the wardrobe looking at me reproachfully. My aim to get to the stage where this is too big.

    Keep safe everyone.

    Day 3, Rural Nebraska, USA, NFD

    @endellion Loved this: it’s a question of wanting to slip into them as opposed to squeezing… So, @penz, it’s the pants and the capris that I’m wanting to just pull on without having to worry if I’m poured into them! I also have a lovely summer frock that I wear to church and a casual “Tuesday afternoon dress” that’s still too tight about my butt, and I’m looking forward to wearing both of them.

    Yesterday’s NFD went decently. I got carried away with cooking a lovely dinner, and I’m sure I went over my planned 1400 calories, but I’m also sure I didn’t go above–


    I decided to figure out the calories instead of simply guess. I believe I ate a total of 1900 calories yesterday. Odd, isn’t it, that a FD is so easy to control, but a NFD tends to go nuts? According to my FitBit, I’m burning right at 2,000 calories every day, so I’m still not eating more than I’m burning, but that was sure an eye-opener!

    Well, tonight’s dinner doesn’t include fettuccini alfredo so hitting that 1400 calorie mark should be MUCH simpler, LOL!

    I spent only an hour in the garden this morning, not only because I slept late, making up for being awake in the night, but also because four hours in the heat yesterday morning made me somewhat sick all day. Now we’ve turned on the AC, and I’m cooled down already from this morning’s gardening time. I’ll be glad when we’re not hitting the 90s every day!

    I’m enjoying reading all the comments, and wish you all strength and focus to achieve today’s goals!

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