June 2019 challenge

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  • 2nd post – (warning – long read)

    Okay, in light of wonderful community input, I’ll share something I’m mulling over how to respond. I have a friend, with whom I’ve had quite the interesting history. We met when I moved in to a duplex close to her; so we were neighbors initially back about 2003 or 04. She had begun having exchange students and would pop over to ask “parenting” questions from time to time. I was going through a separation and subsequent divorce after 2 children and 27 years of marriage. She’d never been married. We were both teachers, went to the same church for a while… we had a few things in common and we began doing things together including travelling for shorter and longer trips: overnight to 4 or 5 days. I enjoy her spirit of adventure… but have noticed that when we’re together too long, things go sideways. In the past she’s been downright mean and I distanced myself from her. She did apologize and things were better for a season; more thoughtful and kind in her comments.. I started doing more with her again but 3 days at the ocean became horrible (it was too long). I’ve taken to agreeing to shorter visits, but have turned down her invitation for longer travels including a cruise. I just traveled to her city this past weekend but stayed at a motel instead of at her place so I could have a more peaceful stay (though a free night would have been nicer on the budget). I posted some pictures on Facebook from a visit to a park on the weekend visit. She posted “when was I there?” Then later she sent me a private msg asking if I’m upset with her. That she’s having vibes that I am but she’s hoping it’s just because I’m busy..
    I’m not sure of the best way to respond. If we had a healthier friendship, I could be quite forthcoming. Seeing she has proven to not always be a “safe” person to be around, I’m afraid that being too open with her might hurt rather than help. The simplest is to agree with her that life’s busy. The truth is that I have boundaries in place regarding our time together, for my protection. I even choose electronic communication instead of a phone call at times, for example.
    Some of the ways I feel when we’re together harken back to how I sometimes felt when I was in my verbally, emotionally abusive marriage. I feel like I have to give a rationale for how I am. Why do I need to explain myself to her? “She’s not the boss of me.” Maybe I just need to let her know that we do life differently. Just not sure… Friends don’t grow on trees, so I don’t want to be hasty..

    Day 10 second post

    Mixing it up today to avoid plateau… late lunch of vegan kebabs, cauliflower, tenderstem brocoli and asparagus followed by stewed apple and ginger with soya yogurt and pumpkin seeds..

    @ccco so glad you’re enjoying being a grandma – and losing 3lbs as well!
    @basyjames good luck with epic WFDs
    @matpi @basyjames hope your allergies ease x
    @ciren2 the queen’s official birthday is the second saturday of june.. which I only know bc my birthday is mid june too 🙂
    @annemarilyn thank you for reminder re OMAD and plateau. Mixed it up today with main FD meal at late lunchtime and light snack in evening. Watch this space…
    @jaifaim a weekend visiting parents and helping out is not quite the same as a break… and a big cycle is epic but not so much rest either. No wonder you’re tired. Maybe plan for a weekend which isn’t emotionally or physically demanding, but all about (insert whatever you need) xx

    I also got knocked off the pocket list early on, and defnitely need the accountability! Here’s a tidy up for today, hope i’ve caught everyone…

    Day 10 pocket list


    Day 10, Rocky Mountains, US, FD

    Quick check in. Have to read posts later.

    Have a good Monday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    2nd post.

    @annemarilyn – I agree and would just say life if busy right now. and just because friends don’t grow on trees doesn’t mean you have to keep all the things grown on the tree. I’m not keeping rotten apple to bake my pie. If you distance yourself then it will give you time and space to make friends with someone who is not mean to you. I don’t stay friends with anyone who is mean to me. I mean a disagreement once in a while is ok, but jeez we are all adults it is uncalled for to just be mean.

    So keep your boundaries – you know what you need to do.

    Your friend,
    from the other side of the USA – Rabbette

    Day 10 – London – fd – second post

    Managed 529 cals today – keeping myself accountable so I don’t binge late night

    @annemarilyn – I agree with @rabette…people like that don’t change without years of therapy. It sounds like she’s very insecure and the way that it manifests is through exercising control over other people… if she were someone more significant in your life ie family then it would be worth your while I’m trying to help her learn how to communicate more appropriately with you . It sounds like you’ve done the right thing by setting up personal boundaries. A true friend would respect them and it sounds like she isn’t likely to.

    Of course all the above is said with the caveat that I’m no expert in relationships not have I met her…

    Day 10, Canberra, FD

    Yay! A FD!! Congrats to all who had a “good” weekend.

