June 2019 challenge

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  • Day 14 Melb Aust FD800

    It’s been an okay FD today after another couple of good days, so I’m hoping the scales tomorrow will have me back close to where I was at the start of the month. Early this week really didn’t go well! But, I’ve had a few good days since, so….

    Question re “planking” My brother has encouraged me to try it for core strength, but how many do you do, over what time? I can plank on my elbows for about 25 seconds, and about 20 seconds if my arms are straight, but do I do repetitions? How Many? How many times a day? I know some of you are into that sort of exercise, so advice would be welcome.

    And onward we go, in the downwards direction.

    Day 14 UK CD

    Today’s weekly weigh day showed me at 143.5, pretty much where i was last week, phew. Still feeling puffy from Weds oats and the sugar in cough sweets – a shock to the system after no sugar for a while – and not yet back to early May weight when took 3wks out with nasty virus.

    Strangely tho, since I last measured in early May I seem to have lost a whole inch from my derriere (!!) and 0.5 each from bust and waist. That’s a total of 6″ from bust, 6.5″ from hips and 7″ from waist over 18 mths of this WOL. Thank you @debster251 for reminding me of the journey – so easy to focus on the struggles of today and forget where we started and all the positive changes to date! For me that includes massively improved sleep & concentratin, gently improved fitness, changed relationship with food and much better diet!

    Yesterday slid over the top of my planned 500 FD but not too far. There’s definitely something about not having OMAD which makes it feel more indulgent and less disciplined tho – have to reset my head perhaps? Didn’t drink enough water either and feeling it today 🙁

    It’s my birthday on Sunday and some gentle celebrations coming up over the next week are mostly around food! Lunch in Soho with DD, tea with mother, supper with friends – planning, pacing and some good choices are called for, as well as enjoying the indulgence 🙂 It’s when treats become habits that I slip off the waggon…

    wishing you all a good weekend, whatever it brings – a few wise choices make all the difference! @redrockgirl hope you and the new hound adore each other 🙂

    Day 14, UK, FD

    Hoping for a successful FD today!
    Skinny cappuccino (150cal) + sushi salad (300cals) + WW tinned soup (50cals) for the day.

    Good luck to all fasters x

    Day 14 – England – NFD

    Great FD yesterday. Trying to not go crazy on my NFD today. I’m in a workshop all day so will try to come back later to read everyone’s posts 😃

    Day 14 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    2 FDs and 2 CDs since Monday….now to navigate 3 NFDs. Dinner out tonight so I’ve skipped breakfast and will have soup for lunch so I should keep within TDEE 🤞

    @michelinme so right about the treats becoming a habit……that has been my problem with NFDs recently. Wishing you a wonderful Happy Birthday for Sunday 🎂💐

    @redrockgirl looking forward to hearing all about Zorro, exciting news!

    Friday fasters have a good day, remember to keep drinking the water.

    Glorious day 14 NFD, 4 pound loss on the scale, 2 days after breaking my water fast!! This is the lowest number I have seen in a year, so even more yay!!!!!!!!!!!

    I can usually tell when the scales are getting ready to move in the right direction because the quality of my sleep the night before is usually different- deeper as if my body is working harder than usual. I did not drop a lot of weight while I was water fasting, I lost about a half pound a day which I think was just water weight.
    The shift occurred after I ate a couple meals, and I aimed for high fat, very low carb, and low sugar options. Now it is possible that this is still water weight, we will see if I gain it back quickly.

    Thanks @penz even though I fell short of my 96 hour goal, I am very proud of how far I got. I used to be scared of WFD, did not think I could make it through and now…not so much. It has helped me create a new mindset and reset my relationship toward food.
    I plan to try again the first week of August, this time I will be better prepared with broth and pink salt. I believe I got dehydrated this time. It is important to get in tune with your body and listen to what it is telling you.

