June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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June 2017 30 Day Challenge

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  • Day 27, Germany, NFD

    Will there be a July challenge? I’ve joined too late for this one.

    Day 27, Gozo Malta, nfd

    See you all on July challenge.

    Have a great evening everyone.

    Day 27 – 2nd Post – FD

    Still nothing to eat since brunch yesterday – 33hrs so far – drinking tea with a dash of skimmed milk and plenty of water since then – saving my glass of home made kefir for as late as I can to help me get a good night sleep!

    So here I am to catch up and get support from this great forum

    @anna6 – have a lovely break in Sicily and enjoy the wonderful food there – Pasta con le sarde (I learnt how to make this wonderful dish there!) – Spaghetti ai ricci as a special treat only (I remember that this used to be v expensive) and there is always room for a Cannolo
    @keetseel – enjoy your trip to LA and I’m sure you will not stray too far from your June goal – see you in the July challenge
    @tlc2 – 🍷you can join us pocket winos but I think we are not the abstinent type 😉
    @coda – nice to see you back here after your short absence
    @taraga – I started practicing yoga about 18mths ago and have found that yoga has been a holistic fitness package: postures, pranayama (breathing techniques) and meditation. The benefits accrued by being a regular practitioner are numerous. Some very discernible ones are: Improves health – Gives mental strength- Improves physical strength – Protection from injury – Detoxifies the body
    @mogaman – good to hear that you are feeling comfortable in your own skin – a wonderful feeling 🤗
    @steve-toon-taxi-driver – Cold and wet here too but I’m hoping to stay strong and see this FD out – I might try out your visualisation techniques……😇
    @cream-tea – Great job since April – 8.4kg GONE
    @hotchoc – holding on tight to you – hope you can see out this FD with me
    @brightonbelle – thank you
    @xrox – ☺️as you have maintained for June
    @lmrenfrey – I’m with you in staying in control for the rest of June after a few rather over indulgent days
    We can do this!
    @flourbaby and @Strawberriesandcream – Thank you – Together we are stronger – let us have a strong finish to the end of this challenge
    @yolina – Thanks, I am glad that my posts have been able to give support and encouragement to others on the WOL. I also gain so much from staying on these challenges – it gives me focus and I’m certain it is one of the key reasons I have been successfully maintaining. So glad you had a fab time celebrating your wedding anniversary 🥂special life events are meant to be enjoyed and celebrated!
    @songbirdme – enjoy your visit with your daughter and granddaughter – precious times
    @basyjames – welcome back from your holidays – sounds like you had a fab time and great that you focused straight back onto this WOL on your return
    @ciren2 – great job on doing a 16:8 day – not doing a FD is OK as I bet your intake was below your TDEE for the day – small daily steps is the way forward “The man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones” Confucius
    @booper-dooper – 💃for your loss – amazing 11lbs gone for June so far! You should be happy 👏
    @okeydokey and @fordprefect – have missed your posts – good to have you back and so glad you have a great holiday

    Reading all the posts and commenting has got me over my “hungry” time – feeling good for now and still holding on to have my glass of kefir as near to bed time as possible!

    “If you focus on results, you will never change.
    If you focus on change, you will get results”
    Jack Dixon

    Day 26 Huntingdon UK NFD – Should have been a FD but was given a step challenge which continues all week but decided that I would get a lot of steps in on a non working day for me . I knew that for 35000 steps I was likely to need more than 500 calories.

    Day 27 Huntingdon UK FD – So had fast day today when I was at work but have managed to achieve 25000 steps off 500 calories.

    Last few days now!

    Day 27 – SW WA USA – NFD

    Congratulations @booper.dooper for doing so well on vacation!

    @songbirdme – I’m with you of not wanting to gain any of the weight back. I’m sitting on a plateau for quite a while, but I don’t want to go back up. Keeping active and mindful seems to be doing it for you.

