January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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January: new year, new resolutions. Join this great group!

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  • USA Day 1 NFD

    Happy New Year, all! Today is a NFD for me but a controlled one!

    Day 1 – USA – NFD

    Happy New Year, all veterans and newbies! I’m looking forward to another year of 5:2 maintenance with you all. I have been doing this WOL in earnest since February of 2017 and have morphed from 191.6 lbs. to 133-137 lbs range which I’ve managed to maintain since April 2019. I also lost many inches all over. I keep to a low carb, healthy fat, moderate protein regimen of eating and I record my stats on MyFitnessPal daily. At present, I’m not able to exercise like I was because of a major surgery, but I will be hula hooping again for fun and exercise as soon as I get the okay from the doctor.

    Day 1 – UK – NFD

    I restarted 5:2 on Monday after a break of about 6 years. Since then I’ve put on around a stone from my lowest to current weight. Absolutely disgusted in myself but I think it’s a recurrence of my Graves disease plus Menopause which has caused the weight gain.

    I’m going on holiday in June so would like to lose at least 7lbs but if I can lose more I’ll be delighted 🙂

    So, I did a FD on Monday, ate and drank my own body weight yesterday on a NFD and on a NF sensible day today. I’ve only had one meal today, (teatime) and that’s me for the day. I’m also doing Dry January again this year so hopefully that will save me calories and being tempted to nibble with a glass of wine.

    Can I just ask if anyone else has an Autoimmune disease and is on meds, or has thyroid issues or is post menopause and how has it affected your weight loss? Did you find you lost slower or can’t lose or whatever? I’ve really struggled to lose even a lb or 2 over the last couple of years and it’s so disheartening 🙁

    I’m also restarting the gym on Saturday and aim to go 2 or 3 times a week too.


    Happy new year everyone!!

    I have started the new year with a FD day and only drank my way way through the day thus far..

    Soup, almond milk latte, and water.

    I am keeping my cals low after yesterday’s New Year’s Eve and my daughters 5th birthday.

    I ate and drank everything I shouldn’t but hey today is a new beginning!!

    Hope to continue as i have started and hope you all do well this year!
    Caroline x

    Lots of new names here, as well as old friends. Let this year count and good luck to all with your goals.
    Said my goodbyes to my DD who flies back to Australia tomorrow evening and arrives on Saturday morning…..strange time-differences! The flight actually takes about 23 hours to Melbourne, stopping off at Dubai for a couple of hours. She says she’ll come back next Christmas.
    Back to work again tomorrow after two days off, feasting I’m afraid. I am hoping, as you are @lilymartin NOT to hear the siren calls of leftover treats that are around the house. The marzipan fruits, especially! I’ll be glad to get back to normal after eating too much and gaining weight since my broken tooth was fixed!

    @karen250463. – I have an under active thyroid – take 100 mcgms of thyroxin a day, and IF I do 5:2 properly, it works a treat. I went down to my lowest ever adult weight about a year ago, but I’ve slipped and need, and want, to get back to regular fasting. So for me, thyroid issues haven’t been a problem. H

    Thanks for your reply Emma 🙂 It’s nice to know that IF could work for me despite taking meds for Graves disease. I know how hard it can be to lose weight when you are underactive so you’ve done amazingly well and it’s same for me with the tablets I’m taking for my problem.

    So far so good today, Day 1 of Dry January and I’ve had a sensible calorie day too.

    Onwards and downwards everyone

    Karen x

    Day 1 – NGR – NFD
    It’s a new day, I am glad to start the healthy way this year.

    Happy New Year everyone!!!! 🍾 🎉 🎊

    Thank you for hosting January challenge @songbirdme 💐
    I am ready to get back to fasting and ready to have more time for things that matter and I enjoy, one of them is being here in this forum, fasting and supporting each other and just chatting about things from time to time ❤
    So count me in 😃
    During my very stressful house move, I neglected so many things, one being my weight. I don’t even want to step on the scales as it would be so depressing, but I know that I’ve gone up in clothes size 😳
    Time to take care of that issue 😡
    I will start my fast tomorrow, and will do every Monday and Thursday.

