July 2020 Monthly Challenge

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July 2020 Monthly Challenge

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  • Day 31 FD UK

    Very busy start to the day. Tesco delivery at 8.05am and lawn treatment arrived at the same time. Don’t know why I am bothering with the lawn or should I just call it grass. All dried up and brown due to weather.
    Then zoom call with aqua friends, no aqua exercise as pool closed until at least September.

    Am putting myself on pocket list today. Yesterday was good in as much as I lost the bit I had put on the previous day. So far a loss of 1.5 lbs this month and hope to make it 2 by the end of the day.

    There have been some impressive results this month. Very inspiring.

    @judyjudes. Well done the Fast800 obviously suits you. I had lentils on Wednesday but never again I’m afraid. Liked them but I had such a lot of trouble the whole of the next day with pain and stomach cramps that I will steer clear of them in future.

    @brightonbelle. Thank you for hosting July. I think by your name you must be somewhere near to Brighton.

    @flourbaby. What a lovely name for August. Hope it will be Auspicious for me.

    @ North Georgia. Great news re weight. Help has come to my aid in the Slough of Despond. Much more positive now.

    I think I will have another try at MFP. Tried in the past and it took such a long time I grew exasperated and gave up but several of you seem to rate it highly so maybe I should have another go.

    Posting first in case I lose text again doing pocket list.

    Have a good last day. Glass half full.

    2nd post. UK

    Have just seen no pocket list so I’m on my Tod.

    Day 31 Pocket List


    Day 31 Wales 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 NFD

    @brightonbelle thank you for hosting 💐

    July hasn’t been my best month of maintenance. Been feeling low and consequently drank too much wine and relaxed my own rules about eating carbs…..which hasn’t lifted my mood and is showing this morning on the scales 😱😟. Needless to say I didn’t achieve the 60kg goal. Really need to get my arse in gear in August.

    Day 31 FD UK

    Have just written a long post only to see it disappear. I refuse to do it all again. Pity really. There were posts of thank you’s and well done’s so please consider you have been congratulated and thanked.

    My loss so far has been 1.5lbs this month which is better than a kick up the pants. I have another day to go and hope to make it 2lbs.

    Looking forward to Auspicious August. Have not got on well with MFP in the past. Took me ages to put anything in but several of you speak highly of it so am thinking of giving it another go.

    Glass half full.

    Day 31 UK

    I am going mad. Lost post has just appeared. Where did it go. Sorry for confusion.

    Day 31 post 2

    To those who lost over the last month, however large or small, congrats on a job well done.

    It’s rather hot and sunny here already, so after all the work, BBQ is out, fizz is in the fridge!

    Tomorrow is a fresh start, so to anyone struggling, I’ll see you all there, today is my 5:2 ‘day off’


    Day 31……Florida

    Sorry, I went MIA there for a minute. The dentist put me on an antibiotic, it’s killing me.
    First, im not a firm believer in pharmaceuticals but not wanting to change a more of an infection, Im not taking any chances.
    So besides not having an antibiotic in well over 20 some odd years, I have to eat when taking it but damn the worst part is it is tearing my stomach up, whether I eat or not!

    Just a little up date…..

    I’m going to find August thread and get prepped for the new month

    I’m totally lacking the zip-a-dee part of my doo-dah day.

    Day 31 Melb Aust CD

    I’ve been MIA for the past several days – busy, and COLD! And that led to me eating more, so I have undone most of the loss from this month, and only ending with a weight loss of 0.3 kg. It could have been worse!

    Looking forward to seeing everyone in a re-set August.

    Day 31 – USA/GA – NFD

    It’s been a little rough this July, but it’s over! My goal this month was 253 lbs.

    Weigh in this morning resulted in (drumroll… mumbled sounds of slight discussion with scales, but final agreement reached…) 251 lbs. July 1st weight was 257 lbs., so this did result in the loss of 6 lbs!

