July 2021 Challenge

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  • Day 19 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    @high5 – I hear you. I love chocolate and cake and the NFDs can sometimes get out control. I just keep reminding myself how much better I feel when I’m lighter. I love the quote @at has on her posts and it often keeps me going 😊

    Today I’m off for a long walk along the Fundy coast and will hopefully find some beach glass on my travels.

    Take care all.

    Day 20, FD, Aus

    No, not doing B2B FDs but trying again today for a successful one. Yesterday was a blowout, ending up with wine. There was a bottle already opened from the weekend, and hey, what’s a girl to do?

    The wedding location looks divine, @stitchincarol. Just gorgeous scenery and I love the pic of the bridal pair on the chair lift.

    Well done @missybear! Doing a FD like that must really lift the mood!

    See you on the pocket list today @flourbaby.

    Day 20 CD country west Australia
    Oh it is SO good to be back !!!! 😁😁😁
    Thank you to all for the welcome back.💐
    We seem to be quite a lot fewer in numbers. 🤔 Have a lot been like me MIA ? 😲On holiday?🏊‍♀️
    This forum is what really keeps me on track.👏👏
    To clarify my ‘ lowest weight’ – it is the lowest I have been for a few years but FARRRRR 🙄from the lowest I was in 2017 when doing 5:2 as I have started again now……..
    @daffodil2010, I too found the NFDs the hardest. 🙁
    FDs I now have down pat but NFDs…. 😵 That is why I use my trusty old pal MFP because I was always woefully underestimating what I was eating. 😳😳
    500 calories on a FD are not a lot more than a couple of cups of tea, a naked salad ( no dressing) , a little fish or whatever. 🥗
    800 calories is somewhat more but I STILL have to watch those damn calories like a hawk or before I know it a FD has become an EFS day !!!! 😱😱
    @at I do like your saying about … being where I was when I started ‘and I do hold on to that.
    Hoping to lose 2 kgs before the end of July.
    I have had to reduce my somewhat loftier goals from previous years because as many on here have found age makes it all that m much harder…..
    Have a good day all.

    Day 20 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD

    It’s so warm, not complaining, but despite windows open, fans on, one cotton sheet and not much else, it was so warm that sleep was elusive and I had that 2am insomnia thing going on. But tired now BUT fired up for my FD as the heat does make eating not as attractive ☺️

    The insomnia may also have been induced by the fact that I created a “fatal error” on one of my applications and IT still hadn’t looked at it by the time I left. It might cause a fuss today, working in Financial Services often means timing is critical for some processes. Oh well, in this job I am low on the food chain so I will put my hand up but not going to stress. It’s IT’s job to fix it anyway 👍

    It’s a ZBC then a mackerel salad for lunch then spinach soup for dinner. Must do my MFP now.

    I will start the pocket list for Day 20 with all those who voiced their intentions

    Together We Are Stronger

    Day 20 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @lilymartin – it IS good to be back. I was MIA for 10 months until recently.

    @flourbaby – 24?! That’s very old for a cat! And I agree, they really do make everything seem okay. They’re so content with so little. I never get tired of watching her clean her paws and face; it fascinates me. But she insists on using my arm as a pillow when she’s on the sofa, like right now when I’m trying to type 🙄 I’m not even sure how old Boo Boo is; around 7 I think. I’m her 3rd owner. She actually adopted Tony, her previous owner. When she showed up she wasn’t even fully-grown. She was wearing her little tag with her name on it, & a phone number. Tony called her original owner a couple of times, who just said, ‘yeah, she likes to wander. She’ll come home when she’s ready’. But she decided she was already home.

    @penz – better luck today. You’re not alone!

    @missybear – grumpy Monday FDs! I’m the same, & I don’t even have to get up for work?! Sundays FDs seem so much easier for some reason, if I don’t have to be sociable. Anyway, you cracked it!

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏
    Together We Are Stronger

    Day 20, London, UK, FD,

    Yesterday wasn’t as good a NFD as I had hoped, I had news that the buyers for my flat are pulling ou!!!😭🤬😭 I’m sooo upset, I only signed the contract on Sunday!!! I hope it’s just cold feet for them and they come to their senses!!! Anyway, I consoled myself with a bottle of Malbec, well ¾ of it anyway!!! I’m a little worse for wear this morning🥴 & functioning at ½ speed!!! Anyway, I can’t do anything now except hope & pray they don’t want to lose the £££ they’ve already spent!🙏🙏

    @funshipfreddie, yes I think the record is somewhere around 24/25!! I’m not sure if you know the choosy cat-food advert with the white Persian from the ‘80s? Well, that wasn’t her🤣🤣 …………..that was actually her mother. It still hurts my heart when I think about her passing, my 1st meaningful loss really.

    So, today I’ll suffer in the heat with a sore head, stuck in the office staring at a monitor!! I’m truly feeling sorry for myself, I’m blaming everyone else including the unrelenting sun for my grumpiness😠, the sore head is all mine though!!!😁

    Thanks for sticking me on the pocket list @daffodil2010, I’m gonna need the support today, as if the wine wasn’t far enough ‘off-plan’, I also just happened, by chance to pick up an enormous bag of wine-gums!!! Uurgh😩 the struggle will be immense!!!

