July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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July 2017 31 Day Challenge

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  • Day 16 Sunshine Coast Qld Australia NFD
    Sorry Coda and all you wonderful contributors. I’ve been AWOL again. Enjoying this page but can’t catch up yet. Have been to flute lessons, singing practice, washing walls, helping in the garden.

    Well done Bert. 4 month plateau is hard to take. Better that you are going down rather than climbing the way I did..

    You live in a lovely part of the world, ChickensRock. My sister lives in Mt Eliza and I get down there occasionally.

    Happy birthday redrockgirl.

    Have to go and get some work done. Cheers, Fuvvie xx

    Day 16 – Tokyo, Japan – NFD 82.5 kg

    I checked my weight twice. Normally I gain back about 1 kg on NFD not 0.1 kg. Weight is often kind of random. However it was really hot yesterday and I had an normal time supper with my daughter. My family tends to push supper too late.

    Day 16 – UAE – FD
    Day – 15 – UAE – NFD

    Yesterday I was blessed with a baby girl, Jana, at 36 weeks, 2.4 kg. Both the baby and mother are doing welll.

    @taraga congratulations! I hope you both continue to do well. She is really tiny, about the same size my daughter was when she was born. She was tiny for years but now she has caught up and thinks she will soon be taller than her father.

    Day 15 – USA – NFD

    @redrockgirl302, happy birthday! @taraga, congratulations!

    Still day 15 –

    @taraga – congratulations to you and your wife on baby Jena!

    @fuvvie – did you recently start flute lessons? Sounds lovely!

    @redrockgirl302 – Happy birthday, dear Girl β™«β™ͺβ™« happy birthday to YOU! I hope it has indeed been a terrific day!

    Day 16 | Sydney Australia | FD

    This will be my 7th fasting day for the month if I stick at it.

    Finally dropped 2 kilos yesterday, so that’s 3 kilos for the month. Or 9 kilos since the start of June. I’m starting from a high weight (I’m 129 kilos now) so percentage wise it’s not as big a loss as it sounds.

    I’m trying to master cooking omelettes, so I had 2 1-egg omelettes for breakfast and 2 more for lunch yesterday (NFD). Butter chicken and broccoli for my evening meal. I’m trying to stick to low-carb on my NFDs for now.

    Still Day 15 here…

    @taraga – Congratulations on your new baby girl! Jena is a pretty name.

    @big_bill – Congratulations on the 2 kg loss! 9 kg since the beginning of June is a huge loss, no matter what weight you started at. That’s almost 20 pounds! There are some times when pounds sound better than kilograms because there are a lot more of them. πŸ™‚

    Day 15 & 16: Gloucestershire, UK: Both NFDs:
    Spent a good day watching the Fairford Airshow yesterday. The weather was drizzly and the cloudbase low, but we still got some fantastic display flights low overhead! It’s all military planes at Fairford. Very noisy and exciting! It was a combined 30th wedding anniversary treat with our daughter’s 25th birthday as well. Good family day out.
    Sorry, @coda, I forgot to log in yesterday.

    Day 16 – Finland – NFD

    Today’s weight: 59.3 kg

    A new low on the scales, triggered by yesterday’s additional fast (which came in at about 415 kcal + 2,5 l in liquids). I’ll gladly take it though and hope to be able to keep up the downward movement.

    @taraga, Congratulations to you and your family!

    Day 16 UK NFD

    I woke up at a healthy weight today. 165.4 lbs, 75 kg. BMI 24.8 and waist to height ratio 0.43. I have done what I set out to do :)) And to top it off my son has also shifted 30 lbs in 3 months because I showed him that it was possible. I am a very happy UnFatRabbit.

    @fatrabbit – That was fast! Maybe you should change your name to fastrabbit. (Pun intended.) Congratulations on your achievement!

    Day 16 Belfast Nfd
    A small window in the sporadic wifi.
    Had a bit of a blowout over the weekend, so I totally echo your sentiments Lumat. Am aiming on being very mindful from now on,
    @ellie rainbow I love Wicklow and have also spent many happy summers around Barley Cove and Bantry! You live in a beautiful part of the country.
    @anna6 best wishes to your granddaughter.
    Hope all is well.
    Weight is a lot of random noise is a great quote Dykask.
    @bert high five!
    @Redrockgirl happy belated birthday!
    @taraga amazing news. Congratulations!
    @fatrabbit well done to both you and your son.Β  Your good example has spurred him on.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend one and all!