    This is the last day of the school year for us teachers & vacation begins tomorrow. A friend is heading to my place & we’re planning to head to the ocean for a few days. I’m not sure what the best plan is. The hotel has “free” breakfasts but usually I haven’t been eating breakfasts. I’d like to pre-decide somewhat what my plan will be; somehow to enjoy but not to go crazy.

    Day 27 – NFD

    6,000 calories a day! That’s what my quiz just said Tour de France cyclists burn on an average day’s ride! Another article said more like 8,000 or 1,000 per hour. Whew! According to another source, an average person needs 2,400 per day to live. Why is it that many of us have a TDEE of MUCH less than that? Are we just more honest with what we need to subsist?

    Day 27 – NFD – West Yorkshire UK

    Day 25 NFD
    Day 24 NFD

    Today started ok until I decided to have a blueberry muffin on the train. Lunch was OK had a salad and coming back home I had time so I had a pot of tea and…. chocolate cake!

    So not the best of days but it’s been ages since I’ve eaten like this.

    Tomorrow is another day no guilt no recriminations and sadly I didn’t enjoy the chocolate cake! What’s wrong with me lol.

    Going to a Pilates class for the 1st time tomorrow.

    Hi all uk day 27 nfd
    Still having internet/computer problems and I can’t write all I need with one finger on my phone, it would take too long. I’ll use work computer tomorrow and catch up.
    Had a lovely day at our twins graduation – proud Mum and Dad.
    I still intend to run July’s challenge – unless I have missed another offer but need to speak to @strawberriesandcream re spreadsheet.
    Till tomorrow x

    Day 27 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 83.3 kg
    Day 28 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 83.8 kg

    It is really nice I was added to the pocket fasters! However I did end up breaking my fast at the 24 hour mark. My wife had forgot about my Monday fasting and made a new disk. I didn’t think it would be wise to upset her before our anniversary. Also I’m always telling her fasting is flexible.

    Yesterday we did why too much but the day because complex as my daughter was jumping down stairs and missed. It seems she probably just has some torn muscles in one foot, but she needs to see a doctor this morning.

    I’m finding I have just two states I’m really comfortable in. Fed or fasting, I not comfortable with the partially fed state. If necessary I would rather go to a 4:3 pattern than deal with calorie restriction. While I’ll stop eating when I’m full, I don’t do well with just eating a little and stopping when I’m not full. I also think that the nighttime gives me a huge running start on fasting. I love breakfast, but I can skip without much hunger and if I skip it I can go all day without eating now just fine.

    There have probably been some internal changes that support my fasting. When I started almost a year ago it wasn’t as easy to fast. I may have fasted 30 or 40 times before it became more routine. My first few full day fasts were far from easy. About 15 years ago I remember running into a man at a church service that said he fasted every Wednesday and thought it really helped him in many ways. At the time I thought that was simply crazy. This was in the USA and this man wasn’t fat but he was only slim by US standards. I was easily in the growing overweight headed to obese group. I don’t even remember why he mentioned the fasting, but I actually think it planted a little seed in me that took a long time to grow. Even early last year I kind of started reading Dr. Jason Fung blog because I wanted to internally denounce some of his claims. His style is sometimes a bit over the top, however his content has always been pretty solid. Instead of denouncing I ended up fasting.

    I think I’m just trying to explain why I now fully embrace fasting. I actually have a lot of respect for the people that have enough will power to couple fasting with calorie restriction. I just don’t have that kind of willpower.