    Resist, @jaifaim! I find if I’m tired I can’t be bothered eating! 

    Enjoy the theatre @aglowworm

    I think I just put on several kilos reading the words “Sticky Maple-Apple Traybake”, @at!

    Good luck with the 96 hour WFD, @basyjames. An inspiration to us all. I once went to a restaurant that had trolley full of different types of breads and rolls to match with each course. Dangerous! (But soooo good!) I can’t turn them down either. There’s nothing like the waft of warm bread…
    And GL to @annemarilyn as well. What is a Party Trolley?

    Nice to see you back @ccco – chasing after a new grandson leads to weight loss? Who knew! (That, and your mindful eating of course.)

    Thanks @betsylee – I completely forgot about AFL. You can tell I don’t follow sports that closely.

    I love your expressive and creative use of wingdings / symbols @rabbette. So cheery! Hope kitty recovers soon.
    Pocket list for today – Day 10:

    Day 11 NSW Australia
    (11am Tuesday)

    Hi everyone, just checking in.
    Restarted yesterday – Fast800, TRE16:8, trying to drink more water, recording everything eaten, recorded all measurements. Had a headache during last night – probably dehydrated! Bit ‘fuzzy’ today – knew it would happen, so soldiering on!
    I know this WOE works, so will persevere through it all.

    @annemarilyn – I’m currently having similar issues with my dearly loved Sister – coping along the same lines as you, it can be difficult at times. Trying to build up the courage for a chat with her to see if she’s feeling the same – and find out how we can be our old selves again. My thoughts are with you and your friend 💞

    Wishing everyone all the best. Enjoy whatever you are getting up to and bye for now xx

    Day 10 Ohio, US — MFD

    The MFD has gone well. The energy levels are still low, although things started to improve this afternoon when the weather started to clear. Then clouds moved back in this evening and I’ve had a big energy drain. I think right now allergies to molds are what’s hitting me hardest. We’ve had such a long run of rainy, cloudy weather that I think that the mold levels have sky-rocketed. Fortunately we’ve not had major flooding, but it has just been so rainy that the farmers haven’t been able to put any crops in. It’s getting to be too late to do that this year, so a lot of the bigger farmers are calling in their insurance and won’t be planting. The smaller farmers, who can’t afford insurance, are in a quandary. They’ve already bought the seed, but now can’t get into the fields to plant it. It may be a pretty thin year for a lot of the family farms in this area.

    In any case, keep plugging away everyone!

    Day…. 10? Boston, MA USA

    I’m not caught up on all the messages yet, since I didn’t check in over the weekend. I ate whatever and didn’t track well over the weekend. Sporadic tracking, at best. No shift in weight in any direction.

    I’ve had a cough that got a lot worse, so after doing some strength training and cycling on Friday, I skipped my running over the last few days. Plus I am still super sore!

    Back on for a FD tomorrow, so I’ll add myself here:


    My plan to be active is walking during the day and yoga at home tomorrow. Now I’ll go back through and catch up. Hope everyone is doing well!

    Day 10 California NFD

    It was pretty hot yesterday (and today) so the fast day was really easy. Today I ate a large cookie but it was really good!

    Day 10 – USA – NFD

    @annemarilyn, all I can say is WOW! I have been reading your posts for 2 years and counting now, and have always reasonated with your choices of food, your perspective, and now since you have been so very personal about your former relationship, I feel that I must answer your query about your “friend”. I believe you are seeing “red flags” and are doing well to keep your respectful distance in order to remain free from manipulative control and abuse. Even “friends” can take advantage of our empathetic nature, and it’s NOT okay. I believe you are doing well to keep your distance, retain the form of communication that keeps the separation between you, and move on to healthier relationships. Just my 2 cents!

    Day 11: Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    What miserable, autumnal weather…..stormy, grey, and the RAIN we’ve had! Who would believe it should be the middle of summer?
    Anyway, sorry I can’t catch up on the posts yet as I have to rush off to work, or I’ll be late.
    See you later xx

    Day 11 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD
    2nd B2B

    So trying to reign it in after the mega birthday celebrations that have resulted in extra pounds and inches. Looking back on my tracker from this time last year I am 10lbs heavier and 2 inches more on the waist. Boo 😡

    Ok last year I was in a very physical job plus it was a heatwave, and working in 40c in a glasshouse means all you want is to drink water. This year I am in a sedentary job and surrounded by treats most days (which I resist most days) but it’s definitely harder.