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏
    Together We Are Stronger

    You can find inspiration from others, but determination is solely your responsibility.

    Day 20 – Canada 🇨🇦 – NFD

    Didn’t do too well yesterday but walked a lot so hopefully that helps. Today I’m having my mom and her friend over for tea (carrot cake and hello dolly bars will be served, yum) so I expect it will not be a low cal day. Oh well, there’s always tomorrow.

    @lilymartin – wow, 2 kgs by the end of the month, I’m in awe. When I get my mojo back I’ll be lucky if I can drop a single pound!
    @flourbaby – sorry to hear your buyers pulled out, fingers crossed they come to their senses. Bright sun and a bad head, deadly combo, I commiserate. 😞
    @funshipfreddie – I too love watching my ginger cat wash his face and paws, better than meditating.

    Take care all.

    Day 17 – Ireland – EFS
    Day 18 – EFS
    DAY 19 – NFD
    DAY 20 – FD

    Oh my goodness… I can’t even tell you how many lbs I’m up … but between good times and change to medication (maybe)… I’ve weighed and got a shock… 😬
    So…. Time to reign things in and get more active.. swam this morning… glorious! There were fish in the water… I’m not sure what that means… but was interesting!
    Cycling tonight and will try to make good choices ..
    I don’t have time to catch up on posts but will do so later… I hope you are all well … I have to do some work… very distracted by sunny thoughts ☀️
    I had the best time with friends this weekend in tropical weather. 🌸♥️
    Feeling very blessed!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 20 Pocket List

    Day 20 – USA/GA – NFD

    Weigh-in: 221 lbs. Next FD on Thursday. So busy at work. I didn’t realize it until I returned that evening, but my mom was suffering with a severe bout of diverticulitis yesterday; she kept calling the doctor but they never returned her calls! I urged her to get treatment today, even if she needed to go to Urgent Care. I suspect the severe pain and chills means she has a small infection. My father will probably drive her down sometime today. Overnight, my best friend in California texted me and said he has fluid on his brain and the doctors suspect it’s early onset dementia. He’ll have an MRI on Thursday and talk to the doctor on Friday.

    I can see this is going to be an emotionally draining week, so I have to remember not to take it out on comfort food on my NFDs.

    Good luck to those on the pocket list today!!

    Day 20 – UK – FD800

    Goodness me another scorcher of a day 🥵 was planning on a local walk but decided it was too hot – so went to visit a friend who has been poorly and then a birthday visit to another friend to take her a card and some flowers – lovely to catch up with both then retreated to my garden and sat in thee shade to enjoy a late brunch of avocado on sourdough toast 😋 with a cup of Earl Grey tea ☕️

    Planning to keeping to my 3rd B2B FD800 today 🤞 so drinking plenty of water, the hot weather certainly helps with that and as it also reduces my appetite I should be able to stay on track with my FD.

    @high5 – I find multiple B2B FD800 are much easier to do than 500 ones – I divide my calories into Brunch and an evening meal with plenty of water drunk in between and this hot weather makes it easier
    @daffodil2010 – our posts crossed yesterday – I do hope that the self inflicted headache eased as the day went on and that work was not too stressful – a bit mean of the boss not to overlap with your return from sick leave to support you 🤗
    @funshipfreddie – I do hope that your country/province settles soon and that getting access to provisions becomes a bit easier
    @gkw – hope your impromptu FD yesterday was successful – they are often the best ones!
    @northgeorgia – do continue to battle your way to the 210s – good things comes to all who wait – try to keep some control of your NFDs where possible
    @stitchincarol – that wedding venue looks fab and I’m sure will create some wonderful memories for the happy couple 👩‍❤️‍👨 Luckily for me the fruit was already there when we bought the house so I’m the happy recipient of rhubarb, blackberries, green gooseberries and some wild strawberries as well
    @dvw and @lilymartin – glad that my quote resonates with you both and offers you some motivation x
    @flourbaby – oh that is so annoying about your buyer – let us hope that they reconsider and go ahead with the buy🤞 and it sounds like you’re not on your own suffering from an overindulgence of 🍷🍷yesterday 😈 and wishing you strength on ignoring those wine gums today 😇
    @northgeorgia – hope your mum’s diverticulitis flare up is not a severe one requiring a hospital stay 🤞

    Pocket List – Day 20 🍏
    Together We Are Stronger

    A HIP class booked for 5pm – it will be a hot one but I will endure……and survive it no doubt 🤣

    Now off to top up my water bottle……must keep drinking that water…….

    Day 20 – Lake district UK -FD

    Good afternoon everyone

    Late on parade today, what an excellent day yesterday, the early afternoon ship naming party was fun, friends round, bottles of bubbles for the lasses, beers for us guys! Followed by lots of munchies for all, plenty of laughter all round.
    Evening round at another friends for her birthday, more bubbles and beer, plus plenty more laughter, really good fun.

    @daffodil2010 – thanks for putting me on todays pocket list.

    Very hot again here, drinking gallons of water (beer free zone today) busy morning but heading out into the garden for a quiet afternoon in the shade!