    Day 28 FD country West Australia
    have not lost the 2kgs hoped for in June but then didn’t manage it in May, nor April, nor March nor February!!
    It is a stubborn 2kgs I will give it that!! Talk about ‘sticking power’!
    Have a wedding on this Saturday so moving to plan B or even C re attire as had hoped to fit into a dress that I will now not fit into.
    Yesterday had a ‘farewell’ afternoon tea for a carer at my darling mum’s Aged Care facility. Ate a piece of chocolate slice and a piece of cake and didn’t really enjoy either.
    Although I have never really had a sweet tooth, preferring savoury food, I found both these items seemed exceptionally sweet.
    Perhaps my taste is changing?
    Off to do a yogalates/stretching class and then to face the day.
    Good to read everyone’s journeys and to see the wins, losses and plateau inhabiters ‘comme moi!’
    @flourbaby, I too re-read my old posts as am approaching the 5:2 as if starting new.
    It is interesting to see how committed and enthusiastic I was 7 months ago.
    At present it feels like I am still committed but the enthusiasm has been replaced by just hanging around with dogged perseverance .
    Onward we go …

    Day 27 Massachusetts USA NFD @lilymartin I can certainly relate to dogged perseverance!! I’m trying to keep my expectations low for my end of June weigh-in.
    I absolutely know this is the WOL for me. If I’ve lost nothing in June or only a pound, I’m going to do 1000 calories on NFD’s and 400 on FD’s. I can still get enough healthy food into my petite self that way and maybe, just maybe, I’ll get the whoosh effect. I too have weddings this summer and dresses I’d like to fit into. It’s still a mystery why 5/2 worked exactly as described in 2013 for me but this time around the pounds are stubborn. I SO regret letting them creep back in. Never again.

    Day 27- Montreal – FD

    Day 28 * Germany * FD

    Day 24 USA NFD
    Day 25 USA NFD
    Day 26 USA NFD
    Day 27 USA NFD
    Wow! That looks really bad! I have had intentions of getting back to FD but I hasn’t worked out. Need some motivation!

    Thanks for the kind words and support! Hope things are good for you!

    Thanks for the encouraging words. I am looking forward to maintenance. I am only 1 lb. away. How long have you been at it?

    Day 28
    West Midlands UK

    Day 28 UK FD

    Well back from holiday at the beginning of the week… no holds barred I’m afraid while away! Some gain ..But…. now on 3rd day of 5 fast days to undo all…or some of the damage! So hoping for a strong end to the month! Will post end of month results on Saturday and definately signing up for the July challenge! So motivated now to continue and have a good July result. Thanks for all the support…. have a lot of posts to catch up on..

    Day 28 UK NFD

    Messed up yesterday’s fast for the sake of more cheese:~ I hadn’t felt it’s call for a while. Still 1200 calories not a disaster, still below 80 kg which was my modified goal for the month. The trick will be keeping it there through a NFD today as there is no wiggle room left.

    Wet day here, the garden is grateful, it was not looking happy. I get a day to do housework, lucky me:~

    Day 28 UK FD Feeling positive about the 2nd fast of the week, feel guilty about moaning it was too hot last week, horrible grey rainy day here – ah well lots of indoor jobs today

    Day 28, UK, NFD
    B2B went well. 7kg away from ultimate goal. Nwards and downwards.

    Day 27 UK NFD 🌈
    Day 28 UK NFD 🌈

    Day 28 Newcastle UK NFD.
    Well it feels like deja vu it might even be Groundhog Day the amount of rain that’s coming our way this week, wet and grey again 😕 keeping it simple today fruit for dinner curry and rice for tea small portion rhubarb crumble and custard for pudding. Another busy work day which helps keep my mind off food. These months are flying by.
    Keep at 8 people and have a great day whatever you’re doing.

    Day 28, London, UK, FD (2nd of B2B)

    I feel like I need to end June on a roll, hence B2B.

    The scales are being unkind (no surprise there!!) but I’m also feeling incredibly tired and a bit despondent, I’m not getting the ‘high’ I was getting after a FD at the moment, it may be a stress related thing. I’m 3lbs up on where I was 2 weeks ago when I surpassed my June target by 1lb and expected to end the month another couple of lbs down (to make up for Mays’ plateau)…….. Well, red wine and refined carbs have put paid to that dream, so I’m aiming to make my June target at least. I can’t be too disappointed, none of that magically jumped into my mouth, I just forgot to eat/ drink mindfully (for 3 days!!!……I CANNOT believe how quickly that +3lbs happened!!) ………… I think they call that the ‘red wine haze!!!’