    @redrockgirl new puppy!!! We our picking ours up on Tuesday after we return from our trip to The Big Apple and her name is Ginger-Nugget 🙂

    @johnnyr I agree, weekends should be called Carb-Minefields, especially in the summer; they are everywhere

    Make it work everyone! My best to you all and have a great weekend 🙂 !!!!!

    Day 14 – UK – NFD

    Right I’m all packed and waiting for my lift to the station – to catch a train to the airport!

    Staying at a hotel overnight, catching an 8am flight to Kefalonia then to Ithaca for our Yoga Retreat 🙏
    Ithaca is a Greek island located in the Ionian Sea, off the northeast coast of Kefalonia and to the west of continental Greece.

    I’ll be off grid for the week so will check in on Sunday week!

    Day 14, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Off soon to meet Zorro. Time is set at 3 PM but I think we might be arriving a bit earlier. I am anxious and excited. 😊🐕❤
    Thanks for the good wishes for a good meeting and bonding experience @penz, @matpi, @daffodil2010, @debster251, @flourbaby, @michelinme (Happy Birthday on Sunday! 💐🎁🎈), @missybear, @basyjames: Wonderful news about your puppy Ginger-Nugget 🐕❤.

    Have a good Friday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 14, VA, USA, FD

    I really wanted some cold brew coffee this morning but made myself re-do the Bright PINK color in my hair. (Photo shoot tomorrow) and if I don’t just DO IT when I have the time, I will put it off and then be kicking myself. So I’ll settle for an afternoon decaf americano. I still want the cold brew but at this hour??? Past noon good heavens no. (gosh I remember when I could go to sleep after drinking a cup of coffee.)

    Today I’ve not drank as much water as I would have liked, must remedy that… I feel a bit scattered I have quite a few things I need to do and only have checked off 1 of the things.

    @flourbaby – Ha I too admire that @daffodil2010 could eat just a handful. I’d be thinking well my SO hands are bigger maybe that means I can have 2 handfuls!

    @betsylee – I find it interesting that you can hold forearm plank (elbows one) longer than the regular plank (arms straight) is it your hands that hurt? Usually its hard for folks to do forearm plank. None the less maybe this website will help. http://www.shapingconcepts.com/blog/how-to-improve-your-plank/

    @michelinme – oooooo Birthday time right around the corner! Yay Celebrate and enjoy.

    @basyjames – WFD are pretty awesome in my book. I also like that they really teach me a better appreciation of food. I do FD now, but I always start with Water in the morning and just have one meal usually homemade (cut up some veggies heat up in broth) *I was getting worse and worse leg cramps and I just I wasn’t able to replenish my natural vitamins from veggies unless I had more of them, hence the soup at night.

    @debster251 – Ooooop I’ll hide all the Jelly Sweets! Does that include doughnuts? We don’t have that many jelly sweets that are that good here in the USA. At least none that I would consider messing up a fasting day or ever indulging in except for the jelly and/or cream filled doughnuts. We have several shops around here, I live in the Mecca of friggin doughnuts! Thank goodness I *kinda/sorta* got over my love of doughnuts. And you are so right, I don’t typically purchase any chips for me. However, my SO loves to take some to work! So I do buy those. My SO is a dash underweight and really could eat the whole house and would end up with a belly ache more than any weight gain. Yes Fight the Dragon!

    @penz – dang it!. And I pride myself in being able to give good directions… Hummm make sure when/if you use Notepad that it is a txt document and not a RICH TEXT document.

    ◦•●◉✿ Day 14 Pocket List Peoples in da house ✿◉●•◦


    ]|I{•——» Slay the Dragons «——•}I|[

    Day 14 turned into a CD! Sticking to 1500 today and will do fd tomo. Posting to keep me accountable!


    Day 14 – Eastern WA USA – NFD

    Keeping food to a 6 hour window 11 – 5, hopefully. I was pleased that I took my time eating, and stopped when full instead of getting stuffed. I put about a 1/3 of the fritata into the fridge.