    @flourbaby Oh yeah, bring on the 240s! I see the city limit sign up ahead — I’m ready to speed through town!

    @annabelle48 Glad you are getting out of the Slough of Despond with Help 🙂 I say go with your first weigh in. As you know, scales can be evil. Particularly with the number 255 in my case, grrrrr. Best of luck on your FD today!

    @betsylee @judyjudes @ihatelettuce and those who have had weight loss as of today and will weigh in tomorrow for your final one, Congratulations!

    Let’s all remember that plateaus and small little hills are normal, so keep with it, even if your own “255” stubbornly makes a regular appearance!

    Looking forward to Auspicious August (not looking forward to returning to the office; seems like I got so much more work done at home, plus housework to boot!) Best wishes to all!

    Day 31 FD Pocket List

    Day 31 – Rural Nebraska, USA – Fast5

    It’s another clear blue sky at 8500 feet in Pike National Forest in Colorado. DH and I are here at DD’s home enjoying our 9mo DGD. SIL manages to leave his summer camp duties long enough to be here for dinner each evening, and our two sons are also here, so we’re soaking up some lovely family time.

    Went for a half mile walk yesterday, and aiming for a much longer walk today. Succeeding with my five-hour eating window despite all the temptations.

    My sympathies and congratulations, as appropriate, to all: I’ve been able to read all the posts, but managing to respond individually on my phone is beyond my tech and memory skills.

    See you in August!

    Day 31 Second post

    Had to post again – @northgeorgia, well done!! Yay for 251, and come on the 240s in August.

    Day 31, Boston MA

    Ugh ugh ugh. I did terribly this month. I regressed. Started the month at 127.6 lbs, I think, and ended at 131.6. Boo, hiss. That was not the intended direction. THBS, chances are that I didn’t change weight too much this month. The 127.6 was probably low, and the 131.6 today is probably high. Still, no denying that I gained weight, and more importantly, barely ever managed to follow my food intentions this month.

    Our computer was being fixed for nearly half the month, so I didn’t log in and post very much. In the last 2 weeks I’ve also interviewed for and accepted an offer on a new job, and started transitioning from my current one. I’m looking forward to a shorter commute and learning new things!

    Congrats to all those who worked hard and saw results this month, and also to those who worked hard and didn’t see what they wanted to. Building up that muscle is never wasted. I’ll need to do that next month.

    2nd post

    Fridays are tricky for me, we always have tea at a friend’s house, she’s a feeder. Three weeks in a row she made a fruitcake with sweetened whipped cream, today was a better day, we had bread, cheese, olives and dried tomatoes. Much, much better!

    @missybear I’m sure we’ll get to 60 kg by the end of next month, this month it just didnt happen.

    Some of us had a really good month, for others (like me) it didn’t work out as well as we hoped. I’m sure next month will be a better one for all of us!

    💐 @brightonbelle thank you so much for guiding us this month! 💐

    Day 31 North canton OH CD

    Late check in. Initially planned to water-fast today but I am putting it off till Monday. I feel the need to treat myself to a nice breakfast and I am going o follow my gut today. In times past, I have ignored that voice and ended up over eating all kinds of rubbish instead. So I had a spectacular breakfast with DD at a new place I discovered, and now I am all set 😁

    July was fab and now I am looking forward to August. I feel like I am getting my mojo back, thank you Lord!!!

    Congrats to all those who moved the needle in a positive direction, Yay!!!

    And if July did not meet you expectations, don’t beat yourself up; you are still standing and that is what counts – especially in the crazy year 2020.

    See you all on the other side.✨🙌❤

    Day 31, UK, FD

    Thanks @brightonbelle for hosting this month. I’m not trying the scales till tomorrow, see what awaits then.