    I’m off on my hols in July, but I might hang in here for the 1st couple of weeks and do as much as possible to pre-empt any holiday food guilt!!!!….. by food, of course, I mean wine!!!!!

    Hang in there everyone, nobody said it would be easy, sometimes it just feels that way, other times it’s uphill all the way!!!!!!

    Day 28 Belfast NFD

    @jarbia have a good, guilt free birthday and hopefully your mojo will come back soon.
    @taraga – yoga is good for strength, flexibility, suppleness and also mindfulness. You need a good teacher though. I would recommend giving it a go.
    @lilymartin your ‘yolates’ sounds fun. A bit too far for me to come to the class I think but I’m going to look for a similar type here! I’ve currently swapped yoga for Pilates and loving it.
    @ciren2 – why not just focus on a few 16:8s to get your mojo back? Your post sounds much more upbeat. Good luck!
    Saffy420 – hope your dentist appt went well.
    Enjoy your holiday @redrockgirl302
    @okeydokey – hope you enjoyed your birthday and many congratulations to your DD. Amazing!
    @AnnMarilyn – one of the things I miss in retirement is the last day of term – that feeling of exhaustion, a job well done and looking forward to a new start next academic year!
    @songbirdme that is a conundrum which which I am wrestling. I read that an average woman burns 2000 cals per day. On advice from someone here, I worked out the TDEE for my goal weight which was 1878 or 1760 depending on where you calculate it. When I usually track my cals on MFP I have an allowance of 1560, which I try to stick to, I wonder if I’m not eating eating enough? Maybe that’s why I’ve been stuck on this plateau? Thoughts anyone?
    @flourbaby – From a pocket wino, would you ever think of swapping the red wine for something like gin and slimline tonic, which has less cals? The only downside is that it is too easily drunk. So is white wine, come to that.😬
    @welcome back @coda. Hope you had a great holiday.

    Having a controlled day today and a b2b fast to end the month. Here’s hoping!
    Let’s have a big push to the end of the month. Stay strong everyone!

    Day28/NFD/Perth Australia

    Still enjoying holidaying in Perth. Yes it’s a beautiful city. We’re loving every minute. Pocket winos lots of lovely proseco, real ale… All thoroughly enjoyed. Looking forward to the July challenge. I may need it!

    @booperdooper awesome!

    Day 28 – UK – NFD

    Day 28, Belfast, NFD

    Hubby and I went to a wee music festival down south at the weekend. Had a ball. Great weather…but I didn’t know if my face was tanned or just mucky 🙂

    However, many beers were drunk. I’ll just have to get back on teh FDs. My June target is probably out the wimdow but July is another month and a chance to catch up.

    Hope you are all well.I’ll start a pocket list. Sorry if I’ve missed/added anyone by mistake!

    ****DAY 28*******
    ***!!!!TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!!****

    @flourbaby (2nd of B2B)

    Good luck all!

    PS Meant to be Day 28, Belfast, FD

    day 28 NFD

    No significant weight loss yet. Going to keep going. Looking forward to a July group – hopefully I’ll get the mystical whoosh some time soon

    Have a good day all of you xx

    Day 28…..Florida……FD

    Yesterday, I got side tracked and didn’t post but it was a NFD.