    Hey ho, onwards we go. Sure what else is there to do? I know I can never really see myself in long term maintenance but I intend to 5:2 at least every week until……for ever?????

    @ciren2 Amazing how the weather differs….here in East Ireland the sun is shining, however it is chilly. 8c this morning!! Rain forecast for rest of week.

    @matpi goodness that sounds disastrous for the farming community in your area. I hood your allergies improve.

    @annemarilyn I am echoing a lot of comments re distancing yourself from your friend. I have had to do this myself, in fact I have completely cut all contact with a girl I had been friends with all my life since 5 years of age. She was fun, smart, great craic……we travelled together, grew up together, shared a rental house together….but then she started to drink really heavily, came out as lesbian (nothing wrong with that I hasten to add), but after she came out she became meaner and meaner to me. Passive aggressive messages to me. I couldn’t do anything right. Then an ultimate betrayal of me that was the last straw. I am free of her now since 2007 and can’t believe how much better I feel about ME.

    Sorry to hijack your query with my tale of friendship woe, what I am trying to say is that if someone makes you feel bad then it’s their problem and you should not put up with it.

    Is there a pocket list today…..?

    Good luck fellow fasters.

    Day 11 – Melbourne Aus – FD

    Slightly indulgent weekend in Sydney for a long weekend, but back to it today.

    Have been incredibly busy so struggling to keep up with posts, but skimming when I have time, and definitely still here.

    Pocket List Day 11

    Day 11 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Had a good FD yesterday. No change on the scales, but I wasn’t expecting any. Maybe after Wednesday..

    One remarkable change I’ve noticed in the last couple of months is in my blood pressure. Back in March my doctor was suggesting I think about going on medication, although I only had what they call Stage 1 or prehypertension, ie around 130+ over 90. Apparently, around 80% of men aged 55 and over have high blood pressure.
    So I don’t know if it’s the fasting/weight loss or cutting out alcohol; most likely a combination of the two, but my BP is now not just normal, but ‘optimal’! After just a few weeks, it’s consistently around 100/60. Most doctors are so quick to dole out the pills, instead of suggesting lifestyle changes. In my case, he can keep his tablets💊

    It’s a sunny winter’s day here in Margate, KZN. Currently 19°C, going up to 24° later. Anything under 25° the weathermen describe as ‘cool’ 😳

    Day 11 – Ireland – FD
    Hi all, I’m back on the list today… didn’t do too badly yesterday but another FD today as the latter part of the week is looking busy…
    You are so right @michelinme I do need to take it easy and schedule a weekend of nothing but it’s hard at the moment with lots of ties on my time.. full time work doesn’t help either but it got to be done… 🙄.
    I’m sinusy today but absolutely put this down to increased sugar intake and some alcohol over the past while… cutting it out again from today… it’s not rocket science but it so easy to slip back into bad habits..
    @annemarilyn over the past 10 years one or two of my “friends” showed their true colours in terms of selfishness /self obsessedness and I have pretty much cut ties with them… I have one very good friend who can be quite cutting from time to time even though she is in a caring profession and I plan to tell her the next time that it’s just not on.. but I must do it in the moment rather than let it fester.. they then have no idea what you’re talking about if too much time has passed since the comments were made…so I would say next time you can.. nip it in the bud! None of us need people draining our positivity and energy..as @rabbette says sometimes people can be cruel in a moment or in a disagreement and lots of people have lots going on in their lives but when it affects you negatively on an ongoing basis then it’s time to walk away… there are so many good people out there just waiting to be your friend 😁

    Pocket list for today:

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 11 UK FD

    Another FD. Yesterday was OK but I stumbled into a couple of late sweet treats. I fairly certain it was within my 800 Kcal budget, but a slippery slope I think 🙂

    Horrid day outside. But a shed load of work to do anyway. Poorly calf stopping me running, but that Voltarol gel is like Voodoo! From discomfort yesterday morning to being able to do a full stretch on a foot rocker today is very encouraging. I’m going to row and cycle for a week to keep up the training and start re-introducing the running training next week. I’m quite determined to complete the extremely hilly 20K Round Sheffield Run on the 30th June. Come on calf – heal!!

    Wow @annemarylin , I’m probably not very good at friendship advice, but it looks like you’re doing everything right. I know friends don’t grow on trees but I also think life is too short to waste too much time on people who are hard work / high maintenance. If it’s dragging you downwards put your energy elsewhere. If your friend really wants you as a friend they should adapt and be nicer.