    Day 31 USA (Illinois) OMAD

    Thank you, @brightonbelle for being our fearless leader this month. July and August are such long months, and I’m glad our weather has been so pleasant. In music class I would always mention the “octave” is 8 notes, and classes were encouraged to find other “oct” words. Inevitably, October came up, to whit I always had to say… hmm, that used to be the 8th month, and Julius and Augustus chose their months to be long. Of course, that simplified how we got our calendar, but it was fun to blame the Caesars.

    Going out for a country drive and dinner this evening, so doing just that one meal. That is hard to do on a Silver Sneakers morning, but will manage.

    @stitchincarol – sounds like your vacation and family time are great! We don’t have family in Colorado but have a DD and 2 granddaughters over in Utah! That DD did a summer working at a sports camp up the road from where you are, I believe in Rocky Mt. National Park if memory serves me. That was 20 years ago when she was right out of college. BTW, are you or any of your family University of Nebraska peeps? We are all BIG10’ers here between Illinois and Michigan.

    Hugs to all of you – see you in Auspicious August. Looking forward to having @flourbaby at the helm!

    Onward and downward.

    Day 31 – UK – FD800

    What a hot day!! Really pleased that I managed to stick to my 6th FD800 in a row as last time I weighed I was 2kg above the top of my maintenance range – will need to be brave and step on the scales tomorrow 😱

    Thank you @brightonbelle for taking the reins in July – many apologies for my absence but my mindset was really not there……Luckily I found my mojo back last weekend and have been able to buckle down to some good FD800

    Looking forward to contributing more in August and hopefully it will help me be more in control on my NFDs

    See you all in the 🎆Auspicious August🎆 – Pandemic Obliterating Monthly Challenge

    USA. Day 31.

    Sign me up for August and I will come online as often as my computer allows, until I can get it fixed again. Hope everyone did well this month or close to it! I can’t read your posts because of my computer virus but whenever I can I will! Hope you all had a great day!

    Final post –
    Hello all!
    So I reached an ATL Yesterday of 159.8 Whoo hoo 🎉 but it didn’t hang around…

    I started July at 166.5 and my July goal Is 163.5 lb. I’m thrilled to say that today I’m 162 so a loss of 4.5 lbs this month… I’d say that’s my biggest drop in a long time 👍

    Thank you again @brightonbelle for looking after us throughout July!

    See you all in August!

    Final Post,

    @brightonbelle, you’re a 🌟, thanks for hosting us during this challenge!!!!

    July was a bit of a bust for me, I didn’t stick to what I know, namely daily weigh-ins!!! It’s the only thing that keeps me honest, I need to know just how far those biscuits derailed my efforts!! Also, I allowed the carb dragon to regain his strength, fed on pasta, bread & biscuits; he WAS beaten & dejected …………………………………. Now, he’s roaring rather loudly so concentration is taking some effort!!My slinky pencil skirt fits although breathing, walking & sitting are optional!! And the scales????…………………….. +2.8lbs!!!! Is it muscle from all the exercise? Did I take my eye off the ball this last week and gained 8lbs having already met my -5lb target??? Is it water retention from my scrummy Vietnamese salt & pepper squid & Beef Pho yesterday? Is it the dreaded ‘F’ word ………………… could I have re-gained 3lbs of fat?????????????? My brain is hurting!!!! Needless to say; I shall be resuming the usual schedule & returning to daily weighing……………. Phew!!!!

    I’m still learning about this WOL, about my fat triggers, about my bingeing tendency & about ME!!!

    Day 1 – Japan – NFD

    Water fast went well. On to August.

    Quick check in.
    Thank you @brightonbelle for hosting.
    I’ve gained 1lb this month. The first month of maintenance and that’s due to a lot of cake this week.
    So hopefully August will see that gone.
    Well done to all the losers.
    See you all in August

    OK think it’s safe to close down the July challenge We’ve had some great results some lessons learned and some laughs along the way

    It is a truly spectacular, International support group we have here Well done to all It’s been a pleasure 👏👏👏

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