    Ciren….. congrats on the first step.
    Here a little story for you……. a young doctor is ushered into a stadium filled with millions of sick and hurt people. He is told over his life time, he must treat all of these people. The doctor says Wow, I’m not sure, I can do that. There’s to many people!
    A young carpenter is taken in a helicopter and flown over a vast wooded area and told in his life time, he must build enough houses to fill the space. The carpenter says, No, that not right it’s impossible. I’ll never get it done. Both the carpenter and the doctor are sent on their way. Each begins to work, one person at a time, one house at a time. Half way through there life time, the doctor is taken back to the stadium. He was shown the sick and hurt that still remained, disappointed that only half the stadium was being used he said, Ill never be able to treat alll these people. The carpenter is next, taken up in the helicopter shown only half the field is full. The carpenter says oh my I thought I would be farther along than this, I’ve been working hard, at this point I’ll never make it. So, they are sent on there way. The doctor heads back to work, half hearted in his attempt to heal all those people. The carpenter feeling the stress, lays in bed for a couple days. The one of them day in and day out despite their frustration keep at it. Then the time came their lives, the ending. The doctor is taken back to the stadium, its empty! But then he is taken to another area. Where billions of people stand clapping as this doctor helped each and every one them. The man said to the doctor, all you had to do was keep trying, everyday, some days were great others were bad. In the end all that trying,paid off. Next the carpenter, is flown over the wooded area, his beautiful houses are falling down, the trees and grass are taking back their land. See, I knew, I wouldn’t be able to do it. Then the man said to the carpenter, all you had to do was keep trying, everyday, some days would have been great, some would be bad but you will never see the pay off because you quit trying.

    The moral of the story is as long as we are trying, eventually it will lead to the success we wish and dream about. It’s when we stop that trees and grass will take over again.

    Surely, NOT everyone was Kung-fu fighting!

    Day 28, Hampshire, UK – FD

    @at thats the positive way to look at it I guess…

    I’m feeling a little down today, I went to the gym yesterday and worked my ass off like every time. The scales have not shifted much this week, I have managed to loose my holiday weight but it all stopped there, also I know that 69.5-70kg is my plateau weight through years of dieting and I really want to break this plateau barrier. Its that time of the month too and I know it plays with my weight so I am hoping to see more positive results at the end of the week, I just don’t want to fast 3 days a week and just maintain, surely 3 days plus serious exercising 3-4 times a week should shift some weight.

    I know I sound super negative today which is unlike me but I think I am so desperate to drop below 69kgs which doesn’t seem to be happening 🙁

    Chin up…no pain no gain !!!

    Second post, adding my self to the pocket list

    ****DAY 28*******
    ***!!!!TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!!****

    @flourbaby (2nd of B2B)

    On the positive side, gradual weight loss is preferable as it’s safer and easier to maintain. Keep going!

    Day 28 – Cumbria UK – NFD

    I had a lovely short walk in the rain yesterday morning with a couple of good friends, only 6km but at a brisk pace and enjoyed a pot of earl grey tea and a good natter afterwards. This morning I went to my regular Wednesday AM Yoga class – lots of strength and balancing work – feeling energised and positive!

    Still fasting since that brunch on Monday – only consumed 6 x mugs of tea with a dash of skimmed milk, lots and lots of water and 2 x cups of homemade milk kefir since then = under 500cals in 50hrs but amazingly I have no hunger at the moment so planning on fasting until my evening meal tonight – a lovely homemade fish/prawn curry and dhal planned! I’m volunteering this afternoon so will keep busy and should avoid any temptations I hope 😇

    @coda – Thank you for running the July Challenge and welcome back, it sounds like you had a fabulous time during your travels and a great meeting with some cyber friends who are now real friends!