    Adding myself to the…

    Pocket list for today:

    Add yerself… Go on, go on, go on! 🙂

    Day 8, NFD
    Day 9, NFD
    Day 10, FD800
    Day 11, FD500

    At work atm so only a quickie. Will catch up with all the posts later.

    Have a good day everyone!

    Day 11 Melb Aust, CD

    Okay day today. Expecting heavy rain tomorrow, so will probably have soup with lots of vegies as my FD – should be delicious!

    Onward and downwards everyone!

    Day 11 California FD

    Fell into a bag of cheese puffs last night and boy does my stomach hurt this morning! No more cheese puffs for me.

    Very hot here today so not eating should be easy.

    Pocket list for today:

    Day 11 Canton OH WFD 59 hours in…and counting

    First day was tough as usual, I jogged on the elliptical according to my usual routine but was kinda weak and tired all day, and went to bed really early. So far so good today, I can smell food a mile away but I am holding steady with water. There is a cup of black coffee sitting on my desk for moral support.

    @johnnyr congrats on your quickest 5K in 2 years, that is awesome

    @ccco here’s to hoping and enjoy your grandbaby

    @flourbaby successful FD at home? Way to go!!!

    @annemarilyn yay, holding your hand as we water fast together; it’s great to have a buddy. Now about your friend, here’s my theory. Some people are meant to be part of our lives for a very brief time while others are meant to hang with us forever. Life is just too short to try to deal with meanies; it’s the equivalent of having a pebble in the shoe. My time is my most valuable resource and my vacations are gold to me, I cannot imagine spending a single vacation day trying to manage a stressful relationship – so kudos to you.

    It is probably easier to go with “yeah, life is busy” but I would tell her directly how I feel. For example, “When you said this …it made me feel this way… it’s happening more frequently, therefore I am uncomfortable spending time with you”.

    Some people can handle that kind of direct talk, but others cannot. You know her better than we all do, so you probably know how she will react. If you feel there is value in trying to salvage the relationship then go for it, but if you think it would create more strife, then don’t – keep living your beautiful life 🙂

    @matpi thank you for sharing the info about the farmers. I live in OH and I pass through farm country to get my kids to school. The situation sounds horrible, I read that a lot of farmers live on the margins so anything that messes with production can have really significant impacts on them. I hope it works out though, I really hope so.

    Pocket list day 11, here we come

    Day 11, London, UK, NFD.

    Late check-in from me today.

    Did anyone get washed away yesterday???? The torrential 24hr rainstorm did nothing for my mood yesterday, I had to swap my salad for soup ……………………… thanks for the update on your 24° weather @funshipfreddie, I really, truly needed to read about it, no really, I did!!!!

    I’m finding OMAD has become a habit and the dragon isn’t roaring until about 4pm, do I want to have a peppermint tea and ignore him or just break my fast and then have dinner at 6:30-ish???? I don’t want to plateau, but I don’t want to give in to dragon roars when they’re just the whingeing kind, rather than the ‘I’m about to pass-out’ kind!!!

    @basyjames …………………….. WOW; EPIC water fasting!!!! Good Luck!!! I’m at home today too, and it’s sooooo controlled I’m once more patting myself on the back & polishing my halo!!!!

    LOL, @johnnyr ………………………….. Voodoo Volterol …………………………. My bruised coccyx agrees!!!

    Stay strong everyone & keep the faith, this really does work, never doubt that!!!

    @flourbaby: Yes, truly awful weather. Maybe not quite “washed away” here, but grey cold and miserable. It was windy earlier as well, lots of tree bits on the roads when I went to work this morning. Although (as a typical postie) I wore shorts on delivery, I put the HEATING on when I came home!!
    @daffodil2010: You’ve had SUN? Even if only a little….lucky you. Not a glimpse for us! Will tomorrow be any better, I wonder. It’s my day off so not so bothered.
    @annemarilyn: Your toxic friend sounds a nightmare…..I think I would want to distance myself for my own wellbeing. People grow apart, change, maybe it’s time to move on. Good luck, whatever you decide to do. ((hugs)) Be busy elsewhere. xx

    Day 11 UK CD

    Yesterday lunchtime main meal worked well, had some soup & apple at supper time & slept like a log for 9.5hrs! Today out early for bi-annual haircut (!) and then trustees meeting from lunchtime -yay for staff who support dietary preferences! Amazing to be able to swerve the crisps, biscuits, sandwiches in favour of a salad bowl, dark chocolate and clementines 🙂

    Came home via the charity shop and spent a lovely hour browsing, inc chat with staff member who noticed how much weight i’d lost – turns out she’s just started 5:2 and has lost 7kg since Christmas! I came away with two new tops, one size 10 (!!!!) and one size 14 🙂 Two years & 38lbs ago I was just about into a stetchy 18. Nuff good news for one day – quick supper, bath & early bed time as i pace myself through the busy patch.