    Day 16, UK, NFD
    Another 0.2kg dropped on yesterday’s FD, taking the month to 0.9kg / 2lb. Not what I wanted or expected, but at least it isn’t up.

    @fatrabbit VERY well done!

    Hello day 16 nfd but a CD co down ni
    Well have finally caught up on all posts

    @metatauta – poor chooks hope they are recovering.πŸ”

    @ellierainbow – welcome

    @taraga – congratulations on the birth of Jana

    @fatrabbit – what an inspiration not only to this group but also to your son and his achievement. πŸ’ƒπŸ•Ί

    @redrockgirl302 happy birthday – hope you had a fab day πŸ’

    @bert1802 yay go go 🀸

    @ciren2 no worries at all was MIA myself for a few days but all caught up now.

    If you don’t wish to put your email in a post and personally I don’t recommend it you can ask JJ our IT techie on this site to pass on your email to whoever you are trying to contact.

    Off to clean Windows and do some gardening x

    Day 16, Northumberland UK, NFD

    Regained some control yesterday despite breaking my fast ridiculously early when it became apparent I wasn’t getting any more sleep. A little over TDEE, but after this last week I’ll take it, and despite the sore throat feeling much better today. Much better sleep helps enormously.

    Day 16, Newcastle UK, NFD

    Congratulations @taraga to you and your wife on the birth of your baby Jana.
    @chumi, great progress – you will be feeling very happy. @fatrabbit – congratulations on achieving your goal of a healthy bmi and for the great progress your son is making as a result of your example. @califdreamer – thanks for your encouragement – and the same back at you πŸ™‚

    All the best on this beautiful Sunday.

    Day16 UK FD

    Trying another FD today to wipe out the indulgences of yesterday! Well done @fatrabbit and son… a great achievement!
    Hopefully a good day today for all our fasters. .

    @fatrabbit no more…congratulations on being a healthy BMI.
    @taraga: congratulations to you too!

    Day 16, India, NFD

    Day 16 Newcastle UK NFD. 185lb
    23 mile bike ride no knee pain 😁
    Up half a pound, overeating on my NFD need to get a grip of sweet sugary foods. Very disaplined on my FD. Will start exercise on the rowing machine again now my knee feels better. Three weeks without exercise might have something to do with the weight gain. I’m not going to get down about half a pound but really want to be at goal by the end of the July challenge. 3lb off in the last half of the challenge is very possible. Off out to celebrate my granddaughters 13th birthday with her parents grandparents and Great grandparents. Food and beer not the best start to get this last bit off but we all need to let our hair down now and then. Enjoy the rest of your weekend everyone.

    Day 16, UK, CD

    Resisted M&S cherry and almond tart yesterday (put it in the basket and quickly removed it 5 minutes later!)

    Just had a half hour workout so all is good

    Will prepare for tomorrows FD later this afternoon – looking forward to the weight in as well (I can see the difference) and being in that next weight bracket down (really hoping to be 10 stone something)

    Good luck with today’s food πŸ™‚

    @fatrabbit – I bet you are feeling like a new person. You maybe need to swap the “fat” part of your alias…

    Your achievement has really spurred me on. Thank you for sharing.

    2nd post

    The last couple of weeks I’ve been tending to eat only once a day. Found this interesting article on You Tube which has put to bed any worries I may have had about this regime. If you’ve a spare quarter hour it’s interesting.


    @steve toon taxi driver – It was knee pain that got me to start exercising again. Five years ago I was even having knee pain just from sitting down and standing up. As a family we joined a nearby radio taiso program designed to get kids out of bed in the morning. After a few weeks my knees were getting better and I started working out again. Then I came to grips that I was obese and after five years I’m almost a year into 5:2.


    Oh … I’m no longer obese either … BMI ~27 but it used to be in the mid thirties … let’s leave it at that.

    Second post: Hi AnneMarilyn, I started the flute a couple of years ago and haven’t really acquired much skill, but do enjoy the lesson with the president of our choir. He is a recreational teacher. I don’t do it for exams, just for fun. 66 isn’t the ideal time to start as the dexterity and breath control aren’t really there for me, but it is fun all the same. The flute was lying around the house for many years as one of my twin daughters took the flute at high school. Her sister took clarinet. Neither pursued it after high school. I have a granddaughter who plays. Singing yesterday was a blast. But the afternoon tea was a huge carb trap.So be it. Toodle pip for now.