    @fatteacher – My Weight loss story so far:-
    January 2 2015 = BMI: 27.9 Wt: 75kg/165.3lbs (started walking and being more mindful about what I ate)
    January 3 2016 = BMI: 25.6 Wt: 68.8kg/151.7lbs (started 5:2 WOL on my own for health reasons)
    October 30 2016 = BMI: 22.1 Wt: 59.5kg/131.2lbs (had plateaued for 3 months previously so decided to joined the November Challenge – Best decision I ever made! and I have joined every challenge since then!)
    December 7 2016 = BMI: 20.3 Wt: 54.7k/120.6lbs
    June 1 2017 = BMI: 20.1 Wt: 54kg/119lbs
    Health improvement markers since starting this WOL in January 2016:-
    1. Total weight loss = 14.8kg/2st 5lbs, and since reaching target in December 2016 I have maintained that loss!
    2. My Asthma is so much better controlled – using half the dose of my preventer inhaler and not required any treatment inhaler for the past year
    3. My blood cholesterol has improved over the past year as follows:
    – Serum cholesterol down by 1.2mmol/L
    – LDL cholesterol down by 1.14mmol/L
    – Non HDL cholesterol down by 1.08mmol/L
    *I am happy to report that June was my 7th Month in Maintenance 💃but I know that being part of these challenges has been the main reason why I have remained in maintenance as it keeps me focused.

    @flourbaby – we have got you and will be pulling you back on that wagon – You are so much stronger than you think 🤗Think about how far you have come already!
    @onahealthyhigh – keep enjoying your holiday – Perth is a lovely city and the pocket winos are with you Enjoy 🥂
    @bert1802 – great story – so true with this WOL

    3 days counting today left of this June 2017 30 Day Challenge – Let us make it count – TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER

    “Learn from yesterday, live for today, hope for tomorrow” Albert Einstein
    Especially for anyone struggling at the moment “SETBACKS ARE JUST SETUPS FOR COMEBACKS”

    Day 28 Chicago, Illinois USA – NFD

    Day 28 USA-WA NFD

    Day 28, Newcastle UK, ?

    Welcome back from your holidays @mia139, @basyjames, @coda, @okeydokey, @fordprefect and @boober.dooper – and well done on your fantastic result @Booper.dooper.

    Yesterday was disastrous and I gave into temptation (sorry @at – I let go and suspect I’m with @flourbaby on the stress-related theory). The slippery slope was steeper than usual. My quiet confidence from yesterday morning was premature to say the least. So I’m not going to name my day until it’s over (attempting a new psychological trick on my brain) and keeping @bert1802‘s story in mind.

    @paxest – yes – @coda is back from vacation and kindly leading us through July.

    @coda – you’ll see that the shared spreadsheet has been used by some and not others. Only @bert1802 asked me to input data on her behalf. The original still sits in @pissupoosa‘s shared drive. I did notice that when I made a copy for my shared drive – a message came up to say that comments (I take that to be people’s data would not be included in the copy). So I’m guessing you could take a copy and set up July on your own drive?

    All the best to everyone on the final three days of your June journeys.

    So glad to hear there will be a July challenge. I’m new to all this — hope that’s not like crashing a party. My dh & I will be traveling in July and I’ll need the motivation to stay on.

    Day 28 – USA (Utah visiting) – NFD

    Yesterday wasn’t so controlled, but I needed a day of eating right up to TDEE. Daughter’s dance studio had a fundraiser at Chic-Fil-A for supper, so I had their grilled chicken club sandwich which the website says is 430 calories. It was very filling, and I only bummed a few of the girls’ waffle fries! 🙂 They are a real treat.

    @debster251 – you are so right about TDEE issues! Mine, as calculated by MFP, is 1780. Then again, I know I don’t always get 3 days in a week of good exercise, so often I try to eat less than that in a day.

    @at – you are such a wonderful support person for all of us here. Yeah for you!

    @annemarilyn – congrats on making the end of school! I can honestly say I don’t miss teaching since retiring in 2012. I still run into scads of former students around town who make me feel young (they say I haven’t changed at all – ha ha!). We are indeed being mindful in our maintenance.

    @dykask – you are so right about FED or FASTING being the best states of body. I completely agree how hard it is to be anything but those.

    @fatrabbit – cheese is really a staple food for me. Not only do I love it, it’s good for calcium!

    @onahealthyhigh – pocket winos unite! Prosecco sounds delightful, but I do not know it. Will have to find a bottle soon.