    Take care all

    Thank you for asking @at, the impromptu fast went well! Ended up eating a massive plate of sauteed broccoli and green beans with a bit of minced beef & tofu Korean style stir fry and a mug each of tea and coffee with a couple of tablespoons of semi skimmed milk. I think I might have gone slightly over the 500 calories but not massively. I would count it as a successful fast.

    @flourbaby and @northgeorgia, thinking of you both today. Sorry to hear your news, hopefully things will take a better turn for you and your loved ones very soon.

    Coming to think of it, I might try some back to back FD800 for 4 days and see how they go, maybe will pick a week later. I haven’t done FD800 before. How do you find it, compared to 5:2?

    Exercise wise, I am continuing with Barrecore, 3-4 times a week. I like being able to do classes online, travelling to and from a gym for a 45 minute class doesn’t make much sense to me. In fact I’m tempted to look up other types of fitness classes online. Does anyone work out this way?

    Day 20 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    Just lost a post! Hot fingers on a little phone keyboard. Phew this heat is extreme 🥵 and just not used to it in Wales. It is good for dulling the appetite and I’m having no problem drinking buckets of water.

    @flourbaby considering the terrible news you had I think you showed restraint in not finishing the bottle! Hope you’re feeling better and 🤞for better news soon on your property sale 🤗

    @northgeorgia bad news for you too, sorry to hear about your mum and friend having health issues. Worrying times certainly test our resolve 🤗

    Loving the cat chatter. Our home is ruled by our adorable 17 year old 😻 she has slowed down but still lets us know who is boss 🐈

    I am going to spend the afternoon doing nothing more energetic than reading my book in the shady side of the garden. Have a good day everyone and stay strong Tuesday fasters 😎

    Day 20 – On I-80 in central Nebraska- CD

    The beauty of traveling is that there’s no kitchen nearby! 😂 I ended up not fasting yesterday, but wasn’t over 1200, and maybe not over 1000. I also got 10K steps (thanks in part to mowing the lawn in the morning), and burned a bit over 2000 calories, so I’m feeling reasonably virtuous this morning. 😇

    @flourbaby, SO sorry to hear your buyers are pulling out! I too hope they come to their senses and recommit.

    @northgeorgia What a heartbreaking diagnosis that is. I’d say I hope the doctors are wrong, but fluid on the brain can’t have ANY “good” diagnosis, so I’m at a loss for words. Do keep us posted.

    We left home just before nine last evening (after a meeting I had to lead) and drove until just after eleven. That head start means we’ll get to Colorado Springs between one and two, and to our daughter’s home in the mountains by four. So excited to see them again!

    Day 20 Canada FD

    Yup it is a much needed FD for me. It is so smokey here it is hard to breath, not the summer everyone was looking forward to as we open up again. Now off to work!

    Day 20 UK NFD

    So sorry @flourbaby and @northgeorgia thinking of you both

    @gkw I used to be an avid gym goer, since lockdown I’ve been using you tube Leslie Sansome for the walking and Live Fit Girl for Pilates are my faves , not sure I’ll ever go back to the gym ?

    Have a good day all

    @brightonbelle, I’m getting back to exercising after years of not doing any! I like the idea of going to the gym especially the classes, but the gyms that I like are quite far, by car or by Tube. Also the monthly membership are expensive. Knowing that I don’t want to make a trip and back for a single class (and having to do that several times a week), it is better I find something online that I like to do. This way it is sustainable, a bit like our fasting. Only those that we can incorporate into our lifestyle we will keep going. And I do intend to keep going with the fasting and exercising as a lifestyle choice. I have forgotten the wonderful feeling after completing a class, I’m glad I’ve rediscovered it and by chance too! If it wasn’t for a recent Zumba class with some dogwalking friends, I wouldn’t have looked up other classes.

    Day 20 USA FD

    Thanks for adding me to the pocket list, @funshipfreddie – I appreciate it!
    @flourbaby – Very sorry for your news about your prospective buyers. I hope someone else comes along with an offer very soon.
    @dvw – a walk through the Bay of Fundy…..How beautiful! You are lucky to have that area to “play” in!
    @northgeorgia – I hope your mom gets treatment….diverticulitis is very painful and can be hard to recover from if not treated early. I’m sorry to hear about your friend. It’s early days so maybe they will discover a different cause for the fluid, one that is treatable.

    It sounds like heat is everywhere in the northern Hemisphere! Water restrictions are popping up all over our state. I’m looking forward to Autumn already!

    @stitchincarol – Enjoy Colorado Springs! I love it there!

    Must sign off….Eldest DGD is playing softball tonight, live streaming, as they are in State tournament playoffs. We are very excited to be able to watch from an entire state away.

    Day 20 OMAD London

    Regarding exercise, in lockdown I’ve tried to do a minimum of 8,000 steps a day. Some days I do a lot more, and occasionally less. My sister recently recommended online yoga classes for around £20 a month which seemed good value, but I’ve done three now and boy, is yoga boring. Each hour lasts for about a month. But, I’ve worked out a way to cheat the system… I log into the zoom class, turn my camera off, put my Ibiza music on my headphones, and using the yoga tutor as a guide, I dance to ibiza music for an hour, which is fun!!! I guess you just have to find what worlds for you. 😳

    Works, not worlds.