    @basyjames, so glad to hear you moved to a new low. I usually go up significantly as soon as I eat so didn’t weigh myself after I ate. It’s interesting, as you said that you went down about .5 lb every WFD. Dr. Fung says that usually .5 lb per day is a true loss for most after a WFD stretch. I’m happy to make it down .6 lb lower than the beginning of the month at the end of the WFDs, after bouncing higher in between.

    @debster251 – TY for your input on the friendship. I’ve probably kicked the can down the road by responding as I did. You’re right that friendships are meant to be a blessing and reciprocal… Your venture to Ibiza sounds wonderful!

    @at – enjoy your island time!

    @ciren2 – hope you and other folks on the other side of the pond get some sunshine this weekend. It makes it nicer for work and play.

    Day 15, Canberra, NFD

    Cold and foggy day today.

    And @rabbette – look!! (¯*•.¸,¤°´✿.。.:* yay, it worked! *.:。.✿°¤,¸.•*´¯) It must have been my work computer because this worked easily at home, and in Word. Nothing wrong with your instructions at all.

    I have been inspired @daffodil2010 and downloaded a 30 day HIT app (tho not at 545am!) I started this morning. Tip: don’t do it inside with a dog. She thought the jumping jacks were super exciting and barked at me; and that the abdominal crunches was a good opportunity for a cuddle. Still, day 2 down!

    Household chores are calling. Have a great weekend everyone!

    Day 15 – Japan – NFD

    43 water fast done in 2019. The last couple have actually be around 35 hours instead of 36, but my schedule just isn’t working out right now. I’m actually struggling to even get in light workouts. Sometimes life is crazy. I wish I was retired, but I’m only about 20% the way there. Better than a few years ago when I was like -7% the way there. Still a long ways to go.

    Day 15 Melb Aust, NFD

    Plan to be careful, even though it’s a NFD.

    Have some abdo pain today, woke and couldn’t get back to sleep, so I wonder if I jumped into planking too quickly and have injured a muscle. Going to the docs soon, just to exclude anything else.

    @rabbette, are you sure about the planks? The youtube a friend sent, and what I looked up, both suggest that the beginner planking is on the elbows, and then you graduate to straight arm planks after that. Even a workout I found had elbow planks at 60 secs, straight arm planks at 30 secs. But – I don’t personally know, as the first time I tried either was a couple of days ago, and if I’ve injured myself trying to do them, that may be the end of planking for me. I should have known better. I’m usually a lot more cautious, as I injure very easily, and my other exercises I worked up to over several months. Well, we’ll see what the doctor says. Might be something else.

    @at, have a great break on Ithica

    @redrockgirl302, hope the meet with Zorro goes well, and that you have yourself a new family member. Remember that the heelers (both blue and red) have been bred as working dogs, so need a lot of exercise – probably good for the whole family 🙂

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 15: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Yesterday at work? Best forgotten. The rain was terrible, a bright interlude, then drenchingly heavy and long “showers” like a tap turned on full. Wet right through and another pair of shoes in the airing cupboard!
    Also (sorry to keep on…) the pain in my Hamstrings/leg/back is now also in my groin as well as my opposite knee complaining because of the way I’m probably walking! However good news is that the NHS Physio got in touch (after weeks of silence) and I have an appointment booked for Monday. Hooray, it’s a start. I also have more acupuncture on Tuesday…..
    @ktcaroline: Hope you get back into things soon. The awful weather doesn’t help with motivation, but, look…..the sun is out right now as I write, well sort of!!!

    Must go, work beckons….

    Day 15 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    So here we go, into week 3!
    I was simultaneously disappointed & relieved after weighing myself this morning. No change after 3 successful FDs, but at least my new low was maintained. Gloves off. From tomorrow I’m going to do alternate day fasting for the remainder of the month, or until I reach my target; whichever comes first 🥊

    @flourbaby – thanks for the extra mojo; I’m going to need it!