    Good luck everyone 💪

    Day 2 – NZ – NFD
    I’m happy to give this challenge a go because my start to 5:2 has been a bit of a flop. I tried starting before Christmas, managed two fast days in 2 weeks, and then have managed to gain 2kg as of this morning.
    I had planned to eat sensibly yesterday and do some exercise, but my sister called me up to come and visit her at the smallholding she is house-sitting at and so the most active thing I did was wander about talking to goats, and I drank a lot of wine and ate fig and chocolate log.
    But this morning, I have started the day with 15 minutes of rowing, as well as some deadlifts, sits-ups and shoulder presses (about 30 mins exercise all up, and I’ve had egg on toast and coffee, so am all set to do better.
    I’m back at work tomorrow, so I think I will make that a fast day….
    I’m aiming to do Mondays and Thursdays as fast days from the 6th.

    Day 1 Canada FD

    A super quick check in. Hopefully everyone who is fasting are off to a good day!

    Welcome @flaquita @cristyb @binklebonk and @olabimpe — it really helps to get here and post daily if at all possible. When we started these challenges back in 2016, you were dropped if you didn’t post after a time! 🙂

    @emma-taylor @bellyblast — good to see you with us!

    @songbirdme – thanks. I’m here all the time but not posting much, as I’m not doing very well. We go away next week for 6 weeks in Italy…! I’m going to try my best to do OMAD. I’m very fed up to find my clothes so tight. I daren’t weigh myself either, but I know it’s dealable with. I just need to get going and have a couple of good FDs. I hope. H

    Thanks again for the welcome @songbirdme, I posted this morning and I updated the spreadsheet.

    I had an uneventful FD today. It was a massive success in that I was watching TV and didn’t have the usual urge to snack mindlessly 🙂

    Back to work tomorrow and will be getting into the swing of managing FD with my work schedule but I should be fine for the most part.

    Great to see so many people in the group and looking forward to hearing everyone’s experiences.

    Day 1 FD Canton OH FD

    Hello everyone. I have been gone for a while (about 6 months), I tried to rejoin the challenge a couple of months ago but the timing was not right – middle of the month and I was transitioning from one job to another. However this is it.I am back now and ready to commit.

    Thank you for hosting @songbirdme. I plan to post every morning for accountability.

    @flourbaby I will join you for dry January. I have found that drinking messes with my self control and I need to stick to my eating plan for at least 30 days to make it a habit.

    I had been in maintenance for about a year, but I lost control while transitioning jobs. That, combined with all the holiday parties I attended last year has left me about 10 pounds heavier than I prefer to be. Since I was maintaining on the higher end of my weight range; my goal for the next few months is to lose 15 pounds – A realistic goal.

    A little about me. I learned about IF 3 years ago. I committed to the lifestyle and lost 30 pounds very quickly in about 4 months. Staying engaged with the community through the monthly challenges was a factor in my success. I regret leaving, but it has affirmed for me the importance of accountability to this non-judgmental group.

    Its great to see all of the old-timers and others that i am not so familiar with. I am looking forward to getting to know you all again. It feels good to back.

    USA Day 1 NFD

    Today’s NFD, I think, went well! Tomorrow will be my first 5:2 500 calorie FD of the year. It’s always a little harder for me to fast when I eat but I will be on a roll! Hope everyone had a pleasant New Year’s Day! :)😁

    Day 2:Gloucestershire, UK, FD:

    Well I’m adding myself to today’s fast-day pocket list and see how I go. I’ve been a bit useless with the willpower in the past, but now, a new year a new decade and a new START!

    Day 2, pocket list;


    The idea of the “pocket list” is to see who is with you on that day and feel some companionship and motivation and accountability. So, if you’re fasting today add yourself and put the list “in your pocket” for today.