    Day 21, OMAD? Aus

    Still here, still haven’t done a FD this week. But!! Today the sun is shining and the sky is blue. Yes, it might only be reaching a top of 11 degrees today but my mood is so much lighter and positive. I am one of those people who really suffer once it’s been grey and miserable for more than 3 days in a row.

    Sorry to hear about those pesky buyers, FlourBaby, but cross fingers it’s for a good reason and an even higher buyer comes along RIGHT NOW!

    Thinking of you and your loved ones @northgeorgia.

    Day 21 – UK – FD 800

    Another hot and sunny day here in Cumbria – logging on early for accountability – aiming for my 4th B2B FD800 – been going well so far, I think the heat has helped to dull my appetite as well as drinking around 3L of water a day…..

    I’m in the process of making Nathan Outlaws Elderflower custard tart with poached gooseberries – I cleaned and poached my gooseberries yesterday and will make the tart base when I get back home later this afternoon …..interestingly the recipe says that it’s easier to make a larger quantity of pastry than you need and it freezes well, so he has given enough here to make two tarts!

    I have my regular 90 mins Yoga class at 1030 this morning which today will be followed by coffee/cake (homemade by our teacher 😋 – will I indulge and account for the cake out of my 800cals 🤔) as it’s the end of the current block of classes

    We have a volunteer meeting early this afternoon to discuss the way forward, this will be followed by a drop in session for our regular “Evergreen” group for a cup of tea, biscuits and a chance to catch up and chat

    Happy Wednesday to all and enjoy your day ☺️

    Day 21 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Phew, it’s now officially a heatwave here in Ireland…..our Met Office calls it when we have had 5 consecutive days in a row at average 25C……the last time this happened was 2018….. So a very irregular occurrence in Ireland but won’t complain 👍

    The FD really helped me sleep better too…..that cold feeling that we complain about in Winter is a Godsend with hot nighttime temps, and I slept all the way through and even felt chilly once I awoke.

    My DH did try to persuade me on a fish and chip supper but I dissuaded him by saying “let’s do it tomorrow”, and now it’s tomorrow and DH feels so much better for not having the heavy carbs, so we are not having fish and chips tonight…..that wait till tomorrow really works 😄

    Stressful in work but just due to all the IT issues but they are getting resolved and we are getting through it. I am so happy to be back to normal.

    @flourbaby Oh you poor thing, how dare those buyers pull out. Kudos to not finishing the Malbec, wouldn’t have happened in my house! Wishing you the best that it’s resolved soon
    @northgeorgia prayers that you get through this overwhelming time and your Mother gets looked after
    @gkw I too found Leslie Sansone during lockdown and now I doubt I will ever darken a gyms door agai. I like the comfort of my own home thing now. I do enjoy Zumba though….I could easily do that like @EmmaTaylor

    @funshipfreddie so cute about BooBoo, love that story. Oh and @flourbaby, I remember that ad in the 80’s, so Misty must have been a beauty. My cat, Missie, well her Mom was a prizewinning show cat, who wandered out onto easy street, met a handsome stranger, litter of kittens to show for it. 😆 My Missie is a gorgeous looking cat 😍

    Have a great Wednesday hump day. 🐪

    Day 21 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    The hot weather continues, glut of tomatoes in the greenhouse, thai basil growing like weeds! So lots of home made basil pesto and various tomato sauces, brilliant stuff.
    Drinking loads of water with the heat, so not hungry.

    Take care all

    Day 21 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    @at – all good here now, thanks! The shops don’t appear to be lacking anything, our Covid vaccination program is back on, & the cops are still making plenty of arrests & recovering a LOT of stolen goods.

    @emma-taylor – it doesn’t sound like you’re going to be hooked on yoga any time soon! 😅

    @daffodil2010 – 25C?! We have a word for that in Durban – winter!😜 Although it dropped to a very chilly 8C last night, & I had to sleep with socks on.

    Another FD successfully completed, & a slight drop on the scales. I’m just 0.8kgs away from my goal this month

    Happy Hump Day!🐫

    Day 21, London, UK, NFD,

    Thanks for the commiseration regarding my ‘buyers😡’, I met with them yesterday evening to try to assuage some of their fears, everyone I told forewarned me not to say too much ……………………. Moi???
    Anyway, I may have rambled a bit too much, maybe revealed too much, maybe showed my keenness a bit too much, what can I say?? ……………… Erm; obviously too much🤣🤣
    So, everything is crossed and I’ll need some ‘buy, buy, buy’ vibes sent to the young couple (they looked like teenagers, or perhaps I’m thinking like an old lady, nearing 50😳!!)

    @emma-taylor, I love it rave music & yoga!!! I see you!!!