    @basyjames – congrats on your progress!🍾

    @at – bon voyage & namaste!🙏

    Wishing everyone a happy weekend 🌈

    Day 15 Herefordshire U.K. FD
    Major problem with ‘the munchies’ on yesterday’s fast, oh dear!

    @snowflake56 – are you in today for our usual Saturday fast?

    @michelinme – way to go whittling away those inches! Happy birthday for Sunday.

    @redrockgirl302 – hope your doggy date went well.

    Happy weekend to all hope you all find some rest and recuperation as well as fun and joy.

    Day 15 Pocket List

    Day 15 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Just checking in. Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 15, Emden Germany, FD
    Day 11-14 NFD

    what a week we had, friends decided to come for a few days this week instead of next week. Ate and drank too much, time to go back to normal again. Only skimmed posts this morning and respond to just a few.

    @at have a wonderful time in Ithaca!

    @annemarilyn you already had a lot of good advice on how to deal with the problems you’re having with your friend. Friends don’t grow on trees but why do you want to be with someone who makes you feel so uncomfortable. I know it’s difficult to talk to her about it but by saying you’re busy you’re postponing the problem and the problem stays in your mind. I hope you’ll find a solution that works for you. The feeding problem I had with my friend seems minor, she’s never mean to anyone. Hugs x

    @redrockgirl302 hope everything went well and you’ll have a great time with Zorro!

    @dingping yes, I’m fasting today! I’m not that adventurous, it’s just paint. If we don’t like it, I paint it in another colour. It’s the fastest way to change a room. I’m not artistic at all, fine arts is not my thing. I’m great at demolishing things, I really love that but I think most people do.

    @ciren2 I hope you stay dry today!

    @basyjames well done! Is it next Tuesday you’re going to pick up Ginger-Nugget?

    @betsylee thanks for reminding me of planks, forgot to do them last week. I love planks, but builded them up slowly, every day 15 seconds more. In the beginning my abs felt bruised but after a few days it got better. I like the tight feeling in the muscels after doing planks and it keeps my back straight. This is what I do daily, it makes great abs and shoulders but doesn’t do much against bingo wings:

    1 minute high planks
    1 minute elbow planks
    1 minute elbow planks with leg lift right
    1 minute elbow planks with leg lift left
    1 minute side planks right
    1 minute side planks left
    1 minute elbow planks
    1 minute high planks

    @borealis I hope you’re doing better than I do! Are you with us today?

    Day 15 Pocket List

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day. 15. UK. NFD

    Trying to be sensible on NFDs. Low carb meals and little or no beer. Well maybe a little 😀

    Started my 100 press ups a day for 30 days quest this morning. I reckon it’ll be hard for a couple of weeks but should get easier as I get stronger. And hopefully help rid me of the dreaded moobs before holidays.

    Good luck to all fasting. I’m half tempted by a 48 hour water fast starting Sunday night. I might need a gentle nudge though.

    Day 15, London, UK, NFD

    Back from an early hairdressers appointment, thankfully before the expected downpours!!

    @ciren2, I read your post …………………”the sun is out right now as I write”, and looked up to see the dark clouds rolling in, …………………… of course, your post WAS 8hrs ago!!!!

    Today I intended to have another CD but, @debster251 cover your ears, there was a wine gum incident coming back on the train from Central London …………………… I think I just set the World record for demolishing a bag!!!!………………… Perhaps I’ll close the kitchen now and navigate the remainder of the day on water & peppermint tea. It’ll hardly be a nutritionally balanced day though!!!
    I may have to do the 30DS twice in order to burn the sugar consumed, but I’m keeping the faith and planning my weeks’ meals now to prevent stupid things happening with wine gums!!

    Have a great weekend everyone!!!

    Day 15 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Quick post before a shift to work at our Children’s Museum. All good here at home after trip to Utah, but weather has been oh too cool for June!