    Day 2 – Irekand 🇮🇪 – FD

    I am here for Jan for sure. Have to rush as early start in work but I will drop back later and catch up. I am at a shocking weight after Christmas and NYE 😨

    Thanks @songbirdme for hosting

    Day 2 – Cumbria UK – FD

    Going to throw in another FD today, after two rather good days and a couple of long walks, feeling good, see what weigh in day brings tomorrow. Not expecting much movement since last Friday, first week back sometimes doesn’t move the scales. But I’m drinking a lot more water and walking a lot further so it takes a little while for body to sort itself out I find.

    @basyjames … you’re right about being part of this group, it really does make a difference. Likewise @ciren2 … that’s why I try and post every day, even just to remind myself to keep going and how much better I feel carrying less poundage around.

    @daffodil2010 … likewise, I’ve recently put weight back on, but I reckon within 3 weeks I’ll be back down to or near my lowest again. Realistic target, will be trying for 2, but give myself a bit of leeway getting going again.

    Day 2, pocket list;


    Take care all.

    Day 2 – South Africa 🇿🇦 – NFD

    On my way home, after 10 days of sheer abandon 😳. Back to reality with a FD tomorrow. Then I’ll assess the damage with a weigh-in on Saturday morning. I think I’ll need to do 4:3 for a while 🤨

    Day 2. London. FD

    Joining today’s pocket list – yippee. I’ve got a lurgy so my lungs sound like a pair of clapped out bellows. Lovely.

    Day 2, pocket list;


    Day 2 – UK – FD

    Well, I’m on my second FD of the week and back to work at 12pm – 8pm today so will eat nothing until I get my break around 3.30 and just have soup. I have always found I am fine if I don’t eat but as soon as I eat even a morsel I want to eat everything in sight so I’m going to go as long as possible before I have any food.

    Can someone tell me how to tag and add myself to the pocket list? Probably very simple but it’s obviously beyond me!

    Anyway for whoever is fasting today good luck and lets do this 🙂


    Day 2 – Stratford Upon Avon, UK – FD

    Happy New Year everyone!!!!!

    Thank you @songbirdme for hosting January – please count me in.

    In brief, I’m a 50 yo female, married with 2 DDs aged 22 and 20 and a black, curly coated labradoodle named Izzy. I work part time but we also have a holiday let which we manage ourselves so life is busy. I am a classic yo yo dieter prone to emotional eating (sigh!) but ever hopeful that I will break the pattern…..watch this space….

    Phew, had an enjoyable festive season but truth be known – I’m glad it’s over!
    Feeling positive and hopeful for 2020 – 2019 was a rough one for me for one reason or another so I’m determined and ready to start this year in a positive state of mind.

    @flaquita – hello fellow Corkonian! Whereabouts in Cork are you from? I hail from Crosshaven but have lived in the UK for 30 years now, 15 of those in London and 15 in Stratford Upon Avon. It’s good to see someone from my home town on here.

    Lots of new names on here so a big welcome to all the newbies.

    Actually excited to be fasting today – lol – that’s got to be a good sign…right? Added myself to the Pocket List, let’s get this fasting party started!

    Day 2, pocket list;

    @yo yo

    Day 2 Oxfordshire, UK CFD

    Trying to get into the habit of posting daily. 🙂

    Good FD yesterday, kept to 500 ish and took a long walk up on white horse hill. Couldn’t believe how busy it was.

    Sat watching my DH last night as he finished the wine from NYE and the last piece of desert. That’s it now all the goodies gone.

    Today we’re off to look at a new TV. MiL has broken hers. So will give her our old one as she finds the larger control easier and she doesn’t need Netflix (nesqick she calls it).
    DH is very happy as he’s wanted a new TV for a while but couldn’t quite justify the expense when there is nothing wrong with ours. So much for no spend January. Heyho.
    Good luck to the fasters today.

    So please can anyone tell me how to add myself to the pocket list? Not sure how to highlight my name and add it.