    @penz, the wagon awaits, DO NOT let it get too far away from you, it gets harder and harder to chase that sucker down & jump onboard!!!😂 Think of that weather as a typical English summer temperature!!! As my smug colleague pointed out recently, they don’t call it ‘under the weather’ for nothing😁

    So, yesterday turned into a WFD, too hot for tea or coffee at work, I was aiming for OMAD anyway so there was nothing to eat at work, then got the call about the appointment, so went straight there after work and finished with them just before 8, so by the time I got home it was too late to eat and as you all know, if we delay, delay, delay that 1st morsel of food the hunger passes. Well after 24hrs delay, the hunger just deserted me!!!🤸‍♀️🤸‍♀️

    @daffodil2010, same for me, I was a bit chilly last night, but at least that’s preferable to slipping & sliding in a pool of sweat!!!……………..Nice!!🤢 Yes my Misty was a cutey, ½ Persian, but unlike her mother, full black, with a white bib😻😻 ………………… I need these buyers to go ahead, if only so I can get a garden …………………. & a CAT!!!!!

    Oooh @funshipfreddie …………….. The humour of the Southern Hemispherites!!! And you being a native of this green & pleasant (not to mention often wet & cold) land!!!!!🤣🤣

    So feeling positively saintly😇 after a WFD, but I WILL NOT cock it up by eating 2 days worth of food …………………… Yes I know, we’ve ALL done that!!!!😏🙄😋😋😋

    Stay strong everyone, this really isn’t that hard, we just need to extract that finger!!!!!

    Day 21 UK NFD

    Ha ha that did make me laugh @emma-taylor I love yoga but think you have to find the right teacher and you definitely have to be in the right mood for it but boogeying sounds a good substitute

    Happy 🐫 day all

    Pleased to hear things are improving @funshipfreddie

    Day 21 – Ireland – CD

    I’m so enjoying this weather… busy day yesterday… swim, work, lunch catch up, work, cycle, swim catch up …. Love it!!! Spurred on to get out about as feeling like a pudding after weeks of indulgence 😬.
    Oh if only we could have more of this weather but will take what I can get and benefit as much as I can ☀️.

    I’m with you @brightonbelle I’m thinking that gyms are not for me now… must get back to home /garden workouts and maybe some Leslie too 🚶‍♀️
    And @emmataylor I struggle with yoga too… but I actually really want to like it…. I’m very bad at sitting still but reading @missybears plans for reading in the garden makes me really want to stop and chill… 🧘‍♀️
    So sorry to hear that your buyers pulled out @flourbaby! I hope for you that they change their minds 🤞. You have a fab attitude though and hopefully everything will work out well for you!
    @i-hate-lettuce your day sounds like a lot of fun!!
    @at I am salivating at the thought I’d your gooseberry tart 😋
    @bellyblast I assume you have forest fires? We have gorse fires here which have been raging for over two weeks… it’s such a shame when people want to get out and about…
    @northerndawn good luck to your DGD.. I played a lot of softball 🥎 in France.. I loved it!!! Great memories..
    hope work is ok @daffodil2010 and well done on swerving the chippy!!!

    Have a great day everybody!

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 21 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning everybody. Nice to see all your posts. The next few days I’m aiming for FD500, FD800, FD500. I need to shake things up and get my mojo working again. It looks like my tennis game will be rained out today so I may resort to Leslie.

    I laughed out loud when I read your post @emma Taylor. I wish I liked yoga, in theory it’s great but in practice not so much, for me. I’ve joined multiple classes and actually went to a couple of week long yoga holidays but it’s never been my thing. Maybe Zumba!

    @northgeorgia – sorry to hear about your friend and mom.

    @penz – good to hear the sun is shining ☀️ Have a great day!

    @daffodil2010 – goodness, that is warm for Ireland. It must be so odd not to need a sweater in the evening 😊 I think our summers are similar.

    @northerndawn – enjoy the softball game, so nice you’re able to see it.

    Take care all.

    Day 21 Pocket list
    @at FD800

    Day 21 – USA/GA – NFD

    Today’s weigh-in: 223 lbs. Thank you for your concern! My mom was able to go in to the doctor’s office yesterday, and they gave her two antibiotics to start right away. One she must take twice a day and the other three times a day, both for about a week to a week and a half. I’m hoping she starts feeling somewhat better by the end of the day today. I’ll call up my friend this weekend after he meets with the doctor on Friday. I need to find some time we can meet up for a visit.

    Thankfully, the rest of the dinner was pretty uneventful. I guess Buzz was very hungry. We were to be dressed and at the community center at 9 a.m. to do a final practice run and check of the set-up. As we drove back to the hotel, Wes checks his social media accounts and Lola calls up one of her friends for a chat. We’re all together, but completely alone in our thoughts. What has happened? It seems that Wes is settling into the idea while I’m questioning why we’re wasting our time doing this. After all, it IS our vacation, isn’t it? It’s funny how a day or two can seem like months on end on a plateau…

    “Still,” I think to myself as I turn into the parking lot, “it has been an incredible journey, and soon we will have enjoyed this little event before we move on to a new adventure.” Well, might as well stay positive. What’s the alternative — to get lost in the Overlook or go home in frustration? Neither of those sound fun at all. Better to see this through and enjoy the moments instead.

    “I hear you thinking,” said Wes. “I’m hoping Buzz doesn’t ruin tomorrow, too.”