    @michelinme – hope your birthday is fabulous tomorrow! “Happy birthday, dear Micheline ♫♪♫ happy birthday to YOU!” (I have to sing… it’s who I am)

    @basyjames – great progress! We do need to be reminded at times where we started and where we are now.

    @redrockgirl302 – hope Zorro and you are able to bond oh so well!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 15 UK CD

    Feeling a bit off track this weekend already and festivities not started yet. Had speedy supper of vegan sausages and baked beans with cheese (treat! first beans in about a year!!) But think i need to rethink my meals in this in-betweeny weather bc been off salad but not making time for proper cooking…and all too easy to fall off when busy – eating late or just grab & go food. Planning is always key for me otherwise i’m much more likely to make poor choices in the moment

    @missybear @redrockgirl302 @dingping @rabbette @songbirdme – thank you kindly for birthday wishes – pacing myself for gentle fun tomorrow 🙂
    @at wishing you a lovely yoga retreat
    @snowflake56 welcome back 🙂
    @ciren2 great news about physio – fingers crossed it’s helpful
    @funshipfreddie maintaining gains is always to be celbrated – sometimes our bodies just need to sit tight and adjust, or the FD changes are happening on the inside and not in the numbers we measure

    Have a good Saturday – strength to the fasters, and good choices to the rest of us 🙂

    Day 15, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Thank you all who wished a good meeting and bonding with Zorro yesterday and the ones who posted afterwards @betsylee, @singing, @snowflake56, @songbirdme. 😊😊😊 My now new family member is called Mick (changed the name, he did it know his old name anyway).He is the sweetest dog, about 2 years old. Yes, I know we will walk a lot with him @betsylee. 😊😅🐕🚶‍♀️

    Today will be very busy: Morning walk in the park, vet for wellness appointment, dog bath, hiking, chilling in the back yard. Life changed in a heart beat with a young dog! No more reading for hours with a big bag of cashews! 😂🤣😆 And that is GOOD!

    Have a good Saturday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    It was supposed to read @dingping. Dumb auto-correct! Sorry, @dingping.💐

    Day 15 NFD California

    Had to change my FD’s around this week because my mother in law had a fall and is now in rehab care which means my DH is not gone for one day each weekend taking care of her like he normally is. It sounds like she will be here for about a month. He will be out of town for three days starting Tuesday so I will cram all my days in then.

    Happy birthday for tomorrow @michelnme

    Day 15, UK, NFD

    Just a quick check in. Going waaaay over TDEE today (day off with OH and the sun is out) but back on track tomorrow! Promise!
    Have a good weekend everyone x

    Day 15 Ohio, US — MFD
    Day 14 — NFD (100 bites)

    Yesterday evening I got into a very intense discussion with a friend and wound up eating much more than my quota. So today has been an MFD. This week I’ve been getting a fair amount of walking in, but couldn’t do it today, since it’s been raining most of the day. This rain pattern has been really crazy for the last month or so.

    @rafiki44 Sorry to hear about your MIL. Hope all goes smoothly with her recovery!

    @michelinme Happy Birthday! Have a great start of your next year!

    @songbirdme Yes, indeed, the weather in the mid-west US has been amazingly cool for June. I had packed away my long-sleeve shirts and sweaters for the summer, but have had to bring some back into circulation this last week. I don’t remember a June this cool and wet since I moved back East. It reminds me of the Mark Twain quote: “The coldest winter I ever spent was summer in San Francisco.” Hopefully it will get warmer and drier here by July.

    Enjoy the sun (wherever it is)!!

    Day 16, NFD

    Nothing else to say today except Happy Birthday @michelinme!!!

    Day 15, VA, USA, NFD

    Woooooooo so fasted Most of yesterday. I may have went a dash over the 500, to more like 800, but hey who’s counting. OH I am thats right… ha Yeah I was good to go until my sweetheart had tucked away a stout to share…. I’d say It was prob as much as my dinner.