    Lovely to read posts and catch up…
    Way to go @basyjames and @annemarilyn with your epice WFDs 🙂
    @daffodil2010 nil desperandum – your experience, ideas and learning out loud is always so inspiring – thank you!
    @jaifaim hang in there… sometimes I put QNI into my diary – quiet night in. Useful reminder to actually schedule time out (or in!). And on the diary chart on my wall I colour code the days/activities – green for those which feed & restore me, making sure there’s one green chunk a week x

    For those of you on FDs – good luck / well done / any useful learning points? Onwards & downwards x

    Day 11_ Atl, Ga-USA NFD

    Day 11 – Eastern WA USA – WFD

    @hedwig6 I believe you meant to start a day 11 FD but you put yourself on the end of Day 10. If you start a new day, please note it clearly so you don’t get dropped off 🙂

    I’m at hour 41 of 96 or so, as I write @penz. Yes day 1 is usually the roughest. Got to get the momentum 🙂 . Also, I think I prepared well on Sunday with the LCMPHF food. The iced sparkling water with some flavoured vinegar, helped me over the “dinner” hour yesterday. This morning I put a “little” pink salt under my tongue for electrolytes. I don’t need much. That plus some water and today has felt good. Even made some Strawberry Rhubarb Chia Jam w/o tasting it; just stuck it in the fridge when done 🙂

    @penz – you asked what a Party Trolley was. Here in Spokane, it is a cycle powered trolley that holds 8-16 people for the type of event you want. My friend wants it suitable for her teenage grandkids as well us adults, so there will be different stops than someone hiring it for a Pub crawl. Some of our stops will be historical she says. Each event is customized according to the customer’s desire. I realized this morning that the event isn’t until next Thursday so I’ll be able to finish our our 96 hour WFD just fine hopefully.

    @funshipfreddie – great on those BP numbers. I agree, traditional medicine focuses on meds so quickly. I’m glad you were able to bring things into the “optimal” range through a healthy means.

    @michelinme – What great choices they had available at your meeting! Also, I love how you colour code your schedule so you’re more likely to keep balanced. Excellent idea!

    Thank you @rabbette, @daffodil2010, @jaifaim, @johnnyr, @basyjames, @ciren2, @metatauta and others, for your input regarding my friend issue. I appreciate it. @arelkade – I’m sorry you’re dealing with similar regarding your sister. One difference – she’s family. But even there, there are times for boundaries with them. I have a brother who deals with chronic mental illness plus for a time he mixed his meds with alcohol… he became very nasty. He needed to be held accountable for his actions. I told him I’d be welcome to communications from him when he could be respectful… So there was a season of distance. That is now at a healthy place, and there has been reconciliation.
    I’m processing as to how much energy I want to continue to put into this relationship because friends, in the end, are a choice, whereas family are not. I’m thinking I will msg back that it is mostly due to busyness at the moment. Then if another episode comes up, I can directly confront how she’s coming across. This last weekend I made the decision to go to a hotel so I wouldn’t have to deal with her, as I contemplated the way things have gone in the past rather than a specific thing this time. BTW, I had a truly relaxing time. When I’m with her, even at the ocean that is so therapeutic for me, she can only relax a short while, then wants to go on to shops, and… always wants to do the next thing. I’ve sometimes thought she has attention deficit.. Anyway thanks so much for your thoughts.

    Pocket list day 11, here we come

    Day 11 – Iceland – WFD

    Thank you @at @michelinme @annemarilyn for your kind welcome 🙂
    I am still here, 5th fast day of the month but somehow gained 800g since June 1st… I am not giving up though! Onwards and downwards!

    Day 11 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Doing a couple 16:8 days that are working well. Even lost a couple pounds by DD’s scale. Yeah for that! It might be that I don’t tend to snack as much staying here as I do at home.

    @at — I thought @basyjames had great advice for you. Maybe you just need to be completely honest with her, even if it does end a relationship. It sounds to me like you’ve gone on with other friends anyway?

    Onward and downward.

    Oh and …

    USA! USA USA! 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸
    I think I can boast here that a 13-0 win over Thailand feels good for our FIFA Women!