    “Oh yeah,” I say, feeling a little disoriented. “I’m sure it will turn out fine.”

    Lola says good-bye to her friend and hangs up as we enter the elevator.

    Good luck to those on the pocket list today!

    Day 21 Canada NFD
    A great FD yesterday, finally!
    Off to work and will break my fast late morning.
    Have a great day everyone 😊

    Day 21 USA – NFD

    Just wanted to say I am still around, still at maintenance, and taking it easy this summer. DH got his 2nd Pfizer jab, and it has hit him pretty hard. Hopefully once he is out of bed this morning he will find today better than yesterday.

    Sending best wishes to you all –

    Onward and downward.

    Day 21 Minnesota, USA FD

    Yesterday ended in a TDEE so today a FD, and trying to stay under 500. It’s getting close to 4 pm and I’ve only had one string cheese. I spent a terribly long and frustrating 2 hours on the phone to insurance claims, Doctor’s billing office, etc this morning. Someone didn’t code the visit that I had over a month ago in the correct way, and so no claim has been processed until resubmitted. The problem is that no one seems to know what is needed. Ugh!
    DGD’s team won their quarter finals for State Tournament in Girl’s softball last night, and so they play semi-finals tonight. We are so excited to watch! Fingers crossed they take the state championship in the next couple days! What a great way to end her senior year of high school.
    @bellyblast – We are in a dark haze here from all the wildfire smoke coming down from Canada. We’ve been warned not to go outside if doing strenuous activity or if one has asthma or an underlying health condition. It must be that much more terrible up there where you are! Stay safe and healthy.
    @daffodil2010 – I think heat must be so relative…..25 C (77 F) sounds very nice to me. It will continue above 90F (32C) for the next week or so, and we are landlocked with very little breeze and lots of humidity. Not fun.
    @emma-taylor – I laughed out loud when I read your post as well. I like yoga for about 20 minutes, and it feels good to stretch out, but I agree the mind tends to wander after that, and I also get a bit bored.
    @penz – Enjoy your sunshine!
    @dvw – Good luck on your 3 FDs in a row! I may join you in at least two of them.
    @songbirdme – I bet your DH will feel better by tomorrow. I hope so! I’m glad you checked in.

    Good luck to all.

    @northerndawn – congratulations to you GDs softball team! Sure hope they win the championship! Our #2 DGD’s water polo team won Illinois State last month. They were SO elated! She plays goalie and is still hoping to play collegiate level water polo.

    Day 22, ??, Aus

    Another day of sunshine which is balm for my soul and mood. I did successfully complete a OMAD yesterday. I’m going to play today by ear – if I do another OMAD that would be good.

    Feeling very smug: I got told last night at agility training that my dog is ready to start competing! Having done dog sports before I know it’s a huge leap from a successful training run, to doing the same in the ring with all the new distractions and noises, but I’m keen to get started. It might take him a few comps to settle in (he’s an anxious, sensitive soul) but I’m so proud of him.

    Well done @daffodil2010 in dodging that fish and chips. OH’s relief the next day is good reinforcement.

    Good news @funshipfreddie.

    Thanks for the pep talk @flourbaby. I might revisit your post later today if the hunger dragon calls. OH is planning lamb chops for dinner, so if I hang out til then I can have B2B OMAD and feel like I’m getting comfortable on that wagon again.

    Ha ha @northgeorgia. As you head to the 20-teens I am wondering whether Wes, Lola and co will have to fall in with some teenagers and what kind of adventures they’ll have.

    Day 22. NFD. U.K. holidays !

    I fasted on Monday and Wednesday of this week but I really have not had a chance to log in and catch up with everybody this week.

    I’m still plateauing at exactly 8 st 10.4 …. It’s weird how I can weigh this EXACTLY every time I step on scales. I’ve had to check they’re nit broken multiple times!!!

    I’m off now but will probably be able to fast next Monday and Wednesday but other than that I am going to be on holiday doing some EFS probably!!

    @jaifaim – your post made me LOL !!!!
    I’m going to follow your lead and list out any EFS days in future!

    Yes @dvw – carbs are def my weakness!! 🍰🧁🍥

    Catch you all next week 😘

    Day 22 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – FD/CD

    Either an FD800 or controlled – will see how it goes. I have had a light breakfast of blueberries and kefir with a smidge of walnuts as I needed a pep of energy. Loving the heatwave but it does zap energy with all the humidity.

    I know it’s all relative, our normal summer nice temperature is probably 16 to 18c, hey if it’s sunny the young ‘uns will be out in their shorts at 12C 😀 , but yes, @dvw it is so great (and unusual) not to put on socks and sweaters when sitting out at night 👍

    My sister in The Hamptons reports “nice” temp of 27C yesterday but they expect normal in the 30’s as the day goes on. But she is Irish after all so it’s still excitement with the weather 😆

    @jaifaim how lovely to be able to swim twice daily. Fab times. I have another sister out around your parish (no idea where you live but I can guess) and she sent photos of loads of people still swimming in the dusk light the other night. It looked like San Sebastien, not Ireland.