    Day 2 NFD

    Planning to make Monday my first FD of 2020 Looking to cut back on chocolate consumption and increase the fresh veggies in the interim

    Karen – just copy and paste and then add your name – I’d do it for you but having to add this on and can’t do it in “edit “ x

    Day 1 – NFD – Ireland
    Day 2 – NFD
    Hi all and welcome to the newcomers! You’ve made A great choice by joining the forum and all best wishes for a great 2020!
    @basyjames – welcome back!
    Like others I have completely lost the plot over the last month or so and actually can’t believe my current weight… but… January will sort that out 👍
    @flourbaby and @basyjames I’m with you forJanudry and from Monday (committing to join you @brightonbelle 👍) I’ll be back to fasting and cutting sugar ✅ .
    @karen250463 and other newcomers… if you are copying the pocket list on FDs on your phone or a tablet these steps might help:
    Copying the pocket list: there is a knack to copying the pocket list on a phone or tablet: You should hold your finger on the first line you want to copy e.g. “day 1 -pocket..” and the select option will display. You should then see a “start” selection marker and an “end” selection marker…drag the “end” selection marker to the end of the list and choose Copy..
    It’s best to start the selection on standard text rather than people’s names/links as they are links and you will automatically be linked to their profile..it can be a little frustrating…
    I’ve added you to today’s list…
    Day 2, pocket list;
    @yo yo

    Onward and downward ⬇️
    We rise by lifting others 💕

    Day 2, London UK, NFD,

    The remainder of the cheese board has been divided up and relegated to the freezer!! The booze is in the garage and the remaining nuts will have to be managed very, VERY carefully until they’re gone!!! I’ll whip the remaining double cream and freeze that in ice cube trays but I may have to donate the remainder of the box of chocolates to my work colleagues once I get back to work on Tuesday ……………………. If they last that long!!!! Phew, ………………….. there IS a plan!!!

    @binklebonk, my best advice? …………Don’t Panic!!!! For me it would be torture to start fasting before Xmas and I didn’t plan any FDs over the hols …………………. I know my limits!! If it wasn’t fot the tummy bug (Norovirus) I would have eaten my weight in anything going and washed it all down with several bottles of red!!! You’ll get there, also, I only introduced exercise once I was 20+ lbs down simply because multitasking is NOT my thing, concentrating on nailing the FDs and NFDs took time and effort and worked like a dream!!! Stay focussed, you’ll be grand!!

    @emma-taylor, I’m both jealous and grateful it isn’t me ……………….6 weeks??!! ………………… Italy???!! …………..Pasta???!!! Good grief!!! You can’t quit travelling, so I hope you nail OMAD as I think that’s going to be your best bet, good luck!!!

    @karen250463, I post on my laptop and write my post in word then copy and paste just in case I lose it ……………… the forum gremlins CAN play havoc!!!! To add yourself and highlight your handle, just add an @ before your name, it’s automatic. To copy the list I just highlight, copy & paste as usual. You’re in great company today.
    @ciren2, you CAN do this!!!!!

    Stay strong everyone, it’s always harder after the Xmas binge but we’ll soon be back in the groove!!!

    USA Day 2 FD

    Today is my first FD of the year, so I am adding myself to the pocket list!

    Day 2, pocket list;
    @yo yo

    Welcome all new comers and welcome back to everyone else! 😎

    Well, I removed myself from the pocket list as I didn’t make it through the day…..I lasted about 20 hours counting from my last meal yesterday, but by the time I came home from work at 2pm I was STARVING. I couldn’t distract myself and so ate my usual large “coming-home-from-work” meal. At least I managed without anything for 20 hours though, looking on the bright side.
    @emma-taylor: That sounds like a very similar lurgy to what is going round here. Half the postmen in our office have rattly coughs. Mine is in it’s fourth week now!

    Day 2, pocket list;

    @yo yo

    Day 2 Canada NFD

    First FD under the belt and feeling so much better with less food on board this morning. This WOL is a learning process and one of the biggest things I have learned is that I really do best with less food. I don’t need breakfast and at certain times of the day, lunch time, I don’t have an off switch, so once I start eating it is tough to stop. The most successful plan I have found is to plan lunch just before I need to go out, or start a yoga video immediately. It is a tough time though.
    Great to have @yo-yo-fletch @shinything @basyjames
    @ciren2 you have got this, we are all with you today!!
    @flourbaby my cupboard is nearly cleaned out, just one box of chocolates to go. Count me in for Dry January, I had a few glasses of wine over the holidays which I really didn’t need. Amazing how well you sleep without the vino on board
    Have a great FD @binklebonk and @karen250463 drink lots of water and stay busy!