    @bert1802 – great tale for all of us who are continually trying. Thanks for the pertinent reminder.

    @xrox – lots of us have noted weight gains after strong workouts. Over time, the scale will follow your body’s use of calories, I am confident.

    Onward and downward, all!

    Day 28 – UK – FD

    Good luck everybody.
    Adding my self to the pocket list today

    ****DAY 28*******
    ***!!!!TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!!****

    @flourbaby (2nd of B2B)

    Day 28 Lancaster, PA USA FD
    154.8 lbs weight
    So glad to be back to this wonderful group! 👏
    Well I’m ready to get on the wagon again…We had an awesome time in Beautiful San Diego, Cali, US ✨
    Ready to let go of the carbs.😊
    We had a great time at the beaches and ocean 🌊 side of sunny California😊We got to see the sea lions, seals and gorgeous sunsets of the beautiful West Coast. So much fun.
    We didn’t have any allergies until we got back to the east, and they are back with vengeance. 😒
    I have my wonderful memories of the beautiful sunny day with the cool breeze from the ocean port of San Diego filled with beautiful Sail boats. The weather is the same there, all year round, gorgeous.✨
    We will continue walking, it is beautiful around our lovely area with the Conestoga River running through our back yard.😊
    booper.dooper @fordprefect and I are having FD’s today!😊

    @strawberriesandcream — thanks! Looking forward to the July challenge.

    Thank you, @coda , for agreeing to run it.

    I already feel less like a party crasher, lol.

    Day 28 USA NFD
    It is my mom’s 70th birthday so I am headed to the small Texas town that I grew up in to celebrate with my family. It is a short one hour and a half drive. I haven’t seen them all in a few months, so I am looking forward to them seeing the change I have gone through. Of course, there will be cooking out and cake, so I am going to be very mindful about what I eat and I must have a fast day tomorrow!
    Thanks for sharing your inspiring story. It is so good to hear of your journey and your maintenance! I am ready to be on that train. The health benefits you have achieved are life-saving! I haven’t weighed today but was only one lb. away yesterday. How did you decide on your goal? I put mine at 125, but wonder if that is low enough. I am 5 feet 3 inches tall and have a small frame but big droopy boobs that I would love to tie up! This is a WOL I can live with!
    I love your doctor, carpenter story. Great lesson and something to think about!
    You have been a great host this month! I am sure it is a hard job! Look at all of the people you have helped! You are like the doctor in Bert’s story.! Keep chugging along. You are headed in the right direction.
    Off to enjoy the day at my childhood home!

    @oneperspective @songbirdme thank you for the motivating advice, it really helpful on days like this…

    I hope to see some results next month, I’ve got myself in the mindset for the July Challenge!!

    Day 28 Massachusetts USA NFD @coda Thanks for hosting and please include me in July challenge – my journey must continue. This day is just starting. I had an ample hot breakfast and we’ll be out for dinner so I’ll probably skip lunch to stay at TDEE. Thanks to all for helping me stay accountable to myself and to my fellow travelers.

    Day 28 – SW WA USA – FD

    Yes, @debster251 & @songbirdme, there are pros and cons to still working. I ended the year strong so have agreed to another year. I’m taking it one year at a time.
    A retired teacher friend is headed my way later today so will keep my FD calories for a meal with her. We’ve got plans to head to the ocean for a few days; a good start to summer vacation.

    @at thanks for reviewing your journey. I hadn’t realized that you too had a significant plateau but continued on to success. That’s encouraging.

    @strawberriesandcream – I think your posted “I am not a product of my circumstances. I am a product of my decisions” Stephen Covey. I’m taking that into my summer stretch which is a more unstructured time.

    @bert1802 – thank you for the lesson of your story!

    Yes, so glad that together we are stronger!

    ****DAY 28*******
    ***!!!!TOGETHER WE ARE STRONGER!!!****

    @flourbaby (2nd of B2B)

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