    South coast, uk. Day 16 NFD
    @fatrabbit – fantastic, well done.
    @taraga – congratulations to you and your family
    @laurealice – hi, sorry only caught your post, ex of brighton. Hope you are well.
    @redrockgirl – belated birthday wishes.
    My july challenge is failing in terms of weight loss, inch loss good but i would surely like to see the scales go down, still carrying this extra lb even with an extra FD thrown in grrrrrr, uniform fits so much better tho so i will take that for now.
    Mon and thurs will be fast days, the rest to tdee, may not post much this week as have hideous work schedule.
    All the best to everyone

    Day 16 – Woking, UK – NFD
    First half of the flight water weight off since yesterday, hopefully the rest comes off tomorrow.

    Congrats @fatrabbit – must be a great feeling to achieve what you set out to do.
    @califdreamer – good luck with your business trip, hope it goes well.
    @Imrenfrey – sounds like we had a similar experience this week, next week can only be better I guess!

    Picked up my bike from the bike shop yesterday. It now has puncture resistant tyres and a rack and panniers so is all set up for me to commute to work on. Just need to get brave enough to actually do it.

    Day 16 – NFD
    Day 15 – NFD

    Feeling sorry for myself – suffering with an awful cold – didn’t stay the course on my last FD!!!! I must be conditioned by old wives tales…..as I’m feeding the cold!!! No good for 5:2. Hope to be back on form for next week 😌

    Day 16 NFD Country West Australia
    past few days have been not only NFDs but so OVER THE TOP NFDs as I haven’t had in 6 months that I will start being mindful tomorrow.
    Been in constant celebration mode since last posted ?? Thursday.
    Breakfasts, lunches and dinners out for 3 days is seriously NOT a good idea but I had no control over it so just went with it.
    Have eaten enough for a small country …….
    Ended last night with a wonderful Wimbledon party with a Pot Luck Dinner and no I did not say no to a single solitary calorie.
    After scones jam and cream, a variety of sandwiches including delicious cucumber ones, chips, nuts etc, moved on to a variety of curries, casseroles, vegetable dishes followed by cheesecake, strawberries and cream, apple crumble and custard THEN Ended with cheeses, biscuits, nuts, chocolates, smarties, whisky( men) or champagne ( most ladies).
    Rolled out of bed this morning and couldn’t believe my lack of restraint. Born I think of frustration.
    Anyway, back to fasting tomorrow.
    Congratulations @taraga on the birth of Jana
    Congratulators @fatrabbit on your and your son’s weight loss. Weigh to go!

    Day 16 UK NFD will be fasting tomorrow and looking to get back to my good habits

    Day 16, Wales UK, NFD.

    @taraga Congratulations!
    @msraven I’m impressed by your willpower putting the tart back on the shelf.

    Day16 Cheshire UK NFD

    @taraga, lovely news, congratulations on the new baby, Jena is a lovely name.
    @fatrabbit you’ve done so well and are an example for us all to follow. I’m about 45 lbs behind you but having been reading your posts now for several months I remember when you were here eyeing up 200lbs, and look at you and your son now.

    Yesterday I succumbed to a slice of M&S lemon tart (one of the desserts in their meal deal so there was no chance of it going back on the shelf) it was amazing, like an angel dancing on my tongue! I haven’t had anything like it for months. I’m so glad this WOL allows us the freedom to choose what we eat without cutting out all the “fun stuff”. I was happy to think I’ll be doing a FD on Monday so no harm done.

    Day 16……Florida…..NFD

    Wow, after reading all the posts, there is a lot of good jobs and Congrats to be handed out. All I can @debster, you must of pulled a lot more people of the mountain than just me!

    This is my last day off before the long work week, so I’m just gonna try and hang out at the house and chill.

    At any given time the urge is gonna hit you and are going to be loud and proud as you belt out the lion sleeps tonight.

    Day 16, Gozo, Malta, nfd

    Taraga congratulations to you and family.

    Yesterday’s was a nfd too. I forgot my iPhone at my daughter s place as I babysat there in the morning. I didn’t post at all. I had focaccia in the evening.

    Today I ate out at lunchtime. I refrained from wine and dessert.

    Tomorrow I’ll fast. Have a great Sunday everyone. Onwards and downwards.

    2nd post.
    I am now the proud owner of a pair of 34″ jeans. I shall not lie, there’s a definite muffin top on show. However, this muffin top is smaller than the one I sported with my 40″ jeans back in March. I also tried to squeeze into a pair of 32″ jeans, but that will have to wait.

    The aim is definitely to get into a pair of 32″ jeans without a hint of muffin top. That will be the first time for 25+ years. Onwards and downwards.