    Day 2 USA (Illinois) CD

    Did pretty well yesterday – the wine cooler didn’t make me too terribly hungry so getting back closer to my maintenance goal. #160 is right at 25 BMI for me, which at my age is fine. A little fat allows me to not show so many wrinkles.

    @yo-yo-fletch and @daffodil2010 @basyjames – welcome! Great to see you back with us.

    @ciren2 – thanks for your “pocket list” explanation and @jaifaim for the help on the phone. I am so much of a keyboard person, I either use my desktop or iPad with keyboard. I hate texting!

    @daffodil2010 – none of us are shocked at anyone’s weight. We’re all in this together. 🙂
    @i-hate-lettuce – we know the scales will move as we stay with the regimen.
    @funshipfreddie – how fun to think about “sheer abandon” for the holidays!
    @emma-taylor – I’m not familiar with “lurgy” lungs. Should I Google it?
    @karen250463 – you’ll get the hang of being around us long-timers very soon!
    @suki2 & @flourbaby – yeah for you and the goodies being gone! My DH is still working on lots of our holiday candies here (why did I go down the after Christmas sale aisle??!)

    Onward and downward.

    USA Day 2 FD

    Day 2, pocket list;

    @yo yo

    @songbirdme – ( and @ciren2 – 4th week!!! Really?!!!) I’m probably not spelling it right, but I’ve got something nasty which is making me cough very annoyingly for everybody else, and when I breathe in and out there’s a horrible wheezing noise. I’ve just had kefir today and I feel a whole heap better. Good luck fellow fasters. H

    Day 2 UK FD

    Hi newbie here but confused! What are these pocket lists for please? 🤔🤔🤔

    Day 2 – IE – FD

    First day back at work today and managing the new WOE on the Fast 800. I am splitting the calories over 2 meals with TRE. I had initially planned on phasing the TRE 12:12 as suggested in the book but find it easier to split my calories over two meals and I seem to fall easily enough into the 16:8 window,

    I find it much easier to drink water at work as I have a litre bottle on my desk which I usually top up twice in the day. When I’m at home I am working on the water intake but am veering more towards the herbal teas.

    I have a holiday to Cuba in a few months’ time so my initial goal is to be able to feel comfortable in shorts while I am there!

    @yo-yo-fletch always happy to meet a fellow Corkonian 😀 I am from West Cork but living in Douglas. Crosshaven is a lovely spot.

    Great to see how many people are in the challenge and it’s positive to hear so many people who are using this as a tool for maintenance having reached their goals.

    Enjoy the evening!

    Hi ChristyB

    The Pocket list is a list of those people on a Fasting Day (FD) that day, to help encourage each other knowing the list in your pocket are others fasting as well.
    Think a metaphorical list in your pocket as opposed to a printed list.

    I asked the same question when I started 5:2 as well.

    Day 2 Canton OH FD

    Second day, and second fast day of the year. Yesterday went well, now I just have to string 2 intentional days together, and then 3, and then 4…

    I tried on a few clothes today and they are shockingly snug especially around the bum and belly 🙁 Not fun. I am glad to have a plan that I know will work – I just have to stick with it.

    @funshipfreddie that’s my plan, 4:3 for the next little while and then waterfasts to keep it all interesting every now

    @i hate lettuce I agree, the sense of shared purpose and support from the group makes a difference to maintaining a sense of control

    @flourbaby thanks for the reminder, we will all get back in the groove in no time.

    I still have treats in the house, the cake is covered with aluminium foil and the nuts have been banished to the pantry. Tight pants are a wake up call, I have to get dressed for work, can’t afford to buy a new wardrobe – and I don’t want to. So what I have has to fit!!

    Small victory – I had a coupon for Aunty Annie’s pretzels ( my favorite) I ripped it up and chucked it in the trash.