    @betsylee – I have to say in my experience as a yoga teacher and as a lady whom had to work on their core. Elbow plank is harder because as a lady the center of gravity is different. I actually asked my SO to get into straight arm plank (aka high plank) and elbow plank, they said they didn’t really feel any different…. Then I placed 10 extra pounds on their bum and they said holy crap elbow plank was harder. It could also be that if you do already have some core or if you are a guy then elbow plank may not feel as difficult. I found an article that talks about it from a Leverage standpoint…
    https://physicalliving.com/the-elbow-plank-vs-pushup-position-plank/ ((( Which if you are not strong yet, it is a good idea, do plank again your counter top or a wall for a bit till you have more strength))) and if you do try it on the floor, knees down to start.

    @funshipfreddie – The weekend IS a carb Mind Field, you’re brilliant!

    Happy Happy Day of your Arrival into this world!

    @redrockgirl302 – awe new member NICK! Yippie!

    I’ll try and catch up more tomorrow!


    Day 16, Emden Germany, CD

    @michelinme Happy Birthday! Wishing you lots of happiness and great health for the year to come! x

    @rafiki44 Sorry about your MIL, hope she’ll recover soon.

    @rabbette I totally agree, elbow planks are much harder.

    @redrockgirl302 welcome Mick!

    Have a nice day everyone!

    Day 16 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    The less said about yesterday, the better. 4 little words – Intense. Mint. Dark. Chocolate 😱

    So an intense FD today, and lots of walking. The experts are now telling us we need not 10,000 but 15,000 steps to improve our fitness?! That’s like, 7 miles?! Gee, thanks. I’ll settle for semi-healthy then. Maybe I could improve my mental health by not reading newspapers..

    @michelinme – Happy Birthday! 🎉🎈🎊

    Day 16 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    What is going on? My body is hanging on to every last morsel I eat and I have put on nearly 4lbs since last week….despite three FD’s and daily shred, tons of water….😨.
    I have also felt so TIRED and very sluggish the past couple of days, was doing the garden yesterday and helping DH with the van, and I could barely stay awake before (and after) dinner. So I was in bed by 9…..on a Saturday 😁
    .I am still constipated though so had to take a Sennacot. To me that’s the big guns in this situation as I rarely have this problem and I find sennacot too strong. Hope it works. TMI 😳

    Wonder what is different to cause this problem? Oh well. 🤔

    @funshipfreddie I did giggle at the experts telling us to up our steps to 15,000! I was such a slave to my FitBit until last year. Crazy.
    Going to have a gentle Sunday. Enjoy your day everyone.

    Day 16: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Wet delivery again yesterday…nuff said!
    So, today….walked the dog in the pouring rain, but, hey, what’s this? The sun just came out…what?!
    @michelinme: It’s your birthday….have a great day xx
    @daffodil2010: my sympathy to you, gaining weight when you’re fasting diligently. But, then, the explanation…you are constipated…so it won’t be fat. Roll on the clear-out, eh? (sorry)!
    @funshipfreddie: Try being a postman, steps would be no problem!!

    My back/knee/hip,hamstrings,glutes…..ALL killing me today. Sharp knives. I tried a hot bath last night, but it only seems to have worsened the problem…back to cold-packs pinched into the back of my trousers today! Physio tomorrow afternoon….the most I expect there is a sheet of exercises..more acupuncture on Tuesday…trying to do my job at the same time…ugh.
    Good news is that my dear hubby is recovering well from his recent back operation so nearly goodbye to being two cripples in the house!!
    Have a good day all xx

    Day 16, Boston, USA, MFD

    Well, I am back after having been sick and not fasted or done anything very active for a while. I finally went for a run again yesterday. I also ate like a normal person, which doesn’t sound like an accomplishment but is for me right now. Salad and sandwiches for lunch, and homemade tofu and vegetable lo mein for dinner, with a slice of strawberry rhubarb pie for extra :).