    Day 16 Australia NFD
    Have eaten like a horse all day! Pathetic!
    @anna – I hope your granddaughter is okay and out of hospital.
    @taraga – congratulations on the birth of your daughter! How wonderful!

    Day 16 – USA – NFD

    We had to put 1 out of 3 injured chickens down yesterday, very sad. We made it quick and humane; she gave us beautiful eggs daily and we are grateful for having had her for a few years. The other 2 injured isolated hens seem to be quickly getting back to their normal behavior, but we will keep watch for another week to make sure they heal correctly. @fatrabbit, you are truly an inspiration! When I joined this forum in February, you were still in the 200s and you whizzed right past me….tortoise and hare-like! @hannahwatto, I love your determined attitude and outlook. @anna6, hope your little grandgirl heals. @BikViking, not sure if you are a he or a she, but we all share the muffin top stories. I sat in the hair salon chair and got a glimpse of mine and sunk. I guess I suck it in while standing looking in the mirror, lol. Figured that since January I lost 11 inches overall and 16.2 lbs., so not too shabby for all the stuff I’ve eaten and drank! This certainly is not a diet!

    Day 16 USA NFD

    Day 16 – USA (Illinois) – NFD

    Quick check in before heading off to play piano at church. Today I’ve chosen hymns by the great King of British Hymnody, Issac Watts.

    Yesterday was not very controlled. It happens so easily when a huge buffet of food is put in front of me. I love to sample other’s cooking at that type of setting. I know I am not alone in that regard.

    @metatauta – so sorry your chickens didn’t recover, but hopefully those you’ve isolated wil make it.

    @fuvvie – flute lessons? Wow. I am impressed

    Onward and downward.

    Day 16, Rocky Mountains, US, NFD

    Oh boy, a year older. I went for the food at my garden party like I had not eaten in months. It was so good. Home cooked meal by my friend, sitting in her lovely backyard, little solar lights in the trees, candles, friends, good conversations, too much cake. I had to have 3 slices, of course. It was fun! Our dog was invited as well and my friend’s dog, the cat and my dog got along fabulously. Great times!
    Of course today my scale says, ‘hey, you gained 3.3 pounds’! It is not possible to really have gained that much in 24 hours but it is time to push the button. Today a CD, then Mon and Tuesday FDs.

    Thank you very much for all your lovely birthday wishes @strawberriesandcream, @califdreamer, @sirisan, @molij, @awilson, @at, @chickensrock, @fuvvie, @metatauta, @songbirdme, @debster251, @coda, @matron65. Hope I did not forget anyone!

    Thank you all!!😊😊😊

    Have a great Sunday! 🌺🌻🌼🌷⚘

    Day 16 NFD North Wales
    Eaten more sensibly so far today and I do not intend to drink any wine tonight. Gorgeous day here in Sunny β˜€οΈ Wales. Spent the day making cards for my daughter in law and my two grandchildren as it is their birthday πŸŽ‰ in August.

    @metatauta sorry to hear about the loss of your chicken πŸ”

    @hannahwatto remember tomorrow is another day. You can do this!

    @taraga Big congratulations on the birth of your daughter xxx

    @fatrabbit. You are an inspiration, congratulations πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰πŸŽ‰ I really hope I can be as successful as you.

    Hope everyone has a really successful week.

    Day15/ Day 16 Mumbai, India, NFD
    OMG… why did I eat so much… Back on track from tomorrow.
    I have to reach my goal this week.

    Day 16 California USA FD?

    My weight was up this morning, 64.9 after 64.3 yesterday since my NFD yesterday was pretty controlled, (I don’t count calories on NFD) I’m pretty sure it’s just water weight. I may do a FD today. Waiting to see if the family decides they want to do something involving food or not. It’s funny, how in the beginning of 5:2, FD were a big deal to be planned ahead and fretted over for at least a day ahead of time. Now, I just shrug and say, “Yeah, today could be a good FD. It would be nice to see a low number tomorrow morning.”

    @fatrabbit – You are such an inspiration! I don’t know if it’s possible to change your username or if you even want to, but I’m going to start calling you fastrabbit!

    @bigviking – Glad to hear you fit into 34″ jeans now. Muffin tops are fine. In a few weeks you’ll be complaining that those jeans are too big!

    @metatauta – I’m so sorry to hear about the chicken. All animals are unique and sentient beings and it’s sad when you lose one.