    Second post 75 hours…and counting since my last meal and I’ve reached the point in my fast where I don’t feel the need to eat.
    I made a lovely BLT salad with chicken and avocado for hubby and was not tempted to partake. I just wish I wasn’t so cold…

    See you in the morning

    Day 12, Canberra, NFD
    Feeling that PFDS (that’s post Fast Day smugness).

    @annemarilyn – I echo @rabbette’s sentiment that you don’t keep rotten apples to bake a pie. I’ve often thought that sometimes cutting the ties of a friendship can be harder than ending an intimate relationship. But the fundamentals – mutual trust and support – still apply. (Sorry I missed your post before my last reply yesterday – I must have been typing while you posted.) Oh and thanks for the explanation of party trolly – sounds fun. (I was thinking of a push cart trolly that old tea ladies used to use – not a tram like vehicle!) Doing well on your 96-er!

    I get a headache esp on FDs if I don’t drink enough water too @arelkade. I go through about 600ml during the night (have a water bottle by my bed) but I’m very bad at drinking enough during daylight hours.

    Hope your allergies improve @matpi. How ironic that your side of the world has too much rain, while much of Australia is in drought. Whether it’s too much water or not enough, it still affects our farmers. Thinking of those in the UK as well who seem to be unable to escape dreary grey weather.

    Good to see you check in @gretta – even if you don’t find the time to post yourself, glad you’re still around.

    Well done on the BP @funshipfreddie. Any avoidance of medication is a good thing in my books esp if you’ve achieved a healthy outcome through nothing easier than mindful eating and drinking.

    That’s quite a way to finish the month @johnnyr but I get the sense your willpower will overcome your calf and you will compete that epic 20k hill run.

    I dream of getting into a size 10 @michelinme. But doesn’t that say a lot about the vagaries of sizing if you ended up with a size 14 top as well.

    @borealis – 5th FD of the month! What a fantastic effort

    Day 11, Rocky Mountains, US, CD

    Late post. Lots going on. Not being able to read all the posts. But I will eventually. I love reading them.
    Did not drink enough today and I am having a headache. Going to bed soon.😴

    Have a good Wednesday everyone! ⚘⚘⚘

    Day 11 Ohio, US — NFD (66 bites)

    The NFD has gone well. Today has been cool and clear, so I’ve been able to get about 13,000 steps in. Quite a contrast from the last couple of weeks.

    @basyjames By chance this morning I came across a recipe for a PLT, the P standing for provolone. It’s like a BLT but with P instead. Apparently you can fry sliced provolone and you get something crispy with a slight smokey taste like bacon. Has anyone ever tried this out?

    @rafiki44 Cheese puffs are so light, one would think that they would collapse down to nothing in the stomach. Instead, I’ve found that they seem to coalesce into a brick that just sits in the stomach. So I can empathize with you!

    @funshipfreddie Good progress on the BP! My BP stays pretty much in the same range, and if I try real hard, like jumping up and down real frenetically, I can get it up to 125. I think MM talks in his 5:2 book about how this WOL really improved his BP readings, so I think that’s one of the great side effects of 5:2.

    Have a great hump day everyone!

    Day 11, VA, USA, O-M-G! NFD, EFS!

    It was a NFD, but jeeeez I didn’t want it to be EFS with snacks!

    I have some tears in my eyes. Because I realized I am a binger! I never really saw it or understood it, but I fell into it today. The good thing tho – I realize I have NOT done a really bad one since February when I started this WOL. But wow to see it and actually FEEEEEEL it. Oh dear how did I ever eat so much! What on earth!

    I didn’t know what I was doing was called binging. I happen to look up that word today and was floored that I fit the description!

    I feel embarrassed and ashamed, but I need to face it or I can’t change it! If the scale pauses, I only have myself to thank. BUT its ok. Realizing it means I can do something about it. Looking up a game plan for next time should I start to feel this happen. Maybe go for a short walk to stop the cycle. Or go look outside at my plants and take a moment to pick the weeds.

    I was going to fast from lunch till the next day after. But I decided since tomorrow is my scheduled FD – I had a broth soup with veggie tonight.

    Presssssing REEEEEEESET!

    Day 12 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Two good FD’s, lost a couple of the easy on/easy off pounds yesterday but no change today. I also put this down to the 30 day shred which I am faithfully keeping up with….building muscle means less weight loss but hopefully leaner body eventually.