    I would have liked for today to be a FD, but it’s Father’s Day and we are taking my husband, my brother and my dad out to a delicious Indian vegetarian pizza place, so my FD (which at my height is closer to 300 cals) is tough. I’ll commit to an MFD, which is certainly doable, and try for a regular FD.

    I’m planning to go to the gym today to do some strength training for my activity.

    For extra steps – I sure this is not possible for everyone, but I work an office job, and every hour or so I get up and walk 1000-1500 steps. That by itself gets me to 10,000 for the day. Add in a walk or a run and it’s not too hard to get to 15,000.

    I’ve gained 2 lbs since the beginning of the month, which is sad, but I’m getting better about tracking so I’m hoping I’ll turn that around.

    Day 16 USA (Illinois) NFD

    Another rainy day here – @matpi – you’re so right about wanting warmth and sun! I love that Mark Twain quote. His wisdom is genius.

    HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to all who are celebrating!

    @rafiki44 – prayers for you MIL and her recovery.

    @rabbette – your advice on planks is great. As my core is getting stronger from Silver Sneakers, I might be able to go to them. When I tried before, they gave me horrendous back pain.

    @funshipfreddie – on yeah, I hear ya about mint and chocolate. Love that combo myself.

    @daffodil2010 – regularity has been a bane of mine all my life. Worse now that I am old. Hope you’re able to get things worked “out” yourself!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16 Bronx New York NFD

    Hello friends, I didn’t have a chance to post tomorrow. We had a 6 hour car ride up here and after a quick nap I spent the day catching up with my sister.

    Congratulations on your newest family member @redrockgirl, life is going to be different but I bet you’re ready.

    Yes, @snowflake56 we pick gingernugget up on Tuesday. Our lives are about to change too.

    New York is a different place from Canton Ohio that’s for sure. I rode on the subway for the first time and that was quite an experience

    Just wanted a quick checkin. Stay strong and keep the faith, I will return to my usual schedule when I return to Ohio.


    Day 16. NFD ( for a change…. hanging on by the skin of my teeth). London

    I didn’t really believe the cashew nut info, about them helping you sleep, but I had a handful last night ( not too difficult cos I don’t really like them. Peanuts however…) and I slept like a log. Thanks for the heads up. H

    Day 16 – USA – NFD

    @michelinme, happy birthday! @RedRockGirl1302, congrats on Mick’s arrival and many years of loving companionship with man’s best friend! @basyjames, yay for you on the new low and congrats on Ginger-Nugget…your first escapade on a NYC subway brought back memories of my commutes from NJ to NYC daily and my evening jaunts! @ciren2, hope your appt. goes well and they can remedy your pains…also hope the sun decides to come out and dry you and everything else out! Rafiki44, sorry about your MIL and hope she gets better with your care.

    Day 16

    NFD Still under 170 but seems to be going back and forth. Oh well. On antibiotics and not feeling well from that. Had a rough 3 days and ended up in the ER. Tomorrow will call my doc and try to get in to see what I need to do with follow up docs. 🙁 Slowing me down for sure.
    Hope everyone has a great Sunday.

    Day 16, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Yes, Mick is a delight @rabbette, @snowflake56, @basyjames, @metatauta. But life for sure is different with a new young dog. 😊🐕❤

    @michelinme: Happy Birthday! 💐🎁🎈🎶🎂

    I am eating the right stuff and am walking/hiking a lot. Sleep could be way better and I am still consuming too much sugar. So I am up and down the same 3 pounds, really want to get back to the upper maintenance range. Have to cut back on dried fruit and nuts. ‘You are not a squirrel’ my DH says. 🐿😂🤣

    Have a good Sunday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    @redrockgirl302: Good for you getting a rescue dog and giving him a new and better life. What fun (and exercise) lies ahead! We also have a rescue dog, Sola. She’s four now, we’ve had her two years…..her last family “didn’t have time for her” anymore. Can’t imagine life without a dog. Like you, we chose our own name, (previously Lola).