    @saffy420 – That’s what this diet is all about, being able to enjoy a lemon tart or other treat and know it’s all part of the program. I think it’s only “off plan” when you scarf it and other things down without properly savoring and enjoying them. And we all know how much better every treat tastes after being mindful and careful about eating! So, good for you and for everyone else who enjoyed goodies over the weekend! My test is: “Did you eat it slowly? Did you savor each bite? And was that one treat enough without diluting the sensation by following it up with a lot of garbage and mindless eating?” If so, Bravo and high five to you!

    Day 15 – France – NFD

    A quickie to say congrats to @taraga, happy belated bday to @Redrock and big well done to ex@Fatrabbit


    Day 16 NFD St. Louis USA

    @strawberries&cream. Reading your last post it looks as if you and I are at the exact same way with the exact same goal weight so holding hands across the sea to get to where we want to be. Didn’t use pond because I couldn’t think of a good word to rhyme with it. :-).

    @songbirdme. I love your comment that a few pounds puff up the wrinkles! That is tremendous! Another site that I’m on with Ashley Black fascia blasters and i’ve heard her make comments regarding those of us who want to maintain our ” juiciness” as opposed to totally then and lean. We are different shapes and sizes and we weren’t all made to look exactly the same. Love that we have choices with the goal being health and wellness.

    @lisalilly82. Welcome. It’s always the first step that’s the most difficult. You will find a supportive and helpful group here as I have. I don’t weigh every day but prefer to notice how I feel and perhaps changes in my clothes. I do like to weigh in on the day after my second fast as I have usually dropped a bit of weight and it is inspiring. However if you haven’t lost weight you have to be prepared for that so you’re not discouraged or disappointed but rather motivated. At least that has been my experience. I’m relatively new here so you’ll find people that of been around a lot longer and who are maintaining or who come back to it. I had tried this diet and was successful some years back but didn’t know about the support group and I gained more weight. So happy till now have a group of people who very vocally have your back.

    I saw this post today on my fitness site. It lists some studies with fasting and some conclusions. It is a year-long study and looked at a different group of people then some of the earlier research. It didn’t exactly seem to define how I do it and doesn’t mention Dr. Mosley at all. Has anyone else seen this? Any thoughts? From what I see people here use the diet in different ways.


    I have a question that I hope some of you have been around a while can answer. I am getting close to my goal and thinking about maintenance. Don’t want to go off track this time. I’m going to check as I’m sure there’s some information posted here but I’d really love to hear how people hard managing their maintenance once I’ve met their goals.

    Last comment, unless I think of something else and come back later, I am really developing a taste for Vegemite. I have it on my Ezekiel bread toast on my non-fast days and look forward to it. I do add a tad of butter as that has been recommended. I also have made myself soft boiled eggs or three minute eggs as we sometimes called them, and added little pieces of my toast with the spread on it. In my opinion it was quite delicious and very satisfying. I’ve looked into some of the egg cups that people have posted about. Not sure the exact purpose of them. Probably won’t invest at this time but will continue to have my soft boiled eggs with toast and Vegemite. Thanks for the tip for those of you who shared it.

    As always, all my best to all of you. I’ll be fasting tomorrow and Tuesday for my regular weekly back to back.

    We call it taxi drivers knee on the job 20 years of changing gear or shifting the stick for our American cousins 🀣 and 18 years driving lorries repetitive strain injury I think, it feels much better with three weeks rest. I said last week there’s a supplement in the Sun on Sunday about the 5/2 diet uk paper not know for the truth lol Rupert Murdoch says it all. someone called Jacqueline Whitehart has a new book out basically 800 calories on your 2 fasting days and no food for 14 hours including milk in your tea or coffee and sensible eating on your 5 NFD. I’ve been doing 14 hours fasting everyday since starting the 5/2 in March this year everyday, I’ve always had semiskimed milk in my coffee everyday and lost weight every week apart from two might try coffee without milk for a few weeks see if it makes a difference. For me the two days fasting along with no food till 12 noon has been a total succes so far. Get googling lol. Had a lovely day with family and friends drank and ate too much but life’s for living fast day tomorrow not quite mortal but getting there πŸ˜‰πŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸΊπŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚πŸŽ‚
    Mortal ! Geordie word for drunk.

    Day 16 Massachusetts USA NFD I was unable to stay within my TDEE yesterday, while going out to lunch and dinner. It’s the first time in a long time that I couldn’t. Today I’m doing better. I’ll avoid 2 meals out if I can in the future! I’m looking forward to tomorrow’s FD to feel in balance again. As always, wishing you all well!

    Can’t believe my Dad stole from his job as a lollipop man but all the signs were there. 🀣
    British joke maybe?

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