    Day 2, pocket list;

    @yo yo

    Day 2 Oregon, USA NFD
    Hello, I’d like to join the January Challenge please!
    Here’s a bit about myself: I live in the beautiful city of Portland in the Pacific Northwest. I’m 57, I was a scrawny kid, then slender until gaining and gaining in my early 40s. A desk job, early menopause and emotional eating led to more weight gain and it suddenly became a shocking struggle, despite pretty consistent exercise. I am living proof that you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Due to food allergies/sensitivities I’ve been GF for 10 years. Giving up gluten and most dairy certainly improved my quality of life but did nothing to halt weigh gain.

    The good news in all of this (I had tried many different diets as most everyone does, to pretty much no avail:/) came from a friend who started doing 16/8 and had very positive results, even being able to get off of her diabetes medications. I thought I’d give it a try and I’ve been doing the TRE of 16/8 for a little over a year and a half, losing 27 lbs. until finding myself at a complete stall for the past 3 months, even with shrinking my eating window a bit further. Although I didn’t gain weigh over the holidays this year so that is a plus. I am in a healthier place, but have at least 19lbs to go to get to a non-overweight BMI.

    This long pause has led me to 5:2. I’ve read and enjoyed all of MM’s books and recently got a copies of Clever Guts, The Fast 800, and the subsequent 800 cookbook. LOL, if I could lose weight from reading I’d have been at a healthy weight years ago! ‘ve read back through last month’s challenge and some of the other topics and I’m really happy to have found this forum that seems to be full of support and good ideas for success!

    My plan is to try to continue 16:8 (essentially I don’t eat breakfast. I have water, plain tea and occasionally plain black coffee) and add 5:2. I want to have my fast days be lower exercise days (yoga days instead of running days) and busier work days, so at this point that looks like M&Ws.

    I’m sorry that this turned into quite a long winded post! I’ll try to post every day, but promise to keep it shorter!

    Day 2 – UK – NFD

    Went out for a lovely meal with DD this evening and had the most amazing Espresso martini 🍸before the meal 😋
    We then went to see Cats the movie (her choice! we had taken her to see the stage play in London as a 10y.o!!!!!) Though the film teeters on the verge of being strange, and it’s a bad film and cannot be recommended……And yet! There is, for the right reasons and far more for the wrong reasons, a kitsch value to it. I would think that if you had seen the stage play you would probably enjoy the film…….but otherwise most likely not……

    Lovely to see some oldies who have been absent for a bit returning @emma-taylor @bellyblast @basyjames @yo-yo-fletch 🤗
    @funshipfreddie – love your 10 days of sheer abandon!!! welcome back to 5:2 or 4:3 😉

    Lovely to see some new people on board and asking questions, all answered by various regulars – this forum is just wonderful and supportive – I have added all new members to the spreadsheet to use if you wish and have moved some names to ensure it stays in alphabetical order ☺️

    @snowflake56 @missybear @rabbette – where are you?? Hope to hear from you soon 🤗

    Out for a day shopping with DD tomorrow and the weatherman promises us some sunshine!!! so heading off to bed soon as feeling rather 😴

    Evening all!!

    I’m a newbie and couldn’t resist weighing myself today.

    I am 3 pounds lighter since I began on Sunday!!

    I have had 2 FDs this week and had only liquid on my second FD.

    I feel fresher, more energetic and managed a spin class today which I haven’t done in a while. I got past half way before my ankle started hurting (broke it back it 2008!

    I get the pocket thing now…

    You are all truly inspirational! Keep up the good work everyone xx

    Day 2, UK, FD

    First FD after a long time, finding it hard. Its weird though, because I’ve had few accidental FDs when I was really busy and moving, and it didn’t bother me at all, and now it does. Its obviously a mind thing, which is the hardest to deal with. We must stay strong 💪