    Day 16 California NFD

    Congratulations @basyjames and @redrockgirl302 on your new family members!

    Today is a relaxing day with not much going on.

    Day 16 UK EFS 🙂 🙂 🙂

    I may have eaten a fair bit today… late lunch with DD in Soho – the vegan pub we wanted to go to was unexpectedly closed but lovely prix fixe bistro lunch instead.. a couple of glasses of rose pinot grigio, a pile of chips (proper pommes frites) and took a birthday break from being vegan with cheese fest (feta, halloumi and cheddar!) but otherwise great choices 🙂 Stayed gluten-free and sugar-free and had 2litres of water so hopefully my body won’t be too upset tomorrow 🙂

    There’s something wonderful about enjoying a treat Because it’s a treat and not a habit. Note to self – must remember this!!! Promised myself some birthday dark chocolate at some point this weekbut for now I’m having light supper of soup and frozen raspberries.

    Look forward to FD tomorrow; astonishingly full week & may not be around much. For now, bath & early night – looking after Future Me 🙂

    @matpi @penz @rabbette (great graphics!!!!) @snowflake56 @funshipfreddie @ciren2 @metatauta @redrockgirl302 thank you kindly for birthday wishes 🙂 xx
    @hedwig6 welcome back… it’s good to take a break when sick; hope you feel better
    @ciren2 bums about your hamstring/glute – fingers crossed for physio tomorrow xx mine is slowly improviing with intermittent stretches – but better when i do them every day (surprise!)
    @redrockgirl302 enjoy your new pup! 🙂
    @daffodil2010 wonder if you are coming down with the epic virus? Mine began with feeling exhausted for days – all I wanted to do was sleep, couldn’t get enough. Hope you feel better soon xx

    Rolling past the midpoint of the month – and heading to the midpoint of the year, longest day… a good time to review progress and make gentle plans?
    Stronger together xx

    Day 16 – Ireland – NFD
    Happy birthday dear @michelinme! 🎈I hope you have had a lovely day today.
    I haven’t got to read posts but will get back on track tomorrow…

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 17 – Japan – WFD #44

    While I prefer eating to fasting, I don’t mind fasting.

    Day 17, Canberra, FD

    I feel flat today. 🙁 Have a busy day at work tho so that should help shield against any dragons.
    Glad the sun finally shined down on you @ciren2 but v sorry to hear all your aches and pains are still plaguing you.

    How’s Mick settling in @Redrockgirl?

    Wishing you a speedy recovery @kaywesterman.

    Day 16 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    So far this NFD looks to be on target. Best of the day to all who are celebrating today!

    @kaywesterman Hope you get to feeling better as you recover. With any luck you’ll get some good news when you visit your doc.

    Day 17 country West Australia FD
    Been MIA for a long time having started here in October 2016 and following this WOL quite successfully for some time.
    Fell off the wagon by eating poorly even when I KNOW this WOL works.
    Sporadic half hearted attempts at 5:2 since.
    Completely fell off the wagon recently and I am now the heaviest I have ever been – EVER!!
    Would have got back on the wagon sooner but a bit worried that at the weight I am I would have tipped you all off!!
    So, trying to reset and take it one day at a time.
    Starting a FD today and so far so good . Mind you it IS only 10 am.
    Thank you @penz for hosting.
    Hi to all the oldies here and welcome to the newbies.
    Hope to see more of you this month and hope you see less of me ( actually but not figuratively !!)
    Onwards and … onwards

    Day 17 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Quick check in.

    Still sticking to my FD’s, but the shoulder dislocation has meant I’ve done very little exercise (trying to do more walking every day, but the weather is pretty shocking most days at the moment), and my diet has slackened. Osteo reckons it will be another 3-4 weeks before I can start going back to training. Will just need to stay mentally strong. Feel like i’m putting on weight, but I know it will come back off once i’m back at the gym and feeling myself.

    Hope everyone is well, looking forward to having a read of posts.

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