    @funshipfreddie I was thinking about that restriction of only being able to buy 20 items, I would have a real problem prioritising, eh, does 1 bottle of wine equate to 1 item 🍷? Good to hear things getting back to normal.

    @flourbaby hope you get that flat sale sorted soon. Missie is 24/7 out the garden in this weather, hope one day soon you can get a garden and a ball of fluff cat to go with

    Work is mental right now – combination of two new people who need support, me trying to catch up after 4 weeks plus answer all their questions, IT issues, no manager….not to mention the actual workload! I will keep calm and carry on

    Have a great Thursday.

    Day 22, London, UK, NFD,

    Another NFD for me as I’m out to meet up with an old friend for the 1st time in forever!!! There will be vino🍷🍷, I mean, there must be mustn’t there???😜

    The buyers are back on board, I’m still a bit wary, but I put everything into convincing them not to be so stupid (I phrased it better than that!!🤣), so I’m hoping we get this done & dusted tout (de) suite!!!🙏

    It’s short & sweet from me today, I’ll have to catch up on posts later.

    Have a great Thursday folks, it’s nearly the weekend, and that’s where the booze lives (‘should’ live🤦‍♀️)!!

    Day 22 – Lake district UK – FD

    Good morning everyone

    It’s rather peculiar weather (for us here) a long very hot spell, hardly any wind to cool us down, no cloud or rain! Have become quite lazy recently, usually walk/jobs in the morning then ‘gentle’ afternoon when everything else is done. But at the moment, not a lot of garden jobs, gardens don’t like long hot dry spells (or long cold wet spells for that matter) too hot for anything but a gentle stroll, so hardly even getting into ‘bimbling mode’ 😉
    Spending quite a lot of time on the decking under shade, plenty of water, good books and watering the pots and greenhouse twice a day, tough going this retirement lark!

    @funshipfreddie – Glad to hear things have settled where you are, must have been quite an unsettling time to put it mildly!

    @flourbaby – Fingers crossed for getting the buyers back on board. Buying selling moving house is not one of my favourite things, too much hassle for me.

    Take care all

    Pocket list day 22

    Day 22 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – FD

    @songbirdme – I hope your DH is feeling better? I got my 1st Pfizer jab yesterday. Better late than never. It felt like quite an achievement, for some reason. I registered for it almost two weeks ago, & was supposed to wait for a scheduled appointment notification via sms. But instead I went to the Moses Mabhida stadium a few km away, stood in a line for an hour &, voila! All done!

    @daffodil2010 – the 20 items restriction was just for the first couple of days after the shops reopened. Unfortunately we don’t yet have the option of buying wine though, because we’re still prohibited from buying alcohol under our level 4 lockdown restrictions. We’re hoping to have the restrictions relaxed after this weekend; which is just as well, ‘cos I’m down to 3 cans of cider & maybe 10 bottles of lager 😳 I saw the quote yesterday, “Keep calm & put your jammies on”; which would be weird if you weren’t working from home 😜

    @flourbaby – I know?! And from Manchester, in the wet & chilly north-west? After 34 years I doubt I would survive a UK summer, never mind a winter. Well done on getting those pesky potential buyers back onboard!

    This week’s FD # 3; here we go! 💪

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍋

    Day 22 UK FD

    Well done on the skilful negotiating @flourbaby It’s great being able to meet up with people again isn’t it , if only I didn’t get so excited and run amok with 🥂🥂

    Hoping those restrictions get lifted soon @funshipfreddie

    Anyway quick reset FD for me

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍋

    Day 22 – USA/GA – FD

    Weigh-in: 224 lbs. I have planned FDs for Today-Saturday-Monday and possibly next Wednesday. The pattern this week closely mimics the pattern of my post-vacation weight loss week except that I’ll have ADFs through the weekend into the following week. This should get me close to the 220 line again, if not (fingers crossed) dipping below it. I was bad yesterday, buying a candy bar at the desk of the restaurant (how wicked!) for later that day, and having a double portion of leftover potato casserole that evening. Fortunately, there’s only really homemade soup left for Friday. It’s also been a stressful month, to say the least, so I’m happy I’ve plateaued instead of gained. Here’s hoping for a trend downwards in the coming weeks.

    My mother is feeling better, although her stomach feels weak (whose wouldn’t after 5 pills of antibiotics a day), so I’m relieved that the treatment seems to be working. I’ll phone up my friend in California after he meets with his doctor tomorrow.

    I hang up my clothes in the hotel room and turn on the television. There are advertisements for the Overlook, Triplicity businesses, and chain restaurants. I listen to some sit-com I’m unfamiliar with while brushing my teeth.

    “I wonder when would be a good time to break away from the wedding party,” I think to myself. “We have to be polite, but we also don’t want to overstay our welcome.” I spit and begin to swish water in my mouth. “Then there’s the question of where to go and what to do afterwards. We hadn’t planned on this little side adventure. I can imagine us now, dumbfounded and staring at each other, trying to figure out what’s next.”

    I spit and wash my face with fresh water from the tap. As I walk back into the bedroom, I feel a chill. I walk over to the unit under the window and adjust the temperature upwards. As I do, I peek through the curtains and glimpse the quiet street lights of Triplicity darkened by the hills that stretch to the horizon. No moon or stars shine in the overcast sky this evening. A couple walk and laugh in the parking lot towards the hotel lobby.