    Its good to see so many old friends here, and to welcome the new ones 🌹. For all who don’t know me, here is a bit about myself:
    I am 52 yrs old female, 5.3ft, and way over my desired weight right now. I am a member of our Club Tortoise 🐢 , and a proud one 😎. I believe that the slower I lose weight the more likely is that my body gets used to the “new” weight and accept it as normal. I was doing fine for a while and than fell off the wagon. I recently moved to a new place, and it was a lengthy and very stressful process. It shouldn’t be an excuse, but it did bring me down and I just didn’t care about my eating habits, in fact I sabotaged myself quite a lot. Glad its over now, and am happy in my new home, so now that I feel more settled I feel I can go back to being more focused on myself and my health, which suffered as well.
    My overall goal is 50kg, which was my long time weight before I got sick in 2016 and due to the sickness and lack of exercise I put on over a stone.
    I would feel like my old self if I reach the weight I was before, or at least if I get close to it 🙂

    Day 2, pocket list;


    Good luck everyone 🙂

    Day 3 c country West Australia CD ( controlled Day)
    I am a 60 yo health professional ( who should know better!1) and an ‘oldie’ from November 2016 when I joined the challenges with purpose and determination. I lost about 7kgs by being mindful of what I ate, exercising and posting daily. 😇
    I found that I actually had to be more careful on NFDs than on FDs as I could manage those fairly well.
    As many have noticed, often once you take the first bite, you keep wanting more.☹️
    I came up with many pearls of wisdom and was going really well. Note : do not become self-congratulatory too quickly!! 👏👍
    Then hit a plateau about March 2017 where I sat and waited…. and waited ….. and waited…. to lose weight. 😬
    I changed things up, down, sidewards to no avail. The fat fairy had decided that the kilos were not going anywhere and they were stuck to me with super-glue.😥
    After 3 or 4 months of sitting on the plateau trying to remain upbeat, I became a bit disheartened and gradually ate my way off the plateau. Sadly the scales moved – in an UPWARD trajectory.
    Various life situations happened which I used as an excuse to eat EVERYTHING – even things I wasn’t eating pre 5:2.🌮🍫🍰🍭🍫🥂
    I tried 5:2 haphazardly now and then without any real conviction or effort.
    Lost the plot completely re eating and GAINED 17 kgs!!!!!!!!! over the next 2 years! And am now the heaviest I have ever been even during 3 pregnancies.There I’ve said it.😫
    It does show that if one eats a bad diet and does no exercise the calories do add up – and keep on adding up!
    So after a few half-hearted attempts in the latter part of 2019 losing and then regaining a few kilos I have returned determined to lose 20 kgs this year.
    What works for me :
    1. post daily no matter what your diet has been like ( diet I take to be whatever you eat, not any specific ‘plan’ as 5:2 is a WOL/WOE ( way of life / way of eating rather than a ‘ diet’ as such))
    2. I weigh daily but only record my weight on Saturday morning. And yes I was weighing daily as I watched the scale keep going up… and up … and UP – there is no remedy for stupidity!!🍕🍟🍤🍳🍭🍨🍸🥟🥤🍷🥂🎂🍰🧁🥂🍬🍫🌰🌮 ( you get the drift!!)
    3.I plugged my calories on MyFitnessPal.
    I had never counted calories pre5:2 but found I needed to to keep on track with 500 calories on FDs but even more so to see what I was actually eating on NFDs, trying to keep to my TDEE.
    Found I was woefully underestimating calories I was eating even though we were eating fairly healthily. Portion size was WAYYYYY out of whack.😲😲😲
    4. Scales bob up and down like a yoyo. So sometimes after a good FD it would show a gain, similarly after an EFS day there would be a drop. As long as weekly the scales are going down it’s fine. And sometimes plateaus DO happen.🤔
    5. Do 5:2 as it suits you. Lots of people tweak it to suit themselves. There are lots of folk here with really good habits and wonderful advice . 🥰
    6. This is a worldwide and terrific forum. No judgement just lots of support.
    Most of us have had ‘ life happen’ whilst on here and we are there for each other.
    It’s really supportive especially when one falls off the wagon, rolls around the corner and disappears!!
    Wishing everyone on here a good 2020 and good health.
    Together we CAN do this.😃

    Welcome to our newbies @caroline-esty-akporokah and @angrypony
    Each of your names make me scratch my head as to how you chose them!