    Today is my mid-week NFD and looking forward to it. Nothing to eat until 1.30 lunch and healthy chicken sandwhich, but tonight I plan a portion of lasagne which I made at the weekend…..however it does not have béchamel sauce and does have good protein such as chick peas and spinach….oh my. It’s only 8am and I look forward to it right now!

    Well done @funshipfreddie on the BP readings. Excellent job.

    @annemarilyn I think you have made the right decision re your friend. And way to go you and @basyjames on the epic water fasts. I admire both of you. I once did a two day liquid only and was well pleased, but WFD…?

    @rabette binging….well, now you have owned it, now you can understand it and move on. Was there anything in particular that brought it on? Stick with us here…and yes, reset is the best option.

    @ciren2, @flourbaby, and mother UK forum friends…..well, yesterday I looked at the rainfall radar for these islands and felt really sorry for you guys as there was a huge vortex of rain just spinning across the whole of GB whilst we had sun 😱 Rain has just started here now, but hopefully we have avoided the deluge you guys had. From drought last year to this 🙄

    Have a great Hump Day.

    Day 12 – Reading, UK – CD

    Hi everyone – as always I’m inspired by your posts. I’m having a bit of a rough time getting back to it, though. My mood seems to be all over the place, so a couple of dips have meant I couldn’t get my head around cutting calories. Not like me, but I guess we are all human. Maybe its this cold, horrible weather? So doing the best I can, and glad I’m here to be accountable to you lot. As for relationships – difficult aren’t they? I can relate to all the chat about the problems.

    Day 12 UK FD

    Now then. Some of you need to remember how well you’re doing just trying to tackle the demons we all face food-wise. Be strong and if you fail one day, just pick yourself up and put it behind you.

    I did a good FD yesterday, but worked and worked and did no exercise apart from brain use!

    Down 0.4 Kg since last Friday (yay!). 5 weekday 800kcal or less days is hard, but it works for now. It’s those changes in the density of body fat that are amazing. I will try to maintain a better weight when I get to maintenance level. I’m about 5kg off my lowest weight from a couple of years ago now – I was so close to getting to my healthy weight last time I’m now kicking myself that I let it slide up. It’s so easy to do…

    Good luck all.

    Pocket lust. Oops, I mean Pocket List:


    Day 12, Gloucestershire, UK, NFD:

    Day off today, but also it’s NOT raining! Just dull and grey (again). Had to leave my poor little car in the exhaust and tyre centre today. The exhaust needs the back two-thirds replacing…..more expense! My car IS 18 years old though so can’t complain really.

    Have a good day everyone out there xx

    Day 12, London, UK, FD

    Feeling good this morning, yesterday I prepared a tuna, pearl barley & avocado salad with Greek yoghurt which will be dinner today & tomorrow, I also defrosted & ‘doctored’ some bone broth – mushrooms, peas, onion, for a light late afternoon snack. So the next two FDs are sorted!!

    Busy at work so I’ll catch-up later.

    Stay strong people!!!!

    Day 12 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    I went a bit mad on my NFD yesterday. Not an EFS exactly, but I think I went over my TDEE. EFS?!😅 A new acronym I’ve just learned! Never mind; I just need to be extra mindful over the next two FDs. It would be nice to shift another half-kilo this week.

    @flourbaby – oops? Wasn’t trying to wind you up, but you know how we Brits love to talk about the weather 😉. Going up to 27° today, with a 40% chance of rain after 6pm. Not bad for winter!

    Best wishes to today’s fasters!

    ‘Strive for progress, not perfection’

    Day 12- Atlanta, Ga- USA NFD

    I think I’m in maintenance mode now. I’m down to 183 lbs. Although I’d like to get down to 175 or 180. Im liking what I see though. We’ll see though. Sticking to really CD’s now. Gonna do this for a while and see what happens. Have great day everyone.

    Day 12, UK, NFD

    I hope everyone is having a nice day today, pouring outside so badly it feels like we are back to winter time.

    Scales not too punishing today despite the weekend (went to a festival and there were burgers/icecream/pick&mix involved).

    Healthy food so far today and will even go out for dinner with friend.

    Good luck to todays fasters! x

    Day 12 61.6 hours…and counting since my last meal. Apologies for my last post, my calculations were not correct

    @matpi PLT sandwich? I am intrigued. Hmm, I will have to try it out

    I had to cut my workout short this morning, I felt nauseous and lightheaded. I went home and had some broth; I believe I will stick to walking until I break my fast.