    I close the curtain, hop into bed, and switch off the TV. I set the alarm on my phone and catch up on some emails before laying it on the nightstand and switching off the lamp. Peace and quiet. Toss. Ahh, quiet. Turn, shuffle. Try to sleep. Fluff pillow. Sigh. I look at the clock. Thirty minutes have passed by. Oh no. This is going to be a long night.

    Good luck to us all today!

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍋

    Day 22 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 ?

    Not sure if today will be a FD. Haven’t eaten yet, in fact I’m eating less during this heatwave and when I do eat I only want salad or fruit so this week has been a good healthy eating week. Unfortunately I can’t say the same for the drinking…..I am drinking lots of water but come the early evening the feeling that I am having a ‘holiday’ in my garden leads to relaxing with a glass or two 🍷🥂and I won’t beat myself up about it as this beautiful sunny spell won’t last long and its as close as I will get to a holiday this year. So I’m reserving the right to cancel FDs for the remainder of this week 😎

    Have a good day everyone 🤗

    Day 22 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD800

    Had a successful FD yesterday and will try for a FD800 today.
    Take care all.

    Pocket List – Day 22 🍋
    @dvw FD800

    I also feel I am stuck at the certain weight and measurement. Took a good while to get to this point and these numbers just stay there. I guess I will just keep going with the fasting way of life, maybe one day when “I’m not watching like a hawk”, the numbers will come down?

    Went to a jazz night last night, really wanted to have a dessert there, but somehow didn’t, and kept to glasses of iced water!!! Who does that?! Today I’m fasting, and want to have a substantial supper so will save the calories till later. Tomorrow planning to watch the Olympics opening ceremony and have some ice cream then.

    Still very hot in London, doggy doesn’t like to sleep in a different room, despite it is cooler, but prefers his usual room. Oh well, if that makes him feel secure, that’s all that matters. Archie smashed 6 minutes of being left at home alone without any signs of anxiety, we are so encouraged as we started at 20 seconds at the beginning!

    Day 23, NFD, Aus

    Ha ha @daffodil2010 (and @funshipfreddie) I’d be more worried about whether a case of wine counted for one item or twelve!

    Well done Archie, @gkw. I think coming out of lockdowns has been particularly hard on dogs who got so used to having their two-legged pack with them all day. (Although I read somewhere that most cats didn’t like it and were pleased when their humans went back to work.)

    Have a great weekend everyone.

    Day 23 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    Glorious day, looking forward to heading to a lakeside spot tomorrow in the camper where DH will (try to) fish, and I will read and relax and sip cool white wine. Happy Days.

    Oh dear @funshipfreddie, still not allowed buy alcohol 😱😱😱. Ha ha, I think the sale of alcohol in the off trade spiralled here during lockdown, kept most of us going. Hopefully all will be well where you are soon and great news on getting first jab

    @flourbaby so happy the buyers are back on board.

    Have a great weekend everyone, for those of us in UK and Ireland the hot spell is due to break, so enjoy it while we can.

    Day 23 – Lake district UK – NFD

    Good morning everyone

    Not long to go, a trip we should’ve been on last year will finally be going ahead next week! Two weeks of being looked after in 5 * + luxury, everything included, 5 restaurants (3 of which are speciality restaurants) 5 different bars, (3 have entertainment in an evening) show theatre and extremely good spa with hydrotherapy pool, 7 trips out 🙂 oh yes and a chauffeur picking us up and bringing us home!

    It was supposed to be to celebrate our 40th wedding anniversary last year, but that was all cancelled because of covid and me having chemo/radiotherapy treatment at the time, so making up for it in style! I’ll be on a reverse 5:2 WOL when we get back? 5 FD’s and 2 non FD’s ….

    So don’t worry if you don’t hear from me for the next couple of weeks! S busy weekend, as well as packing the budgie smugglers (never did find a mankini 😉 ) I’ve just got to sort the garden out before handing it over to the neighbours who are returning my gardening favours 🙂

    Take care all

    Day 23 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    Thursday FD done & dusted; half a kilo away from my July goal now; piece o’ cake! 🍰

    @daffodil2010 enjoy your weekend getaway. Send some of that hot spell down here! It’s f-f-f-freezing in Africa!

    @i-hate-lettuce – your trip sounds idyllic! Hope you & Mrs i-hate-lettuce have a lovely time. Is it a cruise ship you’re going on?

    Wishing everyone a fab Friday!

    “If my boss knew how unproductive I am on Fridays, he wouldn’t want me here either.” ~ Don’t know who said that, but I like 😅

    Day 23 – Canada 🇨🇦 – FD

    Good morning. I’m up one pound since the beginning of July. Urggg. Too many sweets and drinks. Another FD today.

    @daffodil2010 – sounds perfectly idyllic, enjoy.
    @flourbaby – glad to hear those buyers are back on board. Such good news.
    @funshipfreddie – congrats 👏 on your progress, well done.
    @ihl – sounds like a lovely holiday.

    Anyone joining me today?

    Day 23 Pocket List

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