    Welcome back @shinything — good to see you!

    @lilymartin – I am right with you on disliking calorie counting but also found MyFitnessPal (MFP) to be an easy and free app.

    Day 2 Ohio, US — NFD (65 bites)
    Day 1 — NFD

    With the celebrating yesterday, I didn’t keep track of bites. Getting back into the groove today.

    @lilymartin You are quite right about what a tremendously supportive group of people there are here. My hats off to all in this forum!

    @shinything You hit the nail on the head about moving being stressful. I did that this last August and am still recovering. It takes time for us to regain homeostasis.

    @caroline esty-akporokah Welcome to this forum! I hope you attain you’re your health goals in short order!

    Second post

    2 successfully planned days in a row – yay!!!!. Tomorrow is a 1200 calorie day, I refuse to call them nfd because then it’s like liberty to engage in efs behavior.

    I turn 45 in a few days, and I know I’m not strong enough to go to my favorite restaurant because I can’t turn down the rolls and that’s the only reason why I go. Maybe by the end of next month I’ll be in a better place mentally, for now it’s more important to avoid minefields than to celebrate my birthday with a meal. I’ll get a massage instead.

    I struggled with a carb withdrawal headache for most of the day. Hopefully it clears up tomorrow. Im definitely premenopausal and my even be in menopause, which doesn’t help with weight loss but soldier on we must.

    @angrypony and @lilymartin thank you for sharing your stories.

    See you all on day 3, it feels good to take back control

    Day 2 – NZ – sort-of FD
    Hi all, well, so far I have managed a restricted day, if not down to 500 calories today.
    It’s been interesting (if a bit overwhelming) to read all the posts – amazing to have so many people in this forum!
    Thanks Flourbaby for your advice. I’ll try not to panic – I do know in my brain that weight loss will not happen overnight (even though weight gain seems to….). I’d just like to lose 15kg immediately and with no effort, is all… 😀
    I’m fine with exercise – I definitely feel better if I do exercise. I’ll have to see how I go on fasting days – I may need to take things easy when I do fasting days properly, because 500 is not many calories…
    Do other people exercise on fasting days? How do you find it?

    Day 3: Gloucestershire, UK: NFD:

    @songbirdme: hey, the beauties of the English language, eh? “Lurgy” is a commonly used word in the UK meaning any kind of bad chest, cold, sore throat type of illness. As in, I’ve got the lurgy today…keep away from me!
    @emma-taylor: Yeah, ‘fraid so, fourth week…I suffer from asthma, so once I get any kind of winter infection, I get a persistent cough….very hard to shake off.
    @ChristyB: Someone will ALWAYS ask about the pocket list…good explanation by @i-hate-lettuce. It just helps with comradeship and motivation on a fast day, know who else is with you on that day.

    Right, must go. Porridge to eat and then drive to work in the dark and (who’d guess?) the RAIN!

    See you later. xx

    Day 3 – Ireland 🇮🇪 – NFD

    I lost 3lbs overnight from my “shocking” weigh in of yesterday however it’s still WAY higher than I am happy to see.

    2019 for me was a 9 month plateau followed by two spurts of quick weight gain in succession and I start 2020 at 20lbs higher than my ultimate goal and 12lbs higher than last year 😨

    I am a daily poster so will keep on keepin on.

    @lilymartin Thank you so much for sharing your story and your honesty. It has inspired me not to give up on this WOL
    @shinything good to have you back, life does get in the way. I know what you mean about self sabotage, I had quite a lot if that this holiday season and now my clothes are incredibly snug 😔

    The silly season is still here…we go out for dinner tonight with stepdaughter and her GF, but this should be the last of the madness. Back on it from Monday, 4:3, throw in an Egg Fast and LFD here and there…..and strong words to DH to STOP making me breakfast when he is off work 😡

    Have a great Friday everyone.

    Day 3 UK NFD

    Early start First gym class in a while , nice Pilates class feel the need for a gentle reintroduction the “lurgy” hit me hard taking a while to recover fully

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