    I also could not chug my water like I usually do, I had the worst cramps and I have been sipping gently all morning. This is all strange and new, I did not experience any of this the last time I did b2b water fasts. Does anybody have any insight into what is going on? Regardless, I am being very mindful and listening to my body. Can’t wait for that burst of energy that I know is around the corner

    @Rabette cut yourself a little slack. Dr. Mosely did say that fasters tend to eat a little too much when they break their fasts. I think we have all done it- isn’t that where EFS comes from? The good thing is that you have identified it, and now you can work towards modifying your behavior

    @johnny R, I think I like the term pocket lust better :) Pocket lust – when you lust after hot pockets, LOL

    aaand the struggle continues….
    Day 12 pocket lust

    make it awesome everyone!!!

    Day 12, Melb Aust FD800

    End of day here, but managed to keep the calories down as needed. After a few days of feeling really pressured, realised the impact that was having on my eating – BAD! CD yesterday helped, and pleased to keep the cals down today. I’ll be interested to see what my weight is doing on Saturday – I know I’m at least 1 kg over my June start weight, but by Saturday, that should have improved.

    @funshipfreddie, well done re the BP – no meds, great!

    @rabbette, sympathise with the binge, but you’ve pressed reset, and that’s important. Just let it be and move on from here (like me!).

    Happy fasting everyone. No point me adding myself to the pocket list, as it’s after 11 p.m. here.

    Day 12 California NFD

    @ciren2 My goal is to keep my car as long as possible. It’s only a youthful 8.5 years old but does have 150,000 miles on it as of today so I probably will not be able to match your 18since my commute is 70 miles round trip. I do talk positively to it as I’m driving in case that helps….

    Day 12, VA, USA, FD

    Feeling better, but I must be all out of wack. So I teach a class at 8:30am, I leave my house at 7:50ish to get there to teach. Well, Oh My goodness where is my brain? I went to bed last night and set my clock to wake me at 8:25am (yes obviously I see that is NOT what I mean now. I meant to set it at 7:25am) however I even woke up a bit before it, but it didn’t register in my brain until I got in the car (which i tend to leave my house around 10of … 8 It didn’t dawn on me till it turned 9:00 in my car. I literally had to pull over because I was so confused. My brain was still trying to figure out what I did.

    I can not believe I did this, I called the place up and let them know, that apparently my brain is not working right b/c I set my clock wrong and just well didn’t realize I had it an hour behind.


    I wonder if it was from the stress of yesterday? Well it gives me time to chat with you guys this morning.

    @penz – ★·.·´¯·.·★ Thank You! ★·.·´¯·.·★.

    I get them from a site called https://coolsymbol.com/text-decoration.html

    @daffodil2010 – The only thing I can think of… is My SO was not feeling well, they were having stomach issues since the night before (My SO is 6ft tall and very lean) so I think I tend to worry when they get ill *actually I guess thats when I tend to eat all the snacks. Hummmm My kitty got ill I ate picked at stuff all day that day to eat. Thanks for asking, I’ll try and keep that tigger in mind (and a game plan to out wit it) maybe drinking broth all day. I would drink tea, but for some reason if I am feeling that kind of stress I don’t want tea. I want something salty.

    @basyjames – I felt nauseous too from WFD usually the I think it was the 3rd day when I woke up. Well I remembered to do the pink salt under the tongue (and I then WANTED water) I was able to drink down an 8oz glass fairly easily and felt much better. Get your salt!

    @johnnyr and @basyjames – Ha pocket LUST!

    @betsylee – Yes reset! I’ll add you to the list and I’ll think about what you said!

    Day 12 pocket lust

    “Don’t regret or fret, just press reset.” – Rabbette

    second post

    @rabette thank you, I will give the salt a try when I get home. I drank some broth this morning and it helped a little.

    Day 12 UK CD

    Just realised I’ve not eaten yet! V tired from yesterday and got stressed preparing for an unexpected skype meeting first thing… which then ran until 1230! Since then been digging through piles of old files trying to put together documents as milestones covering 8 years of work… now surrounded by heaps of paper and not done the things I’d meant to do – including eating!!

    Time to have a little tidy and refocus, stretch & make some late lunch then write up work list, prioritise and schedule. Some things need to get done/out today: imperfect=good enough – including my meal plan!

    However unexpected the things of they day, let’s aim to make good choices x

    Day 12 USA (Utah visiting) NFD

    Good 16:8 day yesterday – maintenance is going very well even while visiting DD. She has banana bread in the oven this morning, though, so likely will have to try her recipe!

    Onward